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reports. alexi bullock is hiv positive is just one of about a million people infected with the virus in russia alone a country the u.n. says with one of the fastest growing rates of hiv in the world and i have to live with hiv and that involves a lot of difficult things not just physical but also social and psychological sometimes i refused treatment and i have to fight against that while alexy and others like him continue to fight their battles all they're really looking for is a cure it's already been a long way for those with the virus and respite doesn't seem to be anywhere inside just yet. the main issue at this point we don't even know which part of the virus causes immune deficiency that's why research is argue about the type of vaccine needed scientists and doctors have been trying to find a remedy since hiv was identified in the early one nine hundred eighty s.
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but they've only managed to come up with preventive treatments and medication that slows down the degenerative process of the virus. there are more than twenty five types of drugs with clinical proof that they are effective if a person takes entirely they suppress the virus preventing it from spreading the person doesn't. matter at this point there is no drug that could destroy the virus completely. one of those clinically approved drugs is dying or a.z.t. a type of antiretroviral drug used for the treatment of hiv and aids joan shandon of immunity resource foundation is strongly against such treatment conventional treatment has actually caused the death of a whole generation of young gay men in america when they were on the high doses of a's and that is well documented so it's extremely important to be challenging this hypothesis there are almost thirty two million people in the world with hiv or aids and more than one million deaths this year alone international organizations caught
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are. we get a pandemic but there are those who stand against this belief and are challenging the very facts we've come to accept as truth they say well but the majority believe you should just follow i'm sorry to say science is not the majority vote science is a free competition of the best arguments and verifiable arguments it is very fiber that there is no epidemic and it is very fiber of that aids treatment today is just less toxic than in the early nineties and i would call for an open. to test the best arguments organizers of the eighteenth international aids conference being held this week in vienna see it's a gathering of individuals committed to ending what they've classified as a pandemic for alexei he'd rather not get his hopes up all he wants are the facts. i don't expect to see any breakthrough at this conference i just hope that it will be made clear as to where we are to regarding the vaccine because we needed it
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yesterday tests are cilia r t moscow the g eight leaders have been slammed for not providing enough help to positive people who young want an air the president of the international aid society claimed when it comes to global health the person is always empty he made the statement of the ongoing aids conference in vienna which is calling for an a and to treatment discrimination sarah ferguson is there for us . the really cool all the tests accurate and all of the aids treatments safe but these are just some of the extremely controversial questions that it being asked by challenging the mainstream hiv and aids at the aids twenty ten conference and its second day here in vienna and nobody could give me the paper where. it is isolated in the way scientists are asking for it since the seventy's since the seventy's the other thing is that there
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doesn't exist any paper. shows if a chevy is existing how it is doing it and the special situation to use it is a fully different thing in the western countries so-called western countries and the so-called development cost in countries in africa. south america and so on so it is it doesn't fit in the normal virus. because viruses. can make very few things over the twenty five thousand people attending the official conference these have been met with extreme skepticism and criticism of this we've seen in the contradict it has never been isolated well that's simply not true the virus has been isolated it's been molecularly cloned using d.n.a. cloning technologies it's been sequenced literally thousands of times from
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different individuals infected with the virus. simply isn't true so it's never been a sort of secondly. nor the virus causes of you know the first and it's also not true we know very well how each of you works the. talks that we saw yesterday was very much based on the conference which is right here right now so we had the. underlining the importance of success response to hiv will be resting on a successful response on an individual level so we had lots about the needs to address and marginalization stigmatize ation especially among high risk groups and now russia in particular was mentioned. valence of hiv and injecting drug users and the need for greater resources to be put in things such as needle exchange programs so the debate will remain ongoing for this week and it's not a need to date since aids came to the public attention in the one nine hundred eighty s.
