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i know that this war is a lost cause and yet they are surging tens of thousands more troops because they the leaders don't want to take responsibility for a defeat in afghanistan just like nixon did not want to take responsibility for what he knew was a military setback in vietnam i know that's a current argument that the us military may have leaked this in order to blame pakistan or to blame others i don't think that's really what's going on i think that there are voices within the u.s. military just as there were doing in vietnam who have become disillusioned with the war and are releasing these documents to paint a picture that tells something quite different from the official version with the hope that the american people will as they did during vietnam become opponents of the war and help change the policy i understand the point of view of the pakistani government because the americans are blaming pakistan for every setback and putting them and credible pressure at the very same time they use drone airplanes to go and
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kill pakistani civilians as if it doesn't matter as if they have every right to do it but i don't think that's what really motivated the leakers the whistleblowers who generated this cache of documents i think it's because they want the word and what motivated these whistleblowers well i think that people are skeptical now and no longer trust in their government and they believe that the people have been lied to as we were lied to in iraq when there was no weapons of mass destruction we were lied to about the real purpose of the war in afghanistan where we are nine years later after the start of the afghanistan we're a war that seems endless a war that has no discernible outcome what's the victory defined as and so you see a cynicism and skepticism developing within the military within the enlisted officials there are now pumping documents out just as daniel ellsberg put out the pentagon papers from within the pentagon in one thousand nine hundred ninety he had turned against the war many people said that these. you know constitute anything
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all the information out there was already known to the public was already known to the administration what do you say to that is that well it's true and not true because of course the administration knew that they were losing the war and the and the documents paint that picture so in one sense that's true but there's something very strange and hypocritical about the pronouncements that this is nothing new if you went back and one nine hundred seventy and looked at the new york times coverage of the pentagon papers which also use classified documents to tell the story of vietnam the pentagon in the media said the same thing oh this is old news this is old news nothing relevant here they said the same thing during the pentagon papers but what was new was that the american people were learning about it for the first time and that's what's new that's what makes it a catalyst for an antiwar opposition are you saying that this war in afghanistan is an unwinnable that's what these documents are saying in its broadest context these documents prove that the war in afghanistan cannot be won and that the leaders of
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the u.s. government know that it cannot be won but they don't want to tell the american people the truth because they don't want to take responsibility they don't want to have it be known in history that on our watch obama or patrol is that we lost we the great united states lost the war against an armed insurgency in afghanistan previously for wiki leaks also in iraq didn't really have any impact on u.s. strategy in iraq or anything in iraq what do you believe that this might have any impact on the u.s. strategy in afghanistan i think the documents by themselves really is just as like you mentioned the release of that terrible assault on the reuters news reporter and other iraqi civilians in april two thousand some people who were murdered in cold blood that created a stir for a little while in the united states but the mass media the corporate media downplayed it this could just be a blip and not a big deal it really depends on what the. political forces inside the united states
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do what this new information the white house wants to make it go away say it's not a big story no big deal but it's up to other people below those and there's a growing number of them who oppose the war in afghanistan to grab hold of these documents and say to the american people why are we spending a billion dollars a billion dollars every two or three days for a war without purpose like an effect will they have on the u.s. relations with both cabaletta and islamabad and their relations between islamabad and capital well i think there are some forces within the united states military who want to take advantage of that document just as some of the pakistanis have said to put additional pressure on pakistan and they want pakistan to function more or less as a puppet regime of the united states and of course pakistan is a big country a proud people they don't want to be anybody's puppets and so there's going to be a growing tension and a growing clash i think between the united states and pakistan because this circle
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cannot be squared pakistan has its own national interests it doesn't want to be a client state for the united states and yet this is what the americans want in terms of kabul i think the karzai government is fundamentally a client regime a puppet government he can only go so far he tries the distance himself from the occupation in order to have any credibility with the afghan people who are against the occupation but he can only do so much he is their puppet what are the options out there for the afghanis and for the pakistanis well i think that ultimately the only solution will be when the afghan people determine their own destiny no one else can shape the outcome for afghanistan for pakistan the people in pakistan with all of the multi-layered political trends and tendencies they too have to be able to be free to chart their own destiny without drone attacks without american intervention when. the cia dictating policy to them in
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a congressional hearing recently at the at the house of representatives the lower maker of something u.s. used we kill leaks as a reference to you not to their speeches and to their information what do these lawmakers have other than what the public have their sad state of affairs in american democracy is that congress the four hundred thirty five members of the house of representatives and one hundred senators the greatest chambers of democracy in the world we are told have really the evolved degenerated into nothing more than a talk shop for politicians who run every two or four or six years perceives that cost millions of dollars of corporate spending in order to get elected and once in office they do very little except talk talk talk congress and only congress according to the us constitution has the right to declare war but they didn't declare war in afghanistan and that sense it's an illegal war only congress has the
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right to control the purse strings meaning only congress can allocate money and yet when the pentagon or the white house tell them allocate the money and allow the authorization of an undeclared war to go on and on and on you see the politicians from both parties essential is saying ok do you think after this huge leak there should be an investigation into human rights abuses in afghanistan yes and i think more than an investigation there should be criminal prosecutions in other words the united states lectures the rest of the world and says you must be a country or a government that lives by the rule of law not by people that means no human being is above the law one of us generals us politicians or soldiers and marines on the ground commit crimes carry out acts against civilians like we know they've killed so many civilians in afghanistan and that this is a policy and wasn't. policy those people from the top not just the little soldiers
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but from the top of must be held accountable so there should be a human rights investigation there should also be criminal prosecution an indictment for any acts of war crimes or crimes against humanity how do you think this is affecting the situation in afghanistan that is jewish and in pakistan and the situation because of the the united states and the those two countries well i think that the united states is sort of stuck it looked at afghanistan and all of the surrounding former southern republics of the soviet union as a great pyre great piece of pie a piece of real estate that they could take and make military bases and turkmenistan kurdistan was back to stand afghanistan in other words it would be an american sphere of influence and everybody would have to go along with the new power of the united states in this region but it turned out to be a fantasy because through military occupation instead of dominating the people the
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united states by its mere presence with foreign occupation troops has become a catalyst and igniter of armed insurgency against the united states that can only end when the united states leaves and lets the people of these countries in this region be free to determine their own destiny free from foreign occupation thank you very much sir thank you. the law such.
