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tv   Way Too Early  MSNBC  November 6, 2013 5:30am-6:00am EST

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topic he admits, yeah, probably smoked crack. that doesn't mean he's stepping down as things get weirder nor of the border. gold medalist ryan lochte injured by a rabid teenage fan. he won't be swimming for a while. we'll explain. this is "way too early." good morning, everybody. wednesday, november 6th. a lot of election stuff to get to. let's start in virginia and the race for governor, which was a lot closer than expected. democrat terry mcauliffe claiming victory as many polls had predicted. nearly all the precincts reporting that mcauliffe beat republican ken cuccinelli by just three points. some recent polling showed mcauliffe with a much wider lead. cuccinelli's camp says the republican groups missed an
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opportunity and should have stepped up their support in the last month. mcauliffe said cuccinelli was too extreme because of his ties to the tea party. democrats won three out of the last four governor races in virginia, but mcauliffe said the election was not about picking a party. >> the truth is that this election was never a choice between democrats and republicans, it was a choice about whether virginia could continue the mainstream bipartisan tradition that has served us so well over the last decade. and at a time when washington was often broken, think about what virginia has been able to accomplish when we work together. >> mcauliffe also said he will pleat with every republican in the state assembly before being sworn in. the results far clearer in the state of new jersey. governor chris christie securing a second term with a resounding victory in the typically democratic state. he defeated democratic state senator barbara buono by 22
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points. governor christie received 60% of the vote, solidifying his status as a top potential candidate for the white house in 2016. christie reflected on his state's recovery from superstorm sandy and the message shared by a local reverend in the aftermath of the disaster. >> he said when the lights went out no one cared what color your skin was. he said when you didn't have any food, no one cared whether it was a republican or a democrat offering you the food. when you didn't have a warm place for your family because of what happened in the storm, you didn't care if it was someone who thought that government should be big or small. at that point the spirit of sandy infected all of us. reverend carter was right. and he prayed that day that the spirit of sandy would stay with us well beyond the days that the
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recovery will take. i pledge to you tonight that i will govern with the spirit of sand sandy. >> christie becomes the first republican in new jersey in 25 years to get more than 50% support in a statewide election. there's a lot of underlying stories to flesh out from the exit polling here. the impact of obama care, the government shutdown, implications for 2016. want to bring in casey hunt. i guess i want to start in virginia. the clintons go there, obama goes there, but he doesn't mention obama care at all. i saw the most recent polling was an eight-point win. he wins by three, mcauliffe does. is this a negative nationally for democrats as we look upon this stuff? >> this was a scratch and claw to the finish. we weren't expecting for this to seem to be a nail biter, which it was last night as the votes were being counted. think about how horrible it would have been for the clintons
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had mcauliffe not pulled this out, especially considering the government shutdown, the negatives that cuccinelli faced. hillary clinton was out there for mcauliffe. did her first campaign event in years for him. bill clinton did a bus tour throughout the state, still this was only as far as he was able to get. some of that is how terry mcauliffe's own image in virginia, in a lot of ways this race was a race to the bottom. it was a race to see who could make voters more afraid of the alternative. >> it could have been a missed opportunity for some conservative groups who bailed on cuccinelli. christie got the 60% that people thought he needed. is this a resounding enough win to make a national statement that he wants to? >> he certainly is not acting as though he was giving a victory speech just as governor of new jersey that you played. what's most important to look at are the coalitions. christie's team argues that he is doing better among liberals,
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among blacks, among hispanics than other republicans across the country. that's the kind of coalition he would have to build in the event he wanted to run in 2016. they're also comparing it as to how george w. bush approached his race when he was governor of texas, he used that as a springboard to run in 2000. the only caution there is bush, if you remember back to that, had a strong poll with evangelical voters, he was sort of one of their own. christie could struggle with the base of the party in that way. you don't see him going to iowa yesterday like you see rand paul, ted cruz making repeated trips there. >> and presidential candidates in the democratic party not faring on the national level, guys out of the northeast not doing well in the last few elections. approval ratings on obama, extremely low. we have this race in virginia. what is the takeaway from the latest numbers on president obama? >> that's really kicking us
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towards 2014. in particular on health care. what democrats -- i was talking to some republicans running the senate races, they are looking to see how badly is this health care law implementation going to go? they view that as something that could drive the obama approval number and play a role in the 2014 midterm elections. >> kasey, see you on "morning joe." kasey hunt live for us in washington, d.c. new york city, which will be run by a democrat for the first time in 20 years. bill de blasio beat republican joe lhota by a wider margin that polls predicted, by nearly 50 points. de blasio focused his message on his idea that new york has become two cities. >> tackling in equality is not easy. it never has been and it never will be. make no mistake, the people of this city have chosen a progressive path.
