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their daughter's house their cattle even their dogs all lost to the flames but amidst the scenes of utter destruction a glimpse of hope rather. than look for. just fifteen kilometers away another village lays in the path of the flames its people are worried the same fate awaits them yes but only. when the men of took a ditch with a truck to smoke is everywhere we don't know where to expect a fire from neighbors informing us about anything but for those whose battle the fires ended in defeat the temporary shelters of being found part of the evacuated were taken here and so an old school building they say is received as often as four times a day although that's still not enough the most basic things are much needed underwear to pillows to warm clothes back in moscow volunteers assemble what help they can
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they say there's enough supplies the problem is delivering it's huge problems with transportation because we don't have cars of our own but will flames already appearing on the highway how sweet to the villages find you can car could prove a lot easier than actually getting there too if it costs party central russia. dmitry medvedev has sucked a string of scene in navy officers for failing to prevent wildfires from reaching a military base of the moscow region the president said they were guilty of criminal negligence and a failure is not an article followed his meeting with government officials here in moscow. russian president came for the summer residence to hold a serious of emergency meetings in kremlin regarding the problem before fighting he wants to involve as many structures in this fire fighting is as possible course during the meeting they just asked how to stop the forest around moscow and in watching general right now and of course how to prevent those fires from spreading
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onto strategic objects in russia such as a military bases or nuclear plants for example and you smothered in the it would look amused. i have ordered the ministry of defense. to fight the fires but the ministry can't always even protect it's still a large forest broken out in the most cruel regions with heavy consequences someone was asleep on the job the fire that was spreading slowly was not contained and the heads of the local military bases were nowhere to be found i'm sacking five high ranking officers and ordering the ministry to fire more if anything of this sort of takes place again i will take the scene steps without any rift. so while talking about how to help people watching the president has also talked about how to punish those who are responsible for some of the lies that could have been saved but didn't several. cases or even filed against those local authorities working on the
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spots who are courting to russian president worked in effectively and who could have prevented some fires but didn't and meanwhile here in moscow the situation looks like it's getting worse this night has brought a lot more smog in the city and as you can see behind me right now it is very difficult to even see clearly because of the city's centuries covered in small. denying that the country's president mahmoud ahmadinejad was the target of an assassination attempt earlier reports stated a grenade was thrown at his convoy in the west of the country the claims come at a time of increasing pressure on iran just days ago the top u.s. military official said washington has not ruled out a military strike if the country does not stop enriching uranium the u.s. treasury department also tighten sanctions by expanding a blacklist of iranian groups private of terrorist links to iran has called for
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dialogue which it says should be based on justice and mutual respect the group of american intelligence experts has also written to president obama to say they believe israel may launch a surprise attack on iran in the next month and one of them was a grave a go. tell us all saying why did it happen. while there are a host of reasons they're mostly circumstantial but the most important one has to do with what impression prime minister netanyahu got of our president when he was here three weeks ago. our president didn't dare to mention any of the contentious issues between our two countries like our objection to the illegal settlements in the west bank or the killing of a u.s. citizen on board mavi marmara and instead it was a very much a love fest with our president pretty much forming all of a niche and yahoo now that's in you know who is a pretty clever guy and we go home to tell it even sure he he told his colleagues
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that you know these americans are just like we always thought of them they're easily moved eighty percent of the american support us this is bizarre so that's the most that's the key factor if he thinks that obama would not have the courage to oppose a military strike on iran and then you look around for the time to do it well it's very clear that israel has set out a policy to get rid of any hostile regimes with any power in the middle east or pretty well with iraq to. remove saddam hussein in their basic document a clean break. securing the realm back in one thousand nine hundred six when nasser you know where is first strike part minister it was stated explicitly that iran would be right on that list if they can get rid of. it in the mullahs and that would be creating a what they consider to be a super safe region and most people get confused by the diversionary
