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tv   Jansing and Co.  MSNBC  January 30, 2012 10:00am-11:00am EST

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battle. looks like mitt romney is pulling ahead in florida, pretty significantly. but again, this raises turned conventional wisdom on its head. newt gingrich made it clearest not going anywhere. the latest quinnipiac poll shows mitt romney with a commanding 14 point lead. will he continue his strategy of beating up on newt gingrich? >> i anticipate doing well. we've got a number of states coming up, i think i'm going to do well in them. my expectation is to become the nominee. however long it takes, i'm going to keep on battling. >> "the new york times" columnist charles glow and editor steve core neck ee join me. good to see you. i would make the argument newt gingrich almost looked comfortable when he was on the attack this week. let me play it for you, see if you agree. >> i am afraid instead of looking about, blaming other people, he should look in the mirror and say okay, as people had a chance to watch us each perform in those debates, they
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decided they liked him less in part because he was paid $1.6 million by freddie mac. he stood up and supported freddie mac. the first debate, the audience was quiet. speaker gingrich said that threw him off, he couldn't debate before a quiet audience. the next audience was very loud, he can't debate before a real live audience. gold ee locks, can't have it this way, has to be just so. >> i meant to say mitt romney. is that what he is going to keep doing, keep pounding away? >> keep pounding away. and it is working, but the danger for mitt romney is people are souring on gingrich, but not necessarily warming to mitt romney, and you see that in national trends, not in local trends. so what you have in florida is by some estimates a 4-1 spending gap between mitt romney and newt
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gingrich where they are bombarding. >> we actually have the numbers. when i first saw those, they were astonishing. under number four, guys, if you see the numbers. 15.9 million to $4 million. >> they are just drowning him in negative ads. so it is not necessarily that people woke up one morning and said mitt romney, you are fantastic, we love you, no. absolutely not. what they're saying is that responding to the negative ads, they're saying we don't necessarily like this guy, he is a bit wacky, a bit of a flip flopper. they called mitt romney a flip flopper, so is newt gingrich. gallup released a poll friday that showed that newt gingrich's numbers were the highest they have been since starting in january, and mitt romney's the lowest they have been since january. >> this is unrelenting pounding,
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both by the romney campaign and by the pacs. i am going out of order, i am going to skip ahead to when we were talking about the 15.9 million versus 4 million. here is what newt gingrich had to say about that money. >> there was this huge wave of dishonest romney ads. for a little, people backed up, thought wow, frankly, if all of that stuff was true, i wouldn't vote for myself. >> first time i heard him use that line. >> you might hear it more. i think there's another factor that we can't overlook. absolutely true, there's tons of money being used against gingrich and that's not going to let up either, we have to keep that in mind, but it is also the opinion shaping voices within the republican party, elected officials, commentators, party leaders, folks with a stake, a clear personal stake in who the party nominates this fall. they don't want to nominate somebody that could take the party down.
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there's a palpable sheer among movers and shakers that gingrich is a candidate that will do profound damage to the party if he is the nominee. this is the second time we have seen this happen in the campaign. back in december when gingrich surged to the lead, they all sort of ganged up on him and beat him down, not just in iowa where the super pac ads were. they let up on him, let him back in the game in south carolina. since then, they came back and pounded away the last week. that's another factor here. this time coming out of florida, say he wins big tomorrow, i think this time as long as gingrich stays in the race, the opinion makers in the party aren't going to let up on gingrich. >> those that don't like mitt romney rally again the way they have before, will they say this is the last stand, we go into the last conservative states, we need to get behind newt gingrich? >> they are not necessarily paying attention to the elite opinion makers. the grass roots voters are basically saying we don't care
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what you say, and because if they did, you would see a change in national opinion in favor of romney and away from newt gingrich, and what you're not seeing, you're not seeing that, and what you are seeing is a continued rise of newt gingrich nationally where you have people who are not being bombarded by the ads on a continually basis. those people say i understand chris christie wants this guy. i understand that the local politician wants this guy. i understand that john mccain wants this guy, i do not. and that means i'm going to pick someone else, and newt gingrich is the, you know, the guy of the moment. >> the only thing i would say to that is i think there might be a lag in the national polls in terms of picking up on the effect of the elite opinion makers because we did see back in december when they all went to town on gingrich, his national numbers did collapse. we did see after iowa and new hampshire there was a ton of positive press for romney, the
