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a russian musician the world champion class racing decided to create a new. industry. created eight. years the concept is several completely different. together with its external appearance. of the body it is one of a wide. range and the result of cooperation between. companies which has a volume of three point six liters the maximum. hundred twenty horsepower and it weights in it only eleven hundred kilo's the basic prize of a one hundred thousand euros. just behind the project. in the recent presentation of the car at the sixty third. two thousand and nine.
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talk of his car making. the head of the model project which we are making cars. presents where making an attempt to create actually no we have created a car which would brought to make a presentation at international motor show in.
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that you're making at but he'll no how did they receive you. can say that i was expecting a warm welcome but it bet all my expectations it's not that i came here to shamelessly advertise my can paint. really our presentation was followed by a huge number of articles both russian and foreign are joining the german magazine mailed it to be and. i know about it so where are they all circles in your own impression how did you feel there is that they like your project i know you wanted to basically was it was an. official well first of all what do you mean by a sensation at the level of the first three to the space and of course that was not our plans but it was big news of course all of the world's major car makers knew that we were designing a new car but nobody could predict that it would bring a performance ready card to front for it's not a prototype or a plastic model car with the doors that you can also brought
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a performance ready car as a get inside and off you go that's what really came as a surprise. designer's work and its quality were praised. and the huge number of new partners so we have to tame there the same sort of orders. mention the build magazine and the all to go right and be that this is the german call magazines reactions from. the motor show. and ferrari have a worthy alternative. i hope you understand that. we won't win the rivalry with porsche and ferrari nationally but you can you explain. this in turn it's amazing you. see. i will try to explain it briefly. i've come to a car maker in who because i spent almost twenty. eighteen years of my life moderate. and eight of them abroad. i worked for four years photographed.
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for i was a champion and the rest of time i spend with british. computer that's why i have a clearer picture of what a car is. as you know. if i see them on serious formula one car making it is it's best to latest car making technology first appears there and then in a few years but reaches the way many car manufacturers would do. every time i. had that feeling all the door to a cigarette already been open for a short while but they're always closed but then they open for a while to the general public and then when they close again you go to their boat yes yes that's the way it is. and when you work with a racing team with about sixty talk of engineers employees were getting a chickweed month and technology begin with you start to understand how the car
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world and the car business works. but you also realize that our car customers today unfortunately have a very low level of access to the results. of what i mean is that the cars that are generally available today in showrooms some will even the best of them would be just fifteen or twenty percent of the technology that could be implemented it will really need to know when you have are implementing to acknowledge it is a company by huge difficulties or was it down the example of the vase shows that we too well she was. enormous car manufacturing concerns are too bulky to respond to the markets quickly let's take a loss of time and money to develop and launch new models. in reality and the situation is quite different he does today for example the harmony of fact churches that produce and sell engines drive shafts mufflers nuts and bolts and so on.
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today anyone can come to a spare parts shop and buy enough parts to assemble a car we wouldn't buy. so this is the very principle that was based our concept on and besides i decided to make a platform show that would allow having changeable bodies shells. fly into space and most young men dream of building a car on their own. people consider it a total announce when you said you were serious about building a russian super. didn't people try to send you to a psychotic trust when you said you'd make a lamborghini rivaling call. where you didn't they say you were mad nobody called me crazy and you cut them any paid much attention to my idea either they told you a crazy so there was no need to react to it. well yes actually the image of a man can now is that of a loony doing things that few normal people would do been
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a sort of a jack of all trades doing this and that and what not but i do my idea might look silly but still need to have the certain understanding of the processes it's quite feasible in reality is that unfortunately our country now has a huge shortage of qualified personnel the nationalists who do know the car making industry are very hard to find especially given the way we are building our cars. is quite an advanced method because i allowed myself to develop everything in computers because it's the usual way is to build a prototype test. which is then tried and tortured for a long time and serial production only begins after all of the falls have been ironed out and the throat of types are on our way with fake small box with a computer look at m.b.m. of computing of course we need young people who know all that's madly complex computer software and so on but i'm only me. it is said you develop your computer
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this. is the road surface like you know it is it smoothly has a. whole serious of misconception of you when you quite a bunch might notice that the manufacturing industry targets it that the average customer we have to maybe has reached such a level and that's got any new car the chinese korean or german all we have to know is equally good for the consumer. it's true the best car is a new call. it the best car is a new car. so they are old perfectly fine for the russian road that you know a lot about our roads being bad but it's not only russia there are plenty of bad roads all around the world but i like to say. one more thing just to explain a sports car means big power. engine in the first place. that is the metal allies which have to endure quite
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a lot you know so if you. say it lead in the road is nothing for them. it's no problem for a porsche to run over pits. you have to know it's no problem for the people who ride in it you must know yourself you get a kick and you're about you're part of an up or sure it's not comfortable to be riding the porsche well i need to know there's a specialist company in moscow that. makes the hire a question here right but i like to say another thing that a sports car even if you drive an ideal the smooth road like in germany if the car is the kind of car which requires. not very comfortable and i'm talking about all car project by trying to make this is spend on the steering system the level of driving comfortable to say what i was thinking of the modern drive a little when russian but also in the west i tried to make it comfortable i didn't want our customers to feel as if they. paid
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a lot of cash for go karts me and they're having a miserable time and she. is the steering wheel on the right move you have the picture wrong here in fact. the steering wheel is on the right in fact. it sure is mirrored developing a model with the steering wheel on the rights it's just enough that's naturally for anyone to use and that everything in the car i mean everything is russian made that didn't borrow anything i don't mean the parson components i mean the design never thing it's like you've invented your own bicycle all from scratch. i have good news for you but it's the creation process was quite painful. the point that's. blue is that we are still getting at soul ships in the store and buying high tech very high tech manufacturing machinery because a huge amounts of things because that's led to give up the idea of using third party suppliers because it makes it more complicated with customs and so on in a nutshell this car is eighty five percent genuine made in russia and if i get it
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right there was no animal testing in the process none of that says. spotlight will be back shortly we will continue this less than a minute break stay with. us .
