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only recently begun introducing for use by fire fighters aircraft are proven to be efficient and we will continue using them but the situation is complicated we're dealing with a half meter tick layer of pine drawee needles that have accumulated over several years both as state of emergency has been called in seven russian regions we've seen over forty people killed so far in these in these fires across the country more than three hundred injured and two thousand homes approximately have been destroyed by the fire is plenty being done by the government actually the house just behind me i was talking to some locals that actually caught fire on thursday and just the ground all around me is still smoldering it's still very very hot a pro apparently the police were telling me that the peach fires that are here have gone ten meters underground are still burning there well for those people that have lost their homes and and vast amount of cases all of their belongings and everything blood in me approaching the prime minister has pledged one hundred
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thousand dollars to each of those people who tonight who had that who had that happen to them and they are expecting to see that money next week now also there's been a lot of shelters temperature is need to be set up for people who have lost their homes they've also lost many of them a lot of their belongings and this being aid put forward to make sure that people have clothes water the basic needs of life for those that have suffered at they say to this tragedy president made yet if is also praised the the response of the the new quarter of a million people in russia who have been trying to put these fires out but not only here in russia he's also saying to the international community russia's neighbors have also chipped in with with help to try and tackle these places across the country. of course with thankful for all the aid our partners have all food we appreciate this especially taking into account because of course situation we currently in. the smoke which is coming off the spill. these fuzz is causing
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a lot of problems you have to see behind me it's very very thick it makes breathing incredibly difficult and it's very very saw on your eyes but this three wins a round in the moscow region of blowing the smoke further up to the note to the north from where i am about one hundred kilometers south of the city that building it north into moscow itself and causing terrible problems with smoke there from all that we can now hear across to natalia nova scotia who's in the center of the city there have been quite a few strong flows a wind storming through moscow today and everyone hoped that they would bring rain but they only brought more smoke smoke from outside the city now the nights are the worst by about meat day part of the smoke over mosco disowns but the more in the mornings the visibility in the cities a very close to zero but this problem is of course twofold first of all is the fresh air right now air in moscow is very heavy it's the smoke is so thick that sometimes it actually burns your eyes and ecologists are saying that their level of
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air pollution in moscow right now is seven the times of its usual figure and also doctors are saying if you take a walk around small school for just a couple of hours it will be equivalent to smoking two packs of cigarettes some people prefer to wear a mask to protect themselves from this poison a small there's also problems with buying ery conditioners in the city because there's a huge shortage of them and if you can buy one then you will probably be the double or even the triple amount of money for it because some people who sell them is simply trying to make money on other people's misery and doctors are recommending to stay inside stay indoors to spend as little time as possible outside especially close to those places so the other side of this problem is that those who are staying inside and trying to breathe fresh air for air conditioning this is the key in the number of cases of cold moscow it's have been brain praying for a heavy. rain to fall down on the city but we've been promised so far only short
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rains in some parts of it have seen now and so far however and weather forecast saying that the temperature in moscow is going to increase even further and reach a point of over forty degrees so if you are in moscow right now here it feels like you've been put into a novel where salman has just burned a pizza. he's not tell another caller than this until the russian capital and peter all of the reporting from the moscow region so the wildfires raging through russia have been making global headlines about president dmitri medvedev found journalists a grilling him on a completely different issue at a meeting in sochi they were more interested in the twenty twelve presidential election and if it will behave a prime minister vladimir putin or bars who'll be running for the top job has done is that. even though sochi is a nice place we're spending summer vacations as you can see there is a small here like in the russian capital and luckily there are no forest fires but
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it seems that for president medvedev it's more of a work trip apart from reading books from i pads planning fishing trips and doing yoga exercises he's keeping himself busy as usual he's holding a series of meetings here visiting olympic venues and he's made several important political announcements to many of the debate of his words came as a surprise when he's shared with journalists his thoughts on the upcoming presidential election in two thousand and twelve although he said he wouldn't do like to see a clash between powerful figures with similar aims he said he doesn't know who will run here's the quote it may be may divert if it may be putin it may be somebody else and commenting on his relations with putin made it have said that on one hand nothing's changed between them but on the other hand there are serious changes he added to the presidency transformed him and now these relations evolved into the relations of the current president with the former president unquote. very
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different what are expected to work and spend their holidays here in sochi throughout august also the even go fishing together of course if forest fires in central russia should be contained in the coming weeks but in any case we may expect some new developments when it comes to politics in the upcoming election and we will certainly keep you updated. and political analyst dmitri babich has made various comments about the presidential election come as no surprise. a lot of political experts believe there. gentlemen very different called for a serious competition from the pericope politicians that we have now in russia will have pretty limited electorates basically. just repeated what the legislation said about presidential elections so it was a nice way to avoid given direct response but it's a slight change from what we have been hearing during the last two years because in the last two years was putin and medvedev were basically mostly talking about