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25% national ceiling disappeared. he opened a 23 point lead. it disappeared after south carolina, but even over the weekend, romney got the lowest numbers thursday. friday, back to a two point race sunday. i suspect if romney posts a big win tomorrow, we will see again what we saw in new hampshire. >> hold on. we have the director of the maris poll. is there a lag when we see the national numbers? >> there's two factors. one is the lag in national numbers, the other is just the bombardment within the state. you can't overlook this huge advantage that mitt romney had in terms of advertising campaign. right now, gingrich hasn't laid a glove on him in florida. only 11% find romney unacceptable, more than twice that find gingrich in florida unacceptable as well. some of the national polls will catch up, but also, we get into
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a state, they get the campaign, romney campaign outspends gingrich by a factor of four in florida, and elsewhere, makes a big difference, except so far in south carolina, which is really now looking like the exception because it was such a southern state. we'll see if that happens. >> let me ask about the florida polls. romney up by 14 points, we mentioned that, but the key is he is winning groups he wasn't expected to. evangelical christians, tea party, very similar to the marist poll yesterday, neck and neck for gingrich and romney. romney winning evangelicals. did that surprise you, lee? >> it speaks to what's happening in florida now, and there's no doubt that mitt romney, first of all, he is running up the score with his strong group, so people that are not tea party people, moderates, higher income, higher educated women. >> women, look at the number for wom
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women. >> big gap there, but cutting his losses, breaking narrowly ahead among groups he would love to carry. tea party, very conservative, evangelical christians, male voters in florida. so right now, as i say, he is running up the score with strong groups, showing his base, but among groups he had trouble with say in south carolina, he is not having the kind of trouble in florida he did there. so right now, look, he is in the driver's seat going into the primary. >> newt gingrich was in jacksonville, we were listening to him, he was saying 5%, we're closing the gap here. can things move that quickly in florida? >> well, you know, you need something to happen, and there was one poll out that was really as we say an outlier, showed five points. everybody else shows double digits. the poll you mentioned at the top of the program, 14, we're at 15. right now, it would take a
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political earthquake to change this landscape. >> all right. lee miringoff. good to see you. so barring this unforgivable mistake romney would make, the polls do indicate there's big trouble, but a couple things that happened over the weekend, herman cain endorsing newt gingrich over the weekend, and sarah palin coming to his defense. we want to play that for you. >> the players in the establishment are fighting against him, they want to crucify him because he tapped into that average, everyday american tea party grass roots movement, if for no other reason, rage against the machine, vote for newt. annoy a liberal, vote newt. keep the vetting process going, keep the debate going. >> can this anti-establishment, oh, you love sarah palin. >> you had to play her when i was on the air. >> go ahead, bring it on.
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>> she lives on annoying the liberal. >> your entire body language changed. >> oh, my god. [ laughter ] >> but can the anti-establishment rallying cry make a difference? here is my question really, steve, it is that if the expectation is 15 points, if the expectation is 12 points and he comes in at 9 points, still pretty good trouncing. but does that in a weird way give him some kind of momentum? >> i mean, there's the other thing in lee's poll to keep in mind with poll numbers, there's been early voting in florida. all indications show romney has a lopsided advantage there. even if it kicks in and helps with gingrich, he has help with the votes that are banked. the interesting question in terms of cain and palin, think ahead to super tuesday.
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if this race goes that far, if there's still suspense, that's a die dominated by primaries. if there's a recipe gingrich can exploit to embarrass romney, it is demographics of the states, extremely tea party friendly, evangelical as conservative and palin friendly, cain friendly as they get. if gingrich can remain viable into early march, maybe those states get interesting. the problem is february sets up. right now, it looks so friendly to romney, if he gets on a roll there, maybe he has momentum. >> and we heard it before. >> but you have a cooling period. that's the other thing. you come out of a primary with momentum, but it doesn't roll for a month, so you cool off quite a bit between now and the next primary, and you pinpointed exactly what newt will be able to exploit is the fact that, you know, there are not a lot of mormons.
