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just after one am saturday morning you're watching r t with kevin now in this hour according to reports u.k. forces used to depleted uranium munitions during the two thousand and three war in iraq it's alleged an inquiry is under covered as uncovered more than fourteen sites across the country contaminated with high levels of radiation the use of uranium munitions is widely controversial because of potential long term health effects party m.p. paul flynn says the iraqi people are suffering the consequences. we know that in the first iraq war depleted uranium was used in shells and it certainly is very very likely to be used again and it's used as a ballast because of its density and shells but unfortunately it's not as radioactive is it might be they. create with the gamma radiation is being
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reduced or weapon of mass destruction but sadly you to a weapon of eternal destruction because you would dust on the battlefield and get into the water supply into the air and it can be called give children. a chemical birth defect and the iraqis would be for a long time know where the battles took place there's evidence of big increases in childhood cancers and even birth defects and they're threatening to sue. the united states government for these awful contamination it's almost certainly taken place. still to come medics the holy india doctors bring vital ted to some of the country's most remote communities. and russia is a president and heat wave continues with record breaking temperatures across the
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country with no immediate end in sight to the readings that. looks at how people are coping with the traditional weather here in moscow. just while you always put your website out t. dot com some of the stories of my culture online tonight from tabloid baby to play things since becoming the darling of the recent u.s. russia spy swap anna chapman is now the inspiration for a barbie like dall or if you think about that find out online that artsy don't come tonight there's the pictures over comes in two types costs about thirty dollars to buy a dollar if that's what you'd like also what else is online tonight let's take a look. yes it's a cat that gave birth to a cat like dog the dog calm tonight. but
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she's a president heat wave continues with record breaking temperatures across the country with no immediate end in sight to the high readings. looks at how people are coping with the tropical weather here in moscow. the heroin talk you park in the center of moscow people are enjoying the sun they're strolling around the temperature here is still about thirty six degrees centigrade celsius so the temperatures come clean it was only so far been true the record breaking this is the fourth time in july that the temperature on bad day was the highest ever recorded in the outskirts of the city people have actually seen and smelled smoke and that's that's been coming from large forest fires that have been raging not very far really outside moscow and as those fires all over russia are sort of wide in the picture out of it to russia as a whole the farmers have experienced one resident in drought part of the worst for a century i think the other places are other ways the russians are trying to get
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out of the heat or explored by my colleague peter oliver in his report. when temperatures soar everyone has to find their own way to keep cool in the sweltering city summer two brothers in moscow have come up with a plan to beat the heat as well as make a bit of cash on the site and a totally embarrassed rent out their apartment in the summer months and set up camp on a small island in the state one kilometer outside of the city center the camp here in one nine hundred sixty oh it was my second year at school and you came here in a car and we saw the place was vacated we bought a boat right away and brought it here to paradise there's good fishing under you know it might seem like a strange choice but it's all perfectly legal anyone can pitch their tent and start their own camp as long as they pay certain groups it's nothing to lose it our chief concern is to avoid harming nature these people are clean and tidy and don't harm nature but if other people tend to start throwing rubbish around then have to face punishment. as far as ways to beat the heat goes on the telly and boris have
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certainly adopted a fairly novel approach but the spite their robinson crusoe esque existence they still can't live without some of the creature comforts they go hand in hand with city living not using these we have to t.v. sets two radios and a notebook but no internet commander my house is in moscow a six minute ride from here the retired pair have just about all they could need on their thirty meter wide island getaway if there's anything they want it's only a short trip to the nearest shop wants to take in the boat right the short course heading for some alfresco sleep isn't a new thing for muscovites in the past before the invention of air conditioning many people would sleep in the courtyards of apartment buildings to try and get some rest bite from the times oppressive heat not many will be willing to go to the same length as boston on the tolly but with temperatures still around the thirty's people will be looking for ways to stay cool this summer peacher all of the. follow continues from the hague's ruling because of
