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country go hungry. and al qaida big comeback the terrorist group is reportedly on a recruiting spree spurred on by the planned u.s. cheap withdrawal from iraq. a very warm welcome to you this is a line from the russian capital with me alice have it moscow is finally breathing more freely is the dead small and not just the ones that have been tormenting the russian capital for days have lifted officials say some wild fires all now want to control but many are still raging because of the record breaking heat wave that is the now we is in the badly hit region of years on that's too took long as is southeast of moscow. this is how it all starts with
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a small flame that can quickly and gulf the entire forest making this a very fierce battle for emergencies workers and volunteers it's. one of the biggest operations in fighting these fires happened from the air port an airport in the resign region one of the worst hit by these fires and the emergency services has invited archie to come along for a ride on this ill seventy six. the . water line they. want to drop over the past. service life. at the same
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time down below our first. line. and they're all fighting. hard. as you can see helicopters are also working to put out these flames it was quite a ride we took the my guys said this is one of the world's major as and it's in fact why prime minister vladimir putin chose to come here to fly on one of those planes we just flew on and see the process himself of course it's not only authorities and volunteers trying to contain these flames ordinary people citizens are doing what they can to help gathering whatever items they can food water clothes to help those who have lost everything and were terribly hoping that this crisis will soon come. when and and he's now way r.t.d.
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resign region. it is not only russians that are helping those affected by the fires people from other countries to send the aid and their condolences song you'd want to help battle the blaze. emmett discovered when she met up with a british former fireman this is a man whose sense of duty knows no national borders a retired firefighter daniel collier saw the reports of the forest blazes raging in russia and felt compelled to offer his help so he wrote to prime minister putin. i want to offer to volunteer it's a system fire fighting operations and you win the russian federation and i'm available on request as a personal offer to your country with that in mind daniel prepares for action he says he's ready to go to the airport the moment he receives word his help is welcome. retired from the foil. are still filled
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up on and there's always help people rush hour in particular because of the problem at the moment with. people from all around the world offering to join the fight against the force of nature volunteers from bellary spoke area and france are among more than one hundred sixty thousand people now estimated to be battling the blazes daniel started his career in rural fire fighting and says that's prepared him well pataki the type of blazes sweeping through russia. career often going to shouldn't he sorry farmer. a lot of must cause a lot of foreigners in rural areas including foreign military rain gauge and in terms of the fires are occurring in russia. in the world. we would spend money here we are some of times and hope some of to do with exactly the same type of foyer of the one that we dealt with it in those days we used to do it for
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a break and of words dig a trench down below the pay to stop the action for spreading underneath the ground even though daniel retired two years ago he says in his mind he's still on the front line no matter where you are in the world for far it's a site. there to help save lives for. the ship and russia has to point to shore the person has to. simply. and allow the people the care the paramedics. the fourth point. to come in and do their job daniel clearly is packed and ready to go the only thing stopping him flying to russia is red tape caller says if russia temporarily suspended the visa regime for emergency workers he and hundreds like him would flood to russia to quash the flames your average r t s six. russia has forced the government
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to introduce an export ban on wheat agricultural ministry says the office is down to sixty five million tonnes just enough to meet domestic means bill forty three could tell you before the country stands exporting again after the harvest because they ran with russia the world's largest we last year global prices for the grain went dark after the announcement after a bath in the food and agricultural organization of united nations a decision made by the russian government is the best solution. i sincerely hope it is still not a case where we will have a green shortage but there is certainly a very severe situation in terms of supplies and the drought has been extremely severe and the production shortfalls are far more far more dissipated as early as three weeks ago therefore it is on the stand of all the restrictions of on exports is
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a one way to comp our domestic food inflation especially the price of bread wheat mostly is used for and i think this is what the government decided to do not sure that there were many of the options perhaps they could have also considered taxing exports or perhaps do a good deal in gradual terms but you know in situations like this as the euros the . governments tend to go for the most secure of the measures which is the total there had been a very extraordinary action to the ban in russia and the prices of we rose very sharply but you're glad. they have calmed down a little bit the market is actually taking into consideration of inventors that are available in other countries in particular in north america so they even invent results and we believe globally this year's global supply and demand for wheat although a bit tighter than we had anticipated it still is very much manageable and we can even take care of the disastrous emergencies currently under currently in pakistan
