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tv   The Daily Rundown  MSNBC  October 16, 2013 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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>> you should see the others. redford is like almost nothing. >> i would love to. >> i know how he feels. >> it works. >> wrap it. >> it's been a good day today. it will be better tomorrow. here's chuck todd. >> the tale of two leaders and the tale of the tea party as the debt ceiling gets down to the wire. senator mcconnell gets in on the things that are different from speaker boehner. also this morning, nbc news sur fay finds the new america center
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with the few leaders left in the center. election day in new jersey. heading to the senate for another to connect the dots any better. good morning from washington. it's 2013. this is t"the daily rundown." let's get to the first read of the morning. well, it's over, right? we begin today where we thought we were beginning yesterday. on the brink of default and the only hope for a last minute deal with the senate leaders. the house is in total -- it announced that the government's aaa rating on a negative wash boarding. the political brinksmanship and reduced financing flexibility could risk u.s. default. yesterday the dow closed down
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133 points, but futures are up on the hopes of a senate deal. after all day to find any bill that if the conference was passed and finally announced there would be no votes and no bill would be brought to the floor and it was time to go home. then actually it was good news for those wanting to make sure we don't hit the debt ceiling. the chaos began in the morning after a meeting starting with lawmakers singing amazing grace as if they were planning a funeral. boehner was in a familiar role between the left and the right and pleasing nobody. >> there a lot of opinions and there have been no decisions about what we will do. we will continue to work from both sides of the aisle to try to make sure that there is no issues of default and
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reelection. >> rather than looking for things to like, the timeline to raise the dent ceiling to fund the government initially saying the developing deal, democrats publicly trashed boehner's proposal from the outside. >> we sell one years from now. it's nothing more than blatant bipartisanship. i'm very disappointed with john boehner who tried to preserve his role. >> speaker boehner decides to light a match and throw it on gasoline that is already all over the place. >> wasting the public's time and in this case time is money. >> boehner has no opportunity to play the victim. within hours of rolling out the plan, the house's most conservative members were to roll all over the plan. they hated it as much as the
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democrats did. they were forced to put another proposal that had no chance of limiting the tax that some argue was crony capitalism and he yanked that and the health care was back. he also rolled back the government funding. they somehow believed they would get a last chance to fight or slow down. the health care law and the mandate before it went into effect on january 1st, but conservatives were not satisfied with that either. then the group and the states oppose the plan and nobody knew what the heck the plan was at that time. whatever it was, lawmakers said they would vote against it. it was clear that it was dead. this morning the house looks completely incompetent, disorganized and chaotic and we have been thrown back into the same cycle, over and over again.
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the national review is all over. boehner will bring a bill that passes the democratic vote and we will be left with whether boehner survives as a speaker. president obama weighed in by talking with new york and told them this. the problem that weave got is that for speaker boehner, it's not good for the extreme faction. it weakens them. there have been repeated situations where we have agreement and he goes back and it turns out he can't control it. senator lindsay graham told "the washington post," of all the damage to be done politically, one of the greatest concerns is that somehow john boehner gets compromised. among some republicans is that boehner is going to end up being pushed out and replacing them will make things worse for the republicans. this puts us back to where they
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were. boehner may be weaker than he was then, but so is the tea party. there is no alternative leader and no indication that that exists in the near future. boehner happy able to control the rest, but they don't know what they want. they are not in a position to replace their own. that was the direction of the republican party. senator john mccain said republicans have to understand we have lost this battle. we were demanding something that was not achievable. no matter the fallout, this is clear. 2013 has been a lost year for the republican party. as a short coming with limited mi nority voters? not at all. the gop remains blinded by the health care law and never runs for office again. you can see the shut down debt ceiling debate over the health care law as a replay with bill
