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forcing desperate farmers to seek state supporters. a very warm welcome z. this is already live from moscow with me others have it this week are russian security services they broke up a terrorist cell in the southern republic of dagestan it's believed that six women arrested in a police raid were trained to attack public places across russia two men were also detained one of whom is linked to the deadly moscow metro blasts in march. so young but deemed old enough one of the alleged terrorist in the russian republic of biggest gun is just fifteen years old that according to officials did not stop her from taking part in planning terrorist attacks she and the other woman were
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allegedly trained by their husbands. my late husband left the guns here i've held a gun i know how to fire one but i've never done it i know how to use a grenade to. yes i'm fifteen years old and you though gans in the house i even helped them played around with them and then put them back they all say their handling of the weapons was just curiosity but the wills suicide belts and elements of disguise found in their homes seem to tell but different story the childish handwriting and hearts make it hard to believe these women were capable of the deadly deeds they are accused of many psychologists worldwide however believe it is easier to set women on such a destructive course because they are more vulnerable. to terrorists disgrace these women raped them deprive them of a better future in the muslim society of the caucasus their psychologically shattered and are left with no other choice but to become cannon fodder. one of the
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men detained in the same raid is accused of something even more tangible than planning future attacks bringing to moscow the two female suicide bombers who in march two thousand and ten sit off explosions in the metro the two blasts within twenty minutes of each other took place during morning rush hour forty people died and nearly two hundred more were injured russia's antiterrorist committee is still searching for others involved in the deadly attacks with these latest arrests officials say they are one step closer to finding not only the executers but the mastermind behind the entire operation all the people detained in the russian republic of the discomfort continue to maintain their innocence but the terrorist committee believes it has more than enough evidence to make its case catherine those are our team last hour. but just a few days later three ethnic chechens were arrested in france and having links to a terror network most cases they belong to the group led by infamous medicine model
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where they arrest took place to the french police happened to talk by the russian security services these suspects reportedly have firearms explosives and i'm out of moscow with more locations of possible targets. as one of the most wanted across the north caucuses militant leaders and connected with al qaeda claimed responsibility for organizing the mosque there much as last in march it's also a plane for many operatives across russia in june the u.s. also puts them on the wanted list of international terrorists. thousands of experts scientists our politicians from around the globe of gathered in vienna to discuss a child aids prevention but as i refer to the convention has also attracted skeptics who oppose mainstream beliefs surrounding that deadly virus. a playing day of the eighty thousand tank. in france in vienna people have been arriving all
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morning to register and to the global village which is going to be the center of much of the discussion over the coming week now as though that around twenty five thousand people will be attending this is a conference leading policymakers activists scientists community workers and people living with hiv and aids or to discuss the latest developments in this field now separately over the last couple of days and ahead of the main conference we've seen a separate much smaller group gathering to discuss alternative views that challenge the mainstream i did about hiv and aids in five challenging the traditional methods of treatment and the definition of hiv and aids itself now most of the people that are attending this conference of delegates and scientists have said that they will name parts even interact in a conversation with this separate great they've completely ignored it saying that this is not something that they're willing to discuss and they'll be focusing very much on the topics that they'll be discussing this week the some of these main
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topics again to be a prevention of hiv that's been a big issue and we know that in two thousand and five they set the december two thousand and ten deadline the universal access to hate hiv prevention and it's the countries have fallen pretty far short of those targets we'll certainly be discussing ways to progress that moving forward and among other topics of discussion a likely to be cost saving technologies as well as new technology and another main issue here for this conference is hiv valence and injecting drugs eason's now organizers of the conference have said that vienna was chosen as the host in part due to its proximity to eastern european countries including russia and ukraine which have been identified as hotspots for violence in injecting drug users as it'll be another topic that is discussed throughout the week before today the aping talks are going to be starting at seven o p introductory talks bringing me the
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latest from them as they have been. well joan churns and founder of the immunity foundation website as the script of the link between age i.v. and aids and explains why she thinks the except theories on the disease are warm if you look after yourself and nuff you will get better and that is my experience and i've been watching young people who tested positive many years ago in fact we did a test ourselves we tested thirty five blood samples through. the university of sorry we put thirty five samples through three different test kits and two of the test kits showed reasonably similar results the third test kit showed nineteen people who were in the sort of no man's land area right so there were nineteen anomalies there and one of the young people tested negative twice when we took him to two london teaching hospitals but he had tested positive three times on our
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blinded trial so the h.i.v. test is an absolute crime people really i mean when you think the d h i read to you can test positive for hiv if you have sixty seven conditions in an orthodox let's and they accept that there are sixty seven conditions that make you test positive for hiv. there's a bit later in the program the resident asks if the people running in new york's financial district could ever change their ways. do you think that wall street bankers can be reformed no. because it's just the mentality that you need to have to work on wall street it's like it's almost an ingrained into their personalities . also scarred for life for victims of the deadly chemical weapons agent orange according to washington so to talk a legacy of the vietnam war. u.s.
