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as a similar story for the forest surrounding these houses the what's been left is smoldering ground and that's been causing far fighters a lot of problems they've been having to watch that rigorously and in fact only just about ten minutes ago to my left there was a smaller smaller piece of ground that actually reignited firefighters had to come across and dampen the flames and put them out that's a problem that's persisting that's why there's so many firefighters still here. now there in the heat as long as the heat continues at such high degree people are saying experts are saying that this sort of is going to keep on occurring but this this problem is not going to go away now the. number of fires about she increased to from five hundred thousand or so so it was yesterday to over eight hundred firefighters have been tackling them in the early hours of the morning and that's they've managed to put out two hundred fifty fires unfortunately there has been an
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increase in the numbers killed by these wildfires that's going up to fifty people one of who in central russia was found amidst the rubble another who later died in hospital after sustaining substantial injuries now there is some more positive news for those in. the region there were worries and alarm bells ring about surrounding a nuclear energy plant there now authorities there have said that energy nuclear energy a material has been moved from that plant so there is no danger of radioactive spill or any explosions taking place. back to. moscow region there have been thousands of people displaced here and the really has been a lot of records and. she went to see what one village is really be left in the show since these forests. rushes in flames.
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the hottest summer on record has also become one of the most destructive massive forest fires have already burned about thousands of actors of land in. more than forty in the thousand homeless with wind speed of twenty meters per second. you can see behind me it's approaching leaving behind a trail of devastation this used to be a small picturesque village naslund in beautiful pine forest some one hundred fifty kilometers south of the russian capital and paradise to the three hundred people that lived there with a kindergarten a church and a community hall it will never be the same again it to dismiss for a frightening display of mother nature's fool force to change it for rever. twelve perished in the in through sun in her refined circumstances panic has been sprayed
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him on people as fast as the flames have been engulfed in their homes five people an old couple and mother and a song and another woman decided to hide in a basement their place of refuge became their tomb temperatures inside became too hot to survive. most people in the village managed to flee elaine it was one of those that escaped a day later she's bag hoping to find something intact but it's all in vain. sure flames was riding up high even a mother told how that you're in the. old days below really scared when i saw a red fire go and black smoke which you know i've seen houses and lands burn. the entire village to burn down completely that was really horrifying and yet the dormitory of a local college has become a new home for dozens of homeless its staff in smoky corridors in rooms but it's the only shelter they have now. we want to say thanks for all this care they feed
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us here very well they talk to us and we have a caller to sleep. but they hope this take here will not be long or divestiture that this is we've already got about seven thousand dollars in compensation each pension isn't jobless a bit more but what we are really especially waiting for that the new home they promised it for every family within the next three months and we're ready to wait. when the house is a rebuilt the victims of this unstoppable and merciless force who try to rebuild their lives and consign these ghosts village to the past all here would rather forget. mosca region what a difference twenty four hours make clear skies in russia's capital now you have a clear picture of the coming behind the polar opposite situation that we had yesterday what you would have seen from this vantage point is
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a wall of white just take small in fact it was difficult to see even fifty meters in front of you it really was like living in a snow globe but just because the the facts of the fires aren't as strong today it doesn't mean that the side effects aren't i mean you people still are experiencing nausea runny eyes and all around discomfort if you're out in this for too long because the air pollution is so high six times what is deemed as normal you feel like you've snorted or you're garbled on travel it's a really uncomfortable feeling and muscovites are a little bit impatient and they're a little frustrated because the heat has been going on for so long you couple that with the unbearable smog and how difficult it makes it to breathe and people just want it to end now obviously and it's gotten to the point where doctors are urging the elderly and people who have breathing problems just to stay home if you don't have to be outside if you can work from home do that because it's just not worth it
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and also the health ministry is suggesting that maybe russia should hold off on the first day of school it's god's will for september first but because of the conditions right now they're thinking that maybe it's best to hold to postpone on the first day of school not mention the frustration that many muscovites of having because there doesn't really seem to be in the site jake mentioned the flare ups with the fires that seem to be more firefighters make in advance of a more fires come about and so you have the weather that's stoking and has started these fires and we don't know when the end is going to come because the drought is still here there's no rain in the forecast and there's more projections for high temperatures. greens reports. well let's focus on the situation around the new clear power station in this side of town which jacob mentioned syria in the call for for models out and that's the russian state energy
