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tv   Way Too Early  MSNBC  November 8, 2013 5:30am-6:00am EST

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a voice mail. what's up you half n-word piece of blank. i'm been training you for ten weeks. i'm blank in your blaning mouth. blank you, you are still a rookie, i'll kill you. >> personally, i think it's nice he picked up the phone. >> when it comes to the real story, no one is laughing. now we get more information from jonathan martin's side of what was happening inside and outside the locker room. the biggest story on this earth. a typhoon slamming into the philippines. the mayor of toronto continues to make news. it's not good for him. we have the most colorful of all of his rants. this is "way too early."
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yes, it is a friday. good morning, everybody. november 8th. we have a lot of thursday night football last night, both in college and the pros. and in the cooler, how many wrong numbers did v.p. joe biden call? we have a voice mail to prove it. we begin with the president's exclusive interview with chuck todd. obama apologizing for promising americans if they like their health insurance, they would be able to keep it under the affordable care act. >> i meant what i said. we worked hard to make sure we implemented it. obviously, we didn't do a good enough job and i regret that. even though it's a small percentage of folks who may be disadvantaged. it's scary to them. i am sorry they are finding themselves in this situation. we have to work hard to make
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sure they know we hear them and we are going to do everything we can to deal with folks who find themselves in a tough position as a consequence of this. >> during the interview, he responded to critics of hhs secretary, kathleen sebelius. >> under these difficult circumstances for the last four and a half years has done a great job in setting up the insurance markets so there is a good product out there for people to get. she doesn't write code. she wasn't the i.t. person. >> is she still the right person to do it? >> the buck stops with me. i'm the president. this is my team. if it's not working it's my job to get it fixed. >> the president said he assigned a team to close some of the gaps in the health care law to make it more efficient. house speaker john boehner responding to the president's interview saying quote, if the president is sincerely sorry he
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misled the american people, he can support this bipartisan effort otherwise the apology means nothing. keep your health plan act which allows people to keep plan that is existed on the market as of january 1st this year through 2014. new jersey governor chris christie not doing anything to quiet the buzz about a presidential run. the man is all over the place. this weekend, he'll be all over the political talk shows. last night, he tried his hand at comedy. he made a cameo on nbcs michael j. fox show where he poked fun. >> mike, great to see you. thanks for having me on. >> you're crushing my hand. >> i'm mike henry. we are going speak to the governor of new jersey, chris christie. >> thanks for having me. i find your story so inspiring.
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in fact, i think it's so inspiring, there's been a lot of speculation, i feel so inspired, i think i should make an announcement so mike -- >> in the meantime, "time" magazine defending their cover story titled the elephant in the room. critics are saying it makes fun of his weight. the magazine insists it was a reference to hit quote, out sized influence to the party. he'll be a guest on sunday's "meet the press." twitter soared in the market debut. all three indexes down and down sharply. the s&p had the worst day in weeks. dow is down 152 points. steve, good morning. >> it was one of those head scratching days. was it down because of earnings or because we have come so far or gdp figures were better than
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some expected which means we are likely to get it earlier rather than later. is it being pumped in by the feds? twitter, how do you deal with a sunt like twitter? 73% increase on the debut. up to $44, the valuation now is an eye watering $31 billion. they have 8% the revenues of facebook. elsewhere, credit rating went to aa. high unemployment is hurting the country's ability to make meaningful reforms on tax and structure issues. >> we talk about twit eanother darling stock. they are having more problems with tesla. >> yeah, the third fire in one of these tesla new sedans. the model s. the shares came off 7.5%
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yesterday. they came off 14%. people are nervous about this one because it's come so far. take a look at where it was trading one year ago. it was trading just under 30 bucks. stock is now trading, even with the force of the last two days at $139. it is up, year to date, 313%. >> depends on where you bought it or sold it. have a wonderful weekend. we appreciate it. twitter has a great day being on the stock market. tesla dealing with problems. facebook, a $115 billion company changed the like button s a bit. which company, i love this question, which company do you think will be most relevant 15 years from now. use the #waytooearly. they were delicious while they lasted.
