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list documentary writer who started his career during the vietnam war john pilger thanks very much for talking to now let's talk about more media in general first if you don't mind recently the website wiki leaks published tens of thousands of documents relating to the afghanistan war what do you think that is the biggest impact is that modern technology has had owned journalism well i think the wiki leaks exposed is. look like they might change journalism altogether if not change or wake it up. because what we could leaks has done is what journalists should have done. you know here here is this dreadful litany of years of of disaster and killing in afghanistan down in iraq. and i don't think we've gotten a sense and they've got a sense of the disaster but i don't think we've got a sense of the real. the the political disaster the
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the behind the the human disaster in afghanistan that's what we call leaks is has given us. i think it says to journalists. separate us separate your souls from the world of authority and start becoming independent it's an extraordinary moment what about the internet in general do you think in terms of new subclassing more traditional means you're like newspapers in document chains yes i do and i mean it shouldn't subvert them but it is and is doing that which it really should compliment them. because you know into my own journalistic habits every day of change radically i used to get up in the morning and read all the newspapers now i go to my computer and log on. because that's
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where the that's where this truth telling that kind of journalism. i think the agenda comes through in so much so-called mainstream journalism is something that we can do without now the and the internet is certainly subverted that you have had a very long career in journalism do you think the world is a better place now than it was when you started yes look things. improve progress is made. in spite of. the imposition of unaccountable power. on our lives. i think socially in the way that people leave their lives and make their own arrangements in my lifetime and. there's been an enormous amount of progress that there is also an enormous amount of regression we live in
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an imperial age again. i mean that's quite extraordinary we have a technological version of what it was in the nineteenth century with great powers vying for strategic place in the world resources in the world we live in i made sure of what they call in washington perpetual war and i'm quoting general petraeus permanent war i mean that's not progress that's regression and that we have to deal with and staying on that point what do you think is the best and most painless way for the u.s. and its allies to get out of iraq and afghanistan as so many critics have been calling for get out just get out i mean this this announcement by obama. would be the end
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of the combat mission next year is nonsense and that's another example of the of the media simply taking a face for something that told once already in fact there's going to be something like ninety four bases left and sixty thousand troops and the surge so-called that is an increase in the number of mercenaries they call them contractors so far from getting out it's consolidating its position in iraq and that's what people really should understand. there's a great expression by. a great irish investigative journalist called claude coburn never believe anything until it's officially denied we should apply that to all statements like that and what about the time since barack obama's been in power do you think that there has been a paradigm shift in america's foreign policy since the bush administration no.
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absolutely you know there's been. i think we can put aside the word paradigm the paradigm hasn't changed since not in forty five american foreign policy runs in a straight line goes up goes to the sideways goes down a little bit but basically that line runs that trajectory runs in honoring les in one direction and what the bombers stop is simply pick up all the policies of bush and pursue them i mean for example for the first time in u.s. presidential history and hasn't happened before a president has taken the entire defense department. bureaucracy and the secretary of state for defense from a previous administration discredited so we have basically robert gates the same generals. running american foreign policy with
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a lot of help from people of like mind. another war this really began in pakistan. also in yemen and somalia with other interests in africa. bombers in has has accelerated bush's policies is the american foreign policy hasn't really changed since nine hundred forty five you were already reporting during the vietnam war what's the difference between the wars in vietnam and afghanistan in principle there is no difference they're both guerrilla wars. they're both resistances opposing an invasion. they're both becoming they but one became. the vietnam vietnam became a disaster for the vietnamese people two to three million of them perished and
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a smaller disaster but a considerable disaster for the united states the same thing is happening in afghanistan the same thing happened in iraq. i would have thought the closest analogy and your readers from your viewers will appreciate this as with the. the soviet invasion of afghanistan in one nine hundred seventy nine because the enemy is pretty much the same the so-called enemy of the resistance is the side. and. you know that. the world's other superpower could not. subdue afghanistan in ten years. surely the most in can doesn't lessen for for the wools. surviving superpower which is trying to do the same thing talk to me about america's increasingly complicated relationship with iran that are now that they've refused to rule out sanctions and that's talk of
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minute checks and what do you think this is a nation to iran's nuclear program are wrong. it doesn't threaten anybody it doesn't have a nuclear bomb if you look through all the international atomic agency reports of the last seventy is they saying basically the same thing constantly go she should with iran in the middle in the in the midst of this iran wrote to the iranian government wrote to the american administration and put a series of proposals they didn't even get a reply. a wrong was. under the shah iran was a pillar of the american network the american empire if you like in the middle east that was swept away and nine hundred seventy nine when there was an islamic revolution and it has been american foreign policy to get that back.