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argument that israel is. stanch a threat from. nuclear bombs who didn't have any nuclear bombs and. if you go to two hundred three hundred so that's true choose the imagination with you want regime change. and every time a u.s. army colonel things the united states means that it's not ruling out military action against iran it's misjudged and provocative. that type of action military action against iran is inappropriate the united states of america has tremendous military capability but why do you have to go pushing it in the face of a memory one that we could do this we could take military action well we know that but all it is is a provocative statement that makes those in iran feel very uneasy that they are truly being targeted again by the united states and by israel the increased
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sanctions that we see that the united states is putting on is another layer of cation in their mind that they are the target we are warning president obama to be very very careful about anything that comes out of israel as far as the they are assessment that military force needs to be used on iran. that was an end run and every time a u.s. army colonel turned peace activist and still ahead in the program we report on what's in store next to the powers ceiling don't. temple's in as she settles into five star luxury stables to help her forget a night of my ordeal. the u.s. senate has put all of the vote on this start treaty with russia until mid september they had over the foreign relations committee is that republicans need more time to decide whether to support it lon monk deal was signed by president submitted that offended bombing prague in april and is designed to reduce the country's nuclear
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arsenal by said however it won't come into force until ratified by both sides and so far neither neither is don that. this is ready to put the deal into effect but once. tennis rectification i think shelton former u.s. senator and. the atlanta council think tank chuck hagel has not been just about playing at stake. if in fact we we the civilized world especially the nuclear powers and as we know russia in the united states but as about ninety percent of all the nuclear weapons in the world if we are to reduce those if we are to influence other nations to try not to come on line to be a nuclear weapons power or to start reducing their powers that we must lead the way so this is also i think an issue of some optics of some credibility of some leadership because if we don't pass this what credibility does the united states have with the rest of the world or russia to say to any other nuclear country or
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country that wants to possess these weapons no don't do that so there's an awful lot here that goes beyond just the specifics of the treaty that was the chairman of the atlantic council think tank chuck hagel. was a part of the us so if you stand you nowadays seems to be not only rejecting it soviet past but is resurrecting the legacy of former oppressors military exercises commemorating not the war want to recall this is also have started in the country they're named after they earn a unit the standing in volunteers that play behind red army knife fighting to. the war games have been held since nine hundred ninety four but moscow sees them as an attempt to ignore my standing as collaboration with nazi germany however former british labor party european parliament member for things that only a small minority of european support abounds in no it's
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a past. what concerns me about this it appears to have some support from if you all the officials were near stony in government and that's what's much more concerning because that indicates if you want a political collaboration with the people organizing this event it's clearly both offensive or bizarre that while there is a new enthusiasm for extreme sports are you basing it around a nazi collaborating organization. for second world war out of salt the generally across the european union the vast majority of people will be horrified about what's going on there always are a small minority of people who actually sympathize with the nazis but they are extremely small these days and i can't imagine that anywhere would you support for this kind of event. a former. ford in brussels but he says it's reached a significant milestone claiming that oil leak in the gulf of mexico is now under
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control with its latest plugging effort the new operation uses thick mud to block a well gushing oil from the seabed the u.s. government says seventy five percent of the spill has now been cleaned out of naturally born outrageous all around seven hundred million liters of oil has spewed into the sea so it's in the oil rig exploded in april when america's worst ever environmental disaster. parts of pakistan are now facing a life threatening floods crisis and had the worst floods in decades rescuers are struggling to reach three villages left without supplies around fifteen hundred are feared to be dead and up to three million displaced at the disaster. there says the weather forecasts a rule have rains that are expected. u.n. peacekeepers have stepped up patrols along it turns israeli lebanese border a day alternate stranger of gunfire killed saw the violence erupted as israeli troops tried to cut a tree both sides claim was in their territory and israeli officer died along with
