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tv   Andrea Mitchell Reports  MSNBC  September 20, 2013 1:00pm-2:00pm EDT

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carrying a weapon on the streets of chicago is simply unacceptable. >> cliffhanger, raising the stakes in the budget battle. the house votes for a spending bill that defund the president's health care law. rainfall our message to the united states senate is real simple. the american people adopt want the government shut down and they don't want obama care. >> but the bill is going nowhere in the senate. so with only 10 days to go, can anything be done to end the shutdown standoff. center stage, iran's president rouhani will make his debut on the world stage next week. from his interview with nbc's ann curry to his column in the "washington post," what do we make of this new charm offensive? is it a positive sign coming from rouhani in the interview. >> very positive. everything needs to be put to the test to see where we go.
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at the right moment, i think the white house -- >> good day i'm andrea mitchell in washington. after the mass shooting at the naval yard, a shooting in chicago, in all 23 people shot all over chicago including two fatalities, the latest round in the city's gun violence. john yang joins me in chicago. i know i heard you saying statistically the fbi is reporting a net decline in the numbers of people killed. at the same time it just feels awful in chicago. >> that's exactly right. it's a great frustration on the part of the police commissioner
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that the numbers are dropping. but the perception is still there that this is a very violent community. it doesn't help when you have violent nights like last night. the number of incidents across the city. thirteen people shot in one incident alone in this park around 10:15 around the south side of chicago. as the police commissioner said, it was a normal night in this park. people playing basketball. we've had a little warmer than seasonal weather in the last couple of days so it was natural people would be out. then a car pulls up. at least one, maybe as many as three shooters come out. as he said, they are using assault rifle, assault-style rifle with high-capacity clip. this really is a big thing that this police commissioner has been talking about. the gun laws nationwide, in illinois in particular.
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chicago police sees more guns off the streets than the new york police department and the los angeles police department combined. the police commissioner often says they are doing as much as they can from a policing point of view. they are saturating these communities where there's known to be violence, known to be a lot of gang activity with community policing, putting police on the beat, on the street, walking a beat. they are actually going door to door to kids they know to be bad actors warning them of their consequences and offering them help, job placement, health care, whatever they might need. in the end, the police commissioner says, what would really help them is if the gun laws were stricter and they could get these guns out of the hands of the bad actors. andrea. >> john, as we've seen, there's complete gridlock on that. it has been a nonstarter. a lot of frustration there
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hasn't been more leadership out of the white house. frankly what happened here in washington. do you see any change there in is there anything mayor rahm emanuel can do? >> he's been speaking out on this along with mayor bloomberg of new york. i think also senator dick durbin of illinois is a leading voice on this issue. i think they probably share the same frustration that as events like these keep happening there isn't the pressure on capitol hill. it sort of struck me after this event in washington this week at the navy yards, there wasn't the big discussion about gun control in the same way that you had it after newtown, after some of the other incidents we've seen in the past. but it's still, as the police commissioner here says, a big, big issue. >> john yang, thank you so much on the beat in chicago.
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today in washington, welcome to gridlock. house republicans have pushed the nation a step closer to a government shutdown approving a government spending bill that defunds obama care. this is a nonstarter with the senate and white house. so can anyone fix this mess? our mr. fix it is our daily physical chris cillizza, co-host of in play. chris, it's such an exercise in futili futility, such a waste of time given the obvious outcome in the senate, yet there they go again. >> look, andrea, at some point we could one week literally from today we're having a conversation that is the conversation we spent all this week on, what will the house do, if anything, to avoid a shutdown. can it get past by the senate and signed by the president. what we know is what you pointed out. senate made it clear, the senate is not going to approve a bill
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to keep the government running that defunds obama care. they are going to strip that out and send it back to the house. a lot of this is posturing. some of is sort of setting up where they are starting the negotiation from. here is the problem, we'll be back a week from now september 27th, if my math serves me, and we'll be talking about this negotiating with three days before the government shuts down. that's the issue here. negotiating tactics aside, we're really bumping up very close against the government shutdown, which, you know, we haven't had all that many of in our history. >> as bad as that would be for the economy, there's the debt ceiling crisis, which is probably an even bigger crisis. >> i would say much bigger. >> markets are watching, things are not terribly stable. we don't have continuity at this point of leadership. we don't know what the president plans to do regarding the fed, although we have a pretty good guess. this is a critical point where the economy has not picked up
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and the market is going to react to whatever the people in congress do. >> neither are good. shutting the government down or breaching the debt ceiling. both are bad options you would like would be unthinkable. but go back to the summer of 2011, andrea, which is the last time we came very close to not raising the debt ceiling and defau defaulting on some of our loans. we saw the problem, stock market, those things, on the political side i urge people, a republican pollster put together a set of power plant slides after the last fight about how damaging this was to politics broadly to congress, the president, whoever. go and check that out, because it's going to be as bad, if not worse, if we head down this same road certainly standing here today on this friday certainly looks like we're headed down. >> chris cillizza, gloom and doom. >> try to be more positive. thank you, andrea.
