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the barricade of riot police riot police formed basically a live barricade across the road it would not let them through at which point the crowd started pushing calling for everybody to gather together some stones started flying towards riot police at which point they opened fire into the air their war force shooting blanks into the air but it still made to reflect amount of noise they were also shooting sound grenades they used tear gas to disperse the crowds the crowd started running with the riot police some members of the army and police force chasing them down the road and they basically pushed them back for around two kilometers detaining some people on the way after a few hours all the crowds were dispersed on the road has already been opened the roadblocks have been lifted we saw some people being detained in a somewhat unorthodox fashion they were being handcuffed and put into trunks of on marked vehicles we can only assume these are police vehicles so far the authorities
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there fishel authorities the ministry of internal affairs is saying that all of the issues that the opposition did have with the government have been resolved apparently later negotiations took place satisfied both sides and that there were there will be no more violence this was an attempt to destabilize the situation in the country and to bring in then to peace in the capital protesters wanted to take over power by force so we had no choice but to take action and their security forces took the necessary measures he's in special equipment right now the situation is under government and police control and there is no danger to the public safety the opposition however is staying quiet for the moment they're not exactly publicizing their intentions or plans or in fact commenting on whether there has been any negotiations between them and them and the government so we are still waiting to hear on what they are planning to do but as for the moment it does seem that call has been restored in the korea's capital. course the authorities
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were very much prepared for the violence that took place earlier and they do seem now confident that everything has been returned back to normal and there will be no more violence here. the unrest is the latest in a series of violent incidents that shaken the country since an uprising toppled president earlier this year he was forced to flee in april when protests in the north of the country soon spread to the capital and turned bloody shortly after the interim government was ushered into power to restore order now the relative calm though didn't last long in june interethnic violence erupted in this sense of the country leaving hundreds dead and injured the volatile situation in the country's watched closely from abroad because before a military base is the u.s. transferred from one that which helps operations in kurdistan from one russian airbase in can't small falls from the story we spoke to a political analyst yvonne saffron chookie says that the external factors could mean the situation in kurdistan quickly spirals out of control there is growing
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instability in the north of afghanistan and this is just a few hundred kilometers away from this. just stop so it's going to stand because a non controlled territory where there is no real authority and where there is a pool of force sounds like the region and there are plans leaders then those who are on the fresh enough interest on and they think well we have another place to go and then it will have a wider international consequences and developments be around players on developments. as wildfires rage grow across russia the death toll from weeks of blazes has risen to fifty more than one hundred thousand firefighters are still working to tame the flames weather forecasters said the scorching temperatures will continue till the end of the month they could greaves is that one scene of devastation. diam in moscow region
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a village in moscow region and i'm actually standing by an example yes another example of just the devastation and destruction that's been brought upon local communities here we have. if you recognize that what was a garridge and inside is a car that's being burnt out now if the fire moves so as far as that residence they didn't have time to move the car out there was literally just to go and i was a similar story there's rubble strewn everywhere and there's also the surrounding houses were completely burnt down as well the force around this area have always been complete destroyed by these wildfires and that's left firefighters with a serious problem there's still smoldering ground beneath them and that set of all to reigniting into a full scale fire you sort of see behind me this smoke billowing from this smoldering ground that actually just is turned back into flames now this isn't just a problem facing moscow region it's one that's gripping the whole of russia as well yesterday there were over five hundred such fires across russia that rose overnight
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so over a hundred but firefighters have been doing their best to tackle the brace and bought it down by about two hundred fifty flame distinguished about two hundred fifty five's in the process but it's still having an impact and it's just been announced that fifty people have now died from these wildfires this bring the total up from forty eight and there has been a balance of people displaced here and there really has been a lot of the nation course and my colleague maria phenomena she went to see one village it's really been left in the show since these fires. rushes in flames. the hottest summer on record has also become one of the nice destructive mess in forest fires have already burned about thousands of hectares of land in huge more than forty in the world and he's thousands homeless with the wind speed of twenty metres per second it's moving through the boxes you can see behind me it's approaching now leaving behind a trail of devastation. this used to be
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a small picturesque village naslund in beautiful pine forest some one hundred fifty kilometers south of the russian capital more scope and paradise to the three hundred people that lived there with a kindergarten and church and a community hole it will never be the same again to dismiss for a frightening display of mother nature is full force to change it forever twelve perished in the inferno some in hurry find circumstances panic has been sprayed in among people as fast as the flames have been in gulf in their homes five people an old couple and mother and a son and another woman decided to hide in a basement their place of refuge became their tomb temperatures inside became too hot to survive. and most people in the village managed to flee and it was one of
