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the second political group is those who are waiting for the fighting saves to get exhausted but to suddenly appear in the political scene there are three key groups fighting for power in the country all these events are governed by their aspirations. so the opposition is evidently unhappy with the interim government what are your plans for dialogue with that how do you plan to establish contact. me and the people were really fed up with the old regime that got overthrown and abel's events bear witness to that regarding dialogue there is no real opposition at present the political platform is vacant all political forces now have a rare opportunity to take part in the election and when it will be and then opposition would emerge but in the last few months we've only seen attempts to overthrow the authorities and seize power or political spectrum isn't structured enough to talk about disposition and opposition. you mentioned from the president by kiev then of course he was offered refuge in belarus has that affected relations
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between your two countries and anyway. we never really had significant relations to begin with therefore there's nothing really to be upset about as i heard the bell the russian president was very nice and polite when talking to president alton bio in moscow therefore we hope that in the future in spite of these events relations between kyrgyzstan and belarus will get a new start. and what about other countries that play a large role in the region for example russia do you expect russia to participate in the rebuilding of your country. and i need some. we still hope russia will sure benevolence towards our situation considering our geopolitical history we were expecting our strategic partners to show more interested in our problems. what about the united states they have a monospace here do you think that their participation in the relationship
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between washington and this camp is going to grow and continue with a new government. in my understanding and other central asian republics need this piece even more than we do for some reason the remote america has been safeguarding the security of afghanistan's neighbors all of them i have a degree in afghan studies therefore i know this country well i really fear for the times when america withdraws from afghanistan it will mean that it's destabilizing forces that have been affecting other areas as well then attack the central republics including kyrgyzstan from there it would be easy for them to access the south of russia to the us for relations with the us i believe the us is interested in the process of democratization in kurdistan we have some promising economic projects and prospects of improving our law enforcement agencies and we will gladly
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cooperate and accept help from anyone willing to assist us. a mentioned at the threat that afghanistan could present to the countries of central asia does this affect relations between them and the relations between say kurdistan and its neighboring central asian states. the union if problems arise at the border which in to stand in afghanistan which is not far from our border this destabilizing factor would have. ector internal situation as well as relations between the central asian countries due to the fight the ferragamo valley has always been the scene of intense long term conflict. the june clashes in the south of the country in the city of austin those are mostly ethnic clashes between the country's native population and the country's population do you think do you know of any government programs are there any government programs in place that are aimed at reconciling
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those two nations and eradicating any chance of. repeating themselves. because. first of all i should say that animosity between the different ethnic groups is not the root cause of this interethnic conflict it is a consequence of the political struggle for power that has long been going on in kurdistan for quite a long time the forces which are trying to topple this government and rise to power managed to provoke interethnic clashes there are reconstruction programs they include programs for economic revival and the restoration of ruined houses in enterprises social and political programs are being implemented as well as measures aimed at reconciliation for the conflicting sides as any developing nation we are facing financial and economic difficulties and the world community and donor states have shown to a tension to our problems we hope that these agreements will enable us to quickly overcome the consequences of these destructive actions rebuild everything that was
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ruined and mend the economy. and your ministry in the ministry of internal affairs what has changed and what do you personally control what do you think is your biggest task right now. in the hood of all the affairs of the kirghiz interior ministry are under my control like it should be has changed too little time has passed for any significant changes take place we are working hard to make people feel the difference i've said over. an expert group consisting of representatives of academic circles from europe the united states russia and kazakhstan as well as domestic scientists and practical workers they are going to work at a concept of reforming not only the interior ministry but also law enforcement and the judicial system i've received relevant orders from the curious president this concept is going to be ready by september the first twenty ten according to this concept we're going to reform the entire law enforcement and judicial system the
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main objective behind this idea is to protect the rights and civil liberties of our citizens and establish civilian control over law enforcement bodies courts should be just and police should be attentive and fear the concept is going to be built on the basis of this mean idea but prior to that certain structural changes and i am liquidating duplicating structures and reshuffling the personnel and working hard to make people feel the difference in the work of the state traffic inspectorate this problem is lying on the surface communicating with police officers is a source of great concern for cuties people. what do you think are going to be the biggest stumbling blocks the biggest challenges for your government in the coming years. and i'm afraid that we're going to face these problems much sooner than in the next few years i believe it was not the last attempt to overthrow our government i was an intelligence agent in the past therefore i can
