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tv   The Daily Rundown  MSNBC  October 18, 2013 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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destress. time now for luke russert with "the daily rundown" in d.c. luke? >> with one crisis averted, president obama tries to steer the next budget brokering on a less chaotic pass. as leaders begin to punch at conservatives calling the shots. meantime one bright spot in washington, the zoo is open and that means the panda cam is back online. we will go live to the scene where their shared excitement for donkeys and elephants. across the potomac, campaign for govern might be the first ballot box winner for democrats thanks to the shut down. how the hopes are hurting with a couple weeks to go. good morning from washington, it's friday, october 13th. i'm luke russert for the great chuck todd. now that the government
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sputtered back to life, leaders are plunging into the next count of budget talks. can he use capital to bridge the partisan divide and win a broader agreement and will he? president obama challenged republicans to work with him on a long-term spending bill. >> nothing has done more damage to america's credibility in the world, our standing with other countries than the spectacle that we have seen these past several weeks. you don't like a particular policy or a particular president? then argue for your position. go out there and win an election. >> the vice president happeneding out muffins to returning federal workers was optimistic and rather than committing to make the hard choices needed for compromise, budget negotiators are repeating a phrase like a broken record. >> we want to look for ways to
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find common ground. >> we believe we can find common ground. >> woo ke do the job we were sent here to do to find common ground between the two budget resolutions and set a path forward. >> nbc's kristen welker is live at the white house and joins us now on a beautiful morning in washington, d.c. kristen, it seems as though the president has come out on the high ground after this government shut down. how do they use this capital that earlier no one thought they would have at this time? >> you are absolutely right. this is a turn around for the white house before the government shutdown, they didn't have a lot of leverage. now things have changed. president obama and the democratic party are unified in the wake of this latest budget battle. they are summer going to try to use it to get something done on a broader deal. the question is, will there be
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any hoping for a grand bargain? i think there is a realization on both sides of pennsylvania avenue that that will be difficult in this new political environment. washington has been going for a grand bargain for the better part of the past four years and it hasn't happened. no indication to think it will happen now. i think they are focusing more on at least scaling back the sequester cuts and doing so by looking at cutting farm subsidies and unemployment and one aide said entitlement reform is on the table and increasing medicare preem why ums for seniors who make more money. that is something that president obama has expressed a willingness to consider in the past. democrats will be looking at scaling back the tax subsidies. those are the things that could be a potential part of the deal. luke, i don't think there is a
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lot of hopes for a grand bargain. president obama has been emboldened after the battle. a lot of people think john boehner has been as well. he might have a little bit more push with his own conference. >> the thing they have always wanted. it could happen in 2014. kristen welker from the white house. we appreciate it. take care. >> moving on to the battle for virginia with the election for governor just 18 days away, a new nbc 4, nbc news and mayor's poll showed the government shutdown came at the worst possible time for ken cuccinelli. the fallout may be impossible for him to overcome. terry mcauliffe leads by eight points among likely voters. 46-38. that's up from a-point lead last month. libertarian candidate sar vis gets 9%. 39% of virginians say they or a family member were affected by
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the shut down and by 54 to 29% margin, they blame republicans instead of the president. the anger is taking a toll on cuccinelli. mcauliffe is winning voter who is say the shut down has a major impact on their vote. 55-27. he wins voters who say it is a minor issue, 52-33. cuccinelli leads with voter who is say it's not an issue. the director of the poll and a proud red wolf. >> red fox. red fox. >> i know a little bit about that. looking into the numbers, there is a fascinating thing. i want to put it up there. the gender gap is remarkable. you were here in the dmv area and see the ads that boil down to ken cuccinelli is against birth control. they seem to have been working here. >> this is nothing new to the election cycle, but the democrats know how to target the issue and the campaign is taking
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full advantage of this. the women vote is making up the entire difference between the two candidates. mcauliffe trails among men. it's the women's vote making him the front-runner at this point in the race. it's a huge factor and as you say in the d.c. and virginia area, you are seeing the ads relentlessly hammering cuccinelli on the issue. >> how much of an impact do you think the fact that sar vis, the third party libertarian is pulling around 10%? is it significant? >> it's interesting. the conventional wisdom is he takes votes off of the republican totals. really he is attracting independents who may be uncomfortable with the republican brand. when we look at the two-way figures, it moves by a point and it's not that sar vis were out of the race, it would be closer. it stays pretty much the same