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there were people who openly oppose the mainstream visas we can see that continues but for the people that are attending this official conference at the main focus really is what they're saying in these life saving treatments and making sure these reach the biggest number possible in the funding is from the governments of the different countries to provide this universal access to the hague hiv prevention treatment so our first reporting there from be out watching are to live from moscow on the way. why the use of drones by the u.s. military keeps coming under fire ads in just a few minutes. before that let's go to india were outraged parents are pushing lawmakers to criminalize corporal punishment as news stories of abuse come to why despite being legal physical penalties are still widely used by teachers in
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the country's current saying as more. this is one of india's worst kept secrets the prevalence of corporal punishment in schools but the recent suicide of thirteen year old rival has brought the practice out into the open a student at the prestigious law martin here for boys school in kolkata who ranjeet hanged himself at home earlier this year after being gained at school after spending months juicing the school for answers his father has filed a police complaint against the three teachers he says were involved i think that they were after him for a long way lynne i think he was so long as he was giving an individual. battering if i may use the word he was able to take it but when they all descended on him at the same time that day i don't think. i don't think his young mind could have that much animosity. elimination from his friends the school's principal
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has admitted killing rule run but says this was not responsible for this was the case has set off a public outcry largely because it occurred in one of india's and most elite schools but most cases of corporal punishment take place in government run schools and go largely unrecorded ten year old mounties often beaten when he doesn't complete his homework on time. and back to the teacher and tries to teach us that when we don't learn she hates us and sometimes cry when i get it it's very important to have that sensitivity to understand as to what is going in the child's mind or what is happening for which the child has not completed his do work in time and on this we address those issues putting the blame on the child or hitting the child with mistake really doesn't solve any press one either the child would become too used to this kind of punishment and the effect would go off or else the child
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who's very sensitive and anxious by previous visits. i would feel very very vulnerable a supreme court judgment in two thousand. in early films in india but habits die hard many teachers and even some parents still believe in the need for discipline to keep bible i believe movie like if your child doesn't do his homework even after reminding him repeatedly then we have to discipline them we don't want to hear them but we get angry sometimes because we're taking so much effort to teach them so sometimes we are forced to hit them with or fifty children in their class teachers often resort to beating them to control their large numbers you hear words like or phrases like it's a theatre of war out there teachers are sometimes frightened to go into class because there is such a lack of respect and. it's very hard to with in inverted
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commas control the class or discipline us but discipline is a two way process so not only do you train the teachers you've also got to make the students understand that there is a code of conduct but for one loving father there can be no arguments about corporal punishment there's a law against it there's no debate if you let people hear your kids there will be a monster who will take out his frustrations on your child and you will not be able to save your child it's not open to discussion nobody has that but. nobody you god gave them to us to love not for some go to beat them up. one father's crusade for justice is a new sport played on corporal punishment which is illegal but still call money in good schools one wonders how many more children will have to suffer before more humane methods of disciplining them are in forced got and seeing you know that and hispanic groups in the u.s.
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are calling for reform of the country's immigration system and today and unjust policies are he said down with a journalist and human rights activist jorge ramos who claims immigrants don't have enough representation latinos are on the represented politically we are fifteen percent of the population and we only have one senator that has to change this is it is incredible that the most powerful country in the world is persecuting and discriminating against eleven million people so again there's a lot of misinformation on the contributions of immigrants to this country and unfortunately when there is an economic crisis like the one we're facing right now immigrants are being blamed for for everything that's wrong with the sponsor from crime to unemployment and it's simply not for. you and if you watch the full interview with jorge ramos later in the hour here in r.t.e. now sales of drones are taking off in a big way internationally raising fears of will lead to increased warfare peace
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activists claimed relatively cheap and easy access to the weapons could also potentially harm innocent civilians artie's going to into the growing imam tranda the u.s. and its consequences. i have two words for you predator drones i will never see it coming a drone least ten times cheaper than a fighter jet it requires no pilot so there are no troop deaths to explain it's the perfect weapon for covered cia operations in countries like pakistan and afghanistan if things go wrong you can deny it all and things do go wrong studies by independent international experts suggest that for every militant killed as many as fifteen civilians also die there's no way of getting exact numbers the cia keeps its drones program under wraps but the united nations and other international
