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this mobile phone footage of when the fire started it was literally just a wall of fire as tall as the trees it was terrifying and they said that it all happened in almost a matter of seconds there was almost literally nothing people could do the fire spread from the trees to the houses burning them down in seconds people losing everything that they've been accumulating for their entire lives and now they don't know what to do how to start over again and this of course is just one of the villages in russia where such a thing such a terrible thing has happened all across the country where the fires are ravaging central russia for over a month thousands of people have been left homeless over five hundred injured and over fifty people have already lost their lives because of this terrible fire ravaging central russia. well there was a report by our correspondent is here and now we can talk to you grow up as can offer who is in the very center of the smog stricken russian capital gore awad is
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happening where you are at the moment what's it like there one of the breathing conditions there. where you know the reading conditions here are absolutely horrible the environmental situation is critical i'm standing just several hundred meters away from the kremlin and visibility is really poor you could still you could hardly see it in fact you can hold you see just several hundred meters in front of you know the even the small that is still being big and to be see that the levels of carbon dioxide double the normal at the moment so that people or strongly recommended to stay inside to stay away from the streets to use gas mask at all times when they are outside the city that grieving this there for around five hours is really bad for your health and the authorities are advising people to drink as much water as possible and these conditions or especially bad and dangerous for people with and long problems and in fact. doctors are now saying that the number
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of deaths in moscow's hospitals has doubled now and they say that this is because of the environmental situation our stories have now organized these so-called small centers across the city where water and air and gas masks are being distributed out to the population many people are trying to leave the capital to some of the here is where often very small some people are even going out to hold on just to early to to their vacations to some islands or wherever where there's no small and those people had to stay in the capital they are of course very concerned about this whole situation let's listen to what some of them had to say. at least. the smoggiest terrible i can breathe it makes my eyes each and nothing helps no matter what we do with it where masks were true things we do when dues. which for
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a number of people shouldn't work in such conditions the government must send him. like a. very stash engineer it makes my town sore and his feel is dreadful. everybody is hoping for at changing weather for some rain perhaps or for some winter that would blow all the smog away from the city but unfortunately weather forecasts offer a little hope saying that the heat is going to stay and that the best smoggy in the russian capital may start disintegrating only in a couple of days and for more on the environmental situation i'm now joined by by the medicine of god thank you very much for joining us he is an environmentalist an ecologist and by dint of how bad is the situation to do shows prevail great now we have over six hundred over forest fires in the central russia and there you see what we have in moscow and this is where he beat for public ales and to environment in general. people are being given out these masks and authorities say that the
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masks can see from this from this pollution but are they really effective. well the medical masks are not really effective from the situation here if you take gas mask it will be. relatable effective but it would be better for you to wear a gas mask right now. and i would just like to explain to our viewers what a gas mask is and what's the difference between a medical mask a gas mask has this opening here which has a filter basically you this is what you need and not the masks that are being sold at pharmacies across the city but just getting back to what you want your argument could have been this could have this situation never have been prevented. well situation like this not in terms of forest fires but in terms of the smog in the in the does small because you do a show like this in bear country thousand two and the eve government will be
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carrying out this situation eighty or so ago and the truth the last eight years it could be prevented bed great how we have a really bad situation across the country in terms of water supply each arm so equipment supplies needed for. preventing fire spreeing unfortunately all described as shows the russian government do not fear of a perfect system of prevention in their practice system of basically. well not preventing but one forest fires already going on i mean they're stopping forest fires now a lot of volunteers across the country are joining governmental forces to fight this fire but so far it doesn't feel. the fire is out this spring the forest fire is going on. and what are the consequences lots of forests have now been burnt down the injuries this is a huge blow. to the environment what are the consequences while the many thousands
