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stop sending their condolences about this crisis in fact archies laura emmett in the u.k. went to meet a form of fire man who wants to come to russia and step in. this is a man whose sense of duty knows no national borders a retired firefighter daniel coleus saw the reports of the florist blazes raging in russia and felt compelled to offer his help so he wrote to prime minister putin. i want to offer to volunteer to assist in firefighting operations and you win the russian federation and i'm valuable and request as a personal offer to your country with that in mind daniel prepares for accidents he says he's ready to go to the airport the moment he receives word his help is welcome. retired from the oil shortage some. are still feel that burning desire to help people rush hour in particular because of the problem they've got the moment with the oil people from all around the world offering to
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join the fight against the force of nature volunteers from valerie spoke area and france are among more than one hundred sixty thousand people now estimated to be battling the blazes daniel started his career in rural fire fighting and says that's prepared him well petaca the type of blazes sweeping through russia start my career off in nineteen seven zero eight sorry farmers wish a lot to mr cause but a lot of oil is in rural areas including forests military rangers and in terms of the fires are occurring in russia. in the world. we would spend many here we are some of times in hot summer of two to one exactly the same type of foils the one way that we would have dealt with it in those days was to dig for every kind of word dig a trench down below the pay to stop we have to pay for spreading underneath the
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ground even though daniel retired two years ago he says in his mind he's still on the front line no matter where you are in the world for far it's a sign they're there to help save lawyers for. russia and russia has to the point minister or the person has to do this or simply. and then allow the people that care the paramedics. the fourth point. to come in and do their job daniel clearly is packed and ready to go the only thing stopping him flying to russia is red tape coleus says if russia temporarily suspended the visa regime for emergency workers he and hundreds like him would floods to russia to quash the flames you were ever. essex and there are more stories of foreigners wanting to get involved in the fight against the fires in russia scenes of russian families in trouble have inspired american calling nelson to apt to learn about wildfires about
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two or three days ago and i decided that i was interested because i've been interested in russia for a long time so the good opportunity to go and help people. way to represent american people and their interest in the wellbeing of others around the world and . pay it forward and acting noble think people should volunteer to help out others that are in trouble i would go out to help fight the fire storm not a fireman. i could hope aid workers distribute supplies to people that need them or even go so far as to take photos and just tell the story of what i witnessed and dr fred goldberg a climate analyst from the royal institute of technology in stockholm believes there is nothing abnormal about the high temperatures in russia of the summer. they're going to have the high pressure located in various positions. in two
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thousand and three it happened off the coast of france and it's had be high pressure pushed up a lot of hot air from the so horrid the creating of the loss of many lives in france and central europe you know it's not a change of climate is a weather phenomenon so my point is that this year you had this heavy high pressure over central asia bringing up there from the tropics into your area it's almost beyond the soul stirrers all the time to read the entire of television fifty years ago so we never heard about that then the same way we're hearing about it today the blazes are raging and so is the debate about what's behind the situation and russia so have your say at our web site r t dot com and today we are asking what is to blame for russia's devastating wildfires and the majority our viewers so far thinks that's the authorities fault while fourteen percent as you can see in the chart put
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the blame on the uncontrollable environment global warming and picnickers received an equal number of votes which is twelve percent so you can let us know what do you think on this issue by logging on to our website r.t. dot com. the fires have destroyed crops in russia but other countries are having their own issues with a food supply. implemented with hopes that such as this would fix roofs the green it's sleeve but when green a store template it would be like this with just a plastic cover to people to being it going to last only one year and we report on why thousands of tons of grain are left to rot in india instead of being distributed to the hungry. and other news now the youngest detainee at guantanamo bay prison in cuba is facing military trial canadian born a marketer or was fifteen when he was captured on a battlefield in afghanistan in two thousand and two he's accused of throwing a grenade which killed an american soldier denied he's killed at
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a pretrial hearing on monday claiming he was tortured while detained at a u.s. military base in afghanistan before being moved to guantanamo the alleged violations of carter's human rights have been discussed by the united nations if convicted he faces a maximum life sentence or eric on top of says the whole trial is a breach of american law. well i would just label the whole process is a travesty you know we've got a juvenile who by our own signing we've agreed not to prosecute juvenile offenders so we're breaking our own law and i don't even think that this court has proper jurisdiction over the case we've got a child who by law we're saying is not culpable of doing the things that we we're prosecuting him for and yet we're spending all of our resources and he's the first one in the tube to go not to mention that you have the fact that he doesn't he's
