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tv   Way Too Early  MSNBC  November 11, 2013 5:30am-6:00am EST

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the retail giant will cut a deal so some of you can get packages on sundays. andmiley making news again. something she does stage on europe doesn't make air by the time it gets broadcast in the u.s. except, we have the original tape. we'll show it to you in the cooler. this is "way too early." good morning, everybody. monday, november 11th. we some record-breaking performances in "sunday night football." hope you had mark ingram with drew brees on your fantasy team. we start with the devastation of the supertyphoon in the philippines. the relief flight arrived. the c-130 was loaded with bottles of water, marines and sailors helping with search and
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rescue operations. it's difficult to assess the damage and the death toll. as many as 10,000 people could be feared dead, after one of the strongest storms on record. ian williams, live in the philippines with more. >> reporter: good morning, brian. that aid is desperately needed. the head of the philippine red cross described the aftermath of the typhoon as bedlam. now, rescue workers, relief teams, the army. they're trying to reach some of the worst affected areas. where communications are down. and roads are blocked. they did manage to get to the regional capital down there, one of the worst affected cities of 200,000 people. there, vast areas of the city were devastated by the typhoon,
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by the storm surge, the huge waves that swept in. thousands of homes were destroyed. it's difficult to say how many people died. local authorities say they fear it could be up to 10,000 in that area alone. the official death toll remains about 250. everybody expects that to rise sharply as they reach some of the outlying areas. aid has started to come in. there's a desperate need for clean water, for medicine, for food and for shelter. much of it is coming in to a battled airfield where many people are awaiting being evacuated. there was an uplifting scene where a woman there gave birth to a baby. she managed to survive when the wave came in. clearly, this relief operation is only at its beginning. and there is much to be done
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there, brian. >> as we get to the remote areas. ian williams, we appreciate it. reporting for us in manila. bill karins, want to put the typhoon in perspective. i'm trying to think of, there's the tsunamis. and hurricane katrina. and there's both. you get the storm surge -- >> it's like a minitsunami. just north of the eye. that's where all of the devastating pictures are. this is just as bad as we feared. we had the strongest land falling storm in the recorded history. very, very poor. but not like they had building regulations in the structures that withstand this sort of thing. that's why you see the destruction in the pictures where things were just wiped out. they had warning. but not enough people took the warning and got out of the way. a lot of people are trying to put this in context. we had worst storms in the world.
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there's been storms in bangladesh that killed almost a million people. there's been storms in other areas of the country. how does it compare to the u.s.? galveston. that was the worst in our history. that was about 8,000. right now, 10,000. i'm hearing estimates it could go higher in the philippines. storms like sandy and katrina were worse here because there's more to destroy. but as far as the philippines go, this is as bad as they've ever seen. >> you're getting stories of people going to designated shelters that were destroyed as well. that's the dynamic they dealt with. they don't have a lot of buildings in the towns and cities. we'll talk to you on our weather, as well. several organizations accepting donations for the relief effort. we have a lot in this country. we can always help out. you can choose. here are options for you. you can go to red
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and unicef. and save the children. i like the percentage that goes to the specific efforts before i give my money, which i will do this morning, as well. get to other news in the world. stick with overseas. reach an agreement over iran's nuclear ambitions, going be to be easier said than done. diplomats from several nations were unable to find common ground. ironic that france was the country that stood up and said no to this. they said the deal wasoo easy on tehran. for now, the talks are on hold. secretary of state john kerry, who was part of the negotiations is in washington today to brief the senate on this issue. lawmakers remain skeptical that diplomacy at this point is the right option. my concern is that we seem to want the deal almost more than the iranians.
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and you can't want the deal more than the iranians, especially when the iranians are on the ropes. i think the possibility of moving ahead with new sanctions, including wording it, in a way that if there is a deal that is acceptable, that the sanctions would seize on such a deal is possible. a new poll is gauging how americans feel about president obama one year after re-election. the pew research center says 41% view the president favorable right now. that's similar to george w. bush at the same time during his presidency. presidents reagan and clinton saw their approval rating higher during the first year of their second term. the survey found a majority of americans disagree with the way president obama is handling a number of issues. 65% disapprove on the economy. 60 on immigration.
