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tv   Andrea Mitchell Reports  MSNBC  October 1, 2013 1:00pm-2:00pm EDT

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right now on "andrea mitchell reports," closed for business. thousands of federal workers furloughed. how long will the government shutdown last? we'll hear from president obama in moments. xx xxxx it's a mess, like kids on a playground, fighting, fighting, ridiculous. >> unpaid leave. >> it's okay if it's a half day. if it's weeks, that could be a serious problem. you know, with this congress,
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you just don't know. in the past, that was the case. i don't know. >> i hate to see, you know, the whole country held hodge to a set of issues that have been voted on and passed into law. >> good day. i'm andrea mitchell in new york today. as we see the rose garden, the president is coming out now to speak about the launch of health care. he's with kathleen sebelius, who was supposed to be a guest on our show. the government shutdown on everyone's mind. the president. >> midnight last night -- can everybody hear me? the mike working? good morning, everybody. midnight last night for the first time in 17 years, the republicans in congress chose to shut down the federal government. let me be more specific. one faction of one party in one
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house of congress in one branch of government shut down major parts of the government all because they didn't like one law. this republican shutdown did not have to happen. i want every american to understand why it did happen. republicans in the house of representatives refused to fund the government unless we defunded or dismantled the affordable care act. they have shut down the government over an ideological crusade to deny affordable health insurance to millions of america americans. in other words, they demanded for doing their jobs. a number of americans, including republicans, made it clear, had they been allowed by speaker boehner to take a simple up or down vote on keeping the government open, with no partisan strings attached, enough votes from both parties
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would have kept the american people's government open and operating. we may not know the full impact of this republican shut down for sometime. it will depend on how long it lasts. we do know a couple of things. we know the last time republicans shut down the government in 1996, it hurt our economy. unlike 1996, our economy is still recovering from the worst recession in generations. we know certain services and benefits americans senior, veterans, business owners depend on must be put on hold. certain offices, along with every national park and monument must be closed. while last night i signed legislation to make sure our 1.4 active duty military are paid through the shutdown, hundreds of thousands of civilian worker, many still on the job, many forced to stay home aren't being
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paid, even if they have families to support and local businesses that rely on them. we know the longer this shutdown continues, the worst the effects will be. more families will be hurt. more businesses will be harmed so once again i urge house republicans to reopen the government. restart services americans depend on and allow public servants who have been sent home to return to work. it is only going to happen when republicans realize they don't get to hold the entire economy hostage over ideological demands. as i've said repeatedly, i am prepared to work with democrats and republicans to do the things we need to do to grow the economy, create jobs and get our physical house in order over the long run. although i should add the shutdown isn't about deficits or spending or budgets.
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after all our deficits are falling at a faster pace in 50 years. we've cut them in half since i took office. in fact, many of the demands the republicans are now making would actually raise our deficits. no, this shutdown is not about deficits, budgets, the shut down is about rolling back our efforts to provide health insurance to folks who don't have it. it's all about rolling back affordable care act. this more than anything else seems to be what the republican party stands for these days. i know it's strange that one party would make keeping people uninsured the centerpiece of their agenda but that apparently is what it is. of course, what's stranger still, shutting down our government doesn't accomplish their stated goal. affordable care act is a law that passed the house, the senate, supreme court ruled it
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constitutional. it was a central issue in last year's election. it is settled, and it is here to stay. because of its funding sources it's not impacted by a government shutdown. these americans are here with me today because even though the government is closed, a big part of the affordable care act is now open for business. for them, and millions like them, this is a historic day for good reason. it's been a long time coming. today americans who have been forced to go without insurance can now visit and enroll in affordable new plans that offer quality coverage. that starts today. people will have six months to sign up. so for the next six months, people are going to have the opportunity in many cases for the first time in their lives to get affordable coverage they desperately need now, of course, if you're one of the 85% of
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americans that already have health insurance you don't need to do a thing. you're already benefiting from new benefits and protecteds that have been in place for sometime under this law. but for the 15% of americans who don't have health insurance, this opportunity is life changing. let me just tell folks a few stories that are represented here today. few years ago amanda barrett left her job in new york to take care of her parents. for a while she had temporary insurance that covered her multiple sclerosis. when it expired many insurers wouldn't cover her because of her ms. she ended up paying $1200 a month. that's nowhere near affordable. starting today, she can get coverage for much less because today's new plan can't use your medical his to charge you more than anybody else. sky high premiums once forced nancy to choose between paying rent or paying for health insurance. she's been uninsured every
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since. she pays all of her medical bills out of pocket, puts some on her credit card making them even harder to pay. nancy says they talk about those that fall through the cracks, i fell through the cracks 10 years ago and have been stuck there every since. starting today, nancy can get coverage just like everybody else. this lady laid off from her job, six moths months ago diagnosed with a brain tumor. she couldn't receive insurance so she hasn't received treatment yet. her daughter, a student at the university of merrill, is considering dropping out of school to help pay her mom's bills. starting today, thanks to the affordable care act she can get covered without forcing her daughter to give up on her dreams. so these stories of hardworking americans sound familiar to you.
