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region near the region and that's where the true noble contamination in the soil is there as to the mystery is is worried that if the fires do get to that area and burn that soil and the winds pick up it could take that contaminated air throughout the country so that's a part of the of the concern coming out of the ministry here is more. closely monitoring the situation on the. farms there. more time in the. not to reduce the risk of fire crews have been sent out just to protect the area they've put out to flyers and the matter of two hours so there is a real concern about what could happen and the ministry is asking everyone to be
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prepared and turning to the rest of the country how is the situation elsewhere at the moment. while you're it's critical and deadly in some cases fifty people have lost their lives and it's critical for the thousands of people who are now homeless and trying to figure out how to rebuild their lives i mean it was such an area of photography follow me this is a village in the moscow region you can see how look how homes have been destroyed and the predominately this billet was made up on this side anyway it was made up of wooden homes if you can see here it's just like everything it's just everything is demolished there's nothing you can see and then there's the heavy hay is in the small og and so people have left to you know nobody was killed here nobody was injured but now they have to figure out how they're going to rebuild their lives volunteers have been in the areas they've been there out central russia trying to help people get food water cooling clothes even pillows to have. some kind of
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a decent night's sleep we're talking about thirty three thousand people at least without any place to go so it's a tough time right now throughout russia where. they say see many things that all days. since they're reporting from the mosque a region. ponens the new president will be sworn in germany a lavish ceremony and was a fine day but honestly. kaczynski plane crashed in russia in april killing him and many other senior officials and. reports the cool to keep a memorial cross dedicated to the late could overshadow the inauguration. now the former speaker of polish parliament bernice the committal ski is due to be inaugurated as poland's new president after gaining a victory with a narrow margin on july the fourth in the second round of the polish presidential election over the brother of the twin brother of the late polish president lech
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kaczynski it also now we understand the ceremony will kick off at ten o'clock local time in the polish parliament where the new proposed president will will take an oath becoming the country's new leader and then the ceremony will move on to one of the central cathedrals in warsaw where a mass will be held to mark the fact that but he supposedly has become the country's new president and then the whole soul in ceremony will move on to the royal house where the final stage where you see all the regular easily attributes of the presidential power will be handed over to the coming of steve then he will move on to his new residence the presidential palace here in warsaw but the fact is the question is whether he will be able to make it inside the presidential palace here as protesters are gathering here the fact is that the wooden cross there in the background the one which was put here when poland lost its president lech kaczynski and most of the country's political elite is due to be removed by the new
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president and supporters of the late lech kaczynski of the late preselections can his brother you know as the kaczynski have gathered here to protest and to defend this cross from removal several days ago these protests were even more large scale several hundred men gathered here in front of the presidential palace in warsaw and even clashed with the police very supportive of he wants to move this cross to one of the cathedrals in central warsaw and replace it with a morning commemorating the death of most of the country's political elite and the president but the people who are gathered here in masses say that they do not want this cross to be removed. school. shipped off to a foreign country. decision to. spend eight months in the prison. for
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a crime there's no evidence they can mix. in the sixty fifth anniversary of the world's first atomic bomb attack more than one hundred forty thousand people died in the blast from radiation poisoning after the u.s. dropped the ball in the final days of the second world. seventeen i attended the memorial ceremony in japan including a america for the first time all the nuclear powers were also among. the emotional . is in the way he's been hearing from those whose lives changed forever on the day white light filled sky. at eight fifteen in the morning on august sixth one thousand nine hundred forty five the united states destroyed the city of hiroshima instantly with an atomic bomb while not directly
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hit the people living in the surrounding area faced another danger black rain. was a big. turn. and even there here. the bomb sent a mushroom cloud into the atmosphere creating its own weather system down a radioactive suit filled the rain onto the survivors some people who were unaware of the dangers even welcomed it. remembered. the u.s. and japanese governments acknowledged black rain as a health risk and set up an official area where they believe the phenomenon had occurred but people living around here she must say the designated section was far too small and that the government didn't do enough to protect the entire population
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that suffered now groups of survivors like the black rain association are gathering to make their voices heard. and. this building was destroyed in the initial blast and miraculously this wall was left standing. here as a memorial to that tragic event and to like this building the victims in the immediate path of the radiation wave are easier to identify than those in the surrounding areas in an ironic twist it is another set of buildings built shortly after the bomb was dropped that is given scientists the information they need to help black rain survivors. three years ago. with boards because when the houses were built we know when the mud was exposed and when we took samples of the mud radioactive evidence of radioactivity from black rain can
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go a long way towards getting help for the victims also using new technology teams are reassessing the size of the radioactive cloud. commission that identified the original area calculated the mushroom cloud at eight kilometers but by finding the poor and the pilot and where photos were taken we can get a better idea of the real height which ended up being sixteen kilometers more than twice that we had thought traditionally to be armed with new information in the city of hiroshima has commissioned a new study with the idea of increasing the official area for a bomb and black rain victims. our biggest goal is to extend the black rain area and continue to care for the health and support the survivors even now sixty five years on from the event the tragedy continues in hiroshima alone it is estimated that three hundred fifty thousand people were exposed to the bombing nearly one hundred fifty thousand died today the city that was once destroyed is
