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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  January 31, 2012 11:00am-12:00pm EST

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happy. speaker gingrich is not feeling excited these days. >> no obama and no romney is about the same. >> watch and shake your head. it's been kind of painfully revealing. >> governor romney cut off kosher meals for jewish senior citizens who are on medicaid to save $5 a day. >> an indication he's going to lose. >> outspent, outstumped, out of time. newt gingrich may be digging in his heels for the next round of primary fights, but how much juice will his campaign have if he loses big tonight? meanwhile, mitt romney feeling so confident he's breaking out in song along the campaign trail. look at this. ♪ o, beautiful, for spacious skies ♪ for amber waves of grain ♪ ♪ for purple mountain majesty above the fruited plain ♪ >> is that victory song on key? we'll find out from the
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panhandle to the keys. the i-4 corridor and heavy cuban-american population, looking at all the states within the state of florida. a busy hour this morning. hi, everybody and welcome to the florida primary day super tuesday here at msnbc. i'm thomas roberts and for the next full hour we'll look at all the factors that affect today's critical vote, and right now mitt romney is visiting his has florida campaign headquarters and voteers from 67 counties hit the polls. five of those counties especially crucial in making or breaking his chances. they are are pinellas conti, seminole county, miami-dade, duvall and escambia county. despite big wins in conservative northeast and southwest florida, we've got the best reporters on the trail for you this morning. nbc's peter alexander is live for us in tampa. also nbc's ron mott live for us in lakeland. peter, start with you. the tampa region is going to
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account for 26% of this primary electorate. what is the romney campaign doing today in the final hours for the big push to attract the voters they want in tampa? >> reporter: yeah, thomas. a good question. following the same strategy throughout the course of the campaign. back to campaign headquarter, mitt romney is making calls for himself. it's on the news this evening showing he's out there doing the dirty work. a meticulous campaign. doing press avashlgs media availabilities, sure they happen outside as opposed to inside with a nice tomorrow's sets and make it look like mitt romney is not some wealthy guy separate from the rest of us but one of us out there stumping for votes. that's what he will be doing again today. they spend this day in tampa for a variety of reasons. one, the gop convention, remember, will be here later this summer. four years ago romney lost the state by just 5 percentage points to john mccain. lost in mills borough county by 3 percentage points and lope to
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do well in this area specifically. romney confident lately. you played him singing lately. no al green, mind you. i think the president is okay with his falsetto for now. mitt romney enjoying himself, feeling much more comfortable than in recent days. a lot more loose on the campaign plain, and on the bus as he's been touring throughout the course of this state. what's interesting to note, though, footbally, thomas, while our polls show romney up by 15 percentage points, the campaign says thinner tern polls show it a lot closer, even here in florida trying to limit expectations so if they win by that much they can celebrate a big victory. >> romney definitely showing a relaxed confidence on the trail. we'll know by 7:00 p.m. local time in florida. thank you, peter. ron, newt gingrich hoping for a third chance to come back to life. listen to this. here he is speaking at polling space just moments ago. >> how close is this to being over, mr. speaker? >> probably six months. >> six months? >> unless romney drops out.
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>> it's not over if you lose here? >> getting back on the bus. >> joining us from lakeland, florida. you can hear that. newt gingrich definitely making a last snand florida but he's said no matter what happens in florida he wants to go through the summer to the convention ultimately bringing him back to florida. >> reporter: right. exactly. as you saw there, taking a light approach to what looks like will be a loss here are in the state of florida, and anytime you lose a primary, the thing you want to do as a candidate, put your best face forward. just stepped off his campaign bus here to pat a few folks on the back for hard work here on the ground in florida. what the gingrich camp is hoping for, peter was saying, they think it's a closer race than the late polling shows, and this may be a single digit race by the end of the night. we'll have to see. heels looking down the field, planning to head to nevada tomorrow and going to campaign there. his bin benefactor supporting his super pac is there in the las vegas jearea.
