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oracle. it's always difficult to express sort of what you feel moving through a gallery like this because everything is so different you get these really wild flights of fantasy here and then these incredibly detailed realistic looking portraits really loving portraits almost of the great theater masters and not only the russian ones as well pleased to see that there's even mr shakespeare here well i think you've been rather proud. before you became an artist who was an actor and you can feel the drama in his sculpture looking around his workshop is a weird and wonderful experience and even offered to give me something to remember him by. stephanie the first time i've ever been a model. this is for you. is one of those that feel like. take it. truly quite funny i've never actually been sketch for stephanie go to is right. and
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oh it's not the only thing that galvanizes people around here from school so has a thriving music scenes and every week during the summer locals need something nearly on to use riverside stock to for a bit of a knees up. to play this nice big project is called chakra fridays on that occasion very cheerful people get to get any of them all you meant to the russian writer which stands here on base and. there's been a lot of debates about what it should be here a tall building that is merry making people come each friday to sing down this or declaiming point train. and there are plenty of unusual styles on display it's all he has created a whole set of songs inspired by the culture of the cool like people a two thousand year old indigenous refer. back to.
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respond. come rain or shine check on fridays always bring out the crowds and after the music stops everyone gives the launches a proper send us. this chuckle friday zones exciting enough for you you can also hire a boat for river cruise across the tome although you might want to avoid the one with fifty teenagers on it's. these are thrushes attempts polytechnic university they've just finished their first day of college and nothing stops by this. ok. been a pretty long day. thank you very much. i met up with
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a group of guys from tomsk students' union to take a university tradition. of the soul to be checking the union reps from fellow students and collect them in a time capsule. of hopes and dreams. for five years. and. they wonder how many of these go back. to see what's happened. in the first years of thompson management faculty already. pressures in a whole different way so. much time you look at the future
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business. but as all students know the fun and games can't last forever and the next day i went to take a look at the more serious side of university life with a fellow brit who's made his home. peter has been teaching here since two thousand and four legs and he's a senior lecturer at the faculty of foreign languages today's topic was all about how teaching and examination methods are about to change across europe. if we look at this we can see that every european country except. have signed up to it we will be discussing the future of. next week
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thanks for your attention. this is going to be a first and probably i'm going to think your support comes and becomes a lecture at the university of. sound so i study russian university and then in two thousand and four i came here as a language assistance i like to so much that's after i graduated i wouldn't advise to come back and i've been here ever since. and so that's five years now. since. the great city and i'm constantly changing and you can see the show you see in the wonderful architecture that we have here. in addition to being such an old. city it's also very young city we have twenty percent of the population of. six universities under a very vibrant atmosphere which is. of course it's
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a different culture of course the climate is pretty harsh around. but the people here are very friendly. people always rushing around. very nice people this is the real rush for the. phrase often in my trips around russia and this really is a city full of characters i wanted for a top six history and there's one place here which deals with the city's time. stalin's great terror of the nineteenth literally thousands of people were imprisoned and killed in thompson many of them lie buried amid the stones this park is no memorial to them and i'm going to visit the first museum in russia the dedicated itself to covering the political repressions. this building was a jail for the k.g.b. predecessors the n.k.v.d. and even now sixty years after the last prison the walked out of here it's still
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clawing and claustrophobic. more than fifteen thousand people post through these walls between one hundred twenty three and one hundred forty nine ten thousand of them never went home. the museum is filled with photographs papers and authentic memorabilia including letters where people gave up their own friends and neighbors oh. well this could be that these are the folders for denunciations you can see written letters and typed letters i'll read you one of them a letter to the chief of tomsk special n.k.v.d. department secret an urgent at a thompson pencil factory there is someone named simeon coble born in one thousand and nine of belorussian origin was ok middle legally from poland in one nine hundred thirty two. visitors moved through a series of different rooms showing exactly what went on during the political repressions but by far the most affecting of the souls themselves it's difficult to
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imagine terrifying it would have been to have been in prison to have been taken out of your home in the middle of the night probably with little or no idea of why you were being arrested and then throw them here with up to twenty of confused people then you'd have to watch that door close though you might never see anyone you know loved again. being cooped up here is a chilling experience and i was definitely ready to head back up to the light. culture is that so much a moment taxpayers and i mean it is a shame and it means a lot of people here in iowa the t.v. wonderfully popular in commercially lucrative but just how realistic are these programs are they the ultimate films.
