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tv   Morning Joe  MSNBC  November 6, 2013 6:00am-9:00am EST

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>> tyson says any answer other than the sticker is a lie. >> that's true. we love getting that sticker. you? solid effort from natalie. i voted because i was feeling nostalgic and wanted to pay a visit to my elementary school gymnasium. >> who
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>> boy, their impact was felt
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last night. >> yep. you have a race between two factions of the republican party, business-backed candidate bradley byrne defeated tea party darling dean young. one more, in new york city, there was never a doubt. >> holy cow. >> bill de blasio coasted to victory in a win for the progressive agenda he defeated joe lhota -- >> is progressive the word here? >> all right. >> the first democratpoints. the first democrat to be elected mayor. >> there is progressive, then there is this bill depalassio. >> all right. we will get there. good morning, everyone, we are in washington. with us on set here in washington, we have white house correspondent for the huffington post sam stein. sam, that was all wrong what you tweeted. >> that was all right. >> that was so bad, i can't believe who would do it, some? >> it goes back. you study the ancient
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scriptures. sol, leviticus, what happens in a circumcision stays in a circumcision. pictures of a circumcision. >> that's no fair. >> it's a modern digital age. >> poor baby. >> it's almost kardashian right there. >> and the political birth, also. msnbc political analyst is with us. political commentator, senior analyst cokie roberts and columnist for plume berg view al hunt and we're not done. because in new york, the great, the very scragly, the very. >> look at that, he's bad. >> the matthew mcconaughey going
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on there. >> i'll take that. >> did sam send us pictures from this event? >> he sent us a picture right before. >> one picture pre-bris. i won't apologize, let's see what happened in virginia last night. >> all right. we have some things to talk about. in virginia, ken cuccinelli says the results proved republican groups proved they missed an opportunity to win. >> by actually nominating the right guy. good point, ken. >> adding they should have stepped up their support last month. cuccinelli said voters sent a strong signal about obama care while mcauliffebridge is the bridge to divide. >> despite being out precedented $15 million, this race came down to the wire because of obama care. that message will go out across
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america tonight. >> the truth is that this election was never a choice between democrats and republicans. it was a choice about whether virginia would continue the main stream bipartisan tradition that has served is so well over the last decade at a time when washington was often broken, just think about what virginia has been able to accomplish when we work together. >> the polls show kind of a wide gap and that terry would win. you put it close. >> 7, 8, 9 poevenlts anybody that spent time in virginia, terry mcauliffe. i like him. he's not a virginia guy. he's not a virginia governor. i lived in northern virginia, i lived in washington during the last campaign. you walk through. i told him this you hear that voice, that's syracuse, new york voice. that's not the voice of a virginia. >> although, he covered
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tidewater by a lot of votes. >> i will say this, though the fact, cokie, i'm certainly not spinning here. i was for the fan of cuccinelli in the very beginning because i thought he would lose, but you take the government shutdown, which killed him, you take his own fraud candidacy, you take the ethics investigations and his extreme positions, he wrote a book like opposing social security, medicare. this race was almost won. if i'm a democrat, i'm not sitting here thinking this is a high water mark. for virginia like liberalism. >> no, it certainly isn't. except what you lock like, if are you a republican, you have to keep looking at the demographics and the last gubernatorial race in virginia, 78% of the voters were white. this time, 72% of the voters were white. cuccinelli carried the whites by big margins. but you know, every time. >> there were probably a lot of white republicans who stayed home, because they weren't going
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to vote for ken cuccinelli or terry mcauliffe. >> how do we know? >> i just know. >> because he's -- >> look, to the data, however. >> those public polls were wrong. they had wrong -- i thought jeff geen the mcauliffe poster always said until five days ago, this was going to be a two, three, point race. democrats are saying we own everything now. >> republicans had to work. this is the thing. republicans had to work extra hard to lose the way they lost in virginia last night. they had to go out of their way. >> the government shutdown really helped. >> the government shutdown, also -- >> three in ten voters in virginia said their personal households were affected by that. >> not only the government shutdown, which was huge, also, the extreme candidate, i will use that word, the extreme
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candidates that came out of this caucus process cuccinelli was one of the more moderate candidates. >> the ting from the exit poll, though, which is that they asked who do you blame for the government shutdown in virginia? actually, it was spread evenly, just bare lir they blame more republicans than obama. my theory. >> hold on, though, you got to finish that story, though, for people whose vote was decided on the government shutdown, that broke big for democrats. >> i think the simplest explanation is the most likely one here, which is twofold, ken cuccinelli spent more money, that helps. secondly, there are more democrats coming into northern virginia. you combine those two, you will end up with a solidly although slightly leaning democratic state until you have a different type. >> michael cuccinelli has a reason to say, hey, guy, if you had supported me as much as you supported chris christie, i probably could have gotten that
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2%. >> we put three times the money in virginia four years ago the circumstances were the same. you have that northern virginia swing and the weight of northern virginia has become very much as we see a state in parld, where three county, baltimore city, prince george's county, montgomery county determine the outcome of a rails. you seen the party has not adapted to that t. dra demographic shift, the ability on the ground to put the money in there in the last hours makes -- >> then you look at northern virginia, and you had a lot of republican voters, a lot of swing voters that stayed home. interestingly enough, bob mcdonald who we were praiseing for years because bob's for jobs. he ran a non-ideological campaign and won big, his approval rating in virginia, according to these exit poll, still high. >> considerably higher than the presidents. >> bob mcdonald, let everybody hear this. the candidate matters.
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the ideology matter, bob mcdonald is more popular in virginia than barak obama or ken cuccinelli. >> or terry mcauliffe. >> bob mcdonald remains popular. >> he has a big story if virginia is women which helped lead, of course the nbc news exit polls the democrats to victory. more than half voted for mcauliffe. voters believe the economy and health care were top issues in the election. cuccinelli beat mcauliffe on votes, keeping it close. the issue of abortion rights helped mcauliffe eek out the win. voters said it was their tough issue preferred mcauliffe. he won big with virginia voters affected by the government shutdown as we said. >> but we got to talking about cokie. obama care. >> wait a second, normally, you don't see it. normally, you do not see voters that many voters that they care about abortion. it's usually way down the list.
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>> right. >> but it was like the third issue in voters concerns and they voted overwhelmingly for mcauliffe. >> don't explain who that is. >> because cuccinelli is adamant opposition and -- but it's interesting, married women voted for cuccinelli by about nine points. unmarried women voted for mcauliffe by 42 points. so, i mean, you are locking at a huge spread. >> the split of course in new jersey, so if democrats think they're going to run on abortion nationwide, they should go to see what happened up in new jersey, where you had the first pro-life republican winning statewide. we got to talk about obama care. really quickly. because ken cuccinelli and we are like 11 minutes in. we haven't talked about how does this disaster rollout impact the race in virginia? cuccinelli made a bet down the stretch by hammering obama care,
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i'm going to win, early in the evening, a lot of liberals are on tv saying, oh, he miscalculated. he's getting killed. by the end of the notice, everybody is thinking this campaign, if it had gone another week, he may have won. >> i'm not sure he would have, i think he scored points, a lot better than the other miserable ads he ran. >> that did have some effect. clearly, one cannot imagine why it would be a liability given the other weeks. latinos and asians, looking at where they vote. it appears they went 65, 66% for the democrats and that again in virginia is the fastest growing slois of the elector. >> up in new jersey, we got the exit polls, it's almost a 50-50 split. >> slightly more t. family is with christie. governor chris christie in new jersey received 60% of the vote in the typically blue state. he's presenting himself as an
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outsider who can appeal to both parties and get the job done. >> while we may not always agree, we show up. we show up everywhere. we don't show up just in the places that vote for us a lot. we show up in the places that vote for us a little. we don't just show up in the places where we're comfortable. we show up in the places where worry uncomfortable. because when you leave, you need to be there. you need to show up. you need to listen. then you need to -- for the next four years, we will fight to make those changes permanent and we will fight to make them bicker. i did not seek second term to do small things. i sought a second term to finish if job. now watch me do it! >> nbc news poll showed governor chris christie. >> he wants to finish the job.
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>> stop. >> we love chris. he wants to finish his job. >> he wants -- >> all right. it affects their homes. >> that's the job he was talking about. >> the land shroud made possible thanks, to a third of democratic voters, 31% of liberals and one in five african-american voters, strong support from women gave him a 15 point edge over barbara bueno, a woman. christie had a 28% advantage with men. >> she's also a check. she lost the catholic vote big, too. >> wow. with many expecting him to run for president if 2016, 51% of voters said they believe governor christie would make a good president. if the election took place today, by the way, governor christie would lose his home state to hillary clinton 48% to 44%, interesting.
