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russia and felt compelled to offer his help so he wrote to prime minister putin. i want to offer to volunteer to assist in firefighting operations and you win the russian federation and i'm valuable and request as a personal offer to your country with that in mind daniel prepares for action he says he's ready to go to the airport the moment he receives word his help is welcome. retired from the. sun so as heroes are still feel the burning desire to help people rush hour in particular because of the problem with the walls hoyos people from all around the world are offering to join the fight against the force of nature volunteers from fellow reduced spoke area and france are among more than one hundred sixty thousand people now estimated to be battling the blazes daniel started his career in rural fire fighting and says that's prepared him well for tackling the type of blazes sweeping through russia. career
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off. sorry farmers future wish. a lot of domestic oil a lot for ocean rural areas including forests military range and in terms of the fires are occurring in russia a moment in the world. we would spend money you know we hear some of times and hope someone to do with exactly the same type of fall of the one the way that we would have dealt with it in those days was to do it for a break and of words dig a trench down below the pay to stop the action for spreading underneath the ground even though daniel retired two years ago says in his mind he's you're still on the front line no matter where you are in the world for far it's a sign they're there to help save lives for. russia and russia has to do all the prime minister or the president has to do if you simply arch and
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then allow the people that care the paramedics the five points to to come in and do their job daniel clearly is packed and ready to go the only thing stopping him flying to russia is red tape caller says if russia temporarily suspended the visa regime for emergency workers he and hundreds like him would floods to russia to quash the flames your average r t s six. well the worst drought in fifty years here in russia has forced the government to introduce an export ban on wheat agriculture ministry says this year's harvest is up to sixty five million tonnes those just enough to meet domestic needs your door and you say it could be october before russia starts exporting again after the harvest figures come in with russia the world's third largest wheat exporter last year global prices for the grain it went up after the announcement. from the food and agriculture organization of the
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united nations says the decision made by the russian government is the best solution. i sincerely hope that it is still not a case where we will have a grain shortage but there is certainly a very severe situation in terms of supply and the drought has been extremely severe and the production shortfalls are far more far more than i anticipated as early as three weeks ago therefore it is understandable that the restrictions of on exports is a one way to compact domestic food inflation especially the price of bread wheat mostly is useful and i think this is what the government at the end decided to do i am not sure that they were dead many of the options perhaps they could have also considered taxing exports or perhaps do a good deal in knowing gradual terms but you know in situations like this as the as they are you know governments tend to go for the most secure of the measures which is the total ban there had been a very extraordinary action to the ban in russia and the prices of wheat rose very
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sharply if you're glad that they have calmed down a little bit the market is actually taking into consideration amount of inventors that are available in other countries in particular in north america so that even invents results and we believe that globally this year's global supply and demand for wheat although a bit tighter than we had anticipated it still is very much manageable and he can even take care of the disastrous emergencies currently under currently in pakistan so the inventors are not i mean russia is drawing down an event or is it will be some more here and but in general terms we are in much better situation than for example in two thousand and seven eighty should be chief you'll recall we had a global food crisis and i think that the russian solution given the situation not just with the grains but also be defiant and all the uncertainties surrounding it really left the government of doubt much of the choice and it is understandable.
