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terrifying and they said that it all happened in almost a matter of seconds there was literally nothing people could do the fire spread from the trees to the houses burning them down in seconds people losing everything that they've been accumulating for their entire lives and now they don't know what to do how to start over again and this of course is just one of the villages in russia where such a thing such a terrible thing has happened all across the country with the fires ravaging central russia for over a month thousands of people have been left homeless over five hundred injured and over fifty people have already lost their lives because of this terrible fire ravaging central russia i've been born and bred in moscow and i've never seen anything like this of course the people do tend to flare up every summer especially towards the end of the summer and on some occasions you could feel the smell but nothing as apocalyptic and as terrifying as this summer has been and of course the
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city especially in the city it's almost impossible to breathe with the level of talks toxic elements in the air above the a lot of the allowed limit quite significantly higher than the allotted limit and people of course have been finding it very difficult to breathe they are trying to use masks but those masks that are widely available to the public and pharmacies are mostly used to prevent people from passing on their respiratory illnesses and flu like viruses so they work at preventing spreading the air that you exhale but they're not actually very good at filtering so the only way they do work is if you wet them but even then that works for only ten to twenty minutes so it's been very hard on the citizens of moscow. to small these terrible icon breeds it makes my. conditions the government. it's like your hometown option there is.
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it makes my town so mark and his view is dreadful. so this is what been affecting russians for the last month it's very difficult course breathing is almost impossible people try to do everything they can to avoid being outside to avoid breathing in this toxic air and there has already been help from the international community many countries sending their firefighting equipment and their fire meant to help battle this situation right now without any rain or without any change in the winds the situation doesn't look to get better anytime soon. that was katrina as our reporting they are now later this hour here in our team animal rescue it seems like the fire was playing a game of. spring on it from different sides but it seemed like the game was almost lost just a couple days ago when the fire was as close as one hundred fifty meters and of course find out how ammo rights activists managed to prevent
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a tragedy in ten minutes here in our. japanese city of nagasaki has remembered those killed by the second atomic bomb dropped by the u.s. sixty five years ago on thomas has more. the city of nagasaki is smaller than the city of hiroshima and so the ceremony was smaller and much more intimate as well but no less important the time of the bombing about two hundred seventy thousand people lived here in the city seventy thousand of those people died at the moment of the bombing let me give you a little bit of history nagasaki wasn't officially the primary target in fact. the city of kokura japan was supposed to be the target but when scouts realized that there were clouds covering the city they couldn't see the target they moved onto nagasaki which was home of a munitions plant at the time there were clouds over nagasaki as well about eleven or one that there was a break in the clouds they were given the go ahead to drop the bomb and at that time eleven
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o two the bomb exploded in japan that moment was marked here today with air raid sirens and bells and a moment of reflection and inward prayer as people stood for a minute in silence and then followed by a declaration of peace one of the main messages that people wanted to get out here today was their hopes that nagasaki is the last city that will ever have to endure a nuclear attack we also heard from the prime minister of japan as well as the governor of the nagasaki prefecture as well as survivors of the atomic bomb explosion in nagasaki at the time we had the opportunity to speak to two of those survivors this is their story. sixty five years ago. he was enjoying a simple morning bicycle ride when in a tragic instant his life was changed forever. i was thrown to the ground and i didn't eat piecing sound i thought i had been killed but i encouraged myself not to die that it was important to go on living. at first noticed his
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bicycle had been twisted and bent out of shape but as he started to move he began to realize the severity of his own condition. and my left arm and shoulder all my skin was dripping off and i had severe burns on my bony eleven year old yoshi he was at home with his twin brother just two kilometers from the blast center on that fateful morning. at eleven o two i saw the lights and give to the floor to cover my hand eyes and ears there was a wave in our entire house crashed over us. go and his brothers crawled from the rubble and went into the city to look for their father who worked at the mitsubishi munitions plant close to the heart of the explosion on their way they found countless charred bodies and a terrifying scene you had. while crossing the river we were drawn to a woman who was walking with what looked like a wide belt or cloth trailing behind her but when we took a closer look it was her intestines coming out of her stomach there was nothing we
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could do. this is the hyper center of the bomb which means sixty five years ago it exploded five hundred meters above this exact spot and the people who suffered that horrific event well their stories are truly amazing but what they didn't know back then and just as disturbing is the long term effects of that radiation the medical effect is continuing. cutting hurrell. that means sixty five. so the other true that the them a bomb radiation is affecting human bodies for sixty five years so we teratoma good he has had continuous surgeries throughout his life to remove tumors on his back caused by the radiation now he declares that the war did not end in one thousand nine hundred five but rather the effects continue to this day and even though i'm a kawi wasn't as severely injured initially as an adult he has endured liver
