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tv   News Nation  MSNBC  January 13, 2012 2:00pm-3:00pm EST

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>> reporter: today he's announcing he's coming through on that promise. he's going to ask congress to grant him the authority to consolidate various federal agencies and so the first six agencies that he want to consolidate, we have a graphic up. commerce didnepartment, oversea private investment corporation, trade and development agency. the white house estimates that 1 to 2,000 jobs will be lost over time, but they also believe this could save over $3 billion over the next ten years. the timing is really interesting. it comes about a week and a half before this year's state of the union address. we believe it's likely you'll hear a similar theme when he does hold his state of the union address. republicans on the trail have
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been hammering the president saying he hasn't done enough to create business and help small businesses in in country. they say he's been growing it, not decreasing it. this type of maneuver could answer that criticism that the republicans are receiving. congress still on recess. we'll have to see what happens when they get back. right now they are responding pretty cautiously. say they they want to see more. they are interested in what the president put forth. they just want more detail. craig. >> kristen welker from the white house. let's bring in ed. good afternoon to you. >> good to be with you, craig. >> let's start with what this is and what it might steam be. this is genuine by the president
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or an attempt to not look like a government liberal? >> a bit of both. shouldn't be split up in a little bit. create this new super commerce agency and trade agency. that's what the president is proposing to do. it could only save $3 billion over the next decade which is nothing compared to the size of the federal deficit. he's been sitting on these plans for six months. he's had them for that long. only today are they announcing he's going through it. just so happens we're in the beginning of an election year. republicans are fighting him on the size of governments and now he can bring this out and suggest it's time to start trimming the size of government. >> generally, major policy
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anuan announcements are not made on friday. >> they're not. we should expect to see this in the state of the union and elements in the federal budget. he'll be able to use this on the campaign trail. everyone agrees that the federal government isn't as well organized as it should be but they agree there should be clean air and happy babies in this country. while you're seeing republicans say we like this idea, but we need to see details. it's in the details that they'll get caught up. this could take much longer than an election year to sort out. >> really quickly. this seems like something we hear from the presidents just about every two or three years, an attempt to reform government and some sort of the dramatic way. >> since 1937, just about every president has tried to do it.
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everyone tries to do it. very few succeed. the president is right. he'sgoing to need some buy in from congress to get a lot of this done. if he can get a small piece of it done, it will continue and there will be larger reforms. this is one area where republicans and democrats agree, trade and commerce. >> ed, thanks. naval investigators are stepping up to get the whole story surrounding that out ra outrageous i didn't do show that shows marines urinating on bodies. they are currently trying to track down the two other men in the photo as well as their commanding officer at the time. jim, what's the latest.
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>> the marine core turned it up a notch. james amos named a three star general to oversee the entire investigation and the prosecution. this is a big step and it's one the marine corp. has taken a handful of times in trying to investigate and prosecute some of the atrocities that occurred in afghanistan and iraq. this doesn't rise to the level of those cases. the marines are trying to emphasis how important they consider this case and their attempts to get to the bottom of it and where appropriate, if charges should be filed that those involved be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. so far the marines have already questioned two of those that were seen on the video. the other two have been identified. it's believed that they are still in the area.
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there's some speculation that one of marines may be out of service but none of that is clear yet. so far they have not identified a single one of these marines and the investigation continues. not only into these marines, but into their commanders to see if there was a command climate that could have fostered this kind of offensive activity. >> how worried are our military leaders about what this video could do to the long term operation in afghanistan? >> flthere's always that concer. there's been some cases of these events much worse than that where they feared there would be a backlash, but there wasn't.
