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tv   First Look  MSNBC  October 21, 2013 5:00am-5:30am EDT

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we'll be back next week, of course, if it's sunday. . good monday morning. on "first look," get ready for a white house mea culpa surrounding the rollout of the affordable care act. new jersey has become the latest state to marry same-sex couples. captured the convicts who used forged documents to walk but now cops want to know who provided them faked legal papers. a record number of people set themselves on fire. peyton manning returns to indy. dolly parton picks on miley cyrus. i'm veronica de la cruz. while you were sleeping history made in new jersey. they joined 13 others in washington, d.c. in recognizing same-sex marriage. many couples tide the knot right at midnight.
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but like the honeymoon, the legal battles are just beginning. nbc's jay gray is there live outside of newark city hall. i'd imagine quite a night it's been. >> reporter: hey there, good morning. a very special night for a lot of people. it is also one that they say is very important. look, it continued into the morning here. just after midnight is when this all began, and mayor, senator-elect cory booker said he would never marry anyone until i could marry everyone so performed the first service here today, nine services in all here today. a lot of the people here gathered because they said it was important that new jersey make this step. there were also a handful of protesters we should say, one that made his way into the ceremony but only previous bring. he was escorted out. a lot of the couples tell you they're used to the protest and struggle and while this is an
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historic day they believe it's a struggle that will continue here but this night and early morning was reserved for celebration celebrating these unions saying they will continue to move forward. the fight is not over, the governor of new jersey, chris christie said he's appealing the marriage equality law and the supreme court in this state said they will hear that early next year. that's the latest: i'm jay gray. back to you. today for the first time we will hear from president obama on those infamous glitches plaguing the health care act. tracie potts. >> reporter: they will call them unacceptable but insist obama care itself is working. the government is bringing in more tech experts to fix the website. >> it has to be fix it. >> reporter: the website to sign up for health insurance as received 19 million visitors with nearly half a million
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applications. >> 19 million people. unique vehicisits. >> reporter: but republicans say without knowing how many have actually been able to enroll, those numbers are worthless. >> they've had three or four years here to get this ready. god only knows how much money they've spent and it's a failure. >> send air force out to silicon valley. load it up with some smart people. bring them back to washington and fix the problem. >> reporter: president obama's team hit the road in coming week, big push to get people to sign up but republicans who failed to get big changes in the government shutdown deal haven't given up. >> i would do anything and i will continue to do anything i can to stop the train wreck that is obama care. >> reporter: his republican colleagues in the house, they've got a hearing set up in order to try to figure out what the issues are. that's happening next week. the obama administration tells us that they won't actually have the numbers ready for how many
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have enrolled. actually been able to get shet insurance until next month, veronica. >> tracie potts in washington, tracie, nice to see you. outrageous this morning to tell you about in texas where home surveillance video shows police shooting a mentally ill man. joyce jackson called police when her 53-year-old son got upset. she told 911 operators he had a small knife. they saw him sitting in a chair in the cul-de-sacul-de-sac. he stands up arms to the side when officers shooting and slumps to the ground with a bullet in his stomach. he survived. before the video fasted police said he lunged at them the knife but the video tells a different story. kxas reports charges are dropped. more allegations of nsa spying against mexico. germany's der spiegel says they
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hacked into enrique joe's e-mails in calderon's e-mail account before that citing documents from edward snowden it says the nsa tapped into diplomatic economic and legaler shid communications by may 10 provided insight into their system. the nsa says it won't comment on every allegation but mexico slammed the alleged eavesdropping calling it unacceptable unlawful and contrary to american and mexico law. the video of their capture here. it unfolded at a motel. police stormed in on charles walker and joseph jenkins. they're accused of brazenly escaping prison with forged document. a transport on its way to whisk the men to another location. both appeared in court sunday on escape charges.
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police meantime, are promising more arrests. this he say the then in a lot of help in their scheme. police are combing through computers and analyzie ining dnm the papers. moving on to sports. i indy rolled out the red carpet for peyton's return but what a game it turned out to be. peyton manning received a warm welcome but the rest of his visit was all business. denver gets on the board first as manning connects with eric decker in the second. manning under pressure a forced fumble recovery for a colts seattle and luck keeping the lead runs it in for the touchdown making his papa proud. manning falls short with an interceptionment broncos suffer first loss, colts win it, 39-33. pats and jet, game tied. geno smith throws a pick six with a 79-yard score.