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looking to put this behind them in it's a loss right away. thespeaker is getting questions every day. if you lose florida, do you stop? you heard he wants to go all the way to the convention. especially with rick santorum still in the race. they think they can split this vote and that together between santorum and gingrich they have more voter support than mitt romney. so we'll have to see. a lot of dynamics at play here going forward. >> ron mott in lakeland, florida. thanks. so if romney wins tonight he can credit this relentless offensive literally cutting newt gingrich down at the knees at every turn. their strategy put aside the main tart, that being president obama, and carpet bombed the ning rich campaign and baiting him into angry responses romney beat gingrich at his own game, the debates. joined by a national koercht for the "new york times." and national political reporter for real clear politics also joining it's conversation. good morning to both of you.
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jeff, start with you. you write this signature, the signature pieces of the week about the romney campaign the change in its strategy, and it's clearly working, but will it work in a general election fight? when the campaign shifts its focus off of what's taking place in the primary and headed straight at president obama? >> good morning, thomas. right. the romney campaign really all along for the last year spent most of theirs time focusing on president obama and waiting for the other republicans to sort of fall by the wayside. south carolina was huge wake-up call for them. they've really had a fire drill, if you will, inside their campaign for going after newt gingrich, but the response has not been all that muscular from the gingrich campaign. he has a tiny organization compared to romney. compared to the obama organization it is just a minuscule. i'm not sure this offers us much information, or much guidance for how the romney campaign will be matched up against the obama re-election effort if he wins the nomination.
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he certainly, his team harks been very aggressive pushing back, but the obama campaign has been watching this with glee. watching mitt romney say some things, take some positions that he praps had hoped not to here. i'm not sure how constructive this is in the long term. >> a great example of the gop cannibalizing on itself. saying he's not going to lose big, newt gingrich. but if he does, loses in the 20 points does he have the clout, the money, the people he needs to keep going all the way to the convention like he wants to? >> he certainly thinks he does and will continue to go on for a while. thomas, only 50 delegates are at stake in florida, and the nominee will have to get 1,144 delegates. the contest is over as far are as getting delegates to win. newt gingrich put out schedule.
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be in nevada until caucus there's. he will continue on and i think one big point about romney going after newt gingrich. a lot of newt gingrich's campaign has been about imagery rehabilitation. in the summer his campaign fell apart then a roaring comeback. again, newt gingrich's image is in the gutter and he's going to want to return to some level of respect for himself. so i think we'll see him go on a lot longer. >> a great point. how early this is in the conversation of the primaries. look at florida, the largest of the contests so far. the most diverse. electorally the best up for grabs so far. jeff, i wants to talk about the piece within a piece you wrote about the silence. deafening silence of former florida governor jeb bush. how telling he has not come out to make an endorsement? >> pretty interesting. everyone wants to hear from the bush family what the bush family is thinking. we've heard from 41, whose
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president george h.w. bush. sort of generally endorsed mitt romney. we've not heard from 43. president george w. bush and people wanting to get some sense what jeb bush was thinking. the romney campaign certainly was an aggressive effort under way from mitt romney to win the endorsement from jeb bush. almost, there i was told. immigration policy views were one thing that really concerned governor bush. he did not think that mitt romney has been as open on immigration as he believes that the republican candidate should be for the long-term future of the party. so the romney campaign was definitely hoping they would leave florida with jeb bush's endorsement in hand. not sure how much it mattered in the end. looks like he'll do fine here today, but watch the margin of victory. the romney campaign is trying to eviscerate the stinging loss in south carolina, with the same margin of victory here. 12 points. see if they can do it. >> erin, quickly, do you think governor bush is looking for a
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winner, then he'll throw his endorsement? >> you know, i don't know. he was saying that he wants romney to earn it, but i would point out that the governor of indiana, daniels, he's not looking to make an endorsement anytime soon. he wants the campaign to come there as well. i think between mitch daniel, jeb bush and haley barbour, governor of mississippi, three well respected republicans not coming out to make an endorsement yet. ? daniels kashgs not happy what he's heard on entitlement reform. they're waiting for are a nominee to then throw their full weight behind the nominee. >> jeff and erin, stick around with me a few more minutes as we talk about the state of florida, as we break it down. home to observer 19 million peo with political views that span the spectrum. all this hour, richard lui will look at this. basically the state of the state breakdown. >> right. good morning to you there, thomas. they say four states in one.
