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tv   Andrea Mitchell Reports  MSNBC  January 23, 2012 1:00pm-2:00pm EST

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>> which romney will show up tonight at the debate and a huge romney ad slow newt down. it's the economy, the president previews his election year strategy and a year after almost dieing from a bullet, congress woman giffords is resigning. and developing now, at least two people killed and is more than 100 people injured after a storm slammed alabama. hello, we are at the site of the next big republican debate. mitt romney is on the attack, chris is manager of post and has our daily fix. what a change this last 48 hours has brought. this is his strategy, clearly, but it does not seem natural to him. >> no, and you know, andrea, i
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was remembering back to the 2080 debates where romney was the attack dog in the early debates, he is not super comfortable on the attack, it's easier to do it in a press conference than it is when the person is standing next to you. i'll give you tim pawlenty not wanting to repeat obama care. romney does not handle it all that well or he has not handled it all that well i should say, he has to back up what he is saying on the campaign trail tonight, let's see how aggressively he does it and how gingrich responds. >> we will be talking to you a little bit later. can newt gingrich channel the enthusiasm that swepted rubio into office in 2010? joe scarborough is with us now,
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what do you say as newt tries to play populace here, you were talking to his campaign spokes person and she said that he knows washington well and he can play the game well. is the that play? >> obviously. kelly ann conway said he is really an outsider and i said well, but here is the evidence that he has been a insider since 1978 and she said it's good we have an insider and i said you just said he is an outsider, and she said well he is both. regardless of what he calls it, he made millions dollars influencing what goes in in congress after he got out including the health care issue, the medicare part-d bill, that will add $7 trillion to our
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national debt. he is the enemy of the republican establishment in washington, d.c., a lot of people will start lining up to kill his campaign that are established republicans in d.c. they can make that argument as well. just like i said last week after new hampshire, gingrich and the rest have to kill romney in south carolina, and now the shoe is on the other foot. newt cannot win coming out of florida or they are all in trouble. that $7 million buy, seeing how to slow down newt's momentum, and i suspect they will do just that. >> and in fact, this ad buy includes new ads. i'll show you a bit of one, that hits him right over the head with the freddie mac issue.
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this is the new ad that just went up in florida, this is from the romney campaign. this is not the behind the scenes subpoescene s -- >> gingrich was paid over $1.6 million by the agency that helped concre helped create the crisis. >> if newt wins this guy would be very happy. >> how effective is that going to be, joe? >> that is a very effective ad. again, you look at florida, it's these 30 second spots that win the day for candidates statewide that they run over and over again. and the fact is that this housing collapse has absolutely devastated florida's economy. you look not only at the ral
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realtors you look at the entire industry that helped fuel a remarkable rise in the economy of the bush years. when the cash came, it hit everyone. unemployment hovering around 10%, that is a devastating ad and it's devastating if mitt can get newt lined up with bill clinton on what the meaning of "is" is. newt can say what he wants he was paid over a million, and every voter in the state of florida and across america knows he was not paid that money to read tokeville, this was about influencing people he was a former member with. >> okay, joe scarborough setting it up from "morning joe." we will be interested in your take tomorrow night. thanks for joining us.
