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tv   The Rachel Maddow Show  MSNBC  October 16, 2013 9:00pm-10:00pm EDT

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this year. >> for now at least, we'll be back live. on its way back to the house where they're expected to vote on it. our coverage continues with "the rachel maddow show." >> good evening, chris, it will be a long night. thank you for joining us, there is a lot going on. president obama just a little while ago made this short statement in the press room. just after the senate voted to end the government shutdown and to avert the debt ceiling crisis. here is the president. >> tonight, republicans and democrats in congress have come together around an agreement that will reopen our government and remove the threat of default from our economy. the senate has now voted to approve this agreement, and
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democr democrats and republicans in the house still have an important vote to take. but i want to thank the leaders of both houses for getting an agreement. once this comes to my desk, i will sign it immediately. and we'll reopen of our government, and we can begin to lift this cloud from our businesses and from the american people. i'll have more to say about this tomorrow. and i have some thoughts about how we can move forward in the remainder of the year, and stay focused on the job at hand. because there is a lot of work ahead of us, including our need to earn back the trust of the american people that has been lost over the last few weeks. and we can begin to do that by addressing the real issues that they care about. i have said it before, i'll say it again, i'm willing to work with anybody. i'm eager to work with anybody. the democrats or republican, house or senate members on any
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idea that will grow our economy, create new jobs, threaten s str middle class and get our house in order in the long-term. i never believed the democrats had a monopoly on good ideas, and despite the issues of shutting down our government, i'm convinced that democrats and republicans can work together to help our economy grow. we all know there are things we can do to strengthen our economy. we still need to pass our broken immigration system. we still need to pass our farm bill. and with the shutdown behind us and budget committees forming we now have an opportunity to focus on a sensible budget that is responsible, that is fair. and that helps hard working people all across this country. and we could get all of these things done's even this year, if everybody comes together in the spirit of how are we going to move this country forward, and
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put the last three weeks behind us. that is what i believe the american people are looking for, not a focus on politics. not a focus on elections, but a focus on the concrete steps that can improve their lives. that is going to be my focus. i'm looking forward to congress doing the same. but once again, i want to thank the leadership for coming together and getting this done. hopefully next time it won't be in the 11th hour. one of the things that i said throughout this process is we have to get out of the habit of governing by crisis. and my hope and expectation is everybody has learned that there is no reason why we can't work on the issues at hand. why we can't disagree between the parties, while still being agreeable. and make sure that we're not inflicting harm on the american people when we do have disagreements. so hopefully that is a lesson
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that will be internalized. not just by me, but also by democrats and republicans, not only the leaders but also the rank and file. thank you very much, everybody. >> president obama speaking just a few minutes ago from the white house press room saying that he will make further remarks tomorrow. but again, the big breaking news tonight is that the senate has voted, 81-18, to reopen the government. at long last, and also to avert the debt ceiling disaster that was due to hit tomorrow. these were all the senators who voted no. it was 81-18, these were the senators that voted to keep the government shut down, ted cruz, mike enze, ron johnson, dean heller, pat roberts, marco rubio, tim scott, richard shelby, pat toomey, and david
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vitter. 18 no votes, but those 18 senators saying no was not enough to stop the rescue plans from going forward. to now the -- so now, the plan goes to the house, which mean there is is still a lot of work. now obviously, all of those no-vote senators were republicans, all 18 of them. and of course the whole deal started when the republicans in the house hatched a plan, right, sure, they had voted 30, 40, okay more than 40 times to repeal the health care reform law, to repeal obama care. more than 40 times. but it never mattered. they kept voting over and over and over dozens of times to repeal obama care in the how long. but everybody ignored them. so then this whole thing started when republicans hatched a plan. please explain the plan. >> i believe that this is our time. this is when it really matters.