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well, starting today you and your friends and family and co-workers can get covered, too. just visit and there you can compare insurance plans side by side the same way you'd shop for a plane ticket on kayak or tv on amazon. you'll be presented with a list of quality affordable plans available in your area with clear descriptions of what each plan covers and what it will cost. you'll find more choices, more competition and in many cases lower prices. most uninsured americans will find they can get covered for $100 or less. you don't have to take my word for it. go on the website, and check it out for yourself. show it to your family and friends and help them get coverage just like mayors and churches and community groups are already fanning out to do across the country. there's a hot line where you can apply over the phone and get help with the application.
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or just get questions you have answered by real people in 150 different languages. so let me give you that number. the number is 1-800-318-2596. 1-800-318-2596. check out call that number. show your family and friends how to use it and we can get america covered once and for all so the struggles these folks have gone through and millions around the country have gone through for years finally get addressed. let me just remind people why i think this is so important. i heard a striking statistic yesterday. if you get cancer, you are 70% more likely to live another five years if you have insurance than if you don't. think about that. that is what it means to have health insurance. set aside the issues of security and fns and how you're impacted
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by that, the stress involved in not knowing whether or not you're going to have health care. this is life or death stuff. tens of house of americans die each year just because they don't have health insurance. millions more live with the fear they will go broke if they get sick. today we begin to free millions of fellow americans from that fear. already millions of young adults have been able to stay on their parents plan until they turn 26. millions of seniors have gotten a discount on their prescription medicines. already millions of families have received rebates from insurance companies that didn't spend enough on their health care. this law means more choice, more competition, more choice for millions of americans. this law doesn't just mean economic securities for our families, it means we're finally addressing the biggest drivers of our long-term deficits. it means a stronger economy.
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remember, most republicans have made a whole bunch of predictions about this law that aren't true. there are no death panels. prices haven't skyrocketed they are at a lower rate than 50 years. signed affordable care act into law are the three slowest rates on record. contrary to republican claims, this law hasn't destroyed our economy. for the past three and a half years our businesses have created 7.5 million new jobs. just today we learned our manufacturers are growing at the fastest rate in 2.5 years. they have factored in affordable care act. they don't think it's a problem. what's weighing on the economy isn't the affordable care act but the constant series of crisis and unwillingness to pass a reasonable budget by a faction of the republican party. like every new law, every new
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product rollout, there are going to be some glitches in the signup process along the way that we will fix. i've been saying this from the start. for example, we found out there have been times this morning where the site has been running more slowly than it normally will. the rope is because more than 1 million people visited before 7:00 in the morning. to put that in context, there were five times more users in the marketplace this morning than have ever been on at one time. that gives you a sense of how important this is to millions of americans around the country. that's a good thing. we're going to be speeding things up in the next few hours to handle all this demand that exceeds anything that we had expected. consider just a couple weeks ago
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apple rolled out a new mobile operating system. within days they found a glitch, so they fixed it. i don't remember anybody suggesting apple should stop selling iphones or ipads or threatening to shut down the company if they didn't. that's not how we do things in america. we don't actively root for failure. we get to work, make things happen, make them better. we keep going. so in that context i'll work with anybody whose got a serious idea to make the affordable care act work better. i've said that repeatedly. as long as i'm president i won't give in to reckless demands by some in the republican party to deny affordable health insurance to millions of hardworking americans. i want republicans in congress to know, these are the americans you would hurt if you were allowed to dismantle this law. americans like amanda, nancy,
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who now have peace of mind of health care just like everybody else, including members of congress. the notion that you'd make a condition for reopening the government that i make sure these folks don't have health care. that doesn't make any sense. it doesn't make any sense. let me make one closing point. this shutdown threatens the economy when millions of americans are looking for work and businesses getting traction. the timing is not good. of course a lot of the republicans in the house ran for office two years ago promising to shut down the government, so apparently they have now gotten their wish. but as i've said before, the irony the house republicans have to contend with, they have shut down a bunch of parts of the