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gingrich's momentum will be put to the test. he has been using debates as a spring board and tonight, he will be looking to score again. chuck todd is nbc's host of "the daily rundown "and garrett is in bed with the romney campaign. you started on july 28th. >> in ohio. >> youhave followed him ever since. how easy is it for him to be this nasty. >> i cannot state how different it is from a few days ago. if mitt romney mentioned santorum it was a big deal. now this housing event is setting up a platform to attack gingrich on the housing issue. it's a completely different environment. >> garrett, i don't know, you've
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been on the road since july. one of the most remarkable things is mitt romney doing the wash with his son, chuck, tweeting out the picture. this was a new attempt to try to show, i guess the average guy, mitt romney? >> and be careful, remember the john kerry hunting moment, it felt out of place. it did not feel, and you know, what was interesting, he almost admitted he was not trying to that. he said well, look, i'm not trying to be -- >> let's play a bit of that. it was so different. we have that ready in we will have it in a second. >> the bigger picture here. the romney campaign likes to say they are built for the long haul. their actions in the last five hours is a campaign that is panicking. >> how do you define panic? >> they put up the freddie mac
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attack ad, they are not relying on restore our future on that one and he has gone on three press opportunities? three? >> three over the past couple of days. >> this is a, they are acting as if they lose florida, they don't know what to do next. that is what
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>> and that tax return, i have to say, you know, it will be interesting, the romney campaign has decided they have a newt problem. they have yet no act as if to realize they may have a candidate problem. this is about mitt romney struggling to connect. they may be able to destroy newt begin, but he will be harder to destroy the second time. they are using the same play book but harder. instead of a hammer they are using a sledge hammer but they
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still have to fix the romney problem with republicans. >> and it's a problem of communication. >> to a certain extent. one of the things, romney is never -- has never effectively done is capture the anger. he doesn't feel like he needs to be the angriest guy on stage, that is not his message. but they have to find something to make that emotional connection or they will get run over by gingrich coming out and being the guy saying i'll punch obama and push it back down his threat. you heard it in the audience, this is what people want. >> in florida, let me show quickly the peter's interview. he did an interview and asked him about the awkward picture of doing the laundry with quarters. let's watch. >> did you ever see photos and images like that and say maybe i'm trying too hard to look average. i'm not a average guy
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financially. >> are you doing your laundry? >> we will be to road for 30 straight days, who else will do our laundry? >> who is doing your laundry? sending it home ? i sent a box home. this is the thing with romney, he legitimately sees himself this way. you talk to his sons, he is a cheap guy when it comes to the stuff like this. there's the real estate and houses, his wealth is well known, he does not see himself as one of those rich guys. >> could be that he does do this and it's authentic, it just did not feel that way because it had not been set up. maybe this is the guy that puts the dog on the roof -- >> it's sort of him saying don't punish success, but he doesn't seem to be comfortable being successful. or comfortable being wealthy. >> and to not punish success unless you made $1.7 million as a consultant. that is also a bit of a different message that you seeing out of him.
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you were talking about the anger issue, florida residents are angry. there's homes in foreclosure. there's 300,000 or so properties that have not been sold. the economy is awful. people do not like obama or the governor, they are not happy. >> and that is the background for tonight's big debate. chuck todd, we will see you later at the debate. great job garrett. keep going. and the campaign is not all sunshine in florida. don't miss the republican debate and a special edition of "rock center." and developing now, emergency crews are fanning out across central alabama to survey the damage left by storms and a possible tornado. at least two people are dead and more than 100 people are injured, officials are going door to door to check on residents trapped by debris.
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republican primary, president obama knows how important the ratings are here, he was in orlando last week spending his 14th day in the state since taking office and with an unemployment rate of nearly 10% and one in 360 houses in foreclosure, it going to be a tough state for him. this is a state that hillary clinton won over obama. it's not a natural state. there are cuban americans and jewish americans and some that have problems with the
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president's foreign policy, how does he reestablish his base here? >> i think the president will do well here, florida, i have concerned considered it a center state. it's right down the middle. the republican primary has moved them, particularly with romney moving as far to the right as he has, it will be difficult for them to recenter themselves in an election. the economy is improving and i think the republicans are saddled with an unpopular governor. he is the least popular governor in the country. and part of their economic problem is placed squarely by the voters at his feet. so i think the president on the issues will do well. i think that people like him. i think his numbers are improving. it's been a tough haul for everyone, but we have seen 22 months in a row of private
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sector gain and growth in the job market. it's going to be a slow recovery, but people remember how we got here and where we were when he took office. i look for him to do well in florida, this year shows that we have had major wins in municipal mayor's races and first african american to win duval county, we won back in tampa, so we have won special elections. i think that democrats are excited about the chances for re-election. right now we are being compared to the almighty. but in the end we will be compared to the alternative. and when that selection happens, i think this president will do well in florida. >> who is going to be tougher to run against, newt gingrich or mitt romney or none of the above? >> i think the president will run the race on his merits and we will do well in 2012.
