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holmes and they've been speaking about the shock how quickly it happened they said the photo was really very very fierce and there was very little they can do as they watched their homes burn now here in for and if they set up the rescue centers they've had a huge amount of help from people they've been bringing to the thief and just offering assistance to these people who really have been left with nothing now we've heard president. saying that he's going to be providing assistance and providing more houses we can hear more from him now. after this unusually hot summer. so we need to at least provide people with temporary housing and immediately start the construction of permanent who's both the russian government and the regional administration should. choose to finance these needs prime minister peyton's also guarantee one hundred thousand dollars to anyone who has lost their homes that of course is not much come come said at this time the people who have lost everything and we went to one of the villages have
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a readiness to suffer very badly in the fires to meet some of the local people and find out how they were capering they could only watch helplessly at the firestorm that claimed that they one person's life this is the village of must love about fifteen minutes from burnished fifty center one of the places worst affected by the fire is the left many of the homes here completely destroyed. the fire wasted no time flames leaping from building to building incinerating eighty houses and making two hundred people homeless all within the space of a couple of hours while those need to move his dog i never thought find could spread that fast but the wind was very strong it was like a hurricane police told us to leave they knew it was dangerous to stay here it was only thinks to them we're alive and we're saying god it wasn't at night because then there would have been much more victims one elderly man desperately trying to leave his burning house. got struck by falling why is the electric shock. friends
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and neighbors have been mulling around and there were many tales of courage. if i didn't come back on time my neighbor would have been burned alive because she didn't see the fire approaching from both sides she could have been trapped in the middle at the last moment she ran out in her gown and slippers she's left without her identification and any of her documents the devastation wasn't just restricted to property. i buried my rottweiler he was near the house when it caught fire he panicked and didn't let anyone approach him. he was burned alive it was a good dog people are now coming to terms with how everything that was being lost but they all help is coming from many. who have come here to one of the temporary refuge centers where people have been coming up in their hundreds bringing food and clothes and offering help to those who lost everything in the fire with so many
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people left homeless the government has promised immediate help and that new houses will be built by wind in the meantime fit it is like love and reeling from fire damage left trying to pick up the pieces. for a new. washing r.t.m. plenty more coming up. including triumphant protesters country is so criminal and its actions all over the world it has no right to tell people not to cross borders when it's crossing illegally crossing borders and all over the world innocent people and migrants in arizona celebrate as a federal jobs blogs are to be controversial. camping out illegal aliens also in the program. several thousand barrels with toxic substances headed towards the river in russia. as for used later in the program.
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and before that this we rock obama signed into law a fifty nine billion dollar war spending bill for the latest afghan troops surge of thirty three billion of that pays for an additional thirty thousand troops the rest goes on reconstruction and aid for veterans it comes in the same week whistle blowing web site we can weeks published thousands of classified documents detailing civilian deaths of the hands of nato personnel the disclosure has increased colds and the war in many countries including the u.k. archy's lore and the matter for a british soldier who's refusal to fight cost him his freedom. this is the soldier who said no to the speaking out against the conflict one he calls illegal and unjustifiable his advice to the government i was i was i listen to people just simply. people in the morning with. these conflicts. you know the call of will fall off the wagon which was the message which spin cycle fish
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from the store. to public clinton joined the army in two thousand and four and fought for seven months in afghanistan he says he came home a changed man suffering symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder for which he claims he was bullied when he heard he was being sent back to afghanistan gone did from the army and didn't come back for two years initially his military superiors were understanding but when joe spoke at an antiwar rally in london they taste charges to desertion which carries a ten year prison sentence joe's mother says that exposes the hypocrisy of the conflict bringing democracy we've got freedom of speech we're fighting to introduce you to stand in the lock somebody up speaking of. the missing blanton paid a price for his outspokenness in the notorious military jail the glass house he thinks the reason it wasn't longer was to avoid a public outcry which could have brought on an examination of the war he served his
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time along with other soldiers who he says will with him all the way on the stand he taken. you know i was so much support from from my fellow prisoners. and so much mildness. point when it was going to underlayers a dime is fantastic so i think a fellow lawyer for the first night when. i was correct was so much more the. jury has become a poster boy for the stop the war coalition thank you hero's welcome following his release from. isn't this someone they consider brave and principled well i mean shouldn't being punished a tool he's saying what everyone believes and everyone knows the war is not just on winnable it's immoral is it to see those closing times defeat for the people of afghanistan a more i'm all young british men and women are being sent out to risk their lives for a war that money the politicians support even in private i know it's
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a disaster joe blanton story is k because it comes straight from the front line as do the ninety thousand documents released this week showing the vote on this truce all the bloody conflicts and going by clinton's account of the support he received from all the soldiers during his time in prison is just said inside the armed forces something the government could have a hard time make nor nor emmett's r.t. london and coming up in the program new york resident laurie harvest asks people whether a weekly release of u.s. military files was the right thing to do. out of the sordid details of politicians i don't think we need to know the but information that is in the public just such as should know everything i believe that you know america should know a lot of things but also america should be kept in the dark about other things.
