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tv   The Last Word  MSNBC  October 16, 2013 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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with the white house and moderate republicans. for them they're very comfortable with that. >> john stanton, washington bureau chief, buzzfeed. john, thank you for being with us. that does it for us right now. this is ongoing. what you are watching now the vote in the house to end the government shutdown and avert the debt ceiling crisis that the treasury department says would hit tomorrow. we are done to the skin of our teeth, as a nation. as this vote comes in right now in the house of representatives. that does it for us tonight. we will see you live at midnight for the layest from washington. now time for the last word from lawrence o'donnell. this is our continuing live coverage of the vote in the house of representatives at this very minute. the vote that will end the government shut down. that will indeed raise the debt ceiling. that vote comes on a day when the speaker of the house john boehner was in effect forced to declare his official surrender. the republicans in the house of
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representatives who are trying to force president obama into compromises did not get their way. speaker boehner had to lead those republicans to this vote that's taking place right now. joining me now, howard dean, former dnc chairman. sam stein, huffington post political reporter, and we will soon, i believe, have like russert. we don't have him yet. sam stein, this came at a -- at the end of a day that now seems inevitable. there was no one, absolutely no one saw a way for republicans to win in this fight when they started it. >> yeah, i mean -- what's remarkable is that after two weeks, 2 and a half weeks time, we are ending up where we thought we would be. we wasted -- $24 billion in economic activity along the way. a lot of people had to suffer. we are ending up where the debate wouldened end up.
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we will fund government for a short period of time. lifting the debt limit with extra ordinary msh urz aeasures. house republicans could have seen this one coming. they should have seen this one coming. they didn't do anything about it. >> howard dean, this comes after an overwhelmingly positive vote in the senate. 81 senators voting in favor. casting the reasonable vote in favor. 18, casting the unreasonable vote against it. all of the no votes coming from republicans. but i just want to read you -- some of the things, some of the threats that were issued to -- to republican senators and democratic senators today. by these conservative lobbying groups. one of them, the -- the club for growth. put out a key vote alert. urging all house and senate members to vote no on the reid mcconnell plan. heritage action put out an alert saying they oppose this plan.
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freedom works put on alert to all the senators and congressmen saying they oppose the plan. the lobbying groups said they were going to use this in their scorecards of ineffect who is a real conservative here. and, howard dean, 26 republican senators defied the threats. >> yeah, i don't think there is anything you can't call these people conservative. they're just right-wing, destructive, groups that don't have america's interests at heart. for anybody to argue that you should let the united states refuse to pay its debts is irresponsible. and silly. so i think those organizations take a big hit. i think the club for growth, unmasked. not the club for growth at all. a group captured by the koch brothers. jim demint is evidently running the show at heritage. these people are off the charts. this is nothing conservative, refusing to pay your bills. conservatives pay their bills. so, i this is a huge -- loss for the republicans.
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it is a huge loss for, for the right-wing. i think, people have finally stood up to them. including the republican party. that's what was necessary. >> we do have luke russert wired up and ready to go from capitol hill. what's the word -- was the house of representatives surprised by the 26 republican senators who defied the right-wing lobbying groups and voted for this plan? >> no. i think it was expected. they thought it was going to get a comfortable margin out of the united states senate. that is something that helps out the gop cause. gives them some cover. especially the senator from a given state votes for something. some times allows the house members of the same state to coalesce around that. you often see that with south carolina, lawrence. what will be interesting to see on the vote coming up in the house, the numbers, during the fiscal cliff deal, similar to this, a deal that was not well liked by the conservatives in the house gop conference. they were able to get about
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75-plus, really led by tom cole of oklahoma. speaker boehner's close friend. more moderate guy. the groups of republicans, the cole caucus. we will see where the number is. anywhere between 50, 75. more than 75. then it shows a lot of folks who are, really, happy to start -- start getting the government off the ground, working again for the american people. interestingly enough though, we were told john boehner, the speaker who would vote for this. as you know, lawrence. he doesn't have to. the speaker often times does not vote. he wants to show his conference view of this measure. it is expected he will publicly support it. eric cantor and mccarthy do. some times the leadership splits on votes this big. >> you can see on the clock, bottom of the screen. 6:15 left in the vote. luke, 216 is the winning number for tonight isn't it? yeah, 216. two democrats are not here. that's why the number is there.