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you see the 52-43 in terms of the race. it's comparable in that regard. >> mcauliffe said the shut down sees movement in independent voters towards his side. he wins them 41-33 up from 36-34 since september. in a state like virginia where bob mcdonald wanted the backs of them in 2010, this is a 14i69. . >> absolutely. when independents, there was a two-point advantage for mcauliffe. now that has grown and the independents are the ones who the republicans really have been hemorrhaging in terms of people's identification and independents are the ones who are concerned about the shut down in virginia. much more so than republicans are. they are not in love with mcauliffe, but it's the lesser
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of two evils. maybe the evil of two lessers. clearly they have the high negative for cuccinelli in terms of independents and that's the difference in the race right now. the independent voters are creating that kind of margin that is right now putting mcauliffe in the driver's seat. >> washington, jefferson, madison, monroe, mcauliffe. who would have thought. thank you for joining us. next door to virginia, the nation's capital, the shut down brought the gop to the brink of ideological civil war. want to understand how damaging this has been for the republican party? look no further than senate leader mitch connell who had a striking message in an interview after interview. not only did he rule out another shut down in that hill interviewed newspaper, he said there is no education in the second kick of a mule and
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criticized the house strategy by saying it was not a smart play. it had no chance for success. why? it's clear mcconnell is a lot more concerned about his general election challenger allison grimes than he is about the primary challenger. the kinder gentler mitch connell may have opposition from the ted cruzes of the party. >> you would do it again? >> i would do anything and continue to do anything i can to stop the train wreck that is obama care. >> the connell-cruz feud is not the only fight on the right. orrin hatch plamed outside groups for stoking internal battles yesterday here on "the daily rundown": >> the right has a multiplicity of scripts, some of which are not republicans and think they can control the republican party. some have been good think tanks and are losing their reputation.
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you referring to heritage? >> yeah. of course i am. >> heritage foundation president jim demint defended them in an op ed. good policy is good politics. if the republicans had not fought on obama care, the compromise would have been over the budget sequester. would the gop divide break out into high profile fights as we had in 2014? at least a half dozen have challengers on the right. yesterday they reached mississippi. state senator chris mcdaniel announced the candidacy and got the backing of three groups, powerful from the outside. some are promising more of the same. >> those who can't stand strong to defend our republic and our constitution, heck yeah.
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they have to be primaried. otherwise we are going down. >> nbc's senior editor mark murray is here at this morning's 50 read and joins me now. mark, it's the fascinating dynamic obviously virginia's shut down is most likely going to deliver to the democrats which has not been done in many years. in terms of the battle within the party, do you think moving forward when you have a guy like orrin hatch saying to chuck publicly, heritage, heritage action is causing this problem. do you think that more establishments will speak out in a way? >> it's the thing for us to watch is whether the establishment fights back. it's worth noting that orrin hatch is a conservative senator from a state like utah. john mccain had a tweet knocking heritage foundation and he is also a republican and conservative on a lot of issues from a conservative state like arizona. what's going on right now is like this pragmatism that the
9:12 am
hatches and mccains are trying to get back. heritage action and people like ted who say we need very conservative party and fight ideological fights. that is more important and the pragmatic wing is like winning fights and winning elections is more important. >> it's a fascinating divide in terms of electoral impact. it happened in 2014 and probably would have created a wave on the democratic side. charlie cook put 15 house races and more of them leaning democratic. do you think from here on out, it's presumptuous to say this could change the house. >> good news for the election from 2014, the mid-terms are a year away and a lot can happen. what has happened and according to the cook folks, republican poll numbers have gone down more than democratic house members
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and it is a potential message for democrats to run on in 2014 saying my conservative opponent voted to shut down the government. that hasn't poled very well and those could be potentially damaging tv ads. the house republicans will fire back and obama care will be their message. as we have seen in poll after poll, the shut down was not good for the republican brand. >> mark murray, thank you so much for being on the show. we appreciate it. all pain, no gain. we will ask the congressman who voted against the shut down if it was worth it. one of the driving forces on whether washington can get off the roller coaster. keep rideing for crisis to crisis. the crisis coaster is the best. for all the grumbling about government, a fan favorite is about to be back in business. the national zoo reopens in less than an hour. we will be there live of course,
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>> it may not be too far away. they extend government funding until january as the next round of sequester cuts is due to kick in. while republicans deal on the budget, they insist they hold the line on the cuts. >> for the first time since the korean war, government spending has declined for two years.