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clinton in 1998. the last ditch fight against the term limit incumbent that they were desperate to beat and they never could. the good news is the impeachment as bad as it was at the time is a reminder that the problem can be fixed. the gop won the white house two years after that impeachment episode. across the aisle, it's interesting to watch mitch mcconnell. for weeks it's whether congress can reach a budget deal and senate republican deal mcconnell. he decided to play the lead role. they can focus on john boehner and whether he can broker a deal and in reality his career is on the line this a way boehner does not. he is facing a critical challenge from the right and greater general election challenge down the road as he gets through the primary. he is trying to make deals and making a fight against the
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secretary of state. mcconnell hauled in $2.3 million. in the same time period, 2.throw million. aside from connell being paralyzed, he signals he is ready to deal on the floor earlier this week. >> let me go over the remarks. we had a good day. i had a good day yesterday and another good day today. i think it's safe to say we faced substantial progress and we look forward to making more progress in the near future. >> nothing is done yet, but if the deal gets done, connell is starting on the right, but it's rare. we haven't seen many profiles on capitol hill lately and there is not great leadership going on, but the closest thing that qualifies, he is making a risky
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move and putting his own career on the line for something that has to get done. shouldn't go unnoticed. the people he loafs, the senate republicans have to find a way out. house speaker john boehner's career is on the line for different reasons. he's not up for a tough reelection fight and doesn't have those prospects. he is struggling to find consensus and answer questions like this one of nbc's kelly o'donnell. >> mr. speaker, can you guarantee to the american people congress will not surpass the deadline and push us into default? >> i made clear for months and months that the idea of default is wrong. on both sides of the aisle, we will try to find a way to move forward. >> no doubt connell has it easier than boehner. the senate republicans were more interested in cutting a deal
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than house republicans were. they both have a lot to lose and connell is stepping up in a way that is going to hurt him in the primary challenge. boehner chose not to do that. much more ahead here on "the daily rundown." a look at the data bank coming up and we have senator joe mansion. some of the the planner is a little bit unknown. we know there is a lot of momentum to get it done quickly. everybody wants to leave washington. the question is what did ted cruz do to shake-up the entire day. by the way, corey booker gets elected to the u.s. senate tonight. you are watching "the daily rundown" only on msnbc. americans take care of business.
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we like to do new things around here. we have something we are calling "the daily rundown" data bank. numbers you should know today and every day about pot ticks. they are not talking about the shut down. i promise. first up in the data bank, number three, the number of charges he pleaded will goy to as part of a plea deal. you take that analogy from 17 different women and also the number of house arrest and the number of years he will be on probation. the numbery next number is 15. how many awards at least at "the washington post" that clinton has racked up since leaving her post months ago. they are serves as a campaign for the next race.
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the next number in the database is 17. how many minutes the power went out in detroit yesterday. the second inning of the red sox and tigers series. one less with the day game. that's because of cloudy skies. there was eye nearby substation going off line and they lost 1-0. and there is more dinlit from america's pastime. number two is how many home runs shane robinson hit all year before hitting one against the tigers last night. 4-2. it's all about to come to an end. watch something before game five and our lonely eyes turn to you. senator no mansion joins me next. >> it's a good thing. >> it's a very good thing not to
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pump your own gas. yes. >> that brings us to the trivia question. which state and you know one of them do not allow drivers to pump their own gas. it's one of the more annoying things. first person to tweet the correct answer will get the on air shout down. the answer coming up on "the daily rundown." jackie: there are plenty of things i prefer to do on my own. but when it comes to investing, i just think it's better to work with someone. someone you feel you can really partner with. unfortunately, i've found that some brokerage firms don't always encourage that kind of relationship. that's why i stopped working at the old brokerage, and started working for charles schwab. avo: what kind of financial consultant are you looking for? talk to us today.