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just. one of the key elements of democracy. which is so uncomfortable for me. who pays for the news. how dependent is this independent media. and who is behind the t.v. story. media fiction and reality. welcome back to spotlight i'm just reminded i guess today is nikolaj for many
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a well known russian musician actor and racer who is also the brains behind the sports car project. talking about. something revolutionary in data that it's issues interchangeable. in the. minds of those watch brands you know where you must look different styles to go along with your outfits. as far as i know is a not for populist even among those who really like to match their clothes and accessories while this idea. is a kind of a gadget. i'll explain really it's not that simple. so i wouldn't simplifies when i say that you can own several car bodies for one platform yes indeed so but it doesn't mean you buy a car which looks like a cardboard box or something and no you get a real absolutely. complete car is
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a sports car with a huge range of features the couple is made of carbon carbon fiber. but i can say that when you batch of cars is made of. material. new material brain your revolutionary material is a leader in the invents to college system it's not pure carbon any more nano technology it's polyurethane and it's very serious large scope i can see that there is a lot of work in this area in a way in russia and interchangeable comedy explain why and how we do it ok let's take a look here we can see the car model called b two is it yours. is the same platform i'm sure that if you buy this model you'll be happy with that and you'll use it for a long time. and you will come back to us saying you know take this car body off and give me a different one and stay had merely saying that this platform now take a look so we see the difference this is how this model looks and the blacks need to
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read the one you saw earlier has a completely different bloke going to the platform is one in the same consider is german a car if it's serious six seven or eight seed you always see the same car right so it is easy to see it's just the same car but in our case it's a completely different car don't quite understand the. different abilities on the car you know or is it that the client asks i think the plan of course. i won't be able to swap the bodies myself no you won't if i come to you'll change it for me of course we will all residuals of poor it'll take some time and money. less than buying a new car. but it's affordable. and you can have different styles for cost in the morning and in the evening and how it sounds in the newspapers like it's a gadget well it's not like that a car or something more serious you know there's one more thing about this car that i'm proud of it's the cars multimedia system that nobody. else has it going is good
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for video cameras sky if you're conferencing the internets why maps you name it. is it all necessary it's essential. but doesn't detract from driving. is essential to be able to obtain information on the way. you are on your way and you don't know where traffic jams are when you understand. most. visual systems that television and so on is an. immediate no doubts about that of course but then the passenger can still do a lot of thing was by the way speaking of driving safety our cars not only have the welcome message but also navigation term projects on the windshield. like the head up display system in russian fighter jets for right only better. than the information on the uniform and i'm sure he knows you're an avid racer he.
