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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  October 25, 2013 11:00am-12:00pm EDT

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the state of colorado has just released some documents from the 1999 grand jury, which indicted her parents, john and patsy rams ramsey. that couple, though, was never charged. in fact they were later exonerated. mike taibbi joins us live from boulder, colorado. mike, what do these documents tell us? >> reporter: well, craig, first of all, let me say the documents do not tell us how and why 6-year-old jonbenet ramsey died. what they say is that the grand jury agreed with public perception at the time that john and patsy ramsey, john and patricia ramsey, the official name in the indictment, were considered to be the suspects at the time. a two-part indictment under the general rube rick of child abuse resulting in death. the first count said that each of them, each of them did knowingly and recklessly permit a child to be placed in a situation where there was the threat of injury which resulted in the death of jonbenet. in the second count that each of them, john and patricia, rendered assistance to a person
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who was later suspected of having committed the crime of first-degree murder. that was just what the grand jury decided ofafter being presented evidence from just one side. the grand jury does or does not return an indictment. you may return that former new york state supreme court justice famously said any prosecutor worth his salt can get a grand jury to indict a ham sandwich. in this case alex hunter decided after looking at the grand jury's resume nations and the result of the indictment they signed, there was in and out enough evidence to prosecute anyone, john or patricia or anyone else. here we are 14 years later. that is still the case. we are no closer to knowing what happened to jonbenet ramsey on christmas night and the morning after christmas in 1996. craig. >> mike, what, if anything, does this mean for the investigation going forward? >> reporter: well, legally nothing. in terms of the investigation,
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it's still an active investigation, open homicides remain open indefinitely. the d.a. in this case, alan garnett, says that it remains an active investigation -- it remains an open investigation but is not at the moment active, so there's no new evidence to follow up at this point. craig. >> we know that patsy ramsey died in 2006 from ovarian cancer. have we heard anything so far from john ramsey, any reaction? >> reporter: nothing new. we reached out to his attorneys, and the only statement we have from that side is one of the filings in this case, basically opposing the motion to release this document, basically saying that releasing this document now of an unprosecuted indictment only further tends to defame john and patricia ramsey, patricia ramsey died in 2006. john ramsey has written two books about them, both of them pro claiming their innocence in every form imaginable since the death of their daughter in 1996. >> mike taibbi live for us in boulder, colorado.
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mike, thank you. big backlash for big brother this morning. the obama administration vowing to review its surveillance practices as european leaders demand talks. they found out we're spying on them and they're really, really mad. or are they? an adviser to president obama promised a thorough review. lisa monaco wrote this op-ed, an assistant to the president for homeland security. at the same time the paper hit the newsstands, european union leaders were meeting in brussels, leaders including angela merkel, francois olan who were reportedly spied on, want formal talks with president obama. >> for us, spying on close friends and partners is totally unacceptable. >> and here's the guy, here's the guy who put all of this in the open, edward snowden, of course, who told "the guardian" that the u.s. spied on more than
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30 world leaders. here's what senator marco rubio said about that this morning. >> a lot of what you're seeing from these european leaders is for the domestic consumption of their own public, but at the end of the day, everyone knew there was gambling going on in casablanca. >> yesterday the obama administration pushed back on reports they were spying on merkel and the spy agency's practices. >> we are not going to comment publicly on every specified alleged intelligence activity. wee made clear that the united states gathers foreign intelligence of the type gathered by all nations. >> so adding some comedy to all of the drama, news that the head of the nsa himself was spied on. a huffington post blogger just so happened to be on the same acela train as michael hayden. he sent out tweets like this one on acela. listening to former nsa spy boss, michael hayden, give off-record interviews. i feel like i'm in the nsa,
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except i'm in public. democratic congressman adam smith of washington is the ranking member on the house armed services committee. congressman, good to see you. >> good morning. >> the headlines at this point pouring in now. now the u.s. is alerting its partners that edward snowden has documents -- documents about their cooperation with our government. in the same german paper that reports that the spying took place at the u.s. embassy in berlin, an opinion piece suggests, quote, more and more friendly states feel duped and betrayed by the united states. how much has u.s. trust, congressman, how much has u.s. trust with its allies been compromised? >> well, i think senator rubio is at least partly correct, that a lot of this is for domestic consumption. that we work very, very closely with our allies on a lot of investigations overseas and elsewhere. i don't think there's a lot of surprises here. now, it has harmed our relationship. i think it's appropriate that the president and other national security leaders are reaching