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i am from the south. it is not like this idea of openness is not necessarily a southern trait. it is very narrow. florida has a lot of very northern voters, and transplants, and that's helping romney in florida. you will not have that in the south. >> going to take a quick look at the calendar here. i think it is instructive to the point you were making when you look at these states in february. much more friendly to mitt romney, but then you go into march, and newt gingrich says he is not going anywhere, you look at some of the southern states. he thinks he can do well there. so more to talk about in future days. gentlemen, thanks. >> we have to come back? >> i might let you. and i'll look everywhere for sarah palin. just to get you worked up. guys, thanks so much. appreciate it. we are expecting to see rick santorum back on the campaign trail today after taking a break
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to be with his sick daughter, three-year-old bella. she was in the hospital over the weekend, had pneumonia. doing well now. she suffers from a rare genetic disorder. his oldest daughter took her father's place in florida on sunday. >> he will be back as soon as he can, and right now, family comes first, being a dad and husband now. >> santorum hasn't made a big play in florida, but will be heading straight to missouri and some other conservative states where he hopes he can have a more significant impact. meantime, there's the president. he and democrats making their case for a second term. how he stacks up against mitt romney and newt gingrich. "the washington post" ezra klein will join the conversation in about five minutes. and i don't know if you saw this over the weekend, lots of stuff going on with the occupy protesters. the mayor of oakland, california is threatening legal action after occupy oakland protests led to 400 arrests. the city said protesters were violent, breaking into
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democrats and the obama
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campaign armed with new ammo as they make their case for four more years. >> independent voters are fleeing governor romney now. his numbers are falling. he is underwater nationally. this process is not helping him because he's so intent on pandering to those forces on the right of his party to try to win the nomination. >> i am joined by "the washington post" columnist and msnbc policy analyst ezra klein. good to see you. >> good morning. >> i was flipping around the morning shows yesterday as we all do, heard virtually the same from debbie wasserman schultz. they have their talking points down on the independents now, but look at this number in a head to head with independents. obama beats romney 34 to 36%. what do you make of this. >> i am going to be a downer. here is my rule. i do not pay attention to general election polls until we are in a general election. they just don't matter. we looked at the numbers on this many times before, political
10:19 am
scientists, polsters, there's nothing seriously predictive about general election polls this far away from the general election. primary polls matter but the general, no. >> and you know, we can go state to state, but do you think there is something, ezra, that's a threat that goes through? is there something that's going to turn it for independents? >> it just isn't clear yet. they're just going to look differently at obama and romney when there's a general election, and also we'll be in a different economic circumstance. consider two worlds, one in which europe collapses, there's a huge bad debt auction in a couple of months, then the american economy begins to feel shaking from that, you see the stock market go down. that's a roll where independents will like mitt romney more, due to no fault of mitt romney and frankly no fault of barack obama. conversely, if europe gets its act together, if the economy can recover for adding 200, 250,000 jobs a month, then they will
10:20 am
like barack obama more. so it is one of the reasons i am skeptical polling this far out. we just don't know what the actual conditions people reacting to will be, and it will be those conditions that drive their ultimate evaluations of obama and romney. >> we haven't talked about this a lot because there's the horse race on the republican side and obviously there's plenty going on in terms of the economy, but charles glow before the break made an interesting observation. can we show that tape we showed of barack obama? we have seen it time and again. we saw it when he was going through battle ground states last week. he literally runs, he bounds onto the stage. he looks like somebody full of energy now, ready to take on problems, and charles would making the point along with steve that the contrast to newt gingrich and mitt romney is a very positive one for the president. >> there's a mistake republicans have made. i believe it to be somewhat serious where they have convinced themselves in the
10:21 am
gingrich camp that president obama is a much worse than average sort of presidential candidate and contender, that he was sort of brought up to the office in a form of affirmative action, and it is the opposite. obama is a much better campaigner than most politicians. that's how he became the first african-american president, which whatever you think of the man himself is no mean feat. he tends to favor i am the only serious adult in the room stance for governing, doesn't make r compelling television. but when he campaigns, singingal green on stage, he is a happy warrior. folks that convinced themselves obama is going to be a poor campaigner, that 2008 was some trick, it was end of bush years, there was financial crisis going on, this will be close, and i don't know who will win, but i don't think if mitt romney does win, it is not because obama turns out to be a crummy presidential candidate. >> yeah. thanks so much, ezra.
