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tv   The Rachel Maddow Show  MSNBC  October 29, 2013 9:00pm-10:00pm EDT

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>> and you're hearing more stories, and there are many, many folks that you are talking that feel like they're in the same bode? >> they can't understand why they can't get clear answers for why they're not getting funding. we have heard from the disabled veterans from the first gulf war, scrambling trying to use his own money and he can't get any federal funds. >> thank you both, that is all for this evening, the rachel maddow show start lts right now. one year plus one day ago, this was the scene up and down the east coast. shut down, shut the whole thing down, keep the commuters home from their jobs, keep the kids home from school. pile on the sandbags, anybody who is on the beach get off the beach. from florida all the way north to maine. cities and towns and regular people boarded up windows and tried to get ready. hurricane sandy was on the way up, up from the caribbean, to the east coast.
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seeming huge and mercilessly. we have experienced a lot of hurricanes in this country, but for sheer size, sandy was without precedent. sandy was the largest single storm system to ever form in the atlantic ocean. and it was aiming for the most densely populated part of the united states. it was aiming for our nation's largest cities. and that city, rates like all the others to get ready for this gigantic storm. new york sent out evacuation orders for people living in flood zones, they built sandbag walls at office buildings. they shut down the subway system. they locked the door to grand central terminal. but for all the desperate measures to protect from the great state of new york, there was one place they needed to protect maybe most desperately of all. this is harlem. this is the end of the number
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three train line, one of the red ones on the map, if you visit and if you do visit, you should use that line, you can go up and see harlem. ive you zoom out and look at that station on the map, you will see that it is very near the harlem river. dangerously near the harlem river. when a hurricane is galloping north, straight for you, set to unlow pressure rivers from their banks, underneath that map are the tunnels, the subway tunnels that act like veins for the city. but if the harlem river was going to turn the subway tunnels on the east side of manhattan into its tributaries, if the harlem river was going to surge down into those subway stations and into those subway tunnels, then the whole eastern side of the city was an open question as to what was going to happen then. and that route into the subways was exactly where sandy was due
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to send the harlem river. unless transit workers could figure out a way to make it stop. so they tried, days before the storm, watching the forecast, anticipating the rising waters, carpenters started collecting lumber and started hammering together a sort of ad hoc plywood dam across the open mouth of the tunnel that the harlem river was set to surge right down. they put together a dam that was five feet high. but something happened that made them realize that five feet high was not going to be enough. they needed to get that dam higher than that. the city workers trying to stop the harlem river from storming through that tunnel and drowning the eastern side of the manhattan, they looked at the latest forecast from the national weather service, they looked specifically at what you call the slosh map, slosh is an acronym, it stands for sea, lake and overland surges from
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hurricanes. they looked at the slosh map, they looked at the forecasting and what they realized from looking at all that data, what they realized from looking at those slosh maps was that a five-foot high dam wasn't going to be enough. so the order came down, quote, this is what beneed to do, fell whats, we need to get this wall to eight and a half feet high and it's going to need to hold back the harlem river, you need to build it at such a strength that it is going to endure. so they built it as best they could in the very limited time that they had. in the last hours before the storm hit. and the wall endured. it held back the harlem river. with three inches to spare. the forecast was accurate to within three inches. of what they needed it to be. and as hard as sandy hilt the subway lines and the infrastructure in the biggest city in the united states, the devastation would have been worse times a number that is scary to calculate now if
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scientists had not accurately calculated the risks before the storm down to the last three inches. we as taxpayers paid for that scientific work to be done, it was done correctly. those hero transit workers knew to build that dam, not eight feet tall, but 8 1/2 feet tall. the skin worked. when you have a great big hurricane coming your way, maybe science becomes easier to trust. if you have ever lived through a big weather event, maybe a forest fire, a drought or a flood, you know what it means to check the weather every day like your life depends on it, because sometimes it does. even if you're just planning a picnic or a wedding outside, your need for accurate scientific information is clear. but eif you're living in a place where scientists tell you something unsettling, not just your wedding plans, and the
