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tv   Way Too Early  MSNBC  October 10, 2013 5:30am-6:00am EDT

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chairs. but in all seriousness, there could be a few signs of progress. i will explain. the spirit of st. louis, it lives on in baseball. highlights from the post-season and the end of pittsburgh's cinderella season. the kanye, kimmel summit, civil? odd, yes. perfect for us to show you, yes. this is way too early. good morning everybody. brian schactman here. thursday, october 10th. we'll have a pretty fascinating idea on how to keep breaking bad going. we'll have that for you in business. we begin with breaking news in libya overnight. the prime minister there has been kidnapped. he was taken by gunman from his hotel in tripoli h we're joined onset with the latest. >> i know you've been working on this. bring us up to speed. >> earlier this morning, 4:00
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a.m., 100 or so trucks carrying members of a certain group went to the home of where the prime minister lives and detained him and alleged that he was involved in all kinds of illegal wrongdoings, involving corruption, bribery. they say they want him brought to justice. >> this is the chief executive of libya, which is, of course, has not quite as lawful a country as we expect out of, say. united states. give people an understanding of why this had something on the margins to do with the recent raid that the u.s. did in libya. >> in the past several weeks, he's under a tremendous amount of pressure for the way he's conducting the country's affairs. he's the top executive as you mentioned. a tipping point for a lot of the revolutionary groups and some people within the country -- the terror suspect that the u.s. captured in a raid. many libyans felt it was an infringement of libyan sovereignty. they wanted the libyan government to come out with a strong condemnation, to some
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extent suspending ties with the u.s. he, however, as the chief executive of that country came out and said this would not affect u.s./libyan relations. >> we have to clarify. the here is to have a coup or -- maybe it's not that serious. >> absolutely. not there's no intention to cause any harm to him. he's being treated well. he was allowed to call his family as we understand it. they want him to be brought to justice. how that happens in libya with a very young justice system, still very unclear. ayman mohyeldin. appreciate the insight. turning now to washington, after ten days of the government shutdown, democrats and republicans are finally sitting down to talk. later today, president obama will host a handful of republican lawmakers at the white house in an effort to find a solution that would reopen the government and avoid a default. the president invited all 232 house republicans to the meeting. however, house speaker john
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boehner decided to send a handful of party leaders and chairman. jay carney responded to boehner's decision saying, in part, president obama is disappointed that speaker boehner is preventing his members from coming to the white house and that the president thought it was important to talk directly with members who forced this economic crisis on the country. any hope for a breakthrough now appears to be focused on a short-term deal to increase the debt limit and new polling shows the fallout over the shutdown and debt limit standoff has taken a greater toll, excuse me, on republicans than it has on democrats. a new gallop poll finds the favorability of the gop has fallen ten points over the last month to 28%. 62% of americans have an unfavorable view of republicans in congress. democrats have seen a four-point drop in their favorability. the dysfunction in washington has also become the number one concern of voters. at 33%, it's also the first time
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since 2008. this is significant that the economy was not americans' top concern. as we near the treasury's october 17th deadline for the debt limit, some republican lawmakers are questioning the severity of the fallout if no deal is reached. >> many nonpartisan economists say if you fail to raise the debt limit, it would be a catastrophe for the world economy. that doesn't convince you enough? >> i'm not convinced that's true. you know, when you look at -- i've talked to economists and read a lot of articles on this and talked to bankers, and we're not going to go into default. so raising, hitting the debt ceiling doesn't equal defaulting. i think it's irresponsible for any leaders from washington to indicate that america would default and not pay our debt. i think it would be reassuring if the president would come forward and say america has never defaulted on our debt and
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america won't. one reason we won't, we bring in $250 billion of revenue every month in into payments $20 billion. i can't think of a reason why you wouldn't pay the interest on the debt. >> the leaning u.s. chamber of commerce said in a statement, "the debt ceiling specifically must pass on a timely basis to avoid inflicting substantial and enduring damage on the u.s. economy." other experts say the ripples would be global. >> right now, emerging economies in the developing countries, can't -- in their effort to grow their economies. >> the point we're trying to make, when we had a near miss in august of 2011, even that had an incompete impact. president obama officially signed off on janet yellen. he was nominated to be the first ever chairwoman of the federal reserve. the president said yellen will be a champion for american families and she has a keen understanding of how the economy works. it's an economy that yellen says still isn't where it needs to