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government but the affordable care act is still open for business. this may be why you've got many republican governors and senators and even a growing number of reasonable republican congressmen who are telling the extreme right of their party to knock it off. pass a budget. move on. and i want to underscore the fact congress doesn't have to end this shutdown and reopen the government, congress generally has to stop governing by crisis. they have to break this habit. it is a drag on the economy. it is not worthy of this country. for example, one of the most important things congress has to do in the next couple of weeks is to raise what's called the debt ceiling. it's important to understand what this is. this is a routine vote. congress has taken this vote 45 times to raise the debt ceiling
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since ronald reagan took office. it does not cost taxpayers a single dime. it does not grow our deficits by a single dime. it does not authorize anybody to spend any money whatsoever. all it does is authorize the treasury to pay the bills on what congress has already spent. think about that. if you buy a car and you've got a car note, you do not save money by not paying your car note. you're just a deadbeat. if you buy a house, you don't save money by not authorizing yourself to pay the mortgage. you're just going to be for closed on your home. that's what this is about. it is routine. it is what they are supposed to do. this is not a concession to me.
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it is not some demand that's unreasonable i'm making, this is what congress is supposed to do as a routine manner. and they shouldn't wait until the last time to do it. last time they threatened this course of action back in 2011, our economy staggered, our credit rating was downgraded for the first time. if they go through with it this time and force the united states to default on its obligations for the first time in history, it would be far more dangerous than a government shutdown, as bad as a shutdown is. it would be an economic shutdown. so i'll speak more on this in the coming days. but let me repeat, i will not negotiate over congress's responsibility to pay bills it's already racked up. i'm not going to allow anybody to drag the good name of the united states of america through the mud just to refight a settled election or extract
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ideological demands. nobody gets to hurt our economy and millions of hardworking families over a law you don't like. there are a whole bunch of things i'd like to see passed through congress that the house republicans haven't passed yet. i'm not out there saying, well, i'm going to let america default unless congress does something they don't want to do. that's not how adults operate. certainly that's not how our government should operate. that's true whether there's a democrat in this office or a republican in this office. it doesn't matter whether it's a democratic house of representatives or republican controlled house of representatives. there's certain rules that everybody abides by because we don't want to hurt other people just because we have a political
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disagreement. so my basic message to congress is this. pass a budget, end the government shutdown. pay your bills. prevent an economic shutdown. don't wait, don't delay, don't put our economy or our people through this any longer. i'm more than happy to work with them creating new jobs, new growth, new security for our middle class. we're better than this. certainly the american people are better than this. i believe that what we've accomplished for amanda and nancy and trenase and tens of millions of their fellow citizens on this day proves that even when the odds are long and obstacles are many, we are and always will be a country that
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can do great things together. thank you very much, everybody. god bless you. thank you, all of you, for the great work you're doing. thank you, kathleen sebelius for the outstanding work she's doing making sure millions of americans can get health insurance. thank you. >> mr. president, if you won't -- >> the president is leaving to the rose garden not responding to questions, with that shout out to kathleen sebelius. joining me now kelly o'donnell and mark halperin, nbc analyst and "time" editor-at-large. first to you, talk about the winners and losers, the people, thousands and thousands without paychecks, benefits, people getting backlogged by the veterans administration, already backlogged, fha mortgages. lets talk about the politics, raw politics. the president seems to be
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getting the platform to put his word out there saying this is a republican shutdown that did not need to happen. >> andrea, i took pretty careful notes. the president didn't say anything that would surprise me or anyone listening to his message and jay carney and other people giving the administration's measure. they are not happy, because of the human cost you referred to. the politics aren't great for the president. they are going to keep playing this hand, i suspect, until the end of this. not only do they think it's the winning hand but there's no other hand for the president to say. that contrasts, of course, with speaker boehner and other republicans who scramble and continue to scramble and try to find a message and set of tactics and maybe even a strategy that will work. >> chuck todd is joining us from the white house. chuck, one of the issues here is how many members of congress, 211 members elected from safe