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yes, we voted to repeal obama care 30 to 40 times, but this is when it really counts. this is when it is time to put up or shut up. >> 40, 30, maybe more than 40. the other 30 or 40 times that they had taken those votes before, forget that. this time they figured out a way to make it count. they figured out a way to not be ignored anymore. their plan this time, the thing that got us there in the first place, the republicans in the house decided they would refuse to fund anything, the entire government unless the democrats caved and finally let them kill obama care. this is their brilliant plan, they thought it would work, the democrats would never let the government be shut down, they said we'll demand the only way that the democrats can avoid that is to kill obama care. that is how we'll finally get our way. that was the plan that got us here. the democrats said no to the republicans on that. the republicans thought for sure the democrats would cave on that. but the democrats said no.
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and so 16 days ago the government did in fact shut down. which maybe the republicans did not expect. because once they had an actual shutdown on their hands they didn't seem to have a plan for what to do next. at least it was a hitch in the plan, right? they got the shutdown but democrats didn't agree to repeal obama care. so now what? and that is when the demand lists started to change. the effort to force the democrats into giving them something in exchange for holding the country hostage, from that point on, when something like that -- okay, we can't get obama care repealed. can we get a de-funding of obama care? the democrats said no, can we get a delay? the democrats said no, can we delay the special mandate in obama care? they said no, they are sort of running out of obama care ideas at this point. so david vitter comes up with a new list of weird, specific demands about obama care. the next demand is can we deny
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health care insurance to the president and vice president. that actually was one of their demands, the democrats said no. can we mess with the health insurance of people who work for the congress, the democratic staffers? they said no. can we work with specific members of congress, that is what we want. democrats said no. they said can we make it so that birth control is not covered by people's health insurance anymore? they said no. if you don't let us do that, we can't open the government. how about the keystone pipeline, can we force that to be opened? no. means testing medicare? no, expanded oil drilling? and they wanted an expanded oil drilling on federal lands. no, net neutrality? no, tort reform?
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the epa coal-powered plant, they asked for that, the democrats said no. paul ryan demanded he get all his tax code changes for when he lost running for vice president, no. they demanded the administration get rid of coal ash regulations, the answer was no. here is a new one, they demanded to change the device on medical taxes, the answer to that was no. can we change the treasury department's rules to make the next debt ceiling crisis worse than this one, that was one of the last ones, the answer was no. here is one, can we get income verifications for low income people who are going to get health insurance subsidies for people who are going to get obama care? yes, you can actually have that. that actually is already in the
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obama care law, it is already law. you also have the right to bestow the name wednesday that comes after tuesday, if you like, it already exists, the income verifications thing that they won is already in the loss, sure, you can have that. but all the other long, arcane, imp improvized, constantly changing notes, we shut down the government, better come up with a reason why, an entire list of demands they came up with, in exchange for opening the government, we now know in the entire list they are going to get nothing. nothing. you can argue for what you want through the legislative process by trying to make legislation, amend bills, do great in debates, win votes. you can try to win through the legislative process. you can try to win what you want
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through policy by winning electionin elections. but when you lose policy fights and you lose elections, the line was drawn here tonight to say you know what? there is not a third way. there is not another means of policy-making available to you in washington that involves you destroying things unless you get your way. if you try to do it that way, you will find that what you get off your list of chest-pounding demands is exactly nothing. nothing. i should say -- there is one other thing that they got out of this disaster. before this crisis started, the democrats in congress had been asking for six months for there to be negotiations between the two parties and the two houses of congress to talk big picture about the budget. so as to try to avoid this lurching from crisis to crisis that we have been going through since they got control of the house. democrats asked for it since april, by their own count, 21
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times. and republicans have been saying no, over and over again. they refused to participate in that process. well, now as part of this deal being worked out and voted on tonight, the republicans have finally agreed that yes they will do that negotiation thing that the democrats have been asking for for six months that they have been refusing until now, to summarize through this process, the republicans, i think we fit them all on here. the republicans said they would shut down the government, or once they shut it down they would refuse to open the government unless they got each of these things. of all the things that they wanted, they got nothing. on the other hand, the democrats had suggested before this whole process that they would please like to talk about the budget. republicans will go along with that after refusing for six months. so tonight, on day 16 of the government shutdown, on the eve of the date when the treasury said we would hit the debt ceiling and start to be unable to pay what we owe with god
