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this safely one miner is reported to have died in the accident and four others injured. and feeling the heat as temperatures in moscow seward to all time highs the heat wave spells disaster for some farmers in russia as they suffer the worst drought in a century. and next the i'll be on a show and this takes a look at former cia agents that are swapping loyalties to work for foreign governments as lobbyists in washington that's coming your way in just a moment here on r.t. . well give the loan a show real get the real headlines and out of the mercy we're coming by to washington d.c. and today we're highlighting the foreclosure crisis in america all eyes lately have been on unemployment but there are still thousands of families who live in fear of
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losing their homes and the government seems to be nowhere in sight r t correspondent christine for sal will bring us that story also ex cia employees are now lobbying in d.c. on behalf of foreign governments so if any country can now by expiry is to represent their interests then what's the point of spying and should this practice really be legal next we'll introduce you to an unconventional rape story coming out of israel she agreed to have sex when she found out that he wasn't jewish like he said she filed rape charges but is rape by deception enough to hold up in court i'll speak with salons tracey clarke florrie and then we're going to have a debate on mosques in america there's been controversy swirling around the idea of building a mosque near ground zero but now there's another story coming out of staten island new york can the u.s. really deny muslims the right to build a place of worship and we're bringing you the most ridiculous news stories of the
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week everything from china allowing porn online to women having bigger boobs is on the agenda so really a comedian seeking smith's two cents on all those stories but now let's move on to our top story. these days unemployment has taken center stage but a lot of americans are still dealing with a larger problem the problem that really kicked off this recession the housing crisis and the neighborhood assistance corporation of america is trying to help them or the government and where the banks have not thousands lined up today in washington d.c. and hopes of attaining better terms on their home loans are to correspondent christine friends out brings us a story. these are the faces behind the crisis were waiting and hoping and praying to but we can decide to help everybody really help to help and that's what we're looking for you know the desperate voices of those who have reached the end of the line or am i to am what time nine thirty nine
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thirty last night when did you sleep here yeah gondola nichrome naomi lawrence took several buses from florida eighteen hours then arrived at the washington d.c. convention center thursday morning waiting thirty hours to get in oh you've been our boy it's tat and we don't have no place to go and bathroom. but they waited anyway for a chance to restructure the mortgages on their homes all part of the save the dream tour you need to go put on by the neighborhood assistance corporation of america or natca this is a look at foreclosure activity around the united states during the last year the height of it came in march of this year but never once did it fall below three hundred thousand homes in a month everybody here has tried to work with their lender and it's failed c.e.o. bruce marks calls himself a financial terrorist and with the help of many volunteers works with people to
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help them they get counseling and meet with lenders to come up with an affordable mortgage or to lower their interest rate or both not everyone qualifies but everyone is at least promised answer an. sir the wearing adjustable rate mortgage rates just keep going up and it's this and believable not the targets people with nowhere else to turn my mortgage basically is out of reach song. choosing whether to keep our pay mortgage. so there are also targets the neos of big banks who they say caused this crisis. protesting outside their houses putting furniture on their lawns they also protest inside the capitol even though congress wants to pretend that there's no crisis out there and re president obama wants to pretend that. the fact of the matter is it's just as bad and it's not getting better deborah phillips told her daughters it was president obama they were here for they think they're
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here for the white house that's all they've been talking about saying obama but. i guess that we're not trying to let them understand the struggle a struggle shared by everyone here in varying degrees we've been having struggles with paying our bills we had to take our son out of private schools and i'm actually doing it for my dad he can come here i'm from l.a. when my family members pass away and that's why we got that particular bill also in common and i went over a thousand miles higher than it started a last hope in an economy still in peril reporting in washington christine for sound r.t. . well christine is here in the studio with me to give us more details now christine there are a lot of people out there in line and it seems almost too good to be true to be true to think that they could have all been helps today and you said that perhaps they will all get help but they will all get answers what does that exactly me let me put it to you this way a lot of these people they're working full time and they have to spend
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a significant amount of time on the phone with their lenders waiting for something and a lot of them for months and months even years are getting no answers no yes no no just nothing so no matter what they are going to meet face to face with a lender from all of these big banks whatever bank is theirs and they will get some sort of answer but from what i am told a significant portion of these people will either get a lower principal or a lower interest rate that it definitely is impressive how many people do you say were out there around ten thousand they estimated about ten thousand and this is going to be going on today is friday it could be going on until next friday and twenty four hours it's going to be over in the convention center so i'm sure that they're going to see a lot of traffic during all the way until next friday now we saw these people blaming wall street they were having a chance against wall street but do they also blame the government are they saying that the government dropped the ball and isn't helping them enough i mean for the most part it's the knack knack of this neighborhood assistance corporation of