9:18 am
in a row. the first time in 50 years. we are not going back on this agreement. >> joining me now, senator amy. thank you very much for being on the show. >> thanks a lot, luke. i am not taking it personally that you put the papda cam before me, but it's good to be on. >> it's good to be on. we want to ask you. we have this deal and it pushes us down to january 15th. are we kicking the can down the road? why should americans feel any sense of trust in their government after this deal that gets us to another fight like this in the beginning of 2014? >> i think you know that for almost an entire year democrats have been trying to get the senate budget since it was passed in the spring into a
9:19 am
conference committee. this is a big deal for us. we take the house budget very differently and take the senate and have negotiations. what is different and why did we want to do that? number one, the public is really angry. you were showing the polls in the virginia governor's race. how angry women are that the house republicans were trying to put birth control on a bill that opened up the government again. secondly you have the situation that january 15th as you pointed out, the additional sequestration cuts come into play. more cuts on alzheimer's research and head start and the military. that creates incentive for people to want to find common ground that senator murray and congressman ryan were talking about yesterday. out of the chute, i like their words. i like the fact that they were saying our budgets are very, very different. there is common ground and a lot of sentiment among republicans especially after what we have
9:20 am
seen with ted and company. they want to replace the sequestration cuts with other things. >> going forward, there has been huge problems with the enrollment in the president's health care law that have been well documented, but the attention has been on the shut down and going to the brink of economic catastrophe. report you worried that problems within the health care law will get more attention and could that impact a deal come january 15th where republicans will say look at the issues with the president's health care and obama care. we need to do something technical and have this fight again. what do you think should be done in terms of making it work and easier to avoid in terms of the fight. >> clearly there has been major problems with the website and what's going on. i think they are working to fix those and they must be fixed. there is going to be a focus on that. i don't know if that's a bad thing because that has to get fixed. at the same time what you have
9:21 am
seen is in my state where we had less problems, we had 12,000 people get on there and thousands and thousands of open accounts. we had hundreds of small businesses open accounts. % are getting through. i think some of the states are seeing different experiences. there should be a focus on that and there should be a focus on the rates and some of the offerings for people who otherwise either couldn't get insurance or were getting insurance that costs more. this gives them options they department have. the competitive market place will work as long as we make the access work so people will be able to have the access. there has to be a focus on it because you have to get people to sign up. i don't think that's a bad thing. as far as the budget negotiations, they made clear what the focus here is on is sequestration cuts. what can we do and how can we keep the deficit going down? doing it in a balanced way. >> real quick, i want to ask
9:22 am
you, you have been outspoken and you said women in the senate were a part of this deal. the women work better together. is there too much testosterone? is that part of the reason? >> nearly half of the chairs with democrats are women. you are sure going to see them with patty murray chairing the committee and barbara mccull ski. we have quite a few womenership. one of the unique things is women are friends across the aisle. that helped us work on budget issues and the last crisis we had, but others as well. that's the difference. >> it will be interesting to see. thanks so much for joining us. >> thanks, luke. great to be on. get that panda on again. >> they suggest the fallout will
9:23 am
be careful enough to prevent a repeat in the new year. luke messer is a member of the budget committee and the president of the freshman class. >> glad to be here. hard to beat the panda. >> i want to put this up on the screen. the shut down cost the economy $24 billion. republican party's approval ratings is 24%. was it worth it? >> i think you have to look at it from a policy network. when you spend $24 billion. they gave a blank check on the debt. they had no reforms on obama care. we can't stwhar yet. the implementation of obama care over the course of the next
9:24 am
year, they have a lot to bear on how people view these events. if obama care is a success, it will be viewed like some stru today. if obama care rates go up and the website continues to not work, it can be viewed differently. >> why did you vote against the deal some. >> because i thought it was a bad deal for the american people. what the president calls a clean debt ceiling increase is really a blank check well into next year and i believe we end up protecting people from obama care. we are looking at tacking people for signing up on a website that doesn't work. i voted against it. >> it's interesting to see this divide by the folks who really were emboldened by ted cruz. do you worry the power has been taken away from you guys because you have so much trouble to get to 218? boehner couldn't get to anything when it mattered.