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they vote for bush for the. always add by one vote for kerry for kerry so the people that are going to be validating this machine can stand there all day long and vote for somebody and it will be right every time but the guy can walk up here and if he hits the right button. he can flip a vote. with more than half a million people because a lively and bustling city but if you're looking for
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a little peace and quiet the countryside is just a short drive away. if you wanted a symbol of siberia this would probably be it's the siberian stone pine tree they used to be millions of these in the forests but now its numbers are declining ironically because of its own pine cones the seeds in here they used in the source is sweets and literally thousands of people come and gather them up every summer and sell them and it means that the tree is having trouble reproducing naturally but here in this garden center trying to make sure that the species continues to survive. so he has been running this nursery for almost a decade the idea is to sell people their own trees so that future generations will have no need to raid the forest for seeds for the stone pines numbers can start to recover he's brought different varieties here from across the country and beyond
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and even created some of his own. so this. was a kind of a russian. equivalent. if this russian thing but these are used to be wild branches that later recovered only the good ones were left here here. right. this tree has been inoculated for fifteen time outs but you know the samplings grow incredibly slowly just a few centimeters each year but they can keep on going for centuries most of the trees here are still very young but it's a full time job making sure they reach their full potential fairly intensive work keeping these tiny little saplings healthy up to about thirty people work here during the high season and of course there are a lot of we got to come out these ladies have a better idea because on the boat some of these alerts a little prickles song and end up with some small hands hopefully should help the
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trees take the pain. see the size of this was as big as the tree itself and massive really prickly and they want to come out. more and more people are coming here to buy their own saplings but sergei says that securing the stone pine trees future is going to be a long and expensive process. the little mild cedar being four to five metres tall produces its first cone and twenty five thirty years there are some nut bearing strain but if the bug finding investors is difficult. this is because the project would only payoff decades from now. so that's not been a problem for another new business and which might be about to make its back is in serious money. filters and nothing new but this local company believes they've come
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up with a product that's the first in the world to remove one hundred percent of harmful microorganisms and with more than a billion people still drinking contaminated water every day around the world there's a huge market out there. how do you keep your head so. why is the fed. with. loads very loud. about. looking. and once they've been elected it's time to start putting everything together. one of the. scrubs but. i'll add it to the field so i'm not going to try to. make one hundred percent. but the big question is of course does it actually was.
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well anyway to find out. you know they say the people putting. so i think it's time to put this magic to the test so. full of wonderful things like. ammonia. great color as well. through the. lens of truth. thankfully there were no unpleasant side effects. from one of the most innovative
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companies one of its oldest. one in the same thing but it turns out that in russia at least they're very different and they've been making them in seventy years. this is such a dirty job they're going. to make kids but there's two hundred kilos of chemically treated robot coming down to this assembly line every ten minutes and it just gets everywhere. it's tough and intensive work the science returns out three million pairs of shoes a year and twelve hundred steaming boots at a time come out of the vulcanizing oven ready for the linings. to the moment i'm putting together the. left.
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doesn't it but there are about forty ladies here but you can be made. they make thirty five every five minutes or so to keep off. the finishing touches are there ready to be shipped off to the shops. around factories i was definitely. ready for some fresh. manuelito. this is f c told siberia's in the premiership football team until pride and joy. be packed with household names but they hold their own against russia's best and they don't even mind random journalists turning up to train with them. but see for yourselves right i said be interesting reminds me a little bit of school in a way for some reason whenever i played football they always wanted me to go and go . i guess it must be my cat like reflexes. that say how ok.