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police agency question the legality of the extensive use of the weapon it becomes different when you come to a sort of undeclared war with organisations which. like ok you know that and you go off to push and you say hey we suspect we say they are terrorists who have proven that the person directly targeting terrorists. they're not they're not in uniform but humanitarian concerns seem to be doing little to dampen surging international demand for drones also known as unmanned aerial vehicles or u.a.e. vs the military appetite is such that the market is expected to grow to a staggering fifty five billion dollars in ten years from now with the advances in technology they depersonalize warfare and so therefore you have people war willing to use them and you have people that don't understand the consequences because the
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people who are flying the drones are not on the battlefield they're not in the plane they're thousands of miles away. when they caused a structure they don't feel it here in washington d.c. suburb but the i.a.e.a. drone operator wakes up in the morning the family goodbye. i come to the office and shoot at targets thousands of miles away from here and go back home no risk or pull wherever specialists say the whole operation reminds the media ok the question many ask is if it is so easy and convenient we'll get our m.p. we can move forward in the future if war was cheap why not use that before especially against the smaller countries and organizations to show. it will try to sit around with the cable with to talk it over simon vets' him and has produced a research report on drones with the european parliament among his concerns are the consequences of terrorists getting hold of such weapons a scenario sunlight likened to real life but deadly robot wars demonstrators
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outside cia headquarters at the start of the year protested against indiscriminate killings by unmanned weaponry they say that rather than winning wars drones merely make more enemies by killing mostly innocent people are fueling rather than quelling insurgency ganesh again r t washington d.c. . and a grammy award winning russian pianist and conductor is appearing in court in thailand over a child sex charges if found guilty i'm hopeless could spend up to twenty years in jail for earlier this month thai police detained the musician for allegedly raping a fourteen year old boy which he denies but he also was then freed on bail to continue a world tour although he must appear court hearings every twelve days the pianist claims his arrest was triggered by the detention of a time musician he knows who is suspected of involvement in a prostitution ring. ray will officials say fifty six people have died after moving
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after a moving train rammed into a stationary one in eastern india dozens have been taken to hospital rescue workers are attempting to free those trapped in the wreckage for maintenance has been blamed for this rise in train collisions in the country. seventeen people have been shot dead in one thousand more wounded as gunmen opened fire party in northern mexico witnesses say the attackers arrived in several cars and started to shoot with our board many of the victims were young people in the region has recently seen a rise in drug related violence thought to be linked to competition between cartels . the us government has ordered oil company b.p. to submit a plan to reopen its capped well in the gulf of mexico the task cap that was installed earlier this week is fear to be leaking oil had expressed hope that the spill could be plugged for good or ill slick was triggered by a drilling rig explosion in april. heavy rain and flooding have left
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twenty three down and dozens missing in central china worst hit areas remain under a sea of water of deaths reaching up to ten meters nearly six million people across the country have been evacuated from their homes as a result of the floods last week rain storms in the south killed nearly one hundred fifty people and left forty missing security is being stepped up in kabul had of tuesday's international conference on afghanistan more than forty foreign ministers are expected to attend the event and there to discuss handing more power to the afghan government as was the nato forces role in the country artie's military analyst again says the meeting should focus more on tackling afghanistan's drug street for the upcoming conference and pro bowl is going to be a day or for reckoning for the united states. the issue very grave and very simple at the same time at stake is the u.s. credibility and integrity regarding the unofficial undeclared war on drugs to get
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three of these notorious have been scored open poppy and can it be feels now if the united states representatives and especially richard holbrooke the u.s. special rep to afghanistan and pakistan start delivering their regular job regarding the millions of raisins why the drug lords and their opium mules immune from any prosecution and they are untouchable the world community will get and next . prove that the us stance on the war of drugs in not is not only double standard but it's totally hypocritical and whatever they say and whatever the u.s. wraps have set or we'll say the bottom line is very simple talk is cheap and the only way for the united states to restore its credibility in
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afghanistan is to unleash war on drugs and in that endeavor they can count one hundred percent on their regional stakeholders in afghanistan mostly china india russia iran and pakistan. well israel this is getting her shove there now soviet era cosmetics and american astronauts who flew the first international space mission are celebrating the flight's thirty fifth anniversary so it was a pole mission was the first joint speaks venture between the u.s. and the soviet union and marked a new era of cooperation rockets from the two countries met him connected in orbit . by the two mission commanders in exchange the first ever international handshake in space. that brings us up to date here in our t.v. time now for business of date time. and we're hearing a long way to insider trading law has finally been passed after more than a decade in the making the law of insider trading has finally been approved what
