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you know all the things that come with citizenship and it is so simple logical construct it is the policy of european integration do you think that is your opinion may be eroded its the concept of national identity by bringing all those member states so close together and by raising all the borders between them no the few opinion integration has done is refined national identity in the good old days of the battle days you know long before nations were identifying themselves you know position to do. so so many reasons for having so many wars in europe now it is them and we can cooperate mix and travel and live outside him still retain our national identity so you don't think that the modern globalized world has played to the advantage of national patrick says well you see i mean those two probably have very little relation to each other really well nobody's
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ation is. trading more. knowing more therefore about the child learning more about the child or what is happening that we simply learn a heck of a lot more about each. and what is what constitute the constituent elements of the identity so we simply learn more about each other but i think it doesn't really change what identity how do you see the row with the easy in the next twenty years oh boy that is a question that i don't think anyone has any answer for including the truly needy people who are. you see the just because some guy says i believe well you are referring to this old old question that many have. no form of the. well it can probably go in three different directions. can become
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a federal state why don't you give us a big federal state but unusual because it would have three levels of government rather than two that's one possible direction another could be just a union of. states. kind of maintaining. the the traditional type just like it is now. model this all or it can be a third. state. that. we can even think about because it hasn't happened yet do you think. all the europeans are happy with the concept of the european european union i know what it means to be happy if i can kind of turn your question around and ask are there many europeans who are unhappy with the e.u.
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and i would say yes there are some but not because it would have been reflected in the national policies of the governments of the member states the euro skeptics are usually on the margins of political life and they are not even close to decent minority if they think about the new as a political force what does depend on it's easy to become a real political force on the world areana be told read a simple logical force of significance it it's a bit unusual because he doesn't have a knowledge of me he doesn't have. new it doesn't have all the usual requirements that are assigned to a state because it's not the state but it is such quite influential and it has. its presence is felt in many corners of the world in america for example.
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so it is a force to be reckoned with but its its significance is not braced on its military power or the threat of using military power it's not a. political force that can be conceived in purely realistic terms realism is partially a political bold tool to denature. right now it's experiencing crisis like any other organisation country or. its political force does it depend on its handling of the current crisis and how it's handled the problems with greece and with the euro while our problems are difficulties and. they have to be dealt with and resolved but you see judging by the history of do you. it has had many crises or what was perceived to be crisis at the time for instance
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around the ratification of the mastery treaty forums for example do europe paralysis for example and every time a things like that happened what what emerged afterwards is accelerating the process of integration so if you hear right now about. the european monetary fund the finance ministry for the euro zone countries. that is probably what is quite likely to emerge after the problems with greece and with be deficits are dealt with to prevent a crisis like that to happen again they will probably take all the steps that they can think of to make this less likely what do you think will happen to the theory or whatever you may think. we think they fall the hero will be catastrophic for us as well what do you think is the real danger that. something may happen to iran
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that would not be just catastrophic for russia it would have been. for europe had it happened and the rest of the world would have been affected i mean again a lot of strain. it is in the votes of many central banks around the world and that is something that would affect. europe and beyond and if for no other reason than that reason alone is probably going to assume that it is less likely that the euro would. look at. where they are in their relationship well as far as russia concerned only. in the early stages still learning what do you being union is it really started when mr yeltsin was over this is the first time when you know people in the kremlin. comprehended. of dealing with the. direct through
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the leaders of the member states. then it became quite clear what the power within the e.u. when it came to the problem of the visa mr putin trying to arrange that with then. german. chancellor and the french president and well it didn't work. so. it it i think it is it is probably accepted in. probably a good idea to deal with the directly and that's how it started. well you know if for no other reason than the reason of geography the two have to have a relationship and it's better of course for both sides at this place where it is based i'm called peroration and not based on hostility the problem is that the. the
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process of integration with you even those who have been you know from the very beginning our most integrated joint. and those who have it have joined to recently have with a few problems with russia right because the former soviet bloc countries and of course their impact on the policies of the e.u. moscow is not present and it is at least for now it will go for notes that i would still want to ask the scientists on their relationship between russia and as you've sat younger members of the european union for instance poland would take a small ask tragedy which is huge. hadn't been there passed before that could you say that maybe this tragedy fortunately or unfortunately it brought us together i think actually also it's one of the results of the small things is that.
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both sides have become more willing to take another look at the charter. kind of restart the relationship mr putin was more than forthcoming in helping and you know what tending the needs and i think you know the polls do appreciate that maybe not every one of them but many of them. and also your reflection of the changed tone between the two governments. and that is i guess the one of the good things that has emerged from something that. everyone has been saying in the west that russia needs to get away from its dependence on oil and gas now for the past two years maybe that's it has been saying that as well that russian economy should be depending on that what should russia do to really move away from its economic dependence from gas. what russia
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really needs is to make sure to create circumstances conditions at home that would actually make investment in russia attractive. and that means that investors will come only when and if. they are. convinced that they've been taking economic risks. there will be no political risks to take they also have to have an assurance that there is a contractual dispute. that there is someone who can adjudicate that in an objective way following the law and nothing else so that means that russia needs a independent judiciary russia doesn't have one at the same time. you know russia should be quite attractive because potentially it is a fabulous new rich country so russia has the makings the foundation for
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economic development it's just that first and foremost the political infrastructure for that to happen as long as. high price then the money is flowing and that kind of makes everybody. satisfied but if the prices go down and since it's a market they may and probably will then what. death is something that. the political leaders of russia. should be concerned about. thank you very much. thank you. for bush. by one vote for kerry.