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and china thousands of barrels containing toxic chemicals continue to move towards russia after being swept into a river by floods and although chinese authorities are desperately trying to intercept the poisonous containers there are unconfirmed reports that some could already be leaking their contents into the water aren't easy or if it's going off as more. base either just around fifty years ago the water in the arm or was so clean it was possible to drink it straight from the river obviously over the years the situation has changed but the ecology here is now under threat of becoming even worse chinese authorities now see that they've managed to extract. several thousand barrels which have been washed into the river last wednesday as a result of the biggest floods china has experienced in a decade but that means that several more thousand barrels are still in the water and since the river joins the. chinese located just several dozen away from here these barrels are clearly enroute to words russia chinese are eight beers
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to prevent these barrels from reaching here however there are signs suggesting that the ecology is still under threat first of all out of the seven thousand barrels which have got into the water three thousand of them contain chemical substances including acids which may be harmful to the environment and there have been reports that some of these barrels have leaked these chemicals into the water and the old we also be en route towards the also been reports that some of the barrels may have sunk into the water and that creates a potential future of threat to the environment and also makes it much more difficult to extract them to do surface since the river is a major source of fresh water in the city. and in russia's far east in general many locals here are very concerned about the situation. they say they're trying to intercept them but i still think some will eventually end up here some say they're
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leaking on the chemicals will come anyway. it's not the first time we've had problems like this in the winter there was a big can it will spill and we had to use what's a filter is china has to find a way to prevent the steam we won't be able to drink the source or it'll of course the authorities in russia are very concerned about the situation as well and the russian consulate and embassy are cooperating with authorities in china nevertheless the officials here are already planning ways to distribute fresh water to the local population in case of contamination. but thankfully for the emergencies ministry which is monitoring the quality of the water by taking samples at least twice a day they see that so far they haven't found any abnormalities he is going off reporting there and still ahead on the program a milestone for the eyes find out how the docking of a russian module at the international space station ten years ago made it work and
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words the largest construction in orbit possible. this is a baby box if a mother wanted to meet her child all she'd have to do would be to pull on this. and put the child inside. abandoned for adoption are two looks at the concept of baby boxes where mothers can anonymously leave their newborns home for a better one. north korea has demanded its x. birds be allowed to examine the side where a south korean warship sank the vessel went down in march killing forty six sailors an international investigation accused north of carrying out you to repeat a tap but a second inquiry led by russia has reportedly cast doubt on that saying a mind could be to blame foreign policy analysts even going so as the result of the first international report raise doubts even within south korea. the lead government is not a government that is interested in peaceful coexistence with north korea. is to see
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the collapse of north korea and its absorption into the south. it's also suspicious that the south korean government's report was released on the eve of gubernatorial and local elections there's also the case that. the idea that the north korean submarine could have been operating in the shallow waters in which the children and saying it is incredible that but one could make the argument that the entire point of this incident in the blaming of it on north korea was to provide a pretext to escalate tensions there is a large opposition within south korea to the idea that in fact north korea is responsible for the sinking of the ship. i just remind you we've got much more on our website that's r t dot com and we feature blogs forums galleries and different stories the here's a look at some of what might interest you online today. towering inferno a group of men filming themselves while trying to escape from
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a burning village in russia and trapped by a walls of flame and rattles lee no one was hurt. and a proper alondra box lobby and set up a food bank to help feed families all in the hard times. until november at least immigrants in arizona will be safe from new random police checks and that's after u.s. court has spawned a state governors appeal against curbs on a new immigration law its most controversial provision such as forcing migrant workers to carry papers all times were removed shortly before the bill came into force artes dealing with soft ski reports from the book. as it is. doesn't sound like your typical immigration protest today i feel great as beautiful
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guy one of my god everybody was so excited bringing in. and yeah it was. that's because just one day before the law was to be enacted i. sat harshest provisions i'm here celebrating with the community and our victory. to be removed a celebration over one hundred long hot days in the making. and the world didn't have much that celebrate and i mean it's not a number assigned immigration law they say any year every there are a boom five they had to break through but it wasn't always a lock down but some of the most controversial provisions. took a they say their prayers were answered with we've been in pretty well you know every day twenty four hours