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those that escaped and a later she's bag hoping to find something tagged but it's all in vain sure if lames was grabbing up even about that tall tower and the black smoke filled all the space below i felt really scared when i saw a red fire glow and black smoke you know i've seen houses and vans burning but here the entire village burned down completely this was really horrifying and yet the dormitory of a local college has become a new home for dozens of homeless it's been smoky in its corridors in rooms but it's the only shelter they have now. we want to say thanks for all this care they feed us here very well they talk to us and we have a corner to sleep. but they hope this team here will not be alone or at least we've already got about seven thousand dollars in compensation each pension is the jobless a bit more but what we're really especially waiting for that's
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a new home they've promised it to every family within the next three months and we're ready to wait. when the house is a rebuilt the victims of this unstoppable and merciless force who try to rebuild their lives and consign these ghost village to the past all here would rather forget reef notion r t mostly region. around the same for so many people the whole dreadful story of these fires over the last couple of weeks in russia is chronicled on our website if you'd like to get more up to date on it that web site of course is our team dot com some other news some other stories on there tonight might be interested in its effect it will be prices as well this fire world we poison is just as russia bans grain exports in response to the severe effects of the drought and crops to store it in the fires also online tonight we find out how a new partnership between the cia and google the tribe web browsing behavior is making someone feel uneasy what a lot more about that check out our teeth dot com well here in town rock legend
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iggy pop is in the russian capital ready to entertain moscow vides as he takes the stage to prove he still got it after almost fifty years performing just some news tonight at r.t. dot com. is. finished. five british citizens have been extradited to greece to face trial accused of stabbing and beating a man while holidaying in crete the european arrest warrant issued against them a lot of suspects to be extradited but critics say it could mean the transfer of suspects with minimal evidence the men are now assessing the accusing of the government of ignoring them as artist lauren that has been falling out. last taste of before these two young men extradited to
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a foreign country accused of instigating a drunken brawl in a popular holiday resort in crete which left a man in a coma george holland's unbend herdman must go to greece for the european arrest warrant the warrant operates europe wide and doesn't require the extraditing country to present any evidence of people having been involved in a crime the links all having to go so. it wouldn't take. long for the person. look over there look at the evidence look at everything. look at the statements confirm. and report back to the greeks from where you just need to shore for. the evidence in the case and then decide there and then whether there is sufficient evidence to say people to these foreign countries i was in prison at the incident and oldest wish you have them shows that yet they still send to me out nine nomination under the european
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arrest warrant once an extradition requests been received if the forms correctly failed and there's very little individual countries can do to prevent an extradition taking place well i don't actually have to produce any evidence this is the fundamental floor of the european arrest warrant is all i have to do is fill in a place of type of this is my name address what the if and sees where it's supposed to the kurds and by subito so i but they keep the examining court the british court in this case has no power whatsoever to examine the problem of five she evidence and decide whether there is a proper case to answer a tearful goodbye. to sue. and ben and george to join three friends accused of the same crime no one knows where they'll come back these young men have now handed themselves in. police custody and they'll be transported from here to crete where they're likely to be reminded in custody for up to eighteen months awaiting trial as they head into an
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uncertain future in a foreign land some question and e.u. whites' diktats which strips individual countries of the right to protect their own citizens the young man's parents see them as victims of a u.k. government which has repeatedly failed to stand up to an ever more legislative e.u. the fact is the u.k. should hear it before extradite me. that's why they don't change the european us were innocent people will carry on been extradited as a member of the european parliament civil liberties justice and thirst committee gerald batten says the european arrest warrant is just the tip of the iceberg the next thing that's coming along is something called the european investigation order and what happened there is european countries like greece rumania both areas they will be able to require the british police to actually investigate cases for them
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they can snoop on you they can buy your telephone they can take you to you know your fingerprint evidence what's wrong about all this is entirely one sided collecting the evidence for the prosecution as they've done in this case where they've interviewed witnesses but not for the defense critics say the arrest warrant and investigation order rest on the assumption that standards are the same across the board inside the e.u. but the prison where ben and george are likely to be held has come under fire from amnesty international for inhumane treatment of detainees something the u.k. course refused to take into account nor am it r.t. . some world news now in brief two school buses crash in the u.s. state of missouri officials say at least two are being killed and up to fifty others injured the buses were carrying high school band students to an amusement park. so not known yet what caused the crash. british supermodel naomi campbell not only can't walk in court this time she's given testimony at the trial of former liberian
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president charles taylor in the hague he's alleged to have received diamonds from taylor after a dinner hosted by nelson mandela in one thousand nine hundred seven council admitted to receiving what she described as a few dirty looking stones which she claimed she later gave to charity tailors accused of selling diamonds to finance a civil war in sierra leone he denies the charges of war crimes and crimes against humanity. more than twenty civilians have been killed in two separate nato attacks in afghanistan's province native's acknowledged that civilians died during fighting with the taliban in the region they want to tight witnesses say those killed on the way to a funeral when they were bombed by nato planes the deaths come hours after u.s. commander general petraeus recently urged troops to avoid civilian casualties. in south korea is firing artillery in a military drill despite where one of its warships sank five months ago the exercise is the largest and souls conducted since the incident the naval drills
