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mission a during the war in iraq. sixty three miners underground at the time of an explosion in a coal mine in siberia in eastern russia have made it to the surface safely one miner is reported to have died in the accident and four others injured. and feeling the heat as temperatures in moscow soared to all time highs the heat wave spells disaster for some farmers in russia as they suffered the worst drought in a century. back to you on a show now and if you want to questions if the u.s. after nine eleven can really oppose free worship for muslims even if it means a boss in manhattan not far from ground zero that's next here on r.t. . our tool time winners night is china not the entire population but just the leaders
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that have been blocking internet access for years but the times are now a changing and the chinese people are quietly being allowed to access online porn you know this is a huge day in history for china it's kind of like the berlin wall falling or the tumbling of the saddam hussein statue in baghdad let freedom ring. perhaps is not that important but keep in mind china has been blocking the country's four hundred and twenty million internet users from accessing many news and politically charged sites for years along with most porn sites and in recent days many web porn friendly surfers began discovering that they actually could access their beloved smut online an interesting way enough china's ministry of industry and information technology had no comment about those sites being a blocked. i'm wondering if the chinese government has decided that maybe maybe if
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they allow their citizens to watch porn they won't pay attention to political or social issues and you know there have been several cases in china recently where a man walked into schools and violently killed students then killed themselves so maybe the government's realizing that they're tight control over the citizens has them all ready to snap and surfing for some porn online just might help ease those tensions you know as gawker put it keeping the population's hands and minds distracted might allow the chinese government to maintain its totalitarian grip now given a chance to go out and protest and cause violence might seem like a good idea when you can't surf the web but offer of some porn and i'm betting that young chinese males are going to stay home to relieve their stress by themselves so here's to the chinese people let the sexual revolution begin let them watch porn and to the chinese government you are friday night's told time. enter simply for the fact that it took you this long to give it to them. our tech
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wonder features a surprisingly affordable computer india's human resources development minister has unveiled a new laptop computer prototype that costs thirty five dollars that's less than this entire outfit that i wear and the sack shirt is a touchscreen laptop that looks like the i pad has video chat web browsing and word processing processing capabilities and the idea is here to make these affordable computers available for students in india to offer everyone the ability to access the internet and boost education rates in the country and now just a few years ago the concept of an affordable computer for education was tried here in the u.s. to in two thousand and five students mit created a cheap laptop for children in third world countries and they said it would only cost about one hundred dollars and fortunately that concept never took off because they had trouble keeping the production costs down after all the only type of
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similar laptop on the market in the us is the i pad and that's going to run you at least five hundred bucks so steve jobs could this be another nail in your apple coffin here we have a new threat to your i pad and now there's rumors circulating that you're trying to fix your i phone four s. by saying that you're delaying the release of the phone with the case come on it's a case nobody's buying that excuse so let's just hope that steve's heard about this new laptop and decides to drop the price on the i pad stat. oh yeah another neighborhood has become the stage for the debate over mosques in america and the board of trustees of a roman catholic church on staten island has formally rejected a proposal to sell a vacant convent to a muslim organization the plan to use it as a mosque now neighbors that opposed to its claim of the mosque might become a front for terrorism so in the wake of nine eleven do we see this as
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a full on assault on islam in america an act of ungrounded prejudice and fear or should this be a real concern or joining me here in the studio is will you his rap artist and representative of the palestine center in washington and in our new york studio i have pamela geller executive director of stop islam say islamization of america and editor of the blog alice rags thank you both for joining me now we'll start with you you see right here. so there's been a lot of debate lately about the fact that they wanted to build a mosque expand its exotic center near the site of nine eleven and i understand that could be a little touchy for people but here this isn't a nine eleven that decided nine eleven this isn't staten island so what's the big deal. i don't want to start off by saying that i don't represent the post lines that are in this talk but i really speaking as an individual and as someone who's a muslim and it's very sad for me to see that especially in places like new york city which is such an international city so diverse where there's
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a statue of liberty saying we welcome your huddled masses that there happens to be this kind of intolerance for people just practicing their religion or wanting to practice their religion so i think i think that the church stand island was kind of acting within its rights there was a lot of community pressure but that community pressure was invalid it was a rational it wasn't based on an actual threat of any kind it was just based on this fear and to me that's tragic because catholics and jews and other immigrant groups came in places like new york city were subject to the same. of intolerance the same kinds of irrational fears without people really understanding the religion their religion is in question now family do you think that you understand the religion that's in question here. well i've been studying it for eight years but that's really not the issue here mosques of being built across america the issue in staten island was primarily it was the muslim american society the muslim american