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disease and two types of cancer attributed to the bomb as well as the psychological damage of the event. the atomic bomb was extremely cruel america should never have dropped the bombs and human beings on the tests in new mexico should have been the end of nuclear weapons once the power of these weapons was known but having experienced the wrath of the world's most devastating weapon these two survivors have one shared message that in. people use the wood deterrent but i do not believe that human beings can co-exist with nuclear. a reason why the a bomb survivors of hiroshima and nagasaki are pushing for peace and complete global nuclear disarmament sean thomas nagasaki japan and the us launched atomic bombing of the two japanese cities triggered a nuclear race changing history in the process and the soviet union which would become america's cold war rival realize it had to have its own a bomb as
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a deterrent to stop a repeat of hiroshima and nagasaki. reports. and then there were two. on august twenty ninth nine hundred forty nine the soviet union successfully launched first lie things its. stake in the cold war new level. you're not having a bomb the world had changed to a nuclear race had stored within years the arsenals of the u.s. and soviet russia could have destroyed the world meaning times over one the u.s.s.r. researched atomic weapons from the early nine hundred fourteen but it had lagged behind the us and that became frighteningly clear after hiroshima and nagasaki with the us and the u.s.s.r. becoming ever more hostile the soviet had to catch up with american technology. costs them already mercury was needed for nuclear experiments and the states
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gathered all the mercury and hat for four years afterwards not a single new thermometer was made in the soviet union at once scientists were assembled at a secret down in southern russia new greater thoughts after they told me it's tomorrow go to the airport when that stand by the statue is stolen people will put you on an airplane i said hold on i haven't had the chance to pack my bags they said it doesn't matter what you must repeat at. this point every effort at the help from researchers who developed the american able to complete the soviet nuclear project many were communist sympathizers and passed vital information to the soviets. and their bomb it's no secret that the first soviet bomb was a copycat of the one dropped on hiroshima by the americans or you know. two years later the saudis theft of their own design nuclear when. parity was achieved. in the decade until the collapse of the soviet union the peaceful resolve of both
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sides was tested on several occasions the world was on the edge of nuclear. lation debate still right joe on whether nuclear parity was a deterrent that prevented an all out war between the united states under salviati union or the nuclear weapons was something that consigned the two nations to more than four decades of mistrust and miti either way during the cold war washington a moscow never came into direct conflict and at least in part this is down to nuclear parity. moscow. and it's unlikely that nuclear weapons will ever be used these days despite fears in the west that countries like north korea could resort to a strike and that's the view of rosalyn an expert on salvation affairs in moscow the full interview is coming your way in just over an hour's time and here's some of what he had to say. here's been threatening to spill shoes of blood and destroy him here in their marionettes or several decades i would not
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overestimate their actual spirit if you look at it from a historical perspective it has become subjects for jokes i think they could not have kept silent in their current position to say something now what are they going to see they threaten but nothing specific company sure there's been the bill is ation in north korea the armed forces are mean to their current positions. to india now where attempts to break down the traditional caste system are being met with resistance discrimination based on the system is now illegal but changing mindset disproving a lot more difficult than simply changing the law artie's card saying visit a school in eastern india to see how the problem affects people there. it's a problem that's been simmering but now suddenly davey sees it's fast reaching boiling point she's a newly appointed cook in this primary school and johnny board here to prepare the
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government funded midday meal but despite sony's best intentions some of the students turned their noses up but many creations because she's a doll it or untouchable in traditional hindu society only upper caste cooks a lot of community minos but even now in some upper caste children don't want to eat food made by me their parents consider the food polluted by my time each what can i do i'm here to make lunch in the school and treat the children here just like my own kids one hundred twenty million children across india receive a meet every working day in the largest school lunch program in the world but when the education ministry decided to send it cooks to get schools where the majority of pupils are upper caste hindus many found that through hard to swallow. the media a meal can entice poor parents to send their children to school the kids look
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forward to it but there are some parents who don't want their children to eat food made by low caste people and have removed their children from here and also threaten us as well. meet the same family a member of the upper caste raj board community they refused to allow their ten year old son to continue studying in a school which they felt didn't respect their customs and pulled him out immediately. we are upper caste we believe strongly in the cost system we cannot eat food made touched by somebody from a lower caste that's why we moved our child from this government school and picked him into party activist said this kind of reaction demonstrates the difficulty in eradicating the caste system discrimination on the basis. of cost is illegal in india but the practice is still entrenched in. with the kind of work you do who you can meet with is largely divided along. people are