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a. law. that every month we give you the future we help you understand how to get there and what to bring to the best in science and technology from across russia and around the world. join us for technology update on our g.
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the top stories of the day on from the week a regime photo a huge fall of falling from the earth that is mobilized as blazes caused by a record breaking heat in russia spread the session dead already and thousands of those in their homes. afghanistan secrets they do us an exhibit in the states but
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old budget as an internet make up top secret documents exposes civilian deaths some cover ups in afghanistan that suggests a whole strategy in big trouble. poison peril water supplies in russia's far east are on the scraps as hundreds of bottles of toxic chemicals continue floating down the chinese agree but as the country's hold. on to face a sweet victory arizona's hispanic community welcomes a softening of the state's controversial new immigration law but leaders say plenty more needs to be done. those are the headlines now the time is so many ways and next with the latest sports. you're watching the sports news an r t thanks for joining us this hour they had lines for us to delay the scores and the action from the russian for both premier
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league including winsford say sky and zinni over the weekend. mark webber takes lead in formula one's drive a standings while russia has been diluted provosts a korea placed finish. and thrills and spills will have the latest highlights from the sixteenth additional of the igs games at the staples center in los angeles. and we kick off with a russian for both premier league was. the leader needs to grinding out a two one win in a heated against spartak moscow the young man scoring three goals in that one was a bit is helping out capital rivals even though the seventy second minute there. says the however were able to regroup following the episode so he showed this story from a free kick to tie proceedings. and then that's another one to make it to won any jury time is now up to second place in the league with thirty points while sparta
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dropped to seven. and in sunday's second game or a stall moved into fifth place a narrow window overlooking might see of one meal how it sounded in moscow are to what it will be waiting till thirty five minutes and. however it's in need st petersburg the comfortably told the standings nine points about say sky and town above are being defeated in the people sent. a very strong strike i mean some but difficult helpings a need to suniel victory was the first on the rebound after constantine's it out of shot there and he was second out the sixty five minutes almost go by chamonix of course that's had an. international strike and. formula one now and red bull's mark webber is the new driver's championship lead the all see taking over from lewis hamilton off to determine eighteenth sunday's garry and grand prix in budapest weber's teammates of boston but now maintained and their lead for a pro position for ariz fernando alonso meanwhile providing
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a tough challenge for the australian ultimately taking advantage of the towels drive through penalty and holding out for a pit stop as he built to. this strategy alex mcleish paying dividends with thirty three year old now in the driver's seat the standings alone as there are shows pursuit earned him second place while the towel finished third and rushes the family picture off was just behind set out is surely must some. over the european athletics championships in barcelona russia that he suffered on off to the bronze in the man's marathon while the gold went to swiss run the big that also them then made the decisive move on the twenty five player old frenchman james tierney and then held on to complete the distance in two hours fifteen minutes and thirty one seconds two minutes and nineteen seconds ahead of. martinez with russia's suffer on a finishing twenty six seconds behind. now on the european golf tour englishman are
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also stole the irish open title from home favorite drake harrington on the final day of action harrington had to settle for second spot two strokes behind he closed down with a seven on the par sixty four and while sheridan lead but fisher responded to each time to earn five hundred thousand euros by two strokes with a final round of sixty five and with the school's european to victory the twenty nine year old now moves from. six in the ryder cup grapes a little rising to the work force which made while all the ladies tennis too honest . in an old russian singles final. in istanbul nineteen year olds taking a more experienced compadre to me three sets and eventually winning it's all five seven seven five six four obviously disappointment for this new officer liberated her twenty fourth birthday on sunday while for a public chunk of like it's
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a second title this season she was also it were not import to rain back in march. and let's have stateside to los angeles now for more from the sixteenth edition of the game's most. very swerves and have a thousand holding their breath on three terrible accident in yesterday's past three competition terrace however expect a forward covering for the man who suffered a concussion and several following this for danielle there is meanwhile a story of the crowds in the band makes for a style for it there is a thing a third time i don't it's two thousand and seven and two thousand and eight truth is this pipe inspired the photos from his main rival didn't. care and check were all still victorious on the day and become position in the board stream commands final then merican posting a small ninety two off to being the third man out on the course that proved to be the winning score as the twenty year old added another gold to his two thousand and
