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trying to extinguish them in total during the whole time that these fires have been raging or fifty people have now been killed and around five hundred people have been injured in the fires and several thousand people have been deprived of their forms obesity there probably were just courage to be. currently living in temporary shelters and the off towards a valve to give them full compensation for their property and also to give each affected family a new home into the nearest future and artie's more youthful notion i went to see the full scale of the devastation that these fires have wrought rushes in flames. the hottest summer on record has also become one of the most destructive massive forest fires have already burned about the fountains of factors of land in with the wind speed twenty meters per second it's moving through fourth as you can see behind me it's approaching now leaving behind
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a trail of devastation. this used to be a small picturesque really beautiful pine forest some one hundred fifty kilometers south of the russian capital and paradise to the three hundred people had lived there with a kindergarten. and a community hall. it will never be the same again to dismiss for a frightening display of mother nature's fool force to change it for over. twelve perished in the inferno sun in her refined circumstances panic has been sprayed in among people as fast as the flames have been in gulf in their homes five people an old couple and mother and a son and another woman decided to hide in a basement their place of refuge became their tomb temperatures inside became too hot to survive. and most people in the village managed to flee it was one of those that escaped and
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a later she's bag hoping to find something tagged but it's all in vain. the flames were really high even above that small tower and the black smoke filled all the space below i thought really scared when i saw the red glow of the fire and the black smoke you know i've seen houses and barns burning but here the entire village burned down completely this was really horrifying. the dormitory of a local college has become a new home for dozens of homeless it's been smokiness kodos in rooms but it's the only shelter they have now. we won't see things from this care they feed us here very well they talk to us and we have a corner to sleep. but they hope this take here will not be alone or that this is we've already got about seven thousand dollars in compensation each pensioners and jobless a bit more but what we are really especially waiting for that the new home they
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promised it for every family within the next three months and we're ready to wait. when the houses are rebuilt the victims of this unstoppable and merciless force who try to rebuild their lives and consign these ghost village to the past all here would rather forget. raef notion otty most to region. south ossetia is in mourning as it remembers the victims over the wall with georgia two years ago hundreds were killed when tbilisi attacked its breakaway republic in august of two thousand and eight and for all this when i was joined by a couple who is following the commemorations in the south a certain couple skin via so tell us what kind of commemorations have been held to a mother's day in south ossetia. well several sorry monies have been held their publics president who are delayed grief stole the places that have become symbols that were bogus two thousand and eight here in seen vaal one of those places was
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a local school number six near by which a lot of people have been killed and it has become involved has become one of the places where reefs are laid annually in a small village of he would have outside of involved and museum called museums burned so this was open basically looks like dozens of burned down cars put in a circle with the monuments in between them many families have died in those cars trying to escape south say to as the war broke out and they were simply burned down by georgian tanks first racoon began last night at eleven thirty five pm that's moment here in south the said here is it remembers vividly as two years exactly from now i'm sorry two years ago exactly at that time giorgio began its assault in south a city and opens fire many people are wearing black in south a city it's a day as well as some build biggest buildings that are covered with black fabric very sad day here indeed but let's not forget that in just about two weeks time
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people here will be celebrating the second anniversary over the mission of independence of the republican that will take place on the twenty sixth of august right so commemorative services are taking place today as you were saying but let's talk about the current situation one of the signs of recovery going on in the republic. well the reconstruction is in full swing here many of infrastructure objects have been restored several more schools uncared and kidan gardens will be finished by this september also many people have received new homes that they can now live in of course it's still a long expensive and difficult process so some are still waiting for new homes local university still hasn't been restored but i was here last year as well as two years ago and i can tell you what i see with my own eyes is the progress small airport is being built outside of the capital to involve so life here is slowly getting back to normal and as my colleague knight as he's always based here reports
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it's not only construction is taking place not only in the republic but also in the relations between the south the city and enjoy living here. yes she is a georgian who lives in south acedia she was born here and didn't leave his home even during the war he has a small farm and keeps a reasonably sized garden needs but what you know this family was swallow's is his favorite pasta and he says. he is it safe for you an ethnic georgian to live here in south a city with a special offer to two years ago george atop this republic you are going to have it is safe here no one is bothering us satans were saying don't worry don't go away stay even during the war no one came and told us to leave. the overwhelming majority of the population in this a city in the village we yashin these are georgians most of pharmacy or small scale