9:25 am
>> i would disagree. i see the finger pointing on both sides. i think none of that is productive. it ignores the reality of the last two weeks. the vast majority of bills that we passed, we passed together with almost every single republican voting for them. the reason that was the case -- >> you guys were taken out of negotiations. you had to take this deal. >> the deal that passed passed because the president wouldn't negotiate and there were enough people in our party that decided they were going to give into that. my only point is over several weeks, we were virtually unanimous and passed many crs and offers coming into the deadline all together. the reason was one of the things that unites us is opposition to obama care. virtually every republican opposes obama care. there was disagreement about the tactics. >> as president of the freshman
9:26 am
class, do you think there is a divide between the older and the younger members. they are not as willing to compromise with the leadership. there is a problem moving forward that you have these divisions that prohibit you from exerting the strength? >> i don't see a problem. you are right. if you were elected in the last two classes. you haven't been here long. there is a lot of energy among the party base and the folks that knock on doors and put out yard signs and do the hard work with campaigns. i think our classes reflect that. >> luke messer from indiana, we appreciate it. take care. much more ahead here, ourdalea data bank and the numbers you should know. 50 the trivia question. libertarian candidate sar vis with 9% of the vote. who was the last person to win the rais with less than 50% of the vote? the first person to tweet the
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add brand new belongings from nationwide insurance and we'll replace stolen or destroyed items with brand-new versions. we put members first. join the nation. ♪ nationwide is on your side ♪ >> turning to the market where stocks look to edge higher from google and morgan stanley. it follows a mixed day that has a 13-year high and the s&p hitting an all time high. the dow stayed flat. the government is preparing to release jobs data held up by the shut down. the jobs report will come out next tuesday. meanwhile the october report scheduled for november 1st will be delayed until the eighth.
9:31 am
back now is something we are doing this week. "the daily rundown" data bank. some of the numbers rattling around in our heads that we hope will take up space in your brain for the weekend. first up, 4.28% is the average rate for a 30-year fixed mortgage. close to a three-month low. rates have been dropping for the past month and a new deal in congress is expected to keep them heading south. they are about a full point higher than the record low of 3.31% set last fall. next up, 400,000. that's the number of san francisco area commuters including my uncle left in the lurch after a transit strike shut down the trains. workers for the bay area rapid transit system known as bart walked off the job after contract talks broke down, paralyzing the fifth largest
9:32 am
commuter rail system in the country. not good. the next number is zero, the number of do you means that confessed leaker edward snowden said he snuck into russia. yeah. it's not that he said he didn't deal any documents, but he told the "new york times" he handed them off to hong kong before heading to moscow so russian officials couldn't get their hands on them. finally, 16. that's the age of a can of campbell's soup found by epa workers in chicago while they were clearing out an office fridge after the shut down. here's a tip. any food from the last century should be treated as a potential biohazard. come on, epa. you are going to get hit from some political entity. here, take two of troeds's triverroris. >> who was the last person to win the virginia nor's race with
9:33 am
less than 50% of the vote. the first person to tweet the correct answer will get an on air shout out and horse ride in little berg. you've known? we gave people a sticker and had them show us. we learned a lot of us have known someone who's lived well into their 90s. and that's a great thing. but even though we're living longer, one thing that hasn't changed much is the official retirement age. ♪ the question is how do you make sure you have the money you need to enjoy all of these years. ♪
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>> while most of washington and the nation's attention focused on the shut down, there was another fight drawing thousands to protest. the media had reached a stage five freak out mode by sunday when a few dozen people rallied at the memorial, but days before thousands of protesters marched in cities across the country to demand immigration reform. krous rallied from california to miami. dozens were arrested in washington, d.c. now that the shut down is over, the president is pushing for immigration reform, but it's already getting ugly. the chair of the house subcommittee said it's a little
9:37 am
disingenuous to treat the house as an irrelevant house of government and tomorrow you will need to push immigration reform. it doesn't work that way. let's bring in the friday gaggle, former obama white house hispanic media director luis miranda and jackie is you sin itch and chuck todd's cousin brad todd. let's start out with the issue of immigration. obviously the president is trying to make a pivot to this point right off the bat. is this achievable or being done for the political gains. a lot of them said if they don't get a deal, they will go after the gop. >> this is definitely achievable. there is never so much bipartisan support. they talk about labor and business being on the same page. there is no reason for immigration not to move forward. i think that boehner hopefully
9:38 am
has given himself a little bit of space by standing strong with the conservatives to be able to carve something out to make it work. >> from a republican perspective, it's a party that needs to embrace or a run the race of texas being purple that would end any presidential aspirations in the long-term. what should they do moving forward on the issue? >> the president's speech reminded me how much he is like ted cruz. they both believe they can levitate lead if they say it will happen. it's not going to move through the house of representatives at all. it's not in keeping for the american people. there is a broad range of bipartisan agreement. they the of republicans around the country are eager for immigration reform, however it has to be in stages. it has to be in a way that we verify the security and deal with the culture. >> i want to get to you, jackie.