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>> let's go to new york, he's a jersey guy. you can see. >> he's got that. >> no nonsense. i don't know what you say that jersey has points like that, but they don't. willie, chris christie, a guy who has been mocked by people on the far right talk radio, the guy won the majority of the hispanic voters, he won 21% of african-american voters. you have to go back to richard nixon that did that well nationally in these areas. last night, what was your take away being a native new jersey? >> well, if the crisis one year ago today after mitt romney lost election to barak obama and the republican party was looking us up saying we got to do something about women and something about the latino vote. this morning, we wake up, chris christie winning women, winning latinos in the democratic state, 700,000 more than republican voters exist in the state of new
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jersey. 21% of african americans, up from 8% for him four years ago. he won 342% of democratic voters. interesting, you all were talking about same-sex marriage, he is obviously against same-sex marriage. he tied barbara bound no among people for same-sex marriage. 49-49 was that number. obviously, sandy helped him. 85% of those coming out said they approved of his handling of that. if you are locking at chris chris teerks not saying he will be the nominee. he likely will run. if he was building a resume like a college basketball team building his resume for the big dance, he can go back to all these numbers now the national party can't ignore what he's done in new jersey and what he did in all these demographics last night. >> willie, we had a lot of people come on our set in the past six-and-a-half/seven years, if anybody came on and said you know what, i think a pro-life
6:17 am
guy against same-sex marriage canbin win big in a blue state like new jersey, we would think they were crazy. this is yet another example of how the candidate, himself, pat buchanan would say, the political atmospherelight, if you get the right athlete, they can do big things in states that, you know, bill clinton in arkansas. >> quickly, if they're running against somebody nobody loix. >> that helps, too. >> we ask in exit polls, are you voting for your candidate because you like him or her or like him with reservations or dislike him? one of the voters said they disliked her. so that's not going to work. >> that will help. anyway, willie, it's pretty remarkable this guy who is pro-life, against same six marriage did as well as he did in the blue state. >> against raising the minimum wage, a lot of things important
6:18 am
for voters who voted for him in large part t. spotlight gets a lot big fer he decides to run for president, boating say hillary clinton will be an entirely different matter with due respect to senator bueno. i think things get ramped up now. mark halperin was around the studio, he said he thought that governor christie actually nodes to do more with the message, not enough to fall back on the numbers. he needs to go after specific republicans and digging in on this anti-washington position. >> what's really interesting is how people approved of his handling of the economy, which remains the number one issue for everybody. yet, 85% said they approved of his handling of sandy, which was an enormous number, obviously. 65% approve of the economy. >> it's not to get caught up in everybody else's excitement about him. it's really going to be a matter of taking, joe, you know this, you know our base, he will have to take what he's done and
6:19 am
translate it in real terms for the base to understand, i'm with you, i'm leak you. look what i've done. >> a guy that vetoed tax increases, pro-life, took on the union, had a showdown every bit as tough as scott walker, what -- this isn't like a leading question, what's not conservative about him? >> just. >> the thing with that, there is a lot. >> it's not that it's not conservative. it's problematic. >> what? >> for instance, gun control. >> what is his position on gun control? >> he has been supportive on assault weapons ban, climate science, he has been supportive that climate science is true and should be observed. he has expressed in his support for a path for citizenship and supportive of president obama. >> can i say of all things you listed, that latter sin is the greatest sin.
6:20 am
at the end of the day, no matter how you cut it, this other stuff pales in comparison. >> by putting a picture of obama together. >> watching him last night in the themes of his speech, explicitly looking forward to a presidential run, secondly, political productivity is a selling point vs. apathy. i think it resonates now. i think a lot of people, including in the republican party are tired of seeing nothing happen. they want to see someone that can produce change. >> even the union households, he only lost them by six points. >> that's amazing. >> more than a quarter of a vote. >> quickly, he's got to have sometime fairly soon his houston minister's moment. he's got to address some of these right wing groups and say, i'm not with you on everything, i am a basic conservative, see how that sells. right now, they're suspicious if places like iowa. >> the poem who have the money are not. hey, listen, we have a lot to do. >> alabama race. >> oh, lordy.
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>> i can't believe you talked as much you did. >> do you need to interrupt in do i have to foley okay about it neighborhood, former adviser david axelrod joins us and hardball analyst will talk to charlie cook and later carol king will be joining us. love her. plus my zbal up in new york with the political playbook. also the mayor of toronto admits he has used crack. >> i never saw that coming. >> i know. we will show you his absolutely surreal news conference. there is no reason to be covering this. >> he said it will probably not happen again around that tie he was wearing yesterday, i had bed sheets like that on my bunk bed. >> bill kierans will have a check of the weather. >> entertainment value. good morning, everyone. as far as travel goes today, minneapolis saw two inches of snow, if are you waking up to
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that, at the airport, there will be minor -- except for that, rain, ♪ . right across texas. so, chicago, st. louis detroit, houston, there will be minor airport delays and travel concerns. it's not going to be severe weather or thunderstorms. it's a steady kind of cold rain. you can see the snow ending in minneapolis. it's 33 degrees. be careful on the bridges and overpasses. the roads should be okay. as far as the rest of the region goes the rain in green, it will be a soaker of a day, chicago, st. louis, then it will head to cleveland, detroit, all through ohio, luchl, cincinnati, nashville, little rock. so bring your umbrella today a. lot of this rain doesn't make it to the east coast a. 4ri89 little on your thursday northwards up to new england. on the east coast, will you notice considerably warmer, especially up there in new england. leave your jacket, your winter coat at home today a.light fall coat today. 62 in new york. 65 in d.c. t. rain will be in the middle of the country and much of the west coast is
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time now to take a look at the morning papers. we will start with the toronto star. after months of denials, toronto mayor rob ford admits he has, in fact, used crack. it was one of the most bizarre impromptu news conferences you are likely to ever see. he seemed to be dodging reporter's questions when suddenly he stunned the press with a question of his own. >> you guys have asked mae question. you asked me a question back if may. and you can remote that question. >> the question i asked you back
6:27 am
in may? >> you asked me a couple questions. what were those questions? >> do you smoke crack cocaine. >> exactly. yes, i have smoked crack cocaine, but, no, do i? am i an addict, no. have i tried it? probably in one of my drunken stupors, probably approximately a year ago. that's why i want to see the tape. i want everyone in the city to see this tape. i'd like to see this tape. i don't recall there being a tape or a video. i want to see the state i was if. so i wasn't lying. you didn't ask the correct questions. no, i'm not an addict and, no, i do not do drugs. i made mistakes in the past. all i can do is apologize, but it is what it is and i can't change the past. >> you know, willie geist, you are, of course the person that many mayors go to after being caught smoking crack cocaine.
6:28 am
we seen this a lot before. is this usually what you advise your clients on the pr front to make this storm blow over? >> i always say, if you did this, say you did it in a drunken stupor. it is such a shame chris farley is no longer with us, that snl sketch would be so good with the nfl dye tie, my goodness. >> did you have, we talk about the bed sheets and the bunk bed and nfl teams he is wearing on his tie. >> i was laughing when you said that in the tease, i absolutely, in fact, i had the whole comforter that went with it. the trash cans. >> i actually bought the fabric and covered the vay lenses over the windows with it. i hammered them in. >> oh my god, absolutely. >> joe, you know it's vintage when it has the houston oiler's logo on it. >> all right. speaking of the astrodome will
6:29 am
not be rebuilt, it was that vote of yesterday, yes, it was coasted. >> oh, okay. you want to do the new york times now, joe? or can anything top that? >> i don't think so. >> voters in new york approved, the new york times tells us, a measure to expand gambling. seven private casinos in the state. governor cuomo called it a victory. it will prey on poor people. there are so many studies here that show gambling is a tax against the poor. it helps rich people. it helps middle class. it disproportionately impacts the poor. andrew cuomo said it will create jobs. currently, there are native run casino, all located upstate. >> casinos. let's see, they create jobs just like alcohol helps an alcoholic. i'm serious. they create jobs.
6:30 am
then the negative impact ultimately over time on the community is worse. >> joe, you are right, ten years ago, they talked about this in the new york times, casinos were not thought of this clean way to create jobs in the states. people were opposed to it. you are seeing state after state, maryland included, people are actively. >> did you go to school with him? >> who? >> ross, yeah. >> he wrote a great column last woke about the negative impact on the poor. >> and how cultural norms have changed, almost like gay marriage, poem have become accustomed to dacy for the culture. they actively want them in their states. >> it's a tax. you can't see it. those poor people -- >> they are throwing money in the gulf coast of mississippi, when all the casinos came in there, the foreclosure rate went way, way up. because people were losing their homes. >> of course.