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that's the magic number between 216 and 218. the magic number. the house gop conference. they can't reach by themselves. hence, they will use, the house democratic votes to get there tonight. and it is a number that if you talked, to the leadership. it haunted them. over the last year or so. and it, really is one that, they hope how to be able to get to next year. so they will have a chance of led legislating anything and have leverage in the senate. >> speaker boehner said earlier the house has fought with everything it has to convince the president of the united states to engage in bipartisan negotiations aimed at addressing our country's debt and providing fairness for the american people. under obama care. that fight will continue. blocking the bipartisan aagreement reached today by members of the senate will not be a tactic for us. sam stein, that's a version of that he could have given a couple of weeks ago. >> he could have said that three weeks ago, obviously.
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i think he wanted to three weeks age he was pressured into doing this. remarkable to me. the lack of long term strategic thinking on the part of house republican leadership. they could have entered this with very limited demand on obama care. maybe the medical device tax repeal or delay. might have been able to pluck that off. also they could declare victory on some of the things. spending levels will be at their desired level. they will keep sequestration in effect. they could theoretically turn and say we have won. we won the big spending battle. they didn't do that. i'm curious as to why they don't step back, take a breath, and look at the long term strategic implications for party before they jump into the battles. >> i want to check the number. i think i said 26 republican senators voted for the bill. it was actually 26, just to keep all the scorecard clear here. howard dean, the right-wingers who are very disappointed in this. eric eriksson who is a right-wing dreamer and editor of red state has written this fight
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exposed conservative activists to the fraud they have funded. men like mitch mcconnell, eric caor, preached a good sermon. now conservatives who supported them see what this men have refused to actually practice. they have refused to actually practice what they have been preaching. it is amazing, howard dean, that this -- this attack is still going on. calling people like eric cantor, frauds not conservative. >> look, let me just -- go back to something that luke just said. i actually think that, that boehner couldn't have done this. three weeks ago. two weeks ago. boehner has a problem in his caucus. these are incredibly unreasonable people. when you are willing as conservatives are, they're not, again, they're not conservatives. the far right-wingers. in the house or writing about it. to destroy the credit rating of the united states and put the economy of the united states at
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risk for your cause. you are not serving the american people. boehner, i think, he hoped to be able to, to keep his caucus together. he tried for two weeks. he couldn't do it. i give boehner credit for doing the right thing. standing up and taking a tough hit. this is something that has to be done. i think obama was right not to negotiate over something like the debt ceiling. i think the house is about to do the right thing. i give john boehner credit. i don't, fault, i fault boehner for letting this go this far. but i don't blame him for trying to keep his caucus together. it couldn't be done in the face of recalcitrant stubbornness, which put the party and cause before the country. >> what about -- i disagree with that. isn't the job of leadership to tell their party and guide them and tell them limitations of certain strategic ambition. isn't the job of leadership to say, listen, we won't be able to fund obama care through this and makes no sense to do it. confuse why boehner at the whims of the party opposed to leading
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it. >> i've can speak to the boehner leadership style. >> these are, these are -- >> we haven't seen people in the house since the know-nothings in 1840. boehner was dealt a bad hand. they're not interested in anything except their own ideology. and they're willing to put that in front of the country. that's exactly what they have done. i don't -- look, it would have been much better for the republicans if this never happened. much better for the country if we hadn't had this fight. boehner did what he had to do. stand up to the right-wing. >> 1:30 left in the vote. it is running, very, very close at this point. luke russert, on john boehner's leadership style. what its at issue here. when does the speaker stand up and say this is what we must do? when does the speaker have to, basically let the members discover what their own limitations are? >> and answers the question. john boehner's leadership style since he took the gavel has been to follow where the members want
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to go and let the hot air out of t the place. that lets everybody bark, scream, yell. end of the day they come back home. and they do what is the smart thing. and in this case, john boehner did not want this fight. he did not want to sthut dohut e government by any means. i spoke to gop leadership aide over the summer when this idea was first born. and they all said it was one of the dumbest things they ever heard. a la what richard byrd said from south carolina said. this group of conservatives brought them on the path. a lot of what you saw, john boehner do over the last few weeks was number one, he now is beloved by all of the conservative members. more so than he ever was. he strengthens his leadership. number two he sort of let them see the err of their ways. >> we hit 216. with 18 second left in the vote. >> there you have it. >> popped up to 218. 9 second left in the vote.