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knows what consequences for the american economy and the global economy, tonight, the senate once again passed a bill to reopen the government and raise the debt ceiling. before tonight, john boehner had refused to allow a vote on a bill like that, because although it would probably pass with all the democrats and a handful of republicans, most republicans didn't like the idea. so he wouldn't bring it up. most republicans wanted to keep pressing for more demands, more things to add to the ransom note, again, none of which they got. tonight, john boehner says he will allow a vote and raise the debt ceiling just in time. there are no winners, nobody is coming out on top here. and it may be true that nobody won, but somebody definitely lost here. and that has kind of been the story of john boehner's leadership of the house republicans, since the house republicans got control of congress in 2011. under the speakership of john boehner, we have now had two
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near defaults. we have had two brushes up against the debt ceiling. we have had one long government shutdown. and we have had no legislation of any significance passed at all, since he has been speaker. one real crisis, two near crises that you could call crises, because they didn't cause real damage, and no accomplishment. and he has also been unable to roll back any accomplishments of the legislature during that time. and the means by which john boehner has failed over the last three years, it has all been in public, and careening and dramatic in a way that ought to be predictable at this time, but still, every time he fails, it is still shocking. john boehner had a farm bill that his own side killed. he had a republican housing bill that his own side killed. john boehner had a house leadership republican plan for the fiscal cliff site in the
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first debt ceiling and the payroll tax exception. he even had a version of the health care bill. he put all of those things out there publicly. he said here is what i, as leader of the republicans, say we're going to do. and he looked behind him and the rest of the republicans said no, john, you know what? we're not doing it, never mind. john boehner's tenure as speaker of the house has succeeded in accomplishing one now seemingly unlikely thing. and that is that john boehner is still speaker of the house. he has not lost that job. and maybe that is because nobody else wants that job. john boehner is still there, which in its own right is amazing given the abject depths of failure during his tenure as leader. this has been 16 bad days for the economy, and for how close we got to the debt ceiling it is probably too close.
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it will probably also have economic consequences for us as a country, beyond the tens of billions of economic pain we suffered just as a result of the shutdown. the country suffers for the republicans' failures in congress. but at this point, their failure has reached new depths. it is almost seemingly bottomless at this point, we don't know where it ends. now, congress, they will take this one last vote. after that, they will go away for a week, presumably lick their wounds and figure out who can profit off of this. and once they go away for a week, they have to come back to d.c. and try to make policy and keep the government open and not hit the debt ceiling again when it comes around really, really soon. what changes in congress, because of this journey that we've just been through, through the bottom lands, what changes for when they come back?
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because surely we cannot stay here. surely everybody acknowledges that we cannot stay where we are and keep doing what we just did, over and over again. joining us now, congressman chris van hollen of maryland, thank you for joining us. >> good to be with you, rachel. >> what is going to happen tonight in the house? do you expect that this bill will definitely pass and this will definitely be done tonight? >> well, you know and as you just said, it is always premature to be predicting things in this house. but i do believe that now that speaker boehner is finally allowing the house to work its will, we will be able to pass this. as we speak, i think the papers are being brought over to the house from the senate. we're going to try to get unanimous consent to bring this up for a vote and get it done. but again, it is important to emphasize the only reason we're able to do this now after these 15 long days, is because the speaker has finally after exhausting all the bad
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alternatives which have really hurt the country, finally allowing democracy to work its will, something he could have done 15 days ago and avoid the pain that it generated. >> there were 18 republicans in the senate who voted no on the bill that did pass, that is now heading your way. i expect that if not all, at least most democrats are going to vote yes to reopen the government and to avert the debt ceiling crisis. if that happens, how much of a defection can speaker boehner afford? >> well, i think you're right. you will see virtually every democrat vote in favor of reopening the government and preventing us from defaulting on our debts. that would mean that speaker boehner would have to have 17 republicans join him. so i'm sure that there is a margin to do that. how many republicans will vote