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authorities have said an iranian scientists allegedly abducted by american agents was the spy who supply them with information. he was a working as a nuclear research one of the university claims to have been captured waltz on a pilgrimage to saudi arabia over a year ago on his return to around all day he was given a hero's welcome and was met by his family to don that believes that it was a defamation claim strongly denied by washington but with contradictory accounts of what really happened to have the vents surrounding the story remain a mystery the looming question in this case how did the iranian scientists sure amiri get to the united states one person has already answered that question miri himself but his answer is completely contradict one another in this video a man who says he's sure amiri says he's in tucson arizona and was kidnapped by agents from the cia and saudi arabian intelligence agency he claims he was tortured
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a few hours later though this video is released a man who looks the same and also says he is sure amiri claims he is here to further his education the u.s. state department seems to agree with that statement he is here of own volition that he has chosen to return to iran of his own volition. that's how we do things here in the united states we didn't we didn't seize him and bring him here they were not preventing him from returning to iraq this building is the pakistani embassies office representing iranian interests since the old iranian embassy in washington sits empty because there is no longer a diplomatic relationship between the united states and iran according to reports coming out of iran for amiri writes here monday night he told those inside he was quote brought here by his captors and demanded an immediate return to iran. but i
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was told that if i would confess they could swap me for three american spies who had been detained at the iran iraq border they said that this was a common process between countries intelligence agencies and that i wouldn't have any problems. as media outlets waited outside for a glimpse of something those at the state department press briefing bickered about what this all means other than knowledge that he has put videos up on the on you tube from time to time i actually have no knowledge about what he's been doing since he's been here in the states proof here of chaos in a case of the man shrouded in mystery with potentially far reaching implications for relations between the united states and iran and an outcome that is still unknown in washington christine for south r t. a severe drought as a falls the state of emergency in central russia the unusually drawing spell is turning normally first of all farmland into the desert the republic of two vast sea
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is just one of many areas which are suffering as our correspondent thomas reports. a natural disaster is taking place in central russia painstakingly slow in the making but impossible to stop unseasonably high temperatures and extended periods without rain are leaving farmers without the possibility of a harvest which. you see because of the on president a drought the crops are not laden they are empty the plants are underdeveloped they are good neither for grain nor for livestock feed we have harvested almost everything by now and it only covers about half of what we need. it is one of sixteen regions along the volga and urals that have declared a state of emergency an area more than twice the size of switzerland which faces losing a billion dollars this year. this region is going to have trouble sustaining itself farmers are looking for ways to procure a rougher trauma of the region such as the dimmer and district again there's the matter of financial losses without financial support farmers will have
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a very tough time for us yeah this field of summer wheat should be about chest high on me in a rich lush green color but in fact right now it's dead withered and yellow and the ground itself is dusty and pretty much worthless at this point now it's true that the drought has affected crops but it's also affecting the people who live here negatively. we have a problem no water yes a problem dripping at the base. no no no water it's drawing the wells and many of the villages have run dry forcing those who live here to make long treks to a nearly dry river bed for water such conditions have locals concerned about their survival this is the size of the potato we have nothing. no food for people means even less food for animals causing farmers to take drastic measures just to make ends meet mr to move. we are already thinking about reducing our cattle stock
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we are selling this year's calves to individuals we are also thinking about sending under-performing cows those are you less than five to ten liters of milk to the slaughterhouse the situation however is further complicated by the fact that meat prices have dropped already leaving many to hope for government intervention and financial support so they can get by. thomas. still coming up in the program high octane thrill. furred events not be street racing is taking place here in the russian capital just a stone's throw away from the kremlin featuring some of the top stars from the world of formula one. double trouble pakistan bans a new bollywood comedy starring on the some of. the u.s. has released confidential documents on the vietnam war showing pictures of asians among white house officials at the time of the conflict it comes as herrings were
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held in the house of representatives on the impact of the deadly chemical agent orange on the effects are still being felt to this day washington insists there is no evidence linking the chemical to illnesses that continue to afflict later generations. i wars mourn with our too late and missing a hand it is because of america's chemical war against her people in the jungles of vietnam that has left tran in these conditions she is a victim of agent orange second generation tran is one of many her story represents millions living in the shadows of a lasting legacy. these kids will never live a normal life their deformities physical signs of human decay and although their parents were not even born until after the vietnam war eighteen million gallons of the toxic herbicide sprayed through the jungles of south vietnam is still penetrating the d.n.a. of those being born today than