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treated like at the upper castes or just about they tell us stay on one side wash the utensils that anything to humiliate tests they want just remain low and never rise up. the government says legal action will be taken against religious. groups and schools the earlier this is done the better after all this attempt to get children of all costs to gether the specter of the food is a small but important step in the country's journey to bridge social divisions god and seeing are to but. let's not take a look at some other stories from around the world and venezuelan president hugo chavez has urged colombian rebels to give up their hostages saying it would help pave the way for improved relations between the two countries this is a public statement and a weekend leading between the country's foreign ministers have made a meeting with a newly inaugurated colombian president possible that's take place on tuesday for
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places between the two neighbors soured last month when colombia's former president accused venezuela of giving anti-government colombian rebels it was a phase window which led to severing of diplomatic ties. china's state run news channel says least one hundred twenty seven people have been killed in landslides triggered by heavy rain in the west of the country the chinese premier has arrived in the grounds of province visiting rescuers searching for the several thousand residents still missing after floodwaters tore through the area and it's the latest disaster to hit the country this summer which has seen the worst seasonal flooding in a decade. coming up with a look at north city's nature reserve and its renowned for its wildlife but is even more celebrated for its ancient architectural landmarks they'll miss that in our special report on the way in about two hours' time. discovery.
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communicate with. and become free. see what nature can give you. and returning to our top story about the wildfires raging across the country as flames are destroying vast forests animal activists are desperately trying to save some of the creatures a fact that our reports from an animal shelter outside moscow a race against time. everyone from the animal shelter who can help is helping do anything possible to keep the wolf we're in this case the fire from the door because behind it live with thousand different animals with no escape. each has its own story this monkey was no longer wanted because he has diabetes
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each day he needs two shots of medication and gives back a little thank you for the care. however his and his friend's new home is in jeopardy flames are threatening to overrun the shelter it seems like the fire was playing a game of cat and mouse with animal shelter and spring on it from different sides and it seemed like the game was almost lost just a couple days ago when the fire was called us one hundred fifty meters and that of course the dancing flames were almost doubled as quickly dug by tractor and workers from the animal shelter armed of buckets shovels and fire hoses their efforts pushed the flames back by kilometer but the danger remains. right now the fire is coming from that direction we put out the ground five of the treetops of burning to it so hot a shoes one that will saying for almost a week employees from the animal shelter how flawed the flames around the clock we
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have thirty workers and most of them are here just a few are taking care of the animals evacuating around a thousand animals is very difficult almost impossible and you cannot do it quickly special equipment is needed for some species like bears so they've had little other choice than to fight nature's full fury themselves but with little help from the authorities. when we tried calling the firemen they told us that fire trucks have busy and we have to extinguish the fire sounds like you can put in and manpower the firemen say there's only so much they can do that we're working double shifts additional shifts people shouldn't be insulted by have to fire trucks and provide help where it's needed there is no threat now for the villages animal shelter or anyone else the fires are under control. this means more of the water can now be used for more peaceful purposes timothy crosser archie mosco region. an aphorism date was stand for me and of course we have the latest round of all the
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business and air travel could be over in russia so is that correct well sky express russia's pioneering low cost airline is likely to lose its license because of financial problems which is a blow for budget travelers i'll have more in just a moment but first roussel has filed a request for russian and mine a real cynical to hold a new general shareholder meeting the armenian giant owns about a quarter of neurosurgical and is not happy with the results of the miners i know general meeting on the twenty eighth of june at the meeting resells board representation for fell from four people to three roussel is now battling for control of the mining company with russian conglomerate interests group which also owns a twenty five percent stake mr wants to sell a non-court assets including u.s. platinum producer stillwater mining and to minimize activities outside of the core business. russia's first low cost airlines sky express is facing the prospect of having its license revoked because of financial problems and
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a lack of reliability it was supposed to be a pioneer in the new world of low cost travel in russia so will it ever be possible to fly cheaply in russia that you own your product over finds out. this airplane costs about ten dollars an hour unfortunately this is the closest trust funds can get to a low cost airline in this country of regular air carriers so even the message flies at the price of many people's monthly salary and russians are craving for the discounters so popular abroad eight pounds from liverpool to a crack of twenty euros from a front for russia's first low cost airlines sky express was meant to be like that however it's and about praising prices to match the network airlines but without the reliability or in-flight service constantin to tear down the head of charter airlines redwing says flying low cost is very expensive in russia and the