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for this, in the end, i don't know. what you're seeing here as you indicated by that litany that you went through is really the final death throes of what senator richard byrd, was the dumbest idea he ever heard. if this had just been a dumb idea, that would be one thing, but this has been a tragedy and disgrace that the country did not need. these kind of self-inflicted wounds we hope our republican colleagues will avoid in the future. you asked whether anything will change. the question is whether people have learned that lesson? >> we're already starting to see on the right trying to spin this as maybe it was not so bad. or maybe the reason that things seemed to have gone south here or people are blaming us is just because of the squishes, republicans are too moderate and
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compromise too much. we're seeing the right gearing up as a permanent way of doing business. i guess my question to you is not why they're doing that or how effective they will be at doing that. but whether or not they still hold sway in the house. do you feel like the house is still going to be sort of dancing to the tune plagued by these outside groups that don't really care about the long-term health of the country? >> well, time will tell. i mean, that is exactly the question we're all asking ourselves. we heard senator cruz on the floor today saying by god, if the senate republicans had just stuck together and kept all this for another week we would have undone the affordable care act, we would have gotten rid of obama care. if the house leadership and the members of the house remain that deluded this time around, then the country is in for a very, very bumpy ride. if speaker john boehner and other members of his leadership are finally willing to stand up to the ted cruz faction in the house of representatives, then
9:21 pm
we have some hope of getting on a better course. but only the future will tell. look, the only good news that you might find in what happened is the possibility that the republican leadership recognized that you don't get your way by threatening government shutdowns and threatening default. but whether or not they have in fact learned that lesson, we will only know going forward. as you said, we're finally pleased to have negotiations on the budget. we have been trying to do this since last march. so maybe we'll sit down and maybe republicans will put down the clubs of government shutdown and threats of default, and actually have a negotiation on the budget. but time will tell. >> congressman chris van hollen of maryland, the ranking democrat on the house budget. i know you're going to be very busy, thank you for taking the time to explain what is going on. >> thank you, rachel. >> as you can see there, there is the live shot of the house of representatives. they're starting the discussion on the matter that was already
9:22 pm
taken up and voted and passed in the senate tonight. all eyes on the house. the expectation is that they will, too, vote to reopen the government and to avert default by not hitting the debt ceiling. it is not over until the fat lady sings. at this point, we don't even know who the fat lady is, all eyes on the house tonight. stay with us here on msnbc. with 7 antioxidants to support cell health. one a day men's 50+.
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the house is now considering the bill that would reopen the government as of tomorrow morning, and avert the debt ceiling crisis, the senate has already passed it. news that the senate was going to come up with something, news that the senate had arrived at a plan to avert the debt ceiling disaster, to restart the government, that news was reported early today. that they would come up with something. they reported early enough today that the dow jones had time to climb more than 200 points by closing time at 4:00 eastern. by that time a day, the reporting for a prospects for a deal in the senate were bolstered by a draft proposal that started to circulate on the hill and at the press on what the senate was going to agree to. but then, just before 6:00 eastern today, the language for the final bill came out. released by senate staff. it had all sorts of specific spending measures in it that nobody expected. there was funding for recovery effort in colorado, funding for
9:27 pm
recovery from wildfires in the west, money for prevention as well, funding for the privacy and civil liberties oversight board, funding for a big construction project on the lower ohio river in illinois and kentucky. there is even a very specific provision in the bill for the payment that is due to the widow of the new jersey senator frank lautenberg. that was passed 81-18 tonight in the united states senate. why is that? why were all of those professvis in this bill? and why would anybody risk getting that list of stuff done? why would you risk getting that stuff done by this very delicate means, when none of this stuff has been debated by this
9:28 pm
process. when any slide back into standoff mode would surely throw the nation into overtime on the debt ceiling with all the disastrous consequences that would entail. what happened here? joining us now, john tester of montana, a member of the appropriations committee, thank you for joining us, it is nice to have you here. >> great to be here with you. >> should we have expected all the individual line items to pass the senate bill tonight or was this a surprise? >> it is a surprise. i mean, i think that this stuff -- that you put in with all the best of intentions, it is one of the reasons our popularity ratings are so low, is because of surprises. we have seen a lot of surprises the last three weeks. and i wish that we could have kept it clean. and look, there are things i like to get in, amendments i like to put on bills that go through, too. but the bottom line is you need to have time to be able to analyze what is in a bill.