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at the same time israel which is part of the american. is really an american base it's part of american foreign policy. has tried to provoke the united states into attacking iran it has absolutely nothing to do with so-called nuclear weapons the the the the nuclear power in the middle east is the force biggest myth. tree power in the world and that's israel that has something like five hundred thermo nuclear warheads it's never discussed what about the israel palestine conflicts can any more be done to result from the outside i don't see it as a conflict actually i think the truth about that is that it's a military occupation. and first of all international law has to be respected and the israelis have to get out of the west bank and and the blockade
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in gaza it's ending that military occupation suggesting it's a conflict suggests a kind of war between two factions. it's international morris on the side squarely on the side of resolving this matter. and it's about again it's about a negotiation this would have ended a long time ago or would have been resolved a long time ago had the most influential player the united states been on a spread or attempted to take. an impartial position and brought to bear its great influence on israel that hasn't happened and that's why it goes on and on and finally how would you assess this reset that we've seen recently in u.s. russia relations u.s.
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russian relations very interesting. it must be amused people in russia. to be told that they're being threatened by missiles from iran. that absurdity is justifying the placement of missiles around russia even though obama made some spectacle of withdrawing some of these people they were was reposition. russia has its own sphere of influence following the demise of the soviet union. i think that when great powers start doing deals together at the expense of smaller countries then we have a problem. and. i mean if if if russia. there is a place in the world for a powerful nation
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a culturally powerful nation. a diplomatically powerful nation or a source rich nation to stand up for the rights of small nations it seems that role is almost begging russia. too except that i don't think it has except a bit but it's there to thank you very much you're welcome. closure is that so much to me is going to make a lot of people a very early look at current realities convenience lines the world will be watching closely the us senate as it debates new climate change the. wealthy british style. sometimes.
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markets why not. come to. find out what's really happening to the global economy with mike stronger for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune into kinds a report on. russia breathe more freely as the small guide wildfires seem to be retreating but there are still hundreds of places to extinguish thousands of volunteers are helping fight the flames and provide vital supplies to those affected. russia stops wheat exports to ensure its domestic needs are met after wildfires and drought prompted a jump in global grain prices meanwhile india is losing tons of selfless crops up for storage as people in the country go hungry. and al qaeda is
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a big comeback but a terrorist group is reportedly on a recruiting spree spurred on by the planned u.s. troop withdrawal from iraq. i'm the sports news is next with take it looks like a busy night of international football tonight why rory yes it's internationals week and the host of countries are national night including russia england and well champions spain all the build up that's next. welcome to the sports news here from r.t. in moscow and here are the headlines. six debut advocaat leaves out russia for the first time as his charges take on both garia and international friendly in some petersburg. while old coach new tricks fabio capello overseas england's first game
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since their disappointing world cup campaign. keeps getting better roger federer breaks another wreck or two with his win at the toronto masters. and we start with football there are thirty four international friendlies being played on wednesday night and russia will shortly be playing host to bowl there and some pages back with the new national coach dick advocaat will be reunited with andre arshavin that's in its arena the stadium reports. the friendly match against bulgaria was originally scheduled to take place in moscow budget's a heavy small going the russian capital it was moved up north to st petersburg this shift though could be a blessing in disguise for dick advocaat who spent some of the best years of his career in st petersburg old faces are familiar in the current roster with all russian internationals present joining the team from england are on duty at a shop in a room on public janko usu coffee and dinner. and they have a shot in could mr wednesday's match however as he is still recovering from an
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injury to take care of the player. there's no sense to break. players of. if you choose that you can play forty five minutes you can play forty five mins advocaat invited twenty players for this match with moscow and st petersburg players dominating the roster although the russians are yet to play any official matches under dick on a cot he's already being criticised for not introducing any fresh blood to the national team but according to the coaching self he's forced to work with what he has and at the moment he doesn't see any new stars on the horizon. unfortunately so floyd didn't. believe me if the chance of. russia's opponent bulgaria is far from that scene that finished in fourth place at the nine hundred ninety four world cup but although it now lacks the stars of. the
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relatively young age of today's players indicates that this is it with a long term plan looking to reestablish itself as a major european football force so russia face their first strength against bulgaria on wednesday with three weeks to go before the start of the euro two thousand and twelve qualification campaign. has very little time left its sides in the lives and create a winning squad but again it could be first time lucky for the dutch specialist as his first game takes place right here at the petrovsky stadium which is of course the home of sydney to st petersburg with home one title and the russian side will cost for forty in st petersburg. well russia haven't played any games in the last thirty days but still climbed one place in the safer world rankings to occupy sixteen spot meanwhile the usa find places to a transfer they choose days to mail defeat to brazil in new jersey where there was some joy for fourteenth place croatia along with russia and switzerland cool inched