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fda will move to do what other restaurants have already done, cut out transfats across the board. the ingredients are in frozen pizza to coffee creamers. it's harmful because it raises the risk of heart disease, increases bad cholesterol and lowers the good cholesterol. head of fda says it could prevent 20,000 heart attacks and 7,000 deaths every year. the polio outbreak in syria is leading to grim warnings for countries across the world. a pair of german doctors say the outbreak could spread across europe. they worry it could be carried by refugees because of the violence. they caution the current vaccine may not be strong enough, adding it could take up to a year for a new outbreak to be detected. polio in syria paralyzed at least ten children and 2 million kids are the focus of vaccination efforts. the u.s. may be on the eve
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of a major breakthrough in iran over the country's nuclear program. today, secretary of state, john kerry travels to switzerland. the two sides are reportedly close on a deal that would work in stages to ease economic sanctions on iran in exchange for them freezing their nuclear program and providing greater transparency. they are concerned the deal would leave the nuclear infrastructure intact. the question is the commitment of iran's new president and a lot of european leaders are questioning it. benjamin netanyahu is calling it the deal of the century for iran and error for the global community. a knewly released video shows toronto's mayor on a profanity laced tirade. the context is not clear, but his words speak for himself.
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he dies or i die [ bleep ] rip out his throat [ bleep ] [ bleep ]. >> it will be over in five minutes. [ bleep ]. >> this comes just two days after rob ford acknowledged he has smoked crack cocaine, a revelation brought to life through another video we have not seen by the public. minutes after the tape was released, he apologized. >> i made mistakes. all i can do is reassure the people that -- i don't know what to say. >> mayor ford, do you need help? mayor ford, do you need help? is it time to ask for help. >> your colleagues want you to
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go away. why won't you go away. >> i hope none of you have ever or will ever be in that state. >> mayor ford, do you need help? is it time to get help? >> obviously, i was extremely, extremely -- >> these news conferences seem like a daily occurrence. he wouldn't say who he was talking to or about in the video. you can see the questions from the media. he plans to seek re-election. we'll be on top of this story for a little while now. moving on to other news. a bill to end workplace discrimination. yesterday, the upper chamber approved the bipartisan bill that was nearly two decades in the making. the final vote, 64-32. ten republicans joining the 54 members of the democratic caucus. it would extend workplace
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nationwide. 18 states have laws against discrimination based on gender identity. it faces an up hill battle in the house of representatives where it does not have the same bipartisan support. a huge storm coming ashore in the philippines now. we are looking at the video from it. bill, i mean, this is a situation we don't have a lot of information on, correct? >> we may not. in our country, when we had andrew, katrina, rita, there was an 18 hour window of how bad it was here. this is the philippines. it may not be until the weekend we realize. that was the high water coming in. these are the strongest storms we have ever seen. this picture was the first visible imagery when the eye was making land fall. you could have fit baltimore and d.c. in that eye of the storm.
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a lot of people have driven that and know how far apart they are. it was bigger than rita and katri katrina. there's a lot of suffering going on now in the central philippines. over the weekend, the storm continues it trek into vietnam. it will be weaker, not a super typhoon. for the eastern sea board, if you remember, brian, when we had hurricane sandy, we had the european model and the american model. for next week, the european model is saying a six to 12 inch snowfall from north carolina up to southern new england, a nor'easter next week. the american model says we are going to have nothing. we are going to have a battle taking place to see which is correct. >> europe was right when it came to sandy. >> correct. now they are saying we have having a big snowstorm. the american model says nothing.
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>> you want everyone to be safe. i want to get to work okay. i would be fired up for a decent sized snow. >> we'll find out. >> all right, bill. see you next week. still ahead, oregon needed late game magic to get back into the game against stanford. was it enough to keep their title hopes alive? the vice president. oops, he did it again. we'll play the voice message congratulating the wrong guy. way too early comes right back. the day we rescued riley was a truly amazing day.
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they spent the week painting a picture of a cohesive locker room. martin's attorney pushing back saying the dolphin's lineman was soft. he was an anchor of the stanford football team. martin constantly tried to befriend his tormenters. beyond the well publicized voice mail, he endured a physical, malicious attack and daily, vulgar comments where a teammate said he would assault his sister. let's go on to the actual games for a second. the match up in college football starting with oregon and stanford. stanford leading, 7-zip. fakes the hand off, takes it himself. the oregon ducks shut out in the first half for the first time in four years.