6:31 am
>> i'm telling you, it's a bad move. >> it taxes the very people that actually need help. >> okay. let's go to politico. willie geist has that. >> you want to talk about that runoff race in alabama. mike allen is here to talk about that with a look at the playbook. let's talk alabama. the congressional race was a battle with two factions of the republican party t. tea party favorite dean young said his bid for congress was the beginning of the fight against the old guard of the republican party. >> the establish. of the republicans did everything they could. they poured all their money into it. they barely, barely beat you guys. you guys are who the nation is watching. i will brag about you and continue to brag about you. this is that first shot the warning shot across the nation people in the united states are tired of where our government is going. >> i cannot bring myself to vote
6:32 am
for someone who would mislead the people of alabama like bradley burns has, he should be embarrassed. >> that will follow him what he's done, how he mischaracterized what, who i am and who i'm about. >> not exactly a great concession speech. dean young, bradley burn the winner faces democrat burton le flore in the election. it was spread about four points. what was at stake here, why did burn win? >> some were saying for republican, this was the most important race of the day because it was such a clear sign post where republicans like to go, like the big christie victory. it will be a moderating force in the republican party. it will give the people in walk, people who have been thinking down the line about the future of the party, it's going to give them a big weapon against the people trying to pull the party
6:33 am
right. speaker boehner and his advisers were among the people who urged the business community to step in, spend here, they wound up not being close at all. they gave much more money to the establish. candidate. but this clear victory is going to help republicans in pawing u washington who are saying, there is a playbook. chris tse a big part of that. and the more moderate candidate. >> what was going on there in your district? >> i tell you what, it's an extraordinarily conservative district. it sends a message to the house of republicans. you can be conservative. we want you to be conservative, bradley burns conservative. a couple weeks ago, the question was asked what will scare these house answers? when money, business money moves away from crazy candidates and goes for established candidates who are friends, pro-life, pro family, as defined by
6:34 am
conservative republican party, for tax cuts, for regulation, but also are pro business and will keep it in the middle of the road when it comes to actually working to get things done. i think republican, i said it last fight, i say it this morning, i think republicans owe the chamber of commerce, joe rickets and other people that went in there strong and hard. >> and the nra. >> and the nra. they owe them a big debt of gratitude because bradley burns will be a great member of congress, this way, people down in alabama were telling me, this guy would have made michelle bachman seem like a minnesota liberal. >> oh my gosh. >> you disagree? >> the celebration is premature. this is the perfect storm, if you will, for that side. this guy burn, the guy who won had won before state senator, he was a guy that how should i put it was bonkers, really was crazy. the money poured in galore.
6:35 am
everything was in his favor. he won by 4 points. i don't find that terribly convincing, 4 points, mike allen in the special election. that's usually conservative. if i'm bonkers, which i am, i'm running, i want to run in an off 84. if things are great, i want to run in a special election. the people who are bompgers will go out and vote for me. bradley burn is the establish. republican, i say that positively. i wish he would have won the governor's race years ago. but make no mistake of it. house republicans in congress right now who think they're untouchable. they're going to look at this race. >> absolutely. >> they will hear from the chamber. they will understand, they don't get a free check you know any time to hurt the republican party nationwide. >> do they understand money? they also understand votes. it may be 4 points. but you have a winner here. that's also one of the biggest things that chris christie has going for him besides the fact that his area code is not 202,
6:36 am
that he's an outsider, but he's a winner. he effectively is now the leader of the republican party. it's not john boehner. until chris christie messes up, he's the person now stepping in very shortly as chairman of the republican governors association. that gives him a reason and cover to travel the country and spread this message and say i have a formula that works. >> politico's mike allen with a look at the playbook, good to see you up here. >> coming up, the latest on the bullying accusations, why the man at the center of the controversy may not be the only one to blame here. "morning joe" sports is next. .
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>> welcome back to "morning joe." suspended lineman richie everyone cogny to the man on the left at the center of the controversy after allegedly harassing teammate jonathan martin. espn caught up with incognito yesterday in south florida. >> you know, there was an allegation that you left voice males on jonathan martin's voice mails, what do you have to say
6:41 am
about that? >> no comment right now. we're going to weather the storm. that's it. >> your status with the dolphins? >> the florida sun sentinel reports dolphin coaches asked incognito to toughen martin up after he missed a voluntary workout last spring, incognito may have taken those orders too far. >> that information may become part of a pending investigation by the nfl. in some other nfl news, aaron rodgers broke his collar bone monday night against the bears. at this point a lot of people suspect it was a broken collar bone. no telling how long he is out. from neej e college football, nick saban's executives said he would only consider leaving alabama for the head population at the university of pittsburgh t. agent detailed the conversation in a september e-mail by the a.p.
6:42 am
saban says he didn't know about the meeting and is too old to start over somewhere else. he repeatedly denied the rumors when he was at alabama t. tide with a huge game in 48 hours against lsu. coming up, columnist jack lewis joins the discussion of the opinion pages down in d.c. "morning joe" is coming right back. . ♪
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>> let's check in with governor chris christie. >> your rear end will get thrown in jail, idiot. >> let me tell you this, you know what -- you should really
6:46 am
see me when i'm pissed. >> chris christie, reasonable republican. >> very reasonable. look at that incredible sunrise in new york city. isn't that gorgeous, cokie? >> it is gorgeous. >> back on the air, time for the must read opinion pages, here now, we have senior contributor to the daily columnist for the woke matt lewis, great to have you on board. >> thank you. >> you wrote a great piece, ken cuccinelli the surprisingly close virginia governor's race may be over but the campaign to assign blame has only just begun. the story we tell ourselves could have major implications. if the framing that takes hold suggests that an avowed social conservative can no longer win in spring states, that will have repercussions on future races, that implies it is opportunistic than accurate. but if there's a dangner
6:47 am
overhyping the significance of this race, there is also a danger in conservatives assuming everything that happened was an accident. >> that there is nothing to learn from all this. it would be easy to just write this off as bad luck. the bob mcdonnell gifts scandal, a controversial running mate made the e.w. jackson, a libertarian candidate who some believe played a role. he tried to go in there against obama care, it was too little, too late. >> i think in retrospect as we look back, two things mattered. the government shutdown obviously mattered. look, a lot of people in northern virginia especially were affected by it. more importantly, i think it prevented the obama care debacle story from catching on. last night, cuccinelli's top strategist said we had a good last two weeks. i would have preferred five weeks. they could have had five weeks. >> i have been saying it all
6:48 am
along the obama care disaster was a missed opportunity, so completely shut down in a tactics of extreme group in congress. they completely botched what was going to be handed to them on a silver platter. >> i agree with them. i think when you look at the framing as you put it, matt, for this election, you saw that opportunity slip away, certainly in the beginning of the month of october, but be i the time you got past the shutdown, that would have been the immediate mickup and even doing the shutdown to talk about this. what in your view set in motion this kind of misframing of the race, particularly in the last sex weeks, was it j you the money? was it a combination of a lack of resources coming in from the national party in addition to a missed opportunity to understand exactly how important obama care would be to average voters? >> all of the above. look. i think the national, virginia is so close to washington, obviously, right across the river. the national story of the shutdown dominated the news media for a couple weeks.
6:49 am
it played into ken couple themly's weakness. >> right. >> then the obama care. it prevented the talk about obama care. exit polls show a lot of virginians are happy. >> i don't understand how they didn't. >> the one thing i would disagree on you is the libber taern candidate. we did ask voters coming out of the polls whether they would have voted, who they would have voted for had they not voted for the libertarian. they pretty much evenly split. >> i think you can't blame a libber taern candidate. but it was another obstacle and challenge the cuccinelli camp had to sort of overcome they weren't expecting. >> i think still, if all te abof did not occur, i still think cuccinelli would have lost by less and conversely, bill boeing, the former leiutenant dpof would have won that race. >> it's easy to second guess that and cuccinelli cut the line.
6:50 am
it was really, bowling was supposed to be the guy. she an incredibly boring candidate. >> boring at best. >> the rnc as you know as we talked about, the rnc spevent only $3 million. four years ago they spent 9 million. >> that alone, shutdown is different. if the $9 million comes in, cuccinelli could be governor elect today. >> oh my lord. >> i think you still need to deal with the nomination process. >> absolutely. >> these caucuses and conventions do always bring out the least electable general election candidate. i money, who shows up? which know who shows up. >> the other thing, too, in terms of building a campaign infrastructure. if you are spending your time on a thousand or something voters showing up in richmond, versus a wider electorate. >> a wider but much, much more diverse electorate.
6:51 am
>> i think a lot of that to your point cokie about the process of the nomination. there is still a mindset that refuses to accept that virginia is changing and the demographics are changing. >> that's what i'm saying. >> so you now need to set up in the primary your about to run that general election campaign. >> right. >> you just can't assume and launch, you know, a hard charging conservative when you know you got a northern virginia weight around your neck. >> you can't do that if you have a convention. >> that's my point. the classic example is tom davis. tom davis can when any state wide race, all things being equal. he couldn't win an election. >> that's true. >> i still think cuccinelli would have won a primary. he might have been better off. the other obvious problem is bob mcdonnell, the can dal. the biggest problem is it prevented him from putting his arm around ken cuccinelli. i think the same thing happened
6:52 am
to cuccinelli as al gore. if this president bill clinton is embroiled in the monica lewinsky scandal, ken cuccinelli, i think they made a decision to keep a distance, they should have put their arm around him. >> ken cuccinelli is a casualty of the republican party at this point and the fact that they shot themselves in the foot so terribly over the past few months. >> it was an entirely winnable race. >> totally. matt lewis, thank you, still ahead this morning on "morning joe," we have chris matthews joining us. his analysis is coming up. plus, in light of bob ford's admission to drug use, jimmy kimmel helps people to foe if their mayor is smoking crack. >> that clip is next on "morning joe." [ male announcer ] how can power consumption in china, impact wool exports from new zealand,
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s >> i put together a short informational video that i hope will keep other cities from going through an embarrassment toronto is going through. >> how to tell if your mayor is smoking crack. blurred vision. >> oh. >> loss of balance.