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themselves with the person that are not important here indeed they are not important what is important is to have a predictable president sound one who would not buy into nice wards that we hear from the west or from the east and who would be realistic about that i must tell you without almost all russian politicians now are very realistic sometimes there are two realistic. you're watching our sea and they have this our new hopes for its . children are both here if they had a kidney problem and they define their chance for treatment or forward to go to mosque if that's from writing their relatives had enough money. so asking visits and much needed facilities for treating children with kidney problems in the north caucuses. the u.s. has imposed more new sanctions on iran drawing up a new expanded blacklist of groups suspected of. with links and photos we can
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coleman's by america's top military officer refusing to rule out the use of force if iran doesn't stop its uranium enrichment program tehran has dismissed the commons saying any such action is doomed to fail oh she's marina has the latest from new york for us. well the united states treasury department did i denounce additional sanctions against twenty one iranian entities entities that u.s. officials say and accuse of aiding groups such as hezbollah hamas and the taliban now these u.s. sanctions are targeting iranian companies in the banking insurance and investment mining and engineering sector americans or u.s. companies are now in a bid from doing any business from from those entities that are now being sanctioned by the u.s. treasury department and all of this is coming just a few days after the u.s. joint chiefs of staff michael mullen said that the option to strike iran
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a plan to strike iran is still on the table and it's an option that's ultimately up to u.s. president barack obama that subject did come up at the united nations when i ambassador vitaly churkin the russian representative to the united nations held a press conference as russia assumes the presidency of the security council now why the issue of a potential strike did come up we're discussing iran and the mounting sanctions that have been placed on iran by the international community ambassador churkin also noted that all of the u.n. resolutions that include sanctions against iran do not include any text that allow the use of force to be used against iran under any circumstances let's take a listen. iranian nuclear issue and we will not resume. on this matter. as you remember we have very clear language inevitable and in the last
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resolution even clearer in three previous resolutions. it has nothing to do with any possibility. of the use of force against the brazilian president lula da silva was among the first world leaders to react to us saying sions against iran saying that they will not help but possibly hurt from engaging iran in bringing iran back to the negotiating table specifically what it cost to do with the nuclear fuel swap program that was proposed by turkey and brazil program that is gaining support among the international community and it is something that the president of brazil says that the u.s. could be deterring with these amalgamating. that are being done unilaterally outside of the united nations that results he's merino point nine new yorker and wow more on the controversy over iran's nuclear program coming up soon our
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interview with an influential russian politician. israel now has the most discriminatory government in the country's history and that's according to civil rights groups in the country they claim that the new normal is a race because they're targeting arabs and other ethnic minorities making their lives a daily struggle. there just back from touring the states with the protest music found superficially among jews and arabs they go by the name of dam or blood and they're the first arab israeli hip hop group to rap in arabic and english their lyrics are bold and demand better treatment for arab israelis who they say are treated as second class citizens. he won a victory out of that for the law and people elected him so it's not the government . the government of the. the face of the people like what started first i don't
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know but this is the situation every series like elected gangsters and civil rights groups agree they say it's official the current israeli government is the most racist in israel's history. proposals for laws studied them and side two hundred ninety six instances of races are there not just against arabs there's also a significant rise in racism against other ethnic groups russians ethiopians and eastern jews i believe that israel is a racist country if this trend continues its bills disaster for the state of israel already at least twenty one bills that arab citizens insist just combinator against them have been passed the most recent prospective citizens now have to swear allegiance to a jewish and democratic state changing the whole discourse in israel now into one in which the assumption is that palestinians are not loyal they have should have no rights they have to prove their loyalty and so this is very much part of that whole
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so same kind of move the first victims of this this legislative drive will be the palestinian parliament members who are because one of them she's one of fourteen arab parliamentary members out of one hundred twenty she says it's a daily struggle for arabs to be treated equally even the most liberal israeli parties often struggle to support them the first priority is to keep their position in the coalition government is that this is we have. in this bill and in the us this government has no vision not just for pieces of it as being as the dish it but also a vision of peace with its own citizens but in its defense the same israeli cabinet approved the largest economic development plan for arabs this industrial park is the brainchild of stephan their time or a jewish israeli millionaire who has joined hands with sharkey khatib the former mayor of the largest arab city in his. nazareth. arabs are not participating in
