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tv   News Nation  MSNBC  January 9, 2012 2:00pm-3:00pm EST

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capital. we'll the attacks work in new hampshire and south carolina. the supreme court is hearing arguments or nigh norty votes rights in we're live with the very latest from the supreme court. plus, msnbc analyst will join us lye to talk about the new book, "the obama's". our news nation gut check, is tim tebow the new michael jordan? in his day jordan scored hundreds of millions of dollars as an advertiser's dream. with tebow follow or will politics and ideology stand in the way? i'm tamron hall. the gop candidates are circling the wagon or mitt romney.
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they are pouncing on emerging as his weak spot, his report with bain capital. while talking about his health care plan, romney declared he quotes, likes firing people. >> i want individuals to have their own insurance. that means the insurance company will have an incentive to keep you healthy. it means if you don't like what they do, you can fire them. i like being able to provide people providing services to me. if someone doesn't give me the good service, i want to say i'm going to get somebody else to provide the service to me. >> his comments comes as he slips in the polls. his numbers have fallen for five straight days as ron paul is up to second places, making for another photo finish. it's great to have you on michael. >> good to see you. >> he likes firing people. you see it in his eye.
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he tries to scramble and clear it up, but he's falling into a narrative and falling into a trap. >> it's a gordon geko narrative. this is the narrative the white house will develop. should mitt romney become the gop nominee, km is looking likely. one wonders if he goes negative and if they go after him for being a predatory capitalist, would it ens late him by the time the general election comes around. will it be we heard this before or does it stick? that's one issue to keep your eye on. >> we talk so much about bain capital. you talk about if newt decides to go negative t he's got this pro-gingrich super pac. they have a new ad and it's a
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negative one. let's play it. >> mitt romney became ceo of bain capital the day the company was formed. his mission, to reap massive wraerds for himself and investors. >> they don't care who i am. >> he took foreign seed money from latin america and began a pattern exploiting dozens of americans business. >> i feel that is a man that destroyed us. >> michael, those are all people who lost their jobs. how does romney contain this? if this ad goes up in south carolina, this could be brutal. >> if you told me that the disclaimer on that ad said paid for by the committee to re elect the president in 2012 ti wouldn't have been surprised. i think that's the same way the obama campaign will go after gingrich in the fall. to answer your question, it's probably too little, too late.
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i think he's got a head of steam. i don't know if gingrich can sustain that attack. it proves that negative advertising works. newt gingrich tries his best in iowa not to go this route. here we are if the final 24 hours in new hampshire, he feels he's got to do it and i guess he will in south carolina as well. i'm not sure he can sustain those. >> i have to ask you about ron paul. we'll tauk with one of his advertisers in 30 minutes. he's standing at 20%. we still have some people that believe the media is ignoring the success that ron paul has been able to pull out of bag in iowa. it looks like least doing very well here. ron paul is reconsidering skipping florida. he thought he would still that state but he may be in it. >> the most interesting battle tomorrow is the battle for the number two position.
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will it be ron paul? will it be jon huntsman? even when i'm on the radio discussing ron paul, i get phone calls from supporters who say how come you never talk about ron paul? they are passionate. the passion runs deep. i don't know if it's wide for him to win a nomination. >> thank you, michael. democratic senator jeanne shaheen. thank you for joining us. >> nice to be with you. >> we were talking about the huge applause that jon huntsman received. you said people are tired of this kind of attitude in america. i'm curious your thoughts on the applause that he received in that audience yesterday after the meet the press debate. >> one of the things about the new hampshire primary is voters
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here really do make up their own minds and engage with the candidates, and i think this was example of their saying, this is what we think as voters. we think the president and congress ought towork together. republicans and democrats need to figure out how to work together in the best interest of the country. that's what they were responding to. >> we know there's many that will believe that mitt romney will go on the get the nomination. it seems his camp thought it was a done deal. they were focusing on president obama. i want to play the latest of what mitt romney had to say about the president and how this might set the stage if he does get the nomination. let's play it. >> this president has caused a deepen recession and responsible for 25 million americans being out of work. this president has been a failure. >> there you have it.