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so the inventors are not i mean russia is drawing down an inventor is it will be some more here and but in general terms we are in much better situation than for example in two thousand and seven and eight issues which if you recall we had a global food crisis and i think that the the russian solution given the situation not just with the grains but also be the fire and all the uncertainties surrounding it really left the government of doubt much other choice and it is understandable while russia is suffering and grains who she is because of the intense heat wave in india millions of people are getting hungry for different reason counseling investigates why stocks of rice and wheat failing to reach things you know need it . india is home to work quarter of the world's starving people and one third of its malnourished children here in the village of daraa poured in eastern india rita had nothing to give us for four days. child cries all the time there is no food to feed
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here how can you survive like this to give this child quite a just me to drink water yet the government has record amounts of surplus stocks fifty nine million tons of wheat and rice it does have a huge public distribution system that provides free food to families below the poverty line but corruption and complex bureaucracy means the poorest of the poor often don't make it on the list of us we are poor people desperate for food to eat our children go to sleep hungry names a lot on the government's poverty list and we don't get any food going from the government who can we do ultimately we would have no choice but to commit suicide. with people starving the recent images of piles of wheat rotting at a storage facility erupted into a major political issue in the state of punjab it was discovered forty nine thousand tons of food green had perished despite if so you're taking precautions
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there's every likelihood as we have in our household there are no where you are boarding your cup of tea from a curtain because likelihood. can spin on the table. and if you see a. result was a degree in which we. loss is more. abundant i'm standing in one of the largest food storage depos in the capital new delhi impermanent where houses such as this would fix roofs the grain is safe but when green a store temporary like this with just a plastic cover to keep out the rain it can last only one year and with the government keeping seventeen million tons of wheat and rice stored like this because it simply doesn't have enough permanent warehouses you can see the sky. the problem experts see about ten million tonnes enough to feed hundred forty million people for a month has been through at least one monsoon and is at risk of rotting if this
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green were released instead it could help those most in need but distributing it will cost one billion dollars and the government cannot afford to add to its food subsidy that doesn't come as good news for his family who depend on the handouts. we cannot afford to buy rice for our family whatever food grain the government has is allowing to run its warehouses the ration cards the issue don't reach the actual poor whatever race is distributed to the local dealer for us is instead sold by him in the open market. with global wheat prices rising due to the drought in russia if india loses its wheat stocks to poor storage this could fuel the price surge that would hit the poor the main india the hardest seeing r t. well in iraq to us the nation needs to settle is trying to bribe members of. the terrorist organization some officials in iraq fair kind is making
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a big comeback partly due to the power vacuum and political instability of what country the us and the songs of iraq and fought on the side of the coalition forces but now it seems outside is going to paint them all. leave all the journalists who broke the story told my colleague to say if you think the mission has defects the sons of iraq were a group who were credited with helping stop the violent insurgency throughout two thousand and six two thousand and seven that's been high on ever since by the americans people who are a cornerstone of the future security of this country however as the americans prepare to leave the parent of a response. ability in managing the sons of iraq program to the iraqi government iraqi government's commitment to become a predominantly sunni sons of iraq groups has not been a stroll in over recent months it's
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a very sharp spate of attacks against sons of iraq meet is and militiamen and we're seeing some very disturbing reports recently about al qaida offering more money to today we've been receiving by the government and indeed some of those approaches being successful so we were told yesterday we spoke to one. sons of iraq leader who said that one hundred of his members have not turned up for the last two months to pick up salaries he says that can only mean one thing that they're being paid by the enemy so if you're not going to be good news for washington d.c. and capitol hill that. saddam hussein's former deputy has accused president obama of quote leaving iraq to the wolves saying u.s. troops should stay now given the troop pullout at the end of this month surely it's not the right time for the americans to leave. but there are remarkable words for saddam hussein's chief tend to be calling for the americans to be starting he said
