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a lot of the money away from defense spending we're now has spent over a trillion dollars on our wars on terror but the problem is that you know it's never going to be the right time in america unless people get a clue unless someone's realistic with them and doesn't make it about politics there's a make about denying climate change as if that's what alternative energies really are all about and that you know no one's going to want more federal spending that's what they think of the moment terry thanks so much for being here we get out so much coming up do you regret voting for obama there's a funny new web video that's making the rounds showing the disillusion how to remove those obama bumper stickers from your car we're going to show it to you and in just a moment and also some americans will say that the u.s. is a nation like god's vision which is not really the case and our policies for the u.s. actually based on evangelical principles are going to be the issue in just a moment.
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mine. would be soo much brighter than if you knew me by some from the sun's toothbrush in the sun. starts on t.v. don't come. this is all see coming to life for most of the headlines. seto forms at
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a hyper electric plant and russians republic of conversion of all korea up to shooting to go is to gain entry to the complex russian security sepsis a big guy who's responsible for what's on those co-founding huge ass speculation that local militia in the salt of the night. calls for those acts prime minister faces every trial at the hague of a murder and torture charges against some arabs for yugoslav war crimes tribunal abandons the original trial of. deny to get as a guide to you to mock of evidence but has not ruled that witnesses were intimidate . on the cost of suffering human rights and exhibit a tonight's conference in vienna and hughes told this huge pool companies keeping the price of drugs to come to the disease can learn why scientists however say that getting closer to a breakthrough cure in the battle against the condition which has killed over twenty percent from it is all. and there's the headlines now let's go back to the second part of the audio.
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well our tool time winner tonight is the mainstream media were giving you the award for your coverage of lindsey lowe and going to jail for the fact that you actually cover this and treat it as real news i mean for two days we've been forced to watch as lindsay arrived in court it was then sent to jail for parole violations now the coverage has been beyond over the top gas joining me to discuss lindsay's future her time in jail can't be saved it's just too much i know that we're a shallow country but give me a break but of course the highlights or lowlights the culmination of all this madness had to be larry king's show last night when he discussed the case with a panel of experts including a tabloid journalist who was breaking some major major news on this case take a look there's an insider on the prison it was informed us the insider that's most likely going to be turkey was some sort of pasta applesauce coleslaw is some white
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bread milk to wash that down so she'll be well fed now here the chance she won't be allowed any cigarettes in any small grout there knows trying to make it two weeks without a puff is pretty pretty hard to do secondly you know make up for someone like lindsey lowe and that might be tough to do as well also gave you any hair extensions accessories things like that and she will be she will be wearing that orange jumpsuit that we saw in her mug shot for the next two weeks larry so we'll see. i just feel so much better knowing that lindsay's going to be eating well but you know what it's kind of sad in the final days of his career at c.n.n. the quote most trusted name in news larry king spends his time talking about a spoiled brat that's going to be going to jail and about her eating habits in her tweeting habits and the fact that the poor girl can't smoke while she's locked up i have a feeling that her legions of fans are probably going to benefit from her two week absence maybe maybe they'll get real lives and wake up and see if there are real
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things going on in the world at their. wars going on that people are being detained illegally and treated a lot worse than lindsay will be while she's in the cell but let me out let me lay off the fans because they're just eating up what they're being fat and it's the mainstream media that's feeding them this garbage now while i understand the cable news shows have a large news cycle to fill extended coverage of lindsay's troubles as if they're a legitimate story is just disturbing and it's not just crazy old larry the big network morning news shows have forced us to endure luann mania as well. let me begin with lindsay lohan's first night in jail and just how many she may have left and he says lee cowan is outside the jail in lynnwood california with more legal morning to you. more numbers with now the sheriff's department here is now saying that between the jail overcrowding situation here and then time off for good behavior to go her name out even serve a full two weeks behind bars she could lindsay lohan spent her first night in jail
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tuesday on charges of parole violation relating to a two thousand and seven do you conviction the twenty four year old actress as you know was sentenced to ninety days in jail but how much will she actually serve by phone from house more. so for bed forget about the fact that so many people are incarcerated in this country and in california specifically that's kind of the point there's a jail overcrowding problem and that's why when she will serve her whole term now that couldn't be newsworthy at all here's a tip to the mainstream media first of all lindsay here brought this on herself she's a drunken spoiled idiot and how about you leave the tabloid stuff to entertainment tonight or t.m.c. or at least change your name and admit that you're not the most trusted name in news and that's why you the mainstream media are tonight's tool time winner. while it looks like muslims in indonesia might need to start carrying a compass turns out the indonesian muslims have been facing the wrong way when they