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two lebanese troops and a journalist in a cross border firefight un investigators say the treaty was in the israeli side countering devaney's claims. votes have been counted in kenya after a referendum on a new constitution to limit presidential powers and bringing in a new bill of rights the poll is a part of a power sharing deal between president kibaki and prime minister violent both badly new constitutional which is expected to be parsed that's tight security after widespread violence in which over a thousand died following the disputed presidential election three years ago. don't you that it was sent parasailing about a russian beechen a cruel p.r. stunt these days enjoying the trappings of her new celebrity. lifestyle and not careless warmth and well why sympathy after her ordeal and was rescued by the british tabloid the sun but before heading to pastures new she's been undergoing
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some high class rehab at the kremlin school of writing a moscow home where tom barton reports. the donkey has landed russia's notorious four legged fly is finally able to breathe easy and not because the donkey arrived in moscow after days on the road from southern russia because she's not complaining is very sweet and everyone fell in love for her and we don't want to give you know and i'm not because strange journey started with her now infamous flight up above the beach the power sail pulled by a boat a publicity trick by a local water sports company but police found out the owner run away and not because it was only found later. sitting on the beach boys or parachute go i couldn't quite figure it out myself or legs nor of my own eyes a donkey the animal's distressed brain also brought simply from around the world celebrities and animal rights activists were hot to trot with their opinions this
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animal was suffering was captured on videos and photographs and the way it spread through the media is really amazing and i think what the public has done is create a demand you know for animals to be treated better the culprit presented a vet certificate showing the animal was not physically harmed so is unlikely to face prosecution nevertheless the outcry means anat cohen now spend a month the prestigious kremlin riding school drinking filtered water eating a special diet prepared by a nutritionist and being messenger with medical appointments my goodness. we have well equipped stables good for her and a team of professional experts who take care of the horses. and what after office to house and up to have flooded in from all over the world and not all through the way you might expect the manager of england's top in hotspur. club redknapp has said he would happily put an up go up harry has an ambition to organise own animal sanctuary in the area of england and he perhaps could and could join him at that
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animal sanctuary and not get here now has her feet planted firmly on the ground so wherever she ends up after this month for the moment she can just relax tom barton party. well let's have a quick look at what you can find on r.t. dot com right now find out which russian football stars uniform has made it into the top five best setting list in england. also moscow's teenagers are risking their lives for a dangerous new hobby although police are hot on their heels. and a russian blogger angry about their management or the wildfires are raging across the country gets an unexpected reply from prime minister putin.
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israeli palestinian peace talks are expected to resume later this month after a two year freeze in a moment he's paullus near speaks to a leading jordanian lawmaker defined how the conflict and jordan's neighbors affect his country. with me i have talked to. the jordanian government spokesperson and also the
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minister for media affairs and communication dr thank you very much for joining us here on r.t. you're most welcome jordan was criticized last year by reporters without borders for closing down two satellite stations of iranian origin is there a fear that. iranian influence could destabilize the kingdom first of all let me. correct the premise of the question but we did not close any. stations what happened actually was that the correspondent. correspondents of these stations. were working without proper permit and. we. asked them to apply and. of course i think. one of them at least did not apply there of course conditions in order to be able to like any other country in the world there are
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conditions that should apply to anyone who wants to write for. work for of media establishment and i think. there were problems with the permits so the stations themselves were not the issue they should was the people working for the stations as far as living up to the requirements of the permit conditions is there a fear that iranian influence could destabilize the kingdom no actually you know we don't have the feel to this. as far as this issue is concerned at all we feel quite confident as to the stability and security of our country we feel that we have of course a very secure borders because jordan really enjoys good relations with almost all
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countries in the world but we are vigilant of course we are quite careful but we do not feel that we have to be panicky about this so the israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu recently said that he. he planned to deport some thirty thousand palestinians from the west bank to jordan what is your response to that is really a very negative development and we completely reject this decision and oppose it you cannot definitely uproot people from their land and throw them anywhere else in the world and expect to have peace with them or their representatives this just doesn't happen. we would like all these you know steps to stop immediately because they are very dangerous to the peace here and they will definitely torpedo any efforts to move the peace forward as the