9:29 pm
and quite frankly there was not a lot of time. as you said, this bill came out at 6:00. i found out about the provisions before i voted, but just before i voted. >> and there is not enough time to read it, because there is not enough time to let it fly another day because we're sliding into disaster territory. >> that is exactly right. and i think these insertions may have just been fine. but the fact is, we ought to have the opportunity to debate them on the floor and discuss them and make sure they're the right thing to do, make sure it is the right thing to put in this bill. the real problem is, rachel, for the last three weeks, we have been dealing with the house of representatives that have done some pretty kooky things, done pretty damaging things to our business climate in this country, to our world reputation, and to working families. that is really the criminal part about all of this. this never had to come to this point. there was a clean resolution to fund the government in the house long before the shutdown.
9:30 pm
and i think we could have gotten a clean debt limit passed, too. but a total lack of leadership in the house and being led by the minority of people who fell off the right side of the earth. >> we'll see why the house is able to pull it together and actually pass this thing, to expect that, but we are all on tender hooks, making shoure it happens, even though they say it will. one thing that was very unusual about this process, one senator from your chamber, republican senator ted cruz from texas, actually got involved very overtally overt ly, telling house republicans they were the ones that needed to push the shutdown, really egging them on. how does that affect the senate? >> i will tell you it was very often from the get-go, this was about ted cruz raising potential
9:31 pm
money for the run for the presidency. this was all about ted cruz, not for the country. you know this, rachel, you talked about it in the last three weeks, the things that the folks are trying to do, would have done long-term devastating damage to this country's economy. a and we would have no way got our arms around the debt and deficit in the country because our economy would have been in the tank, far worse than it was back in 2008. you know, i don't know -- why you would follow somebody who would take you down a path to destruction, but that is what some of the house members are doing. i think it is very unfortunate for the country. >> understanding what you do about why this happened, how this happens, and obviously, i can hear it in the tone of your voice how you feel. the anger you have about the consequences of what we've just been through over the last three weeks, do you feel like you have learned anything and the senate has learned anything about how to avert it and stop it? >> well, i think there are good people on both sides of the
9:32 pm
aisle in the senate that want to get things done to move the economy forward in the right direction. we're working in a bipartisan way for example, rachel, on a house financing reform bill that i think should be the next bill up, as soon as we get things operational again and get back in town. it will help the housing market and move things forward. it is a bipartisan bill that makes sense and moves the country forward in a positive way and solves problems. that being said, we can do that on every issue. but we certainly can't do it if there are obstructionists out there that want to ruin the economy and their main focus is on themselves and not on the economy. >> thank you, senator john tester, i know it has been a long night already, thank you for joining us. >> thank you, rachel. after a week like this one, some parts of the republican party and some parts of the conservative movement appear to have learned a lesson. keep fighting each other. that is what they're telling each other today. the amazing work of senator ted cruz and the pile of broken dishes he is leaving behind in the conservative movement.
9:33 pm
more on that coming up. plus more from the senate floor where the house right now is debating what to do about the bill to pass the senate, to reopen the government and to avert the debt ceiling disaster, stay with us. this is happening right now. [ male announcer ] this is pam. her busy saturday begins with back pain, when... hey pam, you should take advil. why?
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government functioning while addressing the many problems facing our country. including the budget deficit, the nation's out-of-control debt and the many challenges the nation's out of control debt, and the many challenges. >> this is the moderate republican congressman from pennsylvania, who was willing to
9:37 pm
limit to the extent, talks with democrats to limit the debt ceiling crisis, speaking on the floor, let's listen. >> and joe manchin, and the many other members who participated in the discussions, i believe these conversations have laid a strong foundation that we can build on to arrive at agreements amid the major issues that need to be addressed in this country. i urge my colleagues to vote in favor, who share the desire to govern, at this time i yield back. >> they played a key role in articulating a nonobstructionist, nonmilitant republican position. one of the few republicans who did this. right now the bills on the house floor. they have sort of leap frogged
9:38 pm
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we have breaking news for you tonight, nothing to do with the shutdown, we have a result for you in the special election to choose the nation's newest united states senator, the new u.s. senator for the great state of new jersey. senator frank lawsu lautenburg held that seat and passed with. with 58% of precincts reporting, the associated press reported that cory booker, the democrat from new jersey is the winner of the seat with 68% of the vote at this point. welcome to washington, senator cory booker, fun times await you. my mantra?