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still 114 not voting. so, sitting on the sidelines. >> economic catastrophe avoided. >> clock ticks down. >> howard dean. the leadership style of speaker boehner will continually be debated. the one thing that i have never heard is the name of the person who could reasonably be expected to replace him. >> right. that's a huge problem that they have. it is -- you know, the rest of -- boehner's term is going to be a really rough one. he, he doesn't really have, he can't keep the party together. he does have a majority. so he can stop things. but he can't get much past -- unless it is really unbelievable. and i -- what's at stake here for these members that voted for this tonight. is their re-election. the republican, as you know, the republican brand has gone completely. the worst numbers i have ever seen. the worst numbers that anybody
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poll forded for a party control the house i they keep doing this kind of stuff, we are going to take the house back. against all of the odds. and they know that, they know that. and boehner's got to now pull in, some how, rein in these 30 to 80, lunatics. >> you know, matt drudge of all people predicted to night that, the democrats will win the house back. and he did it in a tweet. saying, speaker pelosi part 2. opening january 5, 2015. luke russert zero time on the clock for a while. still 62 not voting. can you explain to america how you get to continue to vote in the house of representatives when the clock shows zero. >> in the house, leadership, or the chair can keep the vote open on the house floor as long as they want. this is most famously during medicare part d, the gop house leadership didn't have the
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votes. kept the flar ooor open many ho until 4:00 a.m. able to convince republicans to come on board and pass it. what you are seeing right now. a lot of members who leadership said, you know what we would really loox yike you to vote fo this. if it gets to 21. already there. you may not have to support it. a lot of folks stood back and saw where their colleagues went. some times we have seen the piecemeal votes. democrats got blue dogs, seven on capitol hill, after 2010. you are seeing the vote held open. members can vote. see who the leadership tapped. who is getting a free pass on this. if they need for it a tough primary or re-election in 2014,
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lawrence. >> we have 75 republican yeas. we have no democratic nays. and only 10 democrats have not yet voted. and we have got -- a total -- our total is 265 to 125. at this point. >> i should add right there, nancy pelosi once again delivers the vote she promised. she said she was going to get 190. she got 190. she is undefeated in terms of getting the votes she promises since her speakership in 2007. >> go ahead. >> and contrast -- [ both talking at once ] >> howard dean first. then sam stein. >> mrpelosi deserves a lot of credit. not an easy vote for democrats. democrats have to support the sequester. which they hate. not only does pelosi get a lot of credit. i did give boehner credit for doing the right thing for the country. a lot of the democrats have put their own concerns aside and the concerns of their constituents who are suffering under the
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sequester. and voted this. because they knew it was the right thing to do for the country. you know we talked about the republicans here. the democrats deserve a lot of credit for voting this. they did put their party, their party second and the country first. and a tough vote. unpleasant vote. anybody, progressive democrat. and sam stein. go ahead. and to add on. and congressional aide in the house, say that the key part of the strategy. and saying to the caucus. and hold the line. she prevented john boehner. and showing measures. broad bipartisan support. stuck without any democrats. he got a few here and there. it didn't work, by and large. i want to congratulate congress -- for boldly funding the government. and they really came through.