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>> want to point out a couple other races across the country. detroit has a new mayor, mike duggan will take over the troubled city. his power will be limited because the city's emergency manager is shepherding the city through bankruptcy. duggan is the first white mayor elected in the motor city in 40 years. in boston, martin walsh narrowly beat john connelly to become the next mayor. republicans have their nominee for a congressional race in alabama, but it's not the candidate a lot of conservative voters were hoping for. bradley byrne defeated dean young 52% to 48%. byrne was backed by the business xh community. it was a battle between two sides of the republican party that could be repeated in races across the country in next year's midterms.
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byrne faces up against democrat burton leflore in the general election. we were wondering it's an off-year election what motivated you to vote or why didn't you cast ballot yesterday? #waytooelectoral, chime in, please. the best answers later in the show. we want to talk about some other news facing the first major crisis of his short time in office, senator rand paul now addressing recent charges of plagiarism. in an interview with the "new york times," the frshman senator from kentucky called the unattributed writing mistakes. he said they were the results of high pressure and demands on his staff. senator paul went on to say "this is coming from haters to begin with because they want the implication to be out there that you're dishonest what we will do from here forward if it will make people leave me the hell alone, is we're going to try do
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them like college papers, we'll try to put out footnotes. rand paul decided to stop his weekly column presumably because of the plagiarism charges. the state of illinois now poised to become the 15th state in the nation to allow same-sex marriage. yesterday the state's lawmakers in their house approved the bill by a vote of 61% to 54%. the vote was mostly along party lines. there were three republican yea votes. the state senate passed the measure earlier in the year. the bill goes to governor pat quinn's office where he says he will sign it into law. now to toronto. after months of staunch denials, the mayor, rob ford, admitting he has, in fact, used crack. it was one of the most bizarre impromptu news conferences you are likely to see, folks. he seemed to be dodging reporter questions when he stunned the press with a question of his own. >> you guys have asked me a question. >> right, has --
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>> you asked me -- you asked me a question back in may. you can repeat that question. >> the question we asked you back in may? >> yeah. >> you asked me a couple questions what were those questions? >> do you smoke crack cocaine? >> exactly. yes, i have smoked crack cocaine. >> when, sir? >> but no -- do i? am i an addict? no. have i tried it? probably in one of my drunken stupors. probably approximately a year ago. that's why i wanted to see the tape. i want everyone in the city to seat tape. i'd like to see this tape. i don't recall there being a tape or a video. i want to see the state i was in. i wasn't lying. you didn't ask the correct questions, no i'm not an addict. no, i do not do drugs. i made mistakes in the past. all i can do is apologize. but it is what it is. i can't change the past. >> i'm going leave that alone. in a separate news conference
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later in the day, ford who is running for re-election insists he will not resign. let's go to business. the markets mixed yesterday. the nasdaq finishing in positive territory. the dow losing 20 points. s&p 500 down about five points. steve sedgwick live for thus morning. >> a lot of expectation towards the employment report at the end of the week. six fewer days between thanksgiving and christmas that means retailers could lose $1.5 billion over the key holiday season. that said, the national retail federation thinks sales will be up 4% this year. online sales up about 15%. elsewhere, elite graduates from business schools, harvard business school, looks like they're looking more at tech than finances. harvard business school says 18% of job-seeking students landed tech sector spots this year, that's up from 12% in 2012. those same graduates, only 27%
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of them took jobs in finance, that's down from 35% last year. the remuneration, total package in finance is way higher in finance than in tech. >> burger king trying to crack the dominance of the big mac? >> yeah. it's all about the all-important -- it's the third bun. it's the bun in the middle. this is culled the big king. it looks remarkably like the big mac. it has two all-beef patties, three buns now. also lettuce, white onions, pickles and a sesame seed bun. they first tried it in '97. for me myself personally, i bemoan the loss of the mush rom double swiss from burger king. have not seen that one for over ten years. >> i haven't had a whopper in about ten years, but it's a heck of a sandwich if you have four hours on a sunday to recover on your coach. steve, thank you very much. have a great day. steve sedgwick live for us in london. still ahead on "way too early," the latest on the
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bullying allegations from the dolphins. why the man at the center may not be the only one to blame. and this contestant on the prices right was excited to play and she kind of loses her head a bit or at least part of it. we'll explain. president reagan today signed a massive immigration reform law which will effect millions of immigrant now here illegally. the new law grants amnesty to illegal aliens here before 1982.