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tell by the symptoms what's happened and what's going to happen next judging by my observations there's going to be another attempt i think it should be linked to the forthcoming elections but before that attempts will be made to get rid of individual politicians. this brings us to of course matters of economy and finance how do you think kurdistan is going to rebuild its economy and what could be done are there. me specific government programs in place in order to ensure that the economic stability of the country is once again restored the good news because it alters could if you will the new med to be met in the economic situation is more likely to be in the competence of the prime minister and vice premier's is not quite my area of responsibility for the short period of time the government has managed to get the commitment from the donor states to render assistance to kyrgyzstan the government has understood the situation it has a special program that has studied the disposition it's
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a lot for most of these two months we have been busy extinguishing forest fires manmade fires that erupted in various places and as the military on the march see we were working at a program into the bargain we have it. last but not least mr minister is there any chance of the country declaring itself bankrupt because of course the expenses are growing and the incomes are lowering so the country is struggling financially quite badly is there any chance of bankruptcy. we've been living under such circumstances for many years but as you can see we haven't gone bankrupt that would be going to extremes but city is the mother of invention we will think of something but we are not going to be bankrupt we have enough resources we simply need to concentrate them for a start we need to stop the flow of profits to individual pockets inside the country and to foreign accounts that's going to be the first injection to reanimate
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us. according to polls are fifty percent of the country's people say that the biggest problem they believe this country to be plagued by is corruption what is your ministry during a fight that would have the most routinely. i devoted most of this period of time to fighting undisguised banditry in attempts to overthrow the ruling power and frankly speaking i haven't had much time to tackle corruption but i know all corruption is we understand this. we see all the corrupt officials we know them by their names i think that for a start we have taken a small but effective burden on our shoulders we're not going to steel ourselves and that will give us a chance to fight against those who don't know the wrongs of stealing. thank you. one of the key elements of democracy which come from.
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who pays for the us. how dependent is this media. and who is behind the t.v. story. and reality. ads by one. so the people that are going to be validating this machine can stand there all day long and vote for somebody and it will be right every time but the guy can walk up here and if he hits the right button. he can flip the boat that he took a. little
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illegal the week's top stories here naughty closes in raging blazes are spreading across russia killing dozens of thousands and leaving people in cities struggling to breathe in toxic smoke. remembers the hundreds killed in the war with georgia two years of tbilisi shelled the republic even its capital razed to the ground. also japan's wild sixty five years since an atomic bomb was dropped on hiroshima and since that day event washington sentimental into the memorial service but still no apology. i'll be back with more news for in less than fifteen minutes from now in the meantime the latest from the world of sports with natalia. hello and welcome you're with the sports news an r t thanks for joining us they
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have lines this hour. we bring you the latest from the russian food bowl premier league including sub narrow victory over luis seated see be. over in england man united school three against chelsea's want to claim the community shield title at wembley. and real madrid entertain the los angeles crowd beating david back galaxy three two in a pre-season friendly. and let's kick off with a russian premier league where week sixteen continued on sunday and their early game so europa league contenders c b to go down to supper at home. no gills till very late into the match on southward finally broke the deadlock through substitute the ball rebound adultry want to keep the twenty five year old midfielder five home the wind out. stand of their unbeaten run to five premier league games and moved up
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to town from the standings whilst he beat continued to struggle domestically sitting bottom of the table with only two victories so far. elsewhere defending champions were being defeated mid table talking on their home pitch in ca's zine i examined that idea of scoring a second half winner for a being who are second behind sinitta in the overall standings and remember two games have been postponed because of they have the smog in moscow spartak moscow on big needs in pittsburgh was supposed to headline on sunday along with and but those matches will now be played at the end of the season. meanwhile saturday may be victorious return to their home creech handing struggling car their fourth straight defeats the biggest downside to home games on the road to food bill officials deemed the condition of their field and satisfactory retreating the local fans to a victory after being allowed to return to the comfort of their revamped stadium
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you can still call taking down in the box a minute before half time to referee pointing to the spot without has attention and they even start to lie on the car keeper. no chance making one male. from bottom and fighting to avoid relegation. elsewhere on the day second from bottom really a set of also engaged in an uphill battle to stay in the top flight next am this some are a side laying out a goal this draw against. the railway man receiving a big break thirty two minutes into the match as an example belies your tough was clearly not happy after giving away a penalty for tangling up with peter odemwingie game to be the spot to. right into the hands of billy to out of the mall because of how much to draw from the often mess with thomas loved mortgage being sent off off to two yellow cards and are being joined him in the lottery where you the second hoffa's nine men with my t.v.