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that means for market participants though bit later in the program first bulgaria and russia signed a detailed preliminary agreement on the south stream gas pipeline off discussions concluded vargo the deal is a technical ruled map of how the two countries will move forward the next step is to set up a joint company to study the visibility of the point that it would provide the details for a legally binding contract problems developing self-esteem to provide an alternative route for russian gals to europe its main partners the projects are now telling the giant any else france's e.d.f. . russia's past the long awaited a law on insider trading the new rules are intended to define illegal trading and what sort of punishment should be handed out to those who cross the line. explains . in the film wall street's by oliver stone gordon gekko makes billions by insider
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trading but the character that told the world greed is good gets his comeuppance the long arm of the low finally gets his hands on the antihero and we presume strips him of his wealth and send him to prison here in russia the gordon gekko's of this world have much less to worry about until now after ten long years of talks it seems a low dedicated to stamping out insider trading is finally ready for presidential approval of yugant former had of the russian market regulator says this step is not only significant for the proper function of the stock market but also has implications for the whole economy just having a low though is not enough it also needs to be plight you can believe the russian market regulator is currently too small to take on the tosk and the core system is too complicated but the chairman of andam sees a way out. because it's
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a serious political. responsible for. issues on the stock market like some special. according to the latest research to run fifty five percent of people involved in the securities market admitted to the selective disclosure of information lawyer. says the new law would bring the country a step closer to international norms and will in homes its reputation as a place to do business just another sign or for our country. to be a little bit more civilized than previously the government's ambition to turn moscow into an international financial center has become something of the montreux much of the infrastructure is in place the new business district gleams and scrapes the school i just assume poor even though for investors is the idea that their
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money is as safe as the next person's and for that's they need to protection of the law my due course moscow. let's see how they are clear markets are performing first to asia hong kong the hang seng is down more than three quarters of percent hovering around a one week low this comes after companies including bank of america and citigroup are for a lower revenues that u.s. consumer confidence dropped and japan the nikkei squoze due to a public holiday. the vaso markets turned positive at noon the r.t.s. was flat to positive all in why sex is up more than a quarter percent most of the blue chips are gaining on the r.t.s. except for spare banks preferred shares and walls that hold raise deaths are topping economic headlines ponting investors to look for a safer bet like gold and that's obviously hurting european equities but russia is managing to resist the pressure so far the earning season in full swing in the
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united states will continue to dominate sentiment over the coming days but the results of the stress test of european banks will also be a factor. and now we'll present an exclusive to our to see industry giant siemens says it could help russia reach its abyss as energy goals that's after president meter medvedev targeted forty percent cuts in energy use within a decade europe's top engine nearing group add it has declared war on kazakhstan and the company three years ago siemens was convicted of paying bribes for contracts in russia. we are living in like greece a higher risk country with several not only corruption several risks in the four business we started the russian corporate tax addition to. more than eighty companies signed in code of conduct to make clean business only in
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russia some german business leaders here yesterday said the crisis is over and their country what's their impression for russia the c.i.s. zero times between two saws and five and two thousand and eight differently over it we have been tremendous closer than in russia so really are returning to would say normal times but hopefully next year you see overall investment in the industries and infrastructure of a comeback to two zero two thousand and eight level what energy efficiency savings can russia make if it uses siemens technology we made actually is a study here and you can remember can project when we analyzed all kinds of power generation power transmission distribution and consumption in transport or in private use and in the city itself and what we found if we apply.
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technologies siemens and other companies have. we could reduce energy consumption by forty four percent and if we sink about new technology is about smart grid and things like that. until two thousand and twenty our expectation would be to reduce c and i g consumption by seventy nine percent. while you are up today on all of the latest and business i'll be back in about fifteen minutes but so now stay here in our headlines.
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market financed scandals find out what's really happening to the global economy for a no holds barred look at the global financial headline just to name two kinds of reports on r t. much brighter if you knew me by zoom from phones to pressure. starts on t.v. . back
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here with you here's a look at the top stories and of the death side of human rights activists demand universal treatment for h.i.v. and aids sufferers that's the focus of an international aids conference yeah scientists are debating ways to eliminate discrimination but patients say they should focus on finding a cure instead. all talbot's diehard parents in india demand harsher penalties against teachers and forcing them after a teenager commits suicide following a beating though the government outlawed such methods in two thousand some insist is the only way students learn. the most controlled warfare as drone industry moves peace campaigners fear a surge in casualties and terrorism they claim the relatively cheap and easy access to the weapons makes them more likely to end up in the wrong hands. now as tough new immigration law is being adopted in the us the country's latino population is calling for reforms are spoke with journalist and human rights activist.


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