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the taliban said in one breath they would step up attacks on american forces because of this and in the next breath they said it shouldn't derail the overall attempts by the u.s. to reach some kind of negotiated settlement or peace in afghanistan. at this point we're hearing mixed messages and nothing concrete in terms of any adverse reactions or backlash. >> thank you. mitt romney is highlighting the positives that he said came from his days at bain capital putting the messages on air waves in southern state. >> this is a business mitt romney helped start and this one, and this steel mill. mitt romney ran a company that investigated in struggling businesses, grew in ones and rebuilt old ones. >> romney is taking that message
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on the road with south carolina governor. good afternoon to you, sir. >> good afternoon. >> we seep mitt romn mitt romne take a nasty message and spin it as a positive. is this something that's starting to work? >> he had to come out with it because maybe you could argue some of this has started to tick away at romney's support. we've been saying if you look back on new hampshire, if romney loses to barack obama in the fall if he becomes the nominee, we're going to look back at new hampshire and say this is the first place we saw some chinks in the armor. this ad hits at the republican candidates pretty strongly. this comes after a lot of conservatives said guys you need
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to stop this attack to rick perry, to newt gingrich. you feel like the aircraft carrier as turned but it's taken a few days. >> starting to shift his attacks to more social issues saying that mr. romney can't be trusted on issues like abortion in south carolina. we know south carolina, perhaps the most evangelical. messages like that, are those likely to resonate with voters? >> if issue is that in south carolina, 60% of gop primary voters considered themselves born again or evangelical christians. if they could rally around person, then you could see someone knock off mitt romney. if they split the vote, mitt romney could win with something
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in the low 30s or mid-30s. that's why you're seeing a lot of push back now in this texas conference too where some social conservatives getting together to talk about whether they can rally around one person. never been has a nonincumbent won new hampshire and mitt romney did it. if he were to win south carolina, it's almost impossible to see how he would be knocked off. >> a lot of money and a good ground game. amazing what that can do. this sunday on "meet the press" david gregory will talk to newt gingrich. that is next saturday.
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you can check your local listings for times. are romney's rivals doing him favor by attacking him on the bain issue? plus, two mississippi sisters say they were shocked and devastated when they were left off the list of nearly 200 people pardoned by mississippi governor haley barbour on his final day in office clash of the titans. two of the most popular and polarizing nfl players set to face off this weekend. we'll talk about that. you can join our conversation online. find our twitter page. i'm al ways looking out for i'm al small ways to be more healthy. like splenda® essentials™ no calorie sweeteners. this bowl of strawberries is loaded with vitamin c. and now, b vitamins to boot. coffee doesn't have fiber. unless you want it to.
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the fact is he's still not prepared to release any documents from bain to prove anything. i think we have no idea what his net job creation was and how many of those jobs were in the u.s. and how many were outside the u.s. this is a big part of campaign. he should give us the facts. >> newt gingrich not letting up. there he is keeping the pressure on mitt romney and his work at bain capital. republicans have pushed back against newt gingrich. they have turned their back on republican principles. mike, good friday to you. you've got a great peace in the philadelphia enquirer this morning that really speaks to what these political attacks could mean long term. you disagree with that idea.
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the attacks of romney's business background would be a good thing. how so? >> i think it's in his best interest to deal with this now. while the audiences are far more hospitable than they will be in the fall. they are saying lay off the guy on this issue. it makes it seem like there's something going on here they don't want to address. this will be the narrative that gets raised by the obama re-election effort in the fall. mitt romney, do you want to deal wl it now and try to put it behind you or wait until the fall. i think he's better served dealing with it now. >> do you think the white house is upset shaking their head that the strategy has been co-opted
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by the gop instead sne. >> i think they do. i think that 30-minute documentary when mitt romney dame came to town. inside the obama re-election effort they said this is exactly what we had planned come labor day weekend. >> how do you think he's handling the attacks? >> i don't think he's confronted it head on. he ought to be speaking more openly about what the bain record was. maybe taking a couple of moments and complaining to the american people what this type of capitalism entails. i think it goes hand in hand with releasing his tax returns. all of that is related so which he explain to the folks the i've got nothing to hide here is how hi earned my living.
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>> last question, mitt romney wins iowa. he wins new hatcmpshire. do you think once he picks up be palmetto state sh is over and done with? >> i do. somebody could be a thorn in his side for the long haul. if he wins, i really think it's then his to lose. it will be difficult to unseat him as the front-runner. >> michael -- >> i like to eat and drink so be ready. >> the bosses aren't going to send you now. still ahead, the republican presidential candidates who fail to qualify for virginia's primary ballot get their day in court. we'll have details on that.
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headed. amajor winter storm is heading east. people are digging out after this latest winter blast. the city says its entire fleet of snowplows are trying to clear the streets before tonight's evening rush there. we get the latest from mike bettis on the ground in chicago. >> reporter: the windy city of chicago picking up its first snow. piling up here by they have done great job with the sidewalk.