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some call it a mini general election. nine months before the real deal. why? because florida as i was saying, like four states in one. first, the panhandle. it may be the most conservative area of the state and candidates know joshs still issue number one. >> how do we create millions and millions of jobs so that people are all going to be better off? >> i will fight to get more opportunity for americans, and that's the way we're going to create jobs for latinos, hispanics, for our entire nation. thanks, you guys. i love this current. >> came from georgia, should do well. past hurt with voters too. military culture runs strong. one party claire saying this area is blue collar. like south alabama, this is the bible belt, after all. evangelicals thrive and absentee ballots, numerous. 1.3 million. a little more, almost equal to new hampshire.
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that's one area, an experience gingrich wants to forget and romney here, thomas works like to relive. >> richard, thanks. see you later are in the hour. and bringing back jeff and erin to talk about this. look at the economy. new unemployment out friday. an upward trend the last four months that could help president obama. if that trend line continues, does any republican have a chance against obama talking about the forward-stepping baby memento? >> sure. i think the republican nominee has a chance against the president. this is going to be a very tight and close election. if mitt romney becomes the republican nominee, the economy is his entire wheelhouse. that is what is the spine of his candidacy. so it's far too early to say that president obama is going to win re-election. we don't know that yet. there's been good news. politically, with job creation
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as the republican prime hear been going on. i mean it is neck and neck and is going to remain that way. especially here in florida. a place that is so hard-hit by foreclosures, by the economy. so absolutely, i think a republican nominee has a chance against the president. >> jeff and erin, thanks for stiging around. appreciate it. so the best political news team in the business takes us through tonight's primary results. kicking off at 6:00 p.m. eastern right here on msnbc. if you don't want to miss newt gingrich's supporter herman cain on "now" with alex wagner coming up in our next hour. ♪ he was a 21st century global nomad ♪
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welcome back, everybody. president obama, first since the state of the union. we turned around some sound for you. >> hello, everybody. this is our first cabinet meeting after my state of the union address, and it give please an opportunity to share my ideas and initiatives with my cabinet but also to get some feedback from them. one of the top priorities that i mentioned during the state of the union was it's need for us to promote small business. and i'm very pleased that we've got karen mills here, who has participated in our meeting before, but is now an official member of the cabinet. it is a symbol of how important it is for us to spur entrepreneurship to help start-ups, to move aggressively so that we can assure more companies that create the most jobs in our economy are getting
11:18 am
a leg up from its various programs that we have in our government. i mentioned at the state of the union that there have been bipartisan discussions between democrats and republicans about whole set of measures that accelerate start-up company, provide tax fwrtax breaks for increasing wages that looks at innovative ways for them to raise capital, and my expectation and hope is that they will get a bill together quickly, that they will pass it and get it on my desk. i will sign it right away, and i would like to see that bill signed this year. there was president obama speaking just moments ago. the first cabinet meeting he'd had since the state of the union address. one big thing he's talking about, the focus ever the
11:19 am
administration on small business saying we need to be able to have entrepreneur finding the next google or the next apple. very tech-heavy advice. another trip along florida's political landscape. four states of florida, as we're calling it. richard lui is back. >> another part we're looking at. saying duvall county predicted the nominee almost 80% of the time. one of the few misses, mitt romney who won in 2008. now, since, in north florida, this area here, population nearly 1 million, nearly the same number as delaware, it should be a gingrich stobeginng. a strong evangelical vote, many consider this section south georgia. a large african-american community as well flexing its muscle in the general election as we look forward. while tea party kearns remain very front bunn-runner in the
11:20 am
country. and districts fall in this area, republican. one of them with strong tea party support congressman stephen sutherland, for example. this second state of florida here, north florida, where democrats outnumber republican, thomas, and wherein last week's debate romney's tax strategy took a major turn. you remember that? >> certainly do. appreciate it. question for you all out there. are you looking for a job? if you are, the president might want to see your resume. specifically he wants to see one man's. we'll tell you why she accepting it right now, plus, how survivors are describing the chaos of that deadly highway crash in florida. it's an unbelievable back story. we'll have it. americans believe they should be in charge of their own future. how they'll live tomorrow. for more than 116 years, ameriprise financial has worked for their clients' futures. helping millions of americans retire on their terms. when they want. where they want. doing what they want.
