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in total during the whole time that these fires have been raging or fifty people have now been killed and around five hundred people have been injured in the fires and several thousand people have been deprived of their forms basically there probably were just purged to be. currently living in temporary shelters and the off doughty savored to give them full compensation for their property and also to give each affected family a new home in the nearest future and artie's more youth a notion i want to see the full scale of the devastation that these fires have wrought rushes in flames. the hottest summer on record has also become one of the most destructive mess in forest fires have already burned about thousands of hectares of land with the wind speed of twenty metres per second it's moving through fourth as you can see behind me it's approaching now leaving behind at trade devastation. this used to be
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a small picturesque village naslund beautiful pine forest some one hundred fifty kilometers south of the russian capital and paradise to the three hundred people who had lived there with a kindergarten. and a community hall it will never be the same again it to dismiss for a frightening display of mother nature's food force to change it for a river. twelve perished in the inferno sun in her refined circumstances panic has been sprayed in among people as fast as the flames have been in gulf in their homes five people an old couple and mother and a son and another woman decided to hide in a basement their place of refuge became their tomb temperatures inside became too hot to survive. most people in the village managed to flee it was one of those that escaped and a later she's bag hoping to find something in tact but it's all in vain all the
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flames were really high even above that small tower and the black smoke filled all the space below i feel really scared when i saw the red glow of the fire and the black smoke you know i've seen houses and barns burning but here the entire village burned down completely this was really horrifying. the dormitory of a local college has become a new home for dozens of homeless its staff in smokiness corridors in rooms but it's the only shelter they have now. we won't see things from this care they feed us here very well they talk to us and we have a corner to sleep. but they hope this take here will not be alone. that this is we've already got about seven thousand dollars in compensation each pensioners and jobless a bit more but what we're really especially waiting for that the new home they've
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promised it to every family within the next three months and we're ready to wait. when the house is a rebuilt the victims of this unstoppable and merciless force who try to rebuild their lives and consign these ghosts village to the past all here would rather forget. tea. while russia bakes in the heat central europe swims in the floods heavy rains have caused rivers to burst their banks leaving at least fourteen dead and several other missing over the last few days the flooding struck an area near the borders of poland germany and the czech republic. as hell storm strong winds and torrential rains destroyed bridges damaged buildings and ruined crops thousands of had to be evacuated from the worst affected areas helicopters plucked people to safety from the roofs of their homes states of emergency have been declared in several cities. so if a setia is in mourning as it remembers the victims of the war with georgia two
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years ago hundreds were killed when tbilisi attacked its breakaway republic in august two thousand and eight correspondents are following the anniversary on both sides of the conflict. several sorry monies have been help their publics president who are quite delayed grief stole the places that have become symbols that were polled was two thousand and eight here in scene evolve one of those places was a local school number six nearby which a lot of people have been killed and it has become involved has become one of the places where reefs are laid annually in a small village a few thought would have outside of involved and museum called museum over burned souls was opened it basically looks like dozens of burned down cars put in a circle with a monument in that's when them many families have died in those cars trying to escape south asia as the war broke out and they were simply burned down by georgian tanks first racoon began last night at eleven thirty five pm that's moment here in
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south the city here is remembered vividly as two years exactly from now i'm sorry two years ago exactly at that time georgia began its assault in south a city and opens fire many people are wearing black in south of setia today as well as some believe it is buildings that are covered with black fabric very sad day here indeed but let's not forget that in just about two weeks time people here will be celebrating the second anniversary of the commission of independence of the republic and that will take place on the twenty sixth of overseas both the reconstruction is in full swing here many of the infrastructure objects have been restored several more schools and kidan gardens will be finished by the september also many people have received new homes that they can now live in of course it's still a long expensive and difficult process so some are still waiting for new homes local university still hasn't been restored but i was here last year as well as two years ago and i can tell you what i see with my own eyes is there from
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a crocus small airport is being built outside of the capital tin fall so life here is slowly getting back to normal and as my cold night eyes he's a reason based here reports it's not zero. construction is taking place not only in the republic but also in the relations between the south the city and enjoy living here. yes she is a georgian who lives in south the sea here she was born here in didn't leave his home even during the war he has a small farm and keeps a reasonably sized garden for his own needs but watching this family swallow's is his favorite pastime and he says. he is it safe for you and ethnic georgian to live here in south a city especially after two years ago georgia atop this republic you are going to have it is safe here no one is bothering us said were saying don't worry don't go
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away stay even during the war no one came and told us a leave. the overwhelming majority of the population in this a city in the village we yashin these are georgians a pharmacy or small scale trade has some regularly travel to georgia as that's where they nearest hospital. this is a checkpoint controlled by russian border guards they hear not only to secure the republic but also to guarantee from movement of the locals who live in this segment to georgia and back this is essential as many of them have relatives on both sides of the trunks yeah. here's your boss board thank you. the roads are bad in this place toward public and it can take several hours to reach the capital so many go to georgia to shop. there are no problems between the old re people like us we have nothing to petition it's the people in power the government.