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districts on stopping obama care and shutting down the government. >> if you recall there were more votes passed for democrats running for congress than republicans yet mitt romney carried more congressional districts than barack obama did, even though the election wasn't that close in the overall national popular. gives you an idea why it's two americas, if you will, a red america in one place, blue america in the other. why the same sides don't hear the same messages from back home. they don't listen to the same media. they don't listen to the same radio. they don't watch the same television. we've seen some patterns on that. this really is a culture clash, almost, that's playing out in this political fight. we can tell nothing is going to happen today. if you look at what's going on right now, you have republicans trying to unite today around a message of blaming democrats for not negotiating. you heard the president frame
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this is a republican shutdown, ideological crusade. feels as if everybody has made the decision they are going to be hunkering down for days, not hours anymore. it seemed as if people were holding fire to see if there's an agreement, not today. a much different attitude of partisan rhetoric. we're in it for the long hall. this is 1995 all over again. >> kelly o'donnell on capitol hill. what is john boehner saying? >> we haven't seen him publicly today. he's in the office. he's meeting with his folks. the opportunity to have a kind of public photo-op did not include the house speaker. instead that involved majority leader eric cantor and budget chair paul ryan, other members they have appointed as these negotiators. they set up an event and took questions where they had the other side of the table empty as another sign they say senate democrats aren't willing to negotiate. what i'm struck by and having
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conversations in the hallways with members of congress, senior aides directly involved in these conversations, no one can give you a set of scenarios that will play out. whereas before the shutdown actually began, there were different cards people can talk about of trying this and doing that. all of that has stopped right now. i had one republican senator say there is no end game. i've had many people in both parties say it will go on for sometime. there just isn't even a sense there are moves to play that could bring about some new talking, some new resolution. perhaps some of the pressure from the outside, members of the public will have impact. this is a strange, calm sort of resignation people retreated to their separate corners. despite the real world consequences of what's happening, i had senators tell me they were furloughing employees today. i've talked to capital police officers who aren't getting paid but here and working. there's a real sense of almost
1:26 pm
sadness but fatigue and no real ideas bow how to resolve this. andrea. >> precisely. this is about the president's health program, his legacy, major achievement supported by the supreme court and validated by a presidential election. it's not about lets cut a little bit from here and a little bit from there and meet in the middle. there is no sense of a negotiating strategy or negotiation to come. >> not even conversations. >> exactly. >> kelly o'donnell, mark halperin and chuck todd, thank you so much. so we're talking about being in the eye of the storm. what was on the president's mind in the hours just before the midnight deadline. npr's morning edition interviewed from the oval office just as the reality of the shutdown was setting in. steve, thanks for taking out time from your busy day to be with us. >> delighted to be here, andrea. >> tell us about the atmosphere there. might have been a weird calm as well. >> there absolutely was. there was a sense in my mind i was in a white house very
1:27 pm
accustomed to crisis, very accustomed to this situation. the president, as you know, andrea, the president is always cool. however disastrous it might be, he's outwardly cool. it almost seemed like a normal day of business even as they went around the press area and gave information about security protocols if some of the staff had to go home later in the week. >> i wanted to play your conversation with the president. this is audio from npr of the last interview he's given before the shutdown. >> what can you offer? >> steve, when you say, what can i offer, they are not doing me a favor by paying for things that they have already approved for the government to do. that's part of their basic function of government. that's not doing me a favor. that's doing what the american
1:28 pm
people send them here to do, carry out their responsibilities. >> there is no negotiating strategy, not from the president's side and doesn't seem from john boehnered sides side. >> the president saying i won't negotiate. there's no room to negotiate. the republicans aren't offering me anything, a 45-day extension to operate, which he contends is automatic. you can understand the box this puts republicans in. you heard the president in the statement say again and again, use words like ideological and faction. he's not even denouncing the whole republican party. he's trying to narrow it down to a single faction. i think he senses for the moment they have nowhere to go. democrats sense that. i was speaking earlier today with a republican neb of congress who was expressing frustration the white house is not negotiating. that's the message for the moment. there's another message there,
1:29 pm
