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tv   Way Too Early  MSNBC  January 29, 2013 5:30am-6:00am EST

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four of us are in the room. we warned a d.c. gang of eight, stay off our turf. thanks for joining us. we have a lot to talk about including a parting gift for hillary clinton as they helped the outgoing secretary of state tie up loose ends. those details straight ahead plus -- >> i'm not trying to take off a credit card. i think that it's clear that going up against me prepared them to take on kevin durant. the president welcomes the 2012 miami heat and share a lighter moment with lebron. that's in sports. first, let's get to the news live at 5:30 a.m. in new york city. president obama is going to unveil his immigration reform in a major speech in nevada, a state where hispanics make up 20% of the population. it's after a group of bipartisan
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senators reached a compromise on how to move forward with comprehensive immigration legislation. included in the bill, citizenship for 11 million undocumented workers in this country. >> other bipartisan groups and senators have stood in the same spot before trumpeting similar pro po sales. the politics on this issue have been turned upside down. for the first time ever, there's more political risk in opposing immigration reform than supporting it. >> what's going on now is unacceptable. in reality, what's been created is a de facto amnesty. we have been too content for too long to allow them to mow our lawn, serve our food, clean our homes and watch our children while not affording them the
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benefits that make our country great. >> those seeking citizenship would be required to register with the federal government, settle debts with the government including fines and back taxes, under go a criminal background check and learn english and american civics. members of this group of eight is senator marco rubio of florida. he's a key voice in getting conservatives to sign off on an amnesty plan. >> we have to be sure not to encourage people to come here illegally in the future. by the same token, we are dealing with 11 million human beings who are here undocumented. the majority of whom who recognize it as the american dream. let me say on both sides of this issue, there are legitimate points to be raised. there are people concerned about how much this is going to cost
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the american economy. we have to be frank of dealing with that. we owe $16 trillion. >> there's a small majority of americans, 51% support a plan that allows undocumented workers to stay and apply for citizenship. they hope to vote in march. jim is joining us. good morning. >> how are you? >> the senate is all in on this one. this is a big comprehensive plan. >> it is. i think it is significant. chuck schumer was saying you have mccain and rubio up there with chuck schumer shows there's bipartisan appeal. it could fall apart. house republicans gave the cool response. there was barely a republican leader in the house who said a nice deal. >> would they rather see it piecemeal? >> rather piecemeal and without a pathway to citizenship.
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it's the most important component. you had rush limbaugh saying i'm calling on my listeners and fox news to unite to kill this plan. he's talking marco rubio in particular. >> the citizenship part? >> totally. it's the pathway to citizenship. the idea that some people that came here illegally are going to be allowed, ultimately to stay in the country. that is always turned off. >> your odds against the descendent on the time line by the end of spring? >> it can get through the senate quickly. then we get to the house. you have to understand the congress you are dealing with. in the house, it is a much more conservative, much more southern group of republicans who are hostile to immigration. it doesn't mean it can't be done. ultimately, this, unlike gun control and other issues can get done.