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stanford up big. oregon blocks the field goal. they are going to take it all the way back. those don't even look like oregon uniforms. they look like lsu. they cut it to six. it's not enough. oregon gets their first loss of the season, 26-20. they beat them last year, too. the national title hopes are dashed. oklahoma and how about baylor. a scary moment. watch this hit. oh, my gosh. watch it again. at first they ejected the baylor player for it. he stayed in the game and they had a lot of penalties tacked on. baylor could not be stopped. oklahoma a two-point lead. petty had five combined touchdowns. baylor, undefeated, they win 41-12 over oklahoma. you have to start talking about them. it's amazing. nfl washington visiting minnesota. before the game, native americans and supporters showing
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up to protest the washington redskins nickname. inside the dome, washington looked good early on taking a ten-point lead. rg3, paulson, it was all vikings in the second half. check out a 15-yard scramble. unfortunately, he got hurt on the play. i don't think he's going to be out for a little while. peterson ran it in from there. redskins down on the last try. they could not catch it. santana moss could not get the two feet down. there's one and no second foot so it did not count. vikings, 34-27. finally, teams like boston went to the polls with the world series still on their mind. i love this story. david ortiz, finished third in the mayor's race in boston. there were only 560 write-in votes. he got the most of them, so he gets third place. it is really his bleeping city,
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after all. coming up, the senate majority leader takes on the tea party. why he says some tea party members have been misled in the name of fund raising and money. when we come back, we huddle around the cooler. you may have heard about the video of justin bieber making the rounds on the web. you may not know who else was in the room. jimmy kimmel's scoop when we come back. now that i'm getting older some things are harder to do.
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be careful babe. [ doorbell rings ] let's see what's cookin'. look at this. that's a swiffer. i don't have to climb up. did you notice how clean it looks? morty are you listening? morty? [ morty ] i'm listening! i want you to know.
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at the top of the show, we talked about the fdas move to ban transfats across the country. if you want to sound smart, artificial transfats invented in 1901 by a german chemist. hydrogenated oils were thought to be safer than transfats. it was 1990 the transfats were determined to contribute to heart disease. let's go to lewis and the cooler. good morning, sir. >> happy friday. let's go to a person near and dear to my heart. vice president joe biden doesn't have good luck with congratulatory phone calls. he dialed two wrong numbers looking for marty walsh.
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we have the phone call. >> mr. mayor, congratulations. marty, it's joe biden. nice to see you win and labor win. anything i can do to help you from the white house in terms of your needs, holler, man. congratulations. enjoy the night. >> looking at how sincere he is. he eventually got the right marty. now, another day, another video of rob ford in a compromising position. it's almost too easy for jon stewart and "the daily show." >> all the videos of him smoking crack and acting crazy are an indication his friends are going, no one's going to believe this. he's so -- it's clear to me now he smokes crack to calm himself.
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>> i need [ bleep ] ten minutes. it'll be over in five minutes. >> by the way, they rated that last statement from the mayor, true. >> mayor ford is a maniac. jimmy kimmel's investigative team is looking into the video of sleepy justin bieber. >> a bad day for canadians and video phones. this is posted by a woman in brazil where justin bieber had a show. it shows a sleeping bieber and a woman some speculated was a prostitute blowing him a kiss and leaving the room. members of the camp said the woman is not a prostitute. in fact, she's his baby sitter. despite what it looks like, we have more video. he was not alone in the room. you can see he was there with
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rob ford, the mayor of toronto. bieber and mayor rob ford are spiraling out of control. let's shift gears here. i want to go to a story where a doctor is proving to be inspirational to all women forced to deal with the harsh reality of breast cancer. ♪ >> this is incredibly brave. she was about to have a double ma sectmy when she and her surgical staff busted out dancing. it's to create a healing montage. the video has 3.5 million hits online. it's a cool story.
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>> thank you very much, lewis. have a great weekend. still ahead on way too early. which company will be the most relevant in 15 years. twitter, facebook or tesla. #waytooearly. "morning joe" is moments away. mine was earned orbiting the moon in 1971. afghanistan in 2009. on the u.s.s. saratoga in 1982. [ male announcer ] once it's earned, usaa auto insurance is often handed down from generation to generation
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