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congratulations. >> necessary note, sam stein. i am jind heoined by msnbc rich wolf and former congressman from connecticut, chris shays, you were kiddconsidered a liberal republican, moderate republican, thinking of you all days there are so few republicans who approach theser use the way you have. what has this been like for you to watch this? >> you know it is sad. there are reasons. you need veterans there. i mean, henry hyde, conservative, but henry hyde would have set down and said "guys it is not going to turn out the way you think." i can tell you why. he could give them experiences. >> henry hyde knew what the debt ceiling actually was. right? >> that's true. i am not going to diss the 30 or so, what howard calls crazies. >> that's why we are here. go ahead. >> in their heart of hearts they
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belief, they believe that that the country is doomed if we don't deal with every year spend morg ing more than we have. increasing the national debt. when does it stop? you can say they voted for the budgets. they voted for one third of the budget. they didn't vote for the entitlements. which are almost 2/3. and the entitlements happen on automatic pilot. something has to happen. to me, the real test is how magnanimous is this president going to be in welling illing t negotia negotiate. he won big. henry hyde could have told him that. >> can you referee a discussion we are having about john boehner's leadership style. do you believe it was possible for john boehner three weeks ago, to do what he did today? >> you can't tell them. they had to experience it. and, and they experienced it. and he now has a lot more power. because he was willing to take a lot of grief and people accuse
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hem of n -- him of not being a great leader. this is a guy put together with ted kennedy a significant bill on education. he is a moderate republican. excuse me, he is, i am a moderate republican. he is a conservative midwestern democrat. and he is not a social democrat. he is a good leader. and he is dealing with the hand that was dealt to him. >> richard wolf, they still have not closed the vote. hard to read. trying to read the number. 143 the nays. and, what is it, 285. and, still for -- just haven't quite made up their minds. >> yeah. ok. the obvious thing here is -- i, i beg to differ about the great leadership of john boehner. for a start he doesn't have the majority of his own caucus with him. and you could say, well he has
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found a path great for the country. yeah, he took the country to the brink. took us to the point where fitch says we are on unhealthy state for our debt. which is, let's face it. if it was a democrat doing this. we would be hearing republicans say how he -- he had weakened the country. and weakened the country standing in the world. if this was president obama's leadership, they would say, he is leading from behind. that's not leadership. it is weakness that we are seeing. and yet. >> and go to the vote now. they'll announce it. >> the motion to reconsider is laid upon the table. pursuant to clause 8 of rule 20, the unfinished business is the question on agreeing to the speaker's approval of the journal, which the chair will put de novo, the question is on agreeing to the speaker's approval of the journal, those in favor say aye. those opposed. no. in the opinion of the chair, the ayes have it. and the journal stands approved.
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>> so, the business is done. and -- chris shays, where does your party go from here in the house of representatives? what will be the lessons john boehner tells these people in the next meeting they should have just learned. >> i hope there is lessons for the president as well. this is not a president who reached out to any legislators like lyndon johnson, that he doesn't enjoy it. that's one of the jouvenz the president. john doesn't have to tell them anything. they experienced it. and he was willing to go well beyond where he wanted to go. but he would not have been able -- what people thought. what you want. and so -- i think he goes in to next year having a stronger hand to be able to deal with the president. i think the caucus has got to
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give him, the authority to negotiate. i think they will be more inclined to. >> we have in washington joining us, is it gene is joining us. going without commercial break. i am not sure who is where? >> it's me, lawrence. the votes in the senate and the house are, it seems to me, impressive on the republican side. turns out very large numbers of republican whose were ready to vote for this. >> as was written. all along. and there were a lot of republicans in both chambers who realize this was a ridiculous fight. realize they were harming not just the country but the party. harming their own chances of taking the senate, or even holding the house, and, who wanted to get it behind. never wanted to dupe this. but they were all held hostage by -- and sorry, chris shays,