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>> here is something who could be more positive, florida congresswoman debbie wasserman-schultz joining us from the hill. thank you for being with us. >> you're welcome. >> what are your colleagues about to do? i know you're going to blame it on the republicans, but lets face it, no one is talking to anybody up there. the house seems to be in particular bad straits. >> we're in a situation in the house of representatives where we quite literally have house republicans who are willing to take the economy over a cliff. at this point it's just a matter of which car we take. is it the car that says we're going to default on our debt and throw the nation into really significant economic crisis or are we going to shut the government down all over rigid adherence to ideological dogma. the proof was really in the pudding. it shouldn't be about fault here, andrea, but there is a way out of this where we sit down
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together, figure this out and find common ground on the crux of the matter. when it comes to the budget, how we're going to make decisions about targeted spending cuts in this budget that makes sense to not short-circuit our economy. on the debt ceiling we're not going to default. we're going to pay our nation's bills. we're going to separate ideological fights from making sure we can keep our economy healthy. that's the crux of the matter. democrats clearly understand that. republicans in the midst of their civil war have essentially declared the tea party the victors here. and what was the most disturbing was after the cr passed on the house floor this morning, the republicans erupted into applause. they all marched into the rayburn room for a rally, in which eric cantor made it clear what this was about. he specifically pointed out u.s. senators in the democratic party that are quote, unquote, vulnerable and that the ball is in their court and this was
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going to come down to what they decide to do. this is purely about politics for them. >> purely about midterm politics. how do you deal with something that's really tangible, the fiscal -- the votes to cut food stamps. how do we in the middle of an economy where the working poor are relying on food stamps as well as those who don't have jobs and middle class incomes are down, how do you take food off the table with people? >> it is unfathomable that yesterday the same republicans in the house voted to cut food stamps by $40 billion. these are obviously not people who have ever experienced hunger. they simply don't grasp that without food stamps as a bridge millions of families literally go either without food towards the end of the month when those food stamps run out. in this case that means millions of fewer families will not even get food stamps. so they will not be able to feed
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their children. the heartless, gutless republicans, who i think deserve -- i hate to engage in name calling but there is a way out of this. we all need to set rigid ideology aside, sit down, find common ground because we've got to make sure we can focus on getting our economy turned around. i know i'm the chair of the dnc, i know it can't be my way or the highway, i'm willing to put my vote on the line and go back to my constituents and explain why i didn't do it exactly the way they wanted me to. we have to in congress put a majority of members, not republicans but members on the board in support of continuing to turn our economy around, support a budget that breaks from the rigid adherence to dogma and ideology. we need republicans to join us. >> speaking of dogma and ideology, guns. we've had more shootings in chicago. we had the tragedy at the navy
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yard. your good friend gabby giffords and mark kelly have issued a statement saying gabby and i have been there. in times like this, the ultimate affirmation to have a nation behind you. as proud members of a navy family we take note of the tragic fact this this terrible attack on men and women who dedicate themselves to keeping america safe did not occur in a war overseas but in a mass shooting here at home. that statement from mark kelly and gabby giffords. i know they are great friends of yours. we don't see any action. we see newtown families on the hill, other victims, aurora victims rally. >> virginia tech. >> navy yards. >> president obama has done and will continue to do what he can. he's put in place 23 provisions by executive order or decisions he's able to make to try to make sure we can keep guns, more guns out of the hands of people who
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can't have them but the congress has to act. the congress has to embrace what a majority of the american people have embraced, which is if you want to purchase a gun you should have a background check who prevents bad people. we should make sure you don't have massive rounds of ammunition that are accessible to people who shouldn't have them. we should go back to last night in chicago, if you couldn't manufacture assault weapons in this country, if they weren't available for sale, semiautomatic assault weapons, those 13 people wouldn't have been shot in that park last night. they simply wouldn't be able to be purchased in the united states. we've got common sense reforms that need to be embraced by the congress instead of republicans primarily that continue to bear hug nra and slavishly bow to their will, because they are petrified to lose their re-elections and they don't have -- they need to go see the