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i would say that right now romney will struggle in florida. he may have the resource advantage going into this, in terms of funding, but florida is funny. you go north to go south and south to go north. in my neck of the woods, which is north florida, i do not think that people relate well to romney. there's a distance. he does not connect. he is in south part of the state, on the immigration issue, his opposition to the "dream act," they are different than in on the part states on immigration. >> and newt gingrich has a more compatible immigration stance. >> it seems to me that if gingrich has the ability to connect with voters financially, if he can get on the ground, he
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has boots on the ground, the focus for me is whoever he come out with, we are more energized than i've seen in a long time. we are move democratic presence in more counties we have more boots on the ground, we have hispanic outreach working already and early voter focus working already. as i have talked to people, i have seen more energy in the last six months than i've seen in a long time, i don't care who they bring, the president will run his own race and i had think t -- when people see what we have done in terms of returning the troops and turning the committee around, we will win. >> thank you very much. an energyic democratic party. and the new newt. plus -- >> i will step down this week. >> congress woman gabrielle
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liberty mutual auto insurance, responsibility -- what's your policy? and in today's politico briefing, is he the mast of disguydi disgui disguise, that is the question that they are asking about newt who is appearing to refashion himself as a populi st, politic is celebrating an anniversary. >> thank you, very much. >> let's talk about newt gingrich. the old newt, the new newt. which is going to show up tonight to debate stage? >> i think we have a good idea of what the new newt looks like. it's the populist going after the press and obama, we saw it
1:25 pm
in south carolina after he won in the state. what he is doing is using debates that are undoubtedly a score strength of his to disguise his weaknesses, the three wives, the fact that he is inconsistent on causes over the past decade, the delusions of granduere and more troubling eraer erratic leadership. he is taking the weaknesses and neutralizing them or stubboturn them into a strength. >> chris christie addressed off the bat question of whether or not he was a lobbyist. >> the speaker, a strategic adviser? that the the oldest washington dodge in the book. that is because he did not want
1:26 pm
to register as a lobbyist. let's be serious. >> that question is going to come up, it's going to trail him. and certainly mitt romney has put it front and center today in his news conference and in his new ads. >> it's no doubt going to be an issue. i don't know if it's his biggest weakness. doesn't seem like a make or break issue for conservatives. i think the bigger problem he has is that he has been inconsistent on a lot of conservative issues and republicans that worked with him in washington, particularly speaker of the house, really had concerns about his leadership style and whether he could be trusted to the cause and whether he could be trusted to stick to a position and you'll hear more of that from establishment republicans in the days to come. >> thanks again. happy anniversary at politico. >> thank you. >> coming up next. romney versus gingrich, what is
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the plan for the debate and a preview of the state of the union. and do you have a question that you want me to answer, join me today online. this is "andrea mitchell reports" only on msnbc. so who ordered the cereal that can help lower cholesterol and who ordered the yummy cereal? yummy. [ woman ] lower cholesterol. [ man 2 ] yummy. i got that wrong didn't i? [ male announcer ] want great taste and whole grain oats that can help lower cholesterol? honey nut cheerios.
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mitt romney and newt gingrich are both getting a lot more personal as they kick off their florida campaigns today, with me editor of the "cook politic politic political report" charlie cook. this is a different campaign with gingrich winning south carolina and barrelling into florida and mitt romney playing the angry guy, who has the advantage coming into florida? >> nobody expected this, this is a plot twist that nobody
1:31 pm
expected. to think that you had michele bachmann winning the straw poll and rick santorum winning the iowa caucus and romney the primary and gingrich winning in south carolina, nobody anticipated this. this, i think, i do not like making dramatic statements, but florida is make it or break it for mitt romney. if you do not see romney win florida, the establishment of the party will pull away, and you'll start seeing them question is it too late for someone to get in and look at the filing deadlines for the 13 states that will not have passed before florida. good r if romney wins florida, he will probably be the nominee, if he doesn't, i think you'll see all heck breaking loose. >> there's a new gallop tracking poll, by the way, michael steele, you helped the write the rules when you were republican
1:32 pm
chairman. what about the rules. florida is winner take all? >> no it's not. >> fix it. >> florida broke the rules. and as under the rules as we passed them the win or take all state, their delegates will be aportioned, there's a rule that is already in the rnc rules that says, when you break the rules you lose 50% of your delegates. >> south carolina already lost 60% of their delegates. >> and those remaining are allocated pro portionally. there's a request to ignore the rule as was passed by the members last year and allow florida's delegates go winner take all. i don't think that will happen or it should happen and the reality is that it puts florida much more in play for those who
1:33 pm
are down a little bit in the numbers. >> let ask you to follow-up, are there enough states that are have not already passed the filing deadline for another candidate at this stage to get into it? >> i think that conversation is just quite frankly silly. the grassroots of this the party would absolutely go apaplectic if they think they are going to roll are somebody in and get them on the ballot expect them to come in and be the nominee? >> charlie cook, this new poll, and i know we do not put too much stock in tracking polls. it has romney at 29 and gingrich at 28 and paul at 13 and santorum at 11. they are tied statistically. this thing is wide open and tonight's debate becomes ever so much more important. with we know that gingrich will come on with a beat up the media strategy.