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industry. in the professions we want to bring arabs into the circle of industry and my vision is that five years from now there will be twenty to twenty five production factories here but that vision is being tested because although parliamentarians still need to vote on the proposed amendments to the citizenship law another ball that has already been passed includes threatening to cut off funding to institutions that support the palestinian version of the one nine hundred forty eight war and that the ball criminalizes denying israel's right to be called a jewish state which is why they'll be no shortage of lyrics anytime soon and the music will wrap on. our t.v. israel let's take a look at some other news stories from around the world protesters in poland have saved a temporary cross to the late president from being moved from outside also the presidential palace the wooden cross was plays there following this plane crash that killed
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ninety five others president elect bracelet komorowski had said he didn't want the religious symbol outside a government building but palace officials eventually relented the saying the cross shouldn't become part of the political game. and israeli army officer three lebanese soldiers and a journalist have been killed an exchange of fire between troops on the israeli lebanon border the clash appears to have been sparked one israeli soldiers tried to cut down a tree along the front here friends gunfire that escalated into israeli tank helicopter and on terrorist strikes that united nations has urged both sides to show maximum restraint to avoid a repeat of the logical two thousand and six has threatened to get involved if israeli troops attack lebanese forces again. and also there's been a surge of violence in iraq a car bomb has ripped through an outdoor market in the southern mainly shiite city . could killing at least fifteen as i'm doing sixty in the capital suspected al
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qaeda militants have shot dead following a rocky soldiers at a checkpoint in the west of baghdad and iraq is soldier and a policeman were also killed in separate attacks in the city. a warehouse driver shot dead eight at work colleagues before committing suicide after being fired from his job in connecticut the driver for a beer distributor had been asked to quit at a disciplinary hearing of a sept first allegations i should say the model who was blown up had made complaints about racial harassment at work but alleged they had not been properly investigated. gravely ill children in russia's regions like the church or republic have been thrown a lifeline after local facilities were upgraded previously receiving treatment for serious conditions such as kidney disease months travelling to moscow something many families couldn't afford now though new equipment means vital medical care was
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in reach. it's been a year since her adopted baby girl died but ladies are still mourning she's always looking at the pictures of the girl when she was in hospital the only memory she has no she was more than a child she was an angel we think about all the time my mom still crying. well certainly hard to forget such a child seven months old marshall was brought to this hospital with acute kidney failure the doctors did their best to save the girl but without the special equipment to purify the blood there was no hope it was a shame to see a child who couldn't help. has been working at the hospital for three years during that time ten children have died from acute kidney disease. this new equipment was installed four months ago to dock to see it will support due
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suffering from renal failure until the moment they'll be able to find a donor kidney the last patient was treated here for two months before going into more school for transplant. i don't think it matters that these machines are not being used right now what really matters is that they really do accept patients and help them at least a little bit. the children's hospital in the center of the church and capital has eleven departments which makes it one of the biggest in the north caucasus people from all over the region come here for medical care but the center for the treatment of kidney problems makes it special children are brought here if they had a kidney problem and in the past their treatment was forward to go to moscow that's why didn't their relatives had enough money but the russian government the film initially to decentralize specially here this unit is on their doorstep. a very bizarre scene in grozny. and now back to one of our top stories tension over iran's
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nuclear program the u.s. has impose new sanctions after a weekend warning that military force remains an option against iran if terror on doesn't stop its uranium enrichment program russia says it's important that dialogue continues between iran and the west and influential russian and peace in on but the sorrow gave his knees to see which you can hear just in just a moment. thank
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you very much simone for your time but what a good day thanks for inviting me then you and your ass adopted new sense of humor let's roll sanctions targeting iran's foreign trade banks and insurance companies and an intercept as russia has expressed its stronger position what moved a good thing. could satisfy russia of the firstly to support the list of sanctions approved by the un and secondly for iran to have a more transparent nuclear program of course russia definitely doesn't want to wrong to have nuclear weapons objective really there isn't enough transparency in many aspects on their part this was one of the reasons that russia supported un sanctions but they expanded the sanctions prohibiting supplies of fuels and lubricants to iran i believe it was a wrong move in relation to our country great britain and us say within a year they'll start withdrawing their troops from afghanistan despite almost there are reports of attacks there an increasing number of victims and this country how
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do you think is government able to control the situation without warning and support because of the mother. of the girl it's obvious that cause i's administration is a puppet government managed by occupation forces this administration is corrupted and isn't supported by the local population as for the withdrawal two dates were set july twenty. levon and the end of twenty fourteen initially those dates were determined after president obama's so-called afghan strategic policy was announced it included several points such as increasing the presence of u.s. armed forces such as the u.k. in afghanistan implementing programs for winning members of taliban over to their side and building up afghan forces we see today however that these programs aren't working how does the situation afghanistan in fact stability in which and in central asia. there are two factors which strongly affect the situation in the