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mitt romney saying the president has been a failure despite the fact that unemployment is the lowest it's been in three years. how do you respond? >> i think you pointed out with the showing of the earlier commercials that newt gingrich and others are running that mitt romney will have to answer for his record on job creation and the number of jobs that he sent overseas. when we get down to a race where there's a republican nominee running against the president. that race will be about the vision that the republican nominee has versus the vision that president obama has for america. i think that's a vision of the republican candidates 1%, versus the 99% that are supported by the president's policies. >> senator, if mitt romney gets the nomination, i think you heard michael say that super pac ad from newt gingrich, you have these every day working folks that lost their jobs as a
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decision made at bain capital which mitt romney was the head, if that would be a part of the democratic strategy. it seems to be his weakness with the american people who would like to be working right now or love to be working right now. >> well, as i said, i think that's the record that mitt romney will have to talk about is why he sent those jobs overseas. one of the things about the new hampshire primary is it's all about expectations and the expectations here are very high for mitt romney. it's going to be very interesting to see if he meets the expectations. >> thank you very much. we greatly appreciate your time. besides the bain capital controversy, nbc points out there's new question over whether mitt romney is telling the truth. yesterday from nbc facebook debate. >> with regards to their ads, i haven't seen them and under the
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law, i can't direct their ads. the ad i saw said that you'd been forced out of the speakership. that was correct. it said you sat down with nancy pelo pelosi, that was correct. >> joining me mark murray. in that one debate he said he had not seen the super pac ads that were up every three seconds in iowa and then he went onto detail that exact ad. >> he said five seconds after that i'd seen them and this is what they say. that is a potential problem for mitt romney. you see them have a lot of nuiasance sidestep. it's so important. american votes will look to see
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which person is more trustworthy to have in the oval office at 1600 pennsylvania avenue. what you showed is a small mention. it's not a huge issue of whether he saw that particular ad or not. he's gotten into trouble. he's said that president obama made the great recession worse where the congressional budget office all show that the stimulus did decrease # the severity of the recession. it kept the unemployment rate for going higher. >> you talk about the small things that add up to your point in about whether he saw the super pac adds or not could be seen as a small thing. you have the dnc and it says mitt, why not just tell the truth? we saw this weekend when he said he's not a career politician. newt said you weren't because
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you didn't win. it wasn't because you weren't trying to be a politician for many, many years. >> right. it was another example just yesterday where mitt romney was saying he knows what it like for people have to worry about getting a pink slip. the romney campaign was unable to tell the new york times specific examples. there is a sense where this could be a building narrative problem for mitt romney that would add on to the bain issue as well as the pink slip charges. >> rick perry already picked up on the pink slip saying that mitt liked to give out the pink slips. thank you very much. >> right now more than 100 u.s. soldiers are on lockdown a t a military base in washington after some equipment went missing. veterans groups are calling this unfair. what's going on at that base. we'll have the latest. plus. >> they have two different
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visions of the presidency. >> the author of a much talked about new book that claims to reveal tensions among michelle obama and the president's closest aids is defending that book. how is the white house responding? we have new words. is tim tebow the next michael jordan for advertisers or will his strong religious views hold him back? yoo-hoo. hello. it's water from the drinking fountain at the mall. [ male announcer ] great tasting tap water can come from any faucet anywhere. the brita bottle with the filter inside. have asked yours truly to teach you about treating frequent heartburn. 'cause i know a thing or two about eatin'. if you're one of those folks who gets heartburn and then treats day after day...
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welcome back. we're following some breaking news on "news nation." the associated press is reporting that william daly,
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bill daly is resigning as white house chief of staff. we hope to have someone from our political team in place. administration officials are saying that william daly is resigning as white house kmechi of staff. i want to move on top another developing story. there's growing out rage over a lockdown that started last wednesday at a giant military base near tacoma, washington. about 100 military members are confined. they can only go to the barracks and the dining hall. the reason, the lockdown was ordered after sensitive military equipment went missing. now some soldiers are demanding that this lockdown be lifted and they be allowed to see their families. i mentioned this started in the middle of last week. it's now making news. you have some vets saying this is unfair. what kind of equipment went missing and why would it end
2:17 pm
with this lockdown? >> reporter: it was discovered between christmas and new years when somebody noticed that the locks had been changed on the wes locker and it was an unauthorized change of locks. somebody thought this is very suspicious. they took an inventory and found that some high-tech lasers, night scopes and rifle scopes had been stolen. there's no believe that espionage is involved. they think it was a theft for profit and quite a profit it would be. this stuff is valued at some $650,000. it seems that army investigators were getting no with. they put everybody on lockdown. it amounts to about 130 soldiers. each and every one of them will have to sit down and go through a polygraph examine until as one