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well rusher is suffering a grain shortage because of the intense heat wave in india millions of people are going hungry for a different reason artie's charan singh investigates why stocks of rice and wheat failing to reach those who need it the most. india is home to work quarter of the world's starving people and one third of its malnourished children here in the village of darnell poured in eastern india had nothing to give us four days yes of unlimited not a hungry child cries all the time there is no food to feed here how can we survive like this to give the child quite a just me to drink water yet the government has record amounts of surplus stocks fifty nine million tons of wheat and rice it does have a huge public distribution system that provides free food to families below the poverty line but corruption and complex bureaucracy means the poorest of the poor often don't make it on the list most of us are actually i'm not much we are poor
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people desperate for food to eat our children go to sleep hungry names are not on the government's poverty list and we didn't get any food going from the government can we do ultimately we would have no choice but to commit suicide. with people starving the recent images of piles of wheat rotting at a storage facility erupted into a major political issue in the state of punjab it was discovered forty nine thousand tons of food green had perished despite a precaution there is every likelihood as we have in our household there are no where your porting your cup of tea from a curtain because likelihood two schools can spin on the table. and if you see a pun but only. for the green which we heard the. loss is more. abundant i'm standing in one of the largest food storage depos in the capital new delhi impermanent where houses such as this would fix roofs the grain is safe but
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when green a store temporary like this with just a plastic cover to keep out the rain it can last only one year and with the government keeping seventeen million tons of wheat and rice stored like this because it simply doesn't have enough permanent warehouses you can see this. the problem experts see about ten million tonnes enough to feed hundred forty million people for a month has been through at least one monsoon and is at risk of rotting if this green were released instead it could help those most in need but distributing it will cost one billion dollars and the government cannot afford to add to its food subsidy that doesn't come as good news for his family who depend on the handouts. we cannot afford to buy rice for our family whatever food grain the government has is allowing to run its warehouses the ration cards the issue don't reach the actual poor whatever race is distributed to the local dealer for us is instead sold by him
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in the open market. with global wheat prices rising due to the drought in russia if india loses its wheat stocks to poor storage this could fuel the price surge and that would hit the poor they need india the hardest got and seeing r t. russia is unprecedented tropical heat may have brought a poor harvest but it's also bearing some fruit the warm weather has led to a proliferation of peaches lemons and oranges in the central russian city of far several months earlier than expected stuff in the city's greenhouses say it's the first time banana trees have actually produced crops in this part of the world locals more used to potatoes and tomatoes are now picking figs in lemons straight from the tree. also ahead for you here on r.t.e. without a home hundreds of refugees in georgia are being forced out of their homes with no place to go. plus the civilian deaths in afghanistan have surged by
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a third since the start of the year disturbing u.n. report says u.s. military steps up its efforts in the country. in iraq to the u.s. backed militia leaders have said al qaeda is trying to bribe them to return to the terrorist group it is feared the departure of american troops at the end of august is being exploited to attract new al-qaeda members some officials in iraq say the organization is making a big comeback partly due to the power vacuum and political instability of the war torn country others play down the problem saying iraq's military has everything under control well earlier i spoke to the journalist who broke the story martin chewed off the guardian's iraq correspondent live from baghdad. this sons of iraq were a group who were credited with helping stop the violent insurgency throughout two thousand and six two thousand and seven that been hired ever since by the americans
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as people who are a cornerstone of the future security for this country however as the americans prepare to leave parroted over responsibility in managing the sons of iraq program to the iraqi government the iraqi government's commitment to patrol the predominantly sunni sons of iraq groups has not been strong over recent months in a very sharp spate of attacks against sons of iraq mate is and militia men and we're seeing some very disturbing reports recently about al qaida offering more money to defect to them than they would be receiving by the government and indeed some of those approaches being successful so we were told yesterday we spoke to one . sons of iraq leader who said that one hundred of his men. i have not turned up for the last two months to pick up salaries he says that can only mean one thing that they are now being paid by the enemy so if you're not going to be good news for washington d.c. and capitol hill that. saddam hussein's former deputy has accused president obama
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of quote leaving iraq to the wolves saying u.s. troops should stay now given the troop pullout at the end of this month surely it's not the right time for the americans to leave. but there are remarkable words for saddam hussein's chief lieutenant to be calling for the americans to be starting he said that there was a massive mistake made to come here to invade in the first place but to leave iraq like this would indeed in his words be feeding the countries of the world a saying that nothing is stable here there is a security vacuum there is no stability in the near future at all there is a vicious political stalemate and the few tenets that this is science he is built on the army perhaps the police force in a couple of other things like that which could potentially take the country secure in the future certainly not ready to do so now so his words were a direct challenge to the white house which is saying that this job is done and