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experience of express proves it is impossible to repeat the business model off ryan there is a jet wuornos deal which. it's only possible to make a quasi low cost airline was just a budgetary or will have one or two but he won't be able to have such extreme tariffs as in europe or the steeds constantine says russia offers few opportunities for a carrier to strip out expenses at twenty percent temperate juta on planes and monopolize asked services contribute equally to all russian carriers and the cost is high then most cities just don't have second half was which are widely used by discount as in other countries and it's equally difficult for foreign low cost carriers to operate here mainly because of legislation it's were strictly regulated system of bilateral agreements between russia and all european and all other
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countries which limits. the number of carriers number of distant nations the. frequencies of flies and number of seats in their. overcrowded there is. this limitation as. an airline actually maz and a lot of her friends marty. course. during the. war. or for resources whatever russia's aviation rules were created in soviet times airports serve just a couple of planes a day and that is the government should reform of the code if it wants to develop cost effective and travel for the general public this could prove the way for grid to competition in the industry and make flying in russia less awful much room if you. are to. run outside to check out how the active markets are doing japanese
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stocks have fallen in monday's session with export names once again leading the decline of continued strength in the yen weakness in asian stocks follows worse than expected u.s. employment data out on friday suggesting economic recovery is news in traction but the hang seng is edging high on a choppy trading day in hong kong up as investors wait for a raft of economic data due out over the next few days that they hope will give an idea of future government policy. and the us markets are gaining in the early trade on monday here in moscow with the my six nearly one percent higher already ever james a leading the game's risk and gas pump out the forming banks are higher too with. more than half a percent so far. is in talks to buy a major stake in the u.k. high tech group plastic logic if a deal is reached the russian stated corporation will take a controlling stake of the company which has pioneered the development of low cost computer chips made from plastic recently the chinese government also looked into
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investing in plastic logic but the two sides failed to reach an agreement to meet to medvedev said last year that russia would spend ten point six billion dollars on nanotechnology by two thousand and fifteen. russia's car giant is to resume production on monday the company's suspended production for a week in august two to abnormal heat in the summer a region after us to see a sixty percent. year on year as the car giant continues to benefit from the state sponsored cash for clunkers program and continued economic recovery. and that's all the business use for now but i'll be back with more updates for you in about an hour's time and you can always find most stories on our web site that's r t dot com slash business.
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culture is that so much of the is a fundamental i think of a given real commitment to the big bang experiments conducted by the large hadron collider is seen by many as a scientific breakthrough others see it. every month we give you the future we help you understand how we'll get there and what tomorrow brings the best in science and technology from across russia and around
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the world. join us for technology update on our jeep.
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back your weather to reminder of the top stories the crisis sparked by wildfires raging across russia shows little sign of easing over fifty people have already died and hundreds of thousands of hectares of forest have burned down. meanwhile people are fleeing the toxic smoke covered russian capital with many suffering breathing difficulties both in their homes and outside the number of deaths in moscow has doubled since the record heat and smog seized in the city. and its sixty five years since the u.s. dropped the second atomic bomb on japan survivors of a deadly blast in the city of nagasaki are calling for complete global nuclear disarmament. they have lines here and are to be back at the top of the hour with more updates for you in the meantime a bring you a heated debate with people of alan his guests crosstalk that's next in our.
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continue. to. follow him and welcome to cross talk i'm peter lavelle the great quest for what is called the god particle the big bang experiments conducted by the enormously ambitious and expensive large hadron collider is seen by many is a scientific breakthrough others say differently the safety of humanity and the earth maybe its day. ticket.
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to discuss and explain the meaning of the l.h. the i'm joined by neil on the swami in london he's the author of the edge of physics and a consultant for the new scientist also in london we have jordan nash he's the head of the high energy physics research group at imperial college and in stuttgart we cross the auto rustler he's a professor of theoretical biochemistry at the university of tuning in and another member of our crosstalk team yell on the hunger all right gentlemen crosstalk rules in effect that means you can jump in anytime you want first of all jordan i'd like to go to you i didn't do very well in high school physics ok and when i'm told the project the great collider can reproduce the nano second after the big bang how can you explain that to me why is that important and what it what does it mean and how can it change our life. well the first few nanoseconds after the big bang.


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