10:23 pm
call them the crazy, they're crazy. you know. and -- why did they have to be shown demonstrated the stove is hot. put your hand on it you get burned. if enough people tell you that. you can feel the heat. do you have to put your hand on it anyhow. i don't see this as a profile in courage. some of them are hurt in the election. knew they would be hurt in the election. and they really, really believed. such a sense of honor for the folks. if we keep calling them crazies. if you will not try to understand them. you will not be able to negotiate with them. >> what is the term of art for some one who says -- i think it would be a good idea for us not to raise the debt ceiling and have the country go into default? >> i think they're wrong. >> that's what -- ted yoho said
10:24 pm
that. republican congressman. >> i think he is wrong. >> that's crazy. >> yeah, i am not going to label what he did, to the other 30. what is the sense there in the house of representatives from your reporting about what john boehner's standing is tonight in his caucus. >> oh, he is much more beloved amongst his more conservative members than he was three weeks ago. i was saying earlier, this has emboldened him. he is in no way at risk of a coup. he is in no way at risk of, members fleeing and complaining abut h about him. what he said was thank you for keeping up the fight. way to go. we hung tough. we hang together. the government was shut down. the economy, lost, $4.8 billion. came to the brink of economic catastrophe. john boehner was able to
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solidify his limited control over the house gop conference. this is his leadership stichlt in th -- this is his leadership style. congressman sheas said i would agree with. had he tried to do the profile, and fund the government, right away. and put the, the cr on the floor. and extend the debt limit cleanly, he would have faced an ins insur re insur rekt ins insur re insurre insurrecti insurrection. i think i feel i know the guy to some degree. deep down in his heart of hearts he wants to get the grand bargain debt deal and go out with that. he wants history of his speakership. right now if you right the history of john boehner he can't deliver this conference. he is overtaken by the conservative groups. and he wants to be able to have the library someday where it
10:26 pm
goes, speaker of the house, john boehner got entitlements under control. got deficits under control. and was able to cut a deal with, president obama. he wants that. whether he does it, by the end of 2014, if he wants to stay around for 2016, i think by letting that hot air come out like it did over the last three weeks. it gives him the opportunity to pull that card where he is really going to need 25 or 30 republican votes. >> richard, let me go to richard. [ both talking at once ] he knows john boehner. >> was that you, howard dean? >> let me say, this internal republican caucus melodrama and questions of john boehner's leadership. they don't exist in a vacuum. i understand that he needed to solidify his control over the house and, playing this out was a way to do it, but in the process, many thousand of lives were disrupted. many people were hurt. in their personal lives and professional lives. we spoke to scientists, research
10:27 pm
may have been irrevokably damaged because they couldn't operate in government run facilities they use. these are not things, power struggles, political manipulation how to control your caucus. there are costs to decisions. s & p put a cost on it. $24 billion in lost economic activity. was that worth playing this, so you could solidify control of the caucus. tough decisions. >> let me go to gene robinson. what do you think the country's verdict is going to be on the $24 billion cost of the lesson that john boehner had to teach young republicans? >> well, the country's verdict is clear. every poll we have seen -- shows that -- you know, this was -- this was not a popular move. this was seen as -- as -- as a terrible idea. by people. and the republican party's number, you know, are in the tubes. and -- you know, so we know what the polls say. here's my political question
10:28 pm
abut ba about boehner. if he will go down in history. made the deal with president obama. got the long-range deficit under control. and, is, is acknowledged as such. he, that deal is going to involve compromise. that deal is going to involve doing things that are not, crazies, noncrazies, whatever to the people who believe that this was a -- a noble fight and they had to do it. they're not going to want new revenue in that deal. they're not going to want the things that john boehner is going to have to agrae to any more than they wanted them in 2011. when they came close to making a deal. so, did he really ensure that he can get some of those votes by hanging tough with the conservatives this time? maybe he did. >> that's it. >> richard golf on this.