1:34 pm
that has worked for him on msnbc, and cnn and on cnbc, he keeps attacking the messenger. >> i'm a bigger fan of the gallop ratracking poll than mos people. i think it's a good approximation of what is going on. this is more about newt going up and yes, romney has dropped but newt is really, really, really surging. when you have a candidate with a 25% favorable and 50% unfavorable in the national polls you'll see a lot of party officials going crazy. and i understand, i mean, look, i'm not a believer in brokered conventions or anything like that, but you have california, indiana, new york, new jersey, oregon and pennsylvania who have filing deadlines that will not have passed until after the
1:35 pm
florida primary. >> he makes a very good point. >> he makes a great point, but this is not about what the establishment wants. has anyone paid attention to what is happening in the primary. the grassroots activists are making up their mind when they want. they seem to want to coalesce around newt. we don't know whether or not that will really happen. they are the ones driving this. and the folks that sit in their towers in washington, yeah, they will loser their minds. but the base will make the decision. >> they are worried about losing the house. and that is what they are talking about, they are worried that newt at the top of the ticket. >> the party has a message, a winning message, we will get it done. >> if there's a vacuum, it will get filled. >> it will. >> nature hates a vacuum. someone taught me that. president obama is set to give
1:36 pm
his state of the union address tomorrow night. he gave a preview of his speech to his supporters on his website, here is the preview. >> i wanted to share with you some of what i'm planning to talk about on tuesday night. in a lot of ways what i say will be a book end to what i said in kansas last month about our central mission as a country and my central focus as a president. and that is rebuilding an economy where hard work pays off. >> joining me now is congressman cummings. you will be in the chamber tomorrow night. one of the first things and the most emotional moment. we talk about heroes, ronald reagan was the first to bring heroes into the chamber, but a real hero, gabrielle giffords. she is resigning today and the importance of that and for her colleagues and herself and her friends, it a moment where,
1:37 pm
according to her statement, she needs to focus on her rehabilitation. >> yes, it's going to be a sad, but at the same time hopeful moment for all of us. the last time she appeared on the florida house was just unifying moment for us. we sat besides each other in the armed services committee, i miss her already, i'll miss her more. at the same time, i'm excited that she is recovering and she seems well on her way and she will be in our prayers and certainly, mark kirk suffered a stroke today, wanted his family to know he and his family are in our prayers. >> we heard about that, the doctors say he received surgery to relieve pressure from the blood accumulating. because of his yupouth, the
1:38 pm
doctors say he will make a recovery. our thoughts are with him. tough times for people all across the country. foreclosure are out-of-sight in florida. the housing market has not stabilized for much of the country, that is dragging the country down. how does the president face t t that? will he say it is better than it could have been? >> the president will be addressing the housing issue in some way or another. but he has to show that he has a plan that is workable and that it's going to help people. you know, bernanke said it and so many other experts have said, we cannot address the economic problem unless we deal with the foreclosure problem. the first thing that newt gingrich said when he came out of his victory the other night is that he is going to florida
1:39 pm
to address forforeclosure, the president has to remind the american people that we have come a long way. that we were in a ditch. losing 750,000 jobs every month and now we are creating jobs and been creating them at a pretty good clip for over the last 22 months. he has to show that he needs a second term to complete the work. keep in mind, and drrea, he had8 promises that he made to the american people and he has acted on all of them except three and so, he still has work to do. had th this president has done more than most presidents have done in eight and that is against fierce resist answance, he has t out there and say, i want the republicans to help out but if they don't, we are on our own,
1:40 pm
we are on the road to recovery and we are doing fine and now we need the additional years to get it done. >> i know he will be addressing the democratic caucus in maryland i think on friday, so you'll have a chance to talk to him up close and personal. >> yes. >> thank you very much, we will see you on the hill tomorrow. >> thank you, andrea. >> joe paterno being mourned by generations of fans in happy valley. not a happy day there. ♪ rnchlt . within hours of his passing crowds gathered on campus of the state college to pay tribute to who they called joe pa. his career ended sadly in scandal. sally jenkins conducted the final interview just nine days before his death. you were with him. it was an extraordinary
1:41 pm
