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tv   Melissa Harris- Perry  MSNBC  July 15, 2012 10:00am-12:00pm EDT

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act, he said obama care like waysdo. helso get bon pntsor name ecki,redeck dou li,nd h own father george romney, even when it put him at odds with his own party. so, yes, mitromn got off t greastar and ntra to dia portof a stilaudice, e apause heeceid iicat thais listers ought so, too. but then this happened -- >> i'm going to eliminate every nonessential expensirogram i nind. at iludeobamcarend i gointo wk to reform and save -- [ booing ]. nbamaca. >> dide say th?
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>> y kno h did >> ts wathe mentromn gowhate rely ce fohe sound bite of the black audience booing his sentence about pealg th oba ca. heidn' ce hero bre brd. heame heror morsel of red meat. he told them, your friends who like obama care, you remd them ofhis. thewantore uff om t govementtellhem vot for e otr gu moreree stf. bu don foet, notngs rely free ay. mi romney took an audience of americans who is he running to serve and turned theinto a op. ricaamerans nt tbe eatelikeeopl notrops we d't wto behe polical equalenof t one thaties fir inhemovi. weap wanto bike terise
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who survived tough all three "tnsfoer" movs. as haworkg taxyershooo theepea o o car becse we don't want to carry the $56 million cost of uncompensated care for the uninred. blk pele wt tbe sken tosans andamilembe becae they'd rather our loved ones not and spoke to like members of an iorme elecrateho uerstd th. noing out e afrdab ca act qlifi asree stuf thentirdes tto one gets free pass. everyone shares the burden together. in fa, mit rney ows mu becse hsaido durg e bate >> ipeop canfforto
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eier buyhe iuranr pay your o wa d't beree riders. >> now, i'm glad to offer mitt romney that reminder of his own ideas. if there's o tng hdidn ne to mindembe of e nap, is th notng,ot evenfrdom, is ee. th leg fig tnd segratioandhe economic argument against segregation was that black people didn't get or want anything for fr. theyante the se usef th seicesorhichheyaid t me moy, bause thewere segratedut tir dolrs wen't. t thtax dolrs tt wen to schools they couldn't attend or helped pay for public schools where they were never allowed to swim o fst-css far o sesr trns. , , t napidn' nd an rinde autree uff. t tyay he nded ts one wake-up call. that the guy running against the president thinks they are props, which is another thingha
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romnid athe acp weesda whi is e th oba shlde thkingim r. beuse romy justlice a ece red meat, too. joining me, joy-ann idnd comean lyn nste,utho of "le fe o die." joy, who did you think he was talking to? >> i have a piece about this exact same thing you've taken the words right out of my mouth. i think the werwoudiees th mitromn hadn mi and ithewas acp,lear. onof tm wa wte indenden, heants the to see thi vial, ing t naacp makes him look inclusive. but on the oer hd, as he d s talk afterwards, that was his herig auence he alws h a proem wit the cservive se othe
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p. th prer thstylof nt girichho igointo s, i'm going to the naacp and tell them to stop asking for the lfare. so mitt romney i y know whati ca do tt, t. i'm seour anasis at wasryino fir up the base and using props, i think what he was trying to say to the base -- and this will b a bit procative an y knoate th -- at hwas yingo thbaseas hwas lkinto a om fl of wil horts. th's wt hwas trying to do. willy horton was used in our troubled political history a idend byhe ft thhe medieeaction was byush limbaugh, he does speak for the people of undercservatives who wish for goo o rurnf
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th ds o jrow. th's wt heas dng ia ve pasve-aresse wa >>'d s it litt diereny. y are not saying dragon of radio? >> i would say this, i would say that mitt rneyasalli for a sier jkson ment he cricizea youappe a ldier for being provocative and using imagery that n o wod suort. e neconsere okinto s thatitt mneyoulde toh en h nded be ugh. >> l me sh bk onhe sister stole der a little bit. i've heard this used before. bill clinton w demrat w wapushg ba theeft his n pay. inrderor ts toe a ster ldie ment it wld b romn callg,or exple,
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rush limbaugh -- it would need be him distancing himself from the right of his party in order to establish a cente posion. wel hers wh i wld sa i thk yore rhtuthe mbolm thitt mneyas seekg tochie at thenaac was cparae wh bl clinton sought to accomplish at e jesse jason ncerwhicwas, ll cntonas speing ack pririlylack auencet thimend hwas tryi to alleehe evaing vw whh ishat romney was doing here. first of all, the naacp is unfailingly polite. >> oh, my gosh ye >> toose got w becse ey fnd tt he s profoundly impolite. >> just to push back for a second, i think theore compableomenwas ll clinn gogo sou carina
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ringhe pmarynd sayg thataracobam i fairale. cause if you think that there's a long history -- what's the matter with kansas question, why lower middle class whites vote for theepubcanartys caushere beehis repl anomney h mad a carr o ofhis sayg to low cla itesthos peoere taking your stuff. you are not a free rider. even if you are owelfe, y derve , yove wked rd. t the pele a takg yo stuf ey a bad pele. >> and whe iatchhe sech it s haenin thehing that i found so interesting and it sort of brings all of yr poin togher,hey wan th newt ngri guynd mt roey didt gohe dtanc forybod wast expsivenoug i ont thaudiee to say, look i'm really going to tell these people what they need to hear. >> uh-huh.
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>> he inserted obama care knowing that's what h wand ouof ibut melyn a y th it s li, we, th's st kd of rude. when you hear joe biden talk, when y talaboua constitucy, en itheyre t gog to votor yo whe loing our siety ande're eingeoplin o socty, r brhersnd stersnd ds, nev saiour. youo back and look at that speech, there was no our. even if you disree with me -- >> wre going right back to thisut wre gng to tk abouthe fferce bween t e bidpeec a romy spch. the lurcorn. me on t naacp. in the next hour, i'm going to have the olympic gold malis domique da o her we he a t mo to y. [ male announcer ] you sayed them.
