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tv   Martin Bashir  MSNBC  October 24, 2013 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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exploiting government failure for cheap gain is what they do well. it seems that everyone who believes in this law, everyone who believes in universal health care, everyone who believes in the promise of the federal government to do big things ought to be outraged at this manifest incompetence. just because it's our team who messed things up, doesn't mean they should get a pass. that does it for "the cycle," to a person who never needs a pass, martin bashir. it's thursday, october 24th t. monkey court is officially in session. >> just because something is smart, fair, good for the xheerks fiscally responsible, that does not mean that it will actually get done. this is washington after all. >> republicans who holding their first hearing on the rocky rollout of the president's health care law. >> were they trying to hide the true cause? >> are they incompetent or just lying? >> once again we have our
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republican colleagues trying to scare everybody. >> will the gentleman yield? >> no, i will not yield to this monkey court. >> fear, fear, fear. >> businesses hate it. >> individuals fear it. >> the worse thing since slavery. >> liberals have no idea how can'tism there. >> i do not like green eggs and ham. >> the new law is more than a website. >> she doesn't know what she was doing, senator. >> she was a successful commissioner. >> i was a successful semi pro baseball player. ♪ wake me up when it's all over ♪ ♪ all this time i was running myself ♪ let's prove that washington can solve some problems, the words of the president earlier today, rallies for bipartisan support in a renewed push for comprehensive immigration reform. while congressional republicans turn their focus from repealing
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the affordable care act to investigating it, the president instead chose to take a productive approach on a key priority for millions of americans. >> it's good for our economy. it's good for our national security. it's good for our people and we should do it this year. everybody wins here if we work together to get this done. in fact, if there's a good reason not to pass this common sense reform, i haven't heard it. >> a good reason? since when have house republicans needed that? come on, mr. president. we know better than that. >> obviously just because something is smart and fair and good for the economy and fiscally responsible and supported by business and labor and the evangelical community and many democrats and many republicans, that does not mean that it will actually get done. this is washington after all.
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>> yes, the town that brought you the republican shutdown spectacular of 2013, the one that brought the gop record low ratings and propelled dysfunctional government to the very top of the list in gallop's poll of problems facing the nation, that's apparently not enough for the gop who spent the day grilling contractors in charge of the affordable care act website, instead of allowing them to go back to work to fix the problems. >> we'll gavel this hearing, about 9:00, i logged on to health to enroll my family. >> there's the problem, it's actually >> once again here we have my republican colleagues trying to scare everybody. >> will the gentleman yield? >> no, i will not yield to this monkey court -- >> this is not a monkey court. >> do whatever you want.
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i'm not yielding. >> an exercise in prime tolling or not, today's hearing didn't come any closer to fixing the glitches that are proving so exasperating. kathleen sebelius will testify before congress on october 30th and is touring a core in phoenix, arizona. on a conference call today hhs said those phones are literally ringing off the hook, 1.6 million calls coming in, including 127,000 calls in the 24 hours after the president recommended call centers as an enrollment alternative. average wait time? less than one minute. overall 700,000 applications for coverage under the affordable care act have already been submitted. as for the human cry over website malfunctions, the white house today offered a favorite american sports analogy. >> this is three years and a
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cloud of dust every day. but that means moving forward and that means improvements every day that will help americans get the information they need so they can get the insurance they deserve. and then you score a touchdown. >> then and only then, mr. press secretary. let's get to our panel. with us from washington is my msnbc colleague karen finney, host of "disrupt." here in new york is msnbc political analyst jonathan alter. karen, i must begin with you. how seriously should we take republican concerns about these website issues when they've not only voted to repeal the affordable care act 42 times, they also shut down the entire federal government in an attempt to defund it? >> i think you might want to go back to reading "cat in the hat" in terms of levels of seriousness on this. what a sham. one of the things that needs to happen in this process, in addition to what the president has said, the website is but watt one piece.