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later he runs in for the touchdown. controversy in overtime. jets kicker gets a redo when the paints are called for unsportsmanlike conduct. a flag for pushing his own teammate into the line. missed the kick but gets the next to win it, jets win it, 30-27. chicago trailing by 7 when hester gets his 19th punt return tying none other than former cowboy deion sanders and the redskins in the second quarter about 17 seconds after a handoff td by rg3. jay cutler throws an interception and the redskins win it with a touch by roy helu jr. chiefs wins, 17-16. remain undefeated. the rams and panthers. next for st. louis, they lose
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30-15 and sam bradford left the game with a knee injury believed to be a torn acl, ouch. do you wonder why they're called the best damn band in the land? they made a tribute to michael jackson during the team's homecoming halftime show. the band forms into mg himself, the white glove and appears to moonwalk it across the field. so the calendar says fall. look what's happening in minnesota. check this out. snow, the first flakes of the season fell in parts of the state on sunday. mostly a light dusting, didn't really stick around for long but it could be the start of a chilly week ahead and bill karins joins us now. >> we'ren spoiled in short sleeves, in the 70s. >> now coming to an end. it has there but it's coming. >> so exit sued. >> for everyone on the east coast. eastern half of the country will be -- right through halloween so we'll in for a chilly period. haven't turned the heat on, many
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will. it looks like good time to test the fireplace out. nice chilly nights feel good with the fireplace roaring. as far as rain or snow, just in the great lakes, not going to be a lot of wet weather. snow in duluth this morning and snow showers. also seen snow showers in northern -- upper peninsula. temperatures not too bad. fargo, 33. one of the coldest minneapolis, 34. a jacket weather type day even in new england and mid-atlantic. afternoon hours and cold air in chicago, won't make it to east coast it looks like until wednesday or thursday. so we have a couple more days for the eastern sea much board to enjoy mild. not warm. okay. it gets really cold. looking forward to that. thanks bill. a man dressed up as a clown shows up at a drug lord party. a nurse snatcher and an 8-year-old fights back while his mom was in the gas station. ♪
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welcome back. the massachusetts medical examiner's office said cyanide poisoning killed an alleged source victim of james "whitey" bulger who hoped to testify at the alleged mob boss' trial. but authorities do not believed stephen rakes' death was rela d related. one of the most successful drug lords was shot to down dressed as a clown at a party. he was shot at point blank range. this man was shot at point blank range. terrifying moments for two kids sitting in a car at a houston gas station. surveillance video shows a thief grabbing their mom's purse when 8-year-old jose alonzo ran after the crook. the brave boy managed to reach in and snatch back his mom's wallet before the man got away. last night at the kennedy center legendary comedian carol burnett was given the top humor award the mark twain prize for american humor. the 80-year-old was honored by a star-studded lineup.
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>> ms. burnett, i am so honored and thrilled to be there to help present this award to you. you mean so much to me, i love you in a way that is just shy of creepy. [ laughter ] >> this is very encouraging. [ laughter ] i mean, it was a long time in coming, but i understand because there's so many people funnier than i am, especially here in washington. [ laughter ] >> she is so great. now to ohio where 20 people wearing protective body suits set themselves on fire at the same time to set a new world record. a guinness rep was on hand to certify the burn. coming up in scram manied politics a startling revelation
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by dick cheney. hear what he thought terrorists could have done to attack and kill him and the steps he took to prevent it from happening. that and the best political buzz of the morning just ahead. but first, your "first look" at business. we turn to kayla tausche for that. >> futures flat as the markets come after positive week because of the government shutdown ending the s&p 500 hitting a new high and google shares topping $1,000. reports on housing and jobs and a quarter of the s&p will report results. federal workers affected, some may be allowed to double dip. several states are expected to let workers who collected unemployment during the shutdown to keep both those benefits and the back pay they're set to receive. renters are on the rise. government data show 20% of single-family homes in major metro areas last year were rentals. lots of home owners forced to rent after losing homes to
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now here's your first look at this morning's dish of scrambled politics. dick cheney is disclosing more
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about his heart problems. he's now revealing he disabled the wireless feature on his implanted defibrillator. doctors feared a terrorist could hack into it and send a signal to the device making him go into cardiac arrest. the fbi is investigating a series of threats against senator ted cruz. tweets posted in recent days include rough language and cruz's home address in houston. and speaking of ted cruz, a prominent member of his own party has a message for him, step back. former florida governor jeb bush offers the gop senator more advice. >> have a little bit of self-restraint. it might actually be a politically better approach to creed the massive dysfunction. we've stepped on that message and i think republicans need to take a step back and allow -- show a little self-restraint and let this happen a little more organically. >> none of the above. in virginia, the richmond times dispatch says it could not