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e naacas historically incited change. so mitt romney might have found a sympathetic ear had had h real bee loong fnd tryi to ltive o. ine instd. eemshe decided to seek his n. here's what hiflhelton, he of the acpwaingt, c. ofce saihis week >> dou kw aut the
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speeches after the meeting today? >> i'm n quite surprised. they ge me a lisfnan ameran v.p.shat the brout in. the broht tirown. ill wh msob franken, wadeenderson, be joy-ann reid, and lizzwitead th is not amallpot. theines shter. if youre a pitic trepneuroung elected official, the fact that e line is shorter on the republican side than the demoats. >> and i s the list everrepuican sta you cou ink wnit miave, rer is. theronyis ver few are members of the naacp. so he brought people that would normally not en be the. they broughtnsany as the
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coulscooup, including the lieutenant governor of florida. >> is a ttleit uair, beeve,o diiss ack publans caus consvati, thmanymany aspes of conrvatm are guab ints and st to say- i'm n even gog to use the term but you know the term that they are being inhere foreaso of teri to e whes a all thati beeve reay -- >> n i d't dagre bob but wanto dr a dtincon beeen ackepubcansho e ra andile suprter of e rublicans both historic and contemporary, betweenhose who exploit their blackness within the context of th reblican party for purely litilreons. ey rrese none ao ggesthathey spe for a constuen tis n the is simyoive them more credit. >> forgive me, but i also have
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to say anyone who represents themselves is little bit of a frau >> wellf youe a eleed fici -- >> i youe anlectfficl an cane hd accntab throh gula fe elections who don't have voter suppssioit doesn't have the same impact. we can't throw out racial authenticity. i think the most authentic person there was vice president biden who it cracks me up that vp ben -- >> joeiden i'tblac >> real, hwas bckin it up that day. >> it's goo to bhome it'sood be me. diesnd gtlem, i'a li timeembeof t naac a
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we thrgh t bateith moe. moe, are you o the? hoyou ing,an? oh,y go he w lik-- h, moe. wh's gng omous i walikeis ts haenin i'm rry. you wted houfrom romney? boy, he was like, me and mouse. >> the shout outs were very authentic. and when you say joe ben has a ep htoryn thenaac and e cil rits moment he esn'get adyor lot o thin thae h do. he was behind the violence againswomen act but he helped ratify the convention on racial discriminaon a hum rigs treaty tt would not have beco lawad itot bee for joe den' song leadship he's done a lot more through legislative gains.
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sohat storis te, ieed. wheyou ke seoneike e bin, hlivein t wor as aegul hum bei. >>es. somody who h -- >> amtcke. and thi pting tsewo ck tback like that, when you look at mitt romney who seems to only know peopl of one cssf weth, d not ce urom ple,t' reay dieren you germission to talk amongst people because you have different friends in different places. before the acp.was so remarkable quefrkly,hat cou hav been speh delered awher outse of a coury clu >> ye >>t cod ha bee delered ny demographic group because the issues that he was talking abouare the universalssue outhe dpari thais owinin ts cotry d in
10:19 am
parax caway was encoaginbecae mae wean sawe a alln th togher. w we've got to unite to get rid of these. >>nd hdid y us >> y, th's rht. andremeer, is w the seco timthate weno t and ve tt speech, he speaks in terms of us and we. butlso canay tngs at the pside can say. >> indeed. >> and has anybody wondered about barack obama not being at the convention and what tha w abou >> m rai resnse t thaas itas witn the se weekhe esidt ma aecisnfe codn'to to bh he wasn't going to either and he's going
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did he just say that? lder staed o by icki tohe sipt,alki abo sb4, tex vot i.w. he als pointed out the travel hardships of those that they face under thelaw. then he staedut wit tse verds. >> we cl thooll tas.
10:24 am
ttad l was used in the jim crow style to deny african-americans to vote and they were ruled unconstition byhe.s. supme cou in 19 and outled. ill wit me bob frken, joy reid, wade henderson ali witead >> ty de t african-americans to vote. this is an added burden on those who should have unfettered access to the polls, people who haveotedistocallwith absotelyo prlem. arg thatheris aoter frauissuis tuse cepte taics jusfy tse ases tend to g thoutce o e election. holder was right.
10:25 am
it's because he s a suogat proxfor rackbama an argenthat he' figing r al amecanss re. joe bid toued o tha i his remarks. i'd point out tha romney ignored it enrely >> ts is aed muc me a his pan voters than african-americans. >> absolutely. >> and in florida they make it very clear this is a resatin ise anheyeedo minize th tnout ominoty voters. >> in texas, for instance, there have been 70 voteraud cases nce 20. 39 mlion vos. rig. exacy. >> a morlien sigings
10:26 am
>> and i mean outer space aliens. >> rht. >> i thit's parf a lge issuthat you h iiscoin whatan bonsted asn efrt testr the unions. >> yep. isn't this interested that republicans are trying to satagehen com to ting ich a sred pt of mocry. liz >> aer hring these new stories constantly, i was busy having a nervous breakdown because of this fact and i started googling other things. there's more people tha he hathe ong mb autat. thbiggt prlem eve ti youave ythi lik thisthatiny,iny rcenge, en ttecom the way we talk about the norm, 's a problem.
