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america's image is just a facade a special interview next. it's not that long ago. most u.s. robbers were embracing their new popular president with problem which was great but you still big gamble. for some hip hop artist who has worn away behind the scenes just be a. great general c.e.o. of rap duo smith and wesson is among the few cutting against the grain to confronting issues like social injustice more rain government corruption. and they were one of. the brooklyn born robin sat down with our team to discuss his new album america's nightmare partit was children of war i would say first that i've bored of her bra. i think that most people regular folks like myself.
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we're interested in what we can do. and vironment to make it better. and a lot of times we are. we we are we're giving this this horse and we're just like was a pulse of believe in this thing what is person and. we've seen it done over and over and over and at times you have to realize like the truth is the truth you know like we're all human beings are all we will have the sponsibility is but i think that no one human being can save the world i think that people get involved like doing something like getting obama elected i think in a spirit of. the sixty's when they spoke out about injustices that was going or you had the elders had to come down and now say ok we hear that now we want to be the faces for this thing so now we can catapult it across the nation i think that for centuries. people have known that the president
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has been the face of. corporation called america the united states and i think when we start dealing with the reality of that then we can start to find what our position is and how we played this great position you know it's been said that the people out of government you know and i don't think people realize that so. do you mean to tell me you don't think that. u.s. president barack obama can change the system the system that you say is led. by the corporations of the united states in my opinion i think he means well and i think that there are there are there are people who are going to run in this country way before barrage graduate and probably thought about running for office come in and set it all in here and yet. but the exciting chapter but the reason that most so many americans rallied around him is because he promised to change that pattern he vowed to as
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a matter of fact in two thousand and eight i think in october two thousand and eight you put a video up on you tube a letter to barack obama where you said we need a president that knows how to react. we stand with you. has he reacted to any of the injustices you've seen in some forms he has because he cannot stand and do nothing like was crazy about the people by the people we have love for our country wherever we are you know. and we will we we will support the people that are in office if they have the. interests of the people. sometimes it takes longer than other places because as you look in greece right now it's crazy in greece right now. and what we see is the media telling us how things are going so we're kind of like we're kind of calm before the storm so to speak i think that obama is a good way to keep people that day i think that his his demeanor is so they call
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him the cool president you know it's like these characteristics are almost like it reminds me of rhett almost like you want to make this cool guy appeal to people but then the people who are there are some people that's looking at the issues and they're like they're not really happy with the performance of the president right now issues being unemployment like what we were speaking about before how unemployment among african-americans at least here in new york city is four times higher than that of white americans and there's a similar pattern like that in the majority of states throughout the country do you think that having a black president in office or did you think it would have changed or help change that problem or combat the problem just the problem in a way i think that's an excellent question and i think that's one of the one of the things that i think about most when i look at the people in the community i think that people have to realize that they are the government the people who elect the
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government officials and i think it's important that people are informed about this is. pass the buck to give something right. i'm saying yes jobs. give us better health care open more schools for our children like what we see that we have as a unified and this is our symbol of and if occasion will just say that. we have to know where the power came from initially came from the people who elect this individual i think that. the need for change is what set this whole thing in motion and it's going on all over the world it just seems like america or the americans. american citizens are just kind of sleeping right now i don't know i don't know if they understand what's really going on in the world or how it affects affects them or affects us because i'm an american citizen tell me about america's
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team and tell me about. what you want. your fans gender standard maybe new people that that don't know that much about your music that will now go watch that video in this into your earlier what message are you saying there hip hop has been given to us. like to give respect so who her african baden's zulu nation i think that hip hop can be used for good for evil. i'm a kid who grew up in brownsville oh she'll brownsville brooklyn not texas a lot of my peers they are not politically afford they don't know even you know feel the necessity to be involved in that process because it doesn't really protect them often and i think that hip hop has given us a stage to open up this dialogue or this dialogue to inform the people why they're there their position is important or participation is important and know that the