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that the institutions are ready to take over including the army and that iraq the foundations of a new iraq have been laid if you look around the country there are many people who would dispute that we are seeing a slow steady uptick in violence on a daily weekly and monthly basis and we have seen so for the last five months the mood on the streets is not good there's a sense of dread as the americans prepare to disappear and i think that they will have to mount a pretty strong case as to why their position that the job is done should be believed. afghanistan where the number of civilian casualties there rose by almost on food in the first off of two thousand and compared with the same period last year the report by the un also shows a fifty five percent increase in child victims among the twelve hundred afghans killed during the period it comes u.s. led forces are increasing their presence in the country as well to use marine important minor explains it's often the civilian who suffer the worst the amount of
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afghan civilian children that are dying as a result of this war has increased fifty five percent according to the united nations the taliban and other militants are responsible for three quarters of the civilian deaths that have taken place in the past six months but tied to that you want to fishel say that the taliban and other militants have stepped up their game in terms of using i.e. . suicide suicide attacks and being involved in this us nation attempts and that is a result of more foreign troops coming into their country so why has provoked the other and more foreign troops more attacks by the taliban or the militants and that the it is the afghan civilians according to this report women and children who are actually paying the price of this war it's basically understood according to this u.n. report that once foreign troops move into an area that had the taliban and militants
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will move and and violence will ensue and subsequent deaths will take place so at this point the afghan civilians you know understandably are intimidated are living in. a war torn area for decades and are not so quick to align with the foreign troops in their country that are to blame for the taliban and militants attacking the civilians and the surrounding areas where people are as a result of that occupation in the country. russia now has a defense system in to ensure the security of the republic and the russian military base there the commander of the base says the s three hundred will ensure air defense and help protect the republic's ground forces the system is also intended to patrol the airspace of our cars use borders as well as destroy anything that crosses over their protected territory without permission. what is your home really
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your castle residence of an apartment block in the georgian capital tbilisi you found the answer after police threw them out onto the street and as artie's every nigga found these people now feel unwanted in their very own country. around four hundred families are being moved out of the building in which they have lived for several years in the center of the e.c. this unfortunately is becoming aside all too familiar in the georgian capital as of late all of the families that are being forced to move out today immediately obviously from up because it would be a puzzling war the civil war that ravaged in the region in the early ninety nine to these all of them are georgian a but a lot of them say that they do not feel like citizens of this country and in fact to some in midst of emotion are actually saying that they're willing to go back to oppose it and get an uprising citizenship if that's what it takes for them to feel human. and human that they take me to cause i don't want to stay in tbilisi but i know once again i'm alone all my relatives are in so she i'm going to move to
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russia i don't want to be a citizen of this country the georgian authorities have been forcing me to move with the refugees and internally displaced people from the places they have been occupying for the last seventeen years unfortunately there are hundreds of thousands of these people all over the city and most of them have absolutely no place to go and even though the georgian government does say that they're giving them an option to move somewhere closer to where they used to live unfortunately all of those are rural areas they're far removed from tbilisi to have absolutely no communications there's no infrastructure some of them don't even have schools much less any opportunities for work so that is the main reason why a lot of refugees feel that they want to stay in tbilisi a lot of them have jobs here their kids go to schools here unfortunately at the same time you have presidents like this really really saying that he wants georgia to united and all georgians have to unite in the face of a common adversary of course by that one adversary from the u.s. russia gets the refugees feel like they are not being treated as human beings
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a lot of them are saying that they will not move out of these buildings but they're all out on the street right now and no place to go and their future is unfortunately uncertain at the moment. all right now it's about twenty minutes past the hour here in the russian capital let's check out some other stories now making headlines all around the world and at least fifteen people are being killed and twenty injured when a bus crashed on a mountainous road in bolivia authorities say the accident happened on a road to the capital of the country left pounds witnesses say the bus lost control while driving down a descent avoiding oncoming traffic but losing control on a bend where a smashed against the wrong the calls of the accident is unknown but a mechanical fault is being investigated. more heavy rains are threatening to trigger a new landslides in northwest china residents downstream have already been evacuated from their homes as forecasters predict fresh downpours to come rescue workers continue to search for over one thousand people still trapped under the rubble