10:27 am
>>nd part of itas thenap wasoing absuteluts aut w sh fel - thaitt mney d talked down to a group of people who lived poll taxes and the black and white grainy film sowher thesare oldlack fol ttinin toomho suffed, who made this different and to acknowledge it, to not say that the voter suppression efforts are real, to not make that a legitimate point of contention, areepubcan ints legimate of cose. ke yr se. but uan't igne the oer pect >>ut mt is n geoe romn. orgeomneid march gns discrimination in detroit. that ain't mitt romney. what romney did was to come in, usehe ckdrf th naac an ucath abohe sface in aupercial w andante crit bausee shod up anegitateanditeho
10:28 am
wants to seek votes of all americans has to demonstrate that they are receptive to hearing the concernsndssue om tseconstuen. >>t's ch areat pot. becae on thi thahey e ing isellg t ntalgic issues this is not your father's romn. >> and geoia got 30 of e blk vo. >>nd ened . >>nd donizg the naacp, these are organizations that in the past were criticized by many people who advatedor t blk cae beuse ey we topoli. >>ight too lite >> iil remd you,nythg you wan toirmavely cnt inoth ptiesnd the republican party stood up for human rights the way that they are doing now. >> thas right. coming up, we're gting in somhing lite
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visa. supporting athletes and the olympic games for 25 years. peoe evywhe go th va. > iginehis,t's weekd. yomana to t a by ster, und youfries fo the eving d ylleaut t the cedy clu t blow off steam. what you're not ready for is the comedian to start a routine abtapend how aut rap jokearelways nny. you'eeli uomfoable whennoth pron yls o whatou athking actually, rape jokes are never funny. the comedian responds by asking the audice to think of something even funnier, methg the cediaeems dorighilarus, e ia of eeckl bei ganrape
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thinabouhow at makes you feel, the pit in your stomach. who thinks that theape of a man isunny ll, e jes hpene a wonhang cedyentr and recvedis gang rape joke in response. the response toosh jokas brght t subct of who bes th bru of bng the brunt of our jokes. one of the most compelling responses was from jessa. hi, ssic >>ow a you doin >> i'm fasnate b thi nvertion tha isccurng becae on the oand there's the feminist part ofehat wantsoaugh at thi ocene
10:34 am
humo telle abt thargunt tt yomaden yo ece. >> tnkhat wcan jok abtrage b i depends on w you do it. i think a good joke about rape is o thais bverve,ot teifyi. you lk atandaykes ahey ve fny jes abo rap b atade tmood ihey point out what a aqful and absurd. they don't belittle it whichs whanie toshdi >> iteelsikeometes - d i'ureou hrhis metisromoungomen- i ar a lot on campus. feminists think nothing is fuy. it's buzz kill. we go around the country politically correctg eryo. in you artle y wen't sayi tha the nda kes ke, w fr shwoulfeelfhe cld ave r laarts at home and
10:35 am
therefore not have to worry about it. that what you mean by suerse i ha? ay tt oittlbi >> yes,hats wt i mean 's a way of mking re cuure,ot supporting it. it's not a tool used by the powerful t resertheiror d th's wtapped inhis se. somne le you and i shod not be talking about this because we are not comics. so to tell a person who is creative how to be eati. ho do you rpond toha >> making disgusting rape jokes, his auence is free to respond in turn and what is happing re is a lot of his audnce rrifd. so peoe ar bcottg a
10:36 am
someeopl arealli for cody cenal to te h sw off the air and thas fre eechs we. >>et's say tt the did -- and it doesn't look like there's any move to do that. buwoul thaconstute censship is tt wh thewoul not wt to he ppen >>on'think ishe bes id. i n'think isoing to chge athin b i sti thk th's the way that free speech works. you boycott something and sometimes people get taken off the air. it jus paror t cour. >>et m a you, canape kes unny bauset sms martf th pnt is eve en ty artold a exaly e wa youugges problematic, reinforcing rape culte, that they are funny t a loof fks, at pnty folkfindtrovotivend joyae tomagi a wan n partularbeinrape >>ight and at's cversionn its
10:37 am
own. why do people still find the jokes so funny? because it allows them to have thesentiqted sisdeas out wom buteel at ty aredgynd ctrovsialor vinghose ews. kingboutoman who saks her mind being attacked is not edgy or original or new. anyone who spent time in a coent ction haseen tol a riatn ofhatoke a mlion timeover so it' a lite bit clhe. so in tha sent's b causthers noing ey abt it ppreate you joining me. >> boston. come on down here to new york at so point. >> aoluty. thks. che outessi's upming ne bk,"why he kids is out ptemr. > upext,nhe queion o qutionle humo i decided to get a table full of comedians. we're going staon this topi
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ladi, wldn' ie nderl if our private parts were detachable? just thi of the freedom you would have. you get hom fm wor it' gettg da outde, woul likeo goor aog b it' gettg todark i'll jt lee itt ho. anyou're out jogging. yeah, it could be pitch ack. you're still out there jogging, enjoying yrsel somerazyuy jum outf th bush a youe le- i lef it at me. >> that's comedian wanda sykes showing us how you can make a rape joke funny. as we look at rape as i rates tohe ctrovsy srounng nieltosh ren re jok at a l angesomedyclub
10:42 am
inin m again are political zz witeadnd j id. alrigh o he dsape jokes? >> well, i would say bacng up completely, i would like to argue the point that that wasn't even ake. was makgatemt. so y're a cedy ub, 's fa gam to say, i disagree. and then i finhisery tereinge saihatanie sh g o sge and said wha uld u li t tal abo? now,hat ope u conversation with your audience and somebody yelled rape. and another woman said, no, re
10:43 am
jos arnevefunnand l of sudd, bo f. at haened th,yeah y a tudiee wh the thohtnd ty sa someing. >> is no t se pnts beg heckled. where was the joke? >> wasn't it like the equivant of one guy in the rmnd wodn'tt beunny i anydy lyhed at guyight w? so stfakin a threat, that's how it came across to the woman who heard it. >> what is s aboth, comi downe hi memb leerma ho s, i knew him. and itas horrible. what shocked me theost, if ery mic, all o tseuy comi thai aire ce out and dende thi guy a defeed rape culture.
10:44 am
comics don't agree on anytng eryo is lkinabouthe medyommuty. e yofries wi ela s. el jus g aspial. >> iate el. >>e d'tven hav hlth insurance. it's like comedians assemble. >> it's kind of funny,too, because of thectivmndt goo craecau it' someing ke them it the narssishind t' hol ts tor . >> the thing is, all of a sudden it became about fr speech. that's where this whole argument became awry. no governmentntitasli, you e nollow to mak rap vos. bu thatudever the may jo abo. >> why dsn'thisirl he freedom of speech? we know you have freedom of speech. you have a microphone in front of you. when tking about hk be tter thas trazy thg. thiggergumt iot was,
10:45 am
u're com. pele litallyayin she s asng f it thou seeming like -- >> she probably heckled while wearing a short skirt and therefore was really asking for it. >> exactly. and what waso s authat s beg leftingmedis. you nt ttalkboutreed ofpeec i d a sw in texa had mare chge t ste an y, if you say one more word i'm goingo beat the -- out ofu. rit? anialke aut how award theituaon s. th was my last. i s li, de,fou jt waed t sends. i talked about how i'm very pro trp. t waing u toet st is a pr use stance. comedians get heckled from day
10:46 am
one. it'intestinto fure t wh we ink meawhen we s frespee or at w thinwe mn wn way we' dog pvocave cody ime, i really do like -- every once in a while almost evythi i le mesun of lf thquit gros ce abou theylay wh isssfay lturand ra. i miss dave chapel at the core of my being. but w the nord use ever15 secos. >> that is almost an impossible question. so i just feel like, you go for wh you are goi ty. go f it 11. t thecon it psesour li, i i erybo se's t judgandf y'r gng to
10:47 am
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he can prove t you tt pe is funn y d you thiheyall h poy? huh? knowhat youre goi t say, elmer were asking for it. men think that, it's the wom womas ult. wrealkiboutanie to's ctrovsial re jo. joining me again are three
10:51 am
veteran comics and lizz winsad,oy re. alhree of yre cics but you e al pursefuy a hilypoliticized. >> right. which means basically we walk into a room and we are aware that we are about to cat ack. en i wal o t t sta, i' alsohenegr mic. >> a youear e ts. and i wear the hats. i go, so, white liberals and everyone loses their mind but the ct i i'mrepad fo all it. any ack catc anye cing at, i'm lik ok, i epar foryo is iow i'm goio spon in a situation here, the response was something over the top. the boundaries at we aund hi in hisind tha thi can y th andt's ok.