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says that the car is well suited. but also feel comfortable driving. very important since russian current through. portions of. they realized it's difficult to drive in moscow. to ferrari's realized they were not as good for moscow either. bentley continental because they are very comfortable that expensive and generally a good alternative to jimmy and by saying your car is good for them driving what is the market in trade for some fundamental. of course we are different from ben play because our car has different dimensions a different height and it's like three times faster than the bentley we have to get over with teach him how much does it take to get to one hundred that depends on the specific issue new order we can develop three point two seconds to hundred we're not making such a car now but we can do it. and how quick is the basic entry level car will go to. one hundred kilometers in four and a half seconds. yes four and
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a half seconds to hundred fifty however my objective was imagine a car named lamborghini which is quite difficult to sit in and quite tricky to drive for a whole number of reasons. well sure it's almost a racing car. our car you can see trailing comfortably while still a sports car it's comfortable and easy to drive but when you feel like doing some traffic watch racing you'll have to concentrate but if you're going to traffic jams it's me you will have enough problems that whole. lisa rinna you're not in the ferarri that's for sure. the real will drive right of course if a car is so great and generally excellent and even smile every time you mention it . in a queue seven now. well that's only for now. as for my
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car which actually this very car is currently undergoing air tunnel testing on a test range. i also have access to two other cars as all the rest have already been sold and belong to the clients. and they are in final production. how many cars if you build seventeen seventeen so you have sold fourteen so far. we have built a total of twenty one cars seventeen is the number of cars sold down payments have been received for them and their production is seventy percent complete now. three cars and your design room already and you can drive them well in fact the rough five ready made cars. you can say. we need two of them do not move we do not touch them the are used as human resume exhibits while the other three are used by the way the widespread. is on its way from front. and it's
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a huge it's just coming to moscow very soon even and they can be seen in moscow. being tested or they simply being driven around the city. does it mean that these cars and driving in the city that no one can do it but it's not because you drive to work they're being tested. you know that's not the truth but i would drive them when i go to work with pleasure i will be driving one in the screening in the summer and in the office and i will give you a try as well if you like i think you will see that you can drive it to work as well here the problem may not be the driving itself but you should understand that it's a big car you see it's a big beautiful speedy car driving into work to an electronics market in meetin and may not be appropriate i mean it's going as for me i used to work close to not shift and finish on monday so that's fine with me because a lot of great the traffic is not headed at this time the car is very light it weighs around eight hundred kilos does that say physical would be safe is this
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a lot of time paul phone call you know. we're going to. your cell and it's a people right i mean come on people. should understand we have better cars here made it to be used and get a license plates only after at complicated certification process this process is very complex there is both russian and european certification seriously tested. as this thing yes including crash tests. this is a long and complicated process will have some minor things to think of course but on the whole with us and all the airbags everything has gone through all the tests right sure if you could so there's a concern as your own tool for today our car matches the euro five standard that your roof was this sure has taken into account gas emissions a cold. one hundred ninety six rams i don't know it's. it is
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a. cause from a commercial point of view you're selling something already which was not correct yes yes yes here's what i've got to say about it as far as i'm concerned if we sell about one hundred or one hundred fifty of these cars per year it will be a great result because as far as marketing approach is concerned we are following in the footsteps of porsche produce a sports car of their very beautiful and with a different modifications present an s.u.v. across over a very large in size on the same base it's not at all like in that store of the replaceable body you don't know the cars will have different bodies and basis that we don't have a large cloud for almost the same size as like a seven. and it also be fast a doubt about that well you sure know about that it has to be that the porsche makes. what they're after that's the foremost we use in our production rides but there was a major mistake in the markets in approach should ensure a late didn't think of anything to say with a new claim it to be the fastest s.u.v.
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ever nation which is similarly the fastest s.u.v. ever it's like saying the driest was unnecessary if you have an s.u.v. that's fast. our car will be within the range of a general understanding. at least that's how i define its term goals and which of them are the i don't think the crossover should be mega fast. this should be a car that can do a lot to. present all the latest power train achievements. as well as the latest security achievements for the inside of the car. there's a huge multimedia system that's been developed by our programmers a great number of surprises. even this is not a family drive already and. you know it'll be produced in several modifications the whole family. we'll be no doubt comfortable in this car and excited to be in
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one so i can tell you that the back of this car will instill the multimedia systems in that especially for children the game is just going to be there in the next box thank you very much for being with us and just a reminder that my guest in the studio today was. a well known musician and racer is also the ideology behind the sports car project and that's it for now from all of us here will be back tomorrow with more comments on what's going on in and outside russia until then stay and take a sip. every month we give you the future we hope you understand how to get there and want to bring the best in science and technology from across russia and around the world
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join us it's knology update on our.
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wealthy british style sun. spot on to the splits because. of the. markets why not. find out what's really happening to the global economy cause a report on. the headlines from all to see fighting the forces of nature a state of emergency is declared in thirteen regions across russia as a not just a services on the on the battle raging wildfires and a heatwave with no end to the site. is a government is the country's most discriminatory ever according to civil rights groups in the country bad marriage that new laws specifically target arabs and other ethnic minorities turning people's lives into
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a daily struggle. to hunt cranking up the pressure to do as has imposed new sanctions against iran also and we can do morning that false remains an option if tehran doesn't stop its raining which meant program but russia says current u.s. sanctions and resolutions on a room do not allow them to treat intervention. there's the headlines up next it's how crosstalk. and you can. still get.
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a low end welcome to cross talk i'm peter lavelle reality t.v. wonderfully popular in commercially lucrative but just how realistic are these programs are they the ultimate form of spontaneous expression or are they merely evidence of how modern values are centered on the most banal common denominators. can. you discuss modern t.v. i'm joined by stephen reese and columbus he's the executive director of the world society of motivation scientists and professionals in glasgow we go to brian mcknight our he's a professor of journalism and communication at the university of strathclyde and we go to london to study molly she's a lecturer of media and communications of burnell university and another member of our cross talk team yell on the hunger all right folks cross talk rules in effect but first i'd like to make a few comments about some of the research i did making this program because i am i do not actually.


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