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the patients we also know from those sorts of cases that we've dealt with previously and that we always get pushed back whenever we review abuse by some of what i was ation we always get that organization or its friends pushing back to try and steer the message away from the allegations that have been raised and one of the main criticisms has been leveled at you is that you have published the villages the names and in some cases the g.p.s. coordinates of people afghans who cooperated with the u.s. military and even come under some criticism from human rights organizations for that and a u.s. official has called it a potential hit list for the taliban what's your response to that you know this appears the mostly be media beat up i mean where we're looking at these you seriously to see whether that is true we did hold back people being thousand reports full for the other you because they had this sort of classification that suggested maybe they contain that sort of material we approached the white house to
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ask them for assistance in reviewing material before we published the white house you don't accept that request. now. all of this is coming from the times of london and the times did not kill off about any of these reports whatsoever in fact today i see that there is a title of an article afghan men already did but actually if you read the article what you see at the very bottom is in fact that the man died two years ago. at this stage we're looking at this is mostly a media beat up of course we're very concerned to make sure innocents are protected so we're very happy to receive any evidence which report is possibly revealing information about someone who is who is innocent. but once again at this stage we have not confirmed those allegations at all in fact we've actually looked at them
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and we see that those allegations are not correct but there's also been a suggestion that the release of this information will make it harder for allied forces to get afghans this is to cooperate with them while what we reveal and that's what we've been doing for the path for us is the truth about how when i was ations actually behave you know if afghans don't like how those organizations actually behave then of course it is their right to engage with them or not engage with them it's not so much that there is a i think is the potential danger that they might be in now that such a huge body of information is in the public demanding once again that is an allegation by the london times and that a publication who was in an oppositional relationship to the guardian paper that we collaborated with printed fourteen pages on monday elation to this issue the times of london printed zero pages in relation to this issue on monday so they are in now in an adversary relationship because they weren't invited to the party this is
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being a media sensation you release the information especially to selected media outlets three newspapers and since then you've given. must amount to up to one hundred media interviews including apparently the larry king show or your publicist well it's just ridiculous i mean fought far from that in fact we try to have no publisher we try to work under the same rules that that the economist runs on them where everyone has a vision of a shared byline but we have found that if the public the moderns that someone speak for organization now in it because of the security threats to this sort of work we do. not many people willing to step forward and speak. in the end someone has to do it i was already a public figure so i am the person. who does that these documents date from the period between two thousand and four and two thousand and nine why have you
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published them not only a when they could have made more of a difference but we only receiving material you know recently we publish as soon as possible and what process is you go through between receiving it and publishing it took me through that so when we received material like this it is very you know this is very difficult to read this is it's an internal military language internal jargon the format was some computer format in fact impossible for a normal person to read so we had to understand the format real reform at this make it in a presentable way and then explore the material to pull it out of the stories and set up. a coalition of media groups to do just that so it took quite a quite a lot of work not just from us but also the other three organizations involved and there must be a huge amount of expertise involved in doing something like that as well where does your expertise in the expertise of your organization come from that we have an
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eight hundred people involved specialists in different areas different regional areas computer specialists in india. and in different ways former intelligence officers and so on and we draw on that expertise to try and understand material like this that washington says that these documents are outdated says is there any truth to that claim well it depends on what you're talking about if you're talking about how the war has progressed of course they know that the war has been going since two thousand and one that's nine years this material covers the last six years the exception of the last seven months now the exception is in jordan to some degree it means that you know true it is not all tactical. significance it's there and talk about troops who are about just about to do something which means it is over the century no threat to. u.s.