6:57 am
>> sudden fits of rage. >> get off me. i'm leaving. thank you, thank you very much. >> denies smoking crack. >> i did not use crack cocaine. >> admits to smoking crack. >> yes, i have smoked crack cocaine. >> how to tell if your mayor is smoking crack. >> fantastic. al, did you take notes? >> you know, i want to apologize to marion barry. though i was very critical for years, he is starting to look better. >> oh my god, on that note, al hunt, thank you very much. up next, the washington post, bob woodward joins us, former white house adviser david axelrod is back in a moment. the most free research reports, .h
6:58 am
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7:01 am
. >> while we may not always agree, we show up. we are show up everywhere. we don't show up just in the places that vote for us a lot. we show up in the places that vote for us a little. we don't just show up in the places we're comfortable. we show up in the places where we're uncomfortable. because when you leave, you need to be there. you need to show up. you need to listen. then you need to act. >> new jersey governor chris christie sending washington a message, republicans can win the blue states and it was a landslide. he beat barbara bueno by 22 points in new jersey,
7:02 am
solidifying his status as a top potential 2016 candidate. it was another story in virginia where ferry mcaartin luther kin jr. -- terry mccauliffe won. some polls showed him with a much wider lead. a race between two factions of the republican party, bradley byrne beat dean young. in new york city, there was never any doubt, bill deblasio coasted to a when for the progressive agenda. he defeated joe lohta by nearly 50 points. welcome back to "morning joe." joining the table, pulitzer prize winner editor of the washington post and author of "the price of politics," bob
7:03 am
woodward, julie pace and in chicago, former senior adviser to president obama director of the university of chicago's institute of politics msnbc contributor david axelrod. good to have you all on board this hour. >> let's go around the table for those who got here. bob woodward, what is your take on last night's results? >> it's expected. obviously, three years before a presidential election, it doesn't tell us much. i think the really interesting question is how christie governs in new jersey. what is he going to do? what is his agenda? can he show that this isn't just rhetoric and personality. but i think we go into the age of govern fans because there are so many governing problems right now, particularly in washington. >> david axelrod, in 2009, when we talked about this, you and i privately talked about in 2009, how the big win in virginia, how chris christie's when in new
7:04 am
jersey might suggest problems in 2010. the same thing happened in 1993, predicted what was going to happen in 1994. look forward, with those past experiences, what did you see happen last night that might give us an indication of how next year's off-year elections might go? >> well, i'm not sure how to read the tea leaves for 2014. i will say in virginia, you know, you and i have had a lot of discussions about the difference between public polls and private polls, and you know the mcauliffe people said right along their race was tracking about a two to four point lead. he finished with three points. so the big number in that race, though, he won moderates by 21 points and chris christie, obviously, did much better up in new jersey, so the real question from this race. i know you have been talking about it a lot, is which republican party will present itself in 2014 and 2016 and chris christie showed them one
7:05 am
path. leadership non-ideological race appealed to a broad constituency. cuccinelli was an id logical candidate, lost mad rats and lost the election. by the way, in virginia, they have not elected a governor opposite of the white house or the same, i'm sorry, governor aligned with the white house in 40 years. so history was really on the side of the republican candidate and yet he lost the race. >> the republicans had to work really hard to lose this race last night. you know what, though, julie, this is not a time for, let's say, the establish. wing of the republican party to mock anybody or tea partiers are libertarians because that libertarian candidate last night probably caused cuccinelli the race. i know a lot of people might disagree with that. >> no, he did not. >> oh, come on. calm down. >> that's like saying a grown
7:06 am
party candidate is not going -- >> we asked who they would have voted for, the, we asked the libertarian candidates targets voters, who they would have voted for if they didn't vote for him. >> are you telling me a green party candidate had 7% against a democratic candidate that everybody would be chopping up and down, if you combine the green party candidate with a democratic candidate, he got 54% of the vote. >> it can safely be said, we'll never know. >> it certainly probably cost cuccinelli some votes. i think what is so interesting about virginia is who showed up? you had african-americans that showed up in the same numbers they had when obama was running. >> that had always been a big concern, if obama is not on the ticket, you wouldn't have that show up. they voted for mcauliffe in big numbers. >> the "wall street journal." david, go ahead. >> i think that's an excellent
7:07 am
point. if 2014 can look a lot different if democratic turnout is more like it was in 2012 and what mcauliffe was able to accomplish was to replicate some of those turnout models, including among african-americans, now we have lots of money to do it. but if democrats can replicate that, they can blunt the offyear effect that has set in, in the past, where, so you get the point. >> yes. so the "wall street journal." that's great. sums up both these races. >> she rubs me all the time, david. >> you never do that, joe. >> i know. >> exactly. >> okay. the portense of mr. cuccinelli's supposed friends in the tea party also stabbed him in the back by pushing the government shutdown. about 30% of the virginia voters live in the washington, d.c. suburbs that are packed with government employees and nearly
7:08 am
90% of the voters in the exit polls. if senator ted ruz, heritage action and the kamikaze caucus had spent money for mr. cuccinelli instead of attacking fellow republicans in august, he might have won. >> all the people michael steele said, amen. >> you know what that rollout would have been the explosion that had everybody -- >> everybody. >> cuccinelli would have won but for the kamikazecaucus, this is the "wall street journal" editorial page, not mother jones. >> not mother jones. >> or the new york times. >> the "wall street journal" has had this way of really kind of getting at the nub of the issue. they have been great at that. i think going forward to your point, looking at those coalition e coalitions that are sustaining themselves for the democrats, election cycle after election cycle. they're not just going away. the party, the republican party got to get off its behind and recognize america, individual states are red are turning
7:09 am
purple. you got to be able to adapt to this new reality with the candidate's response. >> it's not just among the minorities. it's also among young people and young people also showed up, unbelievably in an offyear election. they voted overwhelmingly democratic. both in new jersey and in -- >> let's look, i don't want to overread virginia. of course, i'm a republican, so people say, of course, you don't want to overread it, but, seriously, let's look at the three candidates that we're judging. to say that this state has turned purple. john mccain if 2008. mitt romney in 2012. in 2013, you have ken cuccinelli. put bob mcdonald in there in 2009. he wins by over 20 points. i know i will get absolutely ridiculed and mocked for this, virginia is still a state. it is still a republican state. it isn't an establish. republican state, though. it is a main sfreem republican state look at how red it is, but
7:10 am
people in the disturb u suburbs of d.c., bob, they're not going to vote for ken cuccinelli. they're not going to be excited about mitt romney. they're not gentleman to be excited -- >> remember how close it was. >> 58% of the voters were suburban in there we could have said a year ago, after they decided, bob, to pick their candidates by a caucus, instead of an open primary, this was going to happen in northern virginia. >> but there were 2 million voters yesterday and mcauliffe won by 56,000. that's not much at all. and it could have gone the other way. i think it's going to be fascinating to watch mcauliffe as governor. here's this guy who was always the fundraiser. >> we love terry. >> the joke back in the clinton days was mcauliffe is so good as fund raidsing, he must be a
7:11 am
republican. >> oh, there you go. so now to new jersey. the "wall street journal" editorial board writes this, the portense of election 2013 on christie, one mistake for the gop to avoid casting is mr. christie as a "moderate" because he won twice in a democratic state t. governor has by and large governed as a conservative reformer. he vetoed a tax increase on millionaires and capped property taxes. he pushed tenure reforms that will make it easier to fire bad teach officer and he extracted far more pension reform out of the democratic legislature than did democratic governors jerry brown in california or andrew cuomo in new york. republicans everywhere should study how he managed to when among non-republican voters. you need them to become a majority party. >> michael steele used to celebrate when republican candidates can win independent voters and democrats. that's the idea. you steal from the other side. now it seems to me that people that are able to do this are
7:12 am
branded heretics. fullyb, no, there have been ideological witch trials since 2010. if are you like chris christie and can physical out a way to win independents, then talk radio republicans kill you. >> look, i remember sitting down with then candidate chris christie and then candidate bob mcdonald, two very different candidates, two very different states, but the same agenda, which was foundationally a republican, a conservative republican agenda that's focused on the economy, that focused on the things that were hurting the things in their states. >> that underlying message resonated to the point that you could build those coalitions, you could bring those independents to the table. you saw it play out in 2010 around the country. they didn't get lost in crazy. we stayed focused on a keen message. sense that time, we dot this huberus about how many people love us and think our conservatives, you got to work it. >> that's not the case.
