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tv   Way Too Early  MSNBC  November 5, 2013 5:30am-6:00am EST

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and maybe not even the matchup for governor in the states of virginia or new jersey, but they all have potential ramifications for 2016. that's why we're watching. also, incredible images of a midflight collision. we'll have more amazing images, but more amazing than that, no one was seriously hurt. we'll have the video and the details on what happened. and fantasy football owners had a nightmare scenario monday night. aaron rodgers goes down early. we'll see if the packers went down with him in a classic matchup against the bears at lambeau. this is "way too early." ♪ good morning, everybody. brian shactman here, tuesday, november 5th. we'll also have more details on the nfl bullying case in miami, a story that seems to be getting worse by the day. but we want to begin this morning with breaking news on a mall shooting in new jersey. police have found the body of the lone gunman, believed to have walked into the mall wearing all black, firing shots
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at random without hitting anyone, even though there were crowds everywhere. it happened at the westfield garden state plaza mall. if you haven't been there before, and of course, this is the national news show, not just a tri-state area show, it is huge, 2.5 million square feet. it took 500 police and s.w.a.t. team members to surround the entire building just to get it into lockdown. shots were reported around 9:20 p.m. eastern time last night inside, right as the mall was about to close. police spent all night combing through stores and winding corridors and construction, and as they approached the gunman identified as richard shoop, fled deeper into the mall instead of engaging with the armed officers. it was there that he took his own life. police say he lived nearby and did leave a note of some kind. the incident paints a pretty complex picture of a young man without an apparent history of mental illness. >> it's a modified type of gun. it would look like an ak-47, but it is not an ak-47.
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it's where you take the handgun and you modify it to make it look like something it's not, but it is a lawful gun, owned by the brother. he's someone that does have a drug history. he has used drugs, but what possessed him to do tonight what he did, no one can really say. >> the mall will remain closed today as the investigation continues. we also have a more complete portrait of the man, paul ciancia, who is the man accused of going on a shooting rampage at l.a.x. friday morning. he moved to california just 18 months ago and bought three guns. he was said to be a loner, quiet, introverted. even his roommate said the unemployed motorcycle mechanic was difficult to get to know. ciancia was reportedly carrying a smith & wesson assault rifle when he shot a bystander and three tsa agents, killing one of them. gerardo hernandez, seen a year ago while reviewing the i.d. of none other than kris jenner. the other two agents have, we
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have been told, left the hospital. the union representing the 45,000 tsa agents has called for arming all of its members. the shooter's condition is improving, but he has been unable to communicate so far. he was shot in the face by police. as we mentioned at the top of the show, it is decision day in two states where voters are selecting their next governor. in virginia, democratic front-runner terry mcauliffe and republican ken cuccinelli both focused their final pitches on trying to link their opponent to unpopular issues in washington, d.c. vice president joe biden hit the trail for mcauliffe just one day after president obama did. he said the election is a chance to push back against extreme ideology. >> i think the motto of the tea party should be "back to the future," because think, really, think about it. these guys are the antithesis, the absolute antithesis of change and progress.