andrea. what they are essentially saying is please offer us something, throw us a bone is the phrase the lawmaker used. give us something. help us get out of this is effectively what republicans are saying. democrats and the president, at least for the moment, seem comfortable in leaving republicans in what they see as a bach. this is an unpredictable situation. you don't know who is going to be more damaged by this over time. >> good point, steve. thanks for sharing with us. we appreciate that. >> any time, andrea. >> you're not going to believe this. here is an important warning for federal employees during the shutdown, don't check your government e-mail. that's what i'm saying. don't check your e-mail. those employees who do will be breaking the anti-deficiency act. hard to believe there's something called anti-deficiency act. passed in the 1800s. this law dictates what federal employees can and county do during a government shutdown. they obviously didn't know anything about e-mails. ♪ ♪
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despite or more likely because of shutdown in washington, the democratic party has received $850,000 in donations in just the last 24 hours. this is the biggest fundraising day since the 2012 election. the cash flow won't turn the government's light back on. what can, chair of the democratic national committee member of congress debbie wasserman-schultz. you're not in the dark but you've had to presumably furlough some of our own staff? >> well, no, i like many members of congress in order to make sure i can do my job and help work towards getting the government to turn back on have deemed my staff essential. it would be hard to do my job as legislator without having the staff to help get it done. we have to make sure the entire federal government goes back on
1:34 pm
and reopen the government. the republicans need to stop become utterly irresponsible and holding the economy hostage in exchange for ransom of delaying or defunding affordable care act. it's just the height of irresponsibility. >> congresswoman, there does seem to be an aura, we were just talking to kelly o'donnell who you know very well on the hill of no action. no incentive to negotiate from either side. democrats seem to be ready to let republicans sit in their own juice and republicans aren't going to offer anything right away. you're not going to negotiate over obama care. where is the middle ground here? republicans are meeting at this hour. what would you like to see come from them? >> we'd like to see a clean cr come from them. we'd like to see them put a clean cr, continuing resolution on the house floor. allow the will of the house to be worked. allow 218 members, republicans and democrats coming together to vote in support of a clean cr,
1:35 pm
send it to the senate, the senate will send to the president. then we can move on with make egg sure we can continue what that has been a robust recovery. we they'd to make it more robust. what we don't need to do is continue for the 46th and 47th and seemingly 48th time to argue whether we're going to delay or defund affordable care act in some way. it's ironic the republicans shut the down down at the exact minute the website came online where millions of americans have the opportunity to go on online, look at what health care they can get, make a decision on what kind of affordable quality care they can get. it doesn't have to be this way. the my way or the highway has to end. we have to work together. you know what, andrea, particularly as we know the kinks that we will uncover in the affordable care act that
1:36 pm
will occur, we should do what we've done as americans for years, that's work together to iron them out. the affordable care act is here to stay, upheld by the supreme court. we had an election over it. president obama was re-elected. it's enough already. the gop shutdown needs to end and we need to get back to work. >> congresswoman debbie wasserman-schultz, thanks very much. you're exactly right. right now we have a special guest. the nation's attention is focused on the shutdown. starting up now is the new health care law in full affeeff today as the president described it. more than a million have visited and joining me now is kathleen sebelius, secretary of health and services. there have been glitches but apple has glitches. what is your response to republicans and other critics that say it's not going to work and there are too many problems
1:37 pm
and it needs to be fixed, delayed until it's fixed. >> andrea, we're thrilled this day has come. the president signed the health care bill in march 2010. we have now implementing the final piece of puzzle, which is to provide affordable coverage for about the 15% of americans that don't have health care at all or in and out of the so-called individual market. basically at the mercy of insurance companies. they will now be able to choose between private insurance plans to have to compete for their business based on service and based on price. has plans side by side. families can figure out what works within their own budget, figure out what kind of financial help they will qualify for and make a great choice about health security for the first time ever. so we have had a few slowdowns,
1:38 pm
a few glitches, but it's sort of a great problem to have. it's based on the fact that the volume has been so high and the interest is so high. we're working quickly to fix that. just to remind people, today is the not the only day to shop. this is a six-month open enrollment period, so people have time to look at plans, compare prices, figure out what they qualify for, get their questions answered and make a great decision for themselves. >> madam secretary, are you impacted at all? is the rollout impacted by government shut down or are people hoping those going online seeking help are all the people involved in this rollout, quote, essential? >> the worst part of the republican, house republican move to shut down the government is they have, in our department about 52% of our employees at agencies from the national institutes of health to center
1:39 pm