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gained such a jaded distrust of anything associated with this he can't even make appropriate counsel choice and so he's not even represented in these proceedings. where you're watching are you going to live from moscow remember for more on any of the stories that we covered your nose love on our website let's now take a look at what's available for you there today. see some spectacular action as drivers at the russian leg of the european truck racing championship were battling on a brand new track created by famous formula one designer. and a curious business is georgia aims to become a serious player in the crocodile and from market the details at r.t. dot com. now the number of civilian casualties in afghanistan rose by oh most
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a third in the first half of two thousand and ten compared to the same period last year were poor by the u.n. also shows a fifty five percent increase in the deaths of children among the twelve hundred afghans killed during this period it comes as u.s. led forces are increasing their presence in the country and as our reports it's often civilians who suffer. the amount of afghan civilian children that are dying as a result of this war has increased fifty five percent and according to the united nations the taliban and other militants are responsible for three quarters of the civilian deaths that have taken place in the past six months but tied to that you know an official say that the taliban and other militants have stepped up their game in terms of using i.e. . suicide suicide attacks and being involved in this us nation attempts and that is a result of more foreign troops coming into their country so one has provoked the
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other and our foreign troops more toxified the taliban in the militants and that the it is the afghan civilians according to this report women and children who are actually paying the price of this war it's basically understood according to this u.n. report that once foreign troops move into an area that had the taliban and militants will move in and violence will ensue and subsequent deaths will take place so at this point the afghan civilians you know understandably are intimidated are living in. a war torn area for a decade and are not so quick to align with the foreign troops in their country that are to blame for the taliban and militants attacking the civilians and the surrounding areas where people are as a result of an occupation in the country. respond there and military analyst again
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who believes the actual number of casualties in afghanistan is much higher because the u.n. failed to take into account one of the main causes of death i would strongly recommend you know man. to expand it metrics of civilian casualties in afghanistan beyond the country and to include two most important numbers of civilian death that is by going to drugs they keel over all more than all other civilian casualties taken together within the whole nine years of these conflict and the second most important metric that has to be incorporated in the next report by the united nations should include the civilians killed outside of ghana's stand by the main export from afghanistan they're probably keel even more than thirty thousand russians who have been laid is my of they have going to heroin annually plus you
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have to five million pakistani direct edits of the overall result of the u.s. led mission ease that it kills more civilians by afghan drugs under the connivance of the us political leadership then any other military hostilities whether from the u.s. side all from their military opponents from pakistan and within afghanistan. and i just spoke to british veteran journalist john pilger who thinks america is tricking the world by saying it's pulling out of wars in iraq and afghanistan the full version of this interview is coming up in about fifteen minutes. this announcement by obama. would be the end of the combat mission next year is norm sense and that's another example of the of the media simply taking a face value something that told by authorities in fact there's going to be
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something like ninety four bases left and sixty thousand troops and of surge so-called that is an increase in the number of mercenaries they call them contractors so far from getting out there was a great expression by a great irish investigative journalist called claude coburn never believe anything until it's officially denied we should apply that to all statements like that. for many countries the summer's extreme weather of floods and droughts has led to poor harvest and a grain shortage but in india millions of people are going hungry for a different reason r.t.s. carnes thing investigates. india is home to work quarter of the world's starving people and one third of its malnourished children here in the village of daraa poured in eastern india had nothing to give us four days yes of unlimited hungry
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child cries all the time there is no food to feed here how can we survive like this to give the child quite a just me to drink water yet the government has recorded mounds of surplus stocks fifty nine million tons of wheat and rice it does have a huge public distribution system that provides free food to families below the poverty line but corruption and complex bureaucracy means the poorest of the poor often don't make it on the list most of us are actually i'm not much we are poor people desperate for food to eat our children go to sleep hungry the names are not on the government's poverty list and we didn't get any food growing from the government can we do ultimately we would have no choice but to commit suicide. with people starving to be sent images of piles of wheat rotting at a storage facility erupted into a major political issue in the state of punjab it was discovered forty nine