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a declaration of independence was legal while the international court of justice is decision is not binding it has sparked international controversy the u.s. and many european countries have praised the move from moscow says it sets a dangerous precedent and still wants dialogue between serbia and kosovo belgrade argues the court only focuses on the declaration and said nothing about the legality of kosovo as an independent state serbia claims that its succession in february two thousand and eight violated its international integrity has pledged to step up diplomatic efforts to stop more countries recognizing possible balkans expert market gas exposure to see says the court made the decision it wanted to make and ignored the main question. this ruling by the i.c.j. appears to be an attempt to avoid the real question asked by the general assembly. judges from the nato countries of people trying to stream to a question they prefer to get to ask in order to get the answer yes and. when i asked was whether the people who wrote the declaration had the right to write the
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declaration and that's the question not the question the general assembly really wanted answered as to whether you know lateral secession is legal under international law. while the eggs opinion on kosovo spot reaction from two other states seeking recognition of cars here in south a set here say the move confirms their rights to independence they hope the decision will push other countries to follow the example of russia a number of other states which recognize them are children born to fascinate because he's prime minister sergei shamba says these republics have more of a right to independence and possible. but the president confirms a people's right to determine their own identity at the same time giving their arguments more weight on the other hand it's all politicized and we can't be sure that if we went to the hague we would get a similar ruling we probably wouldn't in spite of the fact that we have more historical legal and moral grounds to demand independence than cost of double
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standards do exist it's not a secret to anyone in any case people who object to our independence will now find it difficult to openly claim that we don't have the right to determine our own standing. the tourist season is height when you reach goes flock to the black sea coast for some summer sun but alongside the hotels and restaurants one ukrainian resort has a murky side adesa has become a thriving hub for the sex slave industry as a strategic importance location makes it a hotspot for human trafficking to and from the region and that is a legacy or a jet ski reports. it is fun in the sun in the crane in port city offer desa hundreds of thousands come here during the height to season. but for this woman from central africa it became a living nightmare with her identity concealed she told us how she was turned into a sex life. i met a man who told me he'd marry me and take care of me he brought me here then he
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locked me in a hotel room some men came every day and raped me sometimes there were three of them. later the man said he'd sell me to turkey but i managed to find help. she managed to escape from the man who hadn't slept now she lives in the just under protection program but many young girls here are not as lucky or every day ships bring thousands of tourists in and out of but for many of this harbor becomes a point of no return as many sex slaves are being shipped from here to other countries. turkey italy united arab emirates these are some of the most popular destinations for the sex slave trade and it does so with its strategic port serves as the market place police talk of fifty cases solved over the last two years but in reality the number of victims from all across the c.i.s. which are being brought here could be
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a thousand times higher and fighting organized sex trade gangs is very difficult because it's thought some are highly connected with the authorities for in sex trade or is use local men to find girls from to braid regions who are struggling to make a living so there is a great these men over there when you live with the promise them jobs abroad in hotels and restaurants but eventually they end up as sick slaves and a stripped of their passports but. this organization called faith hope love helps sex trade victims to rehabilitate from their terrifying past in five years they have offered assistance to more than a thousand women it's still pretty had it is impossible to keep track of how many sex slaves are out there as most of them are simply afraid to call for help both social workers and authorities admit in the last several years a desa sex trade has slightly diminished but they say while ukraine's economy is in tatters the sex industry will remain as one of the most burning problems for this
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resort city regardless of the season let's see reporting from address ukraine. women's rights are also under the spotlight little bit later on r t in the latest edition of cross talk next hour in fact people about his guest discuss whether the burka degrades or empowers women as countries look to ban the full face covering islamic veil is a taster of what's in store. we need to give them a lesson and be an example of what tolerance really means it means sticking to our principles even if it means accepting something that we ourselves find strange go down and listen to the women i've heard women explain why they wear niqab they went to college because they are taught by an ideology that tells them that they are a precious stone a diamond a piece of candy that must be hidden to prove their worth i'm not going to stand up to an ideology that compares me to a piece of candy they also taught that they will burn in hell fire forever if any part of their body is shown where is the empowerment in this then the carbon above