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wizard and get some courage and figure out what really matters to them, saving lives or saving their political careers. >> debbie wasserman-schultz, thank you very much. >> thank you, andrea. >> fans making in credit plays, tigers mariners matchup, slugger took the opportunity after catching a flyball for a mid inning snack. the fan graciously offering a nacho. he didn't hesitate. he helped himself to the chip. babe ruth was famous for in-game eating but kept his meals relegated to the dugout. after a captcha line drive flyball flying back into the stands. this is the cleveland indians game last night. the woman in the red shirt makes an amazing leap. look at that grab. with that type of play the
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much of what americans think about iran is influenced by your predecessor and some statements he has made. so let me ask you, prosecuted ahmadinejad said the holocaust is a myth. do you agree? >> translator: i'm not a historian, i'm a politician. what is important for us is that people and nations in our region should get closer to one
1:19 pm
another. nations of the world should get closer to one another so that they could prevent aggression and brutality. >> president ahmadinejad had people believing he wanted to wipe israel off the map. do you agree with this? is that what you want? >> translator: what we're asking is the vote of the people. we believe in voting ballots. >> iran's president rouhani clearly attempting to show a kinder, gentler face to the world during that exclusive interview with ann curry and "the washington post." how real is the potential? the white house is cautiously optimistic. more scepticism in israel. joining me israel's ambassador to the united states.
1:20 pm
good to see you. >> always good to be with you, andrea. >> rouhani, charm offensive, is there anything real that should be explored. >> i don't know about what's charming about a man who says he's a politician and can't deny the holocaust. any human being should be able to deny the holocaust. he talks about countries living closer together yet his country is helping bashar al assad helping massacre over 100,000 of its own citizens and iran is the largest sponsor of terror in the world. i don't know where the charm is. the bottom line, not what rouhani says but what they are doing. they continue to enrich uranium spinning it out with 10,000 centrifuges, 18,000 installed. if they really mean it, they should stop those centrifuges, cease enriching, send it abroad, stop the plutonium track as
1:21 pm
well, which could produce a bomb in very short time. >> are you concerned that president obama will, first of all, meet with rouhani or there will be other high-level conversations and that the white house is so eager for a deal with iran that they might put israel closer to iran and in jeopardy. >> i think the president said rouhani's words have to be tested and we agree. as i said earlier this is how you test them. you get them to stop the enrichment of uranium, ship out stockpile, close out the facility and plutonium track. there are four security council resolutions. remember how hard it was to get a security council resolution on syria, here we have four of them. iran is in violation of them. test iran. fulfill to the international community first and we'll talk. >> we know that the prime minister met with secretary kerry on sunday.
1:22 pm
i've been told that part of that was to reassure the prime minister that israel will be informed of everything going on. prime minister netanyahu coming here in another 10 days, the president, white house, speaking to the united states. what is israel's posture towards this opening with iran? short of shutting down all of its nuclear facilities is there a step by step process that is possible? should there be bilateral talks with the united states? >> again, no country in the world, andrea, i've said it many times on your program, no country has a greater interest than israel in resolving nuclear threat by diplomatic means. we have the most skin in the game. therefore we have to be very careful. iranians systematically lied about the program for 30 years. rouhani himself has lied about the program. he said iran never saw neck webs, our intelligence, american intelligence knows that's not
1:23 pm
true, wrote a book bragging about how he lied to the west. we have to be careful. we can't fall victim to these words kind as they may seemingly be, we have to test them with deeds. are they willing to stop enrichment of uranium, stop the stockpile, not one but many. will they shut down the nuclear facility under ground. that's not made to create peaceful nuclear energy but secretly build a bomb and plutonium track, end run and get there quickly. let them do all that and then let them sit down and talk. >> to be blunt here, do you have concerns, does israel have concerns about this president, given the fact he, some would say, zigzagged, others would say flip-flopped using military force against syria. do you have concerns his red line against iran would not hold. >> president obama is dealing with rapidly unfolding and fluid situation in the middle east.