7:13 am
let talk about strong candidates, too, david. been martin luther king jr. donnell in the exit polls, bob's for jobs. despite all the problems, bob mcdonnell has a higher approval rating than terry mcauliffe and ken cuccinelli and bob mcdonnell has a higher approval rating ban barak obama among exit poll voters, which means people still reward guys and women that they think are fighting for them. >> yeah. i think there's something to that, joe. let me pick up on a point you made before, though, when you said mccain and romney weren't good candidates for the suburbs in northern virginia. the fact is they would have been good candidates if they had run on their own records, but they were pulled to the right in order to win the nominations by the most try dent voices in the republican party. if chris christie wants to
7:14 am
become president of the united states, he's going to have to resist that. i would make one other point. if very thing that drives core republicans and sort of the base tea party republicans, the fact that chris christie stood with the president of the united states in the midst of a disaster and worked with him to try and deal with new jersey problems, was one of the reasons why he did so well last night in new jersey. so the republican party ha has to resolve its own internal conflict if they're going to win a national election. >> by the way, julie, or mika. >> go ahead. >> a one sec hubby charlie kris destroyed his standing. what you learn here from chris christie, you embrace, if are you going to empractice is the president, if you do something like i always say, nobody stoups when you are going 90 miles an hour, he pummelled critics. >> that's what makes this also silly. it's down to, it's almost like grammar school. when you hug the president when he comes to your state to help
7:15 am
at a time of severe crisis and your party can't even get behind you, but i know it's easy to criticize after an election has been lost and look at the republican party. i'll tell you, even i, julie pace, knew when this obama care law would rule out, there would be problems that, one story that five stories that had a negative impact that, of course, with the blown out by the republicans or shown in the press and have a messaging and the communications and optics point of view, i feel like the republicans completely missed an incredible opportunity here. >> well, part of the reason is because we have a government shutdown. so you had three weeks that when by where this would have been on the front page. but just get back to christie for a minute. i think what is so interesting the way he presents himself, he gives off this your ra that wants to get things done. voters are crazy for politicians who want to get things done. even if you don't agree with what they are trying to do. they want to see people in
7:16 am
office who have ideas, proposals, thoughts. who want to govern. >> let's talk about also what happened last night, too. this is sort of the empire strikes back, like everybody has been saying. we're the main stream republicans. we're the leaders. last night, the u.s. chamber of commerce, joe rickets, the nra. they all said, no, i'm sorry, to crazy. nra came. in they supported bradleyburn byrne. probably a guy not as conservative on every single vote, won't be outspoken, the nra made a tactical decision t. chamber did the same. joe rickets, god bless him, i will actually root for the cubs federal government year. >> we need it, joe. >> joe rickets got involved. this sends a message. >> absolutely. it was a bad night for the tea party. >> this sends a message to certain house members, watch your step. >> right. right. and, in fact, in alabama, the
7:17 am
tea party candidate was seeing if you want ted cruz in washington, elect me. if you want john boehner, elect john byrne. >> a different look on this. there is only so much money to go around in a 2014 congressional election cycle. you got two races here in the country a. special election in alabama. that's a very different environment for a joe rickets to play in. let's not -- i don't think we should overstep. >> we got a whole different dynamic. the tea party is not going to go quietly into that good night. >> certainly not on the money front. >> i don't want them to. i want the activists. i want people that are excited, that are going to go out. these are the very people that knock on doors, that make the phone calls. but there is no doubt about it. david axelrod, that ken cuccinelli lost last night in
7:18 am
large part because business interests just said for the. they didn't give him the money he needed. bradley byrne won last night because business interests stepped n. the coke brothers, they got a lot of money. there are other people, other republicans that have got a whole lot of money and you know about halfway through the government shutdown, the whole business community just said enough. >> finally. the fact is the business community made a bargain with the tea party if 2010 and 2011 and 2012 and now i think it all came home to roost in the shutdown in the flirtation with default and they realize, this is serious business. we feed serious people and that was reflected in where they put their money in these races. let me just touch the third rape of obama care for a second in this election in virginia. because that can be
7:19 am
overinterpreted. well, you know, i go where the brave dare not tread. >> bless you. >> but look at the numbers. as i said, all throughout, when i talked to mcauliffe people, they said this was a two point race, all in the last few weeks. they put 100% of their money, cuccinelli. he was finally in the last week on obama care. everybody was talking about obama care. the race finished at 3%. what i am saying is you asked me about lessons for 2014. if republicans think they can get on this obama care kick and win in 2014 on that, i think they're mistaken. if you look at the polling throughout all this obama care debacle, their numbers have not moved. they have not gained. so i think it is too much to say we will talk about obama care and win this election. they got deeper problems than that. >> they talked about obama care. they criticized obama care. that's a winning issue going
7:20 am
forward. but they have to come up with their own alternatives. >> if you can step back on this, there are two kind of conservatives as you well know the soft conservatives, which christie represents, a reform conservative and cuccinelli, a hard conservative, the tea party conservative and one did spectacularly and one lost. that's probably where it's going, but we're three years away from presidential race and you sit three years out and you say, oh, in 1973, the next president is going to be jimmy carter. >> right. >> you can get a thousand to 1 odds. we don't know. >> we don't know, but what we do know, i said it before, 1993 foretold what happened in 1994. looking forward to 2014, it's going to be one of the most significant off year elections in a very long time because if republicans maintain the house
7:21 am
and pick up a couple seats in the senate, barak obama's ability to do anything is done. i agree with. you don't know and, you know, what itself the agenda in the white house? they've got the obama care problem. they've got a national security agency problem and then they've got all of the lit fuses of instability in the world. so. >> speaking of -- >> can i just ask, david axelrod a question? phil griffith brought this up. i think it's a great point. couldn't you guys have borrowed a few of the nerds that like google andrea hoo, just get a few of those nerds to help the obama care website? if you can like piss off google pause they can't figure out how you hacked into their computers, you're pretty good. >> no, i hung around with a lot of those nerds during the last campaign. they did a lot of good work for
7:22 am
us. >> i agree. you told me off the record they scare you. you go into the back rooms. >> there were mushrooms growing back there. it was a scary place? but, but, i think the other element here is the government, itself and the procure. regulations and the way in which government approaches i.t. is something when they do the after action on this, they need to look at this, because they didn't have if agility to go out and recruit what they needed. i think that will end up having been a very, very bad mistake. >> all right. >> i guess saying what i said to dennis mcdonagh, the people in the white house, when you showed us if website, if you guys do launch this correctly. then it can create a revolutionary government for the va, for people tracing social security benefits. he said it. forget ideology, figure out a way to make government so much
7:23 am
more productive. >> i know they have that happening. so there is still. >> no, they do. >> why didn't those people who are helping them now think -- >> in the post sunday it explained that and it was driven by politics there they do have major i.t. companies in their helping behind the scenes. i think it will make a difference if they can get the people signed up, there is still hope. >> absolutely. there is time. >> bob woodward. >> the horse is like a mime away. >> stop it. thank you. david axelrod, thank you as well. julie, stay with us. up next, david gregory, conduct todd, charlie cook all join the conversation. you are watching "morning joe." we'll be right back. i started part-time, now i'm a manager.n. my employer matches my charitable giving. really.
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7:26 am
. >> the status of republicans
7:27 am
that everyone they could, they poured all their money into it and they barely, barely beat you guys. you guys are who the nation watches and i will brag about you and i will continue to brag about you and this is sending that shot. this is the first warning shot goes out across the nation that the people of the united states are tired of where our government is going. >> i cannot bring myself to vote for someone who would mislead the people of south alabama like bradley byrne has. >> that will follow him. what he has characterized who i am and what i'm about. >> okay. they have bradley byrne in the
7:28 am
race. >> that wasn't exactly al gore. >> how would you describe that? >> i guess he is running again. >> i guess. >> he's done it before. he will do it again. >> joan us in washington. as you can see, there is chuck todd. >> that was you? confused? you have been on the air 87 hours straight. and i think you might be going crazy. i think you are losing your way. >> you have the andrea mitchell award for the day. >> for one day. also, we have the moderator of "meet the press" david gregory with us. also, the editor and pub learner. charlie cook is in new york. >> we got a lot to talk about here. let start with chuck. so, going to the numbers, what's your take away?
7:29 am
>> you know, there's basically both parties right. voters in virginia, look we got to look at virginia. so goes virginia, so goes the nation. they are ticked off at democrats about the rollout of health care. you can't look at whatched in virginia if you are a democrat and not sit there and panic. i talked to a bunch last night. they are ecstatic they survived. they sit there and say another week of health care and this could have gone the other way. >> be i the way, there will be major finger pointing this, mo. could, republicans walked away from cuccinelli. >> they did. >> they walked away. >> chris christie refused to come down. >> they begged christie to come down. you can make an argument. you bring him to northern virginia, it might have helped. he is worried about his brand. >> republicans worry about big donors who didn't like cuccinelli. >> they stayed away.
7:30 am
>> actively. >> right. they didn't want him to win. >> right. because they, you know, you see in the polls, too, how health care as an issue is surging to cuccinelli's benefit, you see overall, we look at the fact that he can heck by 7 points was more important than abortion in the exit polls among voters in virginia and cuccinelli did well there. so if you need any kind of telegraphing for what next year will be about if you didn't know this, that will tell you, health care has made a huge issue. >> you can avoid the cuccinellis of the party any longer, if he's looking for a bigger platform, he's going to have to show up in some places that may make his team uncomfortable in order to cement a relationship that he does not currently have with a lot of the base. >> i can't wait to see him company with chuck scott. >> i had a question about obama care. we talked about whether there may be another week or two of the obama care story line, if that would have made a difference, is there anything in
7:31 am
the numbers that indicated there would have been a trend toward republicans, cuccinelli, if the obama care story line had been out there a little longer? >> i couldn't tell. my guess is that the obama care played into this. on the other hand, as axelrod before, mcauliffe's polk is at two or four and ends up at three, so we're not so sure. to me the take away from this election was this. while mcauliffe won, democrats and liberals by slightly bigger margins than cuccinelli did by conservatives and republicans, the fact that cuccinelli could win independents by 9 percentage points and lose the election by three tells you something, that the gap between democrats and republicans has gotten to wide that a republican can win the independent vote and still lose the election, just as mitt romney won the independent vote by five points nationally and lost the election by almost 4 points. >> that this party i.d. gap between the two parties, it's very, very real. but i can't tell for sure how
7:32 am
much obama care was in there. but i have to think it was something. >> but this idea of independent voters, is that group changing now? it seems like there is a difference sometimes between independent and moderates? >> i think that's a great point. i think you've got some tea party people who used to call themselves republicans who now call themselves independents. so the pool of independents is different than it used to be. but at the same time over the moderate side, i think you have some people that used to call themselves liberals. but that term has gotten so tent aed that they now call themselves moderates. but i'm watching out moderates, more self-described moderates than i'm watching independents. >> that seems to tell you which way these things will swing. >> chuck, am i overplaying alabama? it's not an off year election. it's a special election. it's in mobile, in alabama one, which is one of the most conservative districts in america, a mild district. yet, it's very establish.