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out to try to repair those relationships, but we have a very, very cooperative relationship, particularly with france, germany and great britain on all manner of intelligence to protect our mutual interests. our mutual interests are very large. so i think we'll get past this, but in the short term there is going to be some fence mending needed to be done. >> so it sounds like you're saying that you think that some of the surprise that's being expressed by european union leaders, some of that is feigned? >> i think you have to deal with your domestic audience and what they think about what's going on and what the leaders of the government know about what's going on. what i know is that we have, as i said, a very cooperative relationship with all of those countries. i served on the intelligence committee as a term. we've worked together with those nations on a ton of things in our mutual interest and we will continue to do so. >> meanwhile, we've got the former head of the nsa who feels comfortable giving a phone
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interview on a high-speed train but the guy behind him is a reporter tweeting it out to the world. michael hayden on acela giving reporters disparaging quotes about obama administration. remember, just refer as former senior admin and then he loses a clever hash tag here as well. to his credit, hayden did end up posing for a selfie after the tweeting reporter's cover was blown by phone calls hayden got reporting that his phone interview was viral on twitter. the "new york" magazine asked why he did it and here's his response. i thought the former head of nsa and a retired general attacking the president on background was lame. say it in a book like everyone else. what's your reaction to that, congressman? >> well, the biggest lesson here is how much things have changed just in the last five or ten years. there's not as much secret information as there used to be. governments, individuals, everybody who's conducting their
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business needs to become more aware of the fact that it's painfully easy. i mean forget about what the government is doing. as you said, a private individual sitting on a train can pick this up, let alone what private hackers can do. privacy is not what it used to be. whether you're a government, an individual, a business, no matter who you are, if you are communicating, you need to assume that somebody might be listening and take a different approach. i think we need to learn that lesson. >> before i let you go i want to talk about the obama care website problems really quickly. health and human services secretary kathleen sebelius is in austin, texas, we just saw her a few moments ago there. last night she was at a phoenix enrollment call center where she acknowledged the flawed rollout. however, when she was asked about the letter, that 33 lawmakers sent to president obama calling for her resignation, this was her response. >> the majority of people calling for me to resign i would say are people who i don't work
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for, and who do not want this program to work in the first place. i have had frequent conversations with the president and i have committed to him that my role is to get the program up and running and we will do just that. >> at that sideshow of the house hearing, contractors all pointed fingers at the white house, they were pointing fingers at each other as well. what should the outcome be here, congressman? >> well, it's not surprising that the contractors wouldn't take the blame. they want to get paid. they have a contract. there are legal matters here. look, there are two things about this. number one, it is an inexcusable mess-up and it really has to start at the top. it's the obama administration that was responsible for putting this together, and they are the ones that have to fix it. it is a terrible mistake, but it is fixable. that's the most important thing. the program itself is going to give health insurance to millions of people who don't have it and give us a more efficient and effective health care system.
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we have to press forward with that. i think it's also worth noting that when they rolled out the medicare part d plan that the republicans in the house passed, prescription drug benefit, it had all manner of problems as well. the major difference was democrats at the time, even though we had opposed the plan, supported efforts to fix it, whereas the republicans across the country, all they want to do is kill it. and you've seen the stories come out that aren't true about the problems. so, you know, it's law of the land. if we could have people at least try to make it work instead of trying to kill it, that too would help it be more effective. >> congressman adam smith of washington, congressman, always a pleasure. have a great weekend. >> you too. folks, we're following some breaking news right now. this is in north carolina. a live look there. firefighters are battling a huge fire at the dh griffin wrecking company. this is in greensboro, north carolina. police say that the fire itself involves salvaged household appliances. the smoke there can be seen,
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we're told, from miles away. at this point firefighters on the scene there say that that fire is contained. there's another look here from the helicopter. you can see those plumes of smoke just billowing high into the sky. very thick, very dense smoke. at this point, though, again, that fire is contained. we're told there are no reports of injuries right now. again, some breaking news for you in greensboro, north carolina. we're keeping our eye on this story and will pass along new information as it becomes available. still to come here this hour, hillary clinton heckled while out on the road. hear her amazing comeback to a protester upset over benghazi. we'll talk about that. also ahead, jay-z has 99 problems and brewing anger from his fans. maybe his biggest one. the rapper is feeling the heat over his multimillion dollar deal with barney's to sell his clothing line. two black shoppers have come forward, claiming that the store racial profiled them.