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america that's really really mad both at the government and they really do they storm they go into the lawmakers and offices of congress people and talk to them about making sure that you know we just saw the financial reform bill passed but i think that a lot of people here didn't think it went far enough so as far as the actual people standing in line they were not expressing anger they were expressing hope and sort of. the end of the line like i said well i can imagine that you definitely have more hope when you know that no matter what no matter how long you stand in life you actually get to interact with somebody because that's been a large problem here is that. banks simply do not return phone calls they just ignore people until they have nothing less nothing left to do but you know this is washington d.c. and we've spoken a lot in the past few weeks about how d.c. is not feeling the crisis in the same way as the rest of america is that eighty five percent of people here approve of the job the obama's doing that the really
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business is booming here and people can actually find words so how does this compare to other conferences let me not long ago most people i spoke to in line were from elsewhere atlanta florida l.a. a lot of people from maryland i do know that i was in atlanta in april and they broke their record sixty thousand people showed up so this is something word of mouth is getting around they're finding out that certainly there are enough success stories to talk about this and spread the message that you know what my house got saved my interest rate went down my payments went down i am able to put food on the table because of this program now is there do we know are there any other groups like around or they only want to look at if we see thousands and thousands of people coming out then it looks like perhaps the only ones that are actually helping people i think are smaller ones but this one has gained enough traction and has had such a success rate that i would even go far enough to say that it's probably the
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biggest one i should tell you too this is a corporation and from what i understand every time they restructure a mortgage they get five hundred dollars so they're making money too but it is a nonprofit it's backed by hud so it's at least one company doing something to get things going in the right direction well it seems like nothing is ever simply out of the goodwill goodness of someone's heart they do make money but a lot of people need help right now and like i said earlier everyone is focusing on the unemployment numbers but the housing crisis is still a huge problem because people are afraid that they're going to have anywhere to live so i think it's fun to sit on the story we have to break but still to come on this from. it's the story that just won't go away the drama surrounding shirley sharod being forced out of her government job over alleged racism now the g.o.p. hate monger rush limbaugh is actually trying to martyr himself by alleging a media conspiracy to cover up the truth i'll take him on in just a moment and are a lobbyist spying for other countries turns out that some ex cia agents are now
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using their influence and their connections to work as lobbyists for foreign governments but is that wrong or does everybody do it well discuss the issue in a moment with jack rice a former cia agent. hungry for the full story we've got. the biggest issues get the human voice face to face with the news makers . well it seems that america is waiting patiently to see what shirley sherrod is going to do she's been offered a better job than what she had before and the white house has even admitted that
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they made a terrible mistake everybody seems to admit that this story was a mistake the white house even some people on fox news but one radio personality just simply refuses to admit what is so plainly true i mean don't get me wrong i'm not too shocked about this considering that rush limbaugh spews hate every single day on his program yesterday he claimed that he just absolutely had to bring up the shroud story because he was the only one willing to tell it straight so in a somewhat surprising move i guess you could say he used his microphone to call out fellow conservative media fox news for their refusal to talk about the story is it and there's really no end because i have to go after it certainly because even facts caved on this even ship sniff even pill ship smith went down here and said that everybody is wrong in this that breitbart is wrong and so forth there's only a handful of us have the guts to put this story straight if we don't hear back
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nobody will. poor old ships me i thank you so much for martyring yourself rush really really you're just so brave i might actually respect you for bucking the mainstream media if it weren't absolutely clear that you're on the wrong side of the story but you're spewing lies of a vast media conspiracy all while patting yourself on the back there's a video of this story rush by means of there is an on camera record one that can't be disputed and yet somehow you probably still believe that the edited version the one that andrew breitbart created is the truth so the fact that limbaugh here is trying to call out fox news the first network that carried this story is pretty laughable they're all in bed together and his turning on them on one ridiculous story is just a joke being different just for the sake of being different doesn't change the fact that you're blatantly lying and everybody would have