10:29 pm
gene makes a very important point there. which is the white house has been trying to teach the lesson that -- no means no. many different ways. including -- no means no when they say, we will not do any such deal without increased tax revenue. we will not do it. how does this exercise work as a way of teaching the republicans there that no means no from the white house? >> well it succeeded in this round. but -- the congressman made an important point. the caucus, the republican caucus need to m powempower the speaker to have a negotiation so they can have a negotiation. come up with a deal. go back and get something through. we are not talking about a caucus that is ready to do that. not talking about a speaker who is really in the position to get anything done. politics here isn't the art of the possible. politics has become the art of the quotable. and this is not a speaker who is in control of the house.
10:30 pm
this is a speaker who is an effective opposition leader. effective minority leader. he is trying to pull things together. and get the new cycle through. that is not what a speaker, an effective speaker need to do. that is not going to change any time soon. with respect, he may have survived this. doesn't make him a speaker. the leader of a fractious opposition body. that's it. >> we will break it there. howard dean. sam stein. luke russert. richard wolf. uf je eugene robinson and chris shays, thank you for joining us. >> coming up. what to expect in a few months when we go through all of this again. ezra klein and mark patterson will be here. that's why you take charge of your future. your retirement. ♪ ameriprise advisors can help you like they've helped millions of others. listening, planning, working one on one.
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for a bill to reopen government and raise the debt ceiling. 81 yes votes in the united states senate. 18 no votes. and 27 republican senators voted yes. all of the no votes were republican senators. in the house of representatives, 285 voted yes. 144 voted no. 87 republicans voted yes. in the house of representatives. and no democrats voted against the bill in the house of representatives. joining me now -- msnbc policy
10:35 pm
analyst ezra klein, "washington post," also "the washington post" blog. and mark patterson who is the former treasury department chief of staff. mark, you worked on a lot of bills, speeding through at the last minute. especially working in the majority leader's office. can you tell me what the heck is in this thing? they didn't include the somewhat eyepopping number that is our national debt in the bill. people don't like to vote for that. there is this matter of the income verification provision which is really -- it's really more a matter of clarification of something that is already in, the affordable care act. so it -- i would call this a clean bill. or it had a fly speck on it. >> that thing you mentioned about suspending, that's what allows them to give us a date
10:36 pm
certain -- on when this will come up again, right? because if they had given, if they had just raised the debt ceiling to a certain number, we're not sure exactly what date that would hit. >> yeah, that's right. although, at the end of the day. after some back and forth. they did allow the use of extra ordinary measure. the date again will be extendible by the treasury. using standard accounting method that they have used before to avoid default when congress does not act in time. >> ezra klein, what should be expect in the next round of this thing? >> a bicameral budget committee, the eighth over the years. shut down, a horrible thing. one thing about vote you mentioned. john boehner, nan seep pelosi. could have got in, 100, 180-some democrats, 190-some democrats to vote for this deal. they wouldn't have needed to shut the government down.
10:37 pm
wouldn't have needed to rattle the markets. wouldn't have needed to send hundreds of thousand home from work. shutdown from the republican party was a healthy thing the they felt the pain of it. they saw their poll numbers go lower than they had gone before. they caved. the boehner room is dead. the house rule is suspended. they actually did the entire fold here. so, i do think that when this next deadline runs out, it is possible we may not see a deal from the budget committee, possible we will do more short term extensions and things like that. the likelihood of the republican party will think it can do a shut don or down or debt ceilin reduced. i think there is a lesson learned by many in the gop here. that's actually valuable. >> mark patterson. i read earlier in the show, a series of threats that were issued today by right-wing lobbying groups saying we are going to score this vote, you must vote against this if you are going to be a real conservative. 114 republicans defied that. 27 republicans in the senate.
10:38 pm
87 republicans in the house of representatives. in this current client with those threats coming from the lobbying groups. were you surprised at what the, the -- the yes vote turned out to be on the republican side. >> i was a little surprised. given what transpired in the last few days. obviously, people just wanted to put some distance between themselves and -- and the very negative reviews that this, really ridiculous strategy has brought on the republican party. so, i think it, it makes sense, that people would do that. a little surprising the numbers. i am frankly glad. however, i am concerned that the lesson may not be learned. as you said, no means no. that lesson may not be learned. bah t because the democrats sought to have an extension much longer. the republicans said no. why? because for whatever reason they still have it in the back of their mind that they want to have this fight over again. i agree with ezra, when it come to february. it is going to be very hard for them to run the play again.