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we need peace first of all we need to all of us friends would just like both of us sitting here there must be a confrontation between georgia. brothers and sisters here. to police a status and refuses to recognize this over until it's forward to a tree but these two old friends georgian authority and a city in sergei say the time has come to restore relations between georgia and south it's just separate independent countries. from self-esteem and it does look like on the other side of the georgian south of the border the attitude towards the war its causes and consequences is also changing as my colleague in those great ports from b.b.c. . and so i can tell you the attitude is changing if two years ago people did feel that there was a right time president because for his behalf to start a confrontation with the city two years later that i did today has changed dramatically a lot of people do not believe that conflict of any sort is the way to go in fact
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many of them most of the people who live in georgia have already been through several bloody conflicts so a lot of people are feeling very strong antiwar sentiment in fact. quite a few people came out in the streets today in order to protest the decision that was made two years ago by president because for me to attack south the city there is also a very strong anti-war sentiment amongst the representatives of the opposition forces in the country labor party has actually called for sanctions to be imposed on the georgian president knew they did not specify what sort of sanctions but they did say that it is time that the international community has let it known. actions like the ones that were taken by the georgian president in the summer of two thousand eight hundred no circumstances be repeated ever again and about let's have a listen to what the leader of the conservative party had to say on the matter is well within the.
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confrontation with the results and we see this the results of georgia to. be integrated. with nato so. it was one of the biggest mistakes for sure but you also have to remember that at this point president president really is not stepping off the war path in fact georgian citizens are being bombarded by messages that russia was the main aggressor in two thousand and eight and russia is getting ready to strike again but really has actually made a speech just at the end of last week at the ministry of defense meeting saying that very thought to say the country should be prepared for an attack at every single moment that every village every resident of every town should be prepared to take up arms and go defend their country r.t.
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correspondents are in a good lucia go reporting from the georgian capital tbilisi tell you no over reporting from south well following the conflict in the south of here russian decided to recognize the independence of the republican another georgian breakaway region on a visit to the capital russian president dmitry medvedev talked about the reasons behind the move. the decision russia made after the military conflict wasn't an easy one but time is shown it was the right move for the existence of the uprising in south the city people was at the time under threat and if those decisions weren't made the situation would have been totally different. medvedev also said he was glad to see life changing for better in the region and promised that russia would help continue to help with the reconstruction the next step is likely to be a resumption of direct air travel to abkhazia which will stop after georgia's war with the republic in the early one nine hundred ninety s. coming up in a few minutes here on our food for thought farmers in hungary say they're being
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starved of business by policies that are treating them more like a colony than a partner. first though it's been sixty five years since two japanese cities hiroshima and nagasaki became the only places on earth where atomic bombs were used deliberately against civilians more than two hundred thousand people died either in the blast or because of radiation poisoning after the u.s. launched its nuclear attack during world war two on friday hiroshima held its biggest memorial yet more realizing the victims of the tragedy for the first time washington sent a representative it was also the first visit of the u.n. secretary general ban ki moon despite this international attention there are still a group of victims in japan that are only now getting recognition and help. and aid fifteen in the morning on august sixth one thousand nine hundred forty five the united states destroyed the city of hiroshima instantly with an atomic bomb while not directly hit the people living in the surrounding area faced another
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danger. that there was a big clash have been overturned and then we heard a blast. and the blank screen started to pull and turned away blouses black with spots even though here in faeces. between the bomb sent a mushroom cloud into the atmosphere creating its own weather system pouring down. a radioactive suit filled the rain onto the survivors of u.s. and japanese governments acknowledged black rain as a health risk and set up an official area where they believe the phenomenon had occurred but people living around here ashima say the designated section was far too small and that the government didn't do enough to protect the entire population that suffered now groups of survivors like the black rain association are gathering to make their voices heard. our members are not considered. more than eighty percent of us suffer from serious or related illnesses and. we just want to government to recognize. this building was destroyed in the initial blast and
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miraculously this wall was left standing it is the left here as a memorial to that tragic event and the like this building victims in the media path of the radiation wave are easier to identify than those in the surrounding areas in an ironic twist it is another set of buildings built shortly after the bomb was dropped that has given scientists the information they need to help black rain survivors. three years ago we found nine thousand houses with mud under the floorboards because when the house is built we know when the mud was exposed and when we took samples of the mud radioactive evidence of radioactivity from black rain can go a long way towards getting help for the victims also using new technology teams are reassessing the size of the radioactive cloud. commission that identified the original area calculated the mushroom cloud at eight kilometers but by finding. the