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are democrats caving on obama care and is the republican party imploding over immigration? those are today's topics for our agenda panel. amanda terkel the politics managing editor for the huffington post, cheryl contee and benjy sarlin. the agenda panel is here, good to see you. benjy, politico has a big
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headline up right now. democrats' united front cracks. comparing democratic unity to a fad that's gone the way of the macarena. there's a handful of democratic senators now in favor of delaying the mandate penalty or extending the open enrollment deadline, but many of these critical senators, many of them, if not all, are up for re-election in red states. are we looking at just good politics here or are some of these red state dems, are they legitimately concerned and legitimately have gripes? >> this is a case where good politics and good policy kind of intersect because it's mostly, as you said, these red state democrats or democrats who face competitive re-elections, but it's not entirely them. for example, dianne feinstein of california is calling for an extension of the open enrollment. she is the farthest thing from an endangered red state democrat. because they know it's just simple reality. if these sites and other means to sign up don't start working
11:17 am
soon, they're going to have to extend the rollout, there's no other way to do it. you'll have to have longer open enrollment and a delay. >> cheryl, let me come to you. under president bush, we just heard this from the congressman as well, republicans defended the administration's attempt to implement medicare part d back in 2005 and 2006. there were major computer glitches back then as well. so is it hypocritical as well that the same republicans urging americans to be patient back then are now all up in arms flailing their arms about wildly? >> i think that republicans are digging themselves a deeper hole. look, there are serious issues with the rollout, inexcusable issues. as a technologist by trade, i see that these data display issues, time-outs, data connectivity may add up to data capture issues, meaning that even people who enrolled may not have the right information in their policy and so there's going to be customer care needed
11:18 am
down the line. i think that we need republicans on board to help fix the problem, because once people actually are in the system and everything is functioning smoothly, everyone is going to see that they can save thousands of dollars and their benefits are improved. it's a boon to all americans. >> right now we want to show kathleen sebelius, the health and human services secretary is in texas and she's taking questions and whatnot. we just wanted to show this to you. let me come back to you for a second, bengy, because so much has been made of kathleen sebelius' handling of the situation or lack thereof. is this a crisis that she survives politically? >> there's no doubt it's a crisis. politically i think the secretary is correct, that a lot of the people calling for her resignation so far are people who don't want this law to work in the first place. they don't want people to be signed up on these exchanges. on the other hand, the results speak for themselves. either they fix this or they
11:19 am
don't. if this law is seriously damaged and these problems go on for quite a while, there's going to have to be some kind of accountability. >> let's listen in for just a few moments again. this is kathleen sebelius in austin, texas, taking some questions from reporters. >> we have people enrolling through the call center, in person and on paper and we want to remind people that there are alternate ways to go. they have 26 weeks. no one is losing health coverage today. no one gets new benefits until january 1st. and if an individual signs up by the 15th of december, they will have coverage on day one. so i think it's important to know that there is time. there won't be a sellout of products. and the price will not change. >> some consumers are talking about how they have to give an abundance of personal information before they can find out how much it's going to cost them. why is it set up that way? >> well, it's set up that way because the tax credit is based
11:20 am
on an individual's income. it's impossible to tell someone what they qualify for in terms of a tax credit. and the tax credit is a reduction in their premium that's automatically loaded at the front end. it's not a credit that they get at the end of the year, it reduces the price of their premium. so what people told us they wanted to know as quickly as possible is what it would cost for me and my family. that was an important price point. that's why step one was to give them the ability to go through -- no one is required, once they find out what plans cost, to do anything other than look at the plans and they don't have to continue on. but you can't tell an individual what exactly they will be paying until we know what their income is, how many family members there are and what they want. the anonymous shopper with just prices of plans is open and available. people can go on that side and that site, but frankly it
11:21 am