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of people already left without homes so many for as. well the way serious trouble he's related to a nuclear power plants because because of what he'd end up forest fires some of the nuclear power plants has been shut down a loss to be. one reactor plant here borrowing is also for us will shut down last week in other words we are. the culling in the peer power plant now called the region but for more culling region there was another shutting down over reactor last week and actually according to insider information we expecting more shutting down the free outdoors. at least five nuclear plants across russia. blockaded in the central in the social process and the other problem is a. forest fire salt ready approach the. forests
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needed ready after chernobyl and this is actually a big threat of screening right. there on the country. thank you very much for your time frame this is all the time we have for now this was just about going to college just and seeing just how bad the situation is and what consequences it may bring the consequences that not many people may actually expect back to you marina all right thanks very much for bringing us this from aas central moscow reporting there do stay safe and try not spend too much time outside today. to other stores here in articulator will bring you animal rescue. it seems like the fire was put in a game of cat and mouse with their will shoulder spring on it from different sides and it seemed like the game was almost lost just a couple days ago when the fire was as close as one hundred fifty meters in the forests. find out how workers and wildlife sanctuary managed to compound
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a tragedy in ten minutes here on our t.v. . meantime the japanese city of nagasaki has remembered those killed by the second atomic bomb dropped by the u.s. sixty five years ago r.t. shaun thomas has more. the city of nagasaki is smaller than the city of hiroshima and so the ceremony was smaller and much more intimate as well but no less important that the time of the bombing about two hundred seventy thousand people lived here in the city seventy thousand of those people died at the moment of the bombing let me give you a little bit of history he wasn't officially the primary target in fact. the city of kokura japan was supposed to be the target but when scouts realized that there were clouds covering the city they couldn't see the target they moved onto nagasaki which was home of a munitions plant at the time there were clouds over nagasaki as well. there was a break in the clouds they were given the go ahead to drop the bomb and at that time eleven
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o two the bomb exploded in japan that moment was marked here today with the air raid sirens and bells and a moment of reflection an inward prayer as people stood for a minute in silence and then followed by a declaration of peace one of the main messages that people wanted to get out here today was their hopes that nagasaki is the last city that will ever have to endure a nuclear attack we also heard from the prime minister of japan as well as the governor of the nagasaki prefecture as well as survivors of the atomic bomb explosion in nagasaki at the time we had the opportunity to speak to two of those survivors this is their story. sixty five years ago. he was enjoying a simple morning bicycle ride when in a tragic instant his life was changed forever. i was thrown to the ground and i didn't eat piecing sound i thought i had been killed but i encouraged myself not to do that it was important to go on living. at first noticed his
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bicycle had been twisted and bent out of shape but as he started to move he began to realize the severity of his own condition. my left arm and shoulder my skin was dripping and i had severe. eleven year old yoshi kawi was at home with his twin brother just two kilometers from the blast center on that fateful morning. at eleven o two i saw the lights and due to the floor to cover my hand eyes and ears there was a wave in our entire house crashed over us. go and his brothers crawled from the rubble and went into the city to look for their father who worked at the mitsubishi munitions plant close to the heart of the explosion on their way they found countless charred bodies and a terrifying scene you had. while crossing the river we were drawn to a woman who was walking with what looked like a wide belt or cloth trailing behind her but when we took a closer look it was her intestines coming out of her stomach there was nothing we
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could do. this is the hyper center of the bomb which means sixty five years ago it exploded five hundred meters above this exact spot and the people who suffered that horrific event well their stories are truly amazing but what they didn't know back then and just as disturbing is the long term effects of that radiation the effect is continuing. cutting her life that is sixty five years. so that it true that the. radiation is affecting human bodies for sixty five years . has had continuous surgeries throughout his life to remove tumors on his back caused by the radiation now he declares that the war did not end in one thousand nine hundred five but rather the effects continue to this day and even though you know she wasn't as severely injured initially as an adult he has endured liver
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disease and two types of cancer attributed to the mom as well as the psychological damage of the event. the atomic bomb was extremely cruel america should never have dropped the bombs in human beings on the tests and. should have been the end of nuclear weapons once the full power of these weapons was known but having experienced the wrath of the world's most devastating weapon these two survivors have one shared message. people use the wood deterrent but i do not believe that human beings can co-exist with nuclear arsenals a reason why the a bombs survivors of hiroshima and nagasaki are pushing for peace and complete global nuclear disarmament thomas nagasaki japan while it's unlikely nuclear weapons will be used any time soon despite fears in the west about countries like north korea and that's the view of. an expert on south asian at affairs in moscow and the for entry is coming your way in just over an