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after white house describe a wait to delay, they are late last night and picked up where they left off. staffers have been working long hours to be ready with the specific legislative language that will become a deal if the leaders agree on the framework. as expected it can happen in the next 40 minutes. the question is timing. whether it becomes law and they fund a law that would make a
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filibuster or procedural delay. there is a guy named ted cruz. joe mansion is a member of banking committee and part of the bipartisan talks going on there. what can you tell me? i am told we are perhaps 40 minutes away, 10:00 this morning, rita connell could come to announce the deal is done. is it that close? >> i hope so. i hear this too, chuck. there is 14 of them. seven democrats and six democrats and one independent. we all have been in agreement. we have been working close together. it's the template of what we put together. we are proud of that. we are encouraging mcconnell moving forward with the bipartisan deal. the only one it has been. you have a nucleus when you get that many to stay together. >> right. it's amazing to me, you watch
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this and moderates don't have a place until we reach the crisis point. conservative democrats and moderates come together. how is it that you can sell leadership to do this when it's not at a crisis point? >> this is initiative. >> with the poll. >> that's in the middle. >> that's exactly how you run your and family and how you make any decisions. you don't make it from the fringes. we have the tail wagging the dog here. we are not going to have everything. i respect the decision, but there is a time to move forward. that's what leadership is all about. you have to move. you have to put the country
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ahead of yourself and your ambitions and political party. we have a crisis to do that, but it's in the middle. that's 14 of us working in the middle. >> it's interesting why you think the democratic party has been so united. i'm old enough to remember when democrats used to not be able to stay united on any given moment on any given issue on this stuff. is it because it's a centrist approach? i truly believe on the republican side, this was all about the finances of our country. we agree on a continuing resolution for spending caps. the democrats agreed to the republicans's request. that's a major victory. that wasn't enough. i think if our republican
9:23 am
friends said listen, this is all about the finances of our country. we will lock at the big picture and have a vote on bowles simpson. if you don't have the committee leading the conference and try to find it, that would have been better received. no, they are right to the social issues. i would have said listen, that's not fair. you need all these energy policies and i'm not going to shut the government down. >> the thing about this deal that i look at and i'm sure a lot of americans said here's what the deal looks like. good news, the government will be funded for another 90 days. we will be right back here on january 14th. how is leadership going to act differently this time to make sure an agreement is in place before we get to the brink again? >> let me tell you where i think things are. the bipartisan group we have been working with and the 14 of
9:24 am
us, an awful lot of this is our chance to be worked on. we are proud of that. we have to have a budget conference. democrats are criticized for not getting a budget and they won't know. it's time to go to conference. they report back if we are going to be locked in. the question for january 15th or if they can move off of that. also we have flexibility. if you can't move off of that number, at least give the military and the agencies a little bit of bigle room. we put that in there too. down the road to get that decision. >> they have been extremely quiet. what role do you want the president to play? they said you know what, we are not negotiating anymore over the debt limit.
9:25 am
what's the path forward and the role we want him to play going forward? >> i think he has and i think he will. i would assume he is very pleased there is a bipartisan movement. the 14 of us and now you have mcconnell and everything is good. i ran two campaigns. whether you like obama care or not, there is things i don't like in it and would want to change. i think it should have been a transitional year, but there is a lot of that and this is not the lais to shut down government over that. don't shut it down over this issue or any special issue. you want to talk about finances, i will talk to you all day long and how we get this country back in shape. that's a fair request. it's awful the way this thing has divide and we have moved apart. i said this. i didn't sign on to be a member of this senate to come here and
9:26 am
allow payment on the people. and also i believe if we allowed this to happen, we would have a gut check. why didn't we come here. >> i'm guessing you must miss being governor. >> those were the good old days. >> i never met a former governor. >> and my buddy chris christie said hoe would commit suicide. i said we won't do that yet, but we might be on suicide watch. >> some people are wonder figure the legislation everybody was putting us on that track. thanks for coming on this morning. >> thanks, chuck. >> senior political writer and head of the 21st century for harry reid. welcome, all.