doesn't tell you what you're going to pay at the end of the day and that's really what folks told us they wanted to know. >> will there be an extension -- >> again, kathleen sebelius in austin, texas, there, she was answering a question from a reporter. and the question sounded very similar to an issue that was raised yesterday by congressman joe barton out of texas, who spent some time during that hearing talking about the amount of personal information that had to be shared on the website. i want to bring amanda terkel. amanda, you still standing by for me? >> i am. >> here's the thing, amanda. it seems as if some of this, some of the legitimate gripes and some of the legitimate concerns about the rollout, about the website, so much of that has gotten lost because of the rhetoric, of the fiery rhetoric. it's been very difficult to decipher and discern what's legitimate and what's just people hating on health care. >> and i think it's interesting that you brought up the joe barton exchange as an example,
11:22 am
because what he brought up, he sort of circled a source, a code that most users can't see and sort of brought it up as this big problem. when it actually wasn't a problem. it seemed that it was used more to score political points against the obama administration. i mean one interesting point that i think was brought up in a "new york times" op-ed by clay john saund hason and harper ree republicans are really interested in sort of preventing problems like this in the future, you have to look at the way that these firms get contracts to build these websites. a lot of times the firms that get these aren't the ones that can do the best job but the one that say can navigate the bureaucracy. that's why you saw the obama bureaucracy so great in the campaign but in the administration there are all sorts of problems. >> that's precisely what we're going to be talking about this weekend here on msnbc, government contracting and how this is not necessarily the problem but the symptom of a
11:23 am
larger problem. anyway, amanda terkel, cheryl contee and benjy sarlin. you can find more from our panel on this show's website. here it is, listen closely. it's slash then dash, very important. a north carolina republican out of a job this morning after controversial -- it was a controversial comedy central interview, those comments about the state's new voter i.d. law sparking a whole lot of outrage. but is this bigger than just one person's point of view, or does he reveal the real motive behind the laws? we'll dig into that coming up. also, ted cruz is back in iowa. hoping that the same attitude that fueled his popularity surge in texas will translate in the buckeye state. but are iowa voters ready for a serving of lone star tea?
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rebels in nigeria say they are in contact with the pirates who kidnapped two u.s. citizens off the western coast of africa thursday. meanwhile, the nigerian navy says it has found the american flagged oil supply ship but they are still searching for the captain and engineer. richard phillips, who was held hostage for five days by somali pirates worried that the two americans may be in greater danger. >> they will usually take a captain or chief engineer and bring them ashore and hide them, so no rescue attempt can be made. you've got to understand it is dangerous out in the gulf of guinea. >> piracy has dropped to its lowest levels in a decade around the world. the number of pirate attacks off nigeria, though, has skyrocketed by more than 30% so far this year. here's a quick look at some of the other stories topping the news on a friday. a massachusetts high school where math teacher colleen
11:28 am
ritzer was killed is back open today. police also say that the accused killer, 14-year-old philip chism used ritzer's credit card to buy dinner at a local wendy's and watch a movie at a nearby theater before he was caught. searchers are not giving up in the hunt for a missing autistic boy in new york city. 14-year-old avante was last seen october 4th leaving school. he is mute, meaning he cannot ask for help. new york police commissioner ray kelly says that he is losing hope that the boy will be found alive. the national action network is hosting a rally in support of that search effort. and also a prayer this sunday as well. and the mystery of maria, that blonde-haired blue-eyed girl found with the roma couple in greece has finally been solved. dna tests prove a bulgarian man is her mother. she left the girl in greece because she had no money to take care of her. and former nfl quarterback
11:29 am
brett favre says that he is starting to forget things and he thinks that it's because of the concussions that he sustained while playing football for more than half his life. in a radio interview favre worried about the price that he'll pay down the road. he also said that he won't even think about returning to the sport. check this out, an image of notre dame running back cam mcdaniel being pulled into a dog pile helmetless at an october 19th game against usc. this picture has gone viral. as all of my producers tell me, that is one ridiculously photogenic football player. [ male announcer ] crabfest ends soon, so hurry in and try three succulent entrées. like our new snow crab and crab butter shrimp, just $14.99. only at red lobster where we sea food differently. [ male announcer ] now try 7 lunch choices at $7.99. sandwiches, salads, and more.