10:39 pm
i think the public and everybody else will say you have got to be kidding me. >> ezra klein, the potential, republican presidential candidates in the senate all lined up no votes. ted cruz, obviously. marco rubio voted no. some one who likes to be taken, i think more seriously than ted cruz is. and rand paul also voted no. so, it looks like -- their call on how to play the republican presidential primaries in this sort of thing is to vote no. >> not only that. in the house, paul ryan voted no. paul ryan was the one who surprised people the most. he has been a close ally of boehner on the votes. he has been playing, a recently valuable role in the house republican conference. pushing toward the sort of more negotiated settlements. pushing to get folks off obama care, to budget negotiation. this was in a lot of ways a culmination of the paul ryan strategy. he voted no against it. and this thing that he voted no against is going to create a budget committee he is going to be one of coat chairs of along
10:40 pm
with patty murray in the senate. so as you say. there is clearly a lock step belief among the top republicans that it is smarter for them to vote no for this if they want to run for president in 2016. but it is leading them, in a way that i don't think shows great leadership chops. leading at least a couple of them to make votes, or to take votes, that go against, not what they believe. actually what they were actively strategizing for and encouraging other folks in the house conference to do. so not exactly a profile in courage. >> mark, patterson. take a looking at what mitch mcconnell did here as the minority leader of the senate. basically making this happen. and, you have worked for both the majority leader and the minority leader, when the democrats were in the majority in the minority in the senate. and this is a very tough spot for this minority leader. because he is right now tonight, being challenged by his republican primary oement ppone kentucky for surrendering to the president of the united states.
10:41 pm
how, just give us your sense of what we, we saw and how mitch mcconnell handled this. >> i got to give him credit, lawrence. he swooped in at the last minute. and saved his party from itself. and you know, this is not the first time he has done that wit regard to the debt limit. it was mitch mcconnell who in 2011, denied the elaborate mechanism used at that time to raise the debt limit through a disapproval process resolution. he thought up a scheme that allowed all the republicans to vote no. the debt limit went up. it was brilliant. he has done this before. he has didn't right thing here. obviously for the nation it would have been much belter tte this happened earlier. i have to give him credit for doing that. it will not make him popular in his party. >> ezra klein, mark patterson. thank you for joining us tonight. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> while ted cruz and john mccain were fighting it out in the senate. sean hannity and bill o'reilly were fighting it out on fox
10:42 pm
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>> for obvious reasons the tea party is less popular than ever. according to a pew poll. 49% view it unfavorably. 30%, favorable. in june, it was 35% vs. 37%. favorable. the drop in favorability was the steepest for a self-labeled liberal and moderate republicans. 27% of liberal and moderate republicans view the tea party favorably. while 46% had a favorable opinion of the tea party back in june. that is a 19-point drop. the rewrite is next. it's o'reilly vs. hannity. think about it -- which one of them is right? you make a great team.