10:22 am
always good to see you. happy monday. >> thank you. speaking of the serious issues, tensions ratcheting up again between the u.s. and iran as u.n. inspectors visit the country's nuclear plants. a military spokesman says iran would respond to any threat from the west in, quote, a crushing manner. warn the u.s. to reduce its presence in the region. whee whee wheeeeeeeeeeee! pure adrenaline. whee whee wheeeeeeeeeeee! everything you love about geico, now mobile. download the new geico app today. whee wheeeeeeeeeeee-he-he-heeeeee! [ sighs ] i can't wait till morning. wait! it's morning in china! ♪ [ male announcer ] it's sweet, it's nutty...
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2% back on groceries. and 3% back on gas. automatically. no hoops to jump through. -it's as easy as...1. -two. -three. [ male announcer ] 1, 2, 3 percent cash back for the things you buy most. the bankamericard cash rewards card. apply online or at a bank of america near you. tonight, the senate is expected to vote on the stock act, to stop insider trading in congress. just a procedural vote to start debate, but republican house majority leader eric cantor says he already wants an expanded bill that goes well beyond what the senate wants. the president promised to sign the bill last week you might recall in his state of the union speech. the rnc taking a swipe at obama, comparing him to the captain of the costa concordia. >> in the end, in a few months, this is all going to be ancient
10:26 am
history, and we're going to talk about our own captain ask you teen oh, president obama abandoning ship in the united states, is more interested in campaigning than doing his job as president. >> what did you call him? >> captain skutino, the captain that fled the ship in italy. that's our own president who is fleeing the american people and not doing his job and running around the country and campaigning. >> previously, his democratic counter part debbie wasserman schultz hit back saying the remark showed a dramatic level of insensitivity. and maricopa county chief law enforcement officer brought in 1.4 million last year, 6 million since 2009 for a sheriff. most of those donations come from outside the state of arizona. and tomorrow on wednesday, the first lady heads to california, makes fundraising
10:27 am
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dollar for dollar, nobody protects you like allstate. you know, the power of the super pac has been making campaigns nervous by take the message away from the candidates and giving it to special interests with the deepest pockets. and when you hear what happens after midnight tomorrow, it could change the way you look at politics. we have that inside info coming up. first, we want to check other stories people are talking about right now. a canadian jury found three members of an afghan family guilty of murdering three teenage sisters in what's called an honor killing. prosecutors say a father, his wife and son killed the three young girls because they disrespected the family by dating and going online. the man's first wife was also killed in 2009. that body found in a car in a canal. in italy, bad weather suspended recovery efforts on
10:31 am
the costa concordia. 16 people are still listed as missing. investigators stopped trying to unload 500,000 gallons of fuel. residents concerned about the environmental impact after hearing this could take up to ten months to remove this ship. now, imagine, you're a high school student, anxiously waiting for word on whether you'll be accepted into a tough to get into college. well, dozens of early applicants to vaster college were told they were in when they weren't in. 76 of them to be exact. when they checked a website the school set up to notify them, it said they were in, they weren't. the school says in part we know the stress students can experience during the college application process and we deeply regret having contributed to that stress. two candidates hitting seven cities with 24 hours before the crucial florida primary. mitt romney, newt gingrich, out making their final push for votes. important to remember this is winner take all.