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a brain knows it so maybe you should just try to be a little bit next let's obvious next time. now the case of the ten russian spies here in america has been sealed for weeks now there are a few lingering thoughts or remain many of the critiques about those people stemmed from the fact that they were really doing any good spy work nothing that a lobbyist or a consultant couldn't do but in that case are we underestimating lobbyists are some of them in fact modern day spies see it turns out that some extra agents are now using their influence and their connections to work as a lobbyist for foreign governments so is there a danger in that or earlier i caught up with jack rice a former cia special agent and a criminal defense attorney and i first asked him whether we consider these former intelligence officials working for former governments these spies of today's age. i
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guess you know where you could say to do this i mean what you. interesting about this to me is is you could call to sniff areas within some ways let me let's think about this very broadly perceptive i recall having long conversations with former cabinet level officials both democrat and republican former congressman former senators etc etc and all of these people are doing exactly the same thing and so at the end of the day it isn't exactly shocking to me that someone in the intelligence community may take their capability and or let's say representative somebody of a foreign corporation someone of the world but how do you think this happens i mean let's say this is a former cia official that used to spy on a certain country and then that same country then approaches them ask them to work for them it seems like a funny twist of fate. you bet it sure does doesn't it i guess you got him a little bit of money it's fascinating how at some time in the past you'd be considered a traitor and now you just did or it's the word we should use i'm trippin or yeah i
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guess that's it but again this really is analogous to what i was talking about with the former secretary of defense pacifically to have thinking about former us senators and we think about this technically what they do is the very same like this very same concept where they will actually be doing something for the us and against if you want to call them the bad guy pathetically and then all of a sudden you find that very same secretary of defense is now representing kazakhstan and we decided how does that happen i think it's that same concept that where all of a sudden in the guys who are fighting against when you're working for the government now that you're in private practice for them for a better word all of a sudden they are just business opportunities it is a disturbing without question and it's what at all levels but that's what i want to say is how dangerous the think it really hasn't what kind of sensitive information might be floating around out there might be shared and then perhaps used against
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the u.s. i think those are questions because there are real concerns that come from this i mean what you end up giving is this sort of strange idea that i keep coming back to you know secretary of defense secretary state members of congress in the same manner as i would with the intelligence community because what you get is this strange allegiance you're supposed to protect your country from a lot of secrets that you have and all of those people have them just like former members of cia n.s.a. and other places that they're supposed to protect them from their new employers and yet they also have no allegiance to those employers and they're supposed to bring the expertise to the table sometimes these secrets that you have really come from the expertise that you've acquired and so there's this weird sort of. or any area where all of a sudden they're saying hey what i really need to understand meaning your new employer for example i just used the country hypothetically of course and what you
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end up getting is you end up getting this gray area or these former intelligence official all of a sudden maybe inadvertently or maybe not so if it were and they are providing information that may once or may still be classified to the very people that you once if you can call it far against that's what makes this particularly disturbing but jack tell me this as you mentioned there is this weird gray area that we now find ourselves in here and you also study the law you know it well and should this be something that is made illegal. i think we need to be very very careful that when i say illegal i'm always concerned because you know i think there is always a need for people with expertise to be able to use that expertise on a worldwide market in the united states or elsewhere sometimes it's difficult to tell without an american corporation is versus a that international corporation you could drive a ford right now and i can tear it to pieces of there's probably thirty five countries at it and they might get merican for making the floor mats so it's very
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difficult to tell that and yet at the same time i think it is a credible important fact critical that we ensure that we protect all of that classified information that may be in the hands and heads of these very same former officials who supplies to somebody who is a former cia officer but just also applies to somebody who is a former president of united states so we have to look at this from the top down or from the bottom up either way it can't just be about those people of the intelligence community it has to apply to everybody across the board because a lot of this information at all levels must be protected while that's our you know i think it gets really tricky because i barely know this is something that goes on like you said not only with former intelligence officials but with former politicians and. they obviously all know that it's happening because perhaps they're thinking that it in the future once they also resign from their position or move on that they're going to get some money from it so i guess they all just let
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it slide but it's it's kind of scary jack thanks so much for your perspective on this. so much. so to come on tonight's show is shocking case from jerusalem a man is convicted of rape because he lied about his religion so i will look into the story i will see if fraud or lying could really be a reason to declare rape and a court of law will be back in a moment. every month we give you the future we'll do you understand how we'll get there and one more reason best in science and technology from across russia and around the world. on our jeep.