9:27 am
>> it's weird. i know there is no deal. we are in a postwar period because everybody is in this and gets the legislation. >> everybody is appreciating it has to get done. john boehner, this is trying to get to the brink of the senate deal and he pulls the plug. it looks like he's not just trying to get a deal, but stop the senate. >> i will be honest. >> when he was floating for him, it was movement. he was moving towards this. he was buying the senate framework. democrats goes to say that is a completely unacceptable offer. we think the deal works. technically.
9:28 am
>> if i was boehner, that would have been mine. that's kind of where this is for him. i don't get why the democrats are being so difficult and boehner is moving towards it. >> for the moment in time. >> his own caucus is like that. i think think for him, just how valuable is this speakership to me? am i prepared to make the ultimate sacrifice? i explained 25 votes. >> it's interesting. we will get more. i think there is going to be boehner and i think let's see what the house leadership does. boehner voted for it. they did not.
9:29 am
they have the best to do it. they named the house republicans. >> particularly with boehner and carthy. >> i am curious with connell who i argue has one line in his political career. they have gone about this two different ways. >> i think mcconnell lines up with reid and bipartisan quirk. it will hurt him in the short-term and the primary. we will see what happens and we should make it out into the general. i will say one thing. he is coming in at the end of the day and on the whitehorse. ted cruz and chuck lee gets taken down and i don't think he gets as much. >> it is to watch mcconnell.
9:30 am
he definitely waited until the last minute and has an advantage with the boehner senate republicans. it's tough to find a dole. >> right and you know we have lost the battle. we have to deal with it. i don't know how it is going to deal with ted cruz. we don't know if he is going to fall in line. i think there other shoes to drop here. >> i think, but i can't imagine. i don't know. you would assume, but i think once that deal is solidified in the senate, ted cruz will not have the momentum at least the sustainable momentum to do that. he will rattle it as much as he can for the house members to come back to them, but it goes to what we were talking about. boy that point i think and this probably is working now, the speaker with getting the votes lined up and could be more than 25. >> we are showing the dow right now. the features were upside down
9:31 am
last night when reid and connell tried to speak to the market. publicly put it out there. everybody remain calm. all is well. hopefully it's not like kevin bacon. speaker boehner, would you say speaker? >> i don't know. >> i don't know. that's a tough one. who is going to challenge? >> it's a tough one. >>. >> where has it been? >> right? who wants to? forget left versus right on issues. time to redefine our thinking. more on the journey to the center on the political spectrum in the deep dive. go to our facebook page to take the survey and find out where
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>> nbc news esquire survey. i would say it's to look at the broad center. deep dive in washington is labeled as liberal or conservative. the survey shows it might be time to redefine the pging and how we discussed them. let me remind you what the center is. we found a brought center and 51%. poem in here that identify with the democrats and the republicans. on issue, they solved into the
9:36 am
mill maybe more. look at the different issues that the center bought into that maybe we should stop calling liberal or conservative. 81% agree that the u.s. can't afford to spend on foreign aid and 80% on expanding oil and gas exploration. 57% want to end affirmative action. these are conservative issues that the center buys into. these were once considered only liberal issues and look 78% want to raise taxes on millionaires and more than half want to legalize marijuana. liberal issues that the center has not bought into. look at this one. providing a path to citizenship, 54% of the center opposes a citizenship for immigrants who are undocumented. nearly 2/3 oppose ending the death penalty. the number first on gun control.
9:37 am
the center despite the push to prevent background checks, they support them and 19% wanted descriptured gun control. in the case of abortion, they said it should be legal. 36% illegal for any reason, but not after the pregnancy. after the first six months of pregnancy, they should be allowed at any time for any reason. some issues are liberal. another thing we want to know about the political center is it's set up with washington. it's broken and nearly 60% about this country. joining me now to talk about how they gather. also with me is the shock.