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so the people that are going to be validating this machine can stand there all day long and vote for somebody and it will be right every time but the guy can walk up here and if he hits the right button. he can flip the boat that he took. in some petersburg parties available in grant to tell you a grand hotel emerald marco polo club school who took photo of the big goal to. create this. twenty two. top stories coaches authorities arrest opposition members as violence returns to
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the streets of the capital bishkek around the thousands gathered in front of parliament demanding the government step down raising fears of renewed unrest but he's used force to break up protesters who are said to be plotting a violent overthrow. grueling rescue efforts are underway here in russia as wildfires spread across the country during the biggest heat wave on record giving at least fifty people dead in moscow the toxic small has cleared but ecologists say the air pollution still remains high forecasters predict it could be weeks before the temperatures start cooling. down for its or against former cia officials say president obama could prevent a war in the middle east they say israel is planning an attack on iran but will only go through with a campaign if it's got the full military support of the united states. twenty forty five moscow time casey with the sport hi there kate always good to see you in a studio football transfer news in russia what you got for hi kevin yes with half of the russian prime elite season gone defending champions robyn's count. has gone
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to league eight isn't it. that's next. hello and welcome to the sports news and here are the headlines siberian express russian side c beer aims to reach the europa league playoffs its victory over up alone in cyprus. while trading top places defending champions rubini lose their captain a set goes to matt hughes to legally does it. under pressure tiger woods fights to keep his number one status and place on the us right up to him. but we kick off with football as it is and petersburg are one step away from the champions league group stage they remain inside one nil at the stadium on wednesday night two in their third qualifying round tie after the first leg to finish goalless danny five the home side ahead after thirty three minutes and they hung on to the lead to win one nil on the night and on aggregate they now go into friday's draw for the
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champions league playoffs the goodnights is in it who also completed the signing of portugal defend that bruno alvarez twenty two million euros. so isn't it avoided and early exit but turkish giants fenerbahce are at base of it a shocking one no home defeat to swiss side young boys in istanbul hammering striker only beyond the name with the strike itself aside when the time three to one august and mathematics works with about three they also have had numerous lifestyle sent off a second yellow card after this dive. i actually did get through against perhaps a long ago but only just on the way goals rule i don't know very not put the head in greece but three goals in seven minutes at the start of the second half to have won the tie fry x. skipper luis suarez making it one one and then seemed a young added another from close range. before writing his lingering.
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three one. the freekick. however dimitri south india disco on back to the greeks signed. the deal then missed a penalty for. sports injury time to make it three three that made it for four in aggregate but i actually went through on the way goals. i have in other games celtic failed to make it into the playoffs despite a two one second leg home win against braga the glasgow's side lost four two one i get but still am ok have had no problems at aig and the ukrainian side claimed a three one victory in the second leg to make it six one on aggregate and sparta prague also secured their playoff spot after beating lech poznan away in the second game one nil. meanwhile in the europa league russian premier league club severe have a great chance to make it into the playoffs as their take on up along the soul so be a coach crew should go a goal crucial
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a good story is hoping his side can hang on to their one no later than the first leg of the third qualifying round in siberia which is their first ever game in european competition. elsewhere in the quarter preparing for the second leg of their europa league qualifier to hold accountable to no lead going into thursday second leg into macedonia and psychologically meanwhile coach roy hodgson has made sure his star striker often under torres will remain at anfield spain forward been strongly linked to manchester city and chelsea but should fancy stay with liverpool after hodgson fifty spring to see him. meanwhile cristiana are now they scored and played a part in each goal as well madrid beat mexican side club america three two in san francisco in one of numerous pre-season friendly this week but did open thirty four minutes in bed as a mark thing i want to wish for now though it's not a subject canalis nineteen year old to score his debut but eight minutes after the restart that came the mexican side the great war was in a dollar for. making
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a stay that way to the rest and another eight minutes later america grabbed the lead a costly error in midfield and the dolphin again provided the assist across a finish the same to sanchez. lead to last long moment just two minutes later found gonzalo a grand if i did equaliser i mean i think it's time to watch the stock score a trademark goal from a set piece of rail the three see victory which is a very very happy round. and marine years former top english premier league side chelsea looks set to bolster their squad with the signing of brazil midfielder ramires from benfica the clubs have agreed a promise of just under twenty nine million dollars subject to the player causing a medical the twenty three year old will be the second pre-season signing for the blues are in p.r.c. when i move from liverpool. as the could be some movement in the russian premier