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it's not as easy as schumer presents it. >> what is the danger for the republicans, especially the house come the next presidential election if they send it back and say no? >> arguably, political obliteration. if you look at the trends, young voters and hispanics are a huge group of it. they are going for democrats overwhelmingly. i don't think it's suddenly going to change hispanics and make them the building block. you have to get past this if you are a republican and have a conversation on other issues. this is high stakes. it's why the establishment republicans think you have to do this and do it quickly. >> they are thinking big picture. you have the house republicans who need to win their own districts. if they pass it, they may lose their primary come reelect. >> absolutely. it's the thing to watch. you hit it on the head. in the primaries, if you have fox news and rush limbaugh saying this is a terrible deal and you are worried about not your general election, that's
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real stuff for these guys. they worry about whether or not they can keep their jobs. it's their career. you cannot minimize the importance of that pressure on republicans. i think most people in the media fail to understand the dynamics and pressure on house republicans. >> are they going to think big picture for the country, the republican party or think for themselves and get reelected in their district and what their people elected them to do? >> we don't know the answer to that. you assume political logic says yes, they will do the right thing politically, but recent history says no they won't. they are going to do what their constituents want whether it's raising the debt limit, gun control or immigration. we don't know how it will unfold. >> stay here. we have other stories we want to talk about. senate seat and what's going to happen with clinton and her superpack. john kerry expected today. massachusetts is planning a special election on june 25th to
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fill his seat. according to the boston globe, former governor and presidential candidate michael dukakis. victoria kennedy and barney frank. any names jump out at you? >> i think barney frank would be the most entertaining of the bunch to hold the seat. he would be a little more devisive. it's massachusetts. they can do whatever they want. democrats control it. >> the only show in town. >> the safer pick would be to go with a kennedy or dukakis because they have been there and have certain connection to massachusetts. >> let's get to secretary of state, outgoing secretary of state, hillary clinton. received a going away gift from the obama team. according to bloomberg, they
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decided to pay off her campaign debt $250,000 as of last year. 120 people cut checks to pay off her bills. in fact, they gave way too much to clinton's campaign, which was never officially shut down. now she has a surplus of $200,000 in the bank. should she run, there's a superpack supporting her calls vote for hillary. >> they can apply the surplus to the debt and say it's part of the deficit reduction plan. >> it is. i think it was a great moment of political drama on "60 minutes" with the president next to hillary clinton. the interview was a dud. it was dull. i don't think the questions were that tough. nothing breaking. the fact he was up there with her and she looks like she wants to run and will run. you have this guy named joe biden who happens to work for the president and wants to run. he's made it very clear he wants
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to be in the position to run. probably defer to hillary clinton. it's fascinating. >> as you said with massachusetts, high entertainment value ahead. >> high entertainment. people love the clintons. great box office for politics and tv. >> thank you. there's new fallout from the deadly fire in brazil. four people have been detained including the club owner and two band members when they say pyrotechniques sparked the fire. the fire extinguisher provided didn't work. they are being scrutinized as they prepare to host the world cup in 2014 and the olympics two years after that. as always, let us know why you are away. shoot us an e-mail or tweet me@billkarins. still ahead on way too early,
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tiger woods takes home his eight win at torrey pines. plus, who would you have play hillary clinton in a hollywood blockbuster. a poll asked that question. we'll write down the top results. check out weather when "way too early comes back. this is not richard nixon trying to keep the tapes from being heard. i want the evidence heard and i want it sooner rather than later so i can clear my name and we can get on to doing the thing that is matter most. ♪
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it looks like fun. the kids are enjoying it. you don't know what is coming at you, though. they thought they were going for a day at the beach. everyone thinks it looks gross. i think it looks fun. if you thought friends or family that live in the midwest, ask them what the weather was like yesterday. it was crazy. mid to upper 70s in kansas city and st. louis. one of the warmest january days ever. it is literally a march day. we are going get nasty thunderstorms. at this hour, 66 degrees in kansas city. their record high is 63. they broke the record high at midnight, which is unheard of. chicago is at 57 and getting close to their record high. we have the ingredients for a severe weather outbreak. through the morning, oklahoma city to tulsa down to dallas, we watch the storms popping up there. later on this afternoon and
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tonight, they head through this area of red. a chance of tornadoes. most of these storms will be after dark. you don't know the tornado is on top of you until you hear it. pine bluff to northern louisiana, a deadly situation. if you have friends and family that live there, make sure they are aware of the dangers there. all of our friends, mississippi, alabama, georgia through the carolinas, you shouldn't have many tornadoes to deal with but strong storms and gusty winds that could fall anywhere. the forecast today, much warmer. east coast you are fine today. the danger area is through the midwest, especially oklahoma, arkansas, southern missouri and louisiana. can't believe we are talking a possible tornadoout break in the heart of winter. bad weather over the weekend for the farmers open to be pushed to yesterday. tiger woods had a six-stroke lead to the final 11 hole at
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torrey pines. it wasn't good early going. sliced on the nine. drops his club in disgust, for a good reason. this is why you are one of the best golfers ever to walk the planet. he almost holed that for birdie. that's the winning shot right there, the final hole. tapped in, 14 under for the win. four shots ahead. that's his eighth career win at torrey pines. the amazing thing is tiger now has 75 career pga victories. over to the nba now. wizards and kings. why are we giving you the highlights of wizards and kings? the wizards tie it up. six seconds to go, isaiah thomas sizes the defender. what a beautiful floater in the lane. the game-winning shots, one second left on the clock.