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company which operates the facility says everything is under control but the frog front liable fire was divided into local parsimony far for the speed of various nuclear scientists and where so they are fighting locally and the robots from. common showing their efficiency and it's really important because they can fight here claims lisa's future on mix so simple for people all the explosives were removed from the city to this we would be. near their line of fire so it means that we have no three people to. fight suit yourself so i will see you clear first or sent them out. a group of former cia and military officials have written to president obama and say they believe israel is preparing to attack iran this among the experts describe how
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israel's ready for thought can strike and make it politically impossible for obama to do anything other than offer full u.s. military support but michel it just evolved from the canadian center for research on the globalization things that in reality israel would need washington's backing fast. saying a series of them are very. serious. people and of course the space that should be taken very seriously it is technically from a military standpoint impossible for israel to actually launch a war on iran without the green light from the united states we have to understand that this this is not strictly an israeli military project the united states since the mid ninety's. has indicated the run as a possible target and the war plans which had been ongoing since two thousand and
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four in fact in the wake of the bombing an invasion of iraq. have been joint programs u.s. they total and israel so the impact of these war plans are already ongoing it may be convenient for washington to let israel unleash the attack and in fact take cheney back in back in two thousand and four intimating that israel might do the work for us though to speak iran has ten percent of the global oil and gas was five times those of the united states it's a it has tremendous wealth and ultimately war in that region is the battle for oil and natural gas the threat of war is real. the implications are far reaching if that war were launched. within the next few months
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the whole region with flare up from the eastern mediterranean right through to the chinese border. now staying here is again holding a second world war military commemoration which critics allen king also celebrates nazi can operation it's a composition held annually which we are not the work of a course in sports in one hundred forty one the event is named after the athlete using the stadium volunteers who spied behind red lines as they fought the no see it's been hell since one thousand nine hundred corporate most cases says they are an attempt to blow off by staying in collaboration with hitler's germany but former british european parliament begin forward thinking is small minority of people support me about. what concerns me about this it appears how some support from if you only officials were near stone in government and that's what's much more concerning because that indicates if you want to a political collaboration with the people organizing this event it is clearly both
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offensive and bizarre that while there is a new enthusiasm for stream sport for basing it around a nazi collaborating organization. for all from list second world war out of sort the generally across the european union the vast majority of people will be horrified about what's going on there always are a small minority of people who actually sympathize with the nazis but they are extremely small these days and i can't imagine that anywhere would support for this kind of event for many people in food speaking to us from brussels. the european union has been expanding in the past few years but it seems some former soviet states you joined recently can be an obstacle to corporation they sell assays if you have an l.c. talks to a man who's delved deep into european identity to hear what challenges this creates in relations at moscow. it is probably accepted in moscow
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that. it is a probably a good idea to deal with the e.u. or directly and that's how it started for nor the reason the reasons of geography the two have to have a relationship and it's better of course for both sides at this place where it is based on call peroration and not based on hostility now the problem is that the process of integration with. even those who have been you know from the very beginning and most integrated those who just joined by less and those who have have joined to recently have a few problems with russia right because these are the former soviet bloc countries and of course their impact on the policies of the e.u. all these of you moscow is certainly present and it is at least for for now a bit of an obstacle. counts more insight into how your is adapting to its evolving identity in just
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a vat and how it's time. headlines this hour and bush supermodel naomi campbell is facing questioning in the haynes gave the trial of former liberian president charles taylor. to be given what she describes as a few dirty looking stones. after a dinner hosted by nelson mandela thirty years ago but she says she gave them to charity a few hours later or tale is accused of selling the gemstones just piles of brutal civil war in sierra leone he's being charged on eleven counts of crimes and crimes against humanity which he denies. a federal court in california has the state's ban on same sex marriage the judge says that proposition eight was violating the american constitution it could now be up to the supreme court to decide californians that naturally approves about syria years ago room what was the
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most expensive social political campaign in u.s. history critics of gay marriage say the laces decision is ignoring the electorate saying. the both counts underway in kenya on constitutional referendum early results showed that over sixty percent voted for laws to limit the president's powers it also includes emotionally charged changes to apportion bullies land rights and muslim family courts for the first time in the country the vote was held without incident some won't change from the intense violence the two thousand and eight presidential election when more than one thousand dollars. b.p. claims it has reached a significant a mile so in the gulf of mexico washington says almost three quarters of the oil spill has been either more or not dispersed president obama added that the battle to contain the massive oil spill is finally close to coming to an end all men's day