2:23 pm
this is michigan avenue. the roads look good. it's bisz as usual here in chicago after a five incher came this way. really the first big taste of snow for chicago. many areas picking up significantly more. some spots as much as a foot of snow. now we deal with very cold temperatures. single digit wind chills. it gets colder overnight. that's the very latest here in the windy city. i'm mike bettes. craig, back to you. it's a matchup that's bigger than xs and os tomorrow when the denver broncos take on the patriots. all eyes will be on the two men calling the signal. two of the most popular and polarizing names in the nfl.
2:24 pm
dave, good friday to you, sir. >> to you to. >> the matchup not between two legendary players. >> they are both incredibly polarizing figures in the world of sports. when it comes to setting people's at the time on edge, comparing tom brady to tebow is like comparing an acorn to an oak tree. when it comes to tom brady, we don't like tom brady because he's not the model life and the model wife, but when it comes to on the field, you got to give him his due. it's like a half teeth on edge. tebow bothers a lot of people for his actions both on the field and off, and he's loved
2:25 pm
bif people both on the field and off. off the field we know what it is. there's been a lot of discussion about it. it's on the field. the guy throws a football like it's a agrgrenade. it's the most bizarre thing you've seen. >> you have written that tebow has gotten a free media pass for what you call his extremist politics. explain that. >> absolutely. tim tebow, and i think he has to own this. he did a commercial did the super bowl two years back for "focus on the family" they believe in ending reproductive rights for women-he never gets asked about this. there's been articles about him being a victim of antichristian
2:26 pm
bigotry as if people are against him because of his religion. to call him a religious figure is like calling jerry fallwell a religious figure. i see a history of athletes in this country who express believes on the other side of the spectrum and had their careers destroyed for it. >> always a pleasure. do appreciate your time. >> we miss you in d.c. >> i miss d.c. as well. we're following some developing news about former presidential candidate john edwards. right now a judge is deciding whether edwards will go on trial this month after he asked for a delay because of a mysterious medical condition. we'll talk about that. i had enough of feeling embarrassed about my skin.
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here is wh what the "news nation" is following right now. candidate are suing because they did not qualify for virginia's ballot. they get their day in court. i'll talk with a mississippi whom who said she was shocked to be left off of governor barbour's list of pardons. we have new details on heather locklear's condition after the actress was rushed to a california hospital. we are awaiting a ruling that could make or break four republican candidates looking to run in virginia's presidential p primary. hearing for rick perry to get on the virginia ballot wrapped up a moment ago. newt gingrich and jon huntsman
2:31 pm
and rick santorum are fighting. they failed to get the 10,000 required signatures to get on the ballot. they are hoping a judge will agree with them that the requirement is unconstitutional. pete williams joining me live from d.c. what are the chances the candidates will sin this suit? >> i'd say you have to assume they are pretty good. the judge ordered the state to tell all the local precints not to start printing the ballots. we have heard from wendy jones at the courthouse that the judge will probably rule within the next hour or so, sometimes in the 3:00 hour. it's not just the number of signatures itself, which is the highest in the nation. it's also the fact that at least 400 signatures have to come from
2:32 pm
each of the congressional districts and you can't bring in out of state volunteers. they have to be people registered to vote or eligible to vote. the candidates joined by the aclu saying virginia's requirement the unconstitutional. rick perry, forexample, said he could not circulate his own petitions to get on the ballot. the judge signalled earlier he thought he was unconstitutional. we'll hear within the hour on what he will say, whether he will continue to halt the process or ordered the state to put those candidates on the ballot. >> we'll come back to you for an update. thank you. fresh outrage in mississippi over the pardons or early releases that out going governor
2:33 pm
haley barbour granted to more than 200 convicts. the state attorney general's office says they can't find four murders and one armed robber who were pardoned and released. the attorney general is reviewing the pardons. a mississippi judge has temporarily blocked the release of more than 21 convicted felons while their pardons are reviewed. joining me by phone bobby moak. i understand you were helping lead the efforts to curtail the pardoning powers? >> we're trying to institute some more processes so that the victims families and law enforcement can be heard. >> processes like what? >> first of all, we would like to make sure that the victims
2:34 pm
families get heard before pardons take place when you have murders being released. we'd like to ensure that law enforcement and prosecution have the opportunity to have their voices heard too. >> representative moak, are you opposed to pardons in general or certain types? >> folks get an opportunity to have a second chance, but when you get down do categories such as murder, manslaughter, rape, any crimes against the persons those, i think not only myself, but i think the average citizen here in mississippi takes a steps back and says hold on a minute, i'm not sure we can do that. >> out going governor barbour says people have misunderstand stood. he said 90% have been out for years and the pardons were for
2:35 pm
them to find gainful employment or acquire license as well as hunt and vote. what do you make of that? >> i think there's some issues with that. if you have someone that's been charged and found guilty of a crime against a child then that person, maybe he's going to find gainful employment as a school bus driver or a teacher. i don't know. they don't have to report anymore. that's an issue. i think mississippi still has a problem with the other 10% that are not listed there. they have a problem with murders and manslaughter and the rape issues. >> all right. mr. moak, thank you so much. appreciate your time. >> thank you. the two sisters that were shocked to learn they were not among those pardoned by governor barbour. they made headlines last year when the governor paroled them
2:36 pm
from prison on the condition that gladys donate a kidney to her sister. the sisters were serving a life sentence for an armed robbery that they said they did not commit. they spent 16 years in prison before they were released. jaime scott joining me from florida where she and her sister are living right now. good afternoon to you. >> good afternoon. >> how angry were you when you found out about the pardons? >> i was angry than the first day i went to prison. i don't understand it. a petition was filed to him a week before leaving office and he neither answered yay or nay to it. i don't supporters or viewers to get me wrong. we are grateful he did release us last year. under the conditions, look at emp else he has pardoned.