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i was infear ated that the president had to go out on monday and defend this. more importantly, what health care reform means to people in this country torques the constituents of those very same republicans we saw asking questions, and you know half of them have no idea what they were actually asking. they were just reading off a piece of paper. we have to keep in mind the people who will be impacted by reforming health care. >> absolutely. john, i don't know if you'd call it a monkey court, but is there any doubt that republicans have come back from the shutdown with exactly the same agenda which is to in some way, disrupt, disparage the affordable care act? >> it's a little bit of a different agenda. >> it is? >> yes. before they had to be up front about repealing or defunding obama care. they can't do that now. that was a huge loser. now they have to use a slightly more indirect strategy, death by
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a thousand cuts to try to undermine public confidence in obama care and use these glitches which are inexcusable and really kind of make me angry that the government couldn't get their act together better on this. but whatever the background to it, the republicans have this almost like to use jay carney's football analogy, an unforced error, a fumble or an unnecessary interception that the administration threw which the republicans are now going to try to capitalize on. but it does not have long-term consequences. they don't have the votes to actually kill obama care. when social security went through in 1935, i'm always going with these his tore cal analogy, it wasn't until 1942 that people started getting checks. it took them seven years to get the system going. they didn't have computers, so it shouldn't have taken as long this time. there are always these glitches with any major new program.
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there are no excuses for them, but we'll get past this and it does help to indicate to people that this is worth enrolling in and they should try again and they will try again. >> karen, don't you think that john's point is slightly undermined because a few democrats themselves are now appearing to side with republicans in calling for some kind of delay of the individual mandate? >> i think as this particular part of the process moves forward, that may be a conversation that has to be had. i don't think it's undermined by democrats. i think at this point it's joe manchin. what's most important is they get it working. >> jim sheheen has mentioned that possibility. >> here is the thing that's really important. i want to see us back on offense. shame on these republicans for doing this. shame on them for denying millions of americans health care. there should be a long-term political cost. we should bash them with this
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every single day and remind that what their goal was was to prevent people from having health care. they have no interest in making the system better. they have no interest in solving the problems because hey, guess what, they had several years where they could have been doing that. they want to deny people health care. >> hang on a second, karen? what about the ryan plan? that's coming in a few months. >> that's right, that's right. i forgot. >> you forgot that? >> just in the same way that paul ryan wants to cut pretty much every kid off of food stamps or head start, sure, it will be great. >> a lot of this is going to come down to whether the obama appointee to fix the mess, a guy named jeff sooints, a very capable guy in the white house, this is all about leadership. it's about cracking heads. kathleen sebelius didn't get it done. that doesn't mean she has to
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resign, but they need to bring somebody in who can manage. and sooints has management experience, figure out how to get everybody on the same page and fix the kinks. if they don't, no matter what the republicans or democrats do, it will undermine confidence in obama care if they don't start getting it together. >> karen, to your point earlier, is it not the case that even today we have the president of the united states wanting to formulate a constructive approach to resolving the issue of immigration, and what we have is absolute abject silence once again from republicans? >> exactly. >> you heard the pathetic grunt of the speaker yesterday when he was asked by our own staffers, you know, what are you going to do about immigration? well, we may get something through. hardly enthusiastic. >> and despite the fact that they say they're concerned about the deficit, the reports indicate if we pass the senate version of the bill, it would not only infuse millions of
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dollars into our economy, but it would also actually help reduce the deficit. if you don't care about people, you should look at the numbers. you've got business community, evangelicals as the president pointed out, wide spectrum of people. i think this again a very telling sign. this will help the republican party to be a part of passing this. and yet they're opposing it. so what does that tell you about where their real motives are. >> they're not all opposing it. once again, martin, this is a division within the gop between the suicide caucus, the people who don't want to pass immigration reform and a slitting the throats of those in their own party because no latinos will vote for them. they only got 29% the last time. then there are reasonable republicans in the senate and even at fox news who recognize they've got to get this bill passed if they want to survive as a political party. >> jonathan, i fear what we will see here, what we've seen time and time again, those reasonable republicans that you're talking
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about, they shrink to the background while the crazy caucus comes to the for. >> showing up a little more now and they showed up when they passed the bill in the senate. >> we don't have enough time. turn up earlier next time, mr. alter. jonathan alter, karen finney, thank you so much. great to have you on. you can always catch karen on "disrupt with karen finney" ever saturday and sunday, 4:00 p.m. here on msnbc. coming up, delay tactics. will democrats be forced to give ground on the affordable care act much to the delight of the republicans? we'll ask a democratic senator for his take coming up. this is the quicksilver cash back card from capital one.
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many democrats, particularly those running for re-election next year may find themselves in something of a predicament. how do you help fix the health care exchanges on the one hand while not giving in to the sort of gop demands that shut down the government for 16 days? at least five of these 2014 senators have indicated an interest in delaying the open enrollment period which currently ends march 31st. even some democrats who are not running for re-election next year agree or have proposed something far more extreme. >> we have to consider delaying the mandate that is the penalty. >> it should be a transition year for one year. there should be no fines. let's work through the problems. we've got a lot of problems. they've been identified. i think everybody has recognized them. let's fix it. january 15, 2014, work out the kinks, let's fix this thing.