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society is the public face of the muslim brotherhood the muslim brotherhood in an internal capture document that was brought in as evidence during the holy land terror funding trial a captured internal document said the goal of the muslim brotherhood was to eliminate and destroy western civilization from within my brain has been tied to terrorist organizations muslim brotherhood is a terrorist organization the community was very concerned and rightly so in addition that church was by and large supported by the parishioners the land was donated by the parishioners and funded by the parishioners and they were not asked they were left out of the entire process it is their community it is their church this is not a general attack on all mosques in america this is a very specific case of concern with territory. building a huge center in the middle of this community well i strongly agree with the principle the parishioners should have
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a voice and people local community should always have a voice but it doesn't mean that it's a smart decision i want to bring up your use of evidence i mean to bring up this kind of document which i sold this so your website it's a twenty year old document to bring one document and say that they're for the american society is the public face of the muslim brotherhood that is a very huge statement to make and i think it also shows a certain amount of ignorance about muslim brotherhood i don't think there's a connection i know of no value added but the muslim brotherhood and the are very much they're represented in the parliamentary of ija. which is an ally of the united states the muslim brotherhood is hated they are very though they are talking about. you are they are no better than me i'm sorry that ideology mike and you're connecting it with the organization my going to be given a chance to speak no you're going to rule interrupt ok. it's a band it's a band political party it's a band it's a terrorist everyone in our band that if one's everyone there and i am speaking i now out and now everyone's bad once in five seconds ago it was not banned now it is
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banned as it's why the egyptian government who's looking over what is a muslim brotherhood remembering or in these are lame is to destroy western civilization from within and the muslim arabs where i get anywhere where i have this is what a mass badly the most american society will get yes actually on your laurels other good it's on the muslim brotherhood it's on the muslim brotherhood website the muslim brotherhood probably for the most americans is i wasn't around so it wasn't a childhood it's i know the muslim brotherhood website listen to what i'm saying it's on the muslim brotherhood site that the met muslim american society is the public face a stablished by the muslim brotherhood if you're for ninety one ninety one these only ever a few that are you saying that's not years old it's not it's not one quote it's not an article please go into the evidence to show you i'm sorry i mean that i want to get this all over that you know you know there are let me get it right on that documentation because we can talk about the muslim brotherhood all we want we can but the greater issue at hand here too is pamela i also know that you're not
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a fan of building a mosque side of nine eleven there are still these are these issues that are coming up in different communities as in fact there is a chance you think they are going to reassure you that believe that these things these types of decisions also perpetuate the idea that the u.s. is fighting a religious war because we claim that we're not and yet you could say that there is a lot of anti muslim anti islam your prejudice in america and i think that the big threat of organization i am a little yes me the biggest threat yes me they want to hear that i think islam who i thought. i think i think the military wing of islam has declared war on the west which is evident by the attack the largest attack on american soil on nine eleven and the subsequent fifteen thousand six hundred forty four islamic attacks across the globe since nine eleven inspired by jihad that has not been addressed what has it what is islam doing to expunge it's not on of the violence texts that inspired jihad you know the west event itself you size all these acts of flu are well over
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one hundred mosques around the country the muslim american society has more than forty chapters around the country and the post nine eleven climate i'm sure the government would know if these charities are arrogant they are going anywhere and i necessarily frightening that there are fifteen hundred mosques across this country i mean don't we practice the freedom of religion and i know that's not what's that's not what's frightening what is what i rated by the but by if they're operated by the arm of the muslim brotherhood that's frightening and we all know that every single claim fifteen thousand excuse me fifteen thousand six hundred forty four islamic attacks have had the in for mater of a muslim credit cleric the times square bomber chris that's what they're trying to buy the company was like i want to live or they want to turn the buy the gun one hundred jihadi the the forno demetri behind we are talking out of here there's no connections you can say so listen if that isn't ever you're not a little of
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a convent therefore it's the same you can never get away with saying the jewish people that all jewish people have a conspiracy and they're all the same person you can never say that about a christian that all their tongues are they say it just so i look the same here and say if you have all the same there are you going to become seriously it's very hard i have my little retailers are out here so i want to first of all talk about the koran the last chapter the most violent repentance sar i want to say something i love muslims i have nothing against muslims there is no collective guilt here i have a problem with the ideology that inspires jihad but you have i need some additional . i have no can i have no right to you i have another problem with modern the muslim brotherhood and al-qaeda but why do you do you think that building a mosque building and they all go out was limbs in america to worship is necessarily going to inspire jihad is not the issue here is that the people are scared there we are there with their qualities and i designed the people places of worship we have carol in staten island i was at that community board meeting i've been involved in that fight the people in staten island were concerned with apart