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everything they talk about, without exaggeration, is about turning back what the rest of the country and the world thinks is progress. it's hard to fathom, it's hard to fathom this state being led by a man who rejects all that this new thinking stands for. >> interesting to note that the vice president did not mention president obama nor the affordable care act during his speech. those topics were covered by the republican in the race, though, and his supporter, senator marco rubio. >> and i know that tomorrow night the people of virginia will send a clear message to our country and to the democratic party. we don't want obama care. we don't want more big government. >> i'm scared to death of what obama care is doing to virginians. terry mcauliffe is scared to death of what obama care's doing to terry mcauliffe. and tomorrow, we need to make
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his fears come true. >> meanwhile, over in new jersey, the polls show it's not a question if republican governor chris christie will win re-election, but rather, by how much. christie has distanced himself from the tea party, portraying himself as a leader who reaches across the aisle. it's a quality that supporters believe could help him if he runs for president in 2016. >> you watch what's going to happen tomorrow. i absolutely believe that what you're going to see tomorrow is something that hasn't happened in this state in a generation. i had all kinds of folks whis r whispering in my ear today. [ laughter ] "i'm a democrat." "don't tell anybody i'm voting for you." >> governor christie is looking to become the first republican in new jersey to win 50% of the vote in a statewide election since george h.w. bush in 1988. well, officials are warning insurance shoppers to expect even more outages over the next month while they attempt to fix
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the issues that are plaguing yesterday the website down for approximately 90 minutes. meanwhile, the white house memos acquired by abc news show the problems with the obama care exchanges go beyond the website. the documents say applying for coverage by paper or phone is actually no better than doing so online because they're all approved through the exact same process. and today, the "wall street journal" reports early buyers of insurance through obama care are tending to be older than expected, which could drive up costs for everyone. last night, president obama defending his health care law. >> people are acting like this is some new phenomenon. every year there was churn in this individual market. the average increase was double digits on premiums in this same market. now, if you have or had one of these plans before the affordable care act came into law and you really like that plan, what we said was you could keep it, if it hasn't changed
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since the laws passed. so, the rhetoric of reform is becoming the reality of reform, and we're not going back. so, just remember this, i have run my last political campaign, but i'll tell you what, i've got one more campaign in me, the campaign to make sure that this law works for every single person in america. >> a bill to end workplace discrimination against members of the lgbt community will now advance for a full vote in the senate. yesterday, members of the government chamber advanced the bill with 61 aye votes, including 7 republicans. with 61 votes, the bill can go to the floor for debate where it is expected to pass. however, in the house, the bill has less support. speaker boehner's spokesman says the bill would increase "frivolous litigation and cost small business jobs." over the weekend, this is just incredible, skydivers went for a little fun in wisconsin, but the two planes they were in collided midflight. one of them burst into flames. miraculously, the story this
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morning about the incredible video more than any incredible tragedy, and that's a good thing. nbc's anne thompson has the exclusive pictures from inside the planes as they hit. >> reporter: the last jump of the day for nine skydivers and two pilots nearly became the last flight of their lives. two planes and people out of control over superior wisconsin saturday evening. one plane breaking up in fiery debris. what looks to be certain disaster miraculously was not. watch it again from a different angle, and you can see what happens. in this video licensed by nbc news, you see the divers in the second plane get out on the step, preparing to jump. that plane appears to fly right on top of the first plane. there's a fireball. and now divers from both planes, instead of flying in a planned formation, find themselves in a terrifying plummet. not only are they falling from 12,000 feet at 125 miles per hour, so are the burning parts
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of the first plane. all the divers open their chutes and land safely. the pilot of the first plane gets out alive, too, using his emergency parachute. and then there's this. >> come on, blake, you got it! come on! >> blake weeden lands the second plane at the airport, even though there's damage to the propeller and the wing. the jumpers and the pilots, all veterans of the sky, know how close they came. >> very lucky. very, very lucky. any time two planes collide in the air, i mean, it's potential disaster for everybody involved. so, we were all very, very lucky here. >> reporter: after pursuing thrills in the air, tonight for these 11 lucky people, the greatest thrill is just being alive. >> incredible. that was anne thompson reporting for nbc news. all right, let's go to business now. wall street posting some modest gains yesterday across the board. just 23 points in the dow jones industrial average. steve sedgwick live for us in