1:24 pm
the bottom line from our perspective is that the chances for success in syria are in direct proportion to the credibility of the military threat. that's what brought the russians to the table. we think that same credibility of military threat will be essential for reaching diplomatic solution to the iranian nuclear threat. iranians know they are paying a high price for the bomb. they think at the end of the day they will have a bomb. they have to internalize at the end of the day they are not going to get the bomb because it's an incredible military threat. >> i know that the last time we saw prime minister netanyahu at the united nations he had a cartoon drawing of his own fuse and the bomb and sort of a wiley coyote moment. is he bringing any visual aids this time? >> i don't know. he'll certainly mention that red line succeeded in keeping iranians beneath threshold for one nuclear bomb over the course of the last year.
1:25 pm
now iranians have installed thousands of new centrifuges that can increase the rate of enrichment five times. shorten the time needed to cross the red line. so the window for diplomacy is small and getting smaller. and the world has a responsibility to prevent iran from getting the nuclear weapon just as it has the responsibility to prevent barmd from using chemical weapons against his own citizens. >> thank you. israel's ambassador michael orren. thank you very much. at a key moment in diplomacy. speaking of key moments john f. kennedy 50 years ago today gave his last speech at the united nations. in the wake of cuban missile crisis tensions between united states and russia were at an all-time high. looking toward the future, one that tragically president kennedy could not share. he said united nations must be developed into a genuine world
1:26 pm
security system. >> the world has not escaped from the darkness. the long shadows of conflict and crisis envelope us still. but we meet today in an atmosphere of rising hope and at a moment of comparative calm. my presence here today is not a sign of crisis but of confidence. my fellow inhabitants of this planet, let us take our stand here in this assembly of nations. let us see that if we in our own time can move the world to a lasting peace. it's always the same dilemma -- who gets the allstate safe driving bonus check. rock beats scissors! [ chuckles ] wife beats rock. and with two checks a year, everyone wins. [ female announcer ] switch today and get two safe driving bonus checks a year for driving safely. only from allstate. call 866-906-8500 now. [ dennis ] zach really loves his new camera. problem is...this isn't zach.
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shooter aaron alexis. chief of the u.s. navy. thanks very much. i know this has been a tragic week and difficult time for all of you in the service. what do we know about his service record? we know it was not a dishonorable discharge but presumably some sort of negotiated discharge. >> not exactly. we're learning more and more about his record. the secretary of navy order add deep dive on this and we're starting to get a clear picture this was a sailor average performer, below average at times. got into trouble but nothing serious. >> nothing involving firearms. >> no trouble in the navy with weapons, in town we're aware of but no conviction of it. had some troubled time in the service. did get an honorable discharge.