7:33 am
canada won last night because the chamber the nr ar went in and supported i. >> i think if it was cuccinelli. if the virginia sweep, it still may end up being a sweep, then i can sit is there and say, in alabama, too, this really proved it because you can beat the tea party on tea party turf in a tea party type of election, right, a small turnout, all those things, but because of what happened in the lack of establish. support, helping cuccinelli, versus what the establish. did. i think it's only actually going to, just pour gasoline on the fire. >> oh. >> this is the revenge of the establish. now. you see them starting to fight back. not liking what the tea party is doing. seeing the impact of. that the chamber as you
7:34 am
mentioned, joe coming in, saying, guess what, we will spend money and stand up to the party. who is at the head of that rain? that's chris christie, i this the relationship he forges with the tea party will be fascinating. it's not about campaigning, it's finding his voice to stand up to that and can he survive that? >> you got to be careful to not stand up to the people who will knock on doors and let me tell you something, those are the people that win elections for you. they certainly win elections for me. they weren't called tea party. be you that i were the pro united stance. >> you got to remember, george w. bush, this poll when it came out, in 2000, he campaigns against washington, gingrich can delay it all. he was still really conservative, evangelical. jesus christ was his favorite philospher. he will be the guy in the middle there the three wednesday, evangelicals, that's two separate. sometimes they do merge. david is right, what bush had that christie didn't is that
7:35 am
evangelical deal. >> so, charlie, you know, over the past 50 years, we have been told, you got to win, at least since jimmy carter in '76. you got to win iowa. you got to win new hampshire. now, south carolina and florida in the mix. you can actually see with guiliani tried this. it just didn't work. you can see with a guy like chris christie, you can telegraph it early on, i may not win iowa, south carolina, florida. when it swings back to the northeast and new york and connecticut and jersey are once again a winner take all, i will be rolling up the delegates. ask is that what chris christie has to start telegraphing right now? >> i think chris christie's personality lends itself to the new york, new jersey, metropolitan area. there is like testosterone coming out of every more pore in his body. i can't wait to see a tea party calling him a liberal and
7:36 am
christie reaching down the guy's throat and pulling his lungs out. i can't wait to see that. i will pay money to see that. >> charlie, thank you, by the way. >> charlie, you are exactly right. people don't understand the strength. we were talking before. charlie kris lug hugs barak obama in 2009, he is basically kicked out of the republican party. chris christie could not have rolled out the red carpet more for barak obama a week before the election, he didn't give-a-damn. he embraced it, punched people in the face ret torically. >> that strength sells, across america. >> i think christie added to innoculates him to a certain extent from being a rhino, a liberal republican. >> charlie is on a roll there. >> wow. >> how about in new york, you guys are gone. i did get to meet carol king. >> that's you? >> so awesome.
7:37 am
>> the christie coalition, what is the christie coalition? >> people that want to when. >> you know what, that's, when republicans have to decide six months before they start voting whether they want barak obama to control the white house for eight years and hillary clinton for eight more, what's the quote about the hanging at dawn really focuses the mind? they're going to start saying, okay, you know what, he's pretty conservative. >> a lot of imagery today. >> i have a headache from this imagery, charlie, thank you. >> thank you, charlie. >> david gregory, thank you very much. chuck todd, we'll see you coming up on the daily rundown, will you be okay? >> sure. when will you get some sleep? >> hopefully after channel 1. >> you just jynxed yourself. i don't know what, still ahead, chris matthews. ♪
7:38 am
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[ music playing ] >> all right. coming up, senator rand paul looks to contain the crisis surrounding the plagiarism scandal. we'll be right back.
7:42 am
7:43 am
7:44 am
7:45 am
. >> new york times reporter ashley parker who interviewed rand paul about the plagiarism charges against him. they seem to be getting worse. mr. paul drawn and clearly shaken offer admission of contrition and defiance. he said he was not certain whether it would affect. his prospects, should he decide to run for president in 2016. he said he would happily return to his kentucky doctor's practice. he asserted he was being unfairly targeted. mr. paul said he could not rule out other examples of past plagiarism would come out and unequivocally added no staff members would be fired. so then what happened? back up for us, ashley, how many cases of plagiarism are we talking about here? in there sure, at this point it's been about a half dozen or so. they have kind of been slowly trickling out. it started with a speech. then there was another speech. then there was an op-ed, a state of the union address. >> sam stein, michael steele, a
7:46 am
lot of things things are written by your staff, but when you get to this number, are we getting to an area where there is some problem here that you are you have been covering? >> i mean, he said part of it had to do with taking on this huge work load. he's the junior senator from kentucky and he's a rising star. he did seem to be delegateing a lot to his staff. it was a lot to hand him. the answer was as he said, they got sloppy. >> wikipedia. michael feele, how bad is this? >> i don't think it's earth shattering. it does speak to a credible issue as rand paul looks to roll out -- >> have we seen something before with this many cases of it being? >> not this many cases back-to-back. that's more about due diligence of the reporting, you know, this staying on the story to see. >> the infamous case of joe biden, obviously. >> who recovered. >> who recovered.
7:47 am
i think he'll recover from this, it seems on its face, unless you really dig and find something different that this is more sloppiness by the staff, cut and paste in the last minute, not giving correct -- >> what is an amazing story is not necessarily the pleasures, i think we can conclude it was a staffer that did it. it's how the senators handled the revelations. at times incredibly defined. challenging reporters to a dual, it was like -- >> and what was that? and also what he does in the press on camera, very different from what you described his countenance to be. >> in the teaches he admitted finally he made mistakes. he made a personal distinction that not everyone makes that plagiarism is about intent and being deliberately dishonest. he said i wasn't dishonest, we got sloppy. so. >> that is sloppy. ashley parker, thank you so
7:48 am
much. great work. >> up next. it's not every day that broadway stages a musical about your life. legendary singer/songwriter carol king joins us with a look at her latest huge honor. you are watching "morning joe." i started part-time, now i'm a manager.n. my employer matches my charitable giving. really. i get bonuses even working part-time. where i work, over 400 people are promoted every day. healthcare starting under $40 a month. i got education benefits. i work at walmart. i'm a pharmacist. sales associate. i manage produce. i work in logistics. there's more to walmart than you think. vo: opportunity. that's the real walmart.
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7:52 am
>> back to "morning joe." our good friend we always love when she's hair, carole king. her book, a natural woman, a memoire is out. great to see you. there is so much going on with you right now. we are talking about a musical about your life. what's it been like, you wrote the book, but you didn't have as much control of the musical to see your out in public. word for word. >> i'm not going to see it. i realized it was too hard for me to watch very emotional moments of my life on stage, but it had a great out of town tryout run. it was sold out in san francisco. previews are opening november 21st this month. i hear it's great. go see it.
7:53 am
>> it's called beautiful, the carole king musical. why do you think it was so difficult to see? >> these were some of the most emotionally devastating moments of my young life and i was there. i do put my life out in the book. my daughter, sherry who is also my manager, she is definitely involved in the musical. i know it's going to be fair and meaningful to people as well. it's a great story actually. >> you talk about your young and reading about you, i'm struck by how long you were. you were married when you were 17? >> yes, i had my first child at 18. i was to be fair a high school graduate. i graduated at 16. >> was there a drawback to having success that early? >> there actually wasn't for me.
7:54 am
there could be for a lot of people. i kept my feet on the ground and i was rooted emotionally in my family life and that was the overriding thing for me. it talks about a quest for normalcy. i normal life. i wanted that since my parents divorced much younger. that's what kept my feet on the ground. it would be a problem for a lot of people. >> huh an incredible run and you get validation with this huge honor. the music cares person of the year. it's going to people like paul mccartney and bruce springsteen and james taylor. what does that mean to you? >> i guess it's a recognition and acknowledge. it's like telling me that you achieved something you wanted to achieve. i had an influence on people in some way and i had an influence
7:55 am
on the world through environmental work. not enough yet. we don't have the bill passed. it's a recognition of something that i guess i already know that i had this impact on people, but it's nice that people come and say yes, you have. >> you get the prize from the president of the united states and now the music here. what a year for you. >> it's a great year. i'm here in town to participate in alicia keys's ball for keep the child that brings medicine to children who have hiv and aids in africa and india. what a great cause. i rehearsed with her yesterday. she is like my musical granddaughter. she is so talented and she put the songs together. she said i want you to sing girl on mire with me. i'm practicing the high notes.