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yesterday in south florida. >> you know, there's an allegation that you left these voicemails on jonathan martin's voice mail what do you have to say about those? >> no comment right now we'll weather the storm. that's it. >> your status with the dolphins? your status with the dolphins? >> the sun sentinel reports that dolphin coaches asked incognito to toughen martin up after he missed voluntary workout last spring. but incognito may have taken those orders too far. that information may become part of a pending investigation by the national football league. quickly in the nfl, packers quarterback aaron rodgers has a broken collarbone after getting knocked out of monday night's game with the bears. president obama may be a white sox fan, but he may have been rooting for the red sox to win it all. >> i have been there right after the bombing, and the game was
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such a therapeutic medicine for the whole city. and to see it end that way is amazing. >> this week's s.i. cover features slugger david ortiz and three police officers who were first responders right after the marathon bombing. what does it take to put an olympic athlete out of commission? a teenage girl. olympic swimmer ryan lochte unable to swim after a freakish accident with a fan. he was in florida on sunday. an excited fan ran at him. he caught her, but they both fell over. he slammed his knee on the curb, tore his mcl, strained his acl and is out of commission until he recovered. >> i guess if he's walking around in a cast, he has a good story. if that impedes his olympic hopes that would be unbelievable. >> it's a while. three years to recover. >> that's brutal. >> another reality show probably for him. >> i hope not. >> me, too. this morning we have a bit of
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snow to talk about. officially we got our two inches on the ground at the minneapolis airport. some slushy stuff driving out there. it's 34 degrees, so roads should be okay. rain from green bay to milwaukee. the green on the map is rain. it's pouring around st. louis down into areas of arkansas. it will head east today. it is an umbrella day for detroit, cleveland, ohio, michigan, indiana even nashville will get rain later this afternoon. notice a lot of it doesn't make it to the east coast. we've been very dry. he would have a mini drought that started in areas of new england. we won't get a lot of rain from this either. that's tomorrow, not today. the east coast, we warm it up today. 60s for new york city, d.c., philadelphia, baltimore. thursday we'll see the front come through with a bit of light rain. have you noticed how dry it's been? >> yeah. >> been a while since it's rained significantly in the mid-atlantic and new england. >> raking is easy.
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coming up at the top of the hour on "morning joe," live from washington, d.c., chris christie, terry mcauliffe, the big winners on election day. their victories may have largem. when we come back, we'll huddle around the cooler. now that we know ford is smoking crack, jimmy kimmel shows how to know if your mayor is doing the same. [ fishing rod casting line, marching band playing ]
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at the top of the show we talked about the results in the race for virginia. if you want to sound smart tell your friends democrats have not held all five statewide posts in virginia, that's governor, lieutenant governor, attorney general and two senate seats since 1969. let's put aside the news for a second to the cooler. the admission from toronto mayor rob ford about his drug use has inspired steven colbert to come clean about his own mistakes. >> i won't sit here and say i'm never going to drink again. that's not realistic. >> yeah, it's not realistic for him to quit drinking now. he's in the middle of a crack scandal. i'm inspired by mayor ford's courage to come clean about my own mistakes.
5:54 am
have i ever smoked crack? yes, but that was in the past. i want to know what was in that pipe, by the way. i want to know. jimmy kimmel saw the ford situation as a learning experience. >> we put together a short informational video that i hope will protect other cities going through the same embarrassment toronto is experiencing. >> how to tell if your mayor is smoking crack. blurred vision. [ bleep ] >> loss of balance. >> set, hut! >> sudden fits of rage. >> please, get off my property! thank you. thank you very much! >> denies smoking crack.
5:55 am
>> i do not use crack cocaine. >> admits to smoking crack. >> yes, i smoked crack cocaine. >> that's how to tell if your mayor is smoking crack. we run the video of him running into the camera so many times. i never saw the football fallover. i'm sorry. i don't want to laugh on somebody's troubles. david letterman is excited about chris christie's re-election. >> let's check in with governor chris christie on the campaign trail. take a look. >> i have no interest in answering your question. >> you know what? first off, it's none of your business. >> your rear end will get thrown in jail. >> let me tell you this, you know what? >> you should really see me -- >> chris christie, reasonable republican. my favorite game show, the price is right. one contestant couldn't contain her excitement about getting on stage withdrew carey. >> ahh! yeah! ye
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yes! ah! whew! oh, i love you! i love him! oh, my god! thank you so much! >> the wig looks good. that's a good-looking wig. >> we good now? >> that's good. >> okay. >> i'm ready. >> i love the absolute no self consciousness on that one. just put it right on. i had some people say please, please don't show my price is right again. we spared you this time. still ahead on "way too early" what motivated you to vote or why didn't you cast your ballot? your best tweets coming up and "morning joe" live from d.c. sam is there. hi, michael. see you in a bit.
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