2:18 pm
military official pult it, we find a culprit or somebody who knows something about the theft. the investigators really don't care about the outrage from the soldiers. >> all right. we'll have much more on this. you have some very unhappy people, including a couple of veterans organizations who say the soldiers are being treated unfairly. we have another breaking story. the u.s. supreme court just finished arguments over minority voting rights in the state of texas. it involves newly redrawn election districts for congress and state legislature. the issue has forced texas to delay its primary from super tuesday to april 3rd and even that date might be in jeopardy. pete williams joins us. what can you tell us? >> reporter: i think you're right. there's afterchance that testimony will not be able to hold it will primary election in
2:19 pm
april either. the new census gave texas four new seats in the u.s. house going from 32 to 36 seats. they are what's called the cover state under the voting rights act because of the history of racial discrimination. they have to get permission from a court in washington before they can use the new map. they don't have the permission yet. back in texas, lawsuit has been filed by many civil rights groups against this plan. in that lawsuit, a district court re-drew the districts. that's what the supreme court is deciding now whether the court acted properly. i don't think anyone knows what the court will say about this. there's no clear answer. it's hard to say. if you say, okay, we're going to use the texas map, well, that seems to get ahead of the preclearance process. if you say the texas map is a dead letter, then some members of the court say that's what legislatures do. they do redistrict. why shouldn't the lower court
2:20 pm
use nar mtheir map as a startin point. there didn't emerge a clear choice for the justices. i'll tell you, what seemed to appeal to them. the idea of letting the court up here decide the preclearance issue first. get that out of way and then see if there's still anything for this court to weight into. i think just my own guess from the argument, is this court didn't see a clear answer. wants to delay the texas primary even further. >> thank you very much. we'll see what the next move is. we're following breaking news from the white house. bill daly is stepping down as chief of staff. the president will make remarks. no surprise that bill daly leaving. another promotion for for former
2:21 pm
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welcome back. the author of a new controversial book on the white house is defending her work. it claims to offer details of first lady michelle obama's roll in the white house. it unveils a tense relationship between the first lady and the top aids. she writes, she found herself caught in an internal debate about how the obamas should look, live, travel and entertain. she wanted everything to be flawless and sophisticated. sthe felt everyone was waiting for a black woman to make a mistake. we're joined by john nnathan
2:25 pm
capehart. i want to talk about bill daley's resigning. he gave his letter in a private meting in the oval office last week. what else can you tell us? >> one, as you read before going to break, andrea tweeted out this isn't a surprise. it shouldn't have come as a surprise. i remember a few months ago the announcement that bill daley and the former acting chief of staff were going to be splitting duties. i think as the administration gears up to go into political campaign season, getting staff in order, those that want to leave, let them go. those that want to stay hunker down and stay in place until you get through the november election so the operations can continue uninterrupted. >> according to the times as well, the president is expected
2:26 pm
to speak about this at 3:00 p.m. eastern time. let me move onto this controversial book. let me play this first. >> she is not getting involved in policy details. what she cares about is the larger mission of the presidency. she's a lot like democrats on the outside. she had high expectations for this presidency and wants to see them fulfilled. >> that's the author. books like these tend to overhype and sensationalize things and i think that's the case here. what do you say? >> how many times have we had this conversation during other administrations. i remember the same tension with the president staff and the first lady staff when president reagan was in office and president clinton and the same
2:27 pm
thing happening in the obama white house. tensions between the east wing, which is the first lady's realm and the west wing which is the president's one, it's a natural tension when you have the staff of the president and the staff of the first lady with maybe different goals, differing ideas of what the first family should do. i'm not surprised at all by any of the stories or the hints of potential conflict or even just uncomfortable feelings or uncomfortable situations between the east wing and the west wing. >> you make it well. this is not the first time. there's not a first lady that is not touched by some controversy of this nature where she is trying to protect her husband's legacy or his dreams compared to the ideas and plans of others. this robert gibbs quote is
2:28 pm
getting a lot of traction. he cursed the first lady. he was not present at the time. according to the book staff members said mr. gubs cursed the first lady. colleagues stared down at the tab table. he misdirected his rage. jonathan, i looked on headlines all day yesterday and it was gibbs cursed out first lady as if they were right there in some bar like atmosphere where this is happening. that angered me because that is not what happened. >> right. anyone who knows robert gibbs would know there's no possible way that that would have happened. i think in earlier report there are no two people on the obama staff and the administration, past or present, who are as close to president obama and michelle obama than robert gibbs and valerie jarrett.