1:31 pm
i think there was a consideration of something less than an honorable but he got an honorable. it wasn't a negotiated thing. he voluntarily left the navy early. >> there was also the report from newport, rhode island where local police said he was delusional, paranoid, hearing voices, thought he was being followed. reported to the navy base but not up the chain of command. is that looked at? >> absolutely. taking a hard look in newport. two days, 6th and 7th of august at which time he stayed in two different hotels in town, a very, very short period of time on the base. right now indications are that the concerns expressed by the newport police were given to the naval station security, but state thad well again. we're looking at this heart. we're trying to figure out what, if anything, should be done differently. there's an issue of security clearance, government wide. uses which does the majority of
1:32 pm
clearances and in this case did, as well as in the case of edward snowden, so it's a big issue. there's an ig into whether this company was cutting corner, not adequately following up. he had a low level clearance but it was a pass he carried with him for ten years. >> right. under the way the system used to work, and there's been changes since then, once you get a secret level clearance back then in 2008 when it was awarded, it was good for 10 years. it would have been automatically revoked if he had been unemployed after the navy for two years or more but he wasn't. he got hired soon after he left the navy. >> the company that hired him for the computer upgrade. >> hired within two years so he was able to keep that security clearance. >> so what changes do you anticipate. we have clearance issues, background checks. i know the colonel said we don't
1:33 pm
want to stigmatize men and women who go for mental health but there should be red flags that cause this access. >> we're looking for red flags. obviously things have been missed. no question about it. we want to get to the root of it. we need to be careful not to rush to judgment on any single incident. it's easy in the aggregate to look back but in realtime hard to see. security is to help keep secrets. that's the whole idea for security clearance, how reliable are you to keep america's safety, not necessarily for physical safety. one thing we are going to look at and secretary hagel ordered deep reviews on the security process. the criteria, should they be different, should we expand an idea of what clearance means and how it should be used. >> what about the fact he walked into the navy yard with a sawed
1:34 pm
off shotgun undetected. >> the criminal investigation is looking at that. he had access because he was on a navy contract working on i.t. contracts in that building. so he had access to the base because he had to get to the base for the job. that's where the networks were where he was working. the issue of weapons is obviously a good question and i know fbi investigators are looking at it hard. >> the memorial on monday, the president is going to be speaking at the navy memorial. again, our condolences for everything that happened. >> thank you very much. we're trying to reach out to victims and families, get them support they need, mental health counseling, legal assistance, anything we can do to get them through this difficult time. >> always good to see you, sir. >> thank you. >> flying half-staff, iconic black and white flag for prisoners of war and those missing in action. president obama has declared this day national day of
1:35 pm
recognition for service members who endured captivity and service members whose remains have yet to be uncovered. president obama said in his proclamation we will never forget their sacrifice nor abandon our responsibility to do everything in our power to bring them home. ♪ [ male announcer ] now, taking care of things at home is just a tap away. ♪ introducing at&t digital life... ♪ ...personalized home security and automation... [ lock clicks ] ...that lets you be closer to home. that's so cool. [ male announcer ] get $100 in instant savings when you order digital life smart security. limited availability in select markets. ♪
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tylenol® has been the number 1 doctor recommended brand of pain reliever for over 20 years. but for everything we do, we know you do so much more. tylenol®. even before the eruption of violence in chicago last night, survivors and families of gun violence had been rallying in washington trying to push lawmakers again to do something about background checks. >> i wish i wasn't here, and i wish the need to work so hard and so long on legislation that just is absolutely common sense. there is no reason in the wor world -- there is no reason in the world that an individual purchasing a firearm from
1:39 pm
someone they don't, someone that doesn't know them should not be required to go through a background check. >> he was shot during the 2007 shooting. he joins me here. collin, good to see you here. good to see you as healthy as you are. what next? how do you get the white house and congress to take this more seriously than they have? >> yesterday we had a big rally right in front of the capital where we brought together victims of gun violence, their family members, survivor, faith leaders, members of the law enforcement community, gun owners, probably everyone, democrats, independents they said this the common sense ground we can move forward on. they voted for expanding background checks. didn't get numeric majority but got a majority. more co-sponsors on the
1:40 pm
background bill than we've ever had. we have a lot of momentum. have you to close the intensity gap and make it real. say, look, this is unacceptable, your inaction. it's resulting in innocent dead people. >> what does it look like to you from inside this effort? from those of us looking outside it seems as though the white house has kind of dropped the ball, not spoken out as actively. you don't see the real pressure on the held from the white house side? >> i think white house leadership has helped a lot, brought a lot of groups together. as a result we've gotten further than we've ever had since the brady bill passed. people who were there in that fight in the mid-90s are telling me now, this is what it felt like. >> really think there's a chance for this? >> i think with the overwhelming majority of public support, it's just a matter of time before elected officials realize you need to support something as common sense as a background check.