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seen as a military provocation by the north so for its part blames its neighbor for the sinking of its warship. denies. daily and societies become divided on the country's increasing westernisation while some happy to eat burgers and read european style magazines mothers are reluctant to change their traditional values paula slit takes a look at the ongoing cultural revolution. a men's magazine that shows off female flourish and leaves little to the imagination a cover like this would not raise eyebrows in europe but in the middle east in a country like jordan where ninety five percent of the population is muslim it can go on sale only in the capital city editor cyrus side says her aim is to shock and that she does by filling in a gap in the market touching on issues that are pretty much to blue in the arab world like talking about relationships and sex they're not saying that unlike rural
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areas a lot of our readers. they have a modern way of thinking modern the dead a different way of thinking a lot of them have studied abroad is a list abroad they work abroad and they take these little. mind sets with them and they come back here and they applied to the way of life a man is one of the most westernized cities in the middle east and is often called the new beirut among the ever increasing number of skyscrapers are american well known brands and chains so it comes as no surprise that more and more youngsters are choosing a british accent to tune into each day their only seven votes even if it will. also . martin be one of the top three english major stations in the country and in the seven years he's worked in the region he's seen english radio almost three fold it's about wanting to consume and it's about westerners and i mean if you look at the fast food restaurant for example you know you've got restaurants on your
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doorstep. pizza restaurants and people people want now it's a wanting and essentially when somebody when there's a demand you get it. sorry could do is typical of the new generation that finds it easy to move between cultures she's lived in jordan lebanon and saudi arabia and speaks fluent english and arabic she grew up in american culture and says she choose wister music in movies of a traditional air. one is any day a lot of us have come from. culturally diverse societies that either your mom or dad might be for and you know this is a new trend in joining it's far more accepting the fact that you know you're not limited to marrying an arab very jordanian and we although like a lot of us go study abroad and abroad you get so many different cultures and so many different people but surely it's the feel some of the influence also comes from the government she's the first to admit that the fashion that plus is the pages of her magazines no one would ever wear on the streets it's almost like
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there's a contradiction in society you have that sector of society that is holding on to traditional values and traditional ideas and then you have that so typically the more modern part of the city that is kind of going to develop in westernized honestly i would say it's probably a lot of influence from the government love to get a lot of support you need in the u.s. and it's an influence that's hard to miss especially when it's backed up by western advertising and money a mini stroke that on the streets i would be easiest spoke at a mixture of arabic and english for teenagers it's a way to impress the opposite sex and it is true that speaking english will probably get to a better job after all the king's mother is english policy r t among. friday marks sixty five years since the first use of an atomic weapon in history the hiroshima bomb and around one hundred fifty thousand people died from
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the explosion or subsequent radiation the bomb was dropped by twenty nine super fortress bomber you know the gay with twelve crew aboard just ahead tonight are to speak to the last surviving crewman who told us that if there was a need for a similar mission again he'd volunteer. today only one of twelve crew members and the knowledge a live to tell the story i'm joined by that man today feet are van kirk so if you
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could not take us through the steps of that well that day wasn't the important because because the bomb was dropped by nine fifteen and eight fifteen in the morning time nine fifteen twenty and time eight fifteen hiroshima time so it was all over by then but the day before as you important day because. you have to go back and realize what happened during this period the bomb was developed by the manhattan project there were hundreds of thousands of people working on the manhattan project they built three cities. to see. in new mexico and hanford was. just produced to research how to make the bombs and make the materials and from which to make the bombs so
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all this effort had been going on a long time ever since the beginning of the war and i signed wrote a letter to franklin roosevelt saying that it might be possible to make an atomic weapon so all this had been going on and we had started preparing to drop the atom bomb in the fall of one nine hundred forty four before we even had a bomb. we were we were if you were about poker player you'd say you're betting on the calm so that's what happened and then they had a test of that one of the first atomic bombs in. alamogordo new mexico on july sixteenth of one thousand nine hundred forty five and after that everything started getting hotter and everything of that type and we knew we were going to have a weapon there drop so then we had a prepared and we had already been preparing to drop it so if we don't know how to drive and by this time we never would the day before we had
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a briefing in the morning and then they told you to go back and get some sleep because you want to take off at two forty five am everything started at two forty five and so then you would back and. get some sleep and i would nobody slap how they expected so you're going to drop the first atomic bomb and then go get some sleep eight o'clock at night they came and got us finally and then took us over and gave us the final breakfast in a sort of business i call the final breakfast so they call it the mission breakfast and then over to define a briefing where they gave you the latest might have been better or data told you where all the air sea rescue ships were and everything of that type any final things that they needed to do so then we finally finished all that would get on the airplane it took off very simple he went once he got on the plane what was it like how are you feeling it was easy because everything went exactly according to plan.