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that was it. kings leave the wizards spell bound 96-94 snaps a four-game losing streak. one of the last times you will see those highlights. elsewhere to d.c., the heat joined president obama at the white house to celebrate their nba championship. the president put in a club for his own hoop skills. >> i know this is the first trip for some of these players but a few of them were here a couple years ago for a pick-up game on my birthday. now, i'm not trying to take all the credit folks, but i think that it's clear that going up against me prepared them to take on kevin durant and russell westbrook. it sharpened their skills, it gave them the come pettive edge they needed and i think part of the reason they came back today is they want another shot at the old guy.
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>> i mean we in the white house. i mean the president is real casual so we kids from chicago and dallas, texas and michigan and ohio and south dakota, miami. we in the white house right now. this is like, hey, mom, i made it. >> lebron looks good behind the podium. finally manti te'o is working his way out of the news cycle. thanks to this tune by the gregory brothers, we'll be able to relive his interview with katie couric forever. ♪ why, why, manti ♪ the pain those are real ♪ can you see why they view it as a lie ♪ ♪ it wasn't a lie ♪ why, why, manti ♪ she seemed nice she seemed
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beautiful ♪ ♪ did you feel it ♪ why, why, manti >> katie had her glasses on a lot during that interview, didn't she. coming up at the top of the hour on "morning joe," the white house embraces a bipartisan plan for immigration. what are the political implications that play for the millions of voters watching it unfold. the "morning joe" crew weighs in. we huddle around the water cooler where fans place their bet on which a-lister should play hillary clinton on screen. we'll show you the hollywood list and reveal the public's choice wen "way too early" comes back. [ male announcer ] how do you make america's favorite recipes? just begin with america's favorite soups. bring out chicken broccoli alfredo. or best-ever meatloaf.
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we told you at the top of the show president obama plans to unveil his plans for immigration reform today. that comes one day after bipartisan group of senators put forth a comprehensive immigration bill. tell your friends according to the institute for taxation and economic policy, undocumented workers paid over $11 billion in taxes in 2010. about half of the u.s. workers pay some form of federal taxes.
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let's gather around the water cooler with movie news. many are wondering who would play hillary clinton best in a bio. some of the top contenders a bit of a surprise. 6% of kristen dunst. she played marie an two net. mirren. 8% like susan sarandon. 18% glenn close could portray the many sides of the first lady. an overwhelming 40% believe meryl streep. a little anti-climatic, don't you think? what do you think, mike? any other names? >> i'm not going get myself in trouble. >> when would this stop you?
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nbc "nightly news" anchor, brian williams stopped by "late night with jimmy fallon" they broke down details of the fight in slow jam the news. >> the obama administration finds itself locking horns with republicans over the issue of raising the debt ceiling, the amount of money the nation is legally allowed to borrow. ♪ oh, yeah, when it comes to raising the debt ceiling ♪ ♪ the president is having a hard time getting enough ♪ ♪ seems the gop ain't rubbing him the right way ♪ ♪ especially with the country's $16.4 trillion in debt. ♪ ♪ we're still in debt, but it's all right ♪ ♪ the united states really couldn't get any broker ♪ ♪ got to liquidate its assets
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just like al roker ♪ >> sometimes you feel bad for brian. last week, many criticized the military's decision to allow women to fight in combat roles. jon stewart explains the logic. >> there are certain facts ability upper body streng. 6'4", 240 pound marine and you are injured and you need the marine next to you to carry you back to safety and she weighs 115 pounds. it's irrelevant. we can't have women in combat because they are tiny. they are too delicate. they are little. they are wee little hands. they can barely -- have you ever seen them eat, they pick up a dinner roll. tiny sharp teeth, wait a minute, i'm thinking of mice. mice should not be serving in the military no matter how adorable they might be.
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at the top of the show, we asked why you are awake. your answers? >> who knew jim has legs. so nice to see him standing in the studio. kind of long, too, right. am i short? just giggles in here. next. >> kind of a diverse viewership, david in new orleans, i run an international logistics business and sean in seattle trying to wait for whiskey to wear off. >> we accept all. after last week at the bar, some call me bloody mary bill. it works after a long night with the whiskey. "morning joe" starts right now.


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