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it's not the "juggle a bunch of rotating categories" card. it's not the "sign up for rewards each quarter" card. it's the no-games, no-messing-'round, no-earning-limit-having, do-i-look-like-i'm-joking, turbo-boosting, heavyweight-champion- of-the-world cash back card. this is the quicksilver cash back card from capital one. unlimited 1.5% cash back on every purchase, everywhere, every damn day. now, tell me, what's in your wallet? in north carolina, a republican official has stepped down after some shocking comments about this state's voter i.d. law landed in the hot seat. don yelton was on "the daily
11:33 am
show" this week for what was supposed to be a tongue in cheek segment about voting rights. take a listen to the impact he says the new law, which requires photo i.d., will actually have. >> the law is going to kick the democrats in the butt. if it hurts a bunch of college kids that's too lazy to get up and go get a photo i.d., so be it. >> right, right. >> if it hurts the whites, so be it. if it hurts a bunch of lazy blacks that wants the government to give them everything, so be it. >> and it just so happens a lot of those people vote democrat. >> gee. >> yes, he was aware that cameras were rolling. denita judge, an attorney with the advancement project, is here in the studio with me. this former precinct chair is standing by what he said, we should note that, but we do want to point out that he was asked to step down by the county chairwoman who disavowed his comments. of course all this coming at a time when the republican party,
11:34 am
when the gop has said that it wants to reach out to people who look like me and you. when you heard that, when you saw that initially, what did you think? >> well, what i actually thought was that while he is saying that he is not representing any other individual other than himself, we have to remember that the republican problem is who passed this egregious, monstrous voter suppression bill in north carolina. when we look at that, we have to question who's really behind this bill and whether now you want to step back from him. but initially you all were in the same camp. >> i think some folks have said that they weren't surprised at the thoughts, but they were surprised that someone actually expressed the thoughts on camera. >> well, we certainly weren't surprised by the thoughts, and i think that most north carolinians that we've been speaking to about this monstrous bill are not surprised at the thoughts or the sentiments behind it.
11:35 am
it just appears that, you know, when a group of people decide that they want to make voting more difficult, they have to target groups that are historically discriminated against, and that has been what we're seeing in north carolina. >> that comment was a la the same comment we heard the runup in the 2012 election in pennsylvania as well when, that official was caught on camera saying, absolutely, the voter i.d. law is going to help us win the election. when we look at states like texas, like north carolina, like pennsylvania, these states where you've got people who are fighting tooth and nail to enact some of these voter i.d. laws, do you think it's just simply about keeping those states purple? or is there more to it than that? >> well, that may ultimately be, but to me it's more about making it more difficult from groups who have been historically discriminated against, who came out in significant numbers in 2008 and 2012 to vote and they voted differently from maybe
11:36 am
what the individuals would have preferred them to vote or how they would have preferred them to vote. so i think that that's really behind it. it is making -- it is burdensome, and i just want to just, you know, make sure the public knows that the bill in north carolina is about so much more than photo i.d. this is a monster bill. it is a bill that takes away -- that repeals same-day registration, it reduces early voting, it takes away opportunities for 16 and 17-year-olds to preregister, so this is a monster bill and much bigger than photo i.d. >> and the bill in texas, one of the things folks aren't talking about is the effect that bill would have on women. specifically women who showed up to vote who may not have changed their last name because they have gotten married. anyway, we don't have time to get into all of that. we'll have to get into that the next time you come back. thank you. tea party star ted cruz headlining a major dinner tonight in iowa. this is his third visit to that
11:37 am
state in three months. he'll be giving the keynote address at the annual fall fund-raiser. as you know, iowa is especially important, being the first state in the country to declare its support for candidates. so the question, is ted cruz hoping that the new rock star status he has in his district and his state will carry over to this critical state? kathie obradovich covers all things iowa for us. kathie, good to see you. >> thanks for having me. >> ted cruz received two rousing welcomes from audiences last saturday and monday in texas. fresh off the shutdown. what kind of reaction are you expecting from republicans there in the hawkeye state? >> ted cruz has a sellout crowd here in iowa. i expect them to be very enthusiastic about him. he is very, very popular in certain segments of the republican party in iowa. not across the board, but in certain segments of the most
11:38 am
active republicans. and the ones who, should he be running for the caucus in 2016, would be the most likely to go out and support him. this is a dinner that is a big kickoff to the fall season. ted cruz is just the first of kind of a parade of republicans that we have coming into the state. but i would say he is one of the most popular right now. >> the register's editorial board, your paper's editorial board wrote an opinion piece last week criticizing iowa's delegation for its role in the shutdown. governor terry branstead tries to be distance himself from the tea party. is there a similar struggle among voters in iowa? >> there is definitely a split in the republican party in iowa. you have kind of an establishment republican segment, which is kind of at war with the party administration, which is mostly populated by ron paul supporters from the last election. and then you have the tea party folks, who are not necessarily