10:46 pm
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for weeks now it has been ted cruz versus john mccain in a battle for the hearts and mind of the heartless and mindless republican party. the battle was simultaneously fault at republican party. fox news. elder statesman, john mccain was played by o'reilly. the fire brand was played by sean hannity. and that just like in the senate, the elder statesman was right -- and the young fire brand was very, very wrong. >> so now the republican party finds itself in trouble. big trouble. obama care is not going to be defunded. and the gop will have to make a deal with the president. you know who is most happy about this, hillary clinton. that's who. hard right americans should understand that the democrats will win, next year's midyear
10:50 pm
elections and presidency of 2016, if the republican party -- does not begin to solve problems. >> the republicans now have a generic ballot lead which they hadn't had before. they have a lead among independents of 1%. picked up significant ground. the polls haven't caught up to you yet. the polls still say, most of the folks are blaming republicans. i think you guys should do pr here. >>ened awe end-- the end of thi. >> every single republican ran on repealing obama care. rand paul, ted cruz, they're stood up, fulfilling, and corker, mccain, and are slamming them for telling their constituents. >> they have to get a strategy. there isn't any strategy. in the end president obama is not going to make any changes to the law. he has the power. it is basically, you are at the
10:51 pm
alamo. you guys are at the alamo. you will get killed. >> hoaw >> hold the line. don't cave in. the bullying intimidation factor. >> you know what is going to happen. he will not back down. you and him. mano a mano. a macho thing. you know what this is. >> if republicans don't fight on health care with everything they have got. what good are they? i have strong feelings. they have shown too much weakness, inability to communicate on the issues we are discussing about being demonized, responding, messaging, tactics. i think they have been weak. they haven't stood up for their principles >> today, john mccain, punctuated the end of the fight this way. >> i think it is obvious that we are now seeing the end of this agonizing odyssey that -- that this body has been put through. but far more important, to the american people have been put through. >> what about what poor fox news
10:52 pm
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10:56 pm
fill the late frank lautenberg's senate seat occupied by an appointed republican. cory booker won 55% of the vote. his republican opponent, steve lonegan won 44%. cory booker the first african-american senator from new jersey. >> all over new jersey, north to south, urban to suburban to rural, from democrats, independents and republicans, i heard it from everybody. they said if we put you in washington, don't go down there to score victories for a party, or for politics, but go down there to work for people. >> joining me now, senior political writer for politico. maggien the last few days there were people getting nervous, maybe that gap was closing the lead cory booker had. >> they were. i thinking that was premature. i wrote about this in a couple weeks ago. two weeks. never likely cory booker was going to lose this. the problem for cory bec cory b.
10:57 pm
he cam off not -- he came off not ready for primetime. he has to run again next year. the concern that a lot of democarts had. was, a, he has a national brand. he is one of the party's rising stars. a tremendous fund raiser. people wanted to make sure he is going to be able to preserve that. i think he took some dings in the campaign that were probably avoidable. he also has to defend the seat next year. and the concern was if the margin was too small. fewer than ten points. you know, substantially, fewer than ten points. remember the beginning it looked look he was winning by six points. that could encourage a more moderate republican to jump in the race against him for next year. i thinking that is going to be substantially harder now. for democrats they are going to look at this like the icing on the cake of finally getting to day behind them. >> and, maggie, every day he is in the senate, he gets to build the value of incumbency. >> right. exactly right. as long as he uses the time well. remains to be seen what kind of
10:58 pm
senator, cory booker is going to be. known as a celebrity. used against him by steve lonegan in the race. the question is he going to be like senator warren. kept her head down. who has been a workhorse instead of a show horse as the saying goes. i think he is going to heed advice around him and bea little quieter, a little less on the national stage. but he is somebody who comes to this with tremendous celebrity. >> it is an interesting problem for him, maggie. because the the standard advice to, people who come into the senate already famous is -- is to, exactly that. its to keep your head down. and show everyone that you are really there to do the work of, of the senate. but he has the got to run for re-election immediately. >> he has to run for reeve election. he has the not made clear what policy jenn po policy agenda he wants. it is different than how you typically hear senators talk about entering washington. you heard his speech. casting himself as outside washington.
10:59 pm
not becoming of washington. that's not, unadvisable given what is happening right now. as you say he does have to run again. but i think he is going to have to try a real mix of the two. >> maggie, he ran a remarkably economical campaign. i am seeing here, that -- that he less than $1 million on television. he had to buy the new york city t strchlt mark tv market, and philadelphia, and new york sitty most expensive. >> new jersey has no market of its own. these are two crossovers. spent in general election less than $1 million. the same amount mike bloomberg put on tv for a week's worth of time, cory booker, for contrast. what he is doing is husbanding resources toward next year. he is not some body that has to do that. some whatever ult a mi of a mis opportunity, to introduce himself in a state where he will run again next year. i am guessing they put that into field and different areas of the campaign.


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