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a day this is taking over or our lives and right now this is the only issue we can work because there's so much demand for it and you're right here we're we're directly in the thick of it right on the front lines of what is a national struggle and whenever there's a national struggle money has to be made here. now. where anyone can be a patriot belong to god. and stand in solidarity with america's immigrant population but although they. dern activist jonah clary is busy these days he's not very optimistic about the future of the hispanic community a lot of the emirates that are coming here are coming here to escape the political and economic systems that we created in their country they're coming here for for the ability to live to have crewed to have children to have what they need to take care of their families and they can't have that where they came from but largely as a result of united states imperialism in their country a sentiment that was at code by native born at naturalized citizens
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a life blaming the very nation they would do anything to stay in this country is so criminal and its actions all over the world it has no right to tell one group of people not to cross borders when it's crossing illegally crossing borders and all over the world to bomb innocent people but most of these folks want to drop a different kind of bomb and i demand that the u.s. government listen when they say oh you. leave have come here for a better future please leave the first step we have to keep making their voices heard you never know dina go soft archie phoenix arizona now one of the top stories this week was the publishing of classified u.s. military information about the war in afghanistan online r t sound president laurie hardness on the streets of new york to ask whether people think it was a good decision.
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the web site wiki leaks has just released more u.s. government information this time with more than ninety one thousand reports from the war in afghanistan should they be releasing such sensitive information this week let's talk about that i'm a journalist and i think freedom that you get the people need to know what's happening and i think it's great is there anything that the public shouldn't know. i don't want the sordid details of politicians out of the group we need to know that but information that's in the same public domain just such as should know everything is there any information that should never be published by a watchdog oh yeah i mean if they're saying which is going to endanger troops or something which is really going to hurt us or hurt the people who are really trying to do the right thing in afghanistan it should absolutely not be shared so out of ninety one thousand reports it is possible i'm sure there's a bunch in there that's bad stuff i believe that you know america should know a lot of things but also america should be kept in the dark about other things and
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they compared to the pentagon papers this was released without a lot of. time explaining what it all means it's just a lot of information without a lot of explanation and that leads to you know anyone could take it and use it how they want to use it should they have done it no but is the i'm a she should be information classified in the first place that's another question i mean some of that information is pretty basic is it really a serious risk to national security and the fact that the information is published it doesn't look like it but it's not a good idea to be leaking classified information whether or not you think this kind of government information should be released to the public the bottom line is that now it's out there for the whole world to access so let's just hope it doesn't fall into the wrong hands. and it's ten years since the international space station first became habitable when a russian module was a life support systems docked with the orbiter even revolutionize the research
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which could be carried out on the ice says thomas reports. it circles the globe about three hundred fifty kilometers from the earth's surface it is the largest construction in space it is a marvel of modern engineering which is approaching a crucial milestone moment of calm for the i.s.a.'s is a major contemporary space project it involves a big number of program participants including the united states canada european countries and japan and the station is being used as a big scientific laboratory though it is a prime example of international cooperation now the roots of the station stem from the apollo soyuz program thirty five years ago when two rival space programs of the u.s. and soviet union integrated technology for the first time twenty years later russia and the u.s. expanded on that shared experience with the goal of creating a permanent space presence. we were part of right similes operation of both the mir
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orbital station and preparation for the. i remember those years the most interesting period of strenuous work which finally did to this great result this is the mark up of the capsule which is where astronauts and cosmonauts come to train at star city who are traveling to the international space station and it is in here that you get a sense of the significance of this capsule in one thousand nine hundred ninety eight the zarya and the unity capsules world watch but it wasn't until ten years ago when the capsule was attached that the space station became livable. but made it possible for the crew to stay in the station would be impossible to build the station at the pace it was constructed that without the special part of the infrastructure was now in place it was up to the station's first crew to get everything in motion bitter with those two weeks were critical since a lot of the systems were being activated for the first time some russian system