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be. >> the mandate of the federal reserve is to serve all the american people. too many americans still can't find a job and worry how they'll pay their bills and provide for their families. the federal reserve can help if it does its job effectively. we can help ensure that everyone has the opportunity to work hard and build a better life. republicans are showing some signs they're not sold on yellen replacing ben bernanke in january. in a statement, senate minority whip john cornyn said, ms. yellen prescribes to the liberal school of thought that the best way to handle fiscal challenges is to throw more money at them. this stimulus obsession is the reason we find ourselves in the calamity it is today. >> yellen would be the first democrat to lead the federal reserve since 1979. with less than a week until
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the special election, the debate for the u.s. senate seat in new jersey getting a little bit heated last night. republican candidate steve lon began called newark a big black hole for taxpayers money. cory booker serves as the city's mayor. the two contenders grew heated more than once over the topic of gun violence. >> shootings in newark, since i've been elected from 2006, are down 27%. murders are down over 15%. we were innovative doing more with less. my opponent's solution to big cities, again, is lits level camden. he talks down to newark. critical issues are not solved like background checks in the secondary markets which my opponent opposes. he's getting support from the nra. >> cory booker back a month ago, 14-year-old alley henderson was shot to death in the streets of newark while he was on the jimmy fallon show telling people what a great job he was doing in
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newark. ten people -- while my opponent was running around hollywood and san francisco promoting himself. the delaware river, if we have the pullback of the epa, let fracking go on like many of the frackers want to do, it could pollute our waters. >> you may not be able to swim in that river, but i think it's because of the bodies floating around from shooting victims in your city. >> oh, my god. >> now to business. markets mixed as the dow and s&p avoided a three-day losing streak. the nasdaq in -- the central bank's decision not to scale back bond buying program was a "relatively close call." let's check in with cnbc steve sedgwick live for us in london. >> pbrian, luts put that on the back burner. new methods and mod ems of getting content to market, something we have a vested
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interest in. very interesting to note that mobile advertising has taken off. especially for companies like facebook, companies such as google. in the first half of 2013, we saw a huge amount of mobile spending. $3 billion um from $2 billion. yun lever who make held man's, vaseline, other products, including dove soap upping their mobile advertising, tripling it in the past year. >> comcast signed a deal with twitter, which is interesting. could be a new avenue for people to watch programs. basically, if nbc, for instance, posts a tweet on a show like the roy voice, then there could be a function to set your video, you can watch live or on demand as well. this could be the next generation of how people use twitter to get to content from nbc and others. >> you talk about delivery of content and ads. hollywood mogul jeffrey katzenberg had an interesting
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idea how to deliver three more episodes of breaking bad and has a strong business angle too. >> it is absolutely extraordinary. $25 million per episode. three episodes. $75 million. even my math can handle that. what he wanted the makers to do is break it up into short bite-size portions. six-minute portions to subscribe online for these and create enormous pay-per-view revenue. i say apparently -- i haven't seen breaking bad. i've been saving up to watch this one when i get spare time away from the kids. because of the way it ened, this became a nonstarter. >> tie it with a ribbon. it would have been interesting to sell the snippets and draw it out and make more money from more people. it would probably be experimented at some point. thank you very much. have a look at this. >> all right. so an artist created michael
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jackson's legendary thriller video using legos. it's super cool. it took a long time. was that really worth hundreds of hours of work. so we want to know in terms of viral videos and this went viral. what is really cool but probably really not worth it. your best and most creative tweets. we'll try to show a couple. get some answers. the cardinals headed to the nlcs on the arm of adam wainwright. we'll show you the big plays of the game and the pem talk. you probably haven't had a hot pocket since college. you may have new inspiration for the throwback meal. that story and a check on weather when we come back.