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pilot photos were taken we can get a better idea of the real height which ended up being sixteen hours more than twice that we had thought traditionally armed with new information in the city of hiroshima has commissioned a new study with the idea of increasing the official area for a bomb and black rain victims. our biggest goal is to extend the black rain area. and continue to care for the health and support the survivors even now sixty five years on from the event the tragedy continues in hiroshima alone it is estimated that three hundred fifty thousand people were exposed to the bombing nearly one hundred fifty thousand died today the city that was once destroyed is a thriving epicenter for culture and peace those who live here fight to rid the world of nuclear weapons through their experience stories and memory sean thomas r t hiroshima japan for dr you're going to knock out from the hiroshima peace institute thanks as outrageous that the u.s. hasn't apologized for what he thinks is
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a crime against humanity well this year that the first time that the ripper sent out of the united states. to japan participated in the ceremony so people appreciated that but the. the u.s. government it still has and you know the offer any apologies to to survive goes on in a bombing of the large number of civilians is of course clearly was clearly against international law of karma against humanity participating in the ceremony it's a step towards the official record a recognition of the crimes that the us government committed so i hope some day soon the u.s. government. official apology to. those. a group of former intelligence and military officials in the u.s. is demanding an immediate action from barack obama to prevent war in the middle east they claim israel is counting on washington to offer unconditional support for
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an attack on iran as early as this month this comes just days after u.s. top brass refused to rule out a strike on the islamic state the group which calls which includes former cia agent says a war on iran will ignite a regional conflict that could lead to the united nation of israel terror ron has repeatedly refused diplomatic repeatedly refused diplomatic relations with israel as it maintains the jewish state has no right to exist political analyst michel chossudovsky believes that any israeli action would have to get the green light from washington. saying it's there is a. very. serious. people that have caused this but it's should be taken very seriously it is technically from a military standpoint impossible for israel so actually launch a wall along with the green light for the united states we have to understand that this this is not strictly an israeli military project the united states since the
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mid ninety's indicated iran as a possible target and that the war plans which would be known going since two thousand and four have been a joint program of the us the tool and israel so that in fact these war plans already well in going it may be convenient for washington to let israel unleash the attack and in fact dick cheney back in back in two thousand and four intimated that israel might do the work for us so to speak iran that is ten percent of the global oil and gas was five times those of the united states it's a it has tremendous wealth and ultimately war in that region is the battle for oil and natural gas the. it's real implications of. if all were launched. within the next few months the whole region.
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at least admitted to really get it right through to the chinese. what's in a name well russia's million so you could soon be finding out president medvedev wants them to be renamed the police as the title that they held before the ball here big revolution almost one hundred years ago the move that includes a number of other measures will be up for public discussion including on the internet last december the president ordered sweeping reforms of the police force proposals included cutting the number of officers by about a quarter even only the most qualified the middle east has come under in under immense pressure recently after several high profile cases of murder and corruption by high ranking officers. estonia has held a military exercise commemorating nazi collaborators the annual international war game called the air in a raid honors a reconnaissance group that work behind a red army lines during the second world war russia says the exercise glorifies a stoniest cooperation with hitler's regime claims it's just
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a sporting event estonia comes in for frequent criticism for honoring nazi sympathizers former british member of the european parliament glyn ford believes the drill may be a signal of nazi support on a political level. what concerns me about this it appears to have some support from if you only officials would need a stone in government and that's what's much more concerning because that indicates if you want a political collaboration with the people organizing this event it's clearly both offensive a bizarre well there is a new enthusiasm for extreme sports around and a nazi collaborating organizer you shouldn't. second world war the generally across the european union the vast majority of people will be horrified about what's going on there always are a small minority of people who actually sympathize with the nazis but they are extremely small these days i can't imagine the denny where would you support for this kind of event. turning now to some other stories making headlines across the
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globe at least one hundred twenty seven people have been killed in landslides triggered by heavy rain in western china two thousand are missing after floodwaters tore through the gansu province toppling buildings and overturning cars the disaster is a latest to affect the country this summer which has seen the worst seasonal flooding in a decade. twelve people have been killed in a spate of attacks targeting police across afghanistan in herat near the iranian border a regional police chief and three bodyguards died when a suicide bomber struck their vehicle in a car packed with explosives another local commander was shot dead along with six others when a gunman stormed his home near northern kudo's province and in khandahar an officer died when the minibus he was travelling in struck a roadside bomb. one brave storm chaser in the united states has managed to capture some dramatic video of a tornado with western minnesota the twister touched down on farmland destroyed
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a house in the scatter of the debris everywhere u.s. national weather service says conditions are ripe for more tornadoes to form and has a watch has been issued for several midwestern towns. the rich and fertile lands of hungary you have long made it into enviable source of food production but the farmers there say that since joining the e.u. in two thousand and four they've been losing money artie's alexei he has been hearing about their plight. this is one of the biggest bird farms in hungary more than ten thousand guineas and ducks bring quite a profit for its owner liver and duck eggs are in high demand sas his land is perfect for this kind of business only countries in western europe in the us we in hungary keep or birds in open spaces want to claim an environment allows that that's why did the world produce a collage you can be pure me in any case less than a decade ago how gary and ducks were sold to everywhere across western europe and the c.i.s.