9:39 am
we see movement and there is that bipartisan bill championed by marco rubio and the fiscal fight pretty much pushed it to the back burner. >> this was supposed to be gracious. >> what is comprehensive border security for house republicans? we will never know the answer because that seems to be what holds up the bill. >> i don't know that it exists at this point. the fiscal fight while it rallied conservative it is didn't help president obama with republicans in the house or otherwise. the speech yesterday, all we were hearing and i'm sure you heard it too, republicans thought he was smoking the football and they were not happy about it. he doesn't have a great relationship with congress and this doesn't help it. immigration is one issue. it's tough to do it when everyone likes each other let alone when there is all these divisions already. >> what do you think is the biggest impediment.
9:40 am
is it border security or something deeper? >> that's an excuse. there more troops on the ground than there ever has been. you need to secure the borders. the senate bill did that and establishes a series of steps that will take place as part of immigration reform. there is never going to be satisfaction, but it can be an excuse. what people walk away from on the right and they want to see washington work and don't want to see gridlock and republicans face a lot of pressure on that. >> that's not true. >> border security is cultural. >> it's simple. the board of state governors have to make the border secure. when they say the border is secure, some bureaucrat said so. they need separate from the government to say the border is secure. they secure. >> when was the last time a
9:41 am
panel worked? every time we have know one of these panels, it's all fun and games until nobody agrees. >> they control their own borders as well. >> the supreme court made it clear it's a federal authority for immigration enforcement and what needs to happen is if washington doesn't act, this will get worse. >> exactly. they should have acted years ago before the laws we have. >> we have much more of this coming up later in the show. right now it's the moment many have been waiting for. pandemonium. you are looking live at the panda cam. the panda is sleeping. smart panda. the national zoo is about to reopen and we will be there live next, but first, there will not be turkey chili served at the white house today. they will be able to choose between chicken gumbo and vegetable barley. no shut down, more soup. we'll be right back.
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>> breaking news at this hour. police made a terror-related arrest on long island with an ongoing investigation. they report officials say it's the second arrest in the case of an 18-year-old american trying to travel to yemen to join forces with al qaeda and commit violent jihad. the teen met with others in long island to discuss plans to kill americans overseas. it's not clear where the man was arrested today. where he fits into the investigation. all right, on a more happy note, it's a sign that the shut down is over and things are getting back to normal. the smithsonian museum opened, but it took longer to get the national zoo up and running. about 15 minutes from now, the zoo will open gates again and a ton of people will stream in merry and happy. we have our own panda
9:46 am
correspondent, peter alexander joining us live. peter, how fired up is the panda to meet the visitors today. you had the exclusive interview this morning. >> let's be clear. you had the count down clock going for days. we are now counting down 12 minuting until the zoo opens up. this is a capitol hill stake out here. these are the guys you see at the white house and on the hills. they are now over to the zoo with us. look who we can introduce you to. you have to go online and we met a lot of folks from around d.c. and the younger folks here today. we answer have natalie and samantha. you are almost 8. are you really excited or kind of excited? >> really. >> how about you. >> kind of. >> what animal do you kind of want to see most?
9:47 am
>> um -- >> you think about it. how about samantha? >> pandas. >> what are is it about pandas that we love so much some. >> i like when they get born because they look cute. >> you guys look cute. it's professional development day and that's why the kids are out here. i said to mom and dad are they supposed to be out of school today? they are good. they have the panda cam back in business. >> our resident panda correspondent. you have the tricks of the trade skills down. >> i'm on it. >> trivia time, mills god win was the last person to win the virginia governor's race with less than 50% of the vote in 1965 the first time he was elected governor. congratulations to today's winner, crickers. you don't have a real name. also where else can you goatet m
9:48 am
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as a catholic engaged in the world of politics, i love that this dinner has no separation of church and state. as the journalist theodore white put it, the dinner is a ritual of american politics. so for those keeping track, the american political rituals are this dinner and the republican sacrificing 2014 to ted cruz's ego. >> that was stephen colbert giving the keynote address at one of new york's biggest social events, the alfred e. smith memorial foundation dinner and it does happen in nonpresidential years. let's bring back our friday gaggle.