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from the zoning the parking and all of the tumble so what have caused in that neighborhood they were concerned with the muslim brotherhood proxy muslim american society as far as nine eleven goes the ground zero mosque that's a whole other issue that building is a woman morial a piece of the plane hit it should be designated a national historical landmark it is incredibly insensitive to build a fifteen story mega mosque on the sacred ground of ground zero on what you are how american stories have worked at home or where it is your eyes are open it's course it is course it is course enormous pain enormous pain and grief this was supposed to be outreach well i have to tell you maybe it was how do you think of how do you think a family of the two hundred mph war if you want to listen to the word as well this will since you are yourself muslim you know after nine eleven i think that definitely the climate has completely changed in america the way that americans are scared these days and we're fighting a war with terrorism but has the muslim population also suffered because of this
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because of the attacks on nine eleven do you feel like you got treated like you're less american i mean absolutely can look at the hate crimes you can look at the discrimination reports it's very well you want if there's a draw short guys no documentation there were no ancillary organization is like planning was narratives that she is part of the narrative all the most hard to go on is law now recognizing all the difference and i am not unity we were not royal let's talk about no longer a muslim going to go to prison or attacks. every day i worry that. having read it i know apples to be related to them every death was a murder every death was a murder and they don't know the cause of jihad and every and every death was a murder and every death was terrible i agree with you but the nine eleven situation is completely i agree with you there is no muslim backlash that's part of this islamic narrative you cannot say cite any hate crimes there have been no hate crimes america has gone out of her way to make sure that there was no backlit with this we are ok ok you guys are we are not words and we're out of time we have been
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. i want to consume the very structure of the beltway now going. after nine eleven there's a lot of yeah i think the government not ordinary assistant watch we're not a one on the existence don't think it doesn't doesn't exist but as long against i semitism is in a very family a family face a lot of my family thank you have a will it's the right me to get my seminar we're taking a break but just one more as i go ahead on the show we've got our friday buyers and our tweet of the day blast comedian stephen smith stops by saga about the white house to bottle with relief for rod horton the pentagon and a study that says the women's breasts are getting bigger i didn't make that last story up it's actually science so stick around for some fun.
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to see who's cool that she can bring to the chili pitch twitter. this is only communicating. what she's going to say. how can we do to keep.
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to tonight's fireside be fewer. cops. everyone's so concerned about america's thirteen trillion dollar debt these days protesters are calling for less government spending congress was riddled with
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infighting as to whether or not they should help out americans that are unemployed and yet the giant elephant in the room still remains i'm talking about the pentagon you know that bloated part of our government the woman spends more on the military than the rest of the world combined the one who's budgets has averaged out an inflation adjusted growth rate of seven percent in the last decade well looks like some are finally starting to turn in that direction the bipartisan deficit reduction commission has now warned the good hard look is needed defense. about deficit reduction and i agree but what does a good hard look really need washington it means not hard enough defense secretary robert gates is trying to contain the demands to cut the budget too much he says that he'll cut from the department's bureaucracy as long as they still allow the pentagon budget to keep growing just by one percent
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a year really doesn't really need to keep growing by one percent a year than it ever occurred to anyone but perhaps more is not always better the perhaps we don't need to have over seven hundred bases abroad to be fighting perpetual wars not only in iraq and afghanistan where ever else we still choose to send our special forces why on earth if cutting is the goal this defense would continue to grow the truth is that it does and it's about time that someone here in washington gets the guts to actually say that. all right it's friday and it's time to look at the week's most ridiculous most infuriating and just plain stupid news stories so for everything from boobs getting bigger to the chinese finally being allowed to watch internet porn i decided to
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bring in some help so joining me here is comedian seat and smith thanks for coming back thank you for inviting me i want to get your take you know this week everyone's been obsessed with this shirley surat story here to video the answer by breitbart stuff but you know here on this show we really gave the white house a lot of crap because i think this is embarrassing they actually fell for fox news and the made up news that they were trying to sell to them yet i feel even worse for just white people in general just because this if there was ever an opportunity to keep her position and pull the race card just he just failed you know even in a time like oh you don't want to give me money is because i was a white car and they just you know i just we could have some kind of white reverse reparations and we just all failed we failed obama fail white people i apologize going because right alex i am white knight and even say that he failed me yeah well if you tell you how you actually are you allowed to say how you felt like you know
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that alone like a man alone i'm telling you try to pull the race card one day you think the doors that open when you pull that you know fast food restaurants now mcdonald's is amazing when i pull the race car by the way i'm black when we get that double cheeseburger it's amazing. to start figuring out of you is my i'm telling you telling your call surely you know why are you so if you want to have been a because i'm white you'll be there in ten minutes i'm telling you ok i'm going to take your advice whole life politer advice america do it well so the white house was so focused on shirley sharod on watching and edited you tube video. that they weren't paying attention to the fact that now it's been found in the pentagon that there's been some serious child. horn found on a lot of computers of people that were very high up and had all kinds of classified access i maybe because here's a terrorist but it's way too convenient to have that many people have that much child porn on the computer i'm telling you somebody had said oh i think somebody hacking that they had to hack into computers and i think this man is