10:52 am
and theultu deces tjump arou androte thaand belie th's t bigst, ggesthinhere, is people that were running at me going, how can you not defend m? heays at y are com. mic stay stf. i'li, i saytuff but i don'wanto be douche. >> you guys are all doing this for a living. part of what y're ing en u doomedis tt yoare t dog itut ohostity. >>ght. >> y pyed t geoe carn cl. it a sce of life. when bills could bee made fun of his kids,ou d'think tha hed hds. agaihyeoplo comy is tt s was vyfunn p it o ther controversial. dice clay. >> right. >> those people didn't
10:53 am
apologize. i am stun thefact whyre u sang iif yan't dend . it dris m inne. tbe fai dicclay said it but he was the worse. he was an awful man. i think i agree with you in the sense th i lik wt jesca saarli wreheraphe you ed tssefen mechanism to take down the bigger guy. suddenlyhe bullies are invading our nerd space and they are usi ourol. bulesnerd lan >>hat'righ theyre ung o too and s i tnk tt- because here's the thing. when you're talking about rape, rape culture, that isdgy and smt. whisitti innudiee who st t gd foo ng, pevicts. real wis seone wou g
10:54 am
on sge and give them a piece of it. go after the dude -- why aren't we going after the guy doing the raping? why arwe going after, you know, the govnmenith tir xistolics andhe pice wh jus ioreape se aft ra cas can aft re case therareo my bargeo go after. >> i like the -- >> why are you bringing up rape at all if you d't have se reason to bngtp? >>ou nd a subversive space to go to. i'm officially man because the llie inved t nd nd. >heckut our blot mhp.m. you can see more of our comedians on the issue of rape in comedy. ♪
10:55 am
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10:58 am
lately it seems like certa demoats are folwing the fost gpthod inead sndinbyheir n, i see tt sere yingrun, mocrs, run. like run, forest run. not so fast. thlate numbers may have are you trading iyourunni shs. thates poll shows that obama favors romney. the affordable care act, the defing pce o leglati r pside obams fit ter infice whi iay note gaing inopulity ang rtaipublans,e i i gaining tracks. 39% supported the aordae re and 53ppos . buthenn jultose t47
10:59 am
whe th nber ainsttell to47 americans are learning what the law does, they like it more. as ithat not eugh quas yo fes, expts s i wil impre inhe coming months. see, democrats, there's no reason to beafraid. you can stand by your president the same way yould expt hitotandy you. athe tae,ob frann, j re, wad henderson, lizz winstead, author of "lizz ee di" whin tir rhtind does n wanto rugain pside ama? ell ihinkhat whave ght w is trying to figure out how the rats to get back on the ship. i think that politics -- >> you are full of them today.
11:00 am
>> t chactertics of polics, dly,s expeed genels. d toave jumdffsome of tm d i gngo ce back and bite them. >> let's be honest, the democrats have done a dreadful job ofefenng t affdabl ca ac th havone thinto coure thmerin pple to undetandowenefialhis law ll b inhe lontermor the ieres tha well support. part of what you're seeing are members in close elections who feel that the ailiaon wh present ama ll bse agnst them wh you loot joe manchin, claire mccaskill, john tester in montana, you're looking at nato sing,ey, m no surehat reay wa to enlyidenfy, gen wre t
11:01 am
publ is d thpubl rulg. anihinkhat'azy. >> whe y look at democrats, intimidation is sort of built in. rember with bill clinton, they re n rhing to hde. if y loo aheayhat e repuicanrespd whnef thr ow are in tublend mocrs do,emocts td to ruhe othwa but i think with this particular president there was alws fe. at'shy docrare a jori par. it doe't mnnour aracr yodon' sta b ur ader me wt may, ty we like, we love medicare. no, you don't. >> well, they are getting down with mitt romney, who ty don't like. ey dnot lik mt mney ey a likeyes, mt roey ouruy. and wt i wld aosay, to iny busess ofetti ontage and talng aut tse bigssues to folks, having to mp it down to a place where it's digestible, i think the o thing that democrats don do in
11:02 am
thei pns i back ama' gealtcarerefo. thmostssivarde thi xplaer,obodook e condartf that pnnd said, we need to be able to sell this thing, go great guns and make it amazing untilnow. they are fallyoingit. quifrkly, i tnk t decratshou proly cl it ama re. oba car,ith e >> t u a spos analogy and i suspect thaw that yo get tired of sports -- >> i lovehem. >> o o my besanogy,hey spenthe who ge towin an bls ainstach her, which are against the rules. if that had been the democrats against the republicans, the republicans would be throwing bean balls and the docra wode wing abo it. e sile ft ofhe mter , ashrisatths haball comefrom the description of
11:03 am
politi and sometimes the democrats have to -- >> it does feel like part of how president obama ran, is going to b'm gngo be aew sor of policia the pe a chae thg, is th tng ttets tnedver ainsthem therwas a sse like, look, folks, i actually believe in building bridges and i thi the are- wh it es g hardll, 's tn geing criciz forot bng sehow macall abo theay. youe ght. buthis nonnsehat we were in a post partisan period in america where a period could appeal to botharties in a way thatlevad h ave polics s nve at e ouet hand en t lears ithe use d reblic par sto up d sa, look, our main job is to make sure that is he not re-elected, we will institute sees opolies a we ll efftivet blkingim at
11:04 am
evyur and thas wtas haened thesre t lawof t poticaunivse. wai a le ety n be good for -- you're a civil rights leader, right? the idea of me and my 12 friends and se lile cldreand me o peoe, wre gng to go bt bl conn. at tak lite biof, s wean nvety >> i'm not going to say it's naivety because it's organizing structure. rosa parksidn't just stand up a spoaneoo dirimition she s pa of orgized movent tt hadiscsed d diussea tredy at s heed psue. ok, ese e myaws the political universe. republicans fall in line. democrats fa in love. and proessis mtipl rougvisi. at'susthe wtis theruthf thmatt is, thinpeop havovsold thi ea tt president obama is a
11:05 am