interview. let me just say and the stories you have written from it. let's talk about your impressions and were you surprised that only nine days later that he lost his life? >> i was not surprised or shocked in the least. he was in very poor health. he was in a wheelchair, he labored to breathe and on talk. we actually broke the interview into two parts. one thursday of last week and then another follow-up on friday because he was not strong enough to really have a sustained conversation for longer than about 30 minutes. on friday, he actually was too ill to get out of bed, but he wanted to keep talking and so he asked if i would come into the bedroom so i did five follow-up questions with him at his bed side. three hours later he was taken to the medical center where he stayed until the end of his life. >> and a little bit of that interview, the audio of that interview, when you asked him about being diagnosed with lung cancer and being fired let's
1:42 pm
listen. >> the good lord has a reason. i'm not as concerned about me, i mean, what's happened to me has been great. i've got five great kids. 17 great grandchildren. >> it was clear from the audio tape, he was struggling. his breath was labored. i understand the feeling of this for you. what will be his legacy? >> it was a difficult conversation, because he knew and i knew it was probablily his last real interview. but, he was as you can tell, he was not, you know sitting around feeling sorry for himself, he actually cracked a couple of jokes about lawyers and reporters, he was confident that he had a legacy as an educator. i think, he rightly felt that was undisputable that he had for 61 years done a pretty good job of turning out good students and
1:43 pm
great football players. he was confident that his attempts to build a small cow college as he called it into a $4 billion public research university was successful. he laid down some of the paving stones at the university and he had great pride of ownership when it came to penn state, he felt he had literally helped build the university. >> sally jenkins from "the washington post," it was an extraordinary interview. thank you for taking time to share it with us today. >> thank you. and up next, nearly four decades after roe versus wade, the battle wages. plaque psoriasis. i decided enough is enough. ♪ [ spa lady ] i started enbrel. it's clinically proven to provide clearer skin. [ rv guy ] enbrel may not work for everyone -- and may not clear you completely, but for many, it gets skin clearer fast, within 2 months,
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hi everyone, coming up on "news nation" we are following breaking weather several deaths have been confirmed after a suspected tornado hit parts of the south in the early morning hours. and another breaking story, this
1:47 pm
one regarding illinois senator, he suffered a stroke, we will get the latest on his condition and new words from the other illinois senator, dick durbin. the south carolina voters were voting for gingrich after he went on a tear in days just before the primary. will his attack strategy on food stamps and minorities work this time or is it getting old. thousands of anti-abortion activists are hold ago rally to protest the roe v. wade decision. >> with your help this bipartisan majority is standing up for life and working to restore the damage yard to roe. >> cecil rich arouards the pres
1:48 pm
of planned parenthood and joins us now. all of the republicans have put out statements, all of those running for office, they are very much on the other side of the issue, all those there are questions about mitt romney's past positions pro and con, but they are now firmly against legalized abortions, abortions being available in various forms. what are the challenges now facing the movement for the right to abortions. >> roe v. wade is settled law and this country continues to support safe and legal abortion. we see the race to the bottom on who can be the most against women health care access. and it's far beyond roe, what we are seeing is republican nominees committing to end the national family planning program and overturn decades of progress
1:49 pm
of reducing unintended pregnancy in the country. >> we are seeing initiatives. it was rejected in mississippi, to define when life begins which would impact stem cell research and say nothing of invitro. >> they have embraced in personhood initiative. it was rejected in the state of mississippi as being too extreme. it could outlaw common forms of birth control and put at risk invitro procedures that many couples rely on having a safe pregnancy. what will be interesting, what we are seeing right now, particularly i know you are down in tampa, what we are seeing in
1:50 pm
the are republican primary is this move to the far right, what they are forgetting, it's abandoning what i think of as traditional conservative republican values, it was senator barry goldwater's wife thatgoldwater's wife that helped form the first planned parenthood. we're seeing a real change. i think what they're forgetting is women will be the majority of the voters in november and women are watching. they're paying attention. i keep hearing from republican and independent women. >> thank you very much. >> thanks andrea. what political story will make headlines in the next 24 hours? that's next right here on "andrea mitchell reports." [ female announcer ] experience dual-action power,
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which political stories will make headlines in the next 24 hours?