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london. good morning, steve. >> hey, good to see you today. the dow and s&p were up a smidgen, but we saw falling heavily. the long-running s.e.c. saga looks to be drawing to an end. steven cohen's group has pled guilty to a host of charges. it will pay fines and forfeitures around $1.8 billion and will no longer manage money for outsiders. the war of words, though, between the u.s. attorney in manhattan and mr. cohen goes on. he's basically saying it was a handful of men who pleaded guilty and whose conduct gave rise to sac's liability. the manhattan attorney for his part says substantial and pervasive insider trading was going on on a scale without preceden precedence. the war of words continues. >> it's a huge number, but no individual guilt. on twitter, a pew research center poll looked at not only how we use twitter, but who uses twitter, and it's pretty interesting. >> yeah, it is. and it's very interesting for the likes of you, who is a news
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man who tweets as well. 18 to 29-year-olds are the biggest grouping of people who use twitter and facebook as well. and around about half of them get their news from twitter and facebook as well. this is according to our pew research center study which looked at the habits of 5,000 americans. of course, twitter has 200 million users, facebook has a billion users, and of course, the former twitter is about to go to market, and as recently as yesterday are up to the valuation that it's going to ipo at later on this week. but interesting to note, a lot of people getting their news. so mr. shactman, carry on tweeting. >> i absolutely will, and i get most of my news from it as well. thank you. still to come, it turned into a battle of backup quarterbacks as they battled at lambeau. back to twitter for a moment. some frenchmen, they stole a llama from a circus and they went around town with the llama. we'll show you how it happened and the great pictures. but you know, the llama story's so great, we called an audible on our twitter question, because we've all been involved in
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pranks, right? stealing a llama's pretty big. what's your proudest prank? you have to have something here for me on a tuesday. tweet me @bshactman, #waytoowild. we'll get to them later in the show. bring it. we'll do it anonymous if you want, okay? we don't want to get you in any trouble. that and weather when we come back. >> four years from now, we will enter a new century of great challenge and unlimited possibility. now, we've got a bridge to build and i'm ready, if you are. clay.
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>> president obama honoring last year's stanley cup champions, the chicago blackhawks who beat my bruins. that was at the white house. and the bears actually hoping to oblige the president playing the packers on "monday night football." the packers' opening drive, tough one to watch. aaron rodgers in trouble, goes down hard on his left shoulder. that's his nonthrowing shoulder. knocked out for the rest of the game. no word yet on how serious that injury may be. jump to the third quarter, packers trailing by seven. running back eddie lacy had a huge night. 56 yards before finally being taken down at the 1 yard line. as is always the custom, they gave him a shot to get the touchdown, since he had a great effort and he does it. game tied at 17. later in the third, bears down three. josh mccown, journeyman, finds jeffrey for the six-yard score and lead. they tacked on a field goal and beat the packers 27-20. big deal to do that up in green bay. now, a little more serious note here. we rarely hear the term bullying associated with professional sports, but it appears that's exactly what's happening in the
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miami dolphins locker room. miami guard richie incognito has been suspended indefinitely by the team for sending racially charged voice mails and texts to teammate jonathan martin. martin left the team last week after a cafeteria prank, but he alleges the bullying continued for him after an 18-month span, well beyond his rookie year. espn has released the transcript of one of the voice mails. now, we're not going to read this one out loud. you take a look at it on your screen, and you can see the harassment is real and it is sharp and it is harsh. incognito does have a history of bad behavior, voted one of the dirtiest players in the league by other players and he was released by the rams after a heated sideline argument with then coach steve spagnuolo. he was trying to rehab his reputation in miami. the dolphins are asking the nfl to investigate this. meanwhile, head coach joe philbin says he always tries to give his players the best environment to work in. >> i will tell you that if the
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review shows that this is not a safe atmosphere, i will take whatever measures are necessary to ensure that it is. i have that obligation to the players that i coach on a daily basis and i will do that. >> incognito has deleted a number of tweets, including that he wanted his name cleared, one that he did not delete -- "three things cannot be long hidden, the sun, the moon and the truth -- buddha." most college basketball programs haven't tipped off for the season, but we already have a potential dunk of the year. take a look at central florida community college's javonte douglas. look how high he got there. basically, he got as high as the top of the back board. >> like, he jumps and then they jump under him. >> i mean, he's 6'8", but that is just incredible. i mean, i can't even -- i have like an 18-inch vertical, so i mean, i couldn't do that on a