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military forces but is deeply important for understanding the progress of the war now that the white house say that while the material only goes up to december a new say but we released obama's policy on the war but obama's new policy on the war was in fact a continuation the previous policy except more troops so why shouldn't the war change so dramatically just because it's really one of policy changes being put in place if we look back through the material and we see. when the last people to see change was that was when mcchrystal came in and so we can see from the archives that mcchrystal big changes in policy didn't seem to result in big changes on the ground there's no reason to believe that obama's smaller change in policy. in december of last year resulted in any real change for the war except perhaps to increase the tempo and increase the number of
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interactions because it was an increase and so does the white house's rhetorical trick was to. say c.j. . yes there was in fact no overlap between obama's policy and this material in fact obama's policy came in december first and this material carries through in fact to the individual you've said that the under reporting of civilian casualties starts at the bottom with the sort of common soldiery and that really no policy change at the top is going to filter down into that what do you think could make a difference it's a stream we hard situation i mean i can't see any easy way out of these afghan lives and the answer is not. for western forces will i say for members to. go home tomorrow. because that would lead to a power vacuum and so on but i mean you have theories probably
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a staged withdrawal. making agreements between the taliban and the afghan government that states draw continues and perhaps a package. as well. there will be a continuation of continual super war in afghanistan i mean even if a peace allusion is made. i predict there will be a continuation of the civil war and why he wants forces who establish some kind of equilibrium that we will see an increase towards peace there's no easy options are on the table and has done is to gain from the release of all this information all the afghan people i mean that is their country and this is the history of their country and if they are to effectively manage and control their own destiny they need this information to understand what is happening to their country but we can also say. nice people united states. u.k.'s
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strayer and i was in the coalition who are actually paying for all this war he was sending its soldiers to be killed in this war. so these people also have the right to understand what is actually happening but tell you who probably not because it is all those military companies. you are making extraordinary profits by providing service services to troops weapons or clothing and so on but isn't the taliban the afghan insurgency likely to gain from this as well because you have inadvertently maybe exposed the weaknesses of the allied forces we have to be careful that remember this is a civil war. everyone says taliban but in fact the taliban are afghani yes this is a civil war that is going on and that the taliban are part of the will of the
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afghan people and they are also part of the will perhaps of the i.s.i. the pakistani secret intelligence service and of course perhaps that part of the will of saudi arabia who is giving some money to this but in terms of the bodies on the ground people actually doing the work the taliban is part of the will of the afghan people and. the united states and other forces need to recognize same understand that that is part of the afghan people and if you shooting taliban you are shooting the afghan people and. that doesn't mean that they they don't have blood on their hands as well we added up from the number of i.e.d. events represented the material exploded explosions of the brain providing supposed devices and over two thousand civilians were killed by i.d.'s. and explosive devices placed on the road to blow up
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a passing convoy bot. an afghan family processing they will go off and blow them up so this material doesn't paint the behavior of any. any military group. it has bought all it's due to not sauce thank you very much. if you saw.
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the top stories of the day and from the past week. places caused by record breaking heat in russia or of spread into new areas the wild fuzz of claim that these thirty lives and destroyed thousands of homes. secrets. the u.s.
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congress approves billions more for the afghan military campaign despite documents put online detailing cover ups of civilian deaths and a failing american war effort. trying to turn the tide water supplies in russia's far east are under threat as thousands of barrels containing toxic chemicals flowed down the chinese river towards the country's border. bittersweet celebration the sting is taken out of arizona's tough immigration law before. activists say the fight is not over. brings up to date for the moment i'll be back with more news for you more developments in less than fifteen minutes from now in the meantime the time is next with the sports. hello and welcome to what you sports news and art see the headlines fast we'll bring you the latest schools and action from the russian premier league including
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leaders in the champions are being on saturday and the. mall school darby. mark webber takes over a lead with win in budapest while russia's. boasts a fifth place finish. and thrills and spills we have the latest time wise from the sixteenth edition of the igs games in los angeles. golf with a russian football premier league where there is a couple of games up for consideration on sunday including the highly anticipated moscow dobby between spartak and says the illusion. it's very late in the match there as we speak with spartak currently one that was sort of it is a scored an own goal in the final minutes overall so it's called doing slightly better so far as they answered the match with twenty seven points and a fourth spot in the table while spartak were a six on twenty points bond this victory will see them move up to fifth for at
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least a few hours and there is one more game tonight with another moscow side with my sea of hosting mates stated that one starts in about ten minutes time. however it's. comfortably till the standings ten points evolve nearest rivals will be who they defeated on saturday a brace from strike an example kids are called helpings and need to to me when was the first on the rebound off the can stand it out of shot and then netted his second after sixty five minutes almost makes a cross. post by the russian international striker. formula one now and red bulls. mark webber is the new drivers' championship lead taking over from lewis hamilton off to dominate in sunday's garion grand prix in budapest weber's teammates of boston but tell maintained in their lead from pope position there are is for non doubles i mean while providing a soft challenge for webber and ultimately taking advantage of the tails drive for
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penalty and holding out for a pit stop as we've built a need a loan so this strategy ultimately thing dividends with the thirty three year old now in the driver's seat told the standings at all those fair rushes pursued earning him second place while the tel finished third russian title patrol finished fifth just behind theories. now over at the european athletics championships in barcelona russia's meet that he suffered one of two the bronze in the man's marathon while the gold went to swiss run. they made the designs of move hall's way through cooling clear of frenchmen james and then held on to complete the distance in two hours fifteen minutes and thirty one seconds that stu minutes and nineteen seconds ahead of her favorite martina's of spain that's his country's first and probably last medal at the two immense that wraps up late so it's. now
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all the european golf two englishmen are all special still the irish open title from home favorite drink harrington on the final day of action the irishman had to settle for second being the and two strokes behind the way that you closed out with a seven on the par sixty four and why it's shall believe but fish responded each time and with a sixty five won the half a million euro first prize by two strokes at eighteen on the quark and with these schools european to victory the twenty nine year old moves from thanks steve to six in the ryder cup race. and let's head stateside now to los angeles now for more from the sixteenth edition of the games. mota paris rose and have the fans holding their breath out for a terrible accident in yesterday's bad st competition the doctor so ever expect a full recovery for imagine suffered a concussion and several fractures following. danielle derose meanwhile three year old the crowds in libya makes freestyle for a final there is
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a third title to his two thousand and seven and two thousand and eight trophies despite an inspired performance from his main rival dennis in march some. third time also a challenge for ryan sheckler edged out the competition in the skateboard street man's final the american posting a score of ninety two off to being the third man only course that proved to be the winning score as the twenty year old added another gold medal to his two thousand and three and two thousand titles. by me tanner another participant adding a goal to his previous exe games. rally the renowned television host holding off brian deegan who is one of the most decorated participants africa with town medals deegan has competed in multiple disciplines at the games but was unable to match those who are i'm going adding another so well with sammy grabbing bronze.