9:52 am
i want to talk about a guy who seems to always save the day for the republican party, when we get to these fiscal crises, and that's mitch mcconnell, who came in, swooping in at the last minute with harry reid, got a deal. he's given a whole plethora of quotes about what position he was in. i think my favorite one is i was on the 2 yard line just trying to punt with less than 30 seconds left. brad, mitch mcconnell, he's facing the primary challenge from the right with matt devon. is he more worried about his general election to allison grimes, which some polls have shown her tight, some with her ahe ahead. >> mitch mcconnell has always taken every opponent he's had very seriously. there is -- whether it's his primary poeopponent or general election opponent, my only advice is pack a lunch but he's probably one of the best
9:53 am
campaigners in the country and i think he's heavily favored in both elections. >> mitch mcconnell saying they will not go down this path again to shut down the government. can he really mean that, though, with the way the house gop conference is sort of -- rises up and is very pro insurrection to a degree? >> i've heard this from several gop leaders since the shutdown stopped. i think if you say it enough times, they're hoping it's true. saying they learned something from this. they won't do this again. we were just talking about off air the mcconnell quote. they want -- there's experience that comes with seeing this. that said, i think this does put mitch mcconnell in a better position in his state. now he's looking more to his left and he looks like a compromiser which is one of the things that they were saying he is not so this helps him, i think. >> luis, how does the white house work with mcconnell? they'd like to see a democrat from kentucky but every time
9:54 am
they have these big deals, great work, mitch mcconnell, it's a tough road for them to work. >> it's a delicate balancing act. he certainly proved that there are still adults in the room in the republican party in washington and that certainy gets some kudos across the board. at the end of the day he is also one of the leaders of the republican party that allowed them to go down this shutdown path in the first place and that certainly will weigh against him and that's something the white house takes into consideration as well. >> do you take mcconnell at his word when he says there will not be another shutdown from your knowledge of how republican politics work? >> i do. i think that that doesn't change the fact that republicans are going to hold fast on spending and obama care. that's what the american people elected them to do. the republicans were elected to a majority of the house of representatives for the explicit purpose of putting the brakes on obama. that was the entire campaign. so that will still continue. but i think that the shutdown you saw in this environment probably will not happen again would be my bet. but that doesn't mean the pressure is not going to stay up
9:55 am
on the spending caps, reducing spending and doing something about the debt. >> i think mcconnell is realistic about the fact that the whole -- our entire purpose is to defeat obama agenda that he had championed is not realistic. it's not workable. i think that he's one of the people recognizing that. >> the president has been too far to the left for the country. that's why mcconnell's race in kentucky is in such great shape. when bill clinton was president, he carried kentucky twice. obama is not near close enough to the center to carry kentucky or to bring a democrat with him. >> jackie, put it all in perspective. january 15th, how does this end do you think? let's prognosticate? >> how do you think it ends? >> i don't want to be in that ac-5 basement wondering what the conference does. >> it's going to be tough. we might be looking at this again. i think there will be less republicans who will be inclined to let it happen. >> plugs around the table. >> america
9:56 am
>> jackie. >> i want to say thank you to all the significant others and spouses like mine who dealt with us not being home for the last 16 days. >> well rested and fired up miami dolphins will be ready this sunday. >> they will not go anywhere on the bills. we're going to pull it off on the road and i want to give a shameless plug to my colleagues on capitol hill, kelly o'donn l o'donnell, frank thorpe, great job during the entire shutdown bonanza. check out our website for more on how potential 2016 candidates handled the shutdown. log on and sign up to be part of the new online community and stay plugged into all things tdr. that's it for this edition of "the daily rundown." chuck todd will be back on monday. have a great weekend, watch college football and we don't have to be on the shutdown clock anymore. coming up next on msnbc, chris jansing and company, lovely lady, do not miss.
9:57 am
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