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but now the owner of this dock farm asked to seek other markets including japan and china it has been very hard for him to sell it on continent he says that ever since his country became a member of the european union he had to reduce his stock almost two fold that out of the russian market i mean by are in favor of the market return now that you're apart from france wasn't interested in our products this seriously in fact that the demand and farm owners had to secure their stock because according to new regulations keeping it was too costly in two thousand and four the country was accepted into the european union but instead of green a place just e.u. membership promised and care in farming suffered a serious blow. brussels have a special program to develop regional agriculture and which promise bigger income for farmers but experts say it has brought little result local producers have been losing more than a third of their revenue every year since two thousand and four compared to the
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nine hundred ninety s. and now even their own market is practically close to them. foreign supermarkets flooded the hungarian market with cheap goods which are being far better promoted than domestic products and according to e.u. regulations we cannot these supermarkets to sell our products the only thing we have managed to do to avoid a complete destruction of the local market is to push through legislation which obliges. these shelves to have at least thirty percent of domestic production on their shelves hungary has a moratorium on purchases of farmland by foreign as former say this is the only thing which keeps their agricultural sector from being completely overrun the ban expires in april next year and it's unclear whether the euro commission will allow budapest to extend it lets us have ski all see reports in from hungary. still to come r t looks at a fake report of russian troops invading georgia which was broadcast on georgian
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state t.v. last spring triggering panic and air rage in both countries we find out who is responsible first i'll be back with the headlines and if you minutes stay with us here on r.t. . one of the key elements of democracy which is so uncomfortable for me a forty. who pays for the news. how dependent is this
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independent media. and who is behind the t.v. story. georgian media fiction and reality on. wealthy british style it's time to. type. margetts why not. find out what's really happening to the global economy is.
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wrapping up the week's top stories for you here on r t where it's five thirty in the morning in the russian capital these are your headlines fire closes in raging blazes are spreading across russia killing dozens upbraiding thousands of leaving people in cities rugelach green in the midst of toxic smoke. so remember the hundreds killed in a war with georgia two years after tbilisi shelled the republic weaving its top little old book raise the ground. and japan marked sixty five years since an atomic bomb was dropped on hiroshima for the first time since the deadly event washington says that on boyd to the memorial service but still offers no apology. in march of this year a georgian state media aired
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a fake news program that claim russia had invaded and that the president had been killed the show caused panic in the country and outrage in russia find out who and what was behind the broadcast up next in our t.v. special report. they always insisted on telling the truth and that's what he spent his life doing before he had to flee his home country in georgia on february tenth two thousand and ten the independent journalist asked swiss authorities to grant him political asylum his greatest worries are now for his family back home in georgia. i got here all right are you ok any problems so. simply tries to help anyone who asks people often bring their problems to him as the editor of a regional georgia newspaper he looks into the cases identifies those guilty and sums up his findings in newspaper reports some of tried to intimidate him and he's been beaten up several times in two thousand and five he suffered
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a severe concussion both of us here lying on the ground and screaming please don't kill me please don't. the georgian television channel shocked the nation on march thirteenth two thousand and ten. journalists had put together a thirty minute story about what appeared to be fresh dust between russia and georgia they presented a hypothetical scenario as if it was a real news event. took it at face value panic ensued in the city's. hypertonic crisis and breastpin. why spark hysteria instead of showing real news. in the story to put the whole country in a panic who's to blame for the intimidation of disobedient journalists. of minimizing opposition in the georgian media.


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