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up on its own she were in the top ten with world champions spain still ruling the roost and remained seventy pounds fee for president sepp blatter in the pool ahead of the you know when you sit in a big games has defended features decision to stage the international games on wednesday just days before many of the major european leagues take off. and if you want to play really much the green you are september seventeenth. nobody goes to the on go to bed when you know so they didn't use the israelis much they do believe . it be it indeed or you can challenge the younger g. i'm going to make it look the older voters are going to bed by see if i can see there's no vote in the national from you know the big old but i would say understanding and the so you know if you . mean under twenty one team have moved a step closer to booking a place at next year's european championships in denmark maybe latvia two one at
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the same stadium in some petersburg spacek strikeout two but scored in each half to beat russia to victory and the next face pivotal clash with remaining second in group one. and engine will take to the pitch for the first time since their four one defeat to germany in south africa the three lions face hungary at wembley with fabio capello still in charge and the italian knows lessons need to be learned from a disappointing well cup campaign. i think south africa. was not good but we played in not the same level that we played well if occasion people to look up. and i think when you play. well cup competition you have to arrive in a really good physical situation. not so fresh like the game that we played before . things really important is the mind of the players the mind of the player this is
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that danger. for every frame. of. that day so the game of the game. but as in i guess all and all and i understand more that the mind of the players are very important. islands meanwhile preparing to entertain argentina with that advantage of on a trapper turning the veteran italian is in a stable condition in a dump in hospital after suffering from said poisoning this is argentina and like eating today and all messy in the starting line up while captain robbie cain is looking forward to winning his one hundredth cap. i mean use of safe i think probably the best in the war at the moment is no question about. the things you can do or footballers. believe in and. the closest thing we've ever seen to problem are i don't know you know in the way play so i do it to play against players. and i was
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good for it good for allowed to. force and you know good really isn't on a message of two hundred to have a little of our players in a team you know just can just do as good a job so we shall have to be wary staying with football where portugal midfielder deco has returned to the country where he was born brazil after thirteen years of playing european club football the thirty two year old was unveiled as a new flu in n.z. signing and is expected to make an immediate impact to the side which is currently top of the brazilian championship and deco says he's always looking forward to new challenges what they are but as you put it i like challenges and that's why i returned to brazil i don't feel that what i was doing was challenging me any more i'm now looking forward to proving myself all over again put in a lot of dedication in football you have to try and be happy with what you are doing i didn't feel that way any more so that's why. tennis now roger federer has
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once again lived up to his nickname of the swiss master after setting an impressive record of two hundred ten wins at the last us tournament's the world number three at class one ignacio trailor of argentina in straight sets at the rogers cup in toronto federer's lifetime record nasturtiums two hundred ten wins in just sixty five defeats at the top tier events that's one more victory than the previous best set by andre agassi retired in two thousand and six the fed express turned twenty nine on sunday and is on course to further stretch his tally over the legendary american especially as phèdre says he was in cruise control against trailer its first match since his below par performance at wimbledon in june. i think today was pretty much on my terms you know because chile is an opponent that lets you play is very consistent so he doesn't miss much but that it gives you an opportunity to create stuff so it's a matter of you know having sort of controlled aggression out there not getting through overexcited at every ball because then you make too many mistakes and just hand over easy points to him but you know i think i served well mix it up well and
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at times i was i was a bit rusty but all in all a very happy was the tactic which i was doing. i saw you now and chuck is now a free agent the twenty seven year old russian left winger has seen his seventeen year contract with a new jersey devils boarded after an arbitration ruling the controversial one hundred two million dollars deal was initially rejected by the n.h.l. he said it would violate the league's salary capitols culture would have been forty four by the time the contract ran out and the deal would have been a much lower salary his last five years the n.h.l. players' association follow the grievance following that distribute an independent arbitrator to the n.h.l. side on the matter the league's leading scorer since two thousand and one is said to be talking to the devils again all the los angeles kings new york islanders the picturesque us and petersburg also battle to sign the star in the free agency period in july. last one out of the boston celtics have officially introduced their
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latest acquisition shaquille o'neal after the thirty eight year old left the cleveland cavaliers the veteran was given a two year contract for which he lent around three million u.s. dollars the former n.b.a. champion is currently the oldest active player in the league and will be boston's backup center behind kevin garnett look. i realize only have seven hundred thirty days left in this game and i just want to be with a group of guys are that you know like the way and you know as do your job you should be in the playoff experience and that's all the sport for now but we'll be back with another update in just under two hours time join us then. how's that parking. cars appliances it's only your until they come to visit you. do you think the property bottom credit really belongs to you. depend on our.
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in the czech republic she's available in. central.
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most will start. in bosnia and herzegovina. beach. hotel. in serbia multis available. as moscow bring for the first time hundreds of wildfires continue to rage across russia dedication thousands of volunteers to help fight the flames. supply to those affected. and helping hand from across the border. retired british firefighter who has written to vladimir putin to go to the front line places. to insure
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domestic needs are met. and drought has prompted a global grain prices meanwhile india is losing. support stored people in the country go hungry. big comeback the terrorist group is reportedly on a recruiting spree spurred on by the us troop withdrawal from iraq. it is now seven pm here in the russian capital your with welcome to the program moscow is finally enjoying sunshine after overnight rain washed away. the russian.


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