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hour but here is a quick preview. here they go to north korea's been threatening to spill shoes of blood and destroy imperialists and their marionettes for several decades i would not overestimate the actual threat if we look at it from a historical perspective it has become subjects for jokes i think they could not have kept silent in their current position to say something now what are they going to say they threaten but nothing specific company should there's been no liberalization in north korea the armed forces remained in their current positions . returning now to our top story about the wildfires raging across russia as flames are destroying vast forests animal activists are desperately trying to save some of the creatures affected artes to i think are simply forte's from an animal shelter alcide basco a race against time. everyone from the animal shelter who can help
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is helping do anything possible to keep the wolf we're in this case the fire from the door because behind it live with thousand different animals with no escape. each has its own story this monkey was no longer wanted because he has diabetes each day he needs two shots of medication and gives back a little thank you for the care. however his and his friend's new home is in jeopardy flames are threatening to overrun the shelter it seems like the fire was playing a game of cat and mouse with animal shelter and spray on it from different sides and it seemed like the game was almost lost just a couple days ago when the fire was called us one hundred fifty meters in that forest the dancing flames were only stopped by this ditch quickly dug by tractor and workers from the animal shelter armed of buckets shovels and fire hoses their
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efforts pushed the flames back by kilometer but the danger remains. right now the fire is coming from that direction we put out the ground five of the treetops of burning to it so halt us shoes will no saying for almost a week employees from the animal shelter how flawed the flames around the clock we have thirty workers and most of them are here just a few are taking care of the animals evacuating around a thousand animals is very difficult almost impossible and you cannot do it quickly special equipment is needed for some species like bears still they've had little other choice than to fight nature's full fury themselves but with little help from the authorities. when we tried calling the firemen they told us that fire trucks have busy and we have to extinguish the fire sounds like you can put in and manpower the firemen say there's only so much they can do that we're working double shifts additional shifts people shouldn't be insulted by have to fire trucks and provide help where it's needed there is no threat now for the villages animal
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shelter or anyone else the fires are under control. this means more of the water can now be used for more peaceful purposes timothy crosser archie mosco region. now let's take a look at some other stories from around the world and controversial muslim cleric on the cover shooter has been arrested in indonesia for his alleged ties to recently discovered terrorist groups police believe the group was planning numerous attacks including the assassination of the country's president the clerk is considered by some as a spiritual leader of another group jemaah islamiah which is behind the deadly bali bombings eight years ago. israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu says the country's military did not violate international law by storming the gaza bound aid flotilla in may the comments were made during his testimony given to the panel investigating the deadly raid the internal inquiry into the highly controversial attack which left nine turkish activists dad was set up under considerable
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international pressure the defense minister and the army chief are also to give evidence later this week. and time now for business of beef with stephanie so we hear that it's only half hotels and we have to tell rooms in moscow are full why is that whopper assume it's because of the smog well they are at the marina but it's not just because of the smoke did you know the average cost of a hotel room in moscow is among the highest in europe at three hundred dollars and that's not helping i'll have more later on in the bulletin but first roussel has filed a request for russian mind no real skin nickel to hold a new shareholder general meeting the argument of giant owns about a quarter of nero cynical and is not happy with the results of the miners' annual general meeting on the twenty eighth of june at the meeting a reseller's board representation fell from four people to three or so is now battling for control of the mining company with russian conglomerate into ross group which also owns a twenty five percent stake so wants new rules to sell a non core assets including us platinum producer stillwater mining and to minimize