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picnic next weekend, but your whole life and the viblgt of life where you're planning to live for a long time. if science is telling you something like that, then our reliance on science can sometimes get mixed up with our counting on politics. is city of norfolk, virginia is home to the largest naval base on earth. norfolk, virginia sit blgs right behide is water. norfolk, virginia now sometimes sits in the water. as we get for high tides and the high tides get stronger. we get more and more water in our city, so we're taking very seriously, we're raising homes, we're raising roads, but we're also retreating very slowly from some of the shorelines so we don't spend money raising houses that when the next storm comes through here they'll be damaged
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again. >> for the democratic mayor of norfolk, virginia, so in a low lying city right on the coast, something's going to have to be done, norfolk is going to have to be done to protect life and to protect property. that simple reality for some people in virginia is not so obvious. when worth got out that virginia state law make ---local tea party groups in virginia said that whole prospect was based on fraud lent information. quoting a virginia tea party leader, i feel that the so republicanity of america will soon disappear. in virginia, the solution to this problem of conservatives
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objecting to even studying a riding sea level was not to just let sea levels rise, the way they dealt with it was to try to not upset the tea party people by talking too loudly. they edited words of what the tea party were corrupt set about. they sea legal rise and they onlied to those appears in the bill. so instead, virginia scientists will study the more politically mutual sounding phenomenon of recurrent flooding. they just took the buzz words away so as not to get the angry people coming to our r their meetings. even if they're pretty sure they have to do something about it. mike in virginia, north
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carolina, until very recently was governed by democrats. under democratic governance they had an official plan for doing something about climb mass change in the state in 2010. in 2010, the official coastal resources commission of north carolina considered the effects of climate change on the state. they predicted a frightening rise in sea level change. that was climate change in north carolina. the issue of rising sea levels and what to do about it under democrats until 2010. but in 2010, that years, democrats lost control of the government. and the republicans in north carolina, wujs they were in charge, they decided that you can stop rising sea levels if you refuse to believe this them. the north carolina senate said that a 39-inch rise was just too much to contemplate, they
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decided, that they should get ready for less than a foot. in 2012, the r republicans in north carolina won full control of the state and so now the state has abandoned plans for dealing with climate change all together. the technical term for this is l. la, la, la, la, la. this is a whole other kettle of fish t consequences of getting it wrong are so big and so practical and so immediate, i mean when science suggested that those carpenters should build a
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wall 8 1/2 feet high, they did build that wall 8 1/2 feet wide and by doing so, they saved a city. that was science, the same kind of science from some of the same scientists who are warning the states who do not want to believe them about the floods that are coming. for the past two years, the inland, great state of nebraska has endured a drought. crops failed, cattle dies, wells dried up. at one point 85% of nebraska was considered to be in a state of extreme drought. before the drought, nebraska experiencinged historic flooding. nebraska has been through some freshmen conditions recently. this spring, a nebraska lawmaker said that maybe the state should take a look at what's going on.
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you remember from civics class that nebraska instead of having a separate house and senate, they just have one chamber and they all sit together and they're all senators. that has not opened the way for science free from politics. by the time this bill had passed about studying the effects of climate change in the state, it only had to be about close cyclical climate change, not that it's getting warm, but just that we're going through some ups and downs. nebraska conservatives have stripped the climate change study to the point that nebraska scientists are now saying that they do not want to take part in this study.
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it's not clear anymore it's not really studying how the climate is changing. they do not want to be part of the study like that. a climb toll gist from the national mitigation center said he wouldn't be comfortable participating it or sending a study like that to his fell lowe scientists. the nebraska state climate toll gists, the guy who is the climb toll gist for the state said i don't want my name being on something being used as a political pawning. that was the theme last week in nebraska. the states's own scientists saying in effect ollleave us ouf this nonscience fake science thing that you're doing. that study, such as it is, will go forward,'re if it's not clear what exactly it will study now. the lawmaker who first called
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for climate change, the guy who got radially tall tered -- he himself is a scientist, he also i should tell you just happens to have invented a new kind of hook for hanging up your food when you go camping so bears don't get to it. senator ken har wrote a letter to the senate. quote unfortunately it appears that politics may be interfering with the purpose and the intent of the study. i do not want $44,000 of the public's money wasted on an unscientific study which will not help the citizens and industries of nebraska prepare for climb malt change, which after all is a thing. governor har asked hiss colleagues to please make this right. so nice to have you here.