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did their daily prayers to allah months ago islams highest authority instructed muslims to face westward to accurately pray towards mecca which is in saudi arabia but turns out there are thirty was wrong and although they were facing west they were actually praying towards africa so the islamic council issued a correction and instructed muslims to now face north west when they pray to allah clearly the council didn't take into consideration the fact that the earth is round and the curvature can throw off people's sense of direction but the muslim population was put in these by clerics when they were reassured the allah still heard their prayers even though they were actually facing somalia and kenya and not mecca and i have to admit i'm a bit confused here if allah is still here is their prayers why does it matter what direction they prayed in the first place but anyway in the meantime i do have a suggestion for muslims where in the twenty first century where the public has no
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problem rely on technology so how about somebody come up with an app or a widget first smartphones and g.p.s. devices that can help them figure out what direction they're facing just think about it and essentially could look like a g.p.s. and it's no different than a glorified compass the muslim population is one of the largest in the world so like i said i'm no expert but and praying could really really take off. well a nation under god but that's the usual reference to the united states of america and the term american exceptionalism exceptionalism excuse me came from the theory that america's success story was god's divine intervention now the terms expanded to include israel and it was the theme of this year's christians united for israel summit right here in washington d.c. r.t. correspondent john hafiz was there and she brings us the story. so as a nation we think and as a people we think it's very important for our nation because based on the
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foundational truths of this day a christian believes that. for three consecutive days the washington convention center was transformed into a house of gone and hundreds of churchgoers and members of the pro israel jewish community came to represent christians united for israel their annual summit professes the word of god and god quote favorite countries the united states and israel and. who find like other religious groups linked america's expansion in power. to israel's coming and this is bound by the old scriptures confined represents a small portion depicting a larger religious following in this country and their faith connection amplifies the belief that the us and israel are both protected by god as divine countries during the american revolution the outmatched columnist colonists affirm the
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righteousness of their cause by likening gene george the third to pharaoh and the atlantic ocean to the red sea and george washington to moses comparing the colonization of the united states to israel the participants and attendees of cool find an organization launched by even jellicoe heavyweight pastor john hague. drive the message that both countries are ordained by unquestionable virtue america's earliest column is saw themselves as a new israel embarks on a second exodus from slavery to freedom destined for promise land destined to forever remain the dominant forces for good in the world america is one nation under god and the day we forget that we are all in big trouble and given israel's religious ties to christianity congress should according to congressman mike pence continue to swear allegiance to israel the support for israel i am pleased to say
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with my colleague shelley berkley in the room is broad and bi partisan on capitol hill and so it must ever remain god is on our money an oath to make is part of our judicial process a process founded on religious connections and groups like you find to find such things as historical to god's prophesy for perfect nations a connection even the american people recognize as paramount to us exceptionalism the american people know the difference they know the difference between the israelis and the enemies they know the difference at times between the israelis and the palestinians they know who shares our values and who doesn't if the world knows nothing else let it know this america stands with israel a relationship even gentle cool religious right insists depends heavily on each one
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survival and support support they believe is coming directly from god. to hand hoffa's r.t. washington d.c. . well john's here in the studio to give us a little bit more detail on this story as i have how many people in america do you think actually subscribe to this idea american exceptionalism of this divide. intervention that made america and israel together the two chosen countries all of us close look would be five because that's essentially the coalition of these different groups and they estimate anywhere between five to fifteen million people and even more depending on which to stick if you look at and you know this really is all over the country essentially a number of different churches organizations some of them the jerusalem connection international israel always you know media networks and this is actually a money making industry and it's also influencing u.s. foreign policy and it's for the most part countering or going along with the pro
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israel party where i mean pro israel lobby which is already a poet an arm working here in d.c. we have do you think that essentially these people are probably benefiting from this because indeed you have you have lawmakers that all subscribe to this notion that makes nobody want to be soft on defense nobody wants to not support israel so clearly these people are getting their message across and they are they're getting high up you know you talk about it on the show i mean israel has been getting away with a lot this year if you look at the gaza flotilla attack if you look at the bills in the nation through slim how are they able to get away with it and putting in this theory that this is god's work this is god's word that israel and the united states are these divine countries that they've been blessed by you know the hand of the almighty to do as they please and in effect the already superior race by having that narrative play out they are able to get away with things like this and that's why they use this these summits to to gain support but also to dampen any kind of
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opposition that could come out and say well that's actually not god's words they do a good job at putting scripture together with historical events and that's how they get this message across well you know it's really dangerous slippery slope because we just have a recent congressional research report that came out and said that these war the war on terror the two wars that we've been fighting in iraq and afghanistan the extended list. all wars that we've been fighting with special ops forces going into other countries like yemen and somalia that now the tab for that has reached over a trillion dollars and it seems like this unstoppable machine and in many ways i feel like these people probably would love it to be that instead of a machine but it's dangerous because when everything's name done in the name of fighting against terror of not only protecting america but also israel its allies and really this will never end and that since it puts us into a religious war with these other people that are that are waging a religious war against us that's a good point you know they also forget to mention that general petraeus