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utterly degrading and dehumanizing we have to get off our intellectual discussion and get down on the ground and see what is happening to these women. if that's a story or feel strongly about you know that program about twenty minutes time the latest cross talk edition take so much world news headlines now from us this morning in seven out of ninety one european banks failed the stress test to show how well they could withstand another financial crisis of the seven five were from space one each came from greece european banking officials hope the financial health check would show the confidence economy could be strong and whether that crisis over the tests have been criticized for being too easy to profit. dutch called foundry multinational company traffic guilty of illegally exporting toxic waste from amsterdam to africa and concealing the nature of the cargo the waste
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shipped in two thousand and six is believed to have injured thousands of people and companies denied any wrongdoing in this considering an appeal it's already paid millions of dollars in compensation because. switzerland popular tourist trade derailed in the swiss alps killing one of the injuring forty two they said six of you did win a critical condition but he didn't identify. probe is looking white two carriages at the rear of the train came off the track and a third tipped over near the town which. people in india's remotest areas and are benefiting from a new method of bringing in regular medical treatment the country's government and international aid organizations have come up with a water based way to get doctors to those in need and saying reports. welcome to water world this is the mighty brahmaputra river originating in debate it enters india and flows on into bangladesh it's the peak of the rainy season and
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here in the state of a savvy northeast india health care rights by boat for those living in remote villages it can take three or four days to reach some of the islands. many villages we can go only in the rainy season it's more difficult to get to them during the dry season we have to work five to seven kilometers this could take two hours we can't carry a lot of medical equipment social distance one hundred thousand people live in the district of non-body but there is only run functioning medical center and wonder then that the arrival of the book clinic is a big event here the entire village turns out to meet the stuff. sixteen year old is pregnant and feels this free check up is a far better option than travelling to the nearest town the book clinic is run by the center for northeast studies and is funded by the indian government and unicef its main focus is the immunization of children while locals were usually hesitant
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to get their babies vaccinated mothers now actively support but there are limits to what the doctors can do dr hock examines. complaining of a pain in his abdomen to diagnose the cause dr heart needs an x. ray but for that too loud they will have to go to the city but. the toxicity all have to show this to the medical center in. how do i do that the poor man and i can't afford the money it costs to go that i'm looking at but believe we can deliver babies and do blood tests but we don't have an x.-ray machine so for that the patient has to go to the medical center in the city if there's an emergency we have a standby boat that we can use to transport the patients. getting access to health care is never easy and more so during the monsoon when the river probably covers much of the land by delivering health care to the doorstep of villagers the book
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clinic could well mean the difference between life and death and seeing r.d. on the river brahmaputra. so up to one seventeen moscow time up next to the laces edition of our weekend entertainment show most numbers explores the ring of ancient cities and towns just outside the russian capital in fact that just ahead tonight.
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hello i'm good to see you again now about seventy five kilometers north of moscow along the road. is the small town south of the main goal to ring the nations. of the next few weeks we'll be visiting several of these historic wonderful cities and towns day out on a beautiful some of. them out of moscow you can see the journey. to just say get over the centuries many frosting throughout the journey is a long way in this taking a full day today it's about a two hour drive when you ride you greeted by smooth house is surrounded by a false belief forest and this moscow's star sleep is booming in
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a new capital of concrete and steel here it's a time traveling treat of relaxation history and tradition. so i go. in the thirty and forty percent of our time it's more a straight greatest and largest religious cultural center in the russian state it's a get away from the hustle and bustle of busy moscow and i think a great example of true russian life if you have time to come here. in the soviet times the time you speak. to commemorate revolutionary. it was returned to its original name in one thousand nine hundred one. which means the main. street is a magnificent century complex. in the area surrounding sounds in the state and historical museum here this is one of
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the action of russian everyday life as it was centuries ago unlike historical palaces that focus on the sparkling lives of famous russian families. here in this reconstructed you can see a true reflection of basic life. and then to do. many things that all items that are displayed here in the museum belong to the past in fact they were. beginning of the twentieth century is it in the north of the country. there are many homes which look like oh museum people living there is to use this things in everyday life. often embellished by special architectural features for example rich wooden carvings which decorated the windows. of elements of the use of the russian still found in many countries.