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a genius i don't want to be arrested i do this man should probably call me because i got a ticket in richmond last week and a right there is a particular cop who might need some chop or show up on his thing so he didn't show up at the trial all right all right man so just call me up all right i'm not saying that you're guilty but i'm saying that i'm on the internet email me. dot com. you know i think i'm starting to believe you on that because you figure if these guys work for the pentagon and i say they're going to know how to hide the stuff you tell them hey you know no other thing i don't know the computer to the rich they make like millions of dollars they got no laptop on the plane they've got not phone i know you carry out of the pentagon is boring sometimes yeah right yeah. i have to shower for right now all right well i bomb a country you know come on. whatever makes you feel better you know so child would know to look at this if you will have or whatever i bet i'm not going to stand somebody called her oh man i have not heard child before but i do support the
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government of china finally allowing their population to watch regular legit porn on line let's clap but that's just to make this is nothing but china i feel so happy for that man that friday night before the weekend or he stumbles upon it like i did not know and i feel so sorry for his coworkers that monday and i'm just so happy that china doesn't have a hand shaking culture and balance thank god because everything be messed up after that but do you think this is going to open up an entirely new market of poetry to me i know there's a lot of asian point out there but it specifically chinese. i don't know maybe you know better than i do listen i don't have it well and i have a lot of life friends in white. they love anything they love asians and they love them in poland so i don't know if it's going to grow and i doubt that i don't know asians like white people so i think probably we're going to our export is going to go higher. jamieson is about to become famous are alright well then maybe maybe obama had a little talk with who to work out because he just gave up you know he's talking
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about increasing our exports doubling them alone not trying to figure out where you're going where you stand so you're saying that the government loves child porn obama found surely if i don't read it. i love you because obviously there's a lot. of i would just have to get a graphic to ok bring us what i've always there rushing a lot away to life before i go to that site china so they're giving the people poor and they're also gypping them because they're going to sell p.v. our you know our man's beer for forty four dollars a bottle this isn't gypping you know this is this is literally china don't get in our face saying they are so rich they won't overpay for anything that's how rich they are so say oh it's seven dollars i'll pay forty that's how rich i am america that's like they make fun of a rapper spending too much money they spend much money on chains and lisa ten thousand dollars ten list is worth ten thousand dollars right this is not worth ten dollars of they're like yes we're going to do it because a rich and we own america and we own the world i want to go to china for being evil
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. is the fear that you buy for i don't know while i had a dollar ok i'd like to send their marketing as a i was called a world famous spirit i really like that yes ok i want to live on i want to revive that you know to boobs i had to talk about boobs there's a new study coming out of australia that says that we're going to get a clip from this really who i got i agree it was right and i really don't i mean it was breast we could fund it to the beach clips i thought i'd really think that thrilled you know why do you like you are getting bigger are you stoked on that i don't i don't think this is a debate topic i think we should all just go to the beach right now and. really explore why are we even talking about this like it's a national crisis all right somebody get a van together yeah we need to talk about this in person i think missing the beauty behind you know most of that was the grab it we all the lower this is a natural part of evolution perhaps is that women's breasts get larger and this is a graphic to weather but nicer to this if you ever heard of them or what it was but
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you didn't because this is a this is a great graphic when i was home can we put this out directors. like a lotus sticker on there and they're also being very well getting with that the entire world there's no wonder you would not want the negative angle on big breasts are right now in my segment and since jim since our right ok and enough of your thank you very much we're all done with you our direct tweet of the day we just discussed the report from australian researchers that say that women's breasts are getting larger and that really got us thinking what would bill clinton known for his a level women tweet about this research i have a feeling it say something about like this hey researchers you could've saved your time and money because in my personal research i've known that hooters have been getting bigger for years that's hard to do they will have another one for you on mondays so that's it for tonight's shout thanks for tuning in make sure you come back next week we will have a debate on affirmative action in the meantime you'll forget to become a fan of a lot of facebook to follow us on twitter and you can always catch our show and all
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of the interviews a you tube dot com slash the longer show coming up next is the news of the latest headlines from the u.s. and around the world. areas which are made to police children. crime their health. care medicine. should treat illness as. nurse enough. to secure itself against. children started off to build mosques and lasted for almost thirty years to live two superpowers and two brains. upload one to two miles during the storms congress on t.v.
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. wealthy british style. sometimes. markets why not come to. find out what's really happening to the global economy with mike's cars or for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune in to kaiser report on our.
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u.s. government's programs to help those facing foreclosure come under attack as a community organization steps in to help desperate homeowners. britain's defense secretary admits u.k. and american troops used the p.t.t. rain. during the iraq war in two thousand and three which may have that high radiation levels across the country. freezing your future russian clinic is the only one in europe where you can raise.


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