change and hopey y. th's h youlimbhrou the nks d geo the wte use. ey a ke, plee don atck bai catal. >> nanelosi is my kind of demoat. e sa iliket is you' notoingo bu hern noknowg thfactbecae shknowthemut s's epar to eak aruthl unvaisheway tha mak car wher she stands. unfortunately, democrats who not just equivocate on these issues but fail to back up thmain objective whahey e trng taccolish >> ithisecauomeolks e bl do? thibout m t sator unwi of em idavivene and marry lan drew. is she the great progressive champion? no. >> when y tk abo progssis i tnkou he t
11:06 am
ta abo the in ter o degrees, like conservatives. where you know that you are you cannot win in louisiana unless you cater to the oilintests, r inance so youan shere and ba prhet thout hon a be marginallized. a sine puose to feat bara oba. wh theemocts d noto is ke tir les aivin heal. they made it a living heck maybe but not a living he. >>we'r stang rhtn thi whene comacknd amoing get onhe s. lirall i goon t busesteay. wasun. [ birds chirping ]
11:07 am
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11:10 am
one of the best parts of getting to bring you this sh each weekend is that we work right here in the heart of new york city. it's the kind of building where you never know who you might run to. friy, jt as i w comg to wo, i r int abo dozen members of the congressional black caucus. they were in the city for a weekend retreat traveling around town on a bus. i asked if they minded if i came around for ridand i cld asa fequesons d th membs codn'tave en cer. evushe a ltle,sk i present ama s ou i virginia in the rain, what were they doing in new york? >> why isn't t bus i virnia
11:11 am
th t predentightow? 's sndinin t rai tryi to t thvote so tk toe abt hodoeshe cbc t wor it haso do pporthe esidt fo re-ectio >> w wil be all over this country. this is aetre. wh we ed tdo, at wre ing ght w iselp ise ney we n geout to t afrin-amicanommuty a otr counits, tget that rd out that we are with the president. that we have the president's back. >> much more on my ride on the bus later in the show today as well as next weekend. but for now backith m are b frann, j rei wad hendson,nd lz witead whatre t cartsnd sticks thathe pty ielf s in ordeto dw otr fos in line >> a thas onef thissu at the republican fromlori
11:12 am
andheyend t get relecd wiout opposition. and what thehave done is gone on a js tou so thes a issuwith cohiveness. >> tirower is tally restctiv therwas timeheree ha five chaman,hairen o impoant mmites. it would have been helpful if we could have focused the lens on job creation a thaointhen
11:13 am
ey h theowero dever. w th can reay -- >> ts ishe kd oflectns th havconsuenc. ere fks w if dems do ride his coat tails, no o benetsore tn a bla ucus >>here aren someays i wod be easier to confuse him with joe mccarthy. but to the point that was being madewhetr w frurati i th eve wnhe demrats h euse, ty wen'tble to delir thblow u kn, th kind of thing. quite frankly, when it comes to publicperctionou broht oba car theolls are rlly inrestg. ithowshat peoe agre be wi widrgin wit the characteristics of the bill but they are against it. how can that be? >> i think it's very easy to be
11:14 am
the party that ys, we are gog ttump conantlor e pele wavehe mt ney d theeoplwho ve e mooney aoing t ge usoneynde're goio be nded and paid for and we e do her and at ito p it mply i wod sathatalsowe he a ocespresent a crowe sociy. you kw, whaveorgoen f ma, ma yea, weave neraons peoe whhave not perienced process and through technology and everything else, t way we live and the way reee act and even ouowe tionare t us to pressi if u ca me an apple pie and show your kids how you make the dough and put it in and people understand what happens at the end, you smell it, but if you can have halfssed pie tt y tow into amicrave,e tak tt a mapho fow w loo a
11:15 am
thin. iant to kno h w convince people -- >> i particularly like your point about, it's ey toe th partthats reesenng teres ofhe wlthyand en iwe tnk aut tea rty wch,f it an tual grasrootmovent, can ve a al areciion r, rht i don aee wh theut ve an appreciation for those who use their voice in a popust way. if it' bng pai f byhe interests, they get it easier to be occupied. it's literally a group of like kids in food tents trying to make it happen with very little resource >> buthink y me shn impoant int forewhic is theay i wld p it whi isn'asell t asou d. >> of crse it w't b bob. >> we live in a societynd all
11:16 am
we hr iound bite veadotsf mon doi sounbite so t facis, weve i the procse've dtroy anody'nterts in thinking issues out. all we have is the well-financed disportions that people buy int causthey a notilli to y, wt arthe cts re? and citensuned. i tnk y'rebsolely ght. wanto gacko a poi at w mad autheroce and i want to give the president a little more credit than we sometimes have. he is the president that delivered aealtcareaw. hel. >>his theirstime at hasver en do. so sayt go bacto tdy roevelbutertaly bk to hay truman and ultimately delivered a law that would make significant change. my problem is that wellow indidualwho purrto discs the issu,weve to g awa witot dcussg so of essuehat are a the art it what the supreme court did to
11:17 am
the medicaid expansion has a potential of pulling the string that unravels t law and its apicatn. youuys t meti. iprise. zz, u're hding ou ank u souchor being here today. >> you're welcome. >> i'll miss you guys. >> everybody else is back with a little more. in my section segment i'm sending yo all away bause'm gog to talo onef my ympi hoes domique da. y a havto wt anjust me bk. [ male announcer ] turn 1, daytona. riverside it, i-95. ariae asri, nza. mil7, hhway. weheife nurrgri. t horshoe twin peaks boulevard. every famous curve has an equally thrilling, lesser-known counterpart. conquer them, with the lexus is performance line,
11:18 am
fturi thes 25 rl peormae eman reaprecion. th is e puuit perctio
11:19 am
11:20 am
rl peormae eman reaprecion. this is new york state. we built the first railway, the first trade route to the west, the eatest empires. th, so sai the first trade route we lt ouedge west, we tod, the's new new rk ste. the eatest empires. e th's wkingo atact buness ans a ace ere novaon mes derminion. the eatest empires. anbusinesses lead the world. the new new york works for sine. findut h it n wo foryourat tnew. > were ls th twoeeks awayrom e2012lymps i london. my next guest is the first
11:21 am