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u.n.h. the hours budget continues to decline aviv plans to allow iraqi refugees in this country greater freedom to work. guests in jordan are working with all the freedom that is there. first of all we don't differently call them refugees they are our brothers. suffering. very difficult situation. sought our help in jordan as brothers and in our arab culture you give your brother you share with you a loaf of bread you split it in half and give to your brothers so out of this tradition out of their long history that binds us with our iraqi brothers we decided to host them here temporarily until the situation in their country improves and then
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they can go back to their country. but while they're here of course jordan as you know. is. not a rich country do that it's not a rich country and especially this year we are really living through difficult economic situation we have a deficit in the budget. or there is a strain in our own our economy from different angles but none that is our iraqi guests are still among us and they're enjoying everything his majesty king abdullah was very gracious in permitting all iraqi children to enjoy education just like their jordanian counterparts to enjoy healthcare for all iraqis enjoy healthcare. just like jordanians and education for all iraqi children is free in
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jordan so. but there is a limit as to what jordan can give as far as this issue is concerned and we do call upon the international community to continue helping to even boost its assistance to jordan in order to enable it to better serve their iraqi guests because of the situation in iraq and the palestinian question is it likely that they will be greatly influences from outside jordan affecting what people are thinking and doing internally that could ultimately lead to a destabilization of the kingdom we do not think really that there is cause for worry for the stability and security of jordan is a concern. around us of course are known to everybody but we we are confident that people who are living in jordan. with palestinian
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refugees who are forced to live outside their country because of the occupation or iraqi guests who are again forced to live outside the country because of the condition. they're they definitely appreciate the security and stability they find here and the fact that they are able to live quite normally and they will be with us in trying to maintain this security and stability because it's definitely in the interest of all of us living together in this country to not be alone thank you very much for joining us here on r.t. you're most welcome my pleasure.
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just. every month we give you the future we help you understand how to get there and bring the best in science and technology from
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across russia and around the world. knowledge update on our jeep. it's two thirty in the morning in the russian capital this as i'll see
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a quick check of the headlines. this fires across russia have claimed at least forty eight lives with temperatures continue to break records as states in the region say has been declared in seven regions and to have been just been wiped out and thousands of people left homeless. russian emergency crews have stepped up their efforts to put out the fires the neighboring countries have joined the operation sending out a can offer to help in the most devastated regions president been fed of classified five high of ranking officials hold out lack of action in dealing with the crisis. and in other news the last imposes more new sanctions on iran severing ties with the organization suspected of terrorist links as a group of intelligence experts write to president obama saying that israel may strike against iran within its. those are the headlines next to explore russia without see your very own guy james brown is in the siberian city of tomes where as
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well as uncovering the sites he gets to know local musicians and artists. in southeastern russia around three and a half thousand kilometers from moscow. this is to see would destroy being students an academic population and it's got a reputation for giving visitors a friendly welcome. i was ready to experience it for myself. to a. new city and your hotel has a message for you to make yourself at home but there are literally dozens of little monuments like this. appropriately enough.
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founded over four hundred years ago. but this is also a very modern town with a real passion for. a leg is one of most popular. and he's had commissioned all across the city including the facts and content to. this is a monument to happiness as he looks like this wolf who ate well lived well and now he's happy this is a favorite toy of kids we created and. most of the legs work is very light hearted and one of his favorite pieces is based on that favorite. the story of the baby in the cabbage patch this is true. yes. but see here. picture.
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one of russia's most famous playwrights. made famous by the city's most famous. yes. this is a famous. he. did it. has been called faces for the best parts of forty years and shows no sign of slowing down he's in. europe and here they call him the thompson. it's always difficult to express what you feel moving through. different. flights. these incredibly. thick looking
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