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a couple of months ago did say that our in conditional support for israel is putting american troops in danger on the ground in these war theaters not to mention the thirty billion dollars we're giving to israel next ten years for their military forces now as you mentioned trillions trillions of dollars in debt this country has become because of these wars while we continue to fund israel which is contributing to this crisis that when this war at this you know it's hunger for war and you know for the most part what they did is no different from what we did here in the united states this idea of the manifest destiny is westward expansion to delete all the morals and values that we have for human rights and for democracy and in quest for domination world domination and that's what all of these groups are i mean i just don't think that acting like you're better than everybody else is going to make you any friends on a global scale if you want to be a global partner to the rest of the world which is what was scary here is acting like you were the better than everyone else saying it wasn't anybody outside
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protesting was there anyone that didn't agree with them around this conference is actually protests taking place right now outside there having michael oren who is the israeli ambassador speak and then and afterwards they're going to have israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu speak a number of interfaith groups muslims jews christians saying that this is not true that this is you know god did not choose only the americans and only the israelis as the. we are people of the world there's an international community there are dying they're being maimed as a result of us foreign policy and israeli policies in the middle east so i mean for the most part anytime you have the u.s. and israel get together on a summit or some kind of conference you will have demonstrations and that's been taking place in the last three days during the summit that's definitely interesting i mean i love america but you know sometimes you have to be a little realistic and perhaps not always get got to the story ok that was john obvious going to say well we've got one more segment ahead on tonight's show the head of the g.o.p. and the house of representatives has
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a warning for all public and congressman we'll tell you why he's worried about sexy lobbyists just ahead and have you ever heard of a seven year itch well researchers now say that it's a myth but there's another time when couples are getting a wandering eye look at the details and as we come back. to the. last it's really close to losing. you.
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but. new poll numbers out this week suggest that president obama is in trouble more
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people disapprove of his job and he will likely not be reelected if the election were held today so a conservative christian comedian is trying to capitalize on obama's current popularity he's come up with the obama bumper sticker removal kids take a look at this. red star and i'd like to introduce you to a brand new product that could help you cleanse your car and your life for many regretful election day decision introducing the obama bumper sticker removal kit how does it work let me show you simply pull your car into a garage if you are house or otherwise in conspicuous syria use the official be a scraper to remove the old b.s. from your car and replace it with a brand new bumper sticker it's just that easy even it works on a prius what about your friend neighbor or that he'd be step brother who bought into that obama b.s. don't you think you would be. all that was brad stein and i have to say that was
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pretty good i love the line it even works on a prius and with obama's poll numbers slipping i bet if somebody came up with a real bumper sticker a look at it would probably make a killing right now. well g.o.p. minority leader john boehner is telling his fellow congressmen to stop the partying according to the new york post the ohio representative was caught has caught on to his fellow conservative lawmakers talking to the enemy and no i don't mean democrats apparently two republican lawmakers have been spotted having drinks with attractive female lobbyists that's winkie club here in d.c. representative lee terry of nebraska was seen at the capitol hill club in d.c. with a lovely looking lobbyist and reportedly giggling about getting drunk that is until he realized he was being watched and missouri's sam graves has pictures on the internet of him. adding it up with a blonde lobbyist at a d.c. restaurant now these are the only two lawmakers that have been caught in the act so
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to speak that doesn't mean that there aren't many more that are guilty of this habit it's one of those hush hush issues here in d.c. where politicians will meet up with lobbyists to discuss those very pressing issues either way boehner who called out his conservative lawmakers is very worried about these meetings if the public learns what these politicians really do once they leave their congressional office for the day i think that could hurt the republicans in their midterm elections i just have to smirk over this one the conservatives the ones that are known for being people of faith dedicated to their families the ones who promote wholesome values they're the ones who fall victim to the the predators. sexy lobbyists it's just so tough being moral isn't it. now have you ever heard of these seven year itch thanks to marilyn monroe it became the standard excuse for anybody looking to stray from their husband or wife sorry
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babe it's been seven years i'm getting bored well according to new research that's all a myth a study by the grant thornton accountancy group says that the biggest threat to marriage is actually comes twelve years in the you know what what's the nature anyway joining me from our new york studio to discuss is relationship expert diana falzone now diana tell me this because the seven year itch was never something that was technically approved the research at all came because of this marilyn monroe movie but what is the twelve year tipping point really mean. that all of your tipping point means that after twelve years of marriage is usually the time of the timeline in which a couple falls out of love or they grow apart there has been numerous studies that they've conducted and they said that the average couple will spend about a decade to gather and then two additional years in which still be thinking after the ten year mark i'm i'm really happy i don't really. feel the same infatuation i