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segments were merged with us systems those machines had never seen each other in earth and that was the first. they would work together. ten years on the i.s.o.'s is approaching the record for a structure being continuously inhabited in space and on are currently held by russia's mir project and while it was originally only supposed to be in service until two thousand and fifteen it looks like a bright future for the international space station which i think a part of my assessment has decided to prolong the station's use until twenty twenty and possibly even longer if the technical state of the station is good ensuring a continued international presence in space for many more years to come john thomas r.t. moscow. space break there but in just ten minutes we'll take you to the world of another future closer to hell no and that's three joint acknowledge you have data on the set of russia's first comedy filmed fully in this format. coming into the future. from
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a cinema. specialises in your stereo display the life says no problem. three d. going to be our day here. and the czech republic unwanted babies are being put in boxes but far from an act of child abuse it's actually the gateway to a better life although not everyone agrees reluctant mothers should be able to give away their children so easily you know rawdon of reports. they're all around the czech republic at first sight they're just descript metal doors on the sides of hospitals and government buildings but they've already helped to save dozens of lives this is a baby box if a mother wanted to meet her child all she'd have to do would be to pull on the handle i would put the child inside now at the just a metal container an infant would be able to survive for several hours but usually
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they're rescued within several minutes by those on the other side. the first one was placed in this private hospital it's still the most popular with nearly fifteen children left here in five years when asked by the books as soon as the baby's placed inside the door locks on the outside and in the llama settles i remember running to the box for the first time to see the baby inside and showing it to the doctor to be examined it felt special i think it is an amazing invention. the baby books and learned is not a doctor but a writer and horse breeder but his idea was not immediately well received with protests from some clergyman and even doctors. though the baby box is high tech with three hundred twenty eight parts special places to leave unwanted children existed even in ancient times. but the government was wary of the baby books and didn't provide funding as if i was encouraging people to get rid of their children
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now the perception has changed. but it is love and christina have dated for two years and run a hostel and prague although they can have children of their own don't also like to adopt the baby box child. come from a big family i have four brothers and three forty cousins. nephews and so i like children they do not know where or when but sure enough it is a matter of time before someone than what the child will become a welcome addition to their family. r.t. prog one more headlines for you soon so stay with us.
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coming into the future. just received this scheme from the cinema and landed in a movie. shot on special senses streets your stereo display a life filled glasses no problem cheese the three d. going to be our day to cheer on. leave the country. for
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bush. he always adds by one vote for kerry for kerry so the people that are going to be validating this machine can stand there all day long and vote for somebody and it will be right every time but the guy can walk up here and if he hits the right buttons. they can flip the vote that.
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come from.
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the story the week. last week and the latest. under threat by barrels containing chemicals from china they were swept away by floods and currently heading for the border. and whistleblower web site and with the leaks published thousands of classified u.s. documents revealing cover ups in the war in afghanistan and among the revelations was the alleged own reporting of civilian deaths. while money is a half an hour on here in our team right now though stay with us for some of the latest from the high tech world and now coming up next.
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hello and welcome to technology update three d. no need to worry about the glasses for this program as part of our ever onward drive to make the movie going experience more and more lifelike people have been flocking to three dimensional films meanwhile movie makers have been quick to harness the expanding base of technical quitman to make their films stand out on screen and hopefully at the box office as well. two thousand and ten may well be the year of the three d. films with dozens of new releases in practically every genre screaming at an increasingly large number of three d. ready theaters. that set off the tsunami was undoubtedly dismasted success of james cameron's epic side five flick avatar which opened in december two thousand and nine. overthrowing his own titanic is the number one grossing film of all time with over two billion bucks in box office returns cameron has been to shut.


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