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trampoline. that's about 13 feet off the ground. that is just ridiculous. >> yeah. >> i mean, i couldn't do that on a 7-foot hoop. >> you were a sports reporter for a while. ever see anything like this in miami? >> the funny thing is, if you want to know the truth, "north dallas 40," that movie, like, people have harassed people in professional locker rooms forever and they are harsh, they are racist, homophobic. but in this era, you know, this is all public and you have to behave differently in this world. and i'm not surprised that people treat people this way, but -- >> right, see where the nfl goes with it, see how they step in. interesting report. well, as far as the forecast goes getting you out the door today, midwest, winter weather advisories up for four different states. first snow of the season for minneapolis, many sections of nebras nebraska, too, just starting to break out now coming out of colorado, but that little narrow stripe is where we could get as much as 2 to 4 inches, and that will include minneapolis later on tonight. when you wake up tomorrow morning at this time in the twin cities, you could have some of
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that snow. also rain widespread today, 1 to 2 inches heading for chicago, st. louis, indianapolis and cleveland. east coast, by the way, another cold start in new england, but we're going to warm it up from here. >> and it was beautiful on saturday. yesterday was cold, but beautiful. >> it was all right, though. >> yeah. >> good breathing air. >> top of the air, "morning joe," chris christie looking for a landslide re-election victory. what the races could mean for upcoming elections in 2016. when we come back, we huddle around the cooler with toronto's mayor, maybe trying to make amends for his mistakes. and jon stewart, some advice moving forward. ♪ nothing says, "you're my #1 copilot," like a milk-bone biscuit. ♪
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at the top of the show, we told you what to expect on this election day. if you want to sound smart today, tell your friends the tradition of elections being held in november dates back to 1792. they chose november because it gave them enough time to count the votes before the new congressional session and because it was a convenient time for farmers to be away from their land. now, in 1845, lawmakers decided on the first tuesday after the first monday to give voters time to travel to polling places after their sunday day of worship. my, how times have changed. all right, let's go to "the cooler." lewis. >> thanks, brian. welcome back. let's start with late-night, new revelations about obama care and impacting prices has stephen colbert up in arms. >> obama care will have men and women paying the same amount for health care, but since women
5:54 am
live longer and have babies, shouldn't they pay more? >> under the new law, they are including essential health benefits, and those essential health benefits include maternity, pediatric dental and vision, contraceptive services and free birth control pills, none of which are young man needs or wants. [ laughter ] >> did you catch that? under obama care, men will pay the same amount as women, and yet, we still don't get to pass a cantaloupe with toe nails through our genitals. now to "the daily show," where jon stewart is going north to of the border, dealing with mayor ron ford and his apology for admitted mistakes. >> i shouldn't have gotten hammered down at the danforth. if you're going to have a couple drinks, you stay at home and that's it. you don't make a public spectacle of yourself. [ laughter ]
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>> one, i would very much like to know what happened down at the danforth. and two, you realize from now on, i'm just going to get [ bleep ] up at home? it may not be the answer to either your substance abuse problems or your job as the guy who runs toronto. >> you've got to love that guy. he promises it will probably never happen again. now, it's all fun and games until someone loses a llama. that's right. at least that's one circus operator saying in france this morning. five young men in france were looking to taking out a zebra for a little joy ride from their local circus. when plan "a" didn't work out, they did the next best thing, they stole a llama. they took the animal around the town using the city's tram system. they posted this on twitter to
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show their exploits. all five thieves are facing misdemeanor charges. they were eventually caught by the train operator. that is something, brian, you could never get away with in new york. >> yeah, that is pretty awesome, though. i mean, we're asking about pranks. i put you on the spot. i mean, have you pulled off anything? >> not even close. not even close. >> not even close. >> i don't have anything. >> nothing. all right, fine. listen, our twitter question, your best prank. we got some good ones. we got some good staff chiming in on the prank. #waytoowild. we'll get your best ones in just a few minutes and "morning joe" just moments away. ♪ huh...fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. mmmhmmm...everybody knows that. well, did you know that old macdonald was a really bad speller? your word is...cow. cow. cow. c...o...w...
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