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imagine being charged with rape not because you forced someone to have sex with you or because you had sex with someone who was too young but because you lied about your religion that's exactly what's happening to the man in jerusalem right now r t correspondent paula sawyer brings us a story. ok . and far from cultivating a culture of tolerance vigilante style jewish patrol groups calling themselves fire for judaism stand watch outside the local shopping mall their mission to prevent arab men mixing with local jewish girls the municipality has created a twenty four hour hotline where parents and friends can phone to rat on jewish
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girls breaking this to bu a specially trained team of counselors and psychologists is on standby to rescue them as a leash more. it's important to save our traditions culture history and identity because without this who are we from my experience we can see that the chances for a healthy relationship between these really jewish woman and an arab man very very low it's because of the great differences between these two cultures share about thirty of the most recent case involves an arab man who posed as a jewish bachelor a jewish woman agreed to have sex with him but after she found out he was an arab and not a jew she filed a police complaint the courts took the case so seriously that he's now being convicted of rape by deception and sentenced to eighteen months and president the judge said he had an obligation to protect the public from sophisticated criminals who could know at innocent victims but reactions to the verdict differ i think if the women want to do it it's stored loaded not differ if it's arabic or more or
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because something like this usually do is girls don't know where their guys. unless it's a choice you know. there should be a choice he didn't leave her choice but in prison is too much and this is the way that this conflict is ruining our present arrives that we cannot have relationships that we cannot be just human being arabs make up a foot of israel's population but relationships between arabs and jews are rare former palestinian minister ziad abu is a yard says fights break out almost weekly in nightclubs and other public places over the issue it's not religion he says it's racist. there are jewish gangs which are against. hunting jewish. threatened force them to break. in the two years ronnie white here and kitty been
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tata have been together they've never been physically threatened he's muslim she's jewish but they're not thinking about leaving israel because they say it's simply too difficult on other levels and when my family found out they were very adamant about cutting me off on every level. for acting as a traitor to everybody and for being an inch and making that choice right now israeli parliamentarians are considering a law it will be quiet prospective israeli citizens to declared loyalty to israel as a jewish democratic state i would be israelis are furious most refused to swear allegiance to a state they believe explicitly excludes and marginalizes them. jeff. now that case focused on race is a conflict of culture and religion but what if we expanded it what if we looked
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outside of israel and simply asked whether whining to get sex in general should be considered as a right just think about men and women are both guilty perhaps not telling the whole truth before happen in a better but where is across the line where does it go from sexual seduction to fall out fraud or earlier i caught up with tracey clarke florrie from salon and i first asked her if she thought this case despite the fact that it's happening in israel and not the us could be setting a dangerous precedent. you know i'm not i'm not sure that legally it could set the dangerous precedent in the us you know i think what's really interesting about this case is the way that people are talking about it and i think the really that's the only effect that that we're really going to see in the u.s. is the conversations and people are having and the kind of conclusions that they're drawing where i mean let's have that conversation we do have certain laws here in
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the u.s. that talk about fraud and how broad my implied this how far those laws extended mean what actually constitutes fraud. the laws in the us are actually very strict as far as frog goes. you have to actually be impersonating someone else for instance there was a case a couple years ago where a woman had sex with her boyfriend's brother he posed as her boyfriend and came into her room late at night it was dark she called out the name of her boyfriend and he didn't do anything to correct her to let her know that he was in fact her boyfriend's brother and then she filed a claim of rant against him. now the case was dismissed because state laws
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only defined rape as. forced sex and so there needed to be that element of force fed the number of states have developed. laws that allow for. a definition of sex by fraud i mean it's so interesting because if you really think about it there's always a form of deception that's probably involved with. you know having sex with somebody who does make up to padded bras do all those things count as well. exactly i mean i think that it's really a slippery slope and that's why i think that it's really dangerous legal precedent to set in jerusalem because there are so many lies that we tell each other for better or worse in the courtship process you know go to your local bookstore and
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take a look at the number of books written by pick up artists about how to seduce women you know that we don't we don't consider that to be and rightly so but you know there's a whole industry devoted to helping people to basically live present themselves in a better life and are too good. sex and so it's really unclear where you draw the line exactly between sexual seduction and sexual fraud that is actually. you know it's a really tough call tracy you know it might sound a little bit crass but if we're going to be realistic about this do you think that there should be laws on the books that say you have to tell somebody before you sleep with them that the you have an s.t.d. or that you are or not on birth control i mean those are things that can have lasting affects. i think that's a really great question it's a really tough question those are the sorts of things that i think have to be i
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don't think that those are the sorts of things that courts should be left to decide on think that sort of thing that we can legislate i think these are very serious moral questions but i don't but i don't think i mean the law is a blunt instrument and i don't i don't think that you can deal with such sensitive issues and moral quandaries in the courtroom yeah maybe we could just have a personal taser or something because you know i've said any of that to you i would be really really angry and you want some kind of retribution but i agree i don't think that it's up to the government to perhaps tell you what you can and cannot do and that's as terry thanks so much for joining us. of course. all right just ahead on tonight's show we have our tool time winner and it involves online porn and a government that's finally allowing its citizens to join the sexual revolution
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revealed the winner we come back and there are now two place in new york fighting to keep mosques out of their neighborhood it's an issue that brings out heated debate on both sides will feel that he is ready to get back from the break. you're watching our t.v. live from moscow seven thirty in the morning here and these are the headlines the u.s. arrests a russian pilot in africa accusing him of smuggling in millions of dollars worth of drugs russia says america has virtually kidnapped and want to get citizens from a third country. deadly weapons according to reports the u.k. admits to using depleted.


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