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power comes from the people you know black panther power to the people power to all people. we have to remember that. america is this model for democracy you know we've become. just like people in third world countries. look to america and say you know you guys really seem like you got it together you know yet it's not really together it's just a facade of you know everybody is the make up is there but behind the make up is kind of like kind of like chaotic if it's not a democracy here in the united states what is it that's a good question it's a good question. when people can speak up when they can have a peaceful protests. about injustices that's in the community is for something as small as from police brutality to what's going on in the with the oil spill. and be active when you have the people dissatisfied what was going on with the policies
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then you have to wake up in the morning president obama has to work a bit more say i what am i going to do about what's going on in. detroit all fifty fifty five schools is called going to deal with this like we're talking about the future and some of the children who. economy does pose an economy forcing us pause and jobs for a second let's talk about the opportunity for for children even know when it is there's a hole in their country so to create more jobs so it gets a little tricky when you start getting close to sort of red tape what is america's nightmare because that's what your album is called america's nightmare part two children of war right now what is america's nightmare i think america's nightmares a mirror. a reflection of the ugliness and i think that america the beautiful like the heart of song goes i think that america is a beautiful place but i think that it's been covered with so much turmoil in oil so
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much turmoil and i think that. if we shake loose we can begin to get into this this just this you know better quality of life with not such a separation of races and ethnic backgrounds are we going to we're going to have to deal with. religion but how does that go beyond just rhetoric i mean there needs to be action order to change what you call is a nightmare is the action and in wars is the action cutting the military budget is the action i don't know recognizing muslim holidays i mean you're talking about religion you're talking about race relations what kind of action action. action by the administration action ministration will not do anything for us. our kids tell you what the action was because i might be a science something what i would say is that our ability to connect with each other
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is the power that the government can't control and they're working very strongly on controlling me even when you look at what's going on with the internet and trying to find you know with the f.c.c. and different rulings and stuff. was going on with china with google. it's a lot of. changes going on in the constitutions across the world and i think that when the people because we outnumber. we outnumber the senator the representatives outnumber these people that if we really dissatisfied i think that we can say that in a manner that will change and i think that when we have when we put our children to school to college in one of them might want to be the next obama we've got to make sure he can do the work we want to push him to see if you can do the work is a lot of it's a lot of things that. obama has to face you know i'm not. totally disappointed in him i think that as a as a as
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a person you have to do your best job and then you working with the united states government can't because it can't be easy see your message to your fellow americans i gather is open your eyes open your eyes don't sleep don't don't fall for whatever they feed you you know most kings a lot of kings will poison because they were. it was they will loving of their subjects and a lot of times you know there's just wickedness and you have to know that there's wickedness and in the world you have to know that there are people who are just here to profit and to put their foot on the back of people who are poor who don't know any better and i think that most of our community is like when you look around in the communities if you just left them alone for like a week you would see how rich these communities were a lot of people had to go outside of the community to make their money and they always bring it back so it's not really like this crazy thing like crime is not really crazy in new york a city like this explosion of cultures meshing together one
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a worldwide global scale we're seeing it in america we're seeing what could possibly happen in america on a global scale it can happen in just being. asian of speech or asian of information like yourself like i can communicate with people. across the world so what i say has to be important it has to be helpful has to be unless i'm just an agent for destruction and then i. probably need to be with the rest of the spies and. assigned to blow up stuff. that no general still thank you very much for sitting down and q. is been a pleasure and thank you. for coming into the future. job it's just a piece of speech from
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a cinema and landed in your living. shot on special lenses street the street your stereo display a life filled glasses no problem getting the three d. going to be updated on. the central. fifty. five. top stories this hour in afghan strategy under question as the u.s. congress approves billions more of war funding some lawmakers say they're signing off more lives with no end in sight this comes just days after a leak of top secret documents revealing military details of the war including a cover up of civilian deaths. internet censorship in russia's far east as