1:41 pm
>> what would you say to wayne lapierre who is going to be on "meet the press" with david gregory on sunday. >> i'd ask wayne, look, less talk about what it means to be a responsible gun owner. do you think as a responsible human being if you sell a gun to somebody you don't know there should be a background check before they could own it. that's a simple question i'd love him to answer. >> we don't know what was in the mind of alexis when he went in suburban washington and lorton, virginia to that gun shop. we know he tried a semiautomatic weapon. he could not if he wanted to bought that or bought the handguns because of restrictions on residency. >> there were more incidents in his past that surely should have been flagged. he surely shouldn't have walked out of their armed. what we saw in chicago shows other side of day to day violence, 33 of us killed by a gun every single day. it really shows this is a
1:42 pm
problem that affects people from all parts of the country. it's something the vast majority of us want solutions for. we have bills sitting on desks that can address it. once we get the public to keep it going, coordinate, organize, focus, elected officials will follow. surely a matter of time. >> i keep thinking d.c. has gun laws but we are victim to everything that comes into this city as new york city and other major cities, as is chicago. i keep thinking of the woman whose husband died monday and lost her teenager son four years earlier to random gun violence walking home. >> it's alarming when you know how many people have been affected by this issue. i think one in three americans know someone who has been shot. you said it, d.c. is a city that is inundated with guns trafficked illegally, same with chicago. we have no federal anti-gun
1:43 pm
trafficking statute on the books in this country. that was part of the package put forth that needs to be looked at in the house of representatives. there's not one solution, a variety of options. all of them will respect the second amendment and make sure it's more difficult for dangerous people to get their hands on them in the first place. >> thank you so much, colin goddard. survivors and family members speaking out at the rally in washington yesterday. they shared their personal stories and passion to renew the push for gun control legislation. >> the reason i'm here is because i would like to speak out in support of common sense gun laws and urge our leaders in congresston join with me. on december 14th, 2012, my older sister victoria soto was shot and killed in her first grade classroom at sandy hook elementary school. on that day, i knew my life
1:44 pm
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to help free up plenty of time for the here and now. that's the wonder of streamlined connections. that's merrill edge and bank of america. pope francis has already proved he is a different kind of pope. now in a rare interview he's taken a big step towards redirecting the church back to its roots, fundamental, away from controversial issues such as homosexuality. ann, this is a fascinating period. i know he's not moving on doctrine but moving on tone. explain. >> it's a shift in emphasis, andrea, essentially. today, let me tell you what happened in the vatican today. today pope francis met with a group of international catholic doctors and reaffirmed the church's anti-abortion position.
1:48 pm
but this is how he did it. he said that the aborted child wears the face of the lord as does the elderly person who is mistreated. so what he did is he said, look, the catholic respects life from beginning to end. that's what he's talking about here when he says the church can no longer be obsessed with issues of contraception, abortion, and gay marriage. those are the bedroom issues that have a lot of catholics in this country away from the church. the church is more than that. it's good, he says, but talk about it in context. if you look at his pontificate, look at the issues he's focused on, social justice, poverty, immigration and peace. he admits in this interview that he's been criticized for not focusing on abortion but the catholic church is more than that and that is what he's trying to stress in this interview. >> in the interview with jesuit magazine, a couple of quotes i
1:49 pm
saw in your report anded "today" show, "we cannot insist only on issues related to abortion, gay marriage and the use of contraceptive methods. this is not possible. he said we need to find a new balance. otherwise the moral edifice of the church is likely to fall like a house of cards. interesting. talked to cardinal dolan. >> all of a sudden everybody is interesting, i'm getting invited to the "today" show, i'm asked about pope francis and the teachings of the church. this is an amazing opportunity due to him. >> it's very interesting also he compared himself to st. matthew. can you expand on that? >> i think what's so interesting about him, it really comes through in this interview, andrea, is his humility. he says i am a sinner. that is something we hear from catholics and you hear from
1:50 pm
popes in the past and priests and cardinals. but what he says is, look, this isn't a figure of speech. i really am. he talks about the mistakes he has made as he has grown up, if you will, through the church. he talks about when he argentina and how he didn't listen enough and didn't consider people's opinions enough and he was perceived as you will tra conservative and he's learned to listen and consult. that humility that we have noticed in the fact that he now drives a 1984 renault and he paid for his hotel bill after being elected pope. that humility comes through in this interview. >> and also, some of his more cultural popular cultural tastes. i was interested that he liked the movie bestrad da that i