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>> i'm not a scientist. but most importantly, i have three grandchildren, and i do look at what science tells us about a changing climate and i'm concerned about their future. >> if we look at what science has to say, we don't cherry pick, we don't say i want this data, i want that data, i really feel that's a distortion of science, if we're going in and asking science as i had hoped we would do at the university. we're saying what does the best
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science tell us about the changing climate in nebraska? and some of them will tell you if you look at their work, for example, the current best models show that by 2050, nebraska's average temperature will increase by 4 degrees, by the end of the century, by 8 degrees, that's going to have a huge impact on an agricultural state. >> it's going to have a huge impact on everything in the state. >> i think of nebraska as being a practical place. particularly when it comes to land issues and conservation issues especially since so much of the state is devoted to natural resources. and i wonder -- when i saw all those scientists in nebraska saying this is embarrassing,
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pressure back from the scientific community. >> i'm certainly embarrassed and by the way, we aren't on politico, although we're primarily republicans in the nebraska legislature. but i got out of 49 votes, i got 32 green volts on the final reading of this bill. so there are a lot of practical people on both sides of the aisle in nebraska. the perversion of this study as i would call it, happened in a committee that's supposed to carry out this study. that's supposed to find someone to do the study and report back to the governor and the legislature. so it's the committee appointed by the governor that has made
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this decision which is not the intent of the legislation at all, that it should exclude anything that has to do with humans. that in fact, it would almost be funny, rachel, if it weren't so serious. but the study in my bill asking at what we look at -- wildlife, outrecreati outrecreation, all the kinds of things that will be reflected by climate change but it can only be natural causes like volcanos and solar variations. i can tell them exactly what's going to happen to nebraska recreation if that volcano in yellowstone blows up again. you know, we're going to be under 20 feet of ash. but volcanos are not cyclical, they're not predictable and so this request for information being sent out, i think is an
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embarrassment. >> nebraska state senator ken har, thank you very much for helping us understand this. i know you've got a long fight ahead on this issue, thanks for helping us understand it. >> he's amazing, you can go study climate change in his intensely agricultural state that has had huge issues with both drought and flooding and you are limited to studying whether or not it comes from volcanos and solar flares. getight on that. anything else will make us too uncomfortable. we have got lots to come tonight, including part two of our, i guess series now that i expected to be only a one night story about rand paul plagiarizing stuff off of wi wickapedia. ♪
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in oklahoma, in january 2007, a massive ice storm descended on the eastern part of the state that weekend. look at that, it was the second weekend in january, the storm lasted four days, getting worse every day. heavy freezing rain, followed by sleet, on saturday and sunday, the 13th and 14th of january that year, the sleet and the freezing rain came in these bands of powerful winter thunderstorms. and that kind of powerful and long lasting precipitation event is a big deal when it's just water, but when that water is frozen solid, it can be historically devastating and it
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was. across eastern oklahoma and even into arkansas, it took some communities weeks to get their power back on. a lot of people were forced into shelters. 32 deaths resulted from the bad ice storm of 2007. and 25 counties in the state were declared eligible for state disaster relief. until wake of that storm and the chaos it left across large parts of state state, republican governor tom coburn demanded the swift aid of the federal government to his state. he said he wanted that federal money to arrive fast. his con stitch wents needed help. almost six years to the day
9:25 pm
after senator coburn demanded that swift and sure response from the federal government for his state, after residents of hazy state experienced a terrible weather event, almost six years exactly after senator coburn issued this press release, demanding federal help for the victims of that ice storm in oklahoma. the sandy hit the northeast a year ago, it damaged more than 600,000 homes, it left hundreds of thousands of people at least temporarily homeless. lots of people had no power and no matter for weeks. just like the victims of that ice storm in oklahoma, but on a much larger scale. when tom coburn was asked if he thought those other americans also deserved help from the federal government, tom coburn said no.