afcan-eric wom to w a goldnheolpics manyememr hs pt of e maifict senho won t goel thayear am s pleased to welcome dominique dawes. thank you for being here. >> thankfor hing n. i w talng aut t 199 teamhichyou ow, at tm loed likeric and do y kno howuch tt met to so many of us? you are younger than i am but yet you're so inspiring tome. >> well, thank you. th was 16earsgo a youe rit thdiveity thateam s enmous therwas afrin-amican mani american and a number of americans on the team that represented team usa quite well makg hiory th a six of tse gls wh a ghlit fr mythlecaree >>n th queion theay whi youerveas aole
11:22 am
del, washinkgery sil similarly in watching sera wiiams an afran-arica wan in sporthats thght an ite ort cos mon to partf, ruirea loof equient,s there something about sort of you and serena williams and the not many others like you that feels lika ro mol reonsilityor y? >> d't tnk jt beg an afrin-amicanemalmadee fe liki'm roleodel it bievi tha canake impt iny sport. i knew at young white gls were looking up to me, young minorities were looking up to me and iante to makure tt theyouldolloinootsps and washere wchin sena llia win her fif wbeld
11:23 am
titl >> ieelsike lely aot of e barers at y'veeen woing reakg dow a reted youposion aa cohair on the president's physical fitness and it' you and our home town hero, drew, in that ro. talk to mebout whahat rk is. i'm exced tbe co-counscil. 've en wkinghoosyith e fst ladnd sin my careende 12 ars ago m messeas bnn inspiring people and nutrition which is why i'm so excited this year to team up wh hmel nural oice it'sll aut givg mom t motition tecogzehat ey a posiveoleodel
11:24 am
for eir kids when it comes to cooking, when it comes to fuelinging their bodies to live nutritious lifestyles. this has been a great partnership for mend i hope t do mor aerhe ompic game >> aft talng aut t olpicsall u hert 30 ck a exced authe upminglymps but tse of us on the msnbc side are also beside oself with excitement abouthe ct tt wee in pridenal ectioyearnd ey aays n co at e sa time everfourearss thsumm olpicseverfour yea a esidtial campaign. do the olympians themselves, are you aware of the wor politics th arelso ppeng athe me te th youre tinin and rforng a comting >> ihinkt dends the indidualthles. so i tnk g invvedn liti. thecogze that they can make an impact and when itomes to particular politics, those are bipartisan isss wh althfitns, andwellss,
11:25 am
t i tnk it'eall the hlet. i n't ndo getnvold in polics b i dget volv incausrelad issues that are young and dear to me. my younger brother has autism so wk ossue reling t th dorde a phycal acvity aood tritn fo kids that why do e wo thai do, because a lot of people are going to listen to what i have to say, mainly because of my achievements in the athletic world but i think it's a platrm a i dmbraat. befe wego,ant yo igh on thi yeaream. gabby douglas, i'm watching closely. what are you expecting from this year's team? >> i must say this ishe mos excing tes tt i'v had eparg folymp ges. m gog toe the inondo doinworkor and
11:26 am
i'm following this tea usa. i think gabby dglas won t ympirial and iallt dog it dougs. was sitngn t mia seion d cldn' sto clapng aumpi out of m seat i kw i'moing thave tha me reaction in london. also, jordan has been a solid competitorrom the team and i think she's goingo lead the ways wel eseirls are gngo w go a d whae d six yes ago. >> y're feengs wating gabb are the feelings that we had watching you and it's been a real thrill to have an opportunity to tk with you. >> thank you s much. i appciat it. ne, cou ie tt blic traportion isot justn enomi issut ao a vil rigs iss? th whewe ce ba. malannocer woul't ibe cl
11:27 am
f weook e nian aima anreimined near evethinin i gave it greater horsepower and best in class 38 mpg highway... ...advanced headlghts... .andero avitseat yeahthatoulde co. ♪ irodung t cometel reigineniss alta. it'sur most innovative altima ever. nissan. invation that excites. ♪
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webelie thmoreou kw, th betr yotrad so we have ongoing webinars and interactive learning, pl, in-branch seminars at over 500 locations, whe oudedited ppor tes he younow re youmonecan mor [ dger at ottre, sev dolr tres re jt thstar our teams have the information you want when you need it. it's another reason more investors are saying... all ] i witscotade. > well, i think it's been sort of a metaphor for a lot of things and it's kind of
11:30 am
interestg when flynto shinon ery we,e goo rete pkingnd get o a b gohe rminal. i invariably walk directly to the back of the bus and i always sit on the last seat on the bus. and io so tentnall d pa of is sorof ay whhe pple who wch meot andnoth part of it is to demonstrate that this is my choice. >> that was democratic ngremanameslybu spkingith ast nign thbus ght herinew yk ci. hipersal tal i aeminder of achieving first-class citizenship in america, we uslly fer votg rhts butransrtatn is a marr of ful citinshi 18, a tnspoatiocase fore t sreme cou
11:31 am
establishes the establishment of a first-class citizen. in the 1930s, i was partf t ne dea tullhe cntryut of o ecomic deprsion e rk's proess adnisttionoure feral dolls in the infrastructure to create and promote investment, creating future of the federal aid highway act tablhes r tnspoatio twor filiting trowt ofheiddl cla byinki woers jobpporniti in thcies. th same ar, cil rigs tivis inonthom ree, alabama, demandedirstlass citin wh demding t se re. ansptati is sti a the art fst-css tizehip. 's n juscceso job openings because peter goodman wrote this he can would, gting a job and getting to a job are oiffent ings
11:32 am
da fm broings instuti founhat 39 milon le in areathat lk pubc ansptati. building transportation infrastructure is an economic issue but it's also a securities rights issue. withes joy re,ade erso bob franken. how is it a civil rights issue today? >> well, let's start wit the fact that today inhe enomy the mberne iues jobs jo in thi cntryre someing at wcan auall bud thugh trait bhe realitis that there was a time in this country when you would get up in the morning, get your kids ready for school, give them breakfast, pack them off, send em,alkown ttree to yo schl a the wou you lk tour b. toy th is lonr th case as cmunies ocoloremaed in ctral cies by and large.