10:32 am
nbc's peter alexander following the romney campaign, joins us from miami. good morning to you. romney opened up a commanding lead according to the nbc, marist polls. what is the campaign saying this morning? >> we had conversations with the campaign in the last 24 hours. they feel strongly about their position, like they did in south carolina, and before that. they are trying to reduce expectations of this campaign, even though the nbc news poll as we show you shows mitt romney leading newt gingrich by 42-27% margin. members within the staff of the romney campaign say we think it will be single digits, think it will be closer than that. regardless, one thing they are benefitting by, the fact that nearly 600,000 people in the state already voted by early voting or absentee. nearly as many as voted in all of south carolina's republican primary. one of the things the advisers credit is the fact they strategically changed takts in the last week and a half, becoming more aggressive against
10:33 am
newt gingrich. they outspent gingrich, romney and his supporters have, 4 to 1 in this state, spending close to $16 million, which is a lot of money being spent, and literally, as we turn on the television when you wake up and go to bed, you can't miss the romney ads. in a state like this, had a significant impact. >> unbelievable the numbers. peter, thank you. newt gingrich is having a rally in pensacola, florida. that should be going on now. ron mott has been following this gingrich campaign. ron, give us a sense of where that campaign is now, because we heard just there from peter that somehow newt gingrich thinks this race is a lot closer than most polls would show it to be. >> he does indeed. good morning. he thinks this race will be closer than the last few polls in the past 48 hours indicate that show double digit leads for former governor mitt romney. newt gingrich said this is the same pattern they saw in south
10:34 am
carolina. he won south carolina obviously. he says they are closing the gap. whether he actually closes it, makes this very competitive come tomorrow night, we have to wait and see. i can tell you that the former speaker has a dizzying schedule today, wearing us all out. we are young guys, he is 68 years old. has five stops, on the way to pensacola after an event in jacksonville. supporters are enthusiastic. he is ready to rock through florida and go to nevada from here and beyond. so we've been asking on the trail if he doesn't win florida, winner take all, whether he would continue because he is well outspent in terms of money and resources on the ground and the romney campaign. he says they're going all the way to the convention. doesn't look like the speaker plans to get out. he makes the point when you add his voting support to rick santorum, the two conservatives in the race, they are outpolling mitt romney. at some point that seems to indicate there has to be a conversation between santorum and gingrich camps about
10:35 am
consolidating that conservative vote. >> you said a hundred supporters, how have the crowds been? >> other than one event on saturday afternoon, he had huge crowds. last week, we saw almost 10,000 people at four events in a single day of the speaker, so he's had really good crowds. this morning was an average crowd, 100 people before kicking off work this morning. he is fired up about what he sees in florida. he may not win here, but he is enthusiastic about the campaign's future. >> thanks so much, ron mott, traveling with newt gingrich. and conservative issues dominated the republican debates, but florida is definitely different when it comes to conservative voters. we asked richard lui to look at who exactly is the florida conservative. good morning, richard. >> good morning to you, kris. more often than not, he is male, but it is not that simple. the florida conservative like the state symbolizes, the
10:36 am
diversity of the country is conservative. to start, he is evangelical. 39% of florida's primary voters in 2008 checked that box. fewer did in new hampshire, while so many did in iowa. santorum finished tops. and how conservative are florida voters overall you might ask? in an nbc news marist poll, 45% call themselves conservative, a quarter very conservative, and another quarter moderate. the second part of the conservative, minority. 42% of floridians aren't white. some say they will be the majority soon in that state. of ten gop voters, one likely will be latino. those that may say ola are not monolithic. latinos tend to be cuban american and more conservative. latinos in central tend to be puerto rican, and progressive. romney leads with 52% of latino voters, in the latest poll,
10:37 am
including conservatives. newt gingrich trailing there. another florida conservative quality, tea party, the tea party movement boosted rick scott and marco rubio's wins. newt gingrich has been courting them. pundits caution a weakening tea party. one in two tea party voters embrace the tea party less taxes theme. finally, florida conservative is more northern. generally the more north, the more conservative. gingrich should do well in the north here, romney in the south. the fight, watch highway i-4 in orlando and tampa. the florida conservative, evangelical, minority, tea party, and northern. and by the way, looking at social security records, chris, he is most likely called james. >> all right. something i didn't know before for sure. thank you so much, appreciate it. richard. let me bring you in. you know this area so well. let's start with what we heard from ron.