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that there was a massive mistake made to come here to invade in the first place but to leave iraq like this would indeed in his words be feeding the countries of the world pay saying that nothing is stable here there is a security vacuum there is no stability in the near future at all there is a vicious political stalemate and the few tenets that this is he is built on the army perhaps the police force in a couple of other things like that which could potentially take the country secure in the future certainly not ready to do so now so his words were a direct challenge to the white house which is that the job is done and that the institutions are ready to take over including the army and that iraq the foundations of the new iraq have. if you look around the country there are many people who would dispute that we are seeing a slow with a steady uptick in violence on a daily weekly and monthly basis and we have seen so if the last five months the
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mood on the streets is not good this is a sense of dread is the americans prepared to disappear and i think that they will have to mount a pretty strong case as to why their position at the job is done should be believed . what is the best way for the u.s. to get around more change to the palmer bring to his country's foreign policy in just a few moments as he speaks to veteran journalist john pilger usually it is feasible america's past and present.
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today i'm in london speaking to john a veteran journalist on the documentary right here who started his career during the vietnam war john thanks very much for talking to now let's talk about more media in general first if you don't mind recently the web site wiki leaks published tens of thousands of documents relating to the afghanistan war what do you think that is the biggest impact is that modern technology has had journalism well i think the wiki leaks expose is. look like they might change journalism altogether if not change or wake it up. because what we could leaks is drawn is what journalists should have done. you know here
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here is the dreadful litany of years of of disaster and killing in afghanistan and i'm in the wrong. and i don't think we've got a sense certainly brought a sense of the disaster but i don't think we've got a sense of the real. the the political disaster the the behind the the human disaster in afghanistan that's what we call leaks is has given us. i think it says to journalists. separate us separate yourselves from the word of authority and start becoming independent it's an extraordinary moment and what about the internet in general do you think in terms of new subclassing more traditional means you know like newspapers and document trains yes i do and i mean it shouldn't subvert them but it is and is
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doing that which it really should compliment them. because you know into my own journalistic habit so every day of change radically i used to get up in the morning and read all the newspapers now i go to my computer and log on. because that's where the that's where this truth telling that kind of journalism. i think the agenda that comes through in so much so-called mainstream journalism is something that we can do without now and the and the internet is certainly subverted that you have had a very long career in journalism do you think the world is a better place now than it was when you started yes look things. improve progress is my. in spite of. the. the imposition of unaccountable power.
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on our lives. i think socially in the way that people leave their lives and make their own arrangements in my lifetime and. there's been an enormous amount of progress that there is also an enormous amount of regression we live in an imperial age again. i mean that's quite extraordinary we have a technological version of what it was in the nineteenth century with great powers vying for strategic place in the world resources in the world we live in an age of what they call in washington perpetual war and i'm quoting general petraeus permanent war i mean that's not progress that's regression and that we have to deal with and staying on that point what do
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you think is the best and most painless way for the u.s. and its allies to get out of iraq and afghanistan as so many critics have been calling for get out just get out i mean this this announcement by obama. would be the end of the combat mission next year is nonsense and that's another example of the of the media simply taking at face for something that told by authorities in fact there's going to be something like ninety four bases left and sixty thousand troops and the surge so-called that is an increase in the number of mercenaries they call them contractors so far from getting out it's consolidating its position in iraq and that's what people really should understand. there's
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a great expression by. a great irish investigative journalist called claude coburn never believe in a thing until it's officially denied we should apply that to all statements like that and what about the time since barack obama's been in power do you think that there has been a paradigm shift in america's foreign policy since the bush administration no. absolutely not there's been. i think we can put aside the word paradigm the paradigm hasn't changed since not in forty five american foreign policy runs in a straight line goes up goes to sideways goes down a little bit but basically that line runs that trajectory runs in. a in one direction and what are bombers is simply pick up all the policies of bush and pursue them i mean for example for the first time in u.s. presidential history and hasn't happened before