9:26 pm
in total 36 republicans voted no on federal aid to help victims of sandy. sandy hit a year ago today, end of october, but the federal aid for the storm didn't get approved until january, october, november, three months after the storm. why the long wait? that's because house republicans did not support helping hurricane sandy victims either. one republican congressman from new york did not have a good reaction to that even though this was his own party doing this. >> we were told everything was fine, it was actually on the house website. the built was going to be -- nobody even told us, the speaker walked off the floor, they told the majority leader nine weeks
9:27 pm
after sandy, not one penny's been appropriated. let me just make this one point. these republicans have no problem finding new york when they're out raising millions of dollars. they're in new york all the time filling their pockets with money from new yorkers. i'm saying right now, because what they did last time was tonight on the backs of new yorkers and new jerseyians is an absolute diszbras. >> peter king, republican from new york. when the house did vote on the relief bill for sandy, 179 of peter king's colleagues in the house voted no. and that's on top of the 36 republican senators who also voted no. including ice storm relief senator tom coburn. last night tom coburn actually came to new york for a fund-raiser, on the one-year anniversary of sandy hitting the
9:28 pm
northeast. after voting to deny the city, he shows up on the one-year anniversary to raise the money. also in the region, raising money on the anniversary of sandy devastating the tri-state area, was senator mitch mcconnell of kentucky. who nevertheless, two nights ago was fund raising for himself. as something called the bell haven club in -- this is what the bell haven club looked like one week after sandy. he voted no on offering any help and he waited until the one-year anniversary of the devastation that he didn't want to help with. then he showed up to ask for money. just as peter king was furious about what happened seven months ago, now he's a republican candidate for mayor of new york who is calling these senators out for their gal. republican candidates joe load da who ran the new york city
9:29 pm
transit system for the storm, he was a at that event with tom coburn, he said this to a reporter from the "new york daily news." he said i don't like when -- voted against the interests of new york. i stand with pete king. i don't think that senators like tom coburn and mitch mcconnell get embarrassed when they do stuff like this. new york at least is not happy that they are here. not now at least, not under these circumstances. but there was one other noteworthy thing that happened during tom coburn's visit to new york, that he has had the sort of answer for today. at that fund-raiser, senator coburn was asked a question about civility in the senate. he was asked about friendships and relationships and whether those relationships make it easier to cross party lines. here's what he said about that. >> i missed it there, can you just, one more time?
9:30 pm
>> there's no comity with harry reid, i they he's an absolute [ bleep ]. >> there's no comity, not comedy, but comity as in getting along with harry reid, i think he's an absolute blank hole. on the anniversary of hurricane sandy, with a vote against helping sandy victims under his belt at a fundrai-raiser in new york, senator tom coburn says harry reid is the one who's the blank hole. really senator? glass houses. with centurylink as your trusted it partner, you'll experience reliable uptime for the network and services you depend on. multi-layered security solutions keep your information safe, and secure. and responsive dedicated support meets your needs, and eases your mind. centurylink. your link to what's next.
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there's new polling out in the virginia governor's race. the tea party republican governor is losing badly to the republican from virginia. the new poll out from "the washington post" also asks virginians specifically about what they think about the tea party right now. and the answers are, maybe it's not surprising, but they're definitely not pretty.
9:34 pm
the majority say they are opposed to the tea party right now. and if you look at just people who feel very strongly about the tea party, the number of virginian who is strongly oppose the tea party, outnumber those that are actually for the tea party three to one. ♪ [ male announcer ] eeny, meeny, miny, go. ♪ ♪ more adventures await in the new seven-passenger lexus gx. lease the 2014 gx 460 for $499 a month for 27 months. see your lexus dealer. for $499 a month for 27 months. i started part-time, now i'm a manager.n. my employer matches my charitable giving. really. i get bonuses even working part-time. where i work, over 400 people are promoted every day.