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thousand pounds of food green had perished despite if so you're taking precautions there is every likelihood as we have in our household there are no where your boarding or cup or because likelihood. can spill on the table. and if you see it come but only next year result was a degree in which we handle. losses. abundance i'm standing in one of the largest food storage depos in the capital new delhi impermanent where houses such as this would fix roofs the grain is safe but when grain a store temporary like this with just a plastic cover to keep out the rain it can last only one year and with the government keeping seventeen million tons of wheat and rice stored like this because it simply doesn't have enough permanent warehouses you can see this. the problem experts see about ten million tonnes enough to feed hundred forty million people for a month has been through at least one monsoon and is at risk of rotting if this
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green wood released instead it could help those most in need but distributing it will cost one billion dollars and the government cannot afford to add to its food subsidy that doesn't cover is good news for his family who depend on the handouts. we cannot afford to buy rice for our family whatever food grain the government has is allowing to run its warehouses the ration cards the issue don't reach the actual poor whatever race is distributed to the local dealer for us is instead sold by him in the open market. with global wheat prices rising due to the drought in russia if india loses its sweep stocks who are storage this good fuel the price surge and that would hit the poor they need the hardest seeing are to the new. i'll take a look at some of the stories from around the world and chinese authorities have confirmed deaths like a cancer province have taken over seven hundred lives rescue workers are still
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fighting to find survivors trapped beneath the rubble for three days heavy rains triggered the delusion of rocks and earth crushing at least three villages and relief efforts have been hampered by destroyed roads and bridges. residents of colombia and venezuela have agreed to restore diplomatic ties relations were cut off a month ago allegations that venezuela was sheltering colombian rebels the newly elected colombian president juan manuel santos and which of us have expressed optimism that their first meeting will produce positive results. and we're up to date and in just a few moments stephanie will join us with the latest business happy don't go away. hungry for the full story we've got it's. the biggest issues get a voice face to face with the news makers.
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hello and welcome to the business but attend the prices of meat poultry and dairy products in russia could rise sharply due to the drought spiralling grain prices the world bank is nations not to follow russia's lead with an export ban saying there is unlikely to be a global rerun of the two thousand and eight crisis seen argument that it has more . global green markets factory being drowned in fires in russia with heavy rains in europe to push we price is as high as eight dollars sixty the bushel as what you
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mean putin moved to implement a green expert van the move to protect domestic consumers first is one that the world bank is urging other nations not to follow if you see it could you when you will food crises despite these economists say that the run of the food prices gear which pushed wheat as high as thirteen dollars in february two thousand and eight isn't like it was demand and supply factors different now in two thousand and seven two thousand and eight across all the range of commodities stocks were very low and we also had very different global demand conditions the global economy largely because of emerging markets were incredibly buoyant so we had very low supply very strong jamal and and that gave you that. in the nation of rising commodity prices across the whole range of foodstuffs this time around supply is much better and obviously given the financial crisis globally demand is a lot weaker so we have an imbalance between demand and supply that we had over the
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period in two thousand and seven. even with a better supply demand balance globally the two thousand and eight experience which so brides in africa and asia and governments vary of the role speculation plays in global prices and very sensitive about the need to protect their customers in russia the government is likely to look for market solutions unlike two thousand and eight where price freeze on specific items had commuted effect. i don't dismiss the possibility off the top limit for prices on crucial food items like bread butter milk the effect of this measure is very limited that's why there will be no limit for the wide range of goods due to the fact that two years ago those goods disappeared from shelves and once prices were frozen they rebounded full price inflation is also a key driver of inflationary expectations and russia has just proven a long term record low inflation rate of five point five percent in july the