7:56 am
she brings me in with my song and blends the two. she is phenomenal. >> she said publicly she looks up to you. >> i'm so touched because i absolutely do see that she is so easy with music. she just knows. her instincts are great. i come in and could come in as grandma diva or whatever, but she is so talented and i say it's your show, what do you want me to do? it's brilliant. we are mind really. >> keep a child alive benefit. the gershwin prize earlier this year. 1 gratulations again. >> best of all, i'm not running for office. >> not a great time for that. thank you so much. great to see you. preview shows for beautiful will go on in new york city on november 21st. you can visit beautiful on
7:57 am
brought for more details and her memoire, a natural woman, a out in paper back. more analysis on the results from election day and how they position the parties moving forward. we'll be right back.
7:58 am
7:59 am
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8:01 am
learned over the last four years about leadership is leadership is much less about talking than listening. about bringing people around the table and listening to each other and showing them respect. doing what needed to be done. to be able to bring people and achieve what we needed to achieve to move our state forward. now listen, i know that if we can do this in trenton, new jersey, maybe the folks in washington, d.c. should tune in their tvs right now and see how it's done. >> new jersey governor chris christie sending washington a message. republicans can win the blue states. it was a landslide. he beat barbara buono by 20 points, solidifying his status as a 2016 presidential candidate. it was another story in virginia where terry mcauliffe won with a
8:02 am
slim margin over cuccinelli. in alabama's first district -- >> this was a big race. it's a huge state for those of you who are not aware. this is where the shame ber of commerce and other pro business conservatives stepped in and said enough is enough for the tea party extremism. >> you have a race between two factions. republican party. bradley byrne defeated young. bill deblasio coasted to victory in the win for the progressive agenda. >> is progressive the word you want here? >> the first democrat. >> there is progressive and then bill deblasio. >> good morning, everywhere. we are in washington.
8:03 am
with us on set here we have senior political editor and white house correspondent for the "huffington post," sam stein. that was so bad. who would do that? sam stein would. >> if you study the ancient scriptures, they said what happens in a circumcision stays. >> it always says don't tweet. >> and the birth also? >> political analyst and
8:04 am
republican national committee michael steele is with us. abc new s newso cokie roberts a hunt. we are not done. let's hear what happened in virginia. >> ken cuccinelli campaigns with the results with the opportunity to win. >> boy nominating the right guy.
8:05 am
>> cuccinellis said voters sent a vong signal. >> despite being outspent by $15 million, this race came down to the wire because of obama care. that message will go out. >> this election was not between republicans and democrats. the tra division served us so well and at a time when washington was broken, think about what they have been able to accomplish when they worked together. >> the poll showed a wide gap and you said it would be close.
8:06 am
>> any time in virginia now, terry mcauliffe, he is not a virginia guy. he walks in the room and you hear that voice. that's a syracuse, new york voice, not virginia. >> he carried a lot of votes. from the beginning, i thought he would lose. you take the government shut down and the ethics investigations and extreme positions on social security and this race was almost won.
8:07 am
you had a lot of republican voters and swing voters who stayed home. he had a nice ideological campaign. >> he was more conservative than the president. >> the candidate matters. the ideology matters. bob donald is more popular in virginia than ken cuccinelli or barack obama. >> it helped play the exit polls and say the democrat to victory. more than half of those who voted for terry mcauliffe kept
8:08 am
the close. the issue of abortion rights helped eek out the win. many said it was their top issue. he said it was affected by the government shut down. >> in new jersey, it comes to 50-50. >> slightly more. governor chris christie received 60% of the vote in the typically blue state. he said he is an outsider in a blue start. >> we may not always agree, but we show up everywhere. we show up in places that vote for us not only a lot, but where it is a little. whether you leave you, need to be there and show up and listen and then you need to act.
8:09 am
for the next four years, we will fight to make the changes permanent and bigger. i did not seek a second term to do small things. i sought a second term to finish the job. watch me do it. >> it better be sarah palin. >> that's the job you thought. >> a landslide made possible thanks to a third of democratic voters and one in five african-american voters. strong support from women gave him a 15-point edge from women.
8:10 am
a 28 point advantage with men. wow. then expecting him to run for president in 2016, 51% said he would make a good president. if the election took place today, he would lose his home state to hillary clinton 48% to 44%. >> here's a jersey guy. i don't know what you are saying. chris christie has been mocked by people on the far right and talk radio. we won the majority and did that
8:11 am
nationally in the areas. last night what was your take away. >> if this happened a year ago and the republican party was saying you have to do something about women and the latino vote. he won women and latinos and 700,000 more voters existed in new jersey and 21% of african-americans, he won 32% of democrats and we talk about same-sex marriage. he's against same-sex marriage. he tied barbara buono to people for same-sex marriage. sandy helped him. 85% voted for that. saying he was going to be the
8:12 am
nominee, and he will likely run, but if he was building a resume, he can go back to the numbers and they can't ignore what he has done and what he did last night. >> we had a lot of people coming out in the last 6 1/2 and 7 years, they said a pro life guy who is against marriage who can win big in new jersey, this is how the candidate himself, if you get the right athlete, they can do big things like bill clinton in arkansas. >> if they are running against someone nobody likes you can.
8:13 am
if you like him or her or like them with reservations, one said the voters disliked her. >> it's not for everybody, but 85% a approved of his handling of sandy. >> it's going to be a matter of taking what he's done and translating it into real terms. i'm with you. i'm like you. >> a guy that vetoed tax increases and has got a wife and
8:14 am
had a showdown, what's not conservative about him? >> it's not that it's not conservative, but gun control. he has been supportive in the climate size and supportive that it is true. he worked with obama. >> all the things you listed, that is the greatest. that pales in comparison. >> when you are watching and looking forward to the president, you have the productivity as a selling point,
8:15 am
i think a lot of people including the republican party are pyred of seeing nothing happen. >> even the households, he only lost them by six points. >> you have to address the right wing groups and say i'm not with you on everything, but they are very suspicious. >> people who have the money or not. we will check in with politico's mike allen and he made space. we will join him next. >> chris matthews will give you his take on the election results. speaking of it happens, we will
8:16 am
have a check on the weather. >> good morning to everyone. cold air continues to plug northern new england. about two days of warmth and temperatures here in the 50s from d.c. to philadelphia. mild air should be easily into the 80s and look at the buffalo area from the rainy file says from the great lakes southward. an all day rain in the o mio valley. not a lot of rainfall in the atlanta area to charlotte, but not too bad out there. minneapolis is cleared out. not too many delays. those on the east coast, rain in
8:17 am
the northeast and light rain from d.c. northward. time square and new york city is more likely in the 50s. you are watching "morning joe."
8:18 am
8:19 am
8:20 am
time to take a look at the morning tarps. after months of denials, toronto
8:21 am
mayor admitted he used crack. one of the most impromptu news conferences you will ever see. >> you guys have asked me a question. you asked me a question back in may. can you repeat the question. >> the question we asked was -- >> you asked me a couple of questions. what were the questions. >> do you smoke crack cocaine. >> exactly. yes, i have smoked crack cocaine. am i an addict, no. have i tried it? probably in one of my drunken stupors about a year ago. that's why i want to see the tape. i want everyone in the city to see the tape. i don't recall there being a tape and a video. i want to see the state i was
8:22 am
in. i wasn't lying. no, i'm not an addict and no, i do not do drugs. i made mistakes in the past and all i can do is apologize. it is what it is and i can't change the past. >> willie geist, you are the person that they go to after being caught smoking crack cocaine. is this what you usually advise your clients on the pr front on how to make it blow over? >> whatever the problem is, say you did it in a drunken stupor and it is it's fine. it is such a shame that chris farley is no longer with us. that sketch would be so great with the nfl tie and everything else. >> you are talking about the bedsheets and he is wearing this tie. >> it's vintage when it has the
8:23 am
houston oilers logo on it. >> speaking of the astro dome. >> you want to do the "new york times" now? >> i don't think so. voters approved and told us they can expand gambling. the governor called it a major victory that will prey upon poor people. there so many studies that show gambling is a tax against the poor. it helps rich people and the middle class and impacts the poor. it said it will create jobs and keep money in new york. it's all paid in upstate. >> casinos create jobs like
8:24 am
alcohol helps an alcoholic. they create jobs, but the negative impact overtime on the community is worse. >> ten years ago, casinos were not a clean way to save joshes. you are seeing this where people are. >> you, addicted. he wrote a big column next week about the negative impact on the poor and how things have changed. >> in a short time frame like gay marriage. people actively want them in states. >> you can't see it and that's why it's appealing in the end. >> in the gulf coast of mississippi where all the casinos came in there, the
8:25 am
foreclosure rate went way, way up. people were losing. it taxes people who need help. in alabama, it was a battle between two factions. dean young said his bid for congress was the beginning of the fight against the old guard of the republican party. >> the status with republicans that everything they could, they poured their money into it and they barely, barely beat you guys. i will brag about you and continue to brag about you and this is sending that shot. the first warning shot goes out that people in the other states
8:26 am
are tired of where the government is going. i cannot bring myself to vote for someone who would mislead the people of south alabama. that will follow him, what he has done and how he mischaracterized who i am and who i'm about. >> not exactly a gracious concession speech. facing off against the democrat in the general election. we saw the numbers and the spread was about four points. what was at stake and why did byrne win? >> some say this was the most important race because it was a sign close. like the christie victory, it will be a moderating force in the republican party.