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my husband has an engineering degree with over ten years of experience, and he was laid off three years ago and has yet to find a permanent job in
11:24 am
his field. >> if you send me your husband's resume, i'd be interested in finding out exactly what's happening right there. i will follow-up on this because i'm interested in finding out and maybe we can get some information as to why your husband's been having trouble getting placed. >> i appreciate your response, mr. president. i'll have to take you up on that. thank you. >> vorch woirtual flies on the . taking kearns straight concerns top and getting quite a response. the woman's name, jennifer wadell. great to have you here. for people that maybe watched that virtual address, what about hearing the president say twice two different times he wanted to see a copy of your husband's engineers resume. >> well i feel bad for the other participants after me, because i think i lost my hearing. i was really trying to make sure
11:25 am
i wasn't making up what he said in my mind. >> when we talk about the fact that you specifically asked the president point blank about why h1v, allowing hiring foreign workers with specialized skills to come into the country and have american jobs. you wondered why these visas are granted currently with so many americans out of work? do you feel the president answered your question? >> he answered it as expected. he gave a general answer without knowing what type of engineer my husband washgs and then when i quickly let him know, semiconductor, he kind of recanted and as you can see, the that's when he offered to take a look at the resume. >> when we talk about what's going on in your family life, your husband has been out of work for three years, if i understand it correctly? that's a lot for you guys to bear. but what have you guys done --
11:26 am
>> yes. >> -- to try to find work? open to all the possibilities? relocation, all the things so many americans have had to do in these lean times? >> well, relocation was on mind, but we're a blended family, and due to custody reasons, we cannot relocate, unfortunately, out of the state. he did do some contract work last year in sherman, in sherman, texas which is about an hour, almost two hours north from fort worth. he stayed out there about three days out of the week and so he find of traveled a little like that, but i was fortunate enough to find a job with state farm when he first got laid off, just doing secretary things, and you know, that has turned into me selling insurance. so i was able, thankfully to get a job with insurance and state farm trained me, and really kind of took me under their wing and
11:27 am
showed me the ropes. >> the big question people at home will have since seeing this, have you told your husband the president wants to see his resume and have you sent it to the white house yet? >> yes. in fact i didn't get a chance to tell him before family was calling him saying oh, my goodness, obama just asked for your resume. i mean, he, my two daughters said he was, like, just absolutely ecstatic, and google made sure that we got the resume straight to obama. he already had it ready. there was no getting ready. he sends his resume off all the time. a matter of e-mailing it to the right person at google and i guess we'll know soon enough. >> jennifer that is powerful networking. give coarseness it. jennifer wedel of fort worth, texas. best of luck to you and your husband and your family. thanks again. >> thank you siege. the president's campaign could come down to florida, florida, florida. i'm going to talk with the
11:28 am
state's lieutenant governor coming up next. plus the republicans are not the only ones focusing on florida. the president's re-election campaign is as well. the challenge is that -- what they're facing trying to keep florida in the blue collar. we'll explore that after this.f . [ sniffs ] i took dayquil but my nose is still runny. [ male announcer ] truth is, dayquil doesn't treat that. really? [ male announcer ] alka-seltzer plus fights your worst cold symptoms, plus it relieves your runny nose. [ deep breath ] awesome. [ male announcer ] yes, it is. that's the cold truth!