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a president has taken the entire defense department. bureaucracy and the secretary of state for defense from a previous administration discredited so we have basically robert gates in the same generals. running american foreign policy with a lot of help from people of like mind. another war this really began in pakistan. also in yemen and somalia with other interests in africa. bombers in has has accelerated bush's policies you say american foreign policy hasn't really changed since nine hundred forty five you were already reporting during the vietnam war what's the difference between the wars in vietnam and afghanistan in principle there is no difference they're both guerrilla wars. they're both
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resistances opposing an invasion. both becoming one became the viet nam vietnam became a disaster for the vietnamese people two to three million of them perished and a smaller disaster but a considerable disaster for the united states the same thing is happening in afghanistan the same thing happened in iraq. i would have thought the closest analogy and your readers from your viewers would appreciate this as with the. the soviet invasion of afghanistan in one nine hundred seventy nine because the enemy is pretty much the same the so-called enemy the resistance is the side. and. you know that. the world's other superpower could not. subdue
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afghanistan and in ten years. is surely the most in kind this unless and for the holes. surviving superpower which is trying to do the same thing talk to me about america's increasingly complicated relationship with iran that are now they've refused to rule out sanctions and that's talk of minute checks and what do you think this is a nation to iran's nuclear program iran. doesn't threaten anybody it doesn't have a nuclear bomb and if you look through all the international atomic agency reports of the last seventy is they saying basically the same thing constantly go with iran in the mid in the in the midst of this iran wrote to the iranian government wrote to the american administration and put a series of proposals they didn't even get
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a reply. a wrong was. under the shah iran was a pillar of the american network the american empire if you like in the middle east that was swept away in nine hundred seventy nine when there was an islamic revolution and it has been american foreign policy to get that back. at the same time israel which is part of the american. israeli and american base is a part of american foreign policy. has tried to provoke the united states into attacking iran it has absolutely nothing to do with so-called nuclear weapons the the the the nuclear power in the middle east is the force biggest military power in the world and that's israel that has something like five hundred thermo nuclear warheads it's never discussed what about the israel palestine conflicts can any
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more be done to result from the outside i don't see it as a conflict actually i think the truth about that is that it's a military occupation and first of all international law has to be respected and the israelis have to get out of the west bank and and the blockade in gaza it's ending that military occupation suggesting it's a conflict suggests a kind of war between two factions. it's international morris on the side squarely on the side of resolving this matter. and it's about again it's about a negotiation this would have ended a long time ago or would have been resolved a long time ago had the most influential player the united states been an almost broker attempted to take. an impartial position
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and brought to bear its great influence on israel that hasn't happened and that's why it goes on and on and finally how would you assess this reset that we've seen recently in u.s. russian relations u.s. russian relations are very interesting. it must be amused people in russia. to be told that they're being threatened by missiles from iran. that absurdity is justifying the placement of missiles around russia even though obama made some spectacle of withdrawing some of these people they were was reposition. russia has its own sphere of influence following the demise of the soviet union. i think that when great powers
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start doing deals together at the expense of smaller countries then we have a problem. i mean if if if russia. there is a place in the world for a powerful nation or culturally powerful nation. diplomatically powerful nation or a source rich nation. to stand up for the rights of a small nation. it seems that role is almost begging russia to accept it i don't think it has accepted it but it's their temple just thank you very much you're welcome.
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it's their way or moscow this is the wrong more freebie is this small can waltz seemed to be retreating but they're all still under the blazers to pose house and thousands of volunteers to help them fight the flames and provide vital supplies to those affected. russia's stops always exports to ensure its domestic needs in mass off the wall and travels halting a jump in global cooling says meanwhile india was losing tons of stuff that's crops to pool stores just people in the country go.


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