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a court demands a local provider blocking access to you tube for spreading extremism really was based on a nationalist video called russia for russians and affected other sites with content such as hitler's. class with horrific tales of neglect and abuse in check retirement homes a new hotline valve's to help where the government has failed reports suggest up to twenty percent of elderly people in the country have suffered some form of abuse mental or physical. with more on those stories and other developments for us in fifteen minutes from now in the meantime we're going to check out the world of sports with kate. i. follow and thank you for joining me for the sport these are the top stories
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strolling to the podium russia's walkers make a clean sweep of the medals in boston logan. was in its regrets the st petersburg side failed to crack the new way out in the champions league qualifiers. and what it's not just did go marathoners twenty one month reign as argentina coach comes to an end first russia is celebrating a team's sweep of the medals at the european athletics championships as all guy can escape that lead a russian one two three in the women's dramatic twenty kilometer walk a couple of their rivals couldn't make it to the finish that includes a local favorite and holder of the world walking cup maria vasco the spaniard exited in tears after pulling hamstring but olympic champion can escape astro to actively sensing victory in barcelona a time of one hour twenty seven minutes and forty four seconds more than a minute faster compacted a nice yak kidnapped into who took silva while there are like a low back time home and third to make sure russia of the podium. is also wants
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for russia on monday and i've updated taken it in the winning shot but with a stroke nineteen point three nine meters preventing a clean sweep of medals by bellary then italian asked up truck claimed goals in a super first round effort of twenty point four eight metres and a teammate defending champion italia rivets missing over. the track written by pharrell won the men's ten thousand meters he broke clear in the last three hundred meters for a time to be finished farah became the first british man to win the european title crossing the line in twenty eight minutes from four point nine nine seconds has been patrick's chris thompson time so over the beaten time. you treat this photo from. football nouns and it's had a frustrating time remaining on tuesday night they were unable to break down ten minute in the third qualifying round of the champions league although coach knew
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china's plenty described it as a good result for his backside when it happened one time bought it off that way rather than had to let it were sent off for the home side after just thirty six minutes they still couldn't make the breakthrough afterwards for that he said his sight of face to team couldn't afford well the crunch return leg needs of petersburg next wednesday belgian champions and select one of twenty one welsh and exciting new saints the world's fair winds brought in on actually have a spot across the print side you can see it one one of the red bull salzburg in the square she lena and tex know that their techniques will be choosing wednesday of next week. the small third round qualifying action on wednesday night i x. are among the sides playing as they take on a great outfit ok so long in amsterdam martin y'all in maine is the i.x. manager despite speculation he was on his way to fall and he wants to get a good win at home to effectively seal the tie in the first leg in the game which
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i'm bored with us as she. should judge each. other play a way for us but i think biggest situation. is better for us to greater than your. bell because you as you're very good you especially at the road show. tried to get a very good result. for it to finish it off in the back. well as of salonica it's an uphill toss having won only one of their last seven champions league matches they also have a new manager has lost this was brought in after mario beretta that's the post after just twenty three days on the current boss isn't fazed by the forthcoming matt. cygnus a couple although i'm new to this team i feel very good on this and if i had faith in the scene i had seen a good start to some point like every other coach so why not with an important game like this of today i'm not worried about anything else but as it plays to my
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availability and believe in a good result against iraq's northern tier but here. and elsewhere fend of all right thing that champions league account the third round qualification match away at swiss we would run is up young boys the turkish side who lost their first two league games this season but come back with a couple of boys sitting want iraq. just what is team has to do. we know that we have a big responsibility in this match and we're played like that which it's a knockout system with two matches to be played so we have to draw and get to push the results on wednesday and take it a bit. and celtic are also in action this wednesday the scottish premier league run us up had a light training session in portugal ahead of their clash with sporting braga the portuguese side have a long list of injuries with hof of the first team sidelined so it's a good opportunity for celtic coach neil lennon is preparing for his first european match as a manager. initially. chad stand
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a game keeper concentration you know but ultimately you know we would like to see you create chances as well think it's important obviously if we can make an away goal in it i will be very very important for sports you know early on will be. you know respect and brotherhood not sure to much respect and we've got to go and play as well you know we've got to have a belief in ourselves and i think there's a good focus about the squad of the minute there's a confidence about them as well. staying with the wall and diego maradona's reign as argentina coach has come to an end after the country's football association voted unanimously not to a new his contract he been in charge of the national side the twenty one months and the forty nine year old who led to argentina to the quarterfinals of the world cup with a repeat and four nil by germany after that exits marathon a said he would stay on as coach but only if he was allowed to take his entire backroom stuff that was the sticking point for his bosses who wanted to change his assistants used to manage just sergio back to step will be the interim coach for