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i think the real reason he hasn't done so well connecting with the people of florida, is the people actually saw him in those debates and listened to his background, his experience and learned, for instance, that he was paid $1.6 million to be a lobbyist for freddie mac and said that's not what we want in the white house. >> what a pathetic situation to be running for the president of the united states with nothing positive to say. >> the most important office in our country and the most important election in our country's history. we deserve better than gutter politics that we've been seeing in this race. >> all right.
11:32 am
so we've had three gop primary contests in three different states. each with a different winner. today is a chance for one of the candidates to break that tie. and as hostile as the final blitz into florida has been a huge victory for hover comes out on top. the big prize. 50 delegates. florida, last half of the total when it moves its primary up on the calendar. joining me now, jennifer carroll. lieutenant governor, great to you have with me today. all eyes on florida up until 7:00 p.m. local time when polls close we know you are not endorsing a specific candidate but have your finger on the pulse of what's taking place there. is this romney's night? if he wins big is this the beginning of the end ever the nomination process? >> thanks, thomas. it's going to be interesting
11:33 am
what the outcome will be. you still have many states that have yet to through caucuses on primaries elect and vote for their presidential nominee. so i think florida at least will be a benchmark as to what voters are concerned about and i know in florida they're very interested in jobs. unfortunately, the campaign has take an negative, and that's politics. and if voters did not respond to negative campaigning, then there wouldn't be negative campaigning. but it is what it is and vote verse to weed through the things they're hearing and see if there's relevance. >> everyone has been bringing up the carpet bombing of ads, millions spent on both sides. mostly negative ads and negatives of both candidates going up. have these ads had the detrimental effect on a nomination fight basically demonstrating the gop cannibal igz itself? >> i agree. it confuses vote whers they hear
11:34 am
this things. some of the commercials are part way true, part way untrue. voters are very questionable as to any candidate coming out against and very hard in a 32nd ad to find out the truth. so it's across the board for entire primary. it's going to be very difficult coming out of this and bringing in, coalescing people together after we select a nominee. >> looking at florida being politically different than iowa, new hampshire, south carolina. more diverse. racially, economically. how do you think it will play out today and also be a better indicator for what we have coming up in the general election fight? >> the reason i feel it's going to be a great indicator for the entire country is because of our diverse population. hispanics, asian, blacks and across the board various spectrums ever sull chcultures. a microcosm of what the country looks like in the voting electorate. when the victor comes out of the state of florida, that's going to give an indication what the
11:35 am
rest of the country will be looking for. >> lieutenant governor, all we have i want to say congratulations as you're listed among the 100 honorees of's latest history making list with good reason. not only the first woman elected to the position you hold, the first african-american elected state-wide. that would surprise a lot of people. do you see yourself as a pioneer or trail blazer for our african-american women in this country? >> not only african-american women, but all women. i spent 20 years in the navy. a jet mechanic enlisted, moved up through the ranks as an aviation maintenance officer. throughout my career a pioneer move but i embrace it because i'm paving the way to make other women see that if i can do it they can as well. >> lieutenant governor, again, great to have you on with me. thanks for joining me. lieutenant general carroll. you have wonderful company you're there with and check out the grio 100 making history list
11:36 am
at the and a big stretch of highway, an impact not with the primary vote but the general election fight with president obama. msnbc's richard lui is back with the details about the states of florida. >> talk about a highway. why not? >> talk about it good morning again. the i-4 corridor. a stretch of land representing the swing vote of florida. the voting corridor, not only the primary but the general election, you were talking about. this area includes the heart of the space coast as well. this space here. a fact not lost on the former speaker. >> we when have the first permanent base on the moon, and it will be american. >> that's right. but space is not the priority this time around, evidently. the corridor acts as pivotal swing state. residents do not vote as block
11:37 am
there. they want the big issue front and center. right now that's the economy. thomas, 20% of all florida voters reside in this battleground. this area right here, by the way. it picked the last six of our last eight presidents. pretty good at it. >> they are pretty good at it. richard, thanks. see you later in the hour. those swing voters in the i-4 corridor and across florida, one thing in mind as they go to the polls today. who among the four gop hopefuls is best positioned to beat president obama from winning a second term? our nbc maris poll shows 41% of likely primary voters said that was the most important issue when they decided which republican to back. joining us this morning, brad woodhouse of the democratic national committee and former republican congressman tom davis. gentlemen, great to see you this morning. brad, i wants to talk about the latest poll with you again. the nbc maris pom finding the president winning in potential matchups against both mitt romney and newt gingrich, but romney is the closest.