1:51 pm
loved and mozart. >> he loves opera. he loves mark chagal is one of his favorites and what i would urge everybody to read it, a 17-page interview, it gives a far more complete picture of this man who is now leading the church and his vision of the catholic church than we can do justice to in this segment. it is a fascinating read and it's an easy read. it's not really heavy on theology, it's well worth taking the time to read. >> i would be remiss in not noting he also mem orably in the last week or two, had that unprecedented peace vigil on the subject of syria. he is also very concerned about peace and about the international world and whatever moral situation he can impose on
1:52 pm
that. remember, we have the example of the end of the cold war with if not for the papal industry would not have evolved as it did. >> john paul ii stood on the stage as a world of peace. you're seeing francis do the same thing. even in vladimir putin's op-ed, he referred to the stance on syria but wrote a beautiful letter to the muslim community, a tremendous outreach on behalf of the catholic church saying we have to understand each other and respect each other from birth. i think this is one of the things i would look for as his pontiff continues. he is not afraid to step on the world stage when it comes to peace and to take that role very seriously and to take up that cause, andrea. >> ann thompson, thank you very
1:53 pm
much. fascinating stuff. right now we're going to liberty, missouri, where the president is coming out to speak. here's the president. >> everybody, give jordan a big round of applause. [ applause ] >> i just want to say about jordan, third generation, ford employee. showing the school during the week, works at the plant on the weekends, getting a degree in management and will take allen's place running the company in about, i don't know, it may take a few years but we're so proud of her and congratulations to everything -- everything that she represents. when you see young people like that who are working so hard, making something of themselves and rooted in the community like
1:54 pm
this one, it really makes you proud. before i get started there are a couple of other folks i want to introduce working for you day in and day out. first of all, your outstanding governor jay nixon, his wife georgean. plant might not have been here if not for the great work of jay. that's important to know. we've got my outstanding secretary of health and human services, former governor of kansas, kathleen sebelius is in the house. [ applause ] she basically just came because her son and his fiancee are here but we're glad she's here. one of my greatest friends and just a tough, smart dedicated
1:55 pm
public servant, senator claire mccaskill is here. give her a round of applause. [ applause ] >> your former mayor, preacher, can do everything emanuel cleaver is in the house. [ applause ] current mayor of kansas city, sly james is here. mayor of kansas city, kansas, mark holland is here. [ applause ] and mayor right here in liberty, lindell and his lovely wife roxanne are here. where are they?
1:56 pm
there they are. [ applause ] >> now, when i said i was flying into kansas city to see an incredible success story in action, i did not think i was going to be talking about the chiefs. [ applause ] before you get carried away, i want to point out that the bears are 2-0. i'm just saying. and were able to pass more than 10 yards a -- just a little trash talking. we'll see how we're looking at the end of the season. i want to give special thanks to
1:57 pm
ford ceo, one of our outstanding business leaders and has helped to lead ford to be the number one automaker in the united states of america, we're very proud of him. doesn't matter if you've got an outstanding ceo if you don't have outstanding workers and the president of local 249 jeff wright is here. [ applause ] your launch manager, todd geranowski i really like because he is a bears and sox fan. give todd a big round of
1:58 pm
applause. [ applause ] and i very much appreciate him and some of the other folks showing me around this new stamping plant right here. now, you may not be aware of this, but you and i have a little history together. i may roll in a cadillac these days, but it's not my car. i'm just -- i'm renting, just like my house. the lease runs out in about three and a half years. but before that, i was driving around in a 2008 ford escape. [ applause ] came right off these assembly lines and it was a great car. the problem is, i got secret service about a month after i bought the car so i've only got 2,000 miles on it.
1:59 pm
it is in mint condition. i want to say thank you for building my car but i also came here to talk about what's got to be the number one priority in this country, and that is growing our economy, creating new jobs and making sure that everyone to works hard in america has a chance to get ahead. [ applause ] it's our number one priority. sh remember five years ago a financial crisis hit wall street and turned into a devastating recession on main street and came close to being another great depression. by the time i took office the economy was shrinking at the rate of 8% a year. unprecedented. our businesses were shedding 800,000


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