1:54 pm
chris cillizza joins us. we're talking about the debate. the nbc debate is 9:00 eastern right here on a special edition of rock center. this will show if newt gingrich can mix it up with mitt romney and where whether new aggressive romney is enough. you know gingrich will come out fighting. >> you hit the nail on the head. if you talk to the romney folks privately, it was that rom was not aggressive enough. he was not aggressive enough by beginning. we see that today they will not be repeating that mistake in florida. the question is does the candidate do it? how aggressively does he take it? and to your question, how natural or comfortable does he look doing it? can he win those back and forths with newt gingrich. that's how we will judge who wins the debate. >> we should point out that the
1:55 pm
tracking poll shows them tied. newt gingrich has picked up three points in the gallup tracking. we'll have to take it up from there. we'll talk about the debate. that does it for us on this edition of "news nation." form we'll be live on capitol hill with a preview of the state of the union address. my colleague tamron hall has a look at what's next. we're following big breaking weather news. several suspected tornadoes hit the south already. there are confirmed fatalities. look at some of the damage. it's heartbreaking. breaking news out of illinois. senator mark kirk has a stroke. we'll get the latest on his condition. polls show south carolina voters were drawn in my newt gingrich's debate performance. many voting after he went on the
1:56 pm
tear on the debate just days before the primary. a big decision from the supreme court regarding whether police can put a gps tracker on a suspect's vehicle without a warrant? we'll have more on this. [ male announcer ] feeling like a shadow of your former self? c'mon, michael! get in the game! [ male announcer ] don't have the hops for hoops with your buddies? lost your appetite for romance? and your mood is on its way down. you might not just be getting older. you might have a treatable condition called low testosterone or low t. millions of men, forty-five or older, may have low t. so talk to your doctor about low t. hey, michael! [ male announcer ] and step out of the shadows. hi! how are you? [ male announcer ] learn more at [ laughs ] hey!
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hi! how are you? when bp made a commitment to the gulf, we knew it would take time, but we were determined to see it through. today, while our work continues, i want to update you on the progress: bp has set aside 20 billion dollars to fund economic and environmental recovery. we're paying for all spill- related clean-up costs. and we've established a 500 million dollar fund so independent scientists can study the gulf's wildlife and environment for ten years. thousands of environmental samples from across the gulf have been analyzed by independent labs under the direction of the us coast guard. i'm glad to report all beaches and waters are open for everyone to enjoy. and the economy is showing progress with many areas on the gulf coast having their best tourism seasons in years. i was born here, i'm still here and so is bp. we're committed to the gulf for everyone who loves it, and everyone who calls it home.
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i find investments with e-trade's top 5 lists and use pre-defined screeners to work smarter. not harder. i depend on myself to take charge of my financial future. [ bell dinging ] right now on "news nation," hit em with your best shot. >> the people should know if there's going to be an october surprise. in the case of the speaker, he's got some records that could represent an october surprise. we could see an october surprise today from newt gingrich. >> tough talk hours before tonight's debate. who will land the most damaging blows in what is a crucial test for both of these men? is thi