11:38 am
what are the president's real chances in florida specifically? >> gosh, thomas. very strong. what people should remember is that barack obama won florida in 2008, and we never left. we've been organizing there ever since the president was inaugurated into office and we have 11 office there's. we've been organizing an african-american community, the hispanic and jewish community, the senior community. you know, florida is a melting pot of important constituencies and important interests, and across the board in florida and across the country the president leads in all of those critical categories over his rival. not surprising that the maris poll show hess would win in flanchts t florida. >> the fact the president is doing well in florida residents, latinos. what's the gop doing to take away that power with these groups to make themselves known and more relevant? >> first of all, florida has one
11:39 am
of the highest unemployment rates, foreclosure rate. space program decimated. organize until the cows come home. florida's a tough state for the president this next november. a couple things. number one in the middle of a negative republican primary. all down among independents baufr the barrage of advertising. the president is still under water in florida. end of the day a two prong race with ads going both ways, and florida i think is a good prospect for republicans to regain it. it will be competitive. close. it always is.inchplinchpin. just a snapshot looking forward to the election and issues looks good for republicans. >> you know, thomas, it will be -- lucky if republicans have the attitude that mr. davis does about organizing. john mccain had that attitude and president obama rolled up
11:40 am
big victories in florida and elsewhere. we think having offices on the ground, organizing voters, recruiting volunteers is key. if republicans don't we'll be successful in florida again. >> take a look and show you, gentlemen, again from this poll, showing opinions of the president in florida. they happen to be split, very straight down the middle here with 46% approving, 46% disapproving. rnc memo said that florida isn't a cakewalk for the president, given he only got 51% of the vote back in '08. brad, can he win re-election without florida? >> thomas, there are a lot of paths to 270 electoral votes. especially when you look at the number of electoral votes the president got in 200. obviously, we believe we can win florida. we wouldn't have the resource there's that we do. remember, a point that mr. davis made a second ago. this negative advertise hag not been exclusively republican on republican. a lot of ads and a lot of talk, negatively, towards the president. so the fact that he's doing as well as he is in florida, given
11:41 am
that we haven't had our say there, i think is telling. >> tom, talk about as brad brings up what's taking place with ads in florida, the gop, said it this morning. basically cannibalizing itself in that state between romney and gingrich and the millions that have been spent in negative advertising. how costly do you think this is going to be for the eventual nominee in a general election matchup? >> look, it doesn't help. but you've got ten months. that's an eternity in politics. i don't think you can remember what was going on ten months ago. plenty of time to recover, for republicans to unify and make the president in his record basically the issue. last time the whole emphasis of the campaign was change. attracted a lot of volunteers. my gut, lard getting that same level of enthusiasm after they've had to govern tour years and haven't been able to fulfill i think their expectations. but florida will be a competitive state. ground zero pap senate seat there that will be in
11:42 am
contention, a number of house seats. so we'll have to wait and see. i think republicans are appropriately optimistic. >> gentlemen, thanks. former congressman tom davis, brad, appreciate your time, both of you. now to tampa, florida, and mitt romney is speaking at a conference, or, excuse me, a press conference this morning outside of his presidential headquarters. let's take a listen. >> i will do everything in my power to get jobs for the american people. with that, i'm happy to take questions you may have. >> [ inaudible ]. >> -- negative, that -- there are some that say [ inaudible ] in large part to negative campaigning. [ inaudible ]. >> you know, in south carolina we vastly outspent with negative ads attacking me and stood back and spoke about president obama and suffered the consequence of that, plus also i think some good debates from speaker gingrich.