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a thriving epicenter for culture and peace those who live here fight to rid the world of nuclear weapons through their experience stories and memory sean thomas hiroshima japan. q who has the authority to say the situation's under control in the central asian country clashes a wrote to me of the capital the day riot police used tear gas and stun grenades to this bus and some government protesters demanding an opposition leader of the late prime minister interim president. accuse the demonstrators of trying to seize power rounded up twenty seven people they say organize the on the west including the man the protesters want to put into power. to solve what he's already wanted for trying to stage a coup five years ago the country's suffered from moments of deadly political and ethnic rest ever since president bakiev was overthrown in april he is answering to
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foreign military bases the us transit center in laos which helps operations in afghanistan and the russian air base in camp five bushmen accused of beating and stabbing him out while still holding koreans have been extradited to greece for trial one of the lawyers say the evidence against them is ludicrously weak but a european a rule means suspects can be sent to a not the e.u. nation without any proof being presented as were met reports the men feel abandoned by their government. a last taste of freedom before these two young men are extradited to a foreign country accused of instigating a drunken brawl in a popular holiday resort in crete which left a man in a coma george collins and ben herdman must go to the greeks for the european arrest warrants the warrant operates europe wide and doesn't require the extraditing country to present any evidence of people having been involved in
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a crime the links all having to go through to clear my name. just. know it wouldn't take it wouldn't take long for the person. look over this look at the evidence look at everything. look at the statements confirming manon involvement. and report back to the greeks from where the judicial for. look into the evidence in the case and then decide there and then whether to whether there is any sufficient evidence to say people to these foreign countries i was in prison at the incident and oldish witness statements all the evidence says that yet they still send to me out nine on the innocent under the european arrest warrants once an extradition requests being received in the fullness correctly failed and there's very little individual countries can do to prevent an extradition taking place but i don't actually have to produce any evidence this is the fundamental floor of the european arrest warrant is all i have to do is fill in
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a place of type of this is my name address what the offense sees where it's supposed to the kurds and bicep beetles like that but they keep the examining court the british court in this case has no power whatsoever to examine the problem of five she evidence and decide whether there is a proper case to on a tearful goodbye to. her lawyer. and then george god to join three friends accused of the same crime no one knows when they'll come back these young men have now handed themselves in police cars. just today and they'll be transported from head to crate where they're likely to be reminded in custody for up to eighteen months awaiting trial as they head into an uncertain future in a foreign land some question and e.u. whites diktats which strips individual countries of the right to protect their own citizens the young man's parents see them as victims of a u.k. government which has repeatedly failed to stand up to an equitable legislative you
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the fact is the u.k. should hear evidence before extraditing. that's why they don't change the year pin arrest for innocent people will carry on been extradited as a member of the european parliament civil liberties justice and home affairs committee gerald batten says the european arrest warrant is just the tip of the iceberg the next thing that's coming along is something called the european investigation or a more happened there is european countries like greece remind me about the area they will be able to require the british police to actually investigate cases for them they can snoop on you that combined your telephone they can take you to you know your fingerprints and evidence what's wrong about all this is it's entirely one sided they're collecting the evidence for the prosecution as they've done in this case where they've interviewed witnesses but not for the defense critics say the arrest warrant and investigation order rest on the assumption that standard to
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the same across the board inside the e.u. but the prison where ben and george are likely to be held has come under fire from amnesty international inhumane treatment of detainees something the u.k. course refused to take into account nor and this r.t. . or let's take me through some of today's other world news now and pakistan's worst as the floods have now claimed at least sixteen hundred lives more the u.n. describing as a major catastrophe raging waters have already deluged the northwest and are now threatening the more densely populated. south one. of the major food producing region of punjab in the floods paul intends to rescue efforts is still trying to reach millions of people left without food or drinking. to a serious drawings these snuff down have killed at least twenty five civilians in one incident and they say you had opened fire on a vehicle that was carrying
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a family on the body of a victim and the snipers attack thirteen dollars when the u.s. and afghan forces raided a compound it comes a day off the u.s. commander general petraeus says its troops to avoid civilian casualties. hundreds of workers have staged a protest against a government official in sri lanka it happened today because the minister met in. a public official this with tree profaning to attend the missing person as this one does little to apologize and demanding an investigation the incident was strongly criticized by labor unions and opposition politicians. washington says al qaida leadership in pakistan is the top threat to the country's security it also added that iran is believed to be the most active state sponsor of terrorism if it comes altered on your notion washington which as al qaida has proven to be resilient and those out with