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a man named marion said baked into still alive are suffering. in a space ok to us the u.s. government has acknowledged agent orange is directly connected to the health ailments and defects that continue to plague the lives of vietnam war veterans for generations to come but the u.s. has worst used to make the same length for the millions of the enemies of war victims whose lives have been devastated as a result of agent orange they say that it has nothing to do with agent orange. i think that the u.s. government has the reason to deny it. which is why delegations are here in washington following a report issued by lawmakers scientists and doctors calling on the u.s. government to own up to its agent orange legacy in vietnam today also people will stand me government records show nearly ninety five percent of all u.s. agent orange related aid is committed to efforts to contain and remove dioxin
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contamination we asked the justice for all the victims those fighting for justice in the case of the enemies agent orange victims want the physical and psychological damages to be acknowledged live in. the dark legacy left behind by the u.s. in vietnam is one with millions of human face. their struggle three decades in the making will not end with money from the u.s. government but it could ease the pain the u.s. has been ignoring since a dumb to monsanto manufactured agent orange in these jungles jan hospice r t washington d.c. . the u.s. banking system is about to go through its biggest overhaul and i was seventeen years the frank bell is designed to prevent a repeat of the financial crisis and would live it were ski trading activities limiting bank profits but it's unpopular on wall street with wealthy donors beginning to direct more compact contributions to the republican party when all these resident five out of people in new york think bankers can be reformed.
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the twenty three hundred page died frank bill is being regarded as the most significant financial legislation in almost a century do you think wall street bankers can actually be reformed this week let's talk about that do you think that wall street bankers can be reformed now. because it's just the mentality that you need to have to work on wall street it's like it's almost an ingrained into their personalities as a finished grad school and i just don't think that's going to change they think if we put a little bit more regulation here in wall street the facts could help the world globally a little a lot. because like you said this is the world's financial structure right here right so everything goes through new york and so forth that's. a little regulation can only do get a lot of regulation you know it'll always be about the money no matter what any
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bills that no matter what any bill says so should the government get involved doesn't matter the government and the corporations and the banks are all one. but they're all just talking to themselves well basically it's all a smokescreen i think it's one brotherhood talking to another if you as a citizen here you don't know what is. well how could we know. how would we would we be able to tell unless they put it forth to the people we all understood what it's all about how could we say i would say something that they have. on their agenda is for their interest they will pass it because it's in their best interest to do so people unfortunately and today everything is partisanship. everything is about the next election and so people working on can see administration saying it's the worst thing ever is going to send america to third world country and people who are for the president say this is the best thing since sliced bread it's partisanship something needs to be done is this thing i don't know time will tell i
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think there were probably yeah there was a lack of control and they see some additional control but it's still a you know free market at the end of the day so if they if they regulated to have a little more else. yeah a lot of business will they just they'll just find a way around london. whether or not you think they died frank bell will actually accomplish anything the bottom line is we have to try something otherwise we're just destined to make a mistake with this pain dire consequence. this week and the bollywood comedy that. looking like was bound to buck a song but this is a war that the painting the walls most wanted man in a comic way could to target terrorist attacks on his counseling went to all those behind the comedy if the world is ready ready for post nine eleven. this could well
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be the biggest school for my career interviewing the worst. terrorist however this man does not have a twenty five million dollar reward on his head in fact he's not or some of bin laden but an actor in a bollywood for their. but just in case you think this is a movie. it is a. biography it's a film which is a. character and this is a film. using it's not. in any way anybody from anybody is going to enjoy this from i can guarantee you that. young journalist is fixated with going to america and he decided to stick it to get an interview with osama bin laden so he goes about creating
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a fake. using. they had to keep that. under wraps to prevent making the film. i had gone to shopping mall in noida to promote this film and there was a commotion there a crowd of more than a hundred people gathered so we're falling in this time pete i was scared kid might attack me but nothing like that happened they wanted to shake my hand and take my autograph so i signed with love. who plays the journalist is a pakistani singer and this is deb you film how does it feel acting in an indian film set in pakistan in pakistan while you would greatly appreciate your scene. people enjoy them so i mean to see a pakistani would find something very refreshing and new for them stands firm censors have banned the movie saying it mocks security agencies. and screening it