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in the middle but nineteenth century attic windows popular they reflected. life the top represented heaven with the birds the middle the present day underneath a very interesting depiction of help take notice of a whole range of weird and wonderful creatures such as this mermaid. back outside the cell is blazing down on the town and it's picturesque more straight. if i'm looking for a picture it's so beautiful there when the tourist visits i get sad from all over the world it's also packed with history and interesting facts and figures the great to refuse. is buried here and also the town canes to be the home place of the trust of famous nesting dolls in every corner you catch a new more impressive tower but it's not just exterior beauty here inside the various cathedrals it's also wonderful yet calming visual treat. in the splendid
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surroundings and eternity harmonies. is the grave of the founder. of. the place. it. is. treasures. of. the saints in turn to give the true lover of its unique status here for example you can see a piece of stone supposedly from the tomb of christ the site was so charged with history that even stallin couldn't bring himself to raise it even so the monks were sent to labor camps after the bolshevik revolution. saying cool inside we arrive at a room full of russian antiquities held secrets from centuries gone by from faded
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religious clothing to ancient golden globe let's it's really worth. inside here. this is a collection of paintings. gems. from centuries. of . the rings featured various push icons books must. think you have a problem because of its size take a look at this amazing book this. is visited by thousands of pilgrims and. it started with a simple underground. it's
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a whole underground church. this is. the museum. of the town is the. traditional. expressive.
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they want to stay the night. open in two thousand and one this hotel has become popular with visitors location comforts and as guests say this provincial sean and hospitality hotel up to eighty people each room is having a different theme but all aiming to represent a traditional style of life in a small town mixed with. it's not too expensive either prices for a standard room starts at one thousand five hundred roubles that's around fifty dollars. back to the grounds of the trinity it's created this location is special and spectacular in every way though when the sale of the ministry to reopen after world war two a spiritual center of the muscular state monitors orthodox church during the soviet era and now we enter the factory building with intricate and brightly colored
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decoration. at some three hundred feet it's an immense structure and at the time of its construction the largest school in russia. in one as the russians called it was where important religious figures held their face and receptions and this beautiful colorful building was built in the sixteenth eighties and you can see it goes all the way through to this spectacular golden altar which is only used and open today a special occasions one of the best things about visiting the various. and striking history. and images much he lifted out of the book. even if you're not in a fictional of russian church architecture or a medieval history but it's worth a visit the rest of this is used typical for russian town i'm assured ground architecture and sadly crumbling buildings but it gives you an idea of what real
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life was like for millions around. the country. finally we leave the center with its blue dome to some she could leave and head to the nearby countryside. it's a peaceful picture perfect world of blue skies green fields bush forests and yes museums of mosquitoes. and just because we're outside the center that doesn't mean the legends stop that. mission says that since i came here during the battle of could against the tonto's he put his stuff into the ground ask me for god supports it was in that moment beautiful little school was created. so surrogate mosad oh first in many locations we visit over the coming weeks the complete control to the cities of moscow all st petersburg popular with everyone over the centuries from songs to all
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the bushes if you have the chance to make only one day trip out of the capital and this is certainly where you should go. on fortunately about solar time we have for this week's program on the beautiful area of so sad i'll see you again at the same time next week well we'll be exploring i love a fascinating destination until then for me and the rest of the city. for now.
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wealthy british. really happening to the global economy.
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is one thirty am hey. stories deadly weapons according to the u.k. admits using depleted uranium. war in iraq it's alleged that more than forty sites show high levels of radiation.


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