10:38 am
you know, ties into what richard said. newt gingrich's argument, you take me, you take santorum, we're outpolling mitt romney. his implication being if santorum would get out of the race, i could beat mitt romney. >> but it is not really a perfect match. evangelicals are split whether they could support newt gingrich. the issue of his three marriages matters more to evangelicals than the republicans. there's a focus that can't give the full support to newt gingrich, even if rick santorum was in the race. i think they would be more confused. you have romney that's more of a family man. i don't know that he would get all of the santorum support. >> we talked about the fact that this is a state finally in the process is a microcosm, more representative of america. there's an interesting article couple days ago in "the new york times" that this is a fight for the heart of the republican party. you have this business savvy guy
10:39 am
with electability against anti-establishment population. is that a fair way of categorizing what we're looking at in florida now? >> definitely. i think also florida is the first state it is only republicans, where mitt romney can't have an independent save the day, this is strictly a republican primary. you have the wealthy in the republican party saying newt gingrich is not electable. we want someone electable. then you have the talk radio part of the wing, people that want heart. they would rather go down fighting and swinging with someone they think is i did logically pure than go with mitt romney who ticks the boxes but doesn't excite them. that's what you see clashing. in a place like florida with ten media markets, two time zones, a sprawling state, what matters is the money. and the head of the republican party, not the heart, has the money to be in the mailboxes, on
10:40 am
the air. he flooded the zone with tv and radio advertising. and also what hurt newt gingrich, that ad they ran in spanish where newt gingrich said spanish is the language of the ghetto. devastating. undercut his image on immigration. >> let me ask about early balloting. you have a half million already cast. 46,000 more than we saw in 2008. is there anything to take from that do you think at this point? this race has been so volatile. >> absolutely. in florida, the republican party's long game has been about absentee ballots, always been the advantage over democrats, where democrats relied on early vote. to get in the absentee ballot game, you have to be able to mail to voters before and after they receive ballots. it is hugely expensive. only romney can play that game. he probably won the absentee ballot, which is a quarter of the vote. for him, it is probably in the bag. newt gingrich has to do an election day strategy and he
10:41 am
doesn't have the money. >> joy-ann reid. nice to see you. and facebook is about to go public. mandy drury is here with what's happening moving your money and details of what i think we can say is one of the most widely anticipated stock offerings ever. >> ever. totally is. facebook could file papers for ipo as early as this week, the word is wednesday. it could raise as much as 10 billion and value it between 75 and $100 billion. but keep in mind, kris, at $75 billion, that is well below earlier expectations. facebook attracted more than 800 million members. you might be one of them in less than eight years, not just for sharing photos, bringing people together across the globe, it is mobilizing political protests on a grand scale. as for who will lead the deal, sources say facebook is close to picking morgan stanley.
10:42 am
that would be a blow for goldman, sachs. there has been jostling for this because it could yield tens of millions in banker fees and bragging rights as well. >> and cheryl sandburg knows how to get people talking. she made a statement about how many jobs facebook is responsible for creating. >> yeah. she did tell cnbc that the most important aspects of facebook becoming a public company are jobs growth and the social change that i just mentioned. it has 3,000 employees as we stand now, but sandburg says it created more than 450,000 jobs in both europe and the united states. she did warn i should say on the social change aspect that even liberal western governments are intending to limit the power of social networks, saying the digital divide is the difference between people that have access to free internet and people whose access is closed. it is obviously an important issue to her along with jobs
10:43 am
growth and jobs creation it represents. >> i heard your guys on cnbc talking about that number this morning. fascinating. i don't know where it came from, but we hope it is true. 450,000, that's a lot of jobs. mandy drury, good to see you. thank you. >> okay. get this, a 2005 chrysler 300 c that was once owned by, yes, president obama, is up for sale on ebay. according to kelly blue book, should sell for about 19 grand. one ebay seller hopes to get a cool million for it. that's the starting bid. the car comes with the original illinois title showing the car was used by obama from 2004 through 2007, and so far no bids. what makes scottrade your smartphone's
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get two miracles in one product. new tone rehab 2-in-1 foundation. covers spots, lines... and wrinkles. and helps improve skin tone over time. new tone rehab from easy... breezy... beautiful... covergirl! covergirl! hi, everybody, thomas roberts. in the next hour, mitt romney on a roll in florida.