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now back in russia the country's streetball team reclaimed the trophy they lost to ukraine last him has to be to study the final of the fourth annual moscow open reports bad weather is a common problem for street bull organizers in moscow cold hard women tend to show up but the least appropriate moment that certainly wasn't the case of the anyone moscow open which attracted the biggest number of brute disciplines and spectators in its four year history. the temperature dropped to just thirty two celsius from thirty seven the previous day making a nearly perfect playing conditions team russia had a lot to prove after losing their title from two thousand and seven and two thousand and eight to korean last year and after hanging on to the feast of venus best of three series on friday the host made the quarterfinals demilitarize had an ace up their sleeve center aleksander the pools tending to thirteen tall and weighing one twenty kilograms but russia's overall skill set along with
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a solid game plan and execution were too much for the rose to handle and the same the final against italy was even an easier ride as point guard was on fire from long range however the player who emerged as the fan favorite didn't represent the home crowd it was team romania's experienced leader with a beautiful latin name on he'll come tanika steel he's carried on combined with an unparalleled passion and killer instict on the floor made him the star of the tournament despite romania's heartbreaking loss to italy in the third place game showing it very well we fell into a rhythm but the problem is that we didn't make it in three we were trying we were trying because we know it's very important part of the three ball but they're going into the finally was time for what usually is the most exciting part of it all the slam dunk contest which soon turned into a two man showdown between a local high flier alex on the show again and but i do believe now of the serbian
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team and even though the serb had the most spectacular donk of all the hometown boy was more consistent and left home with a title that's for team russia their final against dystonia was a predictably tougher contest than the previous ones but once again smart play and taken advantage of the mismatches got the job done for the hosts eighteen thirteen why should the final score with chaotic sound of name the tournament and v.p. the host keep the trophy home for the third time in four years the media was before . moscow. has been more schools for staff as adults making as part of the international sports forum taking place here in the capital among cost of has more . than russia it's truly a country or sport especially in the summertime when the weather is just perfect and everyone wants to be outside so without any further ado sit back relax and enjoy and let you know it's a russian style. i
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know that's all the latest polls now but let's return briefly to today's russian prime and league football. where the final score in this part that versus say this column that she's won won spartak where i want a lot afternoon go from by scene a bit is also give us our big national level of matter as a late in the game so it's one one in the mall school darby with just a minute left in injury time. and that's this bold finale coming up shortly is the wild weather updates of sting's. hungry for the fall we've got. the biggest issues get a human voice face to face with the news makers.
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first. the top stories of the day and from the past week. blazes caused by record breaking heat in russia have spread into new areas the wildfires have claimed at least thirty lives understory thousands of homes. secrets the u.s.
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congress approves billions more for the military campaign despite documents put online detailing cover ups of civilian deaths and a failing american war effort. trying to turn the tide water supplies in russia's far east are under threat as thousands of barrels containing toxic chemicals flowed down the chinese river towards the country's border. bittersweet celebration the sting is taken out of arizona's tough immigration law just before it's an active activists say the fight is not over. with a look back at the past week's top stories and the latest developments this is. almost a quarter of a million people to be mobilized across russia to tackle the ravaging the country twenty five thousand fire engines have been deployed at least thirty people have
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died in places stoked by the country's most severe heat wave for one hundred thirty is. said to be the worst affected. there are a variety of ships being hit very very hot the last couple of days by these fires that we say the moment the emergency services say the situation head has been gotten under control but what we know is that there's still a huge amounts of fires butting throughout russia and that's really proving a struggle to get under control in the last twenty four hours around one hundred thirty five new fires have broken out in the most gave each and so did a huge huge strain on emergency services and we've had the russian military have been quoted to help get control in those so huge amounts of volunteers have been needed as well now you can actually probably see behind me some of the devastation that this fire has cools this is left thousands of people across russia and we went to meet one of the families to find out how that taping with the situation.


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