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i had. to let the coach score a few goals just to keep him happy but obviously really i had everything under control. when i said i never play for england. mr capello i'll be waiting for your cool but speaking to the manager yuri it's easy to see that this is a city that really. here in winter as well as the summertime when the up to two hundred fifty teams take part in the winter tournaments ball is played by people as young as seven at the all the way up to sixty year olds tomsk tournaments attract fans from thirty three secondary in town including. and each of our games gets twelve to thirteen thousand spectators. and the next also noon i was going to be one of them so this is what saturdays will made for perfect weather and healthy
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food and premiership football. but the seats on had a pretty spectacular rise in russian football climbing from division two to the premier league and yes and this weekend they were taking on the capitalist must by law i'm i'm giving them a really hard time i'd love to say it but it was really has been a game of to hit someone dominating the first period and now seem to come out really hard still nil nil lub but i'm not holding out just let's hope the best of the law of the i love this shot. of the leg leg gold leg of the bags and we pleaded with the players just couldn't find the targets and after a frustrating ninety minutes against the mexican waves the final whistle blew. new
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nail the boards are all but it does leave tome ten points above the relegation zone so i guess these guys are going to have the legal the chance to do a little international bonding over on dre i'll shove in and roman abramovich. that you want leaving the stadium please be attentive and cautious there's nothing like watching other people exercise to work up an appetite and there was one place in tomsk i had to visit before i left even chekhov said. this place was good. so this is the same. it's the oldest restaurant and supposedly the very best so i'm going to see little fuss is about. to come. an amazing choice but these prices i think this. is another way that
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my son. was thinking more of washing dishes but spine amazing coincidence it turned out they would shorten the shift day. on the finishing touch. of the knives came out and i was ready to have a go at making a real siberian favorite. siberian sterlite is very popular here today we're going to make smoke stirling prepared for cookie first. but never tried still it before but it's from the sturgeon family and the rivers around thompson full of them. once the missi part was out of the way it was time to perk up the fish with a few extra ingredients. so these are some. siberian herbs and spices just give the fish
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a rub with these. and once everything was prepared it was time to get cooking it's. just. beautiful smoked siberian stir. it was almost fun for me to leave toms and it was still so much i wanted to see but you can't play. the week sightseeing into just a morning can you. well maybe you can. never been in a hang glider before. you feel as if you might drop out at any moment but one side unpeeled my knuckles from the seat in front i really didn't want it to end and
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there are some pretty amazing piece to. go that's so. absolutely story with. our. i just finished one flights but it was time for me to head to the airport for another. tums because all the benefits of the big city but it's still small enough that you only have to be here a few days and you start to feel at home it's a warm eclectic place and i was going to miss.
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wealthy british style. markets why not come to. find out what's really happening to the global economy with max cons or for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune into kinds a report on our.
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one of the key elements of democracy. which is so uncomfortable for me or for. who pays for the news is. how dependent is this independent media. and who is behind the t.v. story. georgian media. and reality on
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t.v. . relentless fires claimed dozens of lives in russia as a record breaking heat wave shows no sign of letting up. and join me either bennett's in the moscow region where firefighters all managing to control the blaze the smoke is still choking the atmosphere and spreading to the city. flushing the president left his summer residence to hold emergency meetings in firefighting ancram like. in other news the u.s. imposes more sanctions on iran severing ties with groups suspected of terrorist links as a group of intelligence experts write to president obama saying that israel may strike against a round within weeks. this
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is r t is why i'm here in moscow ten pm in london five in the afternoon in new york city were you watching us around the world welcome. when the top stories eight hundred fifty thousand firefighters are still battling russia's worst wildfires in decades the blazes have already left forty eight people dead in the air in moscow is thick with smoke as far as approach the capital from the south our correspondent ivan bennett reports from just outside the small smothered capital. all morning on the early hours of this afternoon just in the woods behind me there was a fire raging and the firefighters were struggling to control it but in the last couple of hours they have managed to put it out for the time being because the conditions here simply just so dry the fires a spreading a very very quickly and unpredictably earlier we had a look at the fire it didn't seem too troublesome from where we saw it at the flames are just coming up to about knee height but suddenly out of nowhere they flared up to well over two meters and that's the sort of challenge these firefighters the facing as they put out one part then another part springs up very
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very quickly we did actually have to move the position we were broadcasting from because we were very close to the woods and the fire we're off the road as you can see the small here and the smoke is very very thick the air is very very heavy and you can take the smoke here if you're outside for more than just a few minutes it is quite know was anything in fact that taste of smoke and is a gray blanket over the sky you can't really see the sun and moscow region is one of twelve regions worst hit in the whole of russia and this morning at the satellite imagery suggested there are around eight hundred fires across the country four hundred of which have sprung up just in the last twenty four hours so the situation is still very very critical the conversation has actually already started to filter through to those who have lost their belongings that was affected around three and a half of the thousand people across the country two thousand homes approximately have been wiped out and this is a report by my colleague tim a fake on the effect this has had on those suffering. when darkness falls hours ahead of schedule. although it's already been five days since fires incinerated
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this village ash clouds are still so thick they block out the sun and. fire many continue to keep patrol as yet more flames break girl but for a good read in their efforts don't matter anymore. but it will serve the group of what my daughter ran up and said buses waiting and everyone's being evacuated we already had our bags packed with my wife walks around the capital with a religious family court with asking for protection but even the bombs have vanished. a wall of flames up to three hundred meters wide was more than the firemen could handle all but a few of the one hundred houses were totally destroyed. everything even had built up and thirty years living here the family home their daughter's house their cattle even their dogs all lost to the flames but amidst the scenes of utter destruction a glimpse of hope and honor. full of.


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