for disease control and prevention and fda are now furloughed, can't do their job, can't deliver important services to citizens across this country. and most of the work around the affordable care act is either paid for by mandatory money, a stream of funding that's already sort of prefunded or they are actually working on specific benefit issues like medicare and medicaid changes as part of this law. so the affordable care act is not shut down because of the government but because of the streams of funding. so the shutdown needs to be over. more importantly we need to make sure that this maneuver of the house republicans to hold the country at ransom doesn't then kick over into the debt ceiling discussion. that would shut down the economy. this shuts down most of the federal government. step two would be to shut down the economy and send us
1:40 pm
careening toward a recession. that just is a ransom price that is way too important for the president even to consider. congress needs to do its job. pass a budget, pass the debt ceiling and then lets talk about priorities moving forward. >> how many more people, how many millions of people do you expect will be enrolled in health insurance? what would you consider a successful marker? >> the congressional budget office, andrea, projected 7 million newly insured americans by the end of the first open enrollment period. we're kind of shooting for that target. that includes not only the federal marketplace with the plans that are offered but also various state marketplaces. i think the notion that we had just on the federal marketplace, over a million people before 7:00 a.m. this morning, it's an indication of how eager people are for real information, to get the facts, to do some shopping themselves. so is the
1:41 pm
website. there's also a call center. 1-800-318-2596. 1-800-318-2596. people can call on the phone. we have translators available in up to 150 languages to answer questions, help people understand some of the terminology. this is a brand-new day for millions of americans, some of whom were in the rose garden with the president just a few minutes ago. people who have pre-existing health conditions or lost their insurance when they lost their job or have had a difficult time just paying for coverage because they don't have employer-based coverage. they talked in a very human and compelling way to the president about what a change this will make in their lives, how much security they will have, how they won't have to worry again about literally declaring bankruptcy or losing a house because they get sick.
1:42 pm
that's what this bill is all about. >> we are putting those numbers up and letting people know where to call for help. >> that's great. >> madam secretary, before i let you go, you were just with the president in the rose garden. as you were walking back in or before hand, what is his move right now, given what's happened to the government? >> i think he's i would say really frustrated where we have reached a point where a small group of one house, one body of congress has decided to really hijack the federal government. because they have a series of demands, ransom demands they want in turn for doing the job that the american public elected them to do, they want to relitigate the election as the president said. the affordable care act was passed by both houses of
1:43 pm
congress, signed into law by the president, a year ago upheld by the supreme court of the united states, and he was re-elected. this as you know, andrea, was a big topic of conversation during the election. so lets move on. lets move forward. lets get to the business that the american people expect. health security for millions of hardworking families making sure our kids get a great education, making sure essential services are delivered and that the economy continues the recovery that is well under way. we can see this all fall apart if congress continues the government shutdown and if they dare to threaten the full faith and credit of the united states of america. we could see returning to a recession quickly. that would be a terrible result. >> kathleen sebelius on a very busy day. thank you very much for joining us. >> good to talk to you. >> here in new york, it was israel's prime minister benjamin netanyahu's turn to speak at the united nations.
1:44 pm
he had tough words for iran's new president hassan rouhani. >> i know he doesn't sound like ahmadinejad but when it comes to iran's nuclear program, the only difference between them is this, ahmadinejad was a wolf in wolf's clothing, he's a wolf in sheep's clothing. a wolf that thinks he can pull the wool over the eyes of the international community. i wish i could believe rouhani but i don't, because facts are stubborn things. the facts are iran's savage record flatly contradicts rouhani's soothing rhetoric. he fooled once, now he thinks he
1:45 pm
can fool it again. you see, rouhani thinks he can have his yellow cake and eat it, too. >> yellow cake is, of course, enriched uranium. he said rouhani mastermind behind advancing the nuclear program and the world cannot let it happen again. he pleaded with the u.n. not to lift sanctions if it wants diplomacy to succeed. google celebrating the anniversary of the yosemite park with a doodle. there's little celebrating at the national parks because of the shutdown. park rangers are shutting the gates, winding down operations and telling visitors they have to leave. so much for wedded bliss, 24 permits had been issued for october weddings at the national parks, lincoln memorial and other national monuments. now these couples are being told their events may be canceled. there was no stopping dozens of world war ii veterans from touring the world war ii memorial in washington. originally blocked by barricades, a group of congressmen stepped in to allow
1:46 pm
the veterans who had felon in on honor flights to see the memorials. today at the concert, your husband left his cell phone on. and you're not necessarily proud of that. but tonight, he made the pizza. ...with johnsonville italian sausage. the premium cuts of pork and perfect blend of herbs and spices gave every bite even more flavor. and everyone loved it. and you're definitely proud of that.