11:43 am
we came to florida, and speaker gingrich didn't have two good debates. i did. and we responded. we responded to the attacks coming from us. i'll tell you, if you're attacked, i'm not going to sis back. i'm going to fight back and fight back hard. i did note in the suffolk university poll they asked the people in florida who has run the most negative campaign in florida? they said, newt gingrich. so you really can't whine about negative campaigning when he launched a very negative campaign in south carolina and when the people looked at the different campaigns and concluded his was the most negative. >> mitt romney talking outside his president's campaign headquarters in tampa. the question about the negative ads in florida and the success he's seen in doing so, referencing how poorly he did in south carolina and changed their game plan going into the sunshine state. see how it works tonight, 7:00 p.m. local time. we're back with more. the place for politic, msnbc. stick around.
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newt gingrich goes for the jewish vote. time for the sidebar. former house speak a new line of attack against mitt romney. passed while governor of massachusetts rejecting $600,000 in additional funds for poor jewish nursing home residents to get kosher meals. >> he eliminated serving kosher food for elderly jewish residents under medicare. but i did know know this. it just came out yesterday. >> might say the president's re-election campaign has gone to the dogs literally. launched a facebook page called pet lovers for obama inviting you to submit photos of pets wearing 2012 gear. david axelrod took a veiled swipe at mitt romney. first dog beau riding in the
11:48 am
back seat with the caption, how loving owners transport their dogs. this was a reference to the story about romney family trip where their dog shame is was transmitted in a carrier on the roof of a vehicle. president obama is now top dog when it comes to merchandise sales. taking the top spot away from representative ron paul. the president's gear sales shot up after the state of the union address. obama is now leading paul 46 percents for 33%. and paul might not be the top dog. looks like he's getting support from rapper snoop dogg who posted his picture saying "i said so." paul supports legalizing marijuana and snoop dogg smokes it. and worldwide threats. discussing pakistan, yemen and somalia, a stepped up use of
11:49 am
navy s.e.a.l.s. and a worker in somalia, two of hundreds of daring missions carried out in recent years. "newsweek" special correspondent calling it obama's lean, mean s.e.a.l. machine and joins me now. daniel, good to have you here. you've reported, we've heard it before. president obama wanted to use a scalpel. is the so-called secret army the new face of the modern military going forward as we know it? >> an important new face of the modern military. president obama i think has figured out that the navy s.e.a.l.s and the special operations forces in general are a very valuable tool for him. someone who wants to wage these wars in places like yemen and somalia, so-called denied areas in ways that are very surgical and precise aimed at achieves clearly defined objectives in terms of what's really in our
11:50 am
national interests. he doesn't want to open up new fronts in the war on terror, and he doesn't terror and he doesn't want to get sucked in to local conflicts. >> we have seen so many of these details about the navy seals in the news from the president publical publically congratulating and so forth, so unprecedented that this amount of detail is leaking into the press or should we be looking at it with a more skeptical eye with how it's getting to the masses? >> i'm torn on this a bit. on the one hand i cover national security issues and believe that this kind of transparence is important. on the other hand, i think you raise a legitimate question. has the administration made a decision to talk about these things a little more because it
11:51 am
reflecting well on this president and his achievements as the commander and chief, that has a politically up side. i think that probably some of that is at work here. >> we shall see. great to see you daniel. >> thanks for having me. >> the spotlight is on miami next, we are back with more. so i was the guy who was never going to have the heart attack. i thought i was invincible. i'm on an aspirin regimen now because i never want to feel that helplessness again. [ male announcer ] be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen.
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