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59% on health care. and 56% on foreign policy. chris christie continues his victory lap after winning re-election last week. yesterday, christie deflected questions about run for president in 2016. but didn't shy away from revealing hi winning strategy. >> it's about doing things. accomplishing things. reaching across the aisle and crafting accomplishments. >> you can't show up into groups that have not normally voted for you and expect they are going to vote for you. you go there, you listen. and you present your views. that's the way you bring people into your movement. texas governor rick perry weighed in on christie's win, while questioning what it means to be a conservative in a northern state. it's a criticism christie says does not face him. >> he was a successful governor in new jersey. does that transcend to the
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country? we'll see in the months to come. >> is that a code for he's a moderate? >> that's a truth of the matter. we're all different states. is a conservative in new jersey a conservative in the rest of the country? >> judge me by my record. all of the labels, that's for the folks in washington, d.c. they love playing that game. i think given the approval ratings in washington, they've shown that. suspended dolphins guard, richie incognito, breaking his silence over the allegations he bullied jonathan martin. he told fox sports, that vulgar conversations were the norm and part of the locker room culture, including use of the "n" word. he regrets ever saying it. >> i'm not a racist. to judge me by that one word is wrong. in no, way, shape or form is it
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acceptable for me to use that word. >> incognito said martin once texted him a photo that said i will murder your whole, expletive, family. but incognito considered it fun and between friends. he said martin spoke with him after leaving the team. and told incognito, he had nothing to do with the allegations. >> john left the team on monday. i spoke with john on friday. >> you spoke with him? >> i text message. i spoke with him through text message. >> he said, i don't blame you guys. i blame the culture. i blame what was going on around me. when all this stuff got going, bullying got attached to it. and my name got attached to it. i said what's up with this? he said, it's not coming from me. >> fox reported incognito's phone had 1,100 text messages
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with martin over the past year. turn our attention to business. the dow rose for the fifth-consecutive week. finishing at a new, fresh record high. the s&p also on its longest winning streak since the middle of february. go to jeff in london. we have amazon maybe saving the postal service? or at least saving our holiday? i can't tell. >> this is a great ecommerce story. amazon tying up with the u.s. postal service and they're going to deliver on a sunday. that's the big breakthrough. it seems that's something fedex and u.p.s. won't do without an additional charge. the postal service says they'll do it on a sunday in the l.a. and new york areas for nothing or no extra charge anyhow. this is an interesting story. china singles day. expected to be the big ecommerce day on the planet. $5 billion worth of sales expected to be booked by ali
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baba this monday. that's 2 1/2-times more than cyber monday in the united states. apparently because it is celebration of singles day, the boyfriend pillow is going to be one hot item. if you don't know what it is, go and look it up. i must tell you, brian. i looked at it. and i wouldn't get my head around it. >> you could get your head on it, not around it. i'm looking up boyfriend pillow. i just got my iphone 5s. we're getting a snippet of what the next generation iphone is going to look like. >> absolutely. it's going to have a curved screen. and the important thing about this, it will be pressure-sensitive. that will allow them to upgrade some of the functionality of the phone here. samsung going this road. the galaxy round. apple may be playing catchup
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here. it's the importance of not to be square. >> here's the boyfriend pillow. you snuggle between the shoulder of the pillow. >> isn't that the darnedest thing you've seen in your life. >> we'll see you tomorrow, buddy. today, of course, is veterans day. an important day to honor all those who served this country. how do you honor our veterans? if you don't do anything to honor them, do something. even if it's a little thing. put the best answers on the air later in the show. still ahead on "way too early," the bengals need a hail mary to go to o.t. would it matter in o.t.? governor christie also visited jimmy fallon.
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>> palestinians are marching through the streets of the gaza strip, mourning the death of yasser arafat this morning. he died in a french military hospital. he had been hospitalized for nearly two weeks with an undisclosed illness. i'm beth...
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really makes my life easier. maybe a promotion is in order. good news. i got a new title. and a raise? management couldn't make that happen. [ male announcer ] introducing fedex one rate. simple, flat rate shipping with the reliability of fedex. time for sports. and sunday night nfl action. a late game. cowboys visiting new orleans. this is all you need to see. we should have bennie hill in the background, maybe. it's unbelievable what the saints did to the cowboys last night. they had 41 downs. 400 yards passing, 4 touchdowns. 34 for 41 is a million passer rating. 49-17, they rout the cowboys. niners trailing the panthers, 10-9.
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a chance for a comeback. colin kaepernick, picked. if you would quadruple coverage. >> the panthers. >> five in a row. >> i can't wait until they play new orleans. >> san diego. broncos/chargers. they beat the chargers. manning, aggravated that ankle. mri tonight. please, jake locker's my backup. i'm up the creek. baltimore, bengals battling back. no way. tip drill. and a.j. green, just standing there. we go to o.t. would it matter? bengals. they don't do anything. and the ravens get a field goal to win it. what a letdown. an incredible play. colts punting in the second quarter.