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activities outside of the core business. and you fertilize the giants may sprout up in russia this week one of the main shareholders in a real caddy suliman off. plans to acquire a controlling stake in potter producer sylvie net and much the holdings with his company then you fertilizer producer is estimated to be worth twenty eight billion dollars and it could become the second biggest in the world after the canadian potash corp cutting off currently owns a quarter of so b. net but plans to buy another thirty percent with a consortium is also in talks to buy shares in better risk early and follows. russia's first low cost airline sky express is facing the prospect of having its license revoked because of financial problems and a lack of for life it was supposed to be a pioneer in the new world of low cost and travel in russia so will it ever be possible to fly cheaply in russia china put it finds out. this airplane costs about
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ten dollars unfortunately this is the closest trust funds can get to a low cost airline in this country of regular air carriers so even the last six flights at the price of many people's monthly salary and russians are craving for the discounters so popular abroad eight pounds from liverpool to crack of twenty euros from front for it russia's first low cost airlines sky express was meant to be like that however its and the raising prices to match the network airlines but without the reliability or in-flight service constantin to tear down the head of charter airlines redwing says flying low cost is very expensive in russia and the experience of sky express proves it is impossible to repeat the business models of fry and there is a jet wuornos do it. it's only possible to make a quasi low cost airline was just
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a budgetary or will have one or two but they won't be able to have such extremely low tariffs as in europe or the states constantine says russia offers few opportunities for a carrier to strip out expenses at twenty percent temperate juta on planes and monopolize asked services contribute equally to all russian carriers and the cost is high then most cities just don't have second half was which are widely used by discount as in other countries and it's really difficult for foreign low cost carriers to operate here mainly because of legislation if she were strictly regulated. system of bilateral agreements between russia and all european and actually all the countries which limits their number of carriers number of just in nations of the frequencies of slides number of seats in their drive to overcome this is their ocracy and these limitations.
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any airline actually marse bound to a lot of air france minor. care is. doing the. ward spreading tomorrow. or approach for resources water rushes aviation rules were created in soviet times airports serve just a couple of planes a day and that is the government should reform of the airspace code if it wants to develop cost effective and travel for the general public this could preview the way for grid to competition in the industry and make flying in russia less free with few. business aren't to. run let's have a quick look at how the markets are doing in moscow the russian markets again on monday with both the r.t.s. on the my six more than one percent higher this hour energy names are leading the games with gas probably the top performing blue chip on the my sex box
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a high of two with. point eight percent in the black. and european shares have jumped on monday with mining firms and oil and gas producers leaving a broad base of farms or. two percent after it said cementing procedures on the leaking well in the gulf of mexico have been successful of times it is among the top gainers on the docks more than two percent higher at this hour. on news from the tourism industry hof of the hotel rooms in moscow and it's not just because of the heat and smog according to a survey by will estate company knight frank the average annual occupancy in moscow is slightly more than fifty eight percent the sector did grow three percent this summer but the figure is much lower than in most european countries for average hotel prices are amongst the highest one night in a typical moscow hotel will cost you up to three hundred dollars while in paris you would pay just two hundred thirty. and that's what the business use for now but i'll be back with more updates for you in about an hour's time and you can always
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find more stories on our website. slash business. the observed nature and discover is in. the.
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a detour in the gears. heard the remains are removed by machinery. it's. it's.
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well welcome back we do want to say watching our team here is a look at the top story the crisis sparked by wildfires raging across russia shows little sign of easing over fifty people have already died and hundreds of thousands of hectares of forest have burned down. meanwhile people are fleeing the toxic smoke covered russian capital was many suffering difficulties both in their homes and outside the number of deaths in moscow has doubled since the record heat and smog since the city. and its sixty five years since the west dropped a second atomic bomb on japan survivors of the deadly blast in the city of nagasaki are calling for complete global nuclear disarmament. the headlines here in r t news continues at the top of the hour next though we travel to the caucasus to explore the beauty of the north
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a city and national nature reserve our special report coming right up. among the snowy peaks. of the greater. the republic of north. touched. closely here. the rivers rushing to hundreds of streams which turned into. among the rocks and tops up to four.
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in springtime. is slowly coming to life. first. is the reserves. only just beginning to flood. in early spring people used to get to the rocky range. chance. when.


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