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we are now seeing the end of this agonizing odyssey that this body has been put through. but far more importantly, the american people have been put through. it is one of the more shameful chapters that i have seen in the years that i spent here in the senate. >> that was john mccain on the senate floor earlier today. his friend, senator lindsey
9:46 pm
graham told reporters today quote, we really did go too far, we screwed up. he said this has been a very bad two weeks for the republican party and for conservatism. the report today was sub-titled it is time to wrap up this comedy of political errors. quote, this is the lack of thinking that afflicted many of the gop leaders, they picked a goal they couldn't achieve in trying to de-fund obama care from one house of congress, and then picked a means they couldn't sustain. republicans can best help their cause now by getting this over with and moving on to fight more intelligently another day. the journal also today quotes republican congressman devin nunez describing the impact of his conservative brothers in the house, describing it with some finality. he says quote, this is it. the star war's convention ends
9:47 pm
today. and that is just the republican side talking about themselves right now. but the total collapse of the republican party's effort here to try to end obama care, to try to get their way on policy by threatening and then causing a government shutdown, and then by coming right up to the edge of hitting the debt ceiling. the failure to achieve anything by that strategy, other than harm to the economy, and to their own standing with the american people, that failure does not mean that everybody on the right thinks that what they just did was a bad idea. the conservative group "the club for growth," which likes to run republicans in the incumbent system, said that republicans should still vote against the deal. they said they would hold it against them if they voted yes. same goes for the jim demint group, the tea party group, the freedom works groups which seems to be a big deal in the circles, but seems to be petering out.
9:48 pm
the poll shows the american public's view of the tea party has never been more negative. that said, look at the title on the poll as they put it out. the overall plunging of popularity with the tea party, saying that nobody identifies with the tea party anymore, americans are starting to hate them more and more. the last few people that remain in the tea party, well, ted cruz' popularity is soaring with them. ted cruz decided to make his remarks to the press at the same time that the republican leader in the senate was on the senate floor announcing the deal to reopen the government. while mitch mcconnell was announcing the deal on the senate floor, senator cruz convened them outside the door to talk about what he wants to give up. he said they should never begin in, must stand strong, the fight is never open. as far as he is concerned, he
9:49 pm
explained to reporters today, the fight is over. senator cruz announced he wouldn't take any extraordinary measures to block the deal in the senate. so in other words, he said this hill really was worth dying on for house republicans, but he doesn't plan to die on this hill himself. nobody in american politics wanted a shutdown, except for the right. nobody in american politics thought a debt ceiling standoff was a good idea, except for the right. nobody thought maybe a debt ceiling crash might even be a good thing, except for a very narrow sliver of the right. the rest of the country is very grateful that the right lost. in whatever it was they were trying to do here. but if the right itself does not think that they lost, if their takeaway here is that we should have just blown through the debt ceiling, the only thing we did wrong is that we didn't stick to it, if that is what they think, and they're the ones who caused this in the first place, then
9:50 pm
what happens when republicans come back to congress? is this all going to happen again? joining us, republican congressman who represented parts of ohio, thanks for your time, congressman. >> nice to see you. >> so of interesting conflict within the republican party over this shutdown resolution. how do the dynamics inside the party change now that we have had this resolution? >> well, they don't. the civil war that is going on, and i hope we can sort it out by the 2014 elections. this group that led us on the bhutan death march to nowhere believes that we continue to lose elections because we are not conservative enough. evangelical voters stay home. if they turned out, romney would be president, we wouldn't have obama care, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. and i like, charlie dent, and in order to win a national election it would be nice if we had
9:51 pm