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in public could trigger violence films distributers in pakistan the message of peace and not appealing but i felt it was nice film there's a lot of good humor from the name it sounds like a serious film but actually it turned out quite different it's full of great jokes . it's quite a good film people will definitely like it mind vice to them is to come and watch it and they will like it there's nothing here that will incite people to violence. the selling point of this film is osama bin laden but it's very tongue in cheek. to act the part. i challenge you america there will be retribution old in justin evil actions you have committed in the countries like iraq and afghanistan so these you will have to pay a heavy price when i first heard about this film i thought it was going to be a beautification but actually it's quite irrelevant in the way pakistanis and
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muslims are looked at with suspicion in the west today and how the media could be fooled into believing something that doesn't exist i think this film could do well in south asia but western audiences would probably be a good sense of humor to appreciate the message got and seeing r.t. . now for the third year running the streets surrounding the kremlin have been transformed into a racing track firms of formula one have gathered in the center of the russian capital to witness a speedy exhibition of high performance in vehicles of the. more on the event we now call fly to our correspondent who is near the criminal rules for us hi richard an exciting day what's this race all about that. oh yeah this is the third edition of the moscow street racing which is already a bio trying to. raise awareness of motor sport in russia has been a real big events from about a school calendar taking place in the country of a moment also gives youngsters a new generation of much small fans
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a chance to see with their own eyes the formula one cars and trucks which meant huge really successful over last decade with their own eyes so i can tell you it's a completely different experience being laid out a race track when you see a formula one car we've you rode on robben watching it on television and it's incredibly hot here in moscow is it has been for the last but i haven't stopped people from turning out so i verify i was and have descended on the roads around red square to watch the segment on fall now i know you've been a few racetracks in your time mood you say that this is a proper race that we're seeing taking place in center of mosque and state or is it more of an exhibition involving different schools cause. you know the raises more of a demonstration really as you say gives youngsters and fans from across the country the chance to see formula one cars and all types of different cars with their own eyes and it's a great chance for the drivers themselves called jenson button of formula form form of formula one champion and russia's own very own over time petroleum show and it's
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very relaxing of them and all going to be racing for points today they've got no prize money to play for they can just say or enjoy themselves and try if i were going to very scenic route they would certainly be travelling at speeds of two hundred kilometers an hour two hundred fifty kilometers an hour they'd be doing all the tracks on the formula one circuit will begin to slow the birds yes it's all about trying to really raise awareness of a cause and show will be classic cars for you come a strong team as i said. drifters showing off their maneuvers and hopefully. we're going to have a repeat of two thousand mine last year when we had a crash into a wall you might think of something really. what's happening there but she did cost him a recession of one million dollars. and his cost that we don't have a piece of anything like that that it didn't even say this is that what he doesn't like is very popular mostly particularly with with young people gathering in last numbers for the third year running to see the event take place and taking that one
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day must go well actually have used a formula one race for real. well hopefully i mean there were discussions today even in russia might host an event in two thousand and twelve motor sport has been quite good and is significantly won there's been very popular in russia for decades and really this popularity is the reason just over the last years simply because of the tali pretrial who's raising the renault team but he might not have be the best styles for his formula one career but it's a very young inexperienced driver and he's gaining experience all the time patrol for these really really helped to increase the popularity of the sport so much so the first race of the formula one season paul rein two million viewers turned into the t.v. screens to watch the race some poll which is a startling number really but russia doesn't have much for history in terms about drivers of hosting races just go to back to russia hosting events when it's more than likely in two thousand and twelve russia for moscow in fact in the city center discussions are still on the way with this will take place will hold my bet it's
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the circuits are going to be around for the whole kilometers featuring seventy seven laps and oversee this will be a major boost for motor racing in particular for one the in russia and most simple of this has got the backing of bernie ecclestone who's the formula one supremo as he really really wants to bring up on that one then to russia just because of the benefits of a huge market because television market you do wouldn't but it could bring into motor racing. that's going to predictions that mostly one day hosting a home and a one race. many thanks for the update from the center of moscow. he will have more from the world of that around the fifteen minutes time here on marty's they do stay with us for that are we about what the headlines in just a few moments. mine
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. would be soon which brightened if you knew about some you from phones to pressure these. stunts on t.v.
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dot com. it's. moscow with the latest headlines of the week top stories now international threat members of the two a terrorist cells that arrested on suspicion of ties all russian cities both groups of need to have links with global terrorism. startling statistics at three decades and twenty five million deaths of the sixteen million infections most to talk about international aids conference which stops today. kidnap confusion the u.s. music claims that on a rainy and scientists he says he was abducted by american secret services spying for washington.


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