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how daunted drew i guess one of the league's watching was. on to the english game now where manchester united star the best season on a high note the red devils beating last season's double win as chelsea in the community to shield at the wildly stadium in london when he had a subpar world cup showing but he created the opening in this one finding antonio will also be knighted i had fourteen minutes but i'm saying he's turned set up match this second twenty minutes south of there we stop ashley cole nothing will to keep up and the jury and finds new signings javier in the end this for the finish and what a finish because the mexican certainly for the story with this thanks seven minutes from time though the blues pulled one back out to someone kowloon that to rebalance the demands of their bit of seal the deal with some costly injury time a crafty finish to make it three won and the red devils get the best so well all the scenes. stay with football but moving to germany where by and then it also
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lifted the super cup following a convincing to nowhere over shall camp. german international style must miller and there are small flaws it carrying the bill scoring load for the reigning bundesliga champions the open the squirrely to the second haul for saving that someone who passed to make its one me win the seven six schools in minutes and he's twenty ten world cup team mate clause a full day of that effort in the eighty first the thirty two year old converting from up close stick with the game out of reach the south and. getting their season off the great stuff because the pool was super cop occur. meanwhile the season already kicked off in fronts and musée suffered an upset in the open to the defending champions losing to the newly promoted to juan at tellme the visit as open seven minutes off the hof time equal so we have the long range effort there are say pulled back in the seventy seventh though mamadou some also
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working hard for this finish. the league one newcomers have the last word in this one a high cross from the right wing and you south and are of the haves and the went up from point blank range and embarrassing stuff to their title defense from us saying . we all also failed to get the points on the first day of all seasons run us up laying out a goal is july against more to kill you billboards and some amazing saves to keep the blank days that. have the action also kicked off in holland webb third place finish in the stop the big three at harrah's thing was somewhat of an open for the business earning the second haul but those going to equalize the only one copy of heading home off trick or want to in this sixty seconds was up to ivan and wasn't on his second nine minutes from time just a thing of beauty to be asleep that cop was and the visitors added another spectacular goal in injury time how about this little drawing fire along and the
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laws making was he a speedy justice in the right. and while the new season is underway in some european countries spain's top flight is yet to kick off but in the meantime the best of the league of travel the world playing friendlies that includes last season iran is up a realm a dream to travel to los angeles to face david beckham's galaxy need to us about has more or actually no becks for the galaxy in this one he's still healing he's acutely seen jury the framley was also the final match for the former u.s. international clint mathis who's calling it quits after series of mean juries at last check out the action and surprisingly the galaxy got on the scoreboard at first landon donovan's poor headed off the right posed by omar gonzalez and after some spam build done a month finally made the ball cross the line and it got worse for madrid a couple of minutes before the break remember there are still the young confident kick from the world cup final apparently watched and when he was also watching he's
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been waiting to do his version ever since landon donovan made no mistake from the spot and the galaxy went into halftime with a two goal lead like outfielder it in the second have the visitors made a number of subs including cristiano ronaldo and the galaxy felt the chance six minutes after the restart when the portuguese lost to the sally wayne and yelled they'd won back ten minutes later corner turned into the well iser marcello's header was blocked by josh saunders but the clearance wasn't far from perfect and the ball ended up with the grains he was part of the second to make it two or twenty minutes from time the visitors strike again sergey canalis with the back field to requiring his shot the same but this time he's xabi alonso in the right place at the white times he's a long drive takes a deflection and flies above saunders to make it three one he wind had a chance to complete a hat trick six minutes later a great long ball from a seller to put him clear the guardian time fails to convert that time never the