11:39 am
affiliated with any formal group, but they are making their voices known as well. >> is it true that he's going to be pheasant hunting with steve king in iowa? is that true? >> yes. he was going to pheasant hunt with steve king tomorrow in western iowa. they have an event there as well, which i expect to be very well attended. >> some saturday night live skits write themselves. kathie obradovich, thank you so much. kathie obradovich of the des moines register. today's producer pick was a team decision. check out the start of game two of the world series last night. the red sox and the cardinals. only the original j.t., james taylor, only he can make a mistake like this and recover so smoothly. ♪ oh beautiful -- o say can you see by the dawn's early light ♪
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there are very few african-american men in this country who haven't had the experience of being followed when they were shopping at a department store. that includes me. >> and me too. that was president obama in the wake of the trayvon martin verdict talking about some of the harsh realities that many african-americans face when it comes to racial profiling in this country. now rapper and media mogul jay-z is taking some heat for his relationship with barney's after two separate instances in which young black shoppers say they were racially profiled by the high-end retailer. barney's at this point says it
11:44 am
does not tolerate racial profiling. it has gone so far as to hire a civil rights expert to review its policies as well. that has not stopped fans from calling on the superstar to cut his multimillion dollar deal with the store that plans to sell his clothing line for the haolidays holidays. public relations expert marvette is with me. fans are hot about this, a lot of them are pretty upset. take a look at a few of the tweets we pulled. if jay-z continues to do a campaign with this racist store, he's dirt in my book. and then this one. jay-z is about to launch a clothing and jewelry line at barney's. will blue ivy be racially profiled when she purchases her first designer bag? so far no response from jay-z. do you think this is a situation where he needs to come out and say something or would he be better served to stay silent and wait for the storm to pass?
11:45 am
>> jay-z in many people's lives is the gate keeper to the urban community so he absolutely has to step in and really position this as a learning opportunity. brands come to jay-z because they want to penetrate the potent, the financially potent urban consumer. >> and by urban, you mean black. >> i mean black. and these partnerships largely are based because he is the gate keeper to a very potent consumer. so it's very difficult for jay z to strike a partnership with barney's, one that will benefit his sean carter foundation who are largely underserved minorities and those same consumers are racially profiled in the store. >> but what are his options here? i mean he comes out and he says, you know what, fans, you're right. i'm breaking up with barney's, i'm not going to allow them to sell my stuff. or does he say -- >> i see this as a learning opportunity. i see this as an opportunity for jay z to educate retailers on
11:46 am
the landscape of the urban consumer. they don't all look a certain way. so i think that jay z really has to educate both barney's and other retailers. we know this isn't just mutually exclusive to those two individuals. i'm racially profiled. oprah was racially profiled while shopping and we know this isn't going to stop. so jay z aborting his relationship with barney's isn't the answer but he should use this as a teachable moment. >> a lot of people were happy to see jay z and beyonce when they showed up at the justice for trayvon this summer here in new york city. if he refuses to acknowledge that there is at least alleged racial profiling, if he refuses to acknowledge the situation, what does that do to his credibility with people? >> i think that -- >> with young black people. >> with young black people, they want rap just in the same way that he raps about watches and private jets and vacations in
11:47 am
the south of france, he cannot ignore what's going on in his own community. so it would be very negligent of jay z, and i don't expect him to ignore what's taking place. i do expect him in his own jay z way to deal with this issue that's festering. but he won't be bullied into doing it the way that the world wants him to deal with it. jay z will deal with this issue. >> one of the things, before i let you out of here, that really caught my attention in this whole story, the stuff in his line that he is selling at barney's, i want to show folks at home just a few of the items here. a sean carter rain coat with gold snaps runs you about $675. there's also the watch with alligator straps that's on my list, it's going to run you $34,000. it's on my list. i'm not going to get it but it's on my list. the cheapest item we found, a $70 sean carter cotton t-shirt. to whom is he marketing? >> he is marketing to an urban mindset, an urban consumer, which is not just
11:48 am
african-americans, by the way. >> right. >> but we do fuel adoption. african-american culture is largely responsible for the contagious adoptive behavior patterns that we see spread globally, and they know that jay z has his finger on the pulse of that consumer. so, no, it's not only a black consumer, but we do drive and fuel the gravity of a lot of trends that barney's is looking to leverage through their partnership with jay z. >> we always enjoy your insight. when you come back, bring the watch. this story was also the subject of today's big question. we asked shopping while black, should jay z ditch his deal with barney's? julian tweeted, yes, jay z should. i don't understand why these moguls continue to partner with companies that hate what they represent. this is diamond weighing in. no, i think he should work with barney's to help them understand. this person agreedith you. help them understand the error of their ways. and from constance. if this incident had been the
11:49 am
first, perhaps not. in this case, he should detach from barney's and display integrity. keep the comments coming on twitter or on facebook as well. [ male announcer ] this is claira.