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league to deny moscow leading the chase for buy in munich midfielder. former senate skatepark hasn't played much on the coach louis van hall spots at moscow still waiting for celtic's aiden mcgeady to make up his mind to switch to the russian capital the way never has been with us elise apartments in moscow and is being tempted by a wage of over three million dollars a year from us all to tax. meanwhile the captain of defending champions robin because answered against america has moved to russian premier league leaders in it's in petersburg so it's have been looking to strengthen the position of defensive midfielder during the summer and the two main targets were set match along with the aforementioned entirely to mature thirty four year old survived his place of taste. and that's moscow as well as rubin he's played nose and four hundred not just in the russian premier league sport in ninety seven goals to match is also captain of russia and they finished the semifinalist year two thousand events. at center golf now because the heat is back on tiger woods this. in his
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world number one ranking and place on the u.s. ryder cup team are under threat as he heads to the world golf championships in ohio that gets underway at the firestone country club on thursday and phil mickelson and lee westwood have a chance of claiming the number one spot what's his health for the last five years but tiger has won the last four times he's played at this course and another win would also be used his chances of qualifying for the u.s. ryder cup team however his form has not been great since returning to the game following scandals in his private life but i would says the victories will come. as be patient keep working keep building i've been through periods like this before. and just gotta keep being patient keep working keep building. keep putting the pieces together and when they do come and they do fall a place. that shows you what i will when the future much. meanwhile the n.b.a.'s older star chicago and they all have left the cleveland cavaliers and signed
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a two year deal with the boston celtics his wages are reportedly worth three million u.s. dollars a year the thirty eight year old four time n.b.a. champion hopes to claim another title next season so play with paul pierce kevin gone that and ray allen to change the big three into a very big four. but they would probably mostly purse with spent about fifteen euros or live a plane to spend fifty minutes with him really that was the most impressive thing he'd who's a footballer you know when you're talking with level and hopefully if you've been in the game a long time it's not difficult sorry if you're technical problems there but now back in moscow the newly formed russian olympic committee convened for the first time on thursday and its first decision came from a limpet head alexander shook off who suggested reducing the executive board so twenty people have been selected and approved to lead russia's athletes to the twenty twelve and twenty fourteen olympics the body also passed a project called the strategy for the development of the russian olympic committee
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which includes changing the regulation of the group and the long term development of olympic sports in russia. notion i will use them now but i'm very pleased that almost everyone has approved a document on the development strategy for the next ten years and that's for the first time in the history of the community it's important that all the federations non-government organizations and regional members support our strategy for me the most inspiring thing from this meeting is that there is a clear understanding that only top russian between government and non-government organizations can produce success and the only game we have is providing excellent facilities for our fleets so they can concentrate on their performances. and finally one stage of the european truck racing championship will be held in russia for the first time this weekend the race will take place near the western city of smile and while some muscovites already getting a head start in checking out the competition team algo a truck racing showed off their vehicles in red square the championships so russian
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driver and examine involved was busy altering questions from curious tourists yet the race organizers seem to be the drivers main concern isn't enough to make russia permanent stage for european truck racing. three years ago we started with the russian driver to give all the russian drivers a shows in the european drag race and i started three years ago as i said before. we are very successful with we were very good together with russia. and the russian t.v. we promote europeans right there is also here in russia and alexander is very helpful in this side and he's a very very nice guy all that the members love him and they like to work together with him. and that's all for now i have more support in just under two hours until and i.
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every month we give you the future we hope you understand how we'll get there and what tomorrow brings the best in science and technology from across russia and around the world join us acknowledging update on our g.
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the be. because authorities arrest opposition members as violence returns to the streets of
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the capital bishkek police used force to break up protesters calling for the government to step down. grueling rescue efforts are underway in russia as wildfires spread across the country during the biggest heat wave on record leaving at least fifty people dead. for it or against former cia officials say president obama could prevent a war in the middle east say israel is planning an attack on iran but will only go through with it the u.s. backing. also coming up in the business that day as severe drought plagues russia's wheat harvest the government imposes a temporary ban on grain exports join us in twenty minutes time. nine pm here in moscow around the world one pm new york city six in the evening in
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london right now were you watching around the world welcome this could have your company here first off police in kind of a stand of use live rounds and tear gas to break up anti-government protesters just outside the capital bishkek riot police have been on standby opened fire after being attacked with stones twenty seven people have been arrested accused of being responsible for the violence running up the story today our correspondent catherine overshoes in bishkek with the latest. following a very tense few hours just outside at a checkpoint by the city of cond where there were just a few dozen meters separating riot police and a few thousand of protesters who demanded their requests be heard and met basically they were calling for it was on the wire the interim president of kurdistan to hear their demands to hear their complaints and take them into account basically after those negotiations didn't seem.


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