2:37 pm
they don't have to check in or nothing. we have to check in each month. we can't live a normal life. >> i want to talk to you about the condition that the governor released you on. i understand she was to donate a kidney to you. you've not received that transplant yet. >> no. it's a process you have to go through with the transplant. when we first went there because of governor barbour's order for my sister to give me a kidney, we almost didn't -- they almost didn't happen at all because the kidney foundation told us that it was unconstitutional for anyone to try to force someone to give an organ and she had to
2:38 pm
write an affidavit saying that due to the governor's order it meant nothing because she was willing to give me a kidney before he made that order. the kidney foundation wrote him personal letters asking him to change that part of the order and they never received anything from him. >> do you plan to ask mississippi' new incoming governor for a pardon? >> yes, i am. we and our supporters, the lawyers and everything. we are preparing to ask him for a pardon. i just pray that he read the transcript and he go on what's right. if he study the case, he will see we deserve pardon so we can go on with our lives. >> i understand you report to a parole officer once a month. you have a felon on your record. how difficult has it been for you and your sister to find work in florida? >> it's very difficult
2:39 pm
especially for my sister. everywhere she went she has to mark that. they just don't give felonies another chance like that. she's been doing day labor jobs here and there to meet ends and everything. now she have graduated from pjc college and she wants to go on and study to be a nurse. i passed the test for my cna license, but what good will it do when i have a felony over my head. >> jaime take care of yourself, okay. >> thank you so much. >> appreciate your time. developing news in john edwards federal corruption trial. that tops our story. lawyers for the former presidential candidate are asking a judge to delay that trial by two months for what doctors are calling a life threatening medical condition that requires surgery. it's unclear exactly what that condition is. edwards is accused of using
2:40 pm
campaign donations to hide his pregnant mistress. the trial is scheduled to start january 30th. the owner of north carolina lumber company says he is shocked after three people were gunned down inside his shop. the alleged gunman is currently hospitalized. angry customers tossing eggs at the apple store in beijing. it came after the launch of the iphone four was cancelled because of overcrowding. it will still be sold online. the man suspected in the disappearance of natalee halloway was sentenced a few hours ago. a judge sentenced joran van der sloot to 28 years. he hung his head as the judge
2:41 pm
handed down the sentence. he was ordered to pay 75,0$75,0o her estate. lily, let's talk about his demeaner there. >> reporter: he's been sentenced to 28 years. he's served 19 months out of that and he's getting credit for that. due to an overcrowding problem, inmates serve half or even a third of what they are sentenced to. anywhere between eight or nine years he could start the paper work and ask to get released. it's very little time. we have to consider he's facing other charges, federal charges, of extortion for trying to sell information to nataliee hallow y
2:42 pm
halloway's family. >> thank you. coming up, third time's a chairman. this weekend ricky gervais returning to host the golden globes after his controversial appearance last year. there's a lot going on today. here is a few of the things we thought you should know. the president and first lady will host cuba gooding jr. and terrence howard at the white house for screening of "red tails". chronicles the first u.s. african-american pilots. michelle obama screening her cameo on "icarly". a group of students are getting
2:43 pm
a sneak peek. it's a tribute to military families. >> i was really touched by how much you love and care about your dad while he's away serving our country. >> remember, you said you're proud of us too. >> absolutely. as important it is for carly to support what her dad is doing, it's important that she has good friends like you. >> monday's broadcast is the first time a first lady appeared since nancy reagan made a cameo on "different strokes" back in 1983. stephen colbert says he's considering a run for residency of the united states of south carolina. he made the announcement on his show last night. >> i'm forming an exploratory committee to lay the ground work
2:44 pm
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the calcium they take because they don't take it with food.