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traitorous some regularly travel to georgia as that's where they nearest hospital. this is a checkpoint controlled by russian border guards they hear not only to secure the republic but also to guarantee free movement of the locals who live in this segment to georgia and back this is essential as many of them have relatives on both sides of the trunks. here's your passport or thank you. the roads are bad and displaced war public and it can take several hours to reach the capital so many go to georgia to shop. there are no problems between the ordinary people like us we have nothing to petition it's the people in power the government. we need peace first of all we need to all of us friends would just like both of us sitting here there must be a confrontation between georgia and she to enterprise your role brothers and
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sisters here. to police a status and refuses to recognize this over until it's former territory but these two old friends georgian authority and a city in sergei say the time has come to restore relations between georgia and south city is to separate independent countries nato says about r.t. from south the city and. while many georgians say that their government's actions back in two thousand and eight were a big mistake but instead of moving away from war their leaders seem bent on talking about it given any opportunity in georgia or is currently spending thirty times more on his military budget than on economic development president mikheil saakashvili is up in arms over his country's defense capabilities. each village should be able to defend itself there should be small train units in each village and each settlement which have a certain number of arms so that everyone can defend their own land. ever since the
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two thousand a torn south a city the georgian president appears to hold the belief that russia is his country's enemy number one most school still plans to attack georgia mikheil saakashvili claims and this calls for full scale military zation to what you know that if the enemy forces decide to advance from the ethnic me kinds territories each and every square meter of georgian land should burn beneath them that's the task the president's rhetoric has got many concerned not only in south the city and the other former georgia republic of a cause but even in georgia itself human rights activist really sees it as another attempt by the georgian president to hold on to his authority which has been severely shaken following the conflict of two thousand and eight expensive this campaign will be used against so maybe seven should you start some kind of new easy dance a new war reduce the breakaway regions just in order to survive to keep his power
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because you know war is exclusive always agreements war you know he can do everything you know six it's a main reason writer and political activist. believes nationwide militarization is certainly not georgia's top priority and could have disastrous effects we think that initial drop the concern of real democratic change in the country there we see you try military expenses and putting the money into positively education civil society develop an intimate shipbuilding militarisation comes at a price just over four hundred million dollars is being spent on defense this year and while the georgian government continues to claim the need to pull the country out of the economic recession just twelve million dollars is being spent on economic development many analysts claim georgia mainly survives on loans from the
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west such as the recently approved. fifty million dollars loan from the world bank some fear this money will go towards helping billy c. prepare for another war what happens when the world bank adds to that to those to those revenues the money is rearranged that allows you to spend two to redirect money which was normally. tax joe health and education you redirected to military expenditure and that's what is called the fungibility of of money. and it's a very well understood because i'm and i i suspect that this world bank fifty million dollar loan to georgia will be redirected. towards military expenditure. with his country deeply in debt and the people hoping for stability in their lifetime the georgian president has to have to task on his hands but it seems for now really is more concerned with dealing with
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a perceived military threat and hyping up the danger he was courting billy c. georgia. it's now a quarter past the hour here in the russian capital you're with it's good to have your company today we are highlighting the top stories of the week today and coming up in just a few minutes food for thought farmers in hungary say they're being starved business by e.u. policy treated more like a colony of being a partner. it's sixty five years since two japanese cities hiroshima and nagasaki became the only places on earth where atomic bombs were used to. more than two hundred thousand people died either in the blasts or due to radiation poisoning after the u.s. launched its nuclear attack on friday hiroshima held its biggest memorial yet remembering the victims of the tragedy for the first time washington sent a representative to this year's service it was also a first for u.n. secretary general ban ki moon but despite the international attention still
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a group of victims in japan that are only now getting help and recognition for at eight fifteen in the morning on august sixth one thousand nine hundred forty five the united states destroyed the city of hiroshima instantly with an atomic bomb while not directly hit the people living in the surrounding area faced another danger black brain it was that there was a big heaven and earth overturned then we heard a blast. on the black queen started to fall and turned away blouses black with spots and even though here in faeces were. the bomb sent a mushroom cloud into the atmosphere creating its own weather system pouring down a radioactive soot filled the rain onto the survivors in the u.s. and japanese governments acknowledged black rain as a health risk and said. up in official area where they believed the phenomenon had occurred but people living around here ashima say the designated section was far too small and that the government didn't do enough to protect the entire population
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that suffered now groups of survivors like of the black rain association are gathering to make their voices heard. our members are not consider to. look more than eighty percent of us suffer from serious origination related illnesses and cancer we just want to government to recognize that. this building was destroyed in the initial blast and miraculously this wall was left standing it has been the left here as a memorial to that tragic event and the like this building victims in the media path of the radiation wave are easier to identify than those in the surrounding areas in an ironic twist it is another set of buildings built shortly after the bomb was dropped that has given scientists the information they need to help black rain survivors. two or three years ago we found one thousand houses with mud under the floorboards because when the houses were built we know when the mud was exposed and when we took samples the mud was still radioactive evidence of radioactivity