10:47 am
if he rides the victory tomorrow, will newt gingrich remain a true contender or and tag nis delaying romney from being the republican establishment candidate. we will look at that. and welcome to occupy 2012. 400 arrested in oakland, california. a show down at high noon. officials in washington, d.c. giving protesters one hour to pack up and leave. blood in the basement, disturbing twist in the case of a missing 20 month old baby, ayla reynolds. full details on that. and i understand we have a developing story, fabulous, beautiful, talented kris jansing celebrates a birthday. >> celebrate may be a stretch. >> we celebrate for you. >> thank you very much, thomas. my team baked homemade food. >> how did i miss this in the newsroom? i should have found this out. >> we keep things close to the vest when it involves food. thank you, thomas. let's talk about big money super pacs, they turned this presidential campaign on its
10:48 am
head. it is making traditional campaign folks nervous and angry. outside groups aren't just running the ads, these that you see everywhere, they're also into phone banking, field organizing, direct mailing, polling. that's turf the battle ground states controlled themselves. they're not so happy about the competition. "the wall street journal" reporter alish a monday joins me. >> thank you for having me. >> how nervous are campaigns about this? >> i think they're pretty worried in a number of senses. for one thing, it is a spectacular amount of money. the first presidential election where the unlimited money going into pacs that for the most part don't have to disclose donors except for certain time periods during the election is starting to take precedence over the campaigns, and the fact that pacs are going beyond the barrage of radio and television ads, they're actually doing
10:49 am
campaign work. as you said, ground work. the phone banks are almost making the campaign secondary. the gingrich people have talked about running a shadow campaign with mr. gingrich's super pac, and it just becomes a little hairy because you don't want them going off message, don't want pacs going too far afield, but they're not supposed to coordinate. on the one hand, watchdog groups are concerned the pacs are coordinated with campaigns which is against the law, on the other hand, campaigns are worried any point in time a pac could go sideways and mess up your message. >> you mention certain time periods, we saw new numbers for super pac spending in florida. numbers are as you say astonishing. at midnight tomorrow after the quarterly campaign finance reports are due, you say more money could start to pour into the campaigns, right? >> tomorrow night for the first time in several months, the
10:50 am
super pacs that have to disclose under the law will disclose donors. for instance, that will probably be the first time we will see a formal recognition that the casino owner, sheldon aid ellison and his wife have given $10 million to newt gingrich, and finally see who is really out there giving to mitt romney and ron paul, but there are a lot of people that don't want their numbers and names coming out yet. they're going to wait for this disclosure to come out, then they're going to start to send their money to some of these candidates because there will be another period of time before there's disclosure again. it is not like the campaigns where right now if there's a major gift, it has to be disclosed in a number of days, and there are regular reportings. you know who is giving to the campaigns. >> if they give money a week from now, that won't get reported until after super tuesday. >> yes. won't get reported pardon me for about another month, at least another month. >> "the wall street journal"
10:51 am
political investigative reporter, alish a mundy, fascinating stuff. talk about fascinating moments on the trail. this tweet from ari shapiro. what are the chances of all the hotels in florida gingrich and romney end up at the jacksonville hyatt? awkward! [ male announcer ] juice drink too watery? ♪ feel the power my young friend. mmm! [ male announcer ] for excellent fruit and veggie nutrition... v8 v-fusion, also refreshing plus tea.
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let's go down to the wire. just when you thought the artist was going to glide into an oscar win, "the help" took the prize at the screen actors guild awards. the film star won for best actress, and best actor in "the artist." the award for best dunk of the year, goes to lebron. he takes the alley-oop from dwyane wade for the monster jam,
10:55 am
and up and over his opponent. and although now divorced, jennifer lopez and mark anthony are working on a new tv talent show together and she talked about working with her ex. >> marc and i were friends before we were married for years, always loved each other, and always worked together, so it wasn't like an unnatural thing for us to continue working together. obviously we have children together, so it's not like he's not going to be in my life, he's always going to be in my life. >> she doesn't rule out getting married again, says right now, it is still fresh. no royal baby yet. british newspaper reports that prince william and katherine will put it off until 2013 because it is a big year. they tell columnists they're in no hurry. cue the x-files music. a man captured this video of what he says is a ufo overhead. he watched it several minutes.
10:56 am
theories include remote controlled plane or nighttime par aglider, or little green men inside -- no. that wraps up this hour of "jansing & company." thomas roberts up next. see you back here tomorrow. they pooled their savings and it attracted high profile users, for more, watch your business at 7:30 sunday morning on msnbc. ♪ ♪ you and me and the big old tree ♪ ♪ side by side, one, two, three ♪ ♪ count the birds in the big old tree ♪ ♪ la la la
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down to the wire. mitt romney gets his mojo back, looking for a double digit knockout punch to newt gingrich in florida. swing state polls show how president obama stacks up against mitt romney and newt gingrich in several critical battle ground states. the occupy movement battles are back. the largest flashes in months. at high noon, we could see another crackdown in washington, d.c. and blood trail, police


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