4:17 pm
>> joining us is democratic senator ben car den of maryland. >> thank you for having me. >> first let me ask you a very straightforward question. should the white house take steps to either extend the open enrollment period or perhaps as you heard senator joe manchin, dely the individual mandate? >> we're early in the process. it's way too early to make those types of decisions. right now the administration has to really concentrate getting the websites operating properly so people can enroll. the policy is the right policy. the e changes are the right thing. >> senator, if i might intervene just to get clarity, you would not postpone the individual mandate, you would not extend the period? >> it's too early in the process to make that type of judgment. we've got to get the system working, we've got to have an opportunity for people to enroll in a timely way. it's too early to determine if that's in jeopardy or not at
4:18 pm
this point. we have to concentrate on getting the system working. >> that's eminently sensible. wouldn't the republican calls for delaying the affordable care act be more credible if they haven't shut down the government and voted 42 times to repeal the law? to say they have any genuine interest in making it work is laughable at best, isn't it? >> what we would like to see from the republicans is a constructive way to make sure the law works properly. every strategy they have had to date is to try to repeal the affordable care act, not the just the affordable care mandate, but letting children stay on insurance policies, getting rid of pre-existing conditions, getting rebates when insurance companies over charge. those types of issues they want to repeal. looking at the republican strategy, it's hard to believe that they're being constructive in what they're suggesting. >> i'd like then to move on with you if i might to another important issue, and that is immigration, something that the president addressed earlier
4:19 pm
today. i'd like you take a listen. >> i'm not running for office again. i just believe this is the right thing to do and i also believe that good policy is good politics in this instance. if folks are really that consumed with the politics of fixing our broken immigration system, they should take a closer look at the polls because the american people support this. >> again, sir, the president said congress must pass a reform bill this year, but is that going to happen? >> well, they should. we have a barely broken immigration system, and the united states senate, we came together, a strong bipartisan group, putting the nation's interests first. i think everybody acknowledges the immigration system needs to be fixed. the senate has passed a bill that has gotten broad support that would help our economy and do what's right for this country as far as policy. it's time, way baft time for the house of representatives to act. >> senator ben cardin of
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procession will have more integrity. right here there's always one or two that voted twice a year. >> one or two million people? >> no. one or two people. >> those one or two cases of voter fraud in north carolina may seem statistically insignificant, but it's a veritable pandemic compared to texas where in the entire state there's been one, just one successful conviction of voter fraud in the last 13 years. and yet, despite this, texas has put into effect a new discriminatory voter id law to thwart a problem that really doesn't exist. with the supreme court's decision in june to strike down section 4 of the 1965 voting rights act, this new voter id law which has been blocked previously is now suddenly in play. as early voters went to the polls in texas this week, it was clear that the consequences of this law are already wreaking havoc on the electoral process. based on the state's own
4:29 pm
figures, 600 to 800,000 registered voters do not have the necessary id that's now required to cast a ballot, with some estimating that that number could be as high as 1.4 million. surprise, surprise, hispanic voters and low-income voters are among the most likely to lack these ids. but there's another group that republicans probably did not expect to be affected, women, in large numbers, are having trouble casting bat lots because of a discrepancy between the name on their voter registration and what is often some derivation of their maiden name that appears on their id. one woman who faced such a problem this week was district court judge sandra watts. >> what i have used for voter registration and for identification for the last 52
4:30 pm
years was not sufficient yesterday when i went to vote. this is the first time i've ever had a problem voting. >> if judge watts was so intent on voting, perhaps she should have thought about that before she got married. for more, i'm pleased to be joined by co-host of "the cycle" here on msnbc ari melber and democratic pollster march gentlemen o'mara. margie, women and young people are being prevented from voting in texas. if the intention is to target new voters, the new law, you have to concede, has been a magnificent rip roaring success. >> it just happens to be a coincidence that the groups most likely affected by this law happen to be the groups that don't vote republican. >> what a coincidence. >> i know. it's almost as if it was planned that way. it's amazing, you see republicans -- >> it was planned that way, margie, that's the point. it was planned that way.