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hotly contested election this year will probably be in virginia one week from today. ken cuccinelli versus terry mcauliffe. even people who have voted republican forever say they are not going to vote for ken cuccinelli. who knows, miracles do happen in politics, but ken cuccinelli appears to need one. e.w. jackson trails by more than ken cuccenlli does. so the governor's race looks like a democratic blowout. that means the most hotly contested election might be the attorney general's race in virginia. in that attorney general race,
9:38 pm
it's republican state senator mark obenshane who's running against democratic state senator mark herring. and right now, they appear to be very close. the senate democrats lead 49-46. which means the race is pretty close to predict with any confidence. and that has caused republicans to see mark ownening shane obenshane -- now mark obenshane, if he is elected will be famous for that. the last thing he is famous for, though, was what he did in 2009 as a virginia state senator. he introduced a bill that year which said if a woman in virginia has a miscarriage without a doctor present, she must report that miscarriage to the police within 24 hours, and if she does not report her miscarriage within 24 hours of having it she is guilty of a
9:39 pm
class one misdemeanor. it carries a maximum of 12 months in jail and/or a fine of $1,200. a miscarriage not reported to law enforcement could put a virginia woman into jail for a year. the state senator who introduced that bill, the guy who's now running as republican candidate for attorney general in the state of virginia which is why the ads against him in the state of virginia look like this. >> if you think ken cuccinelli would take virginia in the wrong direction, wait until you metet obenshane. they co-sponsored a bill together to ban the birth control pill and outlaw abortion even in cases of rape and incest. a dangerously wrong turn for virginia. >> is ken cuccinelli doing as
9:40 pm
badly in the campaign, given the stances that he's taken on high profile women's rights issues. that said, that's not the only area of interest for outside group who are willing to get involved in this race. new york city mayor mike bloomberg is -- also his record on guns. watch. >> here are a few things mark obenshane tried to outlaw, birth control pills, women choosing to have an abortion, even in the case of rape or insent. but when it comes to actually criminals, ownen bain voted to -- one gun a month law, meanings criminals could buy guns in bulk. instead of dictating to women, virginia needs an attorney general who cracks down on real criminals. >> the attorney general's race in the state of virginia is the
9:41 pm
one that's being seen as a high stakes race. is the potential for a democratic clean sweep that big of a deal? virginia? now that we're seeing all this external money coming into this race, is it that big of a deal? in the last two presidential votes, virginia's popular vote matched up with the national popular vote. so what happens in virginia broadly, especially in the beltway, but broadly is seen as bell weather stuff. the idea that republicans are now facing a state wide sweep and all state wide offices going into the democrats, it would ring a lot of people's bells all around the country. joining us now for the interview, the mark herring, he's the virginia state senator and nominee for attorney general in the state. thanks for being was in the governor's race, the lieutenant
9:42 pm
governor's race in virginia, your zrak colleagues are way out ahead in those races, your race is closer. why do you think that is? >> well, i think that a lot of attention has been placed on the gubernatorial races, we have had to start a scientific gift scandal, the federal shutdown, so i think it's taking a little bit longer to focus on the attorney general's race. but i they's a good things, because once voters start sewing the differences and start taking a look at my record and my vision for the record, compare that to senator obenshane's record. voters are going to reject that extreme tea party agenda, they're tired of having that kind of approach in the attorney general's office. ken cuccinelli has used the plalt form to launch it logical crew said, the lgbt rights,
9:43 pm
voting rights, and obenshane would be a continuation of that. now that attention is being focused on it, you're seeing a lot more interest in race. >> you're seeing ken cuccinelli's time in office, it's not historically unprecedented, at least unprecedented in modern times, he is staying on as the attorney general he is campaigning for governor. if any of those matters have to be legally ajude dated about this race, he would still be in the position as attorney general of assert -- in previous years attorneys generals have recused themselves. do you think that cuccinelli should have recused himself? >> the precedent for an attorney general who did sides to run for
9:44 pm
governor to resign as the campaign begins and that's the right thing to do. the attorney general's office is a full-time job and it should be treated that way. in this campaign, it has also led to a number of conflicts of interest. we talked about the star scientific scandal, there's a case going on in southwest virginia where he's involved and took the side of an out of state company, over the interest of virginia landowners and received large contributions, he's overseeing the case where the state board of elections is purging voters from the voter roles and i just think it's another example of why cuccinelli should have resigned. >> something like 57,000 names t board of elections has insisted should be purged off the voting rolls in very short order before this election, are you concerned about the effect of that purge or anything else about the administration of that election ahead of what looks like it will be a close race in your case? >> i don't think the person who
9:45 pm
is on the ballot should be the one also saying who should and shouldn't be taken off of the rolls. but i think it's just another example of how this ticket has really been antagonistic toward voting rights. my opponent, senator obenshane sponsored the photo voter id bill and the ticket has a record of not really supporting voting rights. >> mark herring, democratic nominee for attorney general, thank you very much for your time tonight. i know this is a really busy time. appreciate your being here. i should tell you that we also reached out to senator mark obenshane who is the republican nomination for attorney general, we asked him to come on the show. his campaign told me he was not available this evening, but hope springs eternal. i would like to ask him about the you have to report your miscarriage to the sheriff thing. lots more ahead, including part two of the rand paul plagerizing
9:46 pm
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now there's a hilarious help soed on seinfeld where jerry says is it racist to like a certain race? so it is with trepidation that i
9:50 pm
would like to express my admiration today for the romance of the latin culture. >> the feeling of trepidation is usually there for a reason, maybe isles god or the universe or your conscience or maybe it's something you read when avoiding and going on in the speech to try to romance the hispanic chamber of commerce with a love poem. [ speaking foreign language ] >> he is talking to the chamber of commerce. almost everything about senator rand paul wanting to run for president is an amazing thing. the most recent amaze thing we have been able to discover. he copies and pastes from wikipedia for his political speeches. we discovered that was true and broke the story on yesterday's show. now today there is more.