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d te von austin. he had 98 yards. up the sideline for the touchdown. he also had an 81-yard touchdown catch the rams looked pretty good. beat the colts. chicago, lions up one. matt stafford finds calvin johnson. >> can't you put five guys on him? >> that was a timing route. you almost can't defend it. jay cutler out of the game with an ankle injury. josh mckeown finds brandon marshall. they have to go to two for the tie. you can't just run it up the middle. lions win, 21-19. they're in first place in the nfc north. you can't pause. i don't have a lot of time. either you have something to say or you don't. bcs standings. alabama number one for the fourth-straight week. they beat lsu.
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florida state, number two. ohio state up to three. they were idle. stanford, number four. and we have baylor, undefeated at number five. oregon is out of that top five. finally, it helps get the mind off your approval rating like a round of golf. president obama hit the links for 150th round in the time he's been president. he teed off with alonzo morning, where caddyshack was filmed. ♪ >> going to bill. i didn't know that course would have been nice enough -- it
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didn't look like a nice course in the movie. >> typical. what it should be for the tone of the movie. i've seen the movie 150 times. as far as the forecast goes today, coming down from the northern plains, the arctic air is on its way. it's been well-advertised. it going to sweep to the east coast. we're not going to see the blockbuster snow event. looks like a cold, dry forecast. in chicago today, get ready for the cold air that arrives this afternoon. then, on the east coast. temperatures in the 40s. dropping into the 30s. windchills in the 20s. and the big cities. d.c., new york, philly, will see snowflakes and squalls tuesday for the first time. coming up, more on chris christie's victory lap. the governor handling shows. we have around the cooler. miley cyrus, well, she's making more headlines. she got censored here in the
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u.s. we'll show you the clip. mine was earned orbiting the moon in 1971. afghanistan in 2009. on the u.s.s. saratoga in 1982. [ male announcer ] once it's earned, usaa auto insurance is often handed down from generation to generation because it offers a superior level of protection and because usaa's commitment to serve current and former military members and their families is without equal. begin your legacy. get an auto insurance quote. usaa. we know what it means to serve. [ male announcer ] the rhythm of life. [ whistle blowing ] where do you hear that beat? campbell's healthy request soup lets you hear it in your heart. [ basketball bouncing ] heart healthy. [ m'm... ] great taste. [ tapping ] sounds good. campbell's healthy request. m'm! m'm! good.®
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as we talked about the top of the show, today is veterans day. if you want to sound smart, tell your friends, that veterans day originated at armistice day, at the end of world war i. it became a national holiday in
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1938. and 16 years after that, it was changed to veterans day to honor those who served in any american war. today, there's about 23 million veterans and 2.3 million men and women serving in our military. we want to thank them for service. let's go to louis. >> good morning, brian. this is one of the hottest songs of the summer. now, we get the version of daft punk's "get lucky," we all have wanted to hear. ♪ we have to fun to deliver who we are ♪ ♪ so, let's start and to the stars ♪ ♪ she's up all night with the sun ♪ ♪ i'm up all night to get lucky ♪ >> that seemed like a rockin' good time. that's russia's interior ministry choir. that's one of the songs they
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performed this weekend. i'm sure daft punk is flattered or frightened. jimmy fallon was in the middle of his thank you segment when a special guest interrupted him. >> thank you, governor chris christie. for winning a second term as governor of new jersey. and proving whenever you run, it ends in a landslide. [ cheers and applause ] >> you're welcome. >> chris christie, everyone. >> behind that tough exterior, he has such a good sense of
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humor. miley cyrus is still finding ways to get attention. she picked up award for best music video, at the mtv europe music awards. >> and the winner is, miley cyrus. >> i'm going to put that right there for right now. first, i would like to thank, of course, my fans. my smilers for making this happen. and terry richardson for putting this together. good night, everybody. thank you. emas, thank you for having me. i love you'll all so much. >> that's some outfit. if you noticed an odd edit. this is what aired during the show. i'm going to put that right there for right now. but i did find this. so -- thank you, guys, very much.
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>> she is just a great role model for kids everywhere. she turned some heads earlier in the performance when she was featured dancing with a little person. >> have you met my little people? >> i have not. >> i want to show you my crew. >> i want to see them. >> that's my crew. i ran them ragged on a recent road trip. the guy on the right, that's maxwell cole. and today is his 6th birthday. i want to wish him a happy birthday. this time, six years ago, i didn't believe my wife was in labor. i walked the dog. when i got to the hospital, it was too late for an epidural. honey, i'm sorry. i love you. we'll be back with how you honor your veterans. [ male announcer ] this is jim,
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