4:31 pm
>> it's actually not a laughing matter. it's a crime -- it is a crime to see these states around the country having these kinds of laws preventing -- a third of women may be affected because their licenses and their voter registration cards show different names. republicans are unable to speak to voters, so they've decided to change what voters can show up to the polls and vote, and they probably thought that they wouldn't have -- there would be no consequence for this, that people wouldn't know about it, they wouldn't vote against republicans as a result. but, in fact, in 2012, you saw minority turnout higher than ever. there is a consequence for doing it and it's great that shows and there's coverage of this consistently, and it's going to continue to have a consequence for republicans if they continue to do this. >> ari, in one of your many iterations, you're a lawyer. you know the justice department is seeking to challenge this under section 2 of the voting
4:32 pm
rights act. does the department of justice have much of a case? >> they have a case because they can argue under the standard that these rules were partly adopted with the goal of reducing or diluting minority voting. where they don't have a case and why your open is not just tragic comedy, martin, but as you know, if texas can defend this by saying we're only trying to hurt a political party that, is a defense in court to defend this. >> that's astonishing. so there's a possibility that the justice department won't be able to overturn the effects of something that is quite clearly affecting latino voters, low-income voters and women. >> that's exactly right. what you need to do there in that situation is to, number one, do exactly what the attorney general has done, which is pursue these case, litigate them out so we learn. number two, what the obama administration is trying to do, amend the voting rights act, renew the voting rights act.
4:33 pm
the next thing is bail in, take some of these states under section three and pull them in to the kind of coverage where we get at this in advance, not after the fact. the supreme court and john roberts came in there and they shifted the burden from where it was on the states that have a history of segregation and discrimination and put it back on to the voters. the last point i want to make is margie is right in the short term. a lot of voters say at first they went after him and now they're going after all of us and we're not going to be stopped. that can be a motivating force. the politics on this are actually different from the justice. we need justice on these issues. >> margie, as someone who was born in britain, i was always told that america had enormous respect and esteem for democracy, a nation of laws, a nation that loves its own democratic system. how shameful is it this a nation like that has states that deliberately and intentionally seek to undermine the voting rights of so many people?
4:34 pm
>> it is a huge shame. it's one thing to have a discussion and a disagreement over whether a tax policy is going to help the economy or help others or help businesses. it's a completely different thing to have a partisan divide among lawmakers as to whether we should make it easier for people to vote or harder for people to vote. the answer should always be easier. that's what the american people think and that's what every lawmaker should say. >> right. the president earlier today, ari, spoke about immigration reform. and, of course, a major part of the law is that it will prevent latinos from voting, as high numbers of latinos don't have the means, as you know, to procure a valid id, certainly according to the research in texas. how much of this law is motivated by the fear that in franchised latino voters will turn texas blue? >> i think that's a real concern. >> do you think that's an intention though? >> i think it's hard to say for
4:35 pm
sure. when the courts look at this, they look at legislative purpose. what one legislator does might be different than what another does. to the promise of your question, there's no doubt that some republicans have spoken openly about this. one of the terms they use is caging which is to say let's take the current voters that are against us and cage them in. that's a piece of gerrymandering, dilute the vote. the other thing is who gets in and who gets to become a part of voting. a third piece is felly disen franchisement. all these are of a piece of frustration that's out there. the reason i'm not pes mickity is the american public is awake to this. they're hearing that the congress isn't democratic, not in how it operates, not in how the filibuster operates and not in the voting booth and it makes people angry. we know political movements are not just built on idealism, but also built on this anger. if you're watching at home saying what do i do about this? there's a lot they can do as they go to the voting booth.
4:36 pm
as this moves to an issue that a lot of issue americans are hearing about. i think that's happening in states like north carolina and texas. >> margie, as a pollster yourself, do you not sense this is a fear on the part of republicans that texas may well go blue if immigration reform passes and vast numbers of latino voters ended up wanting to vote democrat? >> look, they should be worried about all voters right now. the last three polls that i've seen all have shown record low approval rating for the republican party. so they have to worry about all kinds of different voters, not just latino voters. also, i will point out it's not just latino voters that support immigration reform. republicans support immigration reform. people across the board. two-thirds of voters in exit polls from 2012 said they support a path to citizenship. that's before you even hear about all the different components of what the president
4:37 pm
spoke about today. so if their strategy is to alienate -- to prevent from voting folks who they think may not be with them, they have a lot more voters left to worry about because they are in real trouble right now. >> absolutely. ma gio mara and ari melber, thank you so much. >> thank you. it's a disastrous, job-killing train wreck. we're talking about the republican rollout of ryan care and we'll attempt to log in in today's lines. >> i tried to sign up for obama care. >> this is it. i'm really signing up right now we're really doing it? >> yes. >> thank you. let's show obama care. authenticating. please wait.