9:51 pm
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last night on the show we had a bit of exclusive. requires us to play a bunch of clips. in this case from this movie, weird 1997, cult classic, gattica. it wasn't a big hit at the team of its release. it has the its fans. it has found its way into 2016 presidential politics thanks to senator rand paul of kentucky. rand paul would like to be president. you can tell that because over the last few months he has been spending lots of time in early presidential nominating states he doesn't live in, iowa, south carolina. yesterday, rand paul's "i want to be president" tour took him to virginia to campaign for
9:55 pm
republican ken cuccinelli running for governor. rand paul gave a speech at jerry falwell's liberty university in virginia and speak at length about "gattica" as an allegory, for saying abortion should be illegal. i think that's what the point was. the point is people pro-choice on the issue of abortion are like the powerful state in gattica kill off people whose dna doesn't satisfy society's needs. a weird argument. but it was also largely mr lly plagiarized. we reported that he lifted big sections of the speech, about gattica from wikipedia. here is how the plot is described "due to frequent screening, vincent faces geneti the only way to achieve his dream is to become a borrowed ladder. here is senator paul from his
9:56 pm
speech yesterday. >> due to the screenings, vincent faces discrimination and prejudi prejudice, the only we to achieve his dream of becoming an astronaut, he has to become what is called a borrowed ladder. senator paul reciting, sections of the wikipedia page, after we reported that last night the story got picked up in national news outlets. most importantly for senator paul it got picked up in his hometown press in kentucky including in the louisville currier journal. we reached out to senator paul's office before we went on the air with the story they've had any explanation, any comment about what happened here. his office never bothered to return our messages. still today. in the meantime, this whole thing has just got in a whole lot worse. and buzzfeed reported to day this bit of gattica plagiarism was not isolated. rand paul has done this before. he pointed to a june 12 speech
9:57 pm
on immigration reform. in which senator paul discuss aid movie, different movie called "stand and deliver." again, senator paul appears to e wikipedia entry on that movie. it was a speech off to in washington, d.c. today, he posted excerpts of the speech at buzz feed. compare them to the entry from the movie. it turns out rand paul did this stand and deliver plagiarism thing more than once. and tonight we have the tape to prove it. on march 19 of this year, rand paul gave a speech to the u.s. hispanic schchamber of commerce. he made reference to the movie "stand and deliver" the wikipedia entry describes the plain plot this way "in the area of east los angeles california in 1982 in an environment that values quick fix over education,
9:58 pm
a new teacher at garfield high school." that's wikipedia. here's rand paul. >> in the area of east l.a., in 1982, in an environment that values a quick fix on education over learning, escalante was a new math teacher. >> just look gattica. rand paul its reading wikipedia, passing it off. the entry continues. as athe year progress he's is able to win over attention of the students by implementing innovative teaching techniques, able to transform the most troublesome teens into dedicated students. hit it, senator paul! >> as the year progress heed was able to win over the attention of students by implementing innovative teaching techniques he transformed even some of the most troublesome teens into dedicated students. >> wherever did you hear that? >> quoting wikipedia, while he teaches arithmetic and elementary intermediate alga
9:59 pm
brach bra, he realizes his students hatch far more potential. he decides to teach them calculus. go, senator, go. >> while he was teaching, he realized his students had far greater potential. he decided to teach them calculus. >> amazing. not like rand paul is riffing and has a photographic memory, off a teleprompter, a prepared speech. you want another one? despite concerns and skepticism of other teachers who feel you can't teach logarithms to illitera illiterates, escalante develops a program. where students can take calculus. so says wikipedia. >> despite concerns, of teachers and others who said, you can't teach logarithms to illiterates. escalante develops a program where students can take ap calculus in their senior year. >> when you are running for president, a p


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