9:38 am
this is a caucus and considering the mess that washington is in, the idea that there is a future from congress, sometimes is makes the congress men laugh. let me start with you. first on this deal, will you accept whatever the senate compromise comes to the house? i don't know if it's going on. number 2 back and forth with the house to senate has deals. the house will produce anything that the senate is yet to produce anything. to your point about the political center and quite frankly my republican and democrats in illinois are saying we expect you guys to get things
9:39 am
done. it's time for government to work. playing the to six month game. let's talk long ball and the big solutions we can wrap our arms around for the long-term health for the country. >> it sounds good. why do you think this effort is going to work? >> it has to. we have seen it happen and it's something that has not been working. what aaron and i and a few others have -- >> how many members? >> right now 13 and many others who expressed interest, but it started a conversation saying how can we provide a game changer to do things better so that we are not trying to dig ourselves out a hole or play defense, but look at how can we provide or come up with policies and strategies that will take us into the next 20 or 30 years or things that will make sure we
9:40 am
are being responsible in government and encouraging growth and innovation in government and the economy. >> one thing we found in the middle is that it was this pragmatism of stop looking backwards. i get it and i know there is appeal in the country, but how do you critique to them? i will start with you. >> it's something that you guys talk about a lot and the country talks about a lot. the lack of relationship and the lack of trust even within members of congress that enabled the environment to have these constructively conversations to say what can we agree on and how can we come up with the substantive policies. that's what aaron and i and others have recognized. for aaron we started talking and becoming friends through working out at the gym in the morning. that turned into a recognition saying we have a lot in common.
9:41 am
>> the house doesn't work as well this way. senate, you can see the groups and at least they forge the compromises. that's what we see with the senate deal. the house never worked that way. how do the get the leadership to buy into your contest that said this should be bipartisan. it hadn't worked that way and i come from a district that if you talk to this generation, it will show you. he was a pragmatic guy. he like others spend a considerable amount of time and they did not expect them to come
9:42 am
back to the districts. they don't go back to the districts until they have more relationships here. this government shut down and we had nowhere to go. those conversations have been constructed because when you have that environment where you can sit without the lights and cameras and postures and say how far would you be willing to go with revenue and social security and medicare and the like. the one thing that surprised me in the last couple of years, often times those who hold the title of leader on both sides are the least likely to be a leader. they are the most likely to watch their backs. constantly worried about the extremes of their parties. sometimes it takes those of us in the political center, those of us not in a leadership
9:43 am
position to put a bill with 30 or 40 members behind it so it gives cover and comfort to the leadership to embrace and move these ideas forward. >> what do you say to democrats who say why are you bothering? the acrimony that is there. the minority and that's one thing we show on the poll. what do you tell them? >> they are demanding more and they deserve the congress that is unwilling to accept and be creative to find the solution. the sooner we realize that no individual can operate within a vacuum and say it is my way or the highway and expect any results other than what we have seen to occur is not realistic. that's where we have to continue to push forward even if frustration is high and have these conversations. >> two questions. what do you want the president
9:44 am
to do? he played a very back seat role. >> when we get past this shut down and the debt ceiling, there a lost issues that need discussions. a lot of people talk about immigration reform and what that will be not only for immigration, but economy and growth as a whole. many others you need to work on. growing the economy is the most important. you satisfied with the speaker of the house? are. >> yeah. i would not want his job. he has a very -- >> you don't want him to go anywhere should. >> >> absolutely. look, for me to suggest he would go is for me to suggest i have a better plan. it's easy to criticize the people on the top. let me say this. i don't think we would be in a situation we are in today had the conference supported the play call. had we supported what he was trying to do before the government shut down, i think we
9:45 am
wouldn't have gotten to this situation. >> you say he made a mistake listening to the right? >> it's not so much him listening, but he has to have 218 votes to move anything. unlike when i was in the minority, nancy pelosi had a majority. if 20 guys vote no, he can't move a bill. he has a tough job and he will do a good job given the circumstances. i love the idea and i'm just so beaten down by washington. >> aloha. >> in you are from hawaii, you always feel that way. mitch connell arrived on the hill and looked upbeat. after that progress, he said we are getting there. we'll be right back. still no deal, still meaning no soup of the day. they are still eating left over turkey chili. we'll be right back. across america people are taking charge
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>> investors seem to be released and do a deal because they don't seem to be worried about the deal. stocks are up across the board at this hour. we asked you which states don't let you pump your own gas. you knew that it was new jersey. there is one other state. it's oregon. the two states. oregon and new jersey. you have to get somebody else to pull that lever. congratulations to today's winner, olivia character. send us your suggestions. we'll be right back.