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last three to the final score a great comeback win for me the us both are today. champions barcelona men while are currently preparing for the upcoming season in china where the on to strength catalans beat local super league champions go on three nil add the bird's nest stadium in beijing that guardiola as man or for most part of the space kids opened ten minutes st cyr here roberto for the lead which was doubled just three minutes later adriano carrillo with a cross and no need to be the body to make you feel the game slowed down after that bots let me bring him a bit you came on the second squad parses third just before the end of regulation. finally moving away from football to some flying as austrian harness arch has won the final stage of the rabble air race championship at the euro speedway in the german town of allows it's in a thrilling duel in front of a crowd of sixty five thousand arch beat off the competition of reigning world
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champion paul one nom pushing the breaking into second with a winning time of one minute twelve and a half seconds however security second successive overall title by taking the silver lining the fiftieth race in the sport's history while australia matched all god the third spot on the podium is now on the on the mantle when back to back air race championships. is very special a. very frustrated with that loss our warm but maybe it's our own with the engine all by mark tools are very very happy that it's about championships is what we're off to single out here was never getting any nearer but it did today that's like this is both an all coming up right after this as the wild weather so stay with us hungry for the full story we've got. the biggest issues get the human voice face to face with the news makers.
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one of the key elements of democracy which in so uncomfortable for me afford.
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who pays for the us. how dependent business independent media. and who is behind the t.v. start. charging media fiction and reality on our t.v. . in
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fires continue to rage across russia killing dozens of thousands of people leaving a whole cities struggling to breathe through toxic small. remembers the hundreds killed in the war with georgia. shelled republic. razed to the ground. sixty five years since an atomic bomb was dropped on hiroshima for the first time since that deadly event washington sent an envoy to the memorial service but still no apology. good to have you with us with a look back at the past week's top stories and the latest developments this is.
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russian officials say the walls in the moscow region could be extinguished within the next few days firefighters are now working around the clock and blazes in some areas have been fully contained a huge blanket of suffocating toxic smaug from the files is currently feared to be poisoning millions in central russia in moscow and nearby areas people to be trying to get away for some fresh air as the. throats but it's not been easy traveling the smoke has disrupted flights and visibility on the roads has been close to zero. at the epicenter of the crisis the burning in the moscow region it's very hard to believe in fact the ecological situation is still critical the small is very thick and visits. realty is really poor and as soon as i'm done with the report i'm going to put on this mask is the only way to feel at least a little bit comfortable since of this the small and pollution is also worsened by
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the heat which is now increasing as the day goes on to say that it's not expected that this small will dissolve in the view nearest future they say that it may only start dissolving by sometime in the middle of next week and doctors say that breathing this error for just a few hours is equal to smoking a few packs of cigarettes that's why they strongly advise people to stay inside their homes in the affected areas shut all the windows and drink as much water as possible wear masks and take several showers a day this these conditions are of course even more difficult for people with cords and and long problems and of course this whole situation is caused by the hundreds of fires cruelly we do across russia seventeen regions have been affected some of them including moscow region have announced a state of emergency and according to the latest official figures there are currently over five hundred and fifty reaching for.


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