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b.p. managed to block the ruptured well by pumping in a special type. mogs. of all the places you'd expect to find american style diners all glossy provocative magazines and arab states in the heart of the middle east might not be your first guest but jordan is fast becoming one of the most westernized countries in the region. into why the younger generation are shunning tradition and. a men's magazine that shows off female flourish and leaves little to the imagination a cover like this would not raise eyebrows in europe but in the middle east in a country like jordan where ninety five percent of the population is muslim it can go on sale only in the capital city editor cyrus side says her aim is to shock and that she does by filling in a gap in the market touching on issues that are pretty much to blue in the arab
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world like talking about relationships and sex will not find it in like rural areas a lot of our readers. they have a modern way of thinking well it's a modern the dead a different way of thinking a lot of them have studied abroad dismissed abroad they work abroad and they take these little. mindsets with them and they come back here and they apply to the way of life i'm on is one of the most western i cities in the middle east and is often called the new beirut among the ever increasing number of skyscrapers are american well known brands and chains so it comes as no surprise that more and more youngsters are choosing a british accent to tune into each day their only seven dollars a day an essay volume or a few joyful and also a bit and you know yes martin be one of the top three english radio stations in the country and in the seven years he's worked in the region he's seen english radio's almost three fold it's about wanting to consume and it's about westerners and i
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mean if you look at a fast food restaurant for example you know you've got restaurants on your doorstep burger chains and pizza restaurants and people people want now it's oh it's i want it right and essentially when somebody when there's a demand you give it. sorry could do is typical of the new generation that finds it easy to mix between cultures she's lived in jordan lebanon and chaldea way beyond and speaks fluent english and arabic she grew up in american culture and says she choose western music in movies of a traditional arabic ones any day a lot of us have come from like culturally diverse societies like either your mom or dad by before and you know this is a new trend enjoying it's far more accepting the fact that you know you're not limited to marrying an arab or a jordanian and we also like a lot of us go study abroad and abroad to get t.v. so many different cultures and so many different people but shauna's feel some of the influence also comes from the government she's the first to admit that the
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fashion that glosses the pages of her magazines no one would ever wear on the streets it's almost like there's a contradiction in society you have that sect of society that is holding on to traditional values and traditional ideas and then you have that set typically the more modern part of the city that is kind of wanting to develop in western eyes and honestly i would say it's probably a lot of influence from the government level you get a lot of support and aid from the u.s. and it's an influence that's hard to miss especially when it's backed up by western advertising and money i mean stroke that on the streets i would be easiest spoken a mixture of arabic and english for teenagers it's a way to impress the opposite sex and it is true that speaking english will probably get to a better job after all the king's mother is english policy arty among. of course we're also online twenty four hours a day with plenty more stories for you to explore here's just some of what you'll
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find right now as. it is economics no one hundred spaces to risk with a generation growing up in this trysts is told was restricted children schools the jobs to feed their desperate families. on the parasailing don't keep getting a trailer with some five still want to treat and follow her she checks into the crowded stables it's all a call. now in about ten minutes time follow aussies james brown he heads to the very heart of siberia but before all of that was the business desperate now and we hear that the construction of the gas pipeline has reached an important milestone that's right alice the second branch of the pipelines finally coming ashore in russia the whole project has to be completed by twenty twelve and i will give you details in the program in just a moment for us to our main story the global cost of wheat has reached the highest
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price in twenty three months due to the worst drought in nearly forty years if you from the commodities markets is similar to the retailers jack poor john the c.e.o. of the index futures group says the large grain reserves in russia and the united states will help mitigate the crisis. i think that you know you've got a combination of two economies that are very well versed in making sure that their supplies are intact over the course of say the winter months and quite frankly i think good the russian economy was prepared for this that the russian government was prepared for this i know of course here in the us we've been preparing for it but remember grain this specially wheat is much like a weed it doesn't take more than just a few days of rain to get things going again of course this crop is pretty much over and i think that we could write it off but we still have a big report coming here in the states in another week and of course south america is going to report over the course of the next few months let's see how it all turns out and it's time to check on the markets now asian stocks and make this hour