2:29 pm
the idea that he would do such a thing or say such a thing directly to the first lady is completely unbelievable. >> real quick. this quote about the first lady feeling pressure as the first african-american first lady and people were looking for her to make a misstep because she was a black woman. >> whether that's true or not, i don't know. i'm not going to put you in this. i'll say that does not surprise me that the first lady would be sensitive to that as the first african-american family and the first african-american first lady. i would be very surprised if she were not sensitive to that because it's a reflection on her and her family and a reflection on the nation. >> absolutely. when you are one of the few or the first, you have a lot of responsibility on your shoulders. >> the bar is high. >> thank you so much. we appreciate it. still ahead, ron paul said
2:30 pm
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2:34 pm
criticized president obama and it got him ousted at an event. is tim tebow a dream for advertising executives or does his religious views make him too controversial. we're following breaking nusz. bill daley is stepping down as chief of staff. kristin, the l.a. time s reporting this all took place or a resignation was handed over in a private meeting in the oval office last week. >> reporter: that's right. i can confirm that. bill daley, the chief of staff, handed over his resignation to president obama last tuesday. the president reportedly quite surprised by this, told him to think it over for 24 hours. he went home and came back on wednesday and said he was sure about his decision and handed in his resignation. we expect the current budget director, jack lew to take over
2:35 pm
as chief of staff. the white house feels it's in good hands moving forward. we'll see jack lew stay in place as well as bill daley day in place through the state of the union address to jack lew can write up the budget. then the transition will take place. this occurs in the wake of that october interview which bill daley said he would stay on at the white house through the president's re-election. it seems that's now not the case. there was the blistering debate this summer. there was some tensions because of the debt ceiling debate. it seems bill daley has decided to hand over his resignation. tamron. >> thank you very much. we're expecting to hear from the
2:36 pm
president at the top of the next hour with martin bashir. here is a live look where newt gingrich is about the hold a town hall. he has seven appearances planned today. rick santorum topping them with eight events today. what are new hampshire voters really saying. ron, joins us. is it interesting to see what's happening in new hampshire? people have moved onto south carolina. a lot of the colleagues and journalists have packed up to south carolina because of the huge lead that mitt romney has there. >> reporter: that's right. a lot of folks have conceded in terms of mitt romney taking the primary tomorrow. i can tell you a lot of folks still talking about the two-worded slam dunk that former speaker gingrich through down on
2:37 pm
romney yesterday where he was challenging mitt romney's assertion that he did not get into politics to be a career pl politician. a lot of conservative circles are asking questions about whether newt gingrich is trying to damage mitt romney's chances or if he's trying to help him sharpen his positions if he's going to win this nomination and face president obama. we sat down with four voters to watch that debate. here is a few remarks they had to say coming out of the debate yesterday. >> i'm looking for somebody who would be a leader. who would be able to call upon this country because we're in some real dire straits right now. >> i don't know that either one of them can say there will be jobs for these young people. they can say it, will it happen? >> this is america. we're struggling. it requires everybody.
2:38 pm
no matter what political party you are. >> reporter: we're expecting perhaps some fireworks down in south carolina when the race moves down there after tomorrow night. the pro-gingrich super pac winning our future's $3.4 million worth of ads. we should report that nbc news and bain capital are partners in the weather channel. it's going to be an interesting week. >> thank you so much. greatly appreciate it. ron paul's polling in second place in new hampshire. he's becoming so popular with the media, he cut one of his ven events short. the place was so packed with reporters and photographerers, he ahead to leave after 15 minutes. doug, good to see you. >> good to see you. since when did a candidate leave because too many media people show up. i heard ron paul say he's not
2:39 pm
getting enough and then he splits. what gives? >> we like the voters better than the pundits. >> all eyes could be on second place according to the pundits. what do you make of this concept about it will be about who comes in number two. >> we like the suffolk polls. they released sunday after the debate showing that romney dipped five points. the headline in the state column was ron paul surges. we were up and today's poll, the very same thing happened. romney is down another two or three points to 33. we like the idea of huntsman coming pup which is the only possible way to split the
2:40 pm
liberal republican vote of romney. we're very encouraged by this. we know who wins this conservative derby inside the gop nomination will win the nomination. >> a lot of people have been asking about paul running as a third party candidate. i want to play this from fox yesterday. >> are you leaving the door open or not leaving the door open? >> i'm not an absolute iist but everybody knows i have no intention. >> if he getting frustrated by the line of question regardsing the third party candidacy? >> no. he's been asked that so many times and he's answered it so many times. the republican party should be
2:41 pm