women, hispanics, african-americans, gay americans, asian americans and people in labor thought about voting for republicans. that's the dynamic that we are going through today. and this bunch, i mean, they just had no plan. and that was evident. john boehner deserves a lot of credit for trying to show them six ways to sunday that this was not a strategy that was going to work. he tried to save them from themselves, yesterday, coming up not only plan b, but plan c. these people are willing to shoot the hostage. and -- and, not negotiate. and then a bunch will vote no tonight. and go home, rachel. the thing that kills me. they're going to go home and say -- well, it is a rhinos and the squishes, joined with the democrats, reopened the government. and we sthoood up to barack oba. that's crap. they should be ashamed for the way they've conducted this thing. >> when the republicans do face this again, because as you say those dynamics are still going to be there, that civil war is
9:52 pm
going to be being fought. do you think tactically, strategically, that speaker boehner and the other republicans in the house or others in the party have figured out any new ways to deal with this so it doesn't get so dangerous again? >> no. this is not a great deal. let me say that. all they have done. we are going to be talking in january and february. what they did was, what they always do in washington we can't solve a problem. we appoint a committee. we have the super committee that couldn't come up with $1.3 trillion in three years. we got the budget control act that led to this problem now. we have a bigger committee. 22 senators are going to be on this thing. if you think something will be hashed out in january, february, by december 13th. i will sell you prompt in ohio. >> members of congress, charlie derngts li dent, like you, have criticisms, is there any new support that is
9:53 pm
going to emerge for them, from republicans who have views like that. out of this process? >> well, yeah. i mean, my, my part time job is being the president of the main street partnership, a group that was started by moderate republicans 15 years ago. and we are getting a lot of phone calls from people who are republican donors saying what are you crazy? said what happened to my party. i can remember when i ran the first time. i would knock on doors. older people would come and say, democratic party left me. i didn't leave them. and they don't know what the he l. l they are talking about to. night i know what the h lechell they're talking about. steven latourette. thank you for being here. good to have you here. with main street partnership and president of the mcdonalds hopkins lobbying firm. a live report on what is happening in the house right now from one and only john stanton. the house has not yet voted. they're getting close. stay with us. >> that is a luxury this country cannot afford -- need a spoon, dear?
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join today. >> this is under way. looking at live pictures, the floor of the house of representatives. we are expecting a vote imminently on the house floor on the bill to end the 16 day long government shutdown and raise the nation's debt ceiling in order to avoid a potentially cat -- catastrophic default. the bill passed the senate an hour ago. it is in the house. we are all in john boehner's hand. lord give us strength. joining us, john stanton, thank you for being with us tonight. >> good to see you. >> john, my ulcer is back. is there a reason to worry that this vote is not going to happen? >> no, no, no. this stroet wivote will be fine. a fair number of republicans that vote to extend the debt limit and reopen government
9:58 pm
until early next year. this should go fine. >> what are you expecting in terms of numbers, cushion from the republican votes? >> well, it depend frankly. you know, some of the conservatives like, mulvaney thought republicans will vote with democrats on this. not sure i believe that. a healthy number. 80 or more could potentially end up voting with all of the democrats or most of the democrats to reopen the government and aindividual a debt default. >> what is the mood among the house republican caucus now if we can describe there being one there are different factions that have different feelings. if you could give them an overall -- where would you say they're at? >> well, there isn't one, frankly. i think for most republicans they feel very beat up, bruised that if feel like they got put through a ringer. a lot of them are blaming ted cruz and feel like they got sort of pulled down the rabbit hole. that they didn't see coming. although there are a number that
9:59 pm
really think they won, frankly. the folks like, representatives, and others, very idea logically based conservatived. fe -- based conservatives. feel like this is a win. fight the president tooth and nach nail. transition into the next shutdown that will happen in january. so there is sort of the split as always. >> is their view that the polling that says that the country is disgusted with them and that -- that this this tactic of theirs has been essentially unpatriotic and bad for the country and self serving. is it their view that the polls are just skewed or they're true but they don't care? >> no, yeah, most of the ones that don't -- that don't, that you are talking about most you are talking about here they don't care about the polls. they believe what they're doing is morally right. they have, you know all of the conviction of a person that is, you know, feels they're rye shus. and they, they belief that, you know, what they're doing will ultimately be better for the country


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