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three and two thousand and eight titles. and tenor through another participant adding a gold in his previous sigs games tally in this super rally area now and television host holding off brian deegan who is one of the most decorated participants ever battles and house competed in multiple disciplines at the games but was unable to match fruits. adding another still but that was tam with sammael it been that grabbing rowland's. and finally rushes three ball team reclaimed the trophy they lost to ukraine last beating is still in the final of the falls and open as possible for reports now. bad weather is a common problem for street ball organizers in moscow cold hard win and poor and we intend to show up at the least appropriate moment that certainly wasn't the case at the annual nascar well for which i think the biggest number of participants and spectators in this four year history. the temperature dropped to just thirty two
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celsius from thirty seven the previous day making nearly perfect playing conditions team russia had a lot to prove after losing their title from two thousand and seven and two thousand and eight to korean last year and after hanging on to the he still bein the best of three series on friday the host made the quarterfinals team do it always had an ace up their sleeve center and it sounds that he was intending to withdraw our team tall and win one twenty kilograms but questions overall still sat along with a solid game plan and execution were too much for miller was to handle in the same the final against italy was even an easier ride as point guard mikael didn't or was on fire from long range whenever the player who emerged at the fan favorite didn't represent the home crowd he was team romania's experienced leader with a beautiful wedding main goal i'm still kind of town across the he's to even combined with an unparalleled passion and killer instinct on the floor made him the
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star of the tournament despite romania's heartbreaking loss to italy in the third place given showing that really you know we fell into a rhythm but the problem is that we didn't make it in three we were trying we were trying to go where no agreed to bottom part of the three ball but they're going right to the finally was time for what usually is the most exciting part of it all the slam dunk contest which soon turned into a two man showdown between local high flier alex on the show again and but i didn't have near of the serbian team and even though the serb had the most spectacular donk of all the hometown boy it was more consistent and left home with the title at fourteen russia their final against dystonia was a predictably. tougher contest than the previous ones but once again smart play and taken advantage of the mismatches got the job done for the most eighteen thirteen why should the final score with a lot of sound of named the tournament m.v.p. the most keep the trophy home for the third time in four years the media was before
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a t.v. moscow. and that slate disposable the moment coming up right after this as the weather update with the main u.s. ad that's all the allison stay with us. they say look. if you plan some. absurd.
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but. come into the future. it's just three he escaped from a cinema and landed in your living. specialises streamed straight to your stereo display a life filled glasses no problem which actually. well . there will. always buy one vote for kerry. so the people that are going to be validating this machine can stand there all day long and vote
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for somebody and it will be right every time but the guy can walk up here and if he hits the right button. he can flip the boat that. happening to the global economy. hungry for the full story we've. faced to face with the news makers.
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in taiwan the multis available in the mantis type the hotel's golden toilet pete the how it pulls a hotel choice be sure to tell it be hotel hotel will show his the groom her to the sure what hotel some will do mysti typee hotel kuvasz photo photo saloon hotel
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resort evergreens those are totally pig friends victoria hotel gloria prince hotel hope springs resort and spa tied to hotel royal she didn't impose a photo toto the wisden toys the evergreen clothes a hotel in thailand tell you london's hotel to an ambassador to the hotels for points pleasures and i would prince or to the splendid hotel entire true windsor hotel in touch your world the photo guru gold how would international house flood to change every green lol he told in talk of. the top stories of the day and from the week raging inferno a huge firefighting effort has mobilized at blazes caused by a record breaking heat in russia spread with such a dead already and thousands and losing that. afghanistan secrets the u.s.
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adds billions to his budget as an internet leak of top secret documents exposes civilian deaths and cover ups in afghanistan that's adjustable strategy and big trouble. also this how poisoned peril water supplies in russia's far east are under threat as hundreds of barrels of toxic chemicals continue floating down the chinese river toward the country's border. i doubt if. not south island debases sweet victory arizona's hispanic community welcomes a softening on the state's controversial. new immigration but leaders say plenty more needs to be done. hello and welcome to. news line from moscow i mean you know with the latest news
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and every view of the week's events almost a quarter of a million people have been mobilized across russia to tackle raging wildfires that have been at least set to death while over two thousand have been left homeless by the inferno is caused by a record heat wave of five percent of our own is region said to be the worst affected there ever it is being hit very very hot the last couple of days by these fires that we say at the moment the emergency services say the situation here has been gotten under control but what we know is that there's still a huge amount of fires burning throughout russia and that's really proving a struggle to get under control in the last twenty four hours around one hundred thirty five new fires that breaking out in the most a region so really a huge huge strain on emergency services and we've heard the russian military have been quoted to help get them to a little so a huge amount of volunteers have been needed as well now you can actually probably see behind me some of the devastation that.


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