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there wasn't a surprise in the whole bunch and with what we had prepared for and had been expecting and everything of that type all this time you could see the city of you can see the coast of japan to a good two hundred miles away i mean maybe hundred miles or you could see the city of here sima from fifty miles away so you just went in and turned on the bomber on now but this time was in the ball but there is sand and you set there and waited for the drop when the drop came the plane surged because somebody lost ninety four hundred pounds and tipper's took over manual control again and made the turn to get away from the bomb the biggest thing that we were concerned about was is this bomb going to work because this was a ball that had never been tested this was you know a uranium two thirty five bomb that had never been tested the one they tested was approved tony a bomb so it wasn't going to work or wasn't going to work and it took forty five
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seconds from the time the bomb left the airplane until they exploded everybody was sitting there time again some way shape or form i had a watch so i knew what the time was the other people were counting one thousand and one one thousand and two and so forth and suddenly the bomb went off and you saw a bright flash of light in the airplane is that you knew the thing at work and the only question then was why was i going to do it in the airplane so we were going away from it this time we got putting distance between us and the bomb kept that up after a little very short time we got the first shock wave which was measured about three and a half g.'s you know up there in washington you know all these military people you know one of three g. isn't everything of that type so it does seem like much to a fighter pilot but if you want to be twenty nine and thirty thousand feet seems like a hell of a jolt. so then we turn around after you were there we were going to shock waves we turned around the look what happened and the shock wave of the city of hiroshima
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was completely covered with smoke and dust and you could not you knew a tremendous amount of damage had been done underneath that cloud there and everything but you could not see what it was and hindsight do you think that there was any way to avoid it using the atomic weapon any other options that would have achieved the same call three main options one was to put a blockade around japan and start of the people to death how do you a star of people of death that are already living on one thousand calories if you can't do it. then yeah the two options were dropped the atomic weapons or put a full scale invasion into japan the atomic weapons what had crizal the less casualties overall and if the invasion of japan would have done and if you ask any g.i. that what they're going to body with it was in
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a service over and over the pacific and you have their little of the atomic bomb my last question for you if world war three broke out today god for bad and you were given the same order if you were they said go drop an atomic bomb on whatever city would you do it again if everything was exactly the same as you had was there that's the point where you'd have guy i know it's not possible to really duplicate things that precisely but if the same situation existed again exactly as there as it had back in one thousand nine hundred five yes i would go on it i would volunteer for it about some other fact i don't want to go to war.
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wealthy british style sign. on the. market why not. come to. find out what's really happening to the global economy with mike stronger for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines in two cars a report. every month we give you the future we help you understand how to get there and what to bring the best in science and technology from across russia and around the world. join us for technology update on our g.
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this is our team from moscow to bring up to date on the top stories for us tonight police in the capital bishkek clash with anti-government demonstrators accused by the country's interim leader of trying to organize a coup live ammunition has been fired while protest leaders have been arrested. wildfires continue to rage across central russia during the biggest heat wave on record or leaving at least fifty people dead here in moscow the top six small be shown signs of clearing but apologies say via pollution remains high. and five british citizens to greece to face trial of the stabbing of a man in crete accuse the government of turning its back on them critics say the european arrest warrant system under which they've been friends for a allows them to be sent for trial the balls of minimal evidence. this is up next. they have a look at how america's c. is a dragging the u.s. into a zombie economy the report is. don
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once again for the kaiser report i'm max kaiser and the wall street journal confirms what we've been saying on this show for months that deflation is the bogeyman yes credit collapse and money supply is throwing the world into a deflationary spiral and now the question is what's next but let's talk a little bit more about some zombies and some vampires and some walking dead people stacey herbert stacey herbert talk to us about what's going on out there well max you mentioned deflation and of course japan is the deflationary king they've had a lost decade which has gone out.


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