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switch to citracal maximum plus d. it's the only calcium supplement that can be taken with or without food. that's why my doctor recommends citracal maximum. it's all about absorption. his country and cuba are allies fighting on the same front. these are pictures we got in a short time ago. he described the 85-year-old castro as healthy and fit. heather locklear recovering in the hospital. plus, could there be some surprises at this weekend's golden globes? the "today show" turned be big 6-0 today. we had a heck of a birthday party. i don't know if you saw it.
2:48 pm
>> oh, yeah. >> it was huge. let's talk about heather locklear rushed to the hospital. let's listen to some sound, and then we'll talk about what happened. >> her family wants her fans to know she is doing well. he's out of harms way. he's in no danger. they are looking forward to her getting very well again and bringing her home. >> what do we know about what happened? >> he was at her home when the paramedics were called. they came to her house and determined she needed to go to the hospital. right now she is resting in the icu. they are not releasing a lot of details about what was wrong with her, but we're sure it's not a suicide attempt but we're not sure if drugs or alcohol was involved. >> immediately you think. >> of course. it's the first thing you think
2:49 pm
of. her family is very guarded. >> what's going on in her life right now? >> she's had a rough couple of months. she just broke off an engagement with jack wagner. it's been a tough road. >> let's talk about this sunday, golden globes. ricky gervais. >> that's going to bring all the drama. everyone is excited about seeing their favorite actors and actresses win. gervais will be the big draw. we don't know what he's doing to say. it's going to be fun. >> he's already started pre-partying. let's talk about some of the categories. >> not only are these movies amazing, every single guy in the category is hot. >> that's your opinion. >> you can't lose when talking
2:50 pm
about watching one of these guys give the acceptance speech. >> who has the edge? >> i think george clooney. >> people think he may have gotten it for another movie he did, but there were so many to choose from. he had an amazing 2011. >> here is another guy that had an amazing here and he's not generally talked about during award season, matt leblanc. you never any of joey getting an award. this show really lets that shine. >> speaking of shining, we had a crown jewel here for 60 years now. celebrated a huge birthday this morning. it was quite the show.
2:51 pm
>> they did it right. they did it in style. they had all the anchors back. they had a lot of fun, even tom hanks came in. he wheeled a huge cake in to toast the 60th anniversary. he's been a guest 22 times. the mood was great. it was a huge party. >> we even bought the empire state building for a while. >> there were blimps flying over hollywood. it was great celebration. >> it was great and well-deserved. thank you so much. have great weekend. next, mitt romney has been called a vulture capitalist by his republican rivals attacking his record at bain. does it actually help romney in the long run to have the bain issue come up now. what does your gut tell you? you can join the "news nation" on facebook. bengay cold therapy, it's pro-cool technology releases armies of snowmen masseuse who cuddle up with your soreness
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you're on twitter and so are we. join the "news nation" on twitter. time now for the news nation gut check. earlier we talked about newt gingri gingrich's continuing takes on mitt romney heading the investment firm of bain capital. co some republicans are defending romney. sglb you can rest assure this will be the narrative that gets raised by the obama re-election effort in the fall. mitt romney, do you want to deal with it now and try to put it behind you or wait until the fall? i think he's better served dealing with it now. >> what does your gut tell you? all you have to do is go to
2:56 pm to vote. take a look at what the news nation is saying about yesterday's gut check. should the pardons issued by governor haley barbour be reversed? 84 percent of you said yes. 16% said no. that does it for this friday edition of "news nation." you can catch "news nation" with tamron hall every weekday at 2:00 p.m. eastern. martin bashir is up next. the "i'll sleep when it's done" academic. for 80 years, we've been inspired by you. and we've been honored to walk with you to help you get where you want to be. ♪ because your moment is now. let nothing stand in your way. learn more at
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