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in a rare moment of agreement even now, congress did pass legislation last night guaranteeing military pay during the shutdown. president obama signed the last-minute bill into law saying this is the late night address. >> if you're serving in harm's way, we're going to make sure you have what you need to succeed in your missions. congress has passed and i'm signing into law legislation to make sure you get your paychecks on time. you and your families deserve better than the dysfunction we're seeing in congress. >> msnbc's craig melvin is live at the stone house eatery in wrightstown, new jersey on how people are reacting to the shutdown near a military base. one thing hazardous duty pay is not paid to our warriors in afghanistan and other frontline settings but how are people reacting there? >> you know what, andrea, we've
1:50 pm
talked to dozen of folks who have come in today. it's a stone's throw from ft. dix. as you might imagine, the reaction has been not mixed at all. everyone who has come in has been very anxious. they have been asking us some questions. they do know again according to get paid. but there is some confusion over whether all of the civilian contractors will get paid. i want to introduce you to ray and tracy, retired navy passing through. you've been watching this unfold over the past few days. what do you make of the shutdown in broad terms? >> we know we're still being protected and active duty are still getting paid and essential personnel are still in place, getting paid but we do have a lot of friends who are contractors. virginia beach, corpus christi, via facebook and few phone calls, they have been posting their thoughts about the situation. not too happy -- not too many are happy about it. >> it's probably putting it
1:51 pm
mildly. >> yes. there were some -- a lot of stars and hash marks in their comments so we know there's some people out there being hurt. thank god they still have their retirement to fall back on. but they do need to have pay to supplement that. >> one of the things that a number of guys have come in today have said, tracy has been, just the uncertainty, the not knowing whether this is going to be something that last a week or two weeks or three weeks. what are you hearing on that front? >> i've heard it's going to be at least two to three weeks. -- >> are you frustrated or angry? >> i'm frustrated. this is not the first time the military is threatened with not getting paid although they are getting paid with this. they just feel frustrated but they know they are okay but still, the services they are going to be providing are going to be curtailed because there
1:52 pm
won't be any civilian support. >> ray and tracy, andrea mitchell. as i told you yesterday, this is a base not unfamiliar with this sort of thing. a few months ago they were furloughed for six days unpaid. many of those folks on pins and needles once again. >> just so frustrating and where do you direct that attention? craig melvin, thank you very much and thanks to them as well in wrightstown, new jersey. how is the shutdown affecting you? tl is a current college student awaiting federal loan approval, seems i'll be waiting much longer. a disabled vet, my tuition disability and pel grant won't be paid. what would you tell congress. laura says stop arguing about which party's fault it is and fix it. scott says if working class government employees will have to lose their paycheck during this, you you should too. we want to hear from you, tweet us or post on facebook, don't
1:53 pm
shut me down or dear congress. you can follow us on twitter or facebook at mitchell reports. [ cheering ] ♪ ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] build anything with the new toyota tundra. toyota. let's go places.
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that does it for this edition of "andrea mitchell reports." we're not shut down. we want to hear from you at mitchell reports. my colleague tamron has what's next on "news nation." >> thank you very much. in our next hour ks a lot going on. we just heard from president obama on the government shutdown and the launch of obama care. convention wisdom if one side does not cave today, don't expect a resolution any time soon on shutdown. does that mean days, weeks, a month? plus, at any minute, democratic leaders will mark the kickoff to the affordable health care acts the white house says it's thrilled with the number of people that have visited so far. would have more on the numbers from the white house and the
1:57 pm
people who have gone on today and see the reviews from average americans. plus, a shocking case, so many people talking about it. road rage, a man chased down by dozens of bikers before being dragged out of his suv and attacked in front of his wife and child. there's been an arrest in the case. all coming up next on "news nation."
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