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from black rain can go a long way towards getting help for the victims also using new technology teams are reassessing the size of the radioactive cloud. commission that identified the original area calculated the mushroom cloud at eight kilometers but by finding the pool in the pilot and where photos were taken we can get a better idea of the real height which ended up being sixteen kilometers more than twice that we had thought traditionally armed with new information in the city of hiroshima has commissioned a new study with the idea of increasing the official area for a bomb and black rain victims. our biggest goal is to extend the black rainy area and continue to care for the health and support the survivors even now sixty five years on from the event the tragedy continues. in hiroshima alone it is estimated that three hundred fifty thousand people were exposed to the bombing nearly one hundred fifty thousand died today the city that was once destroyed is
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a thriving epicenter for culture and peace those who live here fight to rid the world of nuclear weapons through their experience stories and memory sean thomas r.t. hiroshima japan talk to you keith and from the hiroshima peace in-city things it's outrageous that america still hasn't apologized for what he calls a crime against humanity well this year that the first time that the ripper sent out of the united states. to japan participated in the ceremony so people appreciated that but the. the u.s. government it still hasn't. any apologies to to survive goes on in a bombing of the large number of civilians is of course clearly was clearly against international law of karma against humanity participating in the ceremony it's a step towards the official record
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a recognition of the crimes that the the us government committed so i hope some day soon the u.s. government. official apologies to. those. a group of former intelligence and military officials from the u.s. is demanding immediate action from barack obama to prevent a war in the middle east they claim israel is counting on washington to offer unconditional support for an attack on iran as early as this month it comes just days after u.s. military top brass refused to rule out a strike on the islamic state the group which includes former cia agents believes that an atomic will ignite a regional conflict which could lead to the annihilation of israel it's iran has repeatedly refused diplomatic relations with tel of reef as it maintains the jewish state has no right to exist we're talking to us on the right says iranians feel cornered and targeted by both america and israel that type of action military
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action against iran is inappropriate the united states of america has tremendous military capability but why do you have to go pushing it in the face of a hammering one that we could do this we could take military action well we know that but all it is is a perfect statement that makes those in iran feel very uneasy that they are truly being targeted again by the united states and by israel and the increased sanctions that we see that the united states is putting on is another layer of occasion in their mind that they are the target we are warning president obama to be very very careful about anything that comes out of israel as far as the they are assessment that military force needs to be used on iran. estonia has held a military exercise commemorating nazi collaborators the annual international war game called the raid on is a reconnaissance group that worked behind the red army lines during world war two
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russia says the exercise glorifies of the new year's cooperation with hitler's regime while tellin claims is just a sporting event comes in for frequent criticism for honoring nazi sympathizers former british m.e.p. glyn ford believes the drill may be a signal of nazi support on a political level. but what concerns me about this it appears have some support from if you only officials within the estonian government and that's what's much more concerning because that indicates if you want to a political collaboration with the people organizing this event it's clearly both offensive and bizarre that while there is a new enthusiasm for extreme sports there actually basing it around a nazi collaborating organization. from the second world war out of sort the generally across the european union the vast majority of people will be horrified about what's going on there always are a small minority of people who actually sympathize with the nazis but they are
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extremely small these days and i can't imagine that anywhere would there be bridge or to support for this kind of event. it's now twenty three minutes past the hour here in moscow you are with r.t. it's good to have you with us today and what's in a name well rushers militia could soon be finding out president medvedev there wants them renamed as the police title the force held before the bolshevik revolution almost one hundred years ago the move which includes a number of other measures will be out for public discussion including on the internet last december the president ordered sweeping reforms over the force proposals including cutting the number of officers by around a quarter and keeping only the most qualified the militia has come under immense pressure recently after several high profile cases of murder and corruption by high ranking officers. the rich and thoughtful lands of hungary have long made it an enviable source for food production but farmers there say that since joining the
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european union in two thousand and four they've been losing money r.t. is a lot of ski's been hearing about their plight. and i want to apologize we're having some technical difficulties on our end here but let's do now a quick update on some other world events that are making headlines all across the globe and at least one hundred twenty seven people. have been killed in landslides triggered by heavy rain in western china to thousands are missing after floodwaters tore through the gansu province toppling buildings and overturning cars disasters the latest to affect the country this summer which has seen the worst seasonal flooding in a decade. now fifty three people have being killed by two landslides in pakistan heavy monsoon rains have worsened the flood crisis which is the worst the country's seen in eighty years