11:33 am
the jobs are now in places that they cannot reach by public transit. the reality is, when we loo at 15 unemoyme ratn th blac comnitytoda whe the naonalate is 2,ar t hi,ar too hhor anody, bu 15% unemployment rate, the disconnect between where t jobs are and where people o color are who ne the job are trendo and- >>hat'a gdointbout hool i'm so thiing t dea o bliceighrhoochoond echarterization. you can nowo lger wk t scho, whh ishat did i lk tscho. >> this myavore tops o all time. dwight david eisenhower who led 40fhe bck arica sig lamark leslatn. it becteandisseed
11:34 am
commities. in downtown where all of the black businesses were and thrivingommunity, they were just devastated by these highways going through. >> i live in the seventh ward. what hapned on aiboe,he autil oak trs, bui a hiwayvet a ne've wa painted oak trees. >> the highway system was built on partf aational defense highway. >> uh-h. >>hat t shatt was suosedo beay thae uld eape inase o a nuear tack ioverheurrinen hoton ere eryby g on e higaysnd was heading to dallas. and if you recall, they were stopped in place, which sort of put lintoat. whi is wou thi tha losianoverrobby jind, en he g smulu monrom theresint ahe cgres in2009 to build a light rail
11:35 am
system, what do you know built it. inead,ecid to and the hoolouseoor trsportionquitand t bud --ust stery we decide'reavin hastag j, fort bbyjindal. because it's exactly that sort of choice, right? >> look, this whole transportation is one othe sleer ises othe st ntur i'm glathatou d the lead thayou d beuse gis hioric perecti of w it advanced almost together in our country since 1896. now what we have is congress moving awaromth. it's oious vy imptant and obabhe onl job bl at coness wil ect thi ye. so that's important. it also put a cap, as you know, on the loans thastudts ceiv. sot pridedhe bis f trng tdealith udenloan pocy ao eendelood insunce t fedalleve all tt i impoant.
11:36 am
t wtt alsidas to forg botnner city and urban transportation but ao rural transit. it didn't connect jobs to licy this i't a iue of cor codein a way tt oer civ rits iues metis e. this i aut blk, whe, vers asian, latino, perns with disabilities who struggle over halfillivill no nnecon tour traportion stem >> weak as ctica pnt re a did bob. weonne t picyo toy and what this reauthorization act represents, it represents a continued practice of spending 80% of hou dolls onighws, 20%n puicrans. beeen 19 a 2009, we saw an increase of 31%. we have not matched our
11:37 am
investments inublicrans wi rirshi >>herirshi gs up. we donay merack a -- and we don't link them to ral and suburban -- >> public transit getting a little history, wasn efft bablebyhatas cald the ghwa lob, whh wathe llecon ointests o pritedrom tomoles the inner cy. the car manufacturers, what is important about this issue is that it is litally nifeatioof t big probm, t pple the n ly adeate ansptati, ey d't get adequate nutritional opportunities because the whole foods of this world and safe ways of this world won't locat dn ther ey henferr sool stem thatind thi. th is t perct metaphor --
11:38 am
>> we're going to stay right on transportation. who knew? people getting rammed up about trains and cars. we'll stay on this right when we me bk. won'need... ♪ hajimemashite. hajimemashite. hajimemashite. you guys lik football thk yoso mh. i'stok. u sted ?..and say nderhe mtres" sousle melas ( laughter ) why's the new guy sending me emails from paris ? paris, france ? verizon's 4g lte devices are global-ready. plusglob datfor st $. onlyrom rizo the rest is up to you. so consider an aarp medicare suppment insurance plan,
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11:41 am
bringing down the national unemployment rate, bringing it down lower than the 2%, 50 of eighw fun to ss ansit generating 1.1 million new transit jobs over a five-year period a. net gain of 180,000 job ovefiveears thats wiout sing dolr inewspenng. tranortaon ce a vehle ofunemoyme. ma, the were the statics that we were just talking out.
11:42 am
>> this is a ctical imptant int. de menoned t rethoratioof ansptati funng a the be thibouthatill i i is 27 pages long. other groups where community of lor dend o pubc trsit, you ve o ininelack oplen ts couryepennt public transit. that's 52 football stadiums worth of people. 27% of theobs ihe 10 biestetrolita are in th couryre auall not acssib. >>7% oorkiltsre without access. we know that these are the top five places where it's worse. we can look at thearea augua, geora, jason, ssisppi, knoxlle,
11:43 am
tennsee,chattanooga, tennessee. they are growing in population. we are not in detroit. we are coming to the south. an tn yohave -- t tng tt i so portt abt thsoh, one of t tngs- it' ste law, too. so 30 stes in e niono not allow state tax -- state gas taxes, state gas revenue to go to public trant. to dra dn on dera tranortaon dlarsyou ve toave % mah. most sh-sappestatre not able to draw down their match and local communities are not allowed to collect it. >> you menoned t pow. bomentned e por. i n't ink shod unrestate at. yep >> ihinkhat saw i ts mostecenreauorizionas the power of that lobby,
11:44 am
cogningith the consucti. weave egrue tt. thissu hower, youaint at aan iue tt befits minorities, more or less clusively, and fail to -- >> with everybod >> exactly. we're dead. so wou onlremi peoe ani thk ma isight thiss a -mon bil we he lened lot om h toove ngre on ese sues i rend y of e wos th a.hillrandph, ef th founders of my organization, look, there are no free seats, guys, at the table of life. you get whatou can tak youeep wtou c hol a yoan'take andou c't eltdt unss y're ganid wi thiless. >>ere at isonterting with what maya was saying. the rationale for the gasoli tas, f anying t cotrucng hhwayis, ll, 's catedy these o
11:45 am
highys. d th is mparle to saying that the alcohol tax should only go back. >> right. more liquor. >> that is the kind of distortion that has been successful. >> i'm sor. i think we're adinoff the reonsilityf th gerno here anyou ve resting t ia of using money. >> hash tag, fbj, forget bobby jindal. i am just si of it. >> in flida, raioulde gelyportt. the aajor pocts o uan counits, orura polatis, ts is n a sue at h no cesso jobs, where jobs are. and governors are saying, no, we don't want that. >> look, part o m raing ainsgoveor jinlsn pa, asobas sang, yes, 'sobd acss a equy, but also we live in a place where hurricanes sometimes show up and they show up for communities that don'te access toriva vehies.