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after a massive landslide the disaster. has really going to more than seven hundred lives . on its way to colombia have agreed to restore diplomatic ties the announcement came at the meeting between the venezuelan president hugo chavez and his newly elected colombian counterpart juan manuel santos ties have been severed over allegations that venezuela was sheltering colombian rebels. ok well kareena is now here with the latest business updates so we hear the russian by continuing to cut deposit rates for individuals well yes according to the central bank the max mentions straight for deposits in roubles this month always less than nine percent which is good news for that he details in a moment but first russia's losses due to the forest fires still raging across the country could reach fifteen billion dollars earlier my colleague stephanie monday spoke to natalee at a lot of alpha bank who gave us more on the impact of the clock of the ecological
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conditions on the economy furthermore she pointed out that the russian government is also losing opportunities in controlling prices using its great reserves. well this was initial seen as a very powerful instrument which russian government might use how as a recent liberal see a very different figures in terms of size of these reserves because in drug law and number of official excerpts were talking about twenty or twenty bloss million points and reserves the most recent an independent as soon as give us just mind million tons so i would say the gap isn't in mazy and also nerves of government and then to distribute thought it was part of this fund directly to the old russian regions so this will definitely we've gone in possibility to intervene on the local market and to control prices then in whatever if we turn out to inflation what's your forecast for this year inflation this is definitely the kinda key to which probably will be visible very soon and raise all inflation forecasts to the level
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of some point five percent versus our initial view of seven percent around months ago and just respond the initial responding to the global grain market grain price rally however the now as we see that the conditions in russia continue to deteriorate definitely we can expect that inflation might even see this seven point five percent level and as far as they can see the market consensus is now shifting to even higher figures. russian banks because egypt deposit rates for individuals the central bank says the maximum interest rate for deposits in roubles this month is less than nine percent that's close to pre-crisis levels the rates have to crease by around six percentage points in a year however the banks are still attracting more cash from individuals and the central bank says deposits grew by around two hundred percent in july. and let's have a quick look at how the stock markets are doing on wednesday european shares are down dragged by banks and miners investors are concerned about the sustainability
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of economic recovery after the federal reserve posted a pessimistic view of the u.s. economy barclays barclays as h.s.b.c. societe generale and daughter bank are all setting between one point two and three point eight percent and russian markets are sliding in moscow as well banks are under performing on the my six would be to be in gazprom setting to help percent and as bag is also shedding two percent. russell has filed a claim against interoffice through the london court of international arbitration the companies are rolling over control of north who sol says the outcome of normal june board elections breaks the two thousand and eight agreement between it's an interest not to take control of norilsk and to maintain equal board representation the elections get three board seats with interest getting for both through saul and into ross have a twenty five percent stake in the company. sevastopol has put most of its north
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american steel making assets up for sale its u.s. branch has asked potential bit is to respond with offers by friday the company offers steel operations in warren ohio spars point of the form of wheeling pittsburgh steel corporation as one package. french d.d.'s whereas the third and final north stream participant has paid eight hundred million euros for nine percent. in the project the company has bought the share from german shareholders gas and winter and winter each of them has decreased from twenty to fifteen and a half percent controlling stake in north stream the first stage of which will be launched next year is owned by gas for dutch gas me as an overnight perceptive. users of google maps will now be able to get information about traffic jams in russia the world's top search engine has launched a test version of the traffic maps in moscow and st petersburg routes of them up in
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illustrated in four colors depending on road congestion such services are already provided by rubber and yet which is google's main competitor on the us market last year yeah four times more than google and washed up. fast food chains wendy's and all of these are coming to russia they've signed an agreement with a local company affiliated to food service capital and plan to open one hundred eighty restaurants over the next ten years food service capital is owned by restaurateurs mikhail's gentleman and it's kind of the president of metals for a huge e.m.k. the owners plan to invest one hundred million dollars into the project forty million of which will be spent in the first five years they plan to use shareholder money and later try to find sources credit. that's all for now you can always log on to our website r.t. dot com slash business and find more stories there.
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first. second. baby turn in the there's a. third the remains. is in vallecito.
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but from moscow this is on its headlong rush of reeds more freely to the small guy and wildfires seem to be retreating but there are still hundreds of places to put thousands of volunteers are helping fight the flames something like vital supplies to those affected. sweet exports to ensure his domestic needs are met after
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wildfires and the drought prompted a jump in global grain prices meanwhile india is losing tons of selfless problems to poor storage most people in the country go hungry. big comeback a terrorist group is reportedly on a recruiting spree spurred on by the planned u.s. troop withdrawal from iraq. coming up next the controversial story of an environmental disaster caused by coal mining companies in america. and the. list is.


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