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the nicky's up over want to have to send and sank into the twenty three percent spanish benchmark as we gain from losses the days before the dollar rebounded from an eight month low against the yen through the low to climb four than three percent up to reporting its best operating profit in two years and your fish as different in any trade on thursday investors are cautious ahead of rate decisions by the european central bank and the bank of england commerzbank zero point eight percent after the bank hiked itself look up to expectations for that second quarter results but british bank barclays is down two percent after those results here in the markets are trading in the blackness our own reality has in my eyes it's a trading flat to positive shares of bank. after losing half of the sand on my six . the construction of the north stream gas pipeline has reached an important milestone with the second branch of the pipe finally coming ashore and russia project will provide gas to millions of european homes when it's completed in
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twenty twelve why did the koch the white house the details. where he. banged the baltic sea where the construction of the noise pipeline is taking place and now what you see behind my back to pipelines the first one was pulled out of the water and that russian soil just a week ago owned july the twenty eighth and what happened just a couple of hours ago is that the second. reached of the russian shore and many has say that this was a milestone for the whole construction of the noise pipeline project now what you see also is that those pipelines along in the special strange this train will be back filled up to the initial seabed level when the construction of the pipeline is over but now this trench of protons to both pipelines to from any external impacts including waves all currents this vessel is called gusto say now it is situated to iran's one kilometer away from the shore this vessel has already
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laid around two hundred kilometers of the pipeline in the waters of finland and sweden and after the war it can on the russian territory over the vessel will go back to finland and resume its work over there the product over a bay is this point of the north theme pipeline through the baltic sea and then of the pipeline will be connected to the gas transportation system of russia and i'm sure prime klein and in the meantime the construction of this prime plan is only progressing where the gas will and to blend him near the finish bore down and will reach european customers to the north and coast of germany delivering over fifty five billion cubic meters of gas annually. and the new chief executive has held talks with deputy prime minister in moscow robert douglas discussions included possible sales to cover the cost of gulf of mexico oil spill b.p. saying its interests in russia are not on the table instead the assets may be in
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south america or send for you. dudley's joined by tony hayward the outgoing chief of b.p. will take up a non-executive role on the board of russian joint venture. and separate news from the company it says it has succeeded in the static kill of its leaking well in the gulf of mexico that the soil is no longer leaking into the sea. or just federal antitrust service says there's a billion dollar worth of direct foreign investment on its way ahead of the head of the agency eager to outline a raft of new deals approved by the government on wednesday the agreements cover such things as transport infrastructure food and mining in particular the canadian company gold will gain control over two strategic gold and silver peels in the north of russia in a deal worth more than three hundred million dollars. and the annual rate of inflation in russia fell to its lowest level in july that's five and
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a half percent longer on month because he will prices rose point four percent the same pace as in june the figures were in line with analysts forecast it was buckwheat chicken and orange prices which rose the most because of weiss but not as katherine went down. a funds to finance russian infrastructure projects has been dropped by the country's economy ministry it will be worth around six hundred seventy million dollars but that investment should double in three years going to see newspaper says b.p. capital only become the key investor with a pond aimed at buying shares in energy transport and utility companies russia lost twelve points in the global economy competitiveness rankings in the past year and it's now on the lowest place among the bric countries with declining infrastructure being one of the key factors. and that's your update for this already can always find more stories on our website r.t. dot com slash.
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listen this is. one of the key elements of democracy. in so uncomfortable for me afford. to pay for their lives. how dependent is this independent media. and who is behind the t.v. star. charge of media. and reality.
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welcome back it's snowing here in moscow you can still see now we're getting reports from take us out of clashes in the capital. channels in the protesters have gathered a support politician who is wanted for trying to seize. him years ago riot police up and down. stones have been thrown at offices he responded with tear gas shots have also you've been heard these details of the walls he's correspondent he's not the seen and of course we'll bring you more on this story as it continues to develop on the top of the hour ok out next is james brown's quest to discover the walls speaking country this time he's also paul siberia that has a not for nurturing talent.
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himself eastern russia around trimming all styles in kilometers from lies told. this is he would destroy the students an academic population and it's got a reputation for giving visitors a friendly welcome. and also for our flights i was ready to experience it for myself. when you. see your hotel has a message for you to. make yourself at home but there are literally dozens of little monuments like this dotted all around tomsk and. i'm going to go for a walk with the artist. founded over four hundred years ago tomsk is one of subareas oldest cities but this is also a very modern town with a real passion for art.


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