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region drug trafficking in terrorism in october two thousand and nine the united nation states in a very professional and comprehensive report absolutely clearly that at the time u.s. troops went to afghanistan no drugs were cultivated in the taliban controlled areas and absolute record in this respect eight thousand two hundred tons was set in two thousand and seven after the u.s. troops had rived in afghanistan no comment here terrorism well before the u.s. troops came to afghanistan we had absolutely no trustworthy information about the taliban participation in raids in the territories of central asian states nic august done in one thousand nine hundred nine and in spec a start in two thousand in july and august on another central asian country was hit by massive ethnic clashes with hundred stat is there any danger that we could could see a repeat. of the but if not you know back in april i warned about this kind of scenario
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for southern coast to start first of all the situation in southern kyrgyzstan had been intensively destabilized second into ethnic tensions are also high in that region in the southern regions of open to that part of. it which borders on afghanistan and that border is also open so those who want to stage provocations and heat up the situation can easily attract militants of all hues so they will all precondition. as for the outbreak of violence but the world community was pretty much passive now we're talking about a death toll of two thousand and huge number of injured simply percent of all sharon says have been destroyed the worst is that the preconditions for further tension remember his days ago thousands of secret pentagon mentioned documents were leaked to the public why it happened to think. obviously there are political groups who raise the question of the ineffectiveness of us troops intelligence and other
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services in afghanistan and right now they deliberately dwelling on the war in afghanistan in detail to explain that it's useless they've spent over four hundred billion dollars one american soldier costs one million dollars a year so they spend one hundred billion dollars directly on soldiers apart from other expenses which are high as well and the result is actually nothing that probably the secretary says. if so why hasn't he been captured or killed. bin laden he's a person who knows a lot he closely worked together with the cia with saudi arabian intelligence he was acquainted with the head of saudi arabian intelligence that you might be so that somebody is interested in his presence in a certain place in america to say that they fight against al qaeda in pakistan and afghanistan but the u.n. reports that in afghanistan there are less than three hundred al qaeda members in
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comparison with the one hundred fifty four thousand u.s. personnel and according to our information they are no more than one hundred people perhaps even less if you understand what this means when there are one hundred or three hundred terrorists against the one hundred fifty four thousand army but the symbol should remain otherwise there is a question what are they doing that. let's now turn to another part of the planet north korea which can. between u.s. and south korean military forces and has threatened to respond how do you think how dangerous is the situation on the korean peninsula. vulnerable. north korea would have been destroyed long ago if they did not have ten or twelve warheads nobody knows whether they have them or not for sure but it's enough a military containment by south korea and america that's why they're holding the exercise that i know little about the north korean regime but i definitely know that it's very archaic and dangerous it's sort of
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a mixture of the middle ages with a pseudo marxist slogans this regime is dangerous for the entire world in my opinion that's the regime we should take for all kinds of sanctions against the world economy slowly recovering in case they did to the economic growth in asia and especially in china how big do you think is the genes for all politics today the third of the work or what you're going to go to china said to be the locomotive for the world economy this is why there are a lot of things that depend on china politically i think the chinese are aimed at strengthening their economic might they're pursuing a very aggressive economic policy everywhere we say that china is all strategic planner and it is one but in relation to that we should also have powerful armed forces of all writing with a powerful economy and be ready for a show of strength to thank you very much simone for talking to us.
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this is a sea life from the russian capital it would trickle the headlines off warning through this on. fighting the force of nature states of emergency is declared in so regions across russia while also discovered in thick small has a great wildfires continue to spread despite the combined efforts of the imagine says this isn't the only. cranking up the pressure at the
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grounds because impose new sanctions against iran also a weekend warning that says this remains an option if tehran doesn't stop its uranium enrichment program but russia says current you are sanctions and resolutions in iran do not allow for military intervention. and israel's government is the country's most discriminatory ever according to civil rights groups in the country that measure that new rules specifically target arabs and other ethnic minorities turning peoples long is into a database trouble. those are the headlines up next financial experts max kaiser and stacey her but delve into a box office manipulation in china and wonder what a nine billion dollars missing in iraq how vanished all that in the curtains in the kaiser report or not.
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i imagine guys are and this is of course the kaiser report markets finance and scandals and the collapse of the global economy we've been reporting on it now for a number of months as the global deflationary spiral takes its toll stacey herbert what else have you got max there is a story we've been following for. quite a while and that is box office futures now you alleged that the reason why they shouldn't happen is that one of the reasons is that producers and studios could manipulate box office results well in my headline from china fang gang shoots down rumors of false box office for aftershock this is the translation from the chinese have been you're seeing there despite the film's critical and commercial success there have been rumors that the record breaking bad.


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