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used to i'm not feeling attracted to my partner and that is where the suppose it comes into play ok but so what's the problem here or could the problem me that people are looking at relationships and looking at marriage the wrong way and that if inevitably after ten years after twelve year you start getting a little sick of your partner you don't find them sexy anymore maybe that means they were meant for monogamy. well see that's an interesting that's an interesting point i've always said with monogamy there is a choice if you are someone who looks at marriage as semipermanent marriage is not for you maybe you're into a long term relationship that can end but when you go into the bond of marriage you are saying till death do us part that is a valid that you are taking under oath if you can't hold it then why bother entering into it i think that monogamy is natural for some and unnatural for others you have to know self and be true to yourself before you go make a pact like that with someone else ok that's fair but let's say that you do make
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this pact because you're just so so in love with this person and you really think you're going to be together forever and then they fall out of love like you said ten years twelve years down the line what does that even really mean what is falling out of love mean. i think falling out of love is a very generalized term of back and have many different factors a lot of the time it's because of financial stress within the family the fact that you look at each other as more of roommates than you do as lovers of the sexes maybe died one important thing about falling out of love is that is the number one reason number two is growing apart another generalized term and number three is infidelity so those are the top the reasons why marriages end after twelve years but as we can see that's a blanket statement i mean what does falling out of love mean and i think what we need to get back to is how do we fall back in love and once we try to to work things out then you figure out she. we separate should be divorced but don't throw in the towel because you're not feeling love anymore. are i like that but if we're
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going to throw it if it wasn't that you fell out of love it wasn't that you grew apart whatever that means but that somebody was unfaithful that they cheated on this partner do you think about it's becoming. more prevalent in today's society because there's so many options out there because of mass communication because of the internet thanks to two websites where you can go on in meet people meet other singles whatever that it's becoming a little bit more tempting to cheat on people. i think it's becoming more tempting but i've never encountered a person in my life that has ever said you know i'm just so glad i cheated on the person i'm married to that was a great decision and you know my life is perfect now it usually results in absolute chaotic mass and who really wants to invite that into their lives so instead of looking at the grass being greener really think about the consequences before you decide to cheat the make an excellent point that it is easier now than ever to
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cheat to get away with it there's things like cyber affairs there's a motional cheating there's physical cheating you name it it's out there i've always gone under the premise of if there is an infidelity in the relationship delve into it why did that person cheat it usually takes two to tango in the sense of was there a rift was there a growing apart as they call it and can that be worked out now if the person is a serial cheater like a jesse james or a tiger woods you throw it out man to the curb or woman for that matter. tiger i don't think he deserves anyone to date ever taken seriously and do what you told ok i have something that's really completely off topic here but we just had to bring it out because there's a new you know it's a new layout in a french vogue where we have a trans gender person it is you and we don't have is a big discussion our office today is you know this seems like something normal there's transgender people all across america in every city you can find them but i . bet you that we would never see something like this in an ad in
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a magazine here in the states because it just wouldn't fly. you know yeah i think you're absolutely right it wouldn't fly i've mentioned it before that within the states we do have a very conservative point of view when it comes to different ways of life including the transgender community when i saw the picture did my stomach get a knot did i get upset no i actually think when you see a man who is living his life you know transgendered model t. it actually should up the ante for all the women out there if a man can look that good we should be able to step up to the plate. i you know i agree he or she actually looks pretty fabulous that we have some competition so much for joining us. thank you i will before we go tonight we have our tweet of the day said earlier we spoke about fox news how they've created three stories that actually cause people to leave their jobs in the federal government so what would
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fox news tweet about today after all of the revelations i bet they'd say something like damn who know the dems in the white house actually watched glenn beck that's change you can believe it are we will have a nother tweet of the day for you tomorrow well that's it for tonight's show thanks for tuning in to make sure they come back tomorrow but in the meantime they'll forget to become a fan of the lotion on facebook and follow us on twitter and if you missed any of tonight's show or any other nights you can always catch it all at youtube dot com slash the ilona show we post the interviews and the show in its entirety coming up next is the news with the latest headlines from the u.s. and around the world. wealthy british sunny all. the time to explain the let's go. around.
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market why not. find out what's really happening to the global economy with my stronger no holds barred look at the global financial headlines. watch. a group of alleged neo nazis going to trial in moscow accused of killing dozens of people in asked nikolay motivated crimes. sorties.


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