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4:42 pm
i'm not yield sglg you stupid monkey. >> my republican colleagues forget that a lot of people are enrolling through state exchanges. >> perhaps this is less of a mess and that republicans are overstating the problem. >> one of the problems with the republican posture in this shutdown is not just that they got blamed for the shutdown -- >> the obama care website is a disaster, and i am loving it. >> the republicans weren't really for anything. >> paul ryan will lay out the big republican reform plan in january. >> they were against obama care. that's what they were. >> do you think it will have an alternative to obama care? >> did they have an alternative plan for obama care? >> it's the absolute full conservative reform to obama care. >> no, they did not. it's not clear they devised one. >> your friend bill crystal said this morning that paul ryan would unveil the gop plan for health care sometime in january. >> what's today? october? >> is it your understanding that's going to happen and can you give us an idea of what it might look like. >> nothing!
4:43 pm
absolutely nothing! >> i'll let you talk to paul about that. >> my name is paul. >> you're trying to scare people so they don't apply. >> ainsley ehrhardt, she's going to try again to sign up for the president's disastrous health care law. >> none of this stuff is easy. >> you're the main prime contractor. >> these aren't easy. >> maybe we should tell them the big secret. >> you've never seen this before? >> all the chimps we sent into space came back super intelligent. >> no. i don't think we'll be telling them that. joining us now here with me in new york is republican strategist noel nick poll, "the washington post" jackie kucinich, and the great ezra klein also of "the washington post" and an msnbc policy analyst. ezra, i want to start with you. first i'd like to check in with tracy lee who joins us from a secure undisclosed location. you've been on the internet all day trying to find out how to enroll in paul ryan's new health
4:44 pm
care plan. bhou is the website? >> there is no website. >> what do you mean there's no website? tracy, you get back into it and we'll come back to you in a moment. ezra, i hate to rush to judgment, but is it too early to declare the rollout of ryan care a calamitous train wreck? >> i think it might be too early, martin. paul ryan has had a bunch of health care plans before. that's something that people kind of don't know about him. they've been abandoned by republicans as they drop this strategy of not having a health care plan at all. if you don't have one at all, nobody can attack you for the hard choices you have to make. i think that is really interesting about the kind of approach republicans are taking to obama care right now is that all the republican health care plans including the one paul ryan had in 2009 kind of look like obama care because obama care is partially based on those health care plans. if you look at both paul ryan's plan for people under 65 and also his medicare plan, both of them envision the government
4:45 pm
setting up exchanges in every state. if you don't believe as a lot of republicans are are saying that it's clear some of this had to fail, if you don't believe the government can set up these exchanges, then all the republican ideas including the ryan budget's ideas on medicare and the previous ryan health care plans can't work either. i don't believe that, but that is the logical conclusion there. >> noel, as a republican strategist, i imagine even waiting for paul ryan's plan is preferable to you than the affordable care act? >> we do have a lot of problems apz someone who represents a lot of gop candidates and gop players. we do have a lot of problems with obama care. one of the main reasons that we are irritated with obama care is the fact that the people that need it the most can't get on the websites because of the glitches. i know everybody is tired of hearing about the glitches. and everybody is making fun of them. >> everybody is taking them seriously. >> it's a big deal. we had a hearing on it today. the contractors, the people they got to do this website said that
4:46 pm
there were glitches and problems before the rollout. why didn't they delay the rollout? >> right. jackie, instead of messing about with all these complicated websites, why don't we just give everyone medicare? >> i think there would be some objection to that from republicans. >> there might be, but wouldn't that make more sense? >> you know, again, i think you might have trouble getting that through the house which seems to be the problem for quite a few things these days. the republican study committee also introduced a health care plan in september. but all of these plans, they have -- they consistently have a problem. they all require a repeal of the current health care bill to be replaced with these bills. as we've seen, that's not going to happen any time soon. the most they can hope for at this point is to push back the individual mandate which you've seen republicans and democrats pushing for as a result of the rollout of this website. >> would that satisfy you?