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a red alert has been issued in the south of the country as rescue and food aid efforts have been hampered by the bad weather the deluge which started two weeks ago has claimed the lives of at least fifteen hundred people officials say thirteen million have been affected in all. a car bomb in the iraqi city of ramadi has killed seven people and wounded twenty one others the attack comes a day after a chain of explosions in the country's second largest city killed forty three and left as many as one hundred and eighty five injured insurgent attacks have risen in recent months as the country struggles with a political stalemate and looming american troop withdrawal. dramatic footage has emerged now showing the moment a tornado destroyed a home in the u.s. a storm chaser driving through the state of minnesota captured a twister crossing an open field before tore through a farmhouse demolishing it and scattering debris officials say the building was
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empty at the time and no injuries were reported. while the rich and federal lands of hungry have long made it an enviable source for food production but farmers that say that since joining the european union in two thousand and four they've been losing money. has been hearing their problems. this is one of the biggest bird farms in hungary more than ten thousand guineas and ducks bring quite a profit for its owner liver and duck eggs are in high demand sas his land is perfect for this kind of business and we can trees in western europe in the us we in hungary keeper birds in open spaces want to climb in an environment that allows that that's why did the world of world produce. in erik's less than a decade ago how gary and ducks were sold to everywhere across western europe and the c.i.s.
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but now the owner of this farm other markets including japan and china it has been very hard for him to sell it. and he says that ever since his country became a member of the european union he had to reduce his stalk almost two fold that out of the russian market i mean by are in favor of the market return now that you're apart from france wasn't interested in our products this seriously in fact the demand and farm owners had to secure their stock because according to new regulations keeping it was too costly in two thousand and four the country was accepted into the european union but instead of greener pastures which e.u. membership promised and gary informing suffered a serious blow. brussels have a special program to develop regional agriculture and which promise bigger income for farmers but experts say it has brought little result local producers have been losing more than a third of their revenue every year since two thousand and four compared to the
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nine hundred ninety s. and now even their own market is practically close to them. foreign supermarkets flooded the hungarian market with cheap goods which are being far better promoted than domestic products and according to e.u. regulations we cannot these supermarkets to sell our products the only thing we have managed to do to avoid a complete destruction of the local market is to push through legislation which obliged. these shelves to have at least thirty percent of domestic production on their shelves hungary has a moratorium on purchases of farmland by foreign as former say this is the only thing which keeps their agricultural sector from being completely overrun the ban expires in april next year and it's unclear whether the euro commission will allow budapest to extend it lets us have ski all see reports in from hungary. and i'll be back with the headlines in just a few moments stay with us. one
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of the key elements of democracy which is so uncomfortable for me a forty. who pays for the news. how dependent is this independent media. and who is behind the t.v. story. georgian media fiction and reality on
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t.v. . it is five thirty pm here in the russian capital you all with all it's he and running down the top stories of the week and all today and the fire closes. raging blazes spreading across russia killing dozens up routing thousands leaving people in cities struggling to breathe in toxic smoke. also japan's markets sixty five years since an atomic bomb was dropped on hiroshima for the first time since that deadly event washington sent an envoy to the memorial service but still offers no apology. said here remembers the hundreds killed in the war with georgia two years after tbilisi shelled the republic libya's capital all but razed
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to the ground. in march of this year georgian state media aired a story appearing to show fresh hostilities between russia and georgia the program caused panic across georgia and outrage in russia find out who and what was behind the pork that's coming up next in our special report right here on r.t. . always insisted on telling the truth and that's what he spent his life doing before he had to flee his home country in georgia on february tenth two thousand and ten the independent journalist asked swiss authorities to grant him political asylum his greatest worries are now for his family back home in georgia. good here all right are you ok any problems so. simply tries to help anyone who asks people often bring their problems to him as the editor of a regional georgia newspaper he looks into the cases identifies those guilty and
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sums up his findings in newspaper reports some of tried to intimidate him and he's been beaten up several times in two thousand and five he suffered a severe concussion i was here lying on the ground and screaming please don't kill me please don't. the georgian television channel you may be shocked the nation on march thirteenth two thousand and ten. journalists had put together a thirty minute story about what appeared to be fresh dust between russia and georgia they presented a hypothetical scenario as if it was a real news event most georgians took it at face value panic ensued in the city's. hypertonic crisis and breastpin. why spark hysteria instead of showing the real news who is behind the story the put the whole country in a panic who's to blame for the intimidation of disobedient journalists means of minimize.


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