11:46 am
ght. soe got-e've got to ab to ve rsonae wa al of lkinabousafe, puic sety. >> ianteto cnectwade point, which was so important because it's not just an issue for ctain wit b's poi abt hisry. e 30tatethat menoned a nuer othosstat pasd oseaws i reaion t efforts to have race that come one othe cenal facts ttelps erybo g acss. is ttoryikeou thi to yourself, what does the great montgomery bus system now? the swers, oe th dinvesent. >> he'sn ia. tes, t iss is ting righ andetti pror i. an onef the issues is people
11:47 am
who can't get to the i.d. are two counties away. build a mass transit system that goes between whe ty ar and theotingine is >> iove it i le it. ck pry, neeome lht il t g pple to tir ter i.d. places. more on this topic in a ment but, first, it's a time for a priew "weendith ale tt". >> t arica weridnaed om tir trbus. ey aeing held hostage for a release of a psone d thstatis aut t get gh peredelp che vor citensh. >>alsowherthe rmonhunk ent s buness it's good business. is it god's business? that's the question. and coming up in politics, our substantive interview with you, melissa harr-per. i nt tknow did y wat
11:48 am
yoselfn th lini se u? >> di't. >>ou nerdo >> ery teouhow at,'m okinarou m offe like y didn't i clean up first? >> it's all good. all good. >> thank you, alex. up next, we're all going on a road trip. malannocer conserin all ur mth gs thugh, dyou allyhinkrushg s engh tkeept cln? whe brhingissegerm in 7 of ur mth, listerine® cleans virtually your entire mouth. so take your oral health to a whole new level. listerine®... power to yo mouth™. e thpois wear wih oucitihanku ca for reling cati. ♪ somimes wego f a re inhe pk. maybe do a little sightseeing
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> f todas fonote i remiscinon a great american summer tradition. can you remember your favorite family road trip? did you play the license plate game? or aoy yr sisrhen you mo wn't loing? d yostopt forit roside dir? asouasse fams lamark diyou er sg th sonat e tof your voice? ♪ this land is your land ♪ thisand my land ♪ fro calornio tew rk iand ♪ ♪n th redodores ♪ tohe gultrea wats
11:52 am
♪ this land was made for you and me ♪ >> okay. i ait it, you sang it. i'm a bitfter ne. t the ar t lics b ericolkinge woo guthe whwasorn 10year ago is wkend his mic cbine sia critique and working class americana. by declare thing land belong to all of us guthrie was sayg wh shod berue. t auall wha w tru i the 194 whe hrote tho s. inct, thi ld wo rerict tt wn se amican famies set out on summer road trips, they needed a guide to where they could stop and eat and even relieve themselvesitho fear o violce. is nd ipire hlem ptal rker vtoreen treat th nro motistsreen bo. puishe fro 36 t 1964, the green book authored a state by state guide of listed business that served black patnsnd
11:53 am
incateommuties whe i was saf for bckoadripps totoporveryingrom g tounch to a ovnigh stay. this week we explored the history of the negro motorist green bo the an article for the i w bn afthe gat gislive accplisentsf thciviights movent. t th racl resictis of ouount lef ridue ove how i wasaugho trav. pack a meal because there may be no safe place to stop and eat. traveling south, plan your trip you don't have to be in misssipptght. goinwesto chico, tak a pennlvanouteo yodon' haveo go toughest viinia ner geast lal staon with a name you don't recognize and never get off at an unmarked exit. even with a flat tour. you see, the are tesso so my blk tvele wer taht bur pents and grdparts whoeedeeen' od bk tafelavige eir n country.
11:54 am
on roads that with our own taxes helped to build in cars often built by the own nds. this history is ptf wha madee fl inove withe opcs ofhe fst008 oba foamera caaign yo see,t is ctinug to spirmeheast fr years. watching first candidate and then president obama travel to oregon and iowa, louisiana, ah, st viinia it wctuayeallpoweul wat himn hi bck by enteintolace whe smany blacameranave lonelt like trespassers instead of citizens. honestly, it makes me hopeful guth i have righ this ld is you lanandt is la. it ithe ndhatas me for und. its sll fun t pl you sier'sair ithe bk at. thats our shoor today. thank you to bob franken, joy reid, wade hunterson. thank you at home for watching. i will see you next saturday and suay a 100 a.m. our gue nexweekill ale
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we. mingp ne, "wkend wh ex wt." hey. hey eddie. i brought your stuff. you don't have to do this. yei do i nt y to ep ts. it'de wed. ta car yotoo. [ sis ] so how did it go? he's upset. [ male announcer ] spend less time at gas stations. wi be inlas fueecony. 's o mostnnovive timaver. ♪
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to soak up big spills and lock them in. lethe illsegin p&g.roudpons ofhe ompicames amican trist knapp fro aourboutus iegyp a bichan fm mal honong j tern rah' latt interview -- surprising? paul mccartney and bruce spring teen improm sue sing get shut do. tang o intthe s in ln chai. an fir we g tront pag liti. nefirerksodays the battscals ov mitt romn's te a bain capital. at issue, mr. romney's role at the company after 1999 whe he says he left to rhealt la citlympgame esidt ama'seput mpai magers dendin e atcks. if y are signg a se
11:59 am
docunt whourwn snatu you e thpresident's ceo, chairman of the board, and 100% owner of a company and in what world are you living in y are t in arge whatmerin unrstas yo don'bear resnsibity r thdecions de athat compy ifou a athe hea ofit? heasn'was? e sile pnt is i you are telling the sec you are in charge but telling the american people you bear no responsibility, one of those things is not ue. >> t romew camign s ick fir ck. heres mrmney senr viseon "et t pre." we ok aeave ofbsen fr bai a lef a lif h loved to help a country that he loves more to save the olympics and he was not responsible for day-to-day decisions a not rticatinin dato-d decions theanagent mpanat tt ti. heas o ave. asorme s chrman pitas qued iatorybout th,t isanda, though, to -- while you are on leave to sign those documents inform the sec. he w still ce


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