4:47 pm
>> there's another thing that would satisfy me. >> would it satisfy you? >> it would be one of the things that would satisfy me. the other thing is delaying the penalty that the irs -- delay the penalty that the irs is going to put on people for not having the insurance. if the thing can't work right, we don't need the penalty. >> ezra, isn't the fundamental problem cash flow. if we delay everything, we undermine the very process that would make this work? >> if you delay the mandate you increase premiums and make it fail. something i find frustrating in noelle's comments, booichb very tough on the administration for how this has rolled out. there's a world here where republicans had not spent years putting it before the supreme court so states wouldn't implement it. the republican governors hadn't left 34 or 36 exchanges over to the federal government. the thing is working a lot better. one thing that could have happened here, another world we
4:48 pm
could have gone, even if there had been bipartisan support for the law, once it passed, republicans didn't have to try to sabotage it at every step of the way. and there is kind of a crocodile tears nature to the complaints. republicans are furious, they're very angry that this law they have been expressly trying to make fail is not having the rollout as the obama administration promised. i take the republican argument that there should be a better law that should have passed. that's a viable argument. there is a culpability being ignored. they keep saying kathleen sebelius should be fired. they should be pinning a medal on her. this has been her whole approach. >> absolutely. jackie, i'm hearing from my director gina, she's telling me we have an update from our dij cal producer, tracy lee. tracy, did you try rebooting your computer? >> yeah. >> and you found the website for ryan care? does it give us health
4:49 pm
insurance, does it work? >> there is a website, but the domain is up for sale. >> right. so there is no ryan care website but you can buy the website. >> right. >> fantastic. thank you so much. jackie, where do we go from here at this point? do you think that the administration may consider, for example, extending the period of enrollment? >> i think you've seen they've pushed it back by six weeks and you could see that -- there is a bipartisan push for that in congress, but i think that's the most you're going to see. that's only if this website -- these website problems persist. if this goes away in a couple weeks, if it doesn't persist for months and months and months, i don't think you're going to see many changes at all. >> noelle nick pour, ezra klein, jackie kucinich, thank you so much. can we go just one day without a script on gun violence? violence? sadly, not today.
4:50 pm
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how foolish we were to think that we might escape a broadcast without the mention of america's gun crisis. indeed we were going to pass on reporting that episode in nevada wednesday when a 22-year-old man pointed what he thought was an unloaded semi-automatic handgun at the head of a woman in his home, pulled the trigger and wound up shooting her dead. trivial gunplay, no more, no less. but it was at roughly 2:30 p.m. when our hand was pushed, an alert from the u.s. navy, shots fired at the navy base at milling ton, tennessee, also on lockdown. thankfully these shots fired alert did not escalate into yet another mats kerr like the one at the washington, d.c. navy yard just over a month ago.
4:54 pm
this time we learned a list dust-up between three national guardsmen ended with one pulling a gun, one shot in the foot, one shot in the leg, the shooter is in custody. the injuries are not considered life-threatening. alas, our intention to take a break from america's love affair with guns upended once again by the familiar sound of fgunfire. we'll be right back. ♪ americans take care of business. they always have. they always will. that's why you take charge of your future. your retirement. ♪ ameriprise advisors can help you like they've helped millions of others. listening, planning, working one on one. to help you retire your way... with confidence.
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4:58 pm
it all centers on their opposition to the affordable care act. everything from today's hearing before the house energy and commerce committee to the government shutdown and even the debt ceiling is allowing republicans to rally around a unified core. today we learned that 32 republican congressmen have sent a letter to the president demanding the immediate resignation of kathleen sebelius, secretary of health and human services. the scope of the problem is so great, they write, that were this a private company or military command, the ceo or general would have been fired. the 32 republicans who sent the letter include representative paul brown who believes the darwinian theory of evolution is a lie that came to us direct from the pit of hell, representative steve stockman who once had a campaign sticker that read "if babies had guns, they wouldn't be aborted," and representative michele bachmann
4:59 pm
who believes providing affordable health care is a clear sign of the end of types and a direct fulfillment of biblical prophesy. all three of those members speak frequent live about their christian faith at the same time railing against the affordable health care to some of the nation's most vulnerable people. before they run off to their next committee hearing or fire off another letter demanding a government resignation, maybe they should listen to the words of a fellow republican, john kay sec, the governor of ohio, a governor who has accepted federal funds under the affordable care act which means an additional 300,000 of his constituents will now be covered. >> when you die and get to the meeting with st. peter, he's probably not going to ask you much about what you did about keeping government small, but he's going to ask you what you did for the poor. you better have a good


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