8:27 am
equal in washington and people who have been down the line. it will give a big weapon. speaker boehner and his advisers urged the business community to step in and spend here and they wound up not being close at all. this clear victory will help in washington. we are saying there is a playbook. christy is a big part of that and the more moderate candidate is another sign. >> alabama won across from your old district. >> it's a conservative district and sends an important message to the house of representatives. we want you to be conservative. we were saying what will scare these house members? my answer was when business money starts going for
8:28 am
establishment candidates who are pro life, pro family as defined by conservative republican party and tax cuts and regulation and a pro business. keep it in the middle when it comes down to working to get things done. i think republicans, i said it last night and this morning. republicans owe the chamber of commerce and other women there strok and hard. they owe them a big debt of gratitude. he will be a great member of congress. people in alabama tell me this guy would have made michele bachmann seem like a minnesota liberal. >> oh, my god. >> i think the celebration is premature. this was a perfect storm, if you will. this guy byrne who won was
8:29 am
running against a guy whoa was bonkers. money pouring in and everything was in favor. he won by four points. i don't find that convincing. >> ifborchgers which i am, i want to run in a special election. people feel you can vote for me. he is the establish republicans's establishment republican. i wish he would have won a few years ago, but house republicans can think they are untouchable, but they will look at the race and understand they don't get a free check to hurt the republican party nationwide. >> they understand money and also votes. it may be four points, but you
8:30 am
haver and one of the biggest things chris christie has going for him. he's an outsider and a winner. he effectively is the leader of the republican party. it's not john boehner and until chris christie messy up, he was the person stepping in as chairman that gives him reason to travel the country and spread this and said say i have a formula that works. >> up next, chris matthews joins the set in washington. back in a moment. (dad) just feather it out. that's right.
8:31 am
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8:34 am
>> let's check in with chris christie. you are going to get thrown in jail,ity loti. you should see me when i'm missed. are you stup id? >> chris christie.
8:35 am
a reasonable republican. >> host of "hardball," chris matthews. awesome book. also the table. nbc news reporter casey hunt. >> with us as well as sam stein. what's your take? >> i have to read my book. the guy is selling it and it's a tough question. he has attitude. don't talk to me about where i send my kids to school. it's real. the other thing i did, 85% of life is showing up. nothing is more iconic when you have a five-alarm fire with the mayor. you are supposed to be there. show up. we are not so comfortable, but everyone is there. >> that was four years ago. right after he got elected.
8:36 am
he went into african-american communities who voted against him and said i'm here. i'm your governor. >> i was thinking why do people make it from television year after year. mark harmon and carol o'connor. it depends on how the series did. people liked them. that's it. they like the guy or the woman. betty white is still around. people like her. >> ken cuccinelli. will he be having a beauty show? a huge contrast between what happened in jersey and virginia. >> absolutely. one of the most interesting things about virginia is the make up of the electorate. this was really a test of potential clinton machine in
8:37 am
2016 for whether or not they can make it look like that. they succeeded and mcauliffe would have lost. he started in the runnings to be hillary's campaign manager, but the way they broke down is it looked like what happened with romney and flex this overall issue that the voters are older and white. christie as we noticed is breaking that mold. >> by the way, white women voted for the cucch. i was surprised it was that close among women. white women voted for cuccinelli. >> in new jersey, you are a philadelphia person. you are a pennsylvania 2ke78 krat. you come from this.
8:38 am
>> i have a mixed voting record. >> you come from bob casic's fate. explain to people who love to make everything about abortion, explain to a pro life republican won in a deep blue state among women. explain to people who read the newspapers and new jersey. they know they will not get rid of abortion. that's the row v wade, the reality of our lives and it may not be the best decision, but people say nobody thinks it's going to change. when people run, you want to. >> why did a pro life candidate get 60% of the vote when no pro life candidate does that? >> it's an important issue for the republican party. you have to have the union card
8:39 am
and the republican party is being pro life. you run into the immediate problem. >> michael, the question is -- i can hear it already and we are having the conversation about what the republican party might have learned and where the country is going. will they be able to sort of learn from this or even wrap themselves around what works and do it? it never seems to happen, ever. >> that will be difficult. there is blood letting still to come. >> still the primary process. >> i think this is the conversation we are having early that joe and i have been talking about. he had the opportunity to bring his brand of conservatism and make it real for those who don't think he is. because he is a conservative guy, to chris's point, when you
8:40 am
look back on the record, no one really got into the meat and substance of christie's record. that will be part of the challenge that he has to govern and in order to survive that, he has to build that. a lot of blood letting. >> to your point, i don't think they are ready to have that conversation. the person said if only they put in more money and won. >> they are not going to give candidates money in the future. look what the chamber did. >> i think we are being hopeful. >> i'm not being hopeful. i am telling you, this is happening. i heard from the white house and i heard from republicans. business groups are moving away.
8:41 am
the koch brothers move away. >> this is because you are having that, should they give them more money? how do you appeal to a new democrat. it's the other party's turn. you have to let the mayor of new york, there is no republican way to collect garbage. you just do it. i think confidence is very important. look at the shut down. what does that accomplish? confidence. getting the job done. show up and do it. >> you can see it's social and liberal, but you have to show that you can produce something confidently to replace it. they had a buj bid. >>or that point that's what the administration does next.
8:42 am
even potentially for hillary clinton. i will wonder if democrats start to regret how much of a past they had. they didn't come out for barbara buono. she wasn't the candidate. they could have dredged up what we saw in the romney bet or chris christie, but they lead that go. >> the reagan democrats are alive. mostly catholics. it's a fact. people who came two or three generations ago. they tend to be patriotic and like reality. they don't like al gores and people like you guys. they want real people with blood in them. >> ronald reagan, chris
8:43 am
christie. >> remember bilolg? >> half biology. >> not what people are electing nationally. that's not who they are electing in the president of the united states. chris christie is the exception when you look at who they are electing. >> i think we overgeneralized what happened since 2010. we do. let's overgeneralize. tell me, what had a bigger impact. the shut down or obama care? >> we will get into that and it's negative according to the polls. he didn't do well. we got him though. he's our guy. you are thinking in new jersey, this is the toughest guy we know. >> we will see ow "hardball." man, are you good. it's like this is "hardball." i have run to the television at
8:44 am
7:00 p.m. eastern at msnbc. i cannot wait. you have overrun it. cnbc said what is driving today's market. what's next on "morning joe." ♪
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8:48 am
cher! >> not a name tag, a number. >> business before the bell with brian sullivan. the most anticipated ipo since face back. he starts trading tomorrow. >> yes. this little thing called the twitter. it's gotten the twitter verse all a flutter. it's a big deal. priced $23 to $25 a share. that will bea i big deal. i will be on set with you tomorrow. try to sleep tonight somehow before i show up and talk about this. by the way, microsoft according to sources narrowing the search down to about four or five people and the ford ceo, you were on a piece in detroit in
8:49 am
the short list. that would be a anything test for ford. i like car recalls. the brakes don't work and nominated the world's dumbest recall. chevy recalled the 2013 and 20 freap camaros. the sticker on the window visor that warps you about the air bag danger has a tendency to peel off. i'm not kidding. >> hate it when that happens. >> it could fall on the performperfor passenger's head and they may become disoriented. >> i can't believe it. this is amazing. >> mika, remember. one for me and two for my ears. empty chairs. >> i have to get a makeover. a facial and my hair done. >> cnbc's brian sullivan,
8:50 am
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i put together a short informational videos that i hope will prevent other cities from going through what toronto is. >> the mayor is smoking crack and blurred vision. loss of balance. sudden fits of rage. denies smoking crack. admits to smoking crack. >> i have a crack cocaine problem. >> how to tell if your mayor is smoking crack. >> i'm not going to sit here and say i'm never going to drink again. it's not realistic.
8:55 am
>> it's not realistic to stop drinking right now. he's in the middle of a crack scandal. >> i am inspired by mayor ford's courage to come clean about my own mistakes. have i ever smoke said crack? yes, but that was in the past. >> that's pretty good. joe will be at columbia yard university's miller's theater to talk about his book, the right path. we will be at barnes and noble in union square and back here in washington on wednesday for a pair of events, first at politics and pros. check out the website. we are going on tour. you want to go? >> i'll go. >> you will be there.
8:56 am
i don't agree with the right path, but i will be there too. what if anything did we learn today? up next. >> a storm system will cause travel delays in the big airports like st. louis, chicagoey detroit down to memphis and little rock around houston. a few showers. eastern seaboard looks fine for travel on your wednesday along with most of the west coast. have a great day. with amazing rewards. with the spark cash card from capital one, i get 2% cash back on every purchase, every day. i break my back around here. finally someone's recognizing me with unlimited rewards!
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