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you know, in the migddle of the shutdown today happens to be an election day in new jersey.
9:53 am
the vote could be a referendum on national politics or it won't be. democrat cory booker and republican steve lannigan. both have cast their ballots. lannigan has repeatedly condemned president obama and the affordable care act. they have said the vote will send a message to washington. let's bring back our gaggle. cory booker is likely going to win. the question is, he kind of limped to the finish line. this hasn't been the most elegant campaign that he's run. but he's gotten a big assist from the republican brand. >> i think so. i'm from new jersey. i've got to tell you that steve is extreme not only for a red state but for a blue state like new jersey. >> he was the wrong candidate. they didn't have the right guy to take advantage of any mistakes booker made. >> no. this has been a cakewalk for cory booker. you know, i will congratulate him early. i just thought it was funny.
9:54 am
they had to send -- reince priebus went there yesterday. he said we need more people like steve lonigan and as a democrat, i agree. >> lois, last night there was a debate for new york city mayor. i want to play a clip of something because he was asked about the national party. listen to joe loda's response. >> where i don't agree with the national republican party is long and hard. i am pro-choice, they are not. i am pro gay rights as well as marriage equality, they are not. i have been outspoken about these issues over and over again. i went and i talked to the tea party. when i went, there were things that i disagreed with them and things that i agreed with them on. do not lump me with the national republicans. >> it's unbecoming. i mean, look -- >> you're insulting me. >> took it as an insult. >> i know, it's laughable, it's
9:55 am
new york city. but the irony here, i think, is if he were just running on a third party line, he probably would be performing ten points better. he'd still get crushed but the republican brand right now, find a republican that isn't an incumbent that might be competitive in a blue state. it's very hard. yet democrats -- the democratic party brand is not so bad that they can't run in red states. that to me is a test of a major party. >> which i found really interesting this week is that in previous -- while this was all going on, a lot of the republicans would talk to you off the record. now they don't care. >> correct, you're right. it used to be -- >> like this guy. but everybody is doing that. they're saying, no, this is awful. >> that's where the -- it's broken. they have quietly been telling you, the conservatives would say name names, name names. they're now comfortable doing it. >> yeah. >> they're trying to run away from the tea party. >> they are, they are, and i just am amused that the party is worse off than when i inherited it, so good luck.
9:56 am
>> oh, you're doing a little victory lap here. >> they're going to miss you. >> you would have had to go campaign with steve too. >> that's what you do as a party chairman. >> shameless plugs. >> my buddy, jim dorno is la meanting the dodgers. >> it's not over yet. not over yet. >> i'm going to use my plug to wish miguel a happy birthday. happy birthday. >> listen, not all public servants, we're seeing a lot of stuff in washington. we've got people out in other states that are doing great. >> anybody not associated with congress probably is getting a lot more done these days. that's it for this edition of "the daily rundown." we'll see you right back here tomorrow. coming up next, chris jansing. bye-bye. i'm meteorologist bill
9:57 am
karins, and on this wednesdays not going to be too bad out there for all our business travelers flying around the country. we are going to have some rain. of course that means possibly some isolated delays. the dallas-ft. worth area, little rock, memphis, new orleans, all the way up through atlanta later on today. a lot of the big cities in the midwest and the northeast will be just fine and the west coast continues with an absolutely gorgeous forecast. enjoy.
9:58 am
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