worried. if they don't capture those votes and take them, they will not beat barack obama next fall. they're going to have to find a way to make them happy. >> he said he may skip florida but because of the reception in new hampshire, he'slikely to continue on. what's the latest word? >> that's a misunderstood story. george w. bush has been my boss, mitt romney's guy was once my boss. they teach us to focus on the next state just like football game doesn't start playing the bcs bowl the first week. we're focused on new hampshire and that's now it was read. that's how the story was misunderstood. >> the reality is when your football team as a schedule, you focus for the next game, but you
2:42 pm
know you're looking ahead as well. i'll let you go with that. >> that's right, but you shouldn't. >> mitt romney's opponents are stepping up their attacks based on a his taime running bain capital. he was called a corporate raider. today the wall street journal reports on romney's time at bain. the journal examines 77 businesses bain invested in while romney ran the company. 22% of those businesses filed for bankruptcy protection or closed their doors. bain was recording 50 to 80% annual gains at the time which is considered high. joining me now wall street
2:43 pm
journal, jerry. the bottom line is this article points out there are some highlights for mitt romney here but there's a lot of low lights there's enough to really strike hard. >> there's ban lot of back and forth. without a lot of detail research. we decided to step back and look at it in detail. we took 77 companies with the investment this bain made and took a look at the record. there's going to be a bit in what we found for both sides. it was a slightly higher average of bankruptcies. there were also some spectacular successes. the staples, the sports authorities and dominos pizzas. they created a lot of jobs. you can look at this detail
2:44 pm
study and see a bit on both sides. >> with that said, when you have gingrich's super pac and it has people that lost their jobs and a new sound bite from mitt romney stumbling through an answer and says he likes to fire people. when you look at the success records of some of the success companies, you wonder how many people lost they're jobs for that company. >> the i like to fire people is going to be a cringe inducer. he was talking about firing your health insurance company but the context will be seen as bain capital context which is unfortunate for the romney campaign. you'll see people who say i worked for a company that was rated or looted by bain capital
2:45 pm
and you'll see, i predict shortly, the romney cam tan will say bain capital saved by company. one of the difficult things for the romney campaign to argue here is that there are jobs that were saved. you can't count jobs that are now there but that would have been gone. it's like president obama saying the economy would have been worse if i hasn't been there to help it along. there's been so much in the last 72 hours, that i think the romney come paampaign will have come back with an answer. sfragt ahead, fans went wild over tim tebow's overtime victory last night. is the broncos star going to be the next michael jordan for advertisers or is he too controversial? fish box.
2:46 pm
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denver broncos stunning overtime win has everyone raving about tim tebow. when it comes to endorsements, is tebow the next michael jordan? when i lived in chicago, i loved there for ten years. there used to be saying that michael jordan never had to cash a paycheck he got from the bulls because he could live off the endorsements he made over the years. does tim tebow have it? >> there's no next michael jordan. he's the sale of billion dollars
2:50 pm
worth of shoes a year in jordan's name. the people that have tebow right now, frs, jockey and nike are happy to have him. i don't think it will come down top his religious views as to whether corporate america is intent on trying to get him. i think it will come down to, even though he's proved us wrong over and over again, it will come down to is he the real deal. the company doesn't want to invest a ton of money if one day coming up, he won't be the starting quarterback. >> it's about what you do in the game and how you perform on the court, the field or whatever. you have the new york post saying tebow wears his faith on his sleeve. you have that snl parody where they walk out and go i am here. you have that super bowl ad with his mother that angered a lot of
2:51 pm
feminists regarding his pro-choice. does that hurt him when it comes to marketers? >> i think it's one other thing that people consider. i do not think that that's really the end-all. i did a twitter poll and 18.5% said theylated him because it have hisli religion. more thought he was talked about too much. >> a lot of people started tweeting me about this. it's either love this guy or hate this guy for many reasons. thanks. jay z has confirmed the bir birth of his daughter. why some patients and their families are not happy with the
2:52 pm
hospital. let's get it to. courtney is off waiting for somebody to speak on the baby coming. we have kim here. this is breaking entertainment news. jay z has this song. >> we haven't heard any official confirmation from jay z or beyon beyonce. he's posted this on his website, a song. he's giving us a lot of insight. he talks about blue, the name. it's his greatest creation. he said it's his kmiechild of a child from destiny's child. then he talks about the pregnancy struggles. he talked about where she was conceived. >> let's play a bit of it. ♪ most amazing feeling i feel ♪
2:53 pm
words can't describe it ♪ >> they say baby blue is crying in the background. we hear her contribution. that's happy note, but we'll have to throw this in. there's some people upset about the fact they had the floor. >> the hospital said it was exaggerated. >> they have a healthy, beautiful baby. thank you very much. great job. our "news nation" gut check is coming up next. it's powerful relief that works at the site of pain and lasts up to 12 hours. salonpas.
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time now for the "news nation" gut check. some analysts are starting to use the word legend when describing tim tebow. will his conservative believes affect any endorsements? is he an advertiser's dream? i'm tamron hall. martin bashir is up next. [ male announcer ] drinking a smoothie with no vegetable nutrition?
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