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the friendly against ireland in dublin next month possible long term success as a studio and his coach a one hundred one. meanwhile with a new english premier league season just over two weeks away chelsea's chief executive ron gourlay has dismissed speculation that striker did a drug that could be leaving the club which is good news for coach concha lotty who has already lost joe cole and michael ballack absolutely no doubt absolutely didier will be a chelsea player next year videos under contract. and anything about this time of year is we always go. you know it's put our players to be in the newsies you know. it's normal but yeah very doable will be a chelsea player actually carlo is completely comfortable with that with the team. you know you would you know if carlo wants to bring a player or two into the squad then there muhlach he has to be the right player. to
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fit into the squad. at the right price and if these things all come together then going for it will strengthen the squad. meanwhile one man who has changed sides is for spain striker old the thirty three year old joyce german run as a shocker on a two year deal on wednesday just two days after announcing his departure from the only truckies ever played for real madrid a move puts an end to raoul's eighteen year stint with the spanish giants. and in the meantime the future delegation has visited sydney on the last day of their tour of australia and were shown displays of every city unstable and involved in the country's bid for the world cup in twenty twenty two but it wasn't business on their agenda the delegates also went to the sydney wildlife world talk to get a glimpse of the country's unique animals the fee for team has six more countries to inspect including russia for announcing their verdict on december the second and the australians are pleased with the way they presented their bid. well it's been
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an action packed three days we've two in sydney with two in brisbane we've toured melbourne way heading up to the concert valley region today and i think it's been a great demonstration of the wonderful sports infrastructure and sports assets the destroyed it has to offer the world and finally the russian government has started an initiative to perhaps the development of sport and healthy living as a four day forum starts in moscow. how small. companies. run for. the full. time this year moscow celebrates the thirtieth anniversary of the summer olympics which were held here back in one thousand a.d. the country has changed the political course drastically since then but a healthy nation remains a priority for today's government as well and just like thirty years ago russia's
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main sporting venue remains in the heart of moscow the luzhniki olympic complex now the home of the first annual international sports forum. we want to show that luzhniki is still very much alive today and meets the requirements of international sports federation is the main thing is that it can host various top level competitions and forty five different sports disciplines and want to show to the foreign participants that usually key is a sports and health center of not only moscow but of the entire country as well. the forums program includes conferences congresses and various round tables which will be held from the twenty ninth of july to the first of august besides the meetings all sports dignitaries the four will host the second international sport film festival and of course the calendar would not be complete without actual sporting events a lot of which will be held at another olympic location the sports complex where the guests will be able to escape this soaring moscow hint that's a bridge or on the outside might be nearing forty degrees but inside here they.
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lots ballasts the weather is always perfect for some ice skating and i'm sure these kids behind me well they do have the right idea phrase that sambo cup street ball world championship and canoe spring championship are just a few sporting events which will take place during the forum the organizers expect over six thousand people to participate including past and present in big medalists while the forum itself is expected to be visited by over three hundred thousand people room on cost of r.t. in moscow. and that's all from sports an adjunct to getting just on the two asked see if that. coming into the future seeing double the cheap seats from a cinema and landed in your living room. specialises street or street or stereo displays a life filled glass is no problem actually on the street lunch she updates if
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you're on a. afghan
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strategy under question as the u.s. congress approves billions more of war funding some lawmakers say the signing off more lives with no end in sight. internet censorship in russia's far east as a court demands a local provider blocked access to you tube for spreading extremism.
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plus with horrific tales of neglect and abuse in check retirement homes a new hotline val's to hope where the government has failed. to. live from our studios here in central moscow this is r.t. with twenty four hours a day thirty three billion more u.s. dollars heading to afghanistan after the move was given the go ahead by congress the huge cash injection is meant to bolster the war effort which critics say is being lost to the taliban and the recent publication of secret u.s. military files seems to echo this view as christine for reports. twenty a glimpse into the way it really is on the battlefield now made more clear by the release of more than ninety thousand secret documents on wiki leaks dot org.


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