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a report describe the efforts of individual countries to fight terrorism across the globe. do you check out our website of course for all the stories we're covering today on the whole war here's just some of what you'll find right now is almost a muslim says you know hall to the middle east is turning its face to the west it's been younger generation that was it a long american restaurants and english teachings. to measure the record breaking a mosque i was building a hundred and six meters the moment it's going to set a record it. for more. now russ is imposing a temporary ban on gray next holes corrino will more have more on not relevant facts are going on in the business updates on social break. for the. we've gone to. the biggest issues get
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a human voice face to face with the news makers. are welcome to our business program here in our day at greenham malik and it's good to have you with us russia is imposing a temporary ban on grain exports prime minister putin says measures are necessary to help russian farmers and prevent rising food costs. the restrictions will apply to all grains and farm produce derived from the grain prime
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minister also says that the grain from state reserves would be just traded to the regions to help alleviate any shortages and there's further aid for farmers the government is to provide a total of one point two billion dollars in assistance roughly a third of that would be to erect a and the rest subsidized loans. now we prices on the international commodity markets a racing to new highs russia is the world's third largest exporter wheat but the severe weather has wiped out more than twenty percent of the crop with every passing hot dry day expectations for the harvest becoming more gloomy grain union is now predicting a week old of under seventeen million tonnes compared with nearly one hundred million tonnes last year countries domestically consumption is seventy five million dollars. now the ban on grain exports may cause russia to lose market share as a global wheat exporter according to dmitry will call from the institute for
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agricultural market studies the restrictions could hit both russian companies and for an importer. of course this will put a negative impact this ban will be a very painful measure for both domestic producers and for explosives but when one has to choose between the domestic consumption market and the needs of other countries it's obvious want to see should and should be taken but there are quite a lot of grain storage is in the us as well as in the european union so the obligations that the russian companies have made will go on to other countries. and time to check out the stock markets we start with asia where stocks are mixed they case negative while hanging around a quarter of a percent growth and this is where a low earlier on friday that stopped in the west government said that first time claims for unemployment benefits last year jumped to their highest level in twelve months. here in russia markets are still close but both of course is finished there is a session in the red the raising of the previous games russian markets also saw the
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effects of the u.s. jobless claims increased back more than one of the main loser shedding more than one a half percent on the r.t.s. . it's pretty banks spent more than a billion rubles in the first half of the year on advertising more than any other bank in the country it came in second spending more than seven hundred million rubles twenty four we told branch of the bank spent almost three hundred million and spread bank bills to the number of credit card nation by sixty five percent in the first seven months of the year as of august first bank credit cards and exceeded five point six million. thursday was rate staying in europe both the european central bank of the bank of england followed market expectations and kept their policies the same. president john called tree shea said that the eurozone economy was recovering faster than expected this provided
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a brother lift the single currency against the dollar a move has be seabag in london and sees sustainable we believe that some of the panic that was within the euro zone was a bit overdone that we do have structural challenges in the us as well the twin deficits are still there and also you know that there is this discussion between the european governments and the u.s. when actually should you start to rein in to your deficit and it's very clear that you wrote. the side that you have to do it rather earlier than later and if you had a crisis it was the u.s. is much more reluctant so we think given that you have more austerity stands you have less willingness to provide a lot of liquidity in the european market this just helps the currency and we believe that your dollar will trade around one thirty five by the end of this year . and a fund to finance russian infrastructure projects has been drafted by the country's finance ministry it will initially be worth around seven hundred sixty million
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dollars but that investment should double in three years mr newspaper says that b. to b. capital may become the key investor and the main aim is buying shares in energy transport and utility companies russia has fallen in competitiveness according to global rankings and is now lowest among the bric countries with declining infrastructure being one of the key factors. and that's you're up to date for this hour but you can always find more stories on our website that's our t. dot com slash business i'll be back and left and wow it was.
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is no. basis on that scene the russian emergencies minister is warning of radiation risks those walls spread to the contaminated conscionable it's the. radioactive possibles into the x. files elsewhere showing that it will stop doing them in town. but on the stuff going to be sworn in this is merely the ceremony they like cool to keep a memorial dedicated to the night president who was killed in a plane crash. sixty. remembering about one hundred unfortunate families and victims of walt's tell it all the time the seventeen nations joining the solemn saturday commuting attendance by the u.s. . nuclear weapons on japan. staying with the commemorations.
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the last remaining american cream and he to polish that infamous bombing. today only one of these twelve crew members of the you know again lived to tell the story i'm joined by that man today theodore van kirk so if you could not take us through the steps of that fateful day well that day wasn't the important because because the bomb was the drop by nine fifteen and eight fifteen in the morning ten the time nine fifteen tinian time eight fifteen hiroshima time so it was all over by then but the day before as you know because. you have to go back and realize what happened during this period the bomb was developed by the manhattan project there were hundreds.


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