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governor will be keen to avoid seeing rising food prices play in part resurrecting the long term economic issue however the market backdrop for the short term means you will need to avoid it scaring market signals to producers and investors as well as consumers well setting apart russia's long term recall choke potential you need to do business r.t. . russia's losses due to the forest fires still raging across the country could reach fifteen billion dollars according to early estimates the record temperatures this somewhat may cost at least one percent of g.d.p. growth most of the money will be spent on restoring houses and compensation the first official figures are expected next week as part of the federal statistics before underlies industrial production the long term effect is unlikely to be known until the end of the year but some experts are already claiming the impact will not be significant. all of the direct costs like the expense of extinguishing fires
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because the emergency ministry has insurance costs. you will be no more than tens of billions of. good if you keep in mind that trillions of these experiences are just a drop in the ocean. let's have a critic of how the asian stock markets are shaping up on whether to stay in tokyo in the case has shared more than two and a half percent japanese stocks have been hurt by strength in the yang versus the dollar that follows the us federal reserve's announcement overnight of plans to boost a flagging u.s. economy by reinvesting money from mortgage bonds into government debt this is the fed's first attempt to bolster the economy in over a year asian stocks also suffering on news that japanese machinery orders increased in less than expected in june fueling fears of economic slowdown in the region. russian markets finished in the red on tuesday with both the r.t.s. out there myself losing more than one and a half percent as you may just were drug of both the bourses nuchal shed at one point nine percent on the r.t.s. while last math was the biggest loser on the my sex down more than two percent
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close. russian banks are continuing to cut deposit rates for individuals the central bank says the maximum interest rate for deposits in roubles this month is less than one percent that's close to pre-crisis levels the rates have decreased by around six percentage points in a year however the banks are still attracting more cash from individuals the central bank says deposits grew by around two and a half percent in july. and that's all from the business scene for now but i'll be back with more updates for you in about an hour's time and of course you can always find more stories on our web site that's slash.
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how's that parking. car appliances in so many years until they come to visit you. do you think the property bought on credit really belongs to you. on r t.
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if. rich bryson if you knew about sun from funniest impressions. from stunts on t.v. . they faced it this is not a provocation but a warm. day for which it should step before you showed us a pretty tree speaks they have no idea about the hardships the face.
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they wanted to says it all took two minutes and for any army the life of a usaf is the most precious thing in the world. is of self-sacrifice and heroism but those who understand it fully but you have to live a. real life stories from world war two. nineteen forty five don't auntie dot com. welcome back just joining us you're watching our team here is a look at the top stories a breath of fresh air on the torturers toxics mom finally lives from across the record heat wave fueling hundreds of wildfires still burning in western and central russia. hundreds of volunteers from russian abroad risked their lives to quell the
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flames others help people who lost everything in the fires by gathering and delivering essential supplies. to last troop surge in afghanistan coincides with civilian casualties are rising by a third according to un report outlining a bloody first half of two thousand and ten a total of twelve hundred afghans were killed during this period. was a boom and technology often seems society is making huge leaps forward but some are concerned that the imperial age with its fight for resources and influence is coming back or his or again it spoke to veteran journalist john pilger who shared his views on the past and present. today i'm in london speaking to jonah hill jeff veteran journalist and documentary writer who started his career it during the vietnam war john pilger thanks very
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much for talking to now let's talk about more media in general first if you don't mind recently in the website wiki leaks published tens of thousands of documents relating to the afghanistan war what do you think that is the biggest impact is that modern technology has had journalism well i think the wiki leaks exposed is. look like they might change journalism altogether if not change or wake it up. because what we should leaks has done is what journalists should have done. you know here here is this dreadful litany of years of all of disaster and killing in afghanistan and i'm in iraq. and i don't think we've gotten a sense they've got a sense of the disaster but i don't think we've got a sense of the real. the the political disaster the
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the behind the the human disaster in afghanistan that's what we can leak says has given us. i think it says to journalists. separate us separate you know so from the word of authority and start becoming independent it's an extraordinary moment and what about the internet in general do you think in terms of names that subclassing more traditional means yeah like newspapers and document chains yes i do and i mean it shouldn't subvert them but it is and is doing that which it really should compliment them. because you know into my own journalistic habits every day have changed radically i used to get up in the morning and read all the newspapers now i go to my computer and log rome. because that's where the that's where this truth telling that kind of journalism.


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