11:50 am
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you might even say presidential. time for sidebar. that was how former secretary of state hillary clinton handled a heckler during her speech at the university of buffalo wednesday. >> buffalo is a good model for the rest of the country, because we can't move from crisis to crisis, we have to be willing to come together as citizens to focus on the kind of future we want, which doesn't include yelling. it includes sitting down and talking with one another. >> according to a reporter on site there, the man shouted benghazi, benghazi, you let them die. actor forest whitaker has reportedly been cast as colin
11:53 am
powell in an upcoming biopic about the isn't of state. what does poul think about the decision? forest is a marvelous actor but so is denzel, as in denzel washington. this story may just help congressional approval rating. a trained er doctor, he sprung into action with oxygen for this passenger, a practice that's old hat we're told. he told several reporters he's done it several times. if it's friday, it means it's time for go and do, our spotlight on those who try to improve the lives of others. playing off the military term "got your six" which means got your back, collaborative campaign by nonprofit group, be the change. partners with military veterans, partners with veterans with
11:54 am
civilians. strong backing from the entertainment industry, it's all in the effort to help military veterans transition back into civilian life and reenergize our communities. chris marvin the managing editor of got your six. chris, the campaign heading into the second year. i understand there are six pillars to address veteran reintegration. among them jobs, health, education as well. how exactly does the program work? >> that's right. we work with the entertainment industry and top veteran nonprofits across the country work ongoing what we think is the root cause of veterans issue, the military divide. today many civilians don't know about military and advice ver-- vice versa. >> we work with these issues, best 30 nonprofit in the country and the work they are doing on the ground. we have substantive metrics
11:55 am
we're working around. we're trying to engage the public. we want to answer that question for an individual american, what can i do. >> i'm glad you brought up the public at a time when 1% of the nation is in the military, how does the campaign help civilians understand the hardships that members of the military and their families are forced to endure? >> what we are trying to teach americans, sometimes those hardships lead to strength and experience. they can be valuable in civilians communities. when veterans return home, we want them to be seen as leaders. we have a number of tools we use to try to educate american public on how veterans reintegrate and take leading rolls. >> folks that might be watching or listening, how can they go and do. >> we want people this veterans day to celebrate veterans by having a conversation with one. thanks for your service, it's wonderful. ask them where they have been, what they have done. more importantly, ask them what's next. ask them what more they are going to do to help the
11:56 am
community. >> do you know someone with the go and do spirit? tweet us with the hashtag go and do. that will wrap it up for me. tolls back on monday. tomorrow catch me at 2:00 eastern right here on msnbc. "now" with alex wagner up next. , not double-talk. if you have the nerve to believe that in a puzzling financial world, clarity is king. [ man ] if you believe nothing beats a sit-down for knowing where you stand. [ male announcer ] join the nearly 7 million investors who think like you do: face time and think time make a difference. join us. [ male announcer ] for 90 years, it's how edward jones has made sense of investing. it guides you to a number that will change it guides you to a number your life: your sleep number setting. it even knows you by name. now it's easier than ever to experience deep, restful sleep with the sleep number bed's dualair technology. at the touch of a button, the sleep number bed adjusts to each person's ideal comfort and support. and you'll only find it at a sleep number store.
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where right now our newest innovations are available with 36-month financing. sleep number. comfort individualized.
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as the as the obama administration reboots some log off. it's friday october 25th and this is "now." the continuing feeding frenzy over glitchy affordable care act this week combined with opportunistic from republicans have some democrats heading for exits. in a repeat of 2010 democrats up for re-election in the midterms voted in the spring only to abandon there in the white house signature achievement in droves by fall the unprecedented


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