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endorse democrat terry ma cull love own ken kutch nelly. they find it impossible to back any gubernatorial candidate with even minimal zeal. mr. ma cuclinton was mentioned w jersey when "the star ledger" compared him to chris christie sean says he is the most remarkable political tell lent since the arkansas democrat. the argentine soul mate of sanford is speaking out. she says she's happy with the republican but live partly in charleston and partly in argentina and partly in washington. that's going to do it for your morning dish of scrambled politics. joining me with the
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"washington post" reporter david nakamura. david, what does this is a to you about the progress and do you think that the white house is going possible able to reach its goal of 7 million from by march of 2014? >> what we know so far it'll fake a lot more effort to get to that goal. right now everybody -- even the white house said it's not rolled out the way they had planned. and though the number of applications while it sounds like a lot, 500,000, well on its way maybe to reaching that goal, what we don't know and what the administration said they won't say till next month how many have gotten through the system and enrolled in the program. what you'll see today when the president comes out he'll be surrounded by folks he says are benefiting small business owners, ordinary people who are not ensured will be able to get the insurance but also going to accept some blame for some of the problems and say they're redoubling their efforts going forward. >> you know, david, the president has called on a host of issues to be passed by the end of the year. i think immigration being one of them.
5:22 am
david, how close do you think the president is to making thissee a reality and do you think house republican also get on board this time around? >> well, i think right now we have a small window because, again, we'll go back to the budget fight early next year as this deal to re-open the government, only temporary, three months and have to do all over again. a small window for immigration and big bill. what the senate has passed. the house is saying they won't deal with that bill. there's a lot of pressure from outside groups on the house, republicans right now, they say they're going to bring bills forward by the end of the year, however, whether they can square them with the bill senate bill is a lot of work has to be done and right now the two parties are not talking very well and the republicans are having troubles figuring out where everybody stands so a herculean effort to get it dong. what i think immigration advocates are saying let's make progress. let's get some bills passed and maybe get some dialogue going so i think that's probably the best they can hope for. >> david knanakamura with "the washington post," thanks.
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dolly parton poked fun at her goddaughter miley cyrus while showing off her new talents on the queen latifah show. >> look at them go. hey, i'm tweaking, i'm working, i'm working. miley, i got your wrecking balls right here. >> that's bill -- >> she's got her wrecking balls. >> yeah.
5:27 am
>> richard obviously was speechless. >> how can you not be speechless. >> you thought it was funny. >> i laughed. >> you did laugh. >> well, tell me if this makes you guys laugh, check this out. we all live in the age of the self selfie. he decided as his teacher was having contractions he would take a selfie. >> she's on the phone getting help. >> he would take a selfie and tweet it. he does look pretty good. >> doesn't he look like he's having a whole lot of fun. is it tacky or is it funny? >> of course, it is. >> it's horrible, right? >> as long as everything went well and she got the help she needed. >> she didn't go into labor. it was braxton hicks. >> then it's totally fine. >> it's wrong. >> you've been through that. >> false labor. >> yeah. >> what do you have? >> well, wife carrying. this championships that have been going on in finland coming to the u.s.
5:28 am
this is the china championship and a couple from estonia, the defending champions, mr. and mrs. hu. look how fast they're going. a lot of places you win beer. in china you win an oceanside house. this was actually -- they said they trained for two year does win this house on the beach on the ocean. >> did they win in estonia too? >> the estonian carry was the way they were carrying. >> upside down. >> i don't know it's gone international. >> it's the best. >> is that what it is? >> he knows the three. >> you have to use your upper body strength. >> his wife was -- >> i know, let's move on. let's go to this. 3,000 people coming on out there. 18 bull, you know, run about 20, 30 miles an hour. nobody got gored. somebody was slightly injured. you pay 60 bucks and get to do the tomato throwing contest. they're doing ten other of these
5:29 am
around the country. as you know, the original was in pamplona. a little more dangerous. this one safer. >> what does 60 bucks gets you? >> a beer too. >> all right. i'm veronica de la cruz. "way too early" is next. s as the broncos take the field indianapolis can now say thanks for the memories. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> peyton manning returns to indianapolis. it was a warm welcome. he threw three touchdowns but the broncos' undefeated season in


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