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we have breaking news. the story in libya. nbc news just confirmed its prime minister has been released just hours after being kidnapped. he was taken from his upscale home by gunman. two of his security guards were taken and beaten and released. witnesses say up to 150 gunman stormed the hotel. it's believed the kidnapping was related somehow to the u.s. raid that captured a key member of al qaeda over the weekend. but the prime minister of libya has been released. let's go to sports now and start with playoff baseball. the pirates and cardinals in game five of iowe david freese,
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matt adams had home runs to give the cards a 6-1 lead. the story of the game was adam wainwright who went the distance pitching a complete game. eight hits and struck out six. wainwright fans jose alvarez for the final out of the game sending the cardinals to the third straight nl championship series after a 6-1 victory. i trust you, i believe in you. let's bring this home, guys. >> little bumped for the pirates. they had a great year. obviously st. louis deserves it. finally, the biggest regret of a hall of famer. mike ditka telling the dickinson
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press in dickinson, north dak a dakota, that the biggest mistake he ever made was not running against president obama in 20 o 4 to represent illinois in the u.s. senate. ditka said "not that i would have won, but i probably would have, and he wouldn't be in the white house." so i guess we know where mr. ditka's politics lie. da bears. >> let's go over to mr. karins with a look at the weather. >> i will ugly. rain gear need ford a lot of people. kids included. anywhere from virginia beach all the way up to new york city and even southern connecticut. rain is on the way. if it's not already raining. it's windy out there too. >> more rain on the way. winds in the coast. the waves are high from the delaware maryland shores and now the rain is all the way back to washington, d.c. here's a view to the north. >> it does look like during the morning rush hour the raindrops will start in new york. it's been raining in philadelphia. it's pushing back to allentown,
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lancaster. i-95 is definitely going to be a slow drive out there this morning. especially if you're going from washington, d.c. to new york. over the next three days, this is like a three-day event. it's going to last a while. we could see as much as 2 to 4 inches of rain, especially the jersey shore is going to get battered. a lot of big waves. minor coastal beach erosion too. not going to see the sun until sunday if we're lucky in some of the spots. here's the forecast to give you an idea. maybe not until monday around baltimore. we had a great fall and now it's -- this is our punishment, i guess. >> we can get through the four days, we'll have something good for next week. thank you very much. >> coming up at the top of the hour, senator ted cruz tells his republican colleagues the shutdown strategy is working. as the polls show gop approval ratings sinking. when we come back here, we have a little around the cooler. kanye and kimmel come face to
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at the top of the show we talked about the government shutdown. if you want to sound smart today, tell your friends more than 7.1 million people have
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been shut out of national parks such as yosemite and the grand canyon since the shutdown began. the parks also report a loss of $4.5 million in entrance fees and rentals over the last ten days. forget about the real news for a second and go over to lewis. hot pockets. >> thanks, brian. hot pockets has a new ad campaign and hoping it goes viral. a little help from snoop line and indicate upton. take a look. >> you, you got what i eat ♪ ♪ you say you're just a baker ♪ but you're my hot pockets maker ♪ ♪ oh, baby, you, you got what i eat ♪ ♪ you had the hot buttery crust, i need your hot buttery crust ♪ crispy, crunchy, tender flaky crust. i love a hot pocket. i don't know what else to say. when it comes to hot pockets, a friend of morning joe has all the insight that we need. >> i've never eaten a hot pocket
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and then afterwards been i'm glad i ate that. i'm always like, i'm going to die. [ laughter ] i paid for that? did i eat it or rub it on my face? >> you may or may not be aware of the viral sensation that is what does the fox say. visited jimmy fallon last night and host couldn't resist. >> if i was red, so beautiful ♪ ♪ like an angel in the skies ♪ but if you meet a friendly host ♪ ♪ who would communicate by -- ♪ ♪ oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, ♪ oh, oh, oh, oh, ♪ what does the fox say ♪ >> you can't help but like that song. i don't know what it is about it. jimmy kimmel kanye west feud
5:54 am
came to a head last night when the artist joined the late night host on his show. take a look. my guest tonight is a 21-time grammy award winning performer who threatened his existence by -- we had a big dumb fight on twitter but he was nice enough to agree to come and talk about it tonight. please welcome, kanye west. >> kimmel was sympathetic to him admitting he took parts of the interview out of context to help his sketch. kanye's explanation wasn't exactly easy to follow. >> exactly what i did in music, i want to apply to product, i want to apply to education. this is what my company is about. i could rap all i want. i could rap all i want. without that rockefeller chain or getting a record deal, i don't care how many beats i sold
5:55 am
or whatever, i couldn't make it to the point where jesus walks. even as a celebrity, blah-blah-blah, i've reached the ceiling and the way paparazzi speaks to my family is disrespectful also. we bring something of joy to the world. when people hear my music, thech a good time. i should be respected as such when i walk down the street. don't ask me a question about something you saw in the tabloids, don't antagonize me. it's not safe for me in this zoo. don't ever think i'm not from chicago for one second. >> i don't know what he just said there. but i think a lot of people antagonize him and he's frustrated by it. >> there are a few light moments including a new sketch where kanye was again the butt of the joke. >> josh groban's, the best tweets of kanye west. >> can we please talk to the [ bleep ] tonight ♪ ♪ do you know where to find
5:56 am
marble conference tables ♪ ♪ looking to have a conference ♪ not until i get the table, though ♪ ♪ >> at most, his tweets are 140 characters. but the depth of his passion is immeasurable. >> josh groban's, the best tweets of kanye west includes 752 original songs on 48 cds. >> i love me ♪ >> in stores now. inl surprised kanye kept his cool there. both kanye and kimmel deny it was publicity stunt. it's tough to doubt him. >> that was compelling tv, louis the. you